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tv   CNN Newsroom With Don Lemon  CNN  May 2, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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please tune in tomorrow i'll be hosting "state of the union." and you can follow me on twitter so long as you can spell smerconish. i'll see you tomorrow live from baltimore. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. hello, everyone. we're live from baltimore for you again. i'm don lemon. this is "special hour of the "cnn newsroom." thank you so much for voinjoining us. we are right now awaiting a press conference from the baltimore city police. they'll be peek speaking as more protesters take to the streets. this is police headquarters. some three kweekweeks after police threw 25-year-old freddie gray into the back of a police van, we're seeing a different tone to the demonstrations right now. people are out there shouting that justice is winning, after the city state's attorney found probable cause to charge six officers, of course we saw her live press conference yesterday,
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saying that freddie gray's arrest was illegal and his death was a homicide. all six officers are now out on bond. their whereabouts are really unknown. so while demanding justice, justice for freddie gray and a conviction for those officers, today's protests have been so far peaceful. again, we're going to keep an eye on it as we look at those six officers who were arrested and out on bond. awaiting a press conference from baltimore police. look at all these people on the street. this is at 10penn and north, that's near the cvs that was looted and burned on monday. what will they say? are they going to change their tactics after there was some unrest last night, people who were defying that curfew at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. i need to tell you we're covering this story from all angle. of course our reporters are out on this story from several vantage points. first up is sara sidner nick
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valencia at the ral lays. then ryan young is at the police pruser. he'll join us by phone. let's talk about the police press conference scheduled to happen at any moment now. probably going to speak to the unrest and speak to the curfew last night, some people defying it saying you know they don't want the curfew to go into effect. they wanted it to be removed at 10:00 p.m. eastern tonight. >> reporter: we've heard that over and over again from people here that they want the curfew to end. that's one of the main points we've heard from the demonstrators. the business owners say they need the city opened back up for business. they're hoping soon to hear that the curfew is over and a lot of people are talking about the idea this feels like a military state. now that it's peaceful, the unrest has changed, they would like business to return back to normal. and they also feel like it's time to take the military presence outside of the city. we're here at the police
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department waiting to see exactly what happens. no official word about wlornlt they're going to talk about troops an removing them from all around the city or whether or not they're going to talk about curfew changes. these are things people have been talking to screaming at officers saying it's time for you to go, this needs to change. hopefully we'll hear about how long the curfew will last and what the plans are going forward. don? >> ryan i want you to stand by because i want to bring in a councilman now, brendan scott joins us here at the scene. brendan as we look at the pictures, on the left side of your screen it's police headquarters, a press conference will be there shortly, the pictures on the right at penn and north where a lot of the unrest happened. there was some unrest last night, people defying the occur phi, saying it shouldn't be in place. do you think police are going to change their tactic snz. >> i hope they will. folks want to be out and be vibrant vibrant. there has been a peaceful vibe in the city, peaceful protests.
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it's not what we had on monday and tuesday. it's very very, very docile and just jubilant. but also in addition to that, everyone in baltimore and america wants to see this fight tonight. >> yes. i want you to stand by councilman. nick you're in the crowd. what's happening where you are? >> reporter: we talked about that change of tone of the demonstrators. i've been with them all morning long at the site of the arrest of freddie gray. now we're here. it's less of a demonstration and more of a party, dancing, having a good time. very jubilant atmosphere. the tone of this demonstration has changed completely. so has the narrative. we've seen a lot of young people especially here in the african-american community saying that they're disappointed with what they saw just a block away at that cvs on north avenue and pennsylvania avenue. and if this is any indicator - that things are changing, we're told for the first time in
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recent days we haven't seen police in riot gear. in fact we haven't seen much of a police presence at all. and as the demonstrateors move throughout the city -- it resembles more of a block party than a protest, don. >> nick, i need you to put that mike really really close to your mouth because it's very loud where you are. so get it as close to your mouth as possible. i need to ask you, the whole question has been about really this curfew that takes place at 10:00. are people talking about that? do they want that curfew lifted? >> reporter: absolutely. they think it's time for the curfew to be lifted. they think it's a necessary thing in order for this community to start to continue healing. we saw demonstrators with signs saying, end the curfew, and conversations that we've had with people there at the gilmore home all throughout the city
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that's really a point of contention with them right now. they think until that's lifted the city won't be back to normal. of course, there is a lot of rebuilding yet to be done. those conversations of healing are just getting started, don. >> nick, stand by as i want to update our viewers now again. it is 7 minutes after 6:00 eastern time and we are awaiting a press conference from baltimore police. our nick valencia is out there, sara sidner, ryan young as well. i have a councilman here. we're going to listen to the press conference. the big question is what's going to happen tonight. this a large rally. large rallies have been going on all day. as we've seen over the last couple of days many people and the demonstrators are calling for the curfew to be lifted. we'll see what police have to say about that coming up in just moments. i but i want to get to cnn's sara sidner also in the crowd. sara update us if you will. >> reporter: yeah, we're here on
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west north avenue and pennsylvania. i want to give you a look at this. you've got a large group of folks here. it really feels more like a block party. people are out here. they've all got a message, but the message has been one of peace. and we did haefr some of the protesters talking to one another, when someone came up and started talking about going to jail tonight and all these different things another protester said no that's not what we're doing. too many black people have gone to jail and tonight when that curfew comes at 10:00, that everybody should go home. there are messages being given here but i want to give you an idea about how many people are out here. there are hundreds of people that are still out here. they're out here dancing talking to one another sharing a message. their frustrations they say are finally being heard, and people feel vindicated with what has happened with the charges that these officers are now facing. and what you're seeing really here is a reaction to that. when we talked to one ever the protesters, don, about what
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would have happened if those charges never did come down as soon as they did, he said -- and i'm quoting -- this would have been world war iii. so what you're seeing here, he said is look, we're reacting to what we felt like was the right thing to do. they feel like at least they can get a chance at what they see as justice. don? >> all right, sara. i want you to stand by. again a police press conference about to happen at any moment. i want to go back to brandon scott who joins me from here at city hall in front of the war memorial park here. so here's the thing. the city leadership, they're really in a tough position right now because people want to see the curfew lifted but we saw there was so much unrest that happened earlier in the week. they're really between a rock and a hard place. what do you think should happen now? >> i think we should ease the curfew. you can see folks out there, the nation want to know what song they were dancing to. the song is "hey knucklehead."
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folks in baltimore have been peaceful. we understand that the security of the nation we have to meet. maybe we can come up where the national guard can stand down a little bit and allow people to be in their city. we know this is the biggest fight in history. baltimore's fight parties are being canceled. it's hurting businesses. folks want to celebrate not just what happened here but they want to be able to be peacefully out and be about in their city. >> councilman, what happened last night? there was a bit of unrest. you had city leaders community leaders that were out there. we saw congressman elijah cummings out there. what was different last night? were these people from baltimore? >> just looking at it it didn't seem like -- there were probably some from baltimore. a lot of baltimore leaders have been telling folks to go home, respect the curfew because we do not want this moment ruined for our city. we don't want this moment ruined for our community, for the family. people have to understand what
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just happened in the city is significant and any small disruption to that message can be lost. >> do you think it would be better if there was no curfew at all, that there would be no unrest? do you think there is going to be? >> i think it would be best but also you have to think about the security concerns as well. the governor and the mayor are in a tough position. they have to consider all things, not just what i want or one person wants or businesspeople want. we know the overwhelming majority folks are going to try to be peaceful. >> councilman, stand by. i have correspondents out in the field. auz can see, it's really a celebratory atmosphere happening right now. 10 minutes after the hour. we are just less than three hours away from that curfew and also just moments away from a police press conference. they're going to update us on the situation. the big question is, what happens at 10:00 p.m. eastern when the curfew goes into effect? are they going to lift it keep the curfew in place? you won't miss any of it.
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and your knees, 24/7. cigna's there to answer your questions. or when you need some coaching. in sickness and in health, cigna's there, helping you to get well and stay well. that's having a partner, who's with you all the way. cigna. welcome back to our breaking news coverage. we are live now in baltimore, almost 15 past the hour and just
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a couple of hours away from a curfew, a mandatory curfew the fifth day. but also we're just moments away as you see the picture below me from a police news conference where they're expected to update us on the situation, of course we want to know about what happened last night, how many people were arrested, what was the reason they moved in so fast. and the big question will they keep that curfew in place? or lift it like many of the people here especially the protesters, want. you're looking at live pictures the big picture on your screen is from the street. most of what's happening is at penn and north where the bulk of that unrest was on monday where that cvs was burned and looted. we've got our correspondents on the ground. we've got sara sidner nick valencia as well and also our correspondent ryan young live for us at the news conference there. if we can get to the street i would love to speak to nick valencia because i know nick is down in that crowd. nick if you can hear me, update
4:15 pm
us on what you're seeing. >> reporter: go ahead, don. well you know i think after what you saw on friday charges leveled by baltimore city state attorney marilyn mosby, you saw sort of what can be interrupted as a collective deep breath throughout the city. another thing that's really changed here that we've seen, a big shift in the last 24 hours, is people have come from outside of the community to show their support. and when i talk to residents here they say that that is one of the most genuine, sincere gestures and they welcome people from outside the community to come here and support them. you see behind me here -- sara sidner was talking about it i spoke about it earlier -- this is a joyful scene. this is a scene of jubilation. let me talk to one of the demonstrators. what would you call yourselves in celebration mode? are you still demonstrateing? explain what's happening. >> everybody is out here having
4:16 pm
a nice time and having fun. >> reporter: what brought you out here? why did you come out here? >> because everybody's just having fun out here. everybody is coming together being who they are. >> reporter: and it's so interesting because that is the exact opposite of what we saw on monday night ux saw . you awe a lot of tense moments. we're just a block from the cvs that was looted and burned. now we're seeing things really change here right? >> because it wasn't the people protesting doing it. it was the people being dumt and just wanting to be seen. >> reporter: what do you think happens next for this city? what happens next? >> everybody coming together and just do what they have to do to make it a bigger family. >> reporter: a lot of people are counting on young people in baltimore like yourself to make that change happen. don, you heard it here from one of those that showed up. you have an impromptu concert happening right here behind me people are happy. that is a stark contrast to what we've been seeing on the streets of baltimore. don? >> all right, nick valencia
4:17 pm
thank you very much. nick is out on the streets, again, nick quickly, if we can just listen to the crowd there. you can step out of the way, just let us listen. we want to hear what they're saying. ♪♪ ♪ >> as you can see and hear it's really a celebratory feeling down there. they're calling it a victory rally. let's talk about what's going on now with jay morrison. he's with the ymc community coalition. of course brandon scott a member of the baltimore city council. you know, first to you, mr. morrison it's really interesting because we have seen the tone change over a couple of days. they're saying it's a victory celebration, not necessarily a victory for the officers being charged but a victory celebrating the life of freddie
4:18 pm
gray. >> absolutely, don. i was there yesterday, and people were in high spirits. it's all because there's one step towards justice. we're all aware that we have a long way to go as far as a real conviction of those police officers. but we are happy that there is some progress in our system not failing us initially, as we saw in the eric garner case and the mike brown case and other cases around the country. >> and, jay, as we await the police to come out i know we have spoken about it, you and i spoke about it on the scene, it's really a catch-22 for the city leaders about this curfew that takes place in just a couple of hours. again as we await this press conference, they're stepping up to the podium we have two minutes until that press conference, but i want to say, do you think the curfew should be lifted? >> the frustration from the people yesterday when i spoke to them -- i was out there with them all the way up to the 10:00 hour -- these are real people
4:19 pm
tax paying citizens. they don't want a curfew. they're not kids. the revolution that happened on monday, the revolting, that was just monday. it got everyone's attention and the media came out and the whole week has been practically peaceful. it's been civil demonstrations. there's no reason to continue a curfew and just keep more police power over the people, more martial law. there's no reason for that. let the people of baltimore, our youth let them have fun, enjoy their night. everybody wants to watch the mayweather fight, go out, let baltimore people live the civil lives they want to live. >> again, about a minute until police hold that press conference. councilman, i have to ask you, a lot of money is being lost in this city. i mean, it shuts down at 11:00, the hotels that our crews are staying in saying that they were 95% full or to capacity now not so much. >> it's a bad thing for businesses in the city. another reason why people are frustrated. everyone in the city is frustrated with the curfew wshgs
4:20 pm
the amount of police presence. this is my call to the businesses and business community, when this is over please continue to invest in baltimore. don't leave us. we've made so much progress as a city. we need you to continue to make baltimore the best it can be. the mayor got a lot of criticism for seemingly not moving fast enough in the early days of the initial unrest happening here. have you spoken to the mayor? have you been able to get inside the decision process that she's going through right now, councilman? >> i was speaking to her off and on over the past week of course. i haven't spoken to her at length today. i would like to see the curfew lift but i'm not in there. i'm not with her and the governor. ity don't know everything they know about the security information. like you said they're in a top spot because if something happened, it would be on them. we have to consider that as well. at the end of the day they want what's best for everyone in baltimore as well. >> while the eyes of the world are on baltimore thshgsis is a picture that i'm sure everyone involved in this everyone has a stake in this of course they
4:21 pm
would like people to see. that is a city that is celebrating what many call justice for freddie gray and his family. and really justice for a lot of people who had felt that they had been abused by police. and as you can see, it's interesting, we're looking at a good old soul train line happening in the middle of the city. >> we're looking at a baltimore house party theat song unites baltimore across generations. my grandmother knows that song my 3-year-old cousin knows that song. that shows you the progress we've made this week. >> again, if you're just tuning in, 21 minutes after 7:00 eastern time you're looking at live pictures of the baltimore police headquarters and police are coming out now. they're about to hold a press conference to update really the world on the situation because everyone is paying attention. here are police, and let's
4:22 pm
listen. >> police commissioner and general sting will be making brief statements. we will not be taking questions at this press conference. we will do a regular briefing shortly hereafter to provide you an update on today's activities arrest numbers and other events. >> thank you for coming out. we're going to make a quick statement. we just concluded a meeting with the governor and mayor. the violence of last monday was unprecedented for this city. it was a dramatic impact with a lot of loss of property and damage to the buildings and to officers out here. our officers with the support of our regional and state partners continue to stand tall and stabilize the city of baltimore. tonight we see some of the same people in baltimore that were here last monday. we recognize the concerns over the curfew. for tonight's and everyone's safety we're going to keep the curfew in place. we thank everyone for their
4:23 pm
patience and cooperation for the last four nights of peace and stabilization within our city. we will all want to get back to normalcy and have the city running in the right direction. i'd like to bring the colonel up to talk from the state police. >> good evening. just to echo what the commissioner said we have had several good days peaceful days. people have protested been able to get their word out peacefully. we totally support that. i think you've seen law enforcement help them. and we will continue to do that. but it has always been about safety. safety of the lives of the citizens of baltimore. and secondary other issues within the city of baltimore. you know we want to keep things in place as they have been. we'll continue as a state police and every county i've said before from ocean city to garrett county there is law enforcement here in support of the citizen fz baltimore and
4:24 pm
support of the bpd to keep people safe. you know, the issue of keeping the curfew in place is just something that was our decision to make that keep it that way. it was our policy we set in place we continue to support that. we just ask for patience as we move forward and continue to move in a safer direction for a safer city. thank you. >> i also would like to reiterate what's already been said here by the commissioner and the colonel. what i would also say is that you know we are not here to stay in the manner that you think we are in term fz the military. we are here to stay as community and citizens of the community because many of us live here and work here as i continue to reiterate. we will go back to our armory and we will put our stuff up and we'll have to go back to work. and i want to be able to get my folks back to their employers within the city outside of the city, which includes myself
4:25 pm
because come tuesday i'm supposed to be at work about four or five blocks from here. i want to make sure that we can close out tonight in a very same very peaceful and just structured manner. that's really what we want. and i can tell you that i went out and i was visiting with my troops and i was visiting with a lot of the citizens here. it's been overwhelming support, and i can't say enough about that because this has not been easy for us to do. but the most important thing is your safety the safety of all of the infrastructure that's here because, without that we have no baltimore. we do not have a baltimore. and so my focus is ensuring that we keep everything in a safe manner and we pull out, we as a military military, pull out in the same manner that we came in, which is
4:26 pm
very calm. and i want to pull out very calm because we, too, have to come back and be citizens here in the state of maryland as well as in baltimore. and i would not have it any other way. so i really want us to be peaceful tonight, to be calm. let's be patient. another night of having wonderful celebration. then we can all get home. i can get back to my family. my folks can get back to their families. then we can kind of move on. then i can come down and actually eat without my uniform on at the inner harbor or one of the other restaurants within baltimore. thank you. >> in all seriousness, just on a lighter note we understand that the pacquiao/mayweather fight is tonight. i predict the winner is going to be -- have a good night. >> and there you have it.
4:27 pm
there's a press conference that just wrapped up. the head of the police department here in baltimore, the head of the state police also the head of the national guard all speaking, reiterateing that curfew that mandatory curfew that takes place at 10:00 from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. will be in place again this evening, despite the pacquiao/ fight. mayweather fight. there you go. i'll get reaction from everyone involved, reaction from the streets reaction from people on the city council and city leaders as well. but, again, that curfew will go into place about 2 1/2 hours from now. what will happen? many people here the people you see there on the street, they don't want it. they want to be able to be in their city without feeling like they are under a military presence. back in a moment with our breaking news right here on cnn.
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breaking news live from baltimore, maryland. police just held a press conference a short time ago saying the curfew will go into effect for the fifth night in a row, mandatory curfew 10:00 p.m. eastern until 5:00 a.m. let's get out to the crowd. cnn's ryan young at the baltimore police department, ryan? >> reporter: yes, don. >> give us the reaction to the press conference. >> reporter: well we've been standing here since the commissioner left. honestly, i can tell you since we arrived at the rally today, everyone was talking about the idea of hoping this curfew would
4:32 pm
come to an end. it's interesting you brought up the fight because a lot of people talked about the fight. business owners we talked to were talking about opening for business and charge people to come in to watch the fight. i know people who have been rallying and doing this stuff, but it seems like people want a release of some sort to get out for a few hours. i've talked to several people who say they're not going to obey the curfew and go out on their own because they really want to get out and enjoy their saturday. they feel like it's gotten peaceful and they don't see the need for it anymore. it will be interesting to see people who are not eventually in those crowds. in fact last night as we were driving around people who were not at north and penn were walking the streets last night. it will be interesting if they make people stay inside despite the fact people are telling us outwardly at this rally they don't want to be outside. they want to be out and get back to life and back to making money. >> ryan young, thank you very much. bottom of the hour, again, the latest here in baltimore, maryland, that curfew will be in place at 10:00 p.m. eastern,
4:33 pm
2 1/2 hours from now. police holding a press conference a short time ago, announcing that. i want reaction from jay morrison from the ymc coalition, also brandon scott from the baltimore city council is here. brandon you said it's gg to aes's going to be tough to enforce this curfew. can they? you heard ryan young saying that he says people are willing to defy that curfew. >> we know people are going to defy the curfew. we've seen it over the past few days. but i think that tonight there's going to be widespread people defying the curfew. hopefully the police are able to use some restraint and understand that folks are going to be traveling in and out of town. >> is that aid wise decision to defy the curfew? >> no. we know it isn't a wise decision, but it also depends on how the police carry themselves and how they react. if they see someone coming home they could be coming home from baltimore county or somewhere else. they should allow themselves to drive themselves home. there's aif difference driving into the city or just being out walking about in the city. it's unfortunate. we could have seen businesses
4:34 pm
recoup some money with fight part eighties and things. but they made a decision. we know they're looking at safety for all of us. we have to understand their side of the story as well even though i personally would have preferred not to have it. >> are caowhat are you going to be doing? >> i'll be watching the fight. >> will you be out there at the curfew or watching the fight? >> i'll be watching the fight. i don't know where. i'll call my friends and see who has the fight. >> but not trying to keep the peace between the police and -- >> you know i'll be on the streets if i need to be. >> i understand that. >> hopefully it doesn't get there. >> jay morrison what is your reaction to keeping the mandatory curfew in place? >> well don, you know me. i'm a real fair, practical dude. i do understand the strategy side. you just don't want to pull out fast and leave anyone in harm leave property in harm military property in harm. i do get a little bit of the strategic element of it. but at the same time as a voice for the people a voice for the community, that's very very
4:35 pm
frustrating that for five days now people have been under curfew from a revolt on monday? and my question to your colleague here was, if that was a white community, european-american community, five or six days later, would they still be under cure few? i think the government is not putting trust in the people. big government is now controlling the people still. i think we need to put trust in the people that they'll be responsible, they'll be mature, they'll be safe on their own. this curfew should have been lifted, to be honest with you. >> okay. you agree? >> you know i agree with you, brother. i think that it should be lifted, but it ultimately is not my decision. i understand like you, the strategy, the decision that they made. we have to look at their side as well f. it was up to me it would be over. but it's not up to me. it's up to the governor and those folks who have more intelligence than we have. >> the latest from baltimore, maryland. police holding a press conference just moments ago
4:36 pm
saying that that mandatory curfew will go into effect again tonight, saturday night, in baltimore maryland. friday night in baltimore, maryland, at 10:00 p.m. didn't go so well. there was unrest. there were skirmishes between police and protesters who sat in the park at police headquarters and defied that curfew. it all played out live here on cnn. we'll show you what happened last night. we'll keep an eye toward the kauer few curfew that happen in just a few hours.
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i'm don lemon, the breaking news from baltimore maryland this hour is that a 10:00 p.m. curfew will be in place. baltimore police announcing that just moments ago. let's get out to the crowd now. cnn's nick valencia is standing by. i don't know if you were able to hear the press conference or if people are able to react to the
4:40 pm
curfew being in place tonight. >> reporter: absolutely. we're joined by a couple of these folks that showed up here today to celebrate, this sort of victory celebration for freddie gray's life. jordan short, you're a longtime born and raised young man here in baltimore. the police just announced that they will still keep in place the 10:00 p.m. curfew. how do you react to that? are caoing to obey it? >> i'm going to obey it. that's the only thing i have to do, just obey it. i'll be in the house with my girlfriend and stuff. >> reporter: you guys witnessed everything that happened here throughout the course of last week. how and why have things changed? because this is completely different from what we have been seeing, right? >> yeah. well people basically got fed up with the injustice that's been going on, the unfairness the inequality. >> reporter: why are people celebrating so happy today? what's the shift in attitude? >> they're all happy now because basically they feel as though we took a stand no one else was
4:41 pm
brave enough to take. they feel like we should celebrate. we took a big step, something that could possibly change and affect a lot of places other than baltimore that may be having the same problem that we had. so they're celebrating and basically a celebration of change of something new, something different. >> reporter: we talked a little while ago. mart nl lugeen luther king said the riot is the lankguage of the unheard. dow feel like you've been heard? >> yes. >> definitely. >> reporter: what's next for your community, then? what happened next from here? >> well, hopefully, our government serves justice for the crime that took place with freddie gray and maybe things will die down a little bit. but unfortunately i would say that if there's no justice served for what took place -- >> reporter: you mean the cops need to be found guilty. >> yes, definitely. because there's no reason they should be released on bail for something that if we did we'd probably be in jail for life
4:42 pm
for. >> reporter: so has the worst of it passed? do you think the worst of it has passed? or we still need to wait and see what happens to the police officers? >> we have to wait and see what happens. if they're not found guilty i mean -- >> it'sing going to get a lot worse. >> people might take things really overboard this time like as if that last episode was just a sample of what's to come. if there's no justice served. and i personally wasn't a part of it, but there are other people that i'm around. >> reporter: we hope for the sake of your community and its rebuilding it stays calm and peaceful. don, a jubilant scene here. you heard it from the folks who showed up to celebrate freddie gray's life. they feel they've achieved something. they're going to go forward and celebrate that for as long as they're allowed to be out here. don? >> they've got a great attitude and they had the right attitude. they said they're going to go home which is what they should do. and listen you have every right to stay on the street if you want to past curfew but don't be surprised if you get arrested
4:43 pm
or if you're detained. i'm going to go to cnn's sara sidner. sara is standing by in the crowd as well. were you able to get a reaction to the curfew being left in place tonight? >> reporter: yeah. i mean we've got protesters who have said when that curfew is put in place, we will leave. we will go home because they're saying, we don't want to see any other black or brown people put in jail. i want to talk to someone who has lived here in baltimore her entire life ms. yvonne thomas. she has been here -- i do want to -- >> i need to get to another police press conference. i'm sorry sara. sorry about that. i need to get to a police press conference. >> come together as one where we've had pastors, young adults police officers coming together as one city. peace and calm is always better than violence. my hope is that we work towards a new level of partnership in all parts of our community as we move forward. it is important that we do not
4:44 pm
lose sight of what brought us here. many families remain in pain tonight. the gray family, the family of all of the officers involved, families across baltimore have been touched by this tragedy and are touched by this tragedy. the case is in the hands of the state's attorney. we will allow and i will allow the process to proceed, and now we will have the confidence that the truth will come out and the truth will overcome for all. any questions that i can answer? [ inaudible question ] i've been here roughly 2 1/2 years. i was brought here by the mayor and recruited by the mayor to build relationships within our
4:45 pm
community, to reform this organization and get it on the path and going in the right direction. we have no tolerance for any misconduct that takes place in this organization. [ inaudible question ] i think that's a process. and i think that's what it's built to do that we turned in our case. we had several meeting with the state's attorney's office. we turned over pieces of our material as we were going forth. they had it in hand. the process is the check and balance for the state's attorney to do what the state attorney does. [ inaudible question ] i'm sorry, one second, ma'am. >> when i first came into the organization, one of the things that i brought with me is a collaborative reform document that came out of las vegas. and the reason for that is that the mayor had said that we had challenges in the organization which we have shared.
4:46 pm
but we also have very good officers here too. and i think, like the state attorney says, this is not an indictment on all of the police officers within the organization. i cannot have a tolerance for any misconduct at any time but i think you don't lose light of trying to shade an entire organization. you have good police officers here also who take the time to hug kids who take the time to read to children, who take the time to coach children in this community who take the time to get down and make a difference in life within the community. so it's not a broad brush. [ inaudible question ] we have a process, and the process is that when the state's attorney has the case i'm not allowed to speak on it. besides that, i have to rule on that case when we do an internal investigation within this state. you have to do a criminal investigation first and then behind that you have to do the internal investigation. so at this point i cannot comment on the case.
4:47 pm
>> we'll take one more question. [ inaudible question ] >> you know the reality is when the officers heard, just like any other agency they have worked with the men and women that were there, and they always kind of conclude or look unto themselves and how they're going to be impacted personally by this. and if they make a mistake or step out there, they're asking that same question. what i shared with them is that we have a responsibility to this community. this community has made it very very clear the standard that they want and our job is to live up to that standard. so what we're focused on is going out day in and day out and serving this community in a way that it should in a constitutional way and to be that professional organization that stands tall.
4:48 pm
[ inaudible question ] i can't hear you. [ inaudible question ] >> no i don't have any thoughts on that. >> thank you very much, sir. >> thank you. >> we'll keep everyone updated on our next press briefing. >> that is the baltimore police commissioner anthony batts announcing again that the curfew will remain in place but also answering questions. he came out earlier and decided not to answer questions and then now decided to do some. i want to get to burnett parks a former los angeles police chief. what do you think about the curfew? should it remain in place at this point? >> i think, don, the curfew is something in which those are the closest to the scene those that can evaluate what's going on in the community and those who have the officers and the ear of the community can make the best decision. it's almost impossible for somebody outside of that realm to decide whether it should or
4:49 pm
should not go. but i think the commissioner, the lieutenant colonel, the military are all together in trying to decide as to how and when that should be released. >> and the question is if they do decide to lift it does that mean -- i guess the national guard and state police who have been brought in do they remain here? do they feel that they're being put at risk if that curfew is lifted, mr. parks? >> i think what you're going to find is that many times when these things are done it's gradual. not everyone r everybodybody leaves at the same time. there's a plan, an exit strategy. i think that's probably what you'll see there. because just as the military personnel said there are people that need to get back to their employ. ment mentment, back to their community. i think you'll see a gradual movement. you're also probably going to see an issue in which people are given missions and assignments
4:50 pm
that they are released from. but i don't think you'll just see people -- people in authority just disappear. >> bernard parks, former chief of los angeles police department, at 8:00 p.m. two hours until the mandatory curfew goes back into effect. you heard the police commissioner here announcing that it will happen and some folks even where we are now are not happy about that. in baltimore though a lot of folks out there are waging a battle for peace, for justice and for civil rights and at the front of this charge these three women, we're going to tell you how they are leading the charge. that he's coming up.
4:51 pm
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4:54 pm
baltimore watching the fallout of the explosive allegation near that freddy gray's arrest was not only illegal but that his death was a homicide also getting new information now from police that that mandatory curfew will remain in effect. freddie gray's death was in part because of the police department's inaction. i want to talk about the african women leading the front, now front and center of this case. let's listen stephanie elam as she looks at each of their roles at this crucial moment in history. >> this may be the popular image of a powerful woman in baltimore, but the real battle for peace, justice and civil rights is being waged by these women. >> if with the nation watching three black women at three different levels can't get justice and healing for this community, you tell me where we're going to get it. >> that's right, the mayor,
4:55 pm
state's attorney and the head of maryland's military are all black women. >> i love this city and i know we can be better than what we have seen. >> reporter: perhaps the face of baltimore politics stephanie rawlings blake is the city's mayor, a former public defender rawlings blake walked away with nearly 90% of the general vote in 2011 to win her first full term. bat another native she was first elected to the city council when she was just 25 years old. she is a graduate of overland college and the university of maryland school of law. she's married and has a daughter. >> i come from a long line of police officers. >> maryland mosbey is baltimore's newly elected state's attorney. she earned a law degree at boston college and then joined the baltimore city state's attorneys office before becoming a prosecutor. she and her husband have two children. >> i did not have any racial
4:56 pm
issues coming through all of of my career. i have to say it's more about me being a female versus being a female. >> linda singh is in charge of the state's military department including its national guard. having just taken the helm in february singh is the first black person and first woman to hold the post. she is also a member of the governor's cabinet. >> i just hope that we remember that trying to change culture, trying to change habits does not happen overnight. >> a high school dropout, singh went on to graduate from college, earn two masters degrees and receive a bronze star. the 50-year-old maryland native is married with two daughters. watching closely the first black female attorney general of the united states who took office on monday the day the protests intensified. all powerful black women whose legacy may forever be tied to this moment in baltimore's history. stephanie elam cnn.
4:57 pm
>> stephanie, thank you very much. we heard the states attorneys say now she has delivered the justice. she is hoping protesters will deliver the peace but the real question is now how hard will it be to keep the city calm as we approach that 10:00 p.m. curfew it happens in just two hours, and a couple of minutes here someone who knows about that joins me now, majority leader of the maryland state senator, katherine pouh action president of the national black caucus of state legislators. senator thank you very much. before i get that you're a powerful black woman in the city of maryland. >> thank you. >> reporter: i want to get your reaction to the curfew. >> it was supposed to remain in place until tuesday. i think there were many in the community who wanted to see the curfew lifted but i believe there's probably intelligence out there we don't know about. i have faith in the baltimore community. people are prepared to go home at 10:00.
4:58 pm
there will be folks who will travel. the only concern we should have is there are some out of towners who are here so what i want to ask them is to please remain at piece. baltimoreans will remain at piece and understand that we feel justice is moving forward and we know mr. gray has become symbolic of the problems occurring throughout the country but baltimore knows what we need to do. >> we hear about people setting up voter registration lines. is that the real way to affect change? >> it is absolutely. when we came out the first day we sat out on the corner i call them my troops out there, they're registering the people to vote i understand the naacp is out there registering people to vote but certainly it is. there are a lot of people voting with the process, a way to have input. we select juries based on registered voters. if we want to be members of juries this is how we get to be involved in the process and how we change things if we change
4:59 pm
things through the right to vote. >> as we're looking at the pictures again out on the streets of baltimore, maryland state senator thank you very much. they have the press conferences, so thank you. are you going to be out there on the streets? >> absolutely every night we walk with the community. >> thank you very much here. we appreciate you joining us. >> thank you. >> hello everyone. don lemon here live from baltimore. this is a special hour of cnn newsroom. i appreciate you joining us. we have just heard from the baltimore police and they said a curfew will go into effect 10:00 p.m. eastern, just two hours from now. of course we're following it all for you. as more protesters take to the streets tonight you see the live pictures from baltimore, some say that curfew may be hard to keep that it may be hard to keep that three weeks after
5:00 pm
police threw 25-year-old freddie gray in the back of the police van we're seeing a different tone to the demonstrations at this point. celebrations really instead of anger, folks out here shouting that justice is winning. justice is winning. you can hear some of them behind me right now. six officers are charged, saying freddie gray's arrest was illegal and his death a homicide. all six officers out on bond their whereabouts at this point unknown. unknown. i want to get to an update on what's happening on the streets. my correspondents are out there, sarah side nor, nick valencia following the latest developments. sara, what is happening in your location? >> reporter: we're talking to a resident who lived here for 51 years, she says "i have neve


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