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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  May 2, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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we're live in baltimore. we're staying on here so we can tell you what's going on and show you. that means that the thousands who have gathered on the streets of baltimore will be ordered to leave the streets, that 10:00 p.m. curfew announced by the baltimore police just a short time ago and like we have seen over the past week that curfew will be in force with the rest for those who disobey it. again that curfew just one hour from now. but as more protesters take to the streets tonight some say it may be hard to keep. the prostor its calling it a victory rally after six police officers were charged in the homicide of freddie gray. the prosecutors saying his arrest was illegal and his death was a homicide.
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all six officers have been arrested now but all out on bond tonight. their whereabouts where they are is unknown. we have our correspondents out there on the pallet more streets, sara sidner, nick valencia. sara, what is your location, it was celeb rahtory, talking, is it still that way? >> it is but you know what? it looks like a lot of people are going to be obeying the curfew. this is north in pennsylvania, and you know this very well, and so does the rest of the world really. just there is the cvs that burned on monday, the scene very, very, very different now. what you're seeing now and what you've been seeing all day is really more of a block party type atmosphere with music, people dancing and talking. they're still keeping in mind and keeping their eye on what has happened with freddie gray and what happened with the
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charge these officers faced. i want to see if we can get to one of the young men who lived here's whole life lives five minutes away. >> my name is sean young. >> reporter: can you tell me what you think about the curfew in the place if you're going to obey it and whether a lot of people will? >> will i obey it? i'm a grown man. they're not going to tell me i have to be in the house but it's up to the people to decide to obey the curfew or not. i believe the curfew is just a response to the violence on monday but ever since monday there hasn't been any violence. i apologize, i don't see the need for curfew it's for show basically. we haven't been violent. we deserve the right to not only protest but be able to protest after 10:00. come on now, we're adults here. >> reporter: there have been a few problems that happened throughout the time. >> could you explain to me one? i don't want to agree with you not knowing. as far as i've known since monday, we have been peaceful.
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like we just had a whole party out here for about five hours, we're in line for food, everybody, the whole community has gotten together. violence has not been a factor in this community. like it hasn't. >> reporter: shawn can i ask you what happened in the charges for those six police officers? what do you think about that, what does that say to you? >> two things. one that we actually made an impact here, like freddie gray was noticed. his life was noticed, and second, i believe the charges could have been a whole lot more severe. they're still trying to play it off as he got killed in a van and the majority of us don't believe that. we appreciate some type of charges being brought up, but at the same time it still could have been a tad bit more severe, for instance destroyed a car got $500,000 bail but the police officers are all out on bail. is that really justice? yong. >> reporter: thank you for speak to us. >> thank you. >> reporter: you live just five
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minutes from here. lot of people affected by this, a lot of people standing out here and watching what's happening today compared to monday and saying i can't believe this, this is wonderful. the people are out here, they're together as a community, and there's been absolutely no problems so far, don. >> all right, sara sidner stand by. i get to nick valencia now, nick protesters i see from your picture now on the move, you're walking with them, where are they heading? >> reporter: we don't quite know where we're marching towards and i don't think a lot of the people here in this demonstration right now really know where they're going either. straight up north avenue just a little while ago the scene i was at at the intersection of north avenue and pennsylvania where you saw that uplant scene described as a block party, that music was shut down, the stage broken down and people started gather at the intersection of the cvs and somebody got on the mega phone and started to give out a phone number for those just in case they got arrested
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so we can only assume this is part of a crowd that is not going to obey the 10:00 p.m. curfew. we know that some of those that that i've spoken to can't really give me a clear answer whether or not they're going stick it out but you see this young man wearing a gas mask here, other people are carrying signs saying it's all right to demonstrate. this is a really stark shift from what we saw the course of last two and a half hours, that scene there lots of partying and dancing and smiles and it seemed as though it was sort of a victory lap for those who were trying to implement change here, we spoke to so many people who said they were going to obey the 10:00 p.m. curfew, this group continues to march about 55 minutes until that 10:00 p.m. curfew goes into effect. we'll give you updates as we go along. >> nick, we'll get back to you. i want to get to ryan young now. ryan before i get to you because you're at the police station, you were at the police press
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conference when they announced they're going to keep this curfew in place. the young man who spoke to sar h sidner said it had been peaceful since monday. it's been mostly peaceful but there were some problems last night. this is last night. look at it and we'll talk about it. let's listen. >> i'm right here with him. police are toying try move me off the property. the man over here by the satellite truck there were several protesters. >> i've got a female. >> okay you guy, female. >> we're going to go up.
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>> my glasses. >> i got them right here and put them in your pocket. >> the one was a skirm irk last night that took place at city hall. we'll get that for you. ryan, in order to keep that from happening again i'm wondering what the strategy will be by police. people said they didn't think they were going to be arrested or taken into custody. they thought what happened with the prosecutor they had' not enforce the curfew. er in' doing it, what is the strategy? >> let's talk about this in two parts. i was there listening to you last night when that happened, at penn and north as that skirmish happened there. behind us the commissioner came out, talked through the mike and said there's a reason why they keep the curfew in effect for one more night. this is an important point, he says there are people out in the community who they've noticed
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they believe they're agitators. you've been here since the beginning like i have. walking through the crowds some of the people there have changed over the last few days. there are people in the community talking about members of the protesters being bussed in from out of town, people who showed up with gas masks, ready to confront police and community organizers and actually gang members and people of the community have been telling these people to go away, in fact we've noticed within even the media contingent people walking around are you going to stand for this curfew, are you going to go home and tell them when you can go home. we noticed that in our own contingent as well you can see the boiling points all day long, this remained peaceful and people have been walking around listening. people also said they wanted to watch for fights. they wanted to go out tonight. they wanted their saturday nights back because they thought everything was peaceful enough so they can enjoy it. some people did say to us they were planning to break that
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curfew this evening. >> all right, ryan young, sara sidner, nick valencia stand by. we'll get back to you as the night continues here just under an hour until that curfew takes effect. i want to get you back out to the street now because last night we didn't see many of the local leaders here, the political leaders and community leaders. over the young man with the sign there there is elijah cummings you recognize with the bald head. he's trying to keep the peace on the streets, again that curfew coming in just 50 minutes, just under an hour here, what will happen? we'll be here watching. quick break, we'll be right back with breaking news on cnn. caring for someone with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things. i am his sunshine. i am his advocate. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to his current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's.
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welcocome back. other breaking news out of new york where a police officer has been shot in the head, police officer shot in the head plain clothed police officer working with the anti-crime unit in queens when he was shot, the details surrounding the shooting still coming in, but what we do know is that the officer is in the hospital, he's in stable condition, police are questioning one person in connection to that shooting, we'll bring you more details as we get them on cnn. breaking news coming out of new york city. back to breaking news in baltimore, not that easy
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conversation talking about the racial aspects of what is happening in baltimore. earlier we talked about the economic factors. there are many nor issues at play here. this is i quote from martin luther kingjr. joining me is michael skulnik and marc lamont hill professor at morehouse college and host of "huffpost live." let's do it, marc, we're always honest. what does the focus need to be.
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you listen to the dr. king quote it's as if he could have written this today, correct? >> absolutely. that's what makes this moment urgent what makes dr. king so precious and why many young people at 10:00 will stay on the ground. in ferguson their point is that we need to get arrested. some young people plan on getting arrested, they want to drama advertise an unfair and unreasonable and unjust situation. we have to get to the crux of this which isn't just getting six officers arrested but structural change. >> as we look at these pictures at curfew going into place, just about 45 minutes here and we're going to carry it for you live and see what happens here. i want to ask you, mark, i asked michael this in the last conversation a delicate question. what can white americans do
6:17 pm
better in this country in this time of dealing with this racial divide. >> white supremecy governs what happens in our nation. it's not enough to not be racist. white people benefit from the straight racist structures of america. they have to fight back in a sense they have to be race traitors, they have to trade in this white privilege and unmerited benefits. it doesn't mean they don't work hard, doesn't mean they're all bad people. it means they have work to do as well and finally they have to organize in their own communities. it's not enough to just come out on the streets of west baltimore. they need to go to the suburbs and white neighborhoods and organize their own communities
6:18 pm
and own families against racism and institutional injustice. >> reporter: i was trying to find someone wrote in to me and said don, we have to stop focusing on what happened a couple hundred years ago and focus on now, michael. we need strategy. what is your response to that? >> i think i've heard the same thing. i don't take responsibility for the actions of my great grandparents but you benefit from it. we all benefit from hundreds and hundreds of years of systematic oppression, white privilege as my friend mark said and white supremacy. as we look at what happens in the next 30 minutes in baltimore as dr. king said let us not turn a blind eye to the peacefulness of the protesters and the peacefulness of the police. lot of times what happened in peacefulness is determined by the police. let's urge the police to be peaceful as well as we ask the protesters to be peaceful.
6:19 pm
let's look at the police and how they respond to those who want justice and seek justice and who think this curfew is an injustice. >> gentlemen, stand by. i want to get out to the streets now of baltimore. congressman elijah cummings has been out there trying to keep the peace and get people going, speaking now. >> i've never done anything and he said i'm glad that maybe, just maybe i won't be stopped every six, seven weeks, and so hopefully we are moving into a new normal, a new normal. where those kinds of things are not the norm but that people can actually live in a way where they don't feel threatened and don't feel afraid.
6:20 pm
that is the mayor's decision. she's moving around. >> what are people telling you walking around tonight? >> people are basically relieved and i don't want people to get the impression people are just happy happy. it's more relief and so they see there are a lot of people that lost hope in the criminal justice system. our criminal justice system is actually on trial and so they now see some hope and i think it's more of that than anything else.
6:21 pm
>> baltimore sets the bar for the states around the country and prosecutors, showing that you can bring the cases to justice for the people. i think it raises the elevation. [ inaudible ] -- raised the bar for state attorneys around the country you can bring these cases to justice, you can bring these folks who commit these kinds of crimes to justice and i think that's what she's done. she's elevated the conversation and she's also raised the bar for states attorneys around the nation. >> congressman, we're live on cnn. don lemon wants to know about the curfew tonight. why would you want it lifted now? >> all i said was i would love to see it lifted. i think everybody would love to see it lifted. that's a decision that has to be made by the governor and our mayor, and so that's their decision, but again, it's
6:22 pm
saturday night. we don't know how many saturday nights we have on this earth. so we'd like, people want to enjoy themselves, so that's logical. >> could the curfew cause more confrontation and violence with police officers? >> i hope not. i like to think on a positive level. baltimore has gone through this situation in overall a peaceful way. you look at some of the other areas, other cities, i turned on the television the other night and police were scuffling with protest protesters, we didn't see much of that in baltimore. we've shown the nation how to deal with these issues, and i feel good about the way we dealt with. >> you also had over 100 officers injured monday night. >> that was monday night. that was monday night and that was before i got on the scene, before we got on the scene. i don't know how many people have been arrested on this
6:23 pm
corner but very, very few. >> how do you lift the curfew. >> that is bo of my pay grade. thank you all. >> thank you, congressman. >> all right, congressman elijah cummings out on the streets here, we were giving him questions about lifting the curfew. he said he would like to see it. he said how to do it is above his pay grade. back with my guests michael and marc lamont hill. actually michael is with me. do you think lifting the curfew helps or hurts to have this curfew in place? mean people feel they're caged in their communities and own homes. >> i think certainly safety comes first. i do have to respect the
6:24 pm
governor and the mayor and the police chief here and their assessment, but it seems from what i've been told the folks on the ground and folks watching your network for days now it seems that peace has come to the streets for the past few nights. it is a saturday night as the congressman said, a big fight tonight that a lot of folks want to watch and think about you're watching a bunch of your buddies and costs ten bucks instead of watching it at home for 100 bucks. the communal aspect of the fight brings people together and brings more peace. i would like to see peace not just in baltimore but across the country and i do believe the curfew has gone on long enough and i think it's time to be lifted especially saturday night. i hope also the police do not agitate and aggravate the situation tonight. >> michael skulnik, thank you very much. thank you very much marc lamont hill. let's listen in to the streets of baltimore. >> one more time. >> peace for the city! >> give a shout like you do in church!
6:25 pm
[ cheers and applause ] this is our city! and hell ain't taking it back. god's people are taking the city back! and justice will be done! but we want justice and we want peace! >> yes! >> i don't believe that they say no justice no peace. >> no. >> forgive me, i say peace and justice! in jesus' name! one more shout, peace! >> i was standing behind you when you were talking to everybody and i was just -- >> so we'll continue to monitor the situation there on the streets where congressman elijah cummings is. what you see on right of your screen protesters on the march
6:26 pm
towards a highway here in baltimore where they will meet up with police officers who are trying to get them off the streets, just before that curfew that, curfew in just over 30 minutes, 35 minutes, we're going to carry it for you live and be here live at 10:00 p.m. eastern. what will happen at 10:00 on the nose when it goes into effect? we'll be back in a moment with breaking news. mike fincham was diagnosed with colorectal cancer 2 years ago. it was a priority for mike that he continue to be there for his family throughout his treatment continuing to live the life he loves. that's why he chose cancer treatment centers of america. there he found a comprehensive array of therapeutic options all under the same roof designed to fight his cancer,
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the breaking news here this evening is of course in baltimore, where we're coming up on a curfew in just 30 minutes. just 30 minutes, a mandatory curfew for the fifth tignight i row. live at the streets of baltimore. our correspondents are there, nick valencia on the left, another street scene on your right. nick, tell us about is it, is it celebratory, what is the mood like? >> reporter: the mood is changing by the second here. we have marched from north avenue from pennsylvania avenue north avenue that intersection, where we were now making up our way towards city hall. there were at the hugt of this group probably about a little over 100, that drought has dwindled down as more and more
6:31 pm
people have begun to realize that these demonstrators here will likely disobey the curfew. we've seen some police officers on the side of them but so far we've allowed this group to walk in the middle of north avenue as they make their way towards further into downtown, some cars are honking. hear that honking support singing and chanting and seem to be right now in good spirits, don. i tried to ask the leader of this demonstration if they were going to disobey the curfew, didn't like that question. it's actually joseph kent, a young man arrested on our air by the national guard who is leading this, wearing a shirt with his hashtag on it and styed to take this group telling them at one point stopping in the middle of an intersection to say you know why you came here, that this is a serious thing, and if you're not willing to be with us, then leave. so you have sewn some people peel off.
6:32 pm
others have continued to march. we're going to keep following them and see what happens, don. >> all right, nick valencia stand by. nick is going to be out there throughout the evening as we are live here on cnn again just under 30 minutes the can you are few goes into effect. sara sidner on the street. tell us the mood where you are. >> reporter: it looks luke a lot of folks are still out here. we finally started seeing traffic flow. i'm going to come down with my photographer mike love to give you a look of how things have changed. what is interesting i want to show you this, what is interesting is that finally the cars are here but there are lots of people around here and the police are out here, too, and what's really, really different here than in ferguson, don, where you and i spent quite a lot of time is that the police officers out here, they're not out here in a huge big force and people are talking to them, they're talking to people here it's sufficientlized and talking back and forth with people but certainly there's a concern and
6:33 pm
there are more and more officers starting to gather over near the cvs that burned monday gathered to tell people at 10:00 there is a curfew in place and if they do not leave they could certainly be arrested. i'm going to go over and see perhaps if mr. cummings will talk to us having a conversation now the community, and he's been out here for a little while. hi sir. how are you? i'm sara sidner from cnn. can you tell me a little bit what what you think about the curfew and what you're talking about. the curfew is in a half an hour. >> nobody feels comfortable about the curfew. nobody. it's saturday night. it's a fight night and people want to enjoy themselves but we have to also be concerned about the safety of folks. that's the decision made by the governor and the mayor, and that
6:34 pm
is not my decision. but i've talked to one young lady who said that she will get arrested. and she feels that it's a violation of her rights. i said it would be inconveniencing to her but she said it's a matter of principle. there's nothing else i can say. >> reporter: people saying they're not going to obey the curfew. what is your take on what you saw today, very different scene than what we saw just a week ago. >> i've seen a great -- we had some problems monday night but other than that it's been fine. i think we've done very well. i think we've set an example for the nation to be very frank with you, things have been very peaceful, and there were i think a few people in this corner last night that got arrested because
6:35 pm
they were upset about the curfew, but for the most part people have been peaceful. >> reporter: i want to ask you, one of the protesters talked to me about a little bit today they felt like they were being placated and the placating worked with the charges against the officers. do you see, do you think that is what the state's attorney did or did they do this or because that's what is the law and she believes she can go further and prosecute these? >> anybody who knows marilyn moseby like i know her knows the question to that answer -- i mean the answer to that question is a very simple -- she did what she believes. she is an awesome, talented, well educated graduate of an hvcu tuskegee university. she's an outstanding attorney and most important of all she
6:36 pm
has a degree of integrity. i believe in her. i believe that she did the right thing. i believe that she took the law, matched it up with the facts and made a determination. so that was her decision and i admire her for that. i really do. >> reporter: do you find it an incredibly fast decision or was it right, the timing and everything was right? >> the thing was so interesting about the decision a lot of people for like, felt it was only the state's attorney, the plarpt that was going doing investigations. come to find out marilyn moseby was doing her own investigation and as she said a lot of the information presented to her she already had. i trust her and trust her to the nth degree. i know good and talented attorneys. i know attorneys that are skillful and pursue excellence and i got to tell you, i am very, very, very proud of this young lady.
6:37 pm
we have to ask one last one. what do you think going further the relationship will be between the police and the community. this community and other communities around the city. >> let me put it like this. young man in my neighborhood, i live not far from here but a young man in my neighborhood about 40 years old told me last night he said congressman i think it's going to get better. he said right now i get stopped every six weeks, because i have a nice car and professional and he said maybe it will stop and maybe there will be a new normal, and i won't be stopped like that. i won't be fearful of having a tail light out and i won't be fearful of the police. the other thing i think we need to keep in mind policemen who are good policemen and the vast majority of them are, they should want to make sure that
6:38 pm
officers schools should not be on the force are not on there. i cannot tell you the numbers of officers we've talked to over the last four or five days, one just about an hour ago who whispered in my ear thank you. thank you, i'm glad we are moving more towards being able to look at our police department afternoon straighten it out. just maybe, maybe things will be better but time will tell. marilyn made it clear she's not going to tolerate any kind of abuse of her citizens. this is an ongoing process. it's going to take time and what i think mines so much to me i'm seeing more and more people who are becoming educated about the prim c imal justice system. make no doubt our criminal justice system is on trial here and so how it will turn out, i
6:39 pm
don't know. but one thing that we do know, with he want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and i know that's what she'll pursue. >> reporter: thank you very much, congressman. i appreciate it. so you heard from congressman cummings. he says he wants the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, him, the community, and people are expecting to see that. but we're also waiting to see what is going to happen in less than a half an hour when that curfew goes into place. don? >> just about 20 minutes we'll be here live on cnn. thank you very much, elijah cummings spoke about the state's attorney, mare len moseby, representative of a younger generation who feel their voices aren't being heard and also not just about you. she is young. it's about having good people around you. my legal experts and law enforcement experts are going to weigh in. they're standing here and talk about marilyn moseby who i met yesterday and interviewed her,
6:40 pm
get you their opinions in a bit. i want to tell our viewers that governor hogan calling for a day of prayer and peace tomorrow. here's part of his statement that he releases it over the last week. i have witnessed countless acts of compassion, kindness and leadership by the residents of baltimore. i have seen what is possible when we stand united against violence in our communities. as we begin to rebuild and restore let us renew our faith in the future spirit of our people and the city. he's going to attend church tomorrow and going to take questions, we'll have it for you. in less than 20 minutes here, about 20 minutes here on cnn. the reason i say on cnn we'll carry it for you live. some people said they'll defy the curfew. others say they aren't.
6:41 pm
what will happen at the top of the hour when that mandatory curfew goes into effect here? back in a moment with our breaking news. the american dream is terrifying. american history is the history of the scary thing being the exact thing we have to do. cross that ocean. walk on that moon. fly. none of this makes rational sense. it only makes american sense. here, the hard things show us who we are. leaving your job to start your own thing. having a kid, when you still feel like a kid. signing a 30-year mortgage on a home. scary sure, but no match for our colossal self belief. we're supposed to do scary. without scary, we don't get to be brave.
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all right, the breaking news
6:45 pm
marchers out on the streets. our breaking news happening here in baltimore, these marchers are on the move now following a huge rally over the death of freddie gray. we are following it here. the march and rallies have been peaceful, a number of different ones but again here we are, today's demonstrations following the announcement by baltimore state, state's attorney in maryland, marilyn moseby six officers are charged. they are urged to be patient and peaceful as the legal process unfolds. >> to the people of baltimore and the demonstrators across america, i heard your call for no justice no peace. your peace is sincerely needed as i work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man. >> and we'll see if that peace stays in place in 15 minutes here on cnn, when that mandatory sur few goes into effect. by the way i sat down with the
6:46 pm
state's attorney, marilyn moseby shortly after her news conference yesterday and she talked about how her background prepared her for her job that she is now sworn to do. >> i think it gives me a well-rounded perspective. i come from five generations of police officers so law enforcement is instilled. i understand the time, the commitment, the sacrifice, that these police officers make, time away from their families on a day-to-day basis, risking their lives for the betterment of our communities, but at the same time recognizing that these officers are making those sacrifices and i'm not saying in particularly with this case, those officers that usurped their authority you have to be able to hold them accountable because it does a disservice to the hard working police officers and so for me it's about applying justice fairly and equally. to those with or without a badge. >> want to look at the six officers charged in this case.
6:47 pm
they are all out on bond. caesar goodson was the driver of that police van. he faces the toughest charges including second-keying depraved murder, goodson joined the police force in 1999. then there's lieutenant rice, he is the most veteran brian rice most veteran, joined the baltimore police department back in 1997, charges against him include involuntary manslaughter and assault in the second degree. officer william porter is a three-year stret ran in the baltimore police department. his charges include involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault. sergeant alicia white is a five-year veteran of the force charged with involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault and misconduct in office. officer garrett miller charged with second-degree assault, misconduct and false
6:48 pm
imprisonment, joined the force in 2012. officer edward nero joined the force in 2012, charged with assault in the second degree, misconduct in office and false imprisonment. those are the charges. they are all out on bond and aren't due in court until the end of the month. the investigation now and the charges and also the state's attorney tom fuentes, cnn law enforcement analyst and former fbi assistant director and also noted criminal defense attorneys joey jackson and danny cevalcevall cevallo let's talk about what is next for the investigation. is there more work to be done? this is really just the beginning, right, joey? >> absolutely is. certainly there's work to be done but of course the state attorney has been doing the work because she's conducted an independent investigation. it's interesting, don, each of the charges apparently are very specific to each officer in terms of the conduct that she's
6:49 pm
alleged to have engaged in. for example the false imprisonment charges. she's adam ant she feels there was not any probable cause for the arrest in the first instance. that's why you see the false imprisonment charges as to the officers involved in apprehending freddie gray and also don if you look at the depraved heart murder, second-degree murder, depraved indifference she's saying that driver knowing that freddie gray was ailing that he was asking for an inhaler, he was not buckled up, he went, ignored that and picked up another driver instead, so she's apparently going after each of the officers independently and attempting to match those facts which she believes can help her prove the cases beyond a reasonable doubt. >> i was trying to get clarification yesterday according to >> i was trying to get clarification yesterday. according to her office, she has 30 days, or they have 30 days to go to a grand jury. i'm understanding because of the
6:50 pm
depraved heart and second-degree murder and because of murder by -- manslaughter by vehicle, that that is going to go to the grand jury. what they said to me, they're going to seek every tool possible and that there's a grand jury involved. can you explain that to us, danny? >> when you're talking about the charges, depraved heart murder and involuntary manslaughter, those are the most serious charges. the level of intent is thot what you see with murder, which is a specific intent to kill, but the kind of murder where you do something so wantonly reckless, that it's likely to get you arrested and likely to result in the depraved heart murder. these are essentially the two paths they may follow. one is the grand jury, while democratic, is secretive.
6:51 pm
>> before i get to you, i want to ask the legal guys here, they're still asking for, the police union calling for a special prosecutor. why is that, either one of you? >> well, there's a feeling that perhaps there's a conflict of interest. i don't know that the conflict rises to the level of having a special prosecutor. apparently the allegation is that the lawyer of freddie gray is somehow connected to her and that he's apparently donated to her campaign. that in and of itself would not require recusal. >> is this false arrest, false imprisonment, is this a shot across the bow for every police department across the country, saying, we have to be careful because if she wins this case, it sets a precedent? >> i think it's always -- not a high bar, but it's a bar. when you're making an arrest, it has to be a legal arrest. and you have all these negative
6:52 pm
things, including freddie gray's death, from what starts out as a false arrest. and at that time, you have a lieutenant on the street, when they chase him down and do the stop and frisk, they don't find contraband, or a weapon or a knife, yet they make an arrest and everything bad happens after that. >> yesterday, they said they welcomed the parallel the investigation. talk to me about that. >> what would happen, you would have a small army of fbi agents doing the civil rights investigation, which would also include a number, dozens, of assistant united states attorney civil rights division. so when they talk about a special prosecutor, you're getting a number of special prosecutors with that group, because they are experienced specifically in civil rights cases of basically abuse of power by a law enforcement officer. >> our correspondents have been
6:53 pm
out in the crowd speaking to people, and they said that the only justice would be police officers being found guilty. so could comments like that, you think, make it impossible for the case to be tried here in baltimore? whoever wants to answer that. >> i'm sorry, i couldn't hear you. >> it's tough, that's why i can't hear anything he's saying. i want to know if comments like that, the only justice will be finding the officers guilty, will that make it hard to have the case tried here in baltimore? >> i don't really think so. i think it's hard to have to move a case. >> when it comes to pretrial publicity, this is an issue aufb raised. in modern times, we don't just rely just on television, but so many different forms of media, the issue of pretrial publicity is potentially a violation of the right to a fair trial. but each case is a base by case
6:54 pm
bas bas basis. >> that jury when selected will be vetted. prosecutors will be picking it, defense attorneys will be picking it and they'll be weeded out. >> stand by, nick. i got to get to nick valencia. >> stand your ground! >> reporter: well, this demonstration is getting a little bit more intense by the second here, don. we're being flanked by police officers just a short time ago. baltimore police, helicopter announced that these demonstrators have less than eight minutes to clear the streets or they will be arrested. you just heard from one of those demonstrators to tell others to stand their ground. the leader of this particular demonstration, joseph kent, has told people here that this is going to be serious. we don't know exactly what that means, but we are standing back. the police have told the media to not get in between police officers and demonstrators so
6:55 pm
we're obeying that by falling back a little bit. we were expected to go to city hall. we're not there anymore. i'm not sure what part of the neighborhood we're in right now. but as you see here, if you just want to pan, a row of police cars, waiting to make arrests. you see the flashing lights there. those are all police officers, following this crowd that happened in the last ten minutes. as i mentioned just a short time ago, we heard from overhead, the baltimore police, that they will and are very serious about implementing this 10:00 p.m. curfew, don. >> yeah, and it's only five minutes away. nick, don't go anywhere, because i'll need you now. nick is on the streets with a group of protesters who are moving. at first they were going to a highway and meet up with officers. now they're going to -- we saw they were coming to city hall, but nick says he doesn't know where they're going. nick, do you need to leave? what's going on? are the officers instructing you at all? >> reporter: we have not
6:56 pm
specifically been told by police to leave, but we are, for the safety of good measure, standing a little bit further back from the demonstrators than we were. we were at one point in the middle of them. it is a mixture of activists, really. we've seen some holding occupy wall street -- i'm sorry, anonymous flags, i should say. we've seen others claiming to be anarchists. this group particularly, i've been talking in the past couple of hours that what we've seen change here in the last 24 hours is that more people have come from outside of baltimore, to support these demonstrators here locally. this group appears to be comprised of principally locals determined to disobey this 10:00 p.m. curfew. >> nick, whatever you need to do to be safe, by all means do that. nick valencia, reporting out at
6:57 pm
the scene. >> we'll let you know. >> we are less than four minutes away from a curfew in baltimore. i want to get to sara sidner as this deadline approaches. sara, what are you seeing? >> reporter: we're on north and pennsylvania, right next to the cvs that burned. let me just give you the scene. we as the media, have to be behind these caution lines, or we too, will be arrested. so that's what we've done. you can see the cvs to my right, more police officers here, and if you'll follow me a little bit here, just across the street, you're going to see, you know, a crowd. it's not a sizeable crowd, compared to who was out here earlier. there were hundreds upon hundreds of people out here earlier, some 150, and some of the folks are observers, but they've been clear with people, saying the curfew is coming and it's at 10:00. we know that some people are
6:58 pm
going to defy that. some people have told us they are not going to pay attention to the curfew. that they are grown and they're going to be here. but we also know that plenty of people have said, we are not going to jail, and we are going to go home, don. >> all right, sara, don't go anywhere. stand by. nick valencia, i'm not sure if nick is there as well. i just want to tell our viewers, two minutes until the top of the hour. two minutes until 10:00 p.m. eastern time in baltimore, maryland, where a mandatory curfew is going into effect here. we've been watching every night this week, starting monday to see what happens at curfew started on tuesday. this is the fifth night. the police department announcing that it would remain even though many people didn't want it to. let's talk to my legal and law enforcement experts who join me here now. we saw the unrest last night, but mostly it had been peaceful. the concern here is one of safety, obviously, but it's also an optics issue.
6:59 pm
because the whole world is watching. police have to keep the order. but they don't want to be seen as being overbearing and using excessive force. >> don, i talked to a number of officers out here during the week when i was here before, and they were receiving intelligence that outsiders did intend to come tonight, saturday night, and cause trouble. the mention of groups like anarchists, for example, these are groups that we tracked in the fbi and when i was on the board of interpol, they go all over the world and demonstrate and fight with police at international monetary fund meetings, united nations meeting. any time they hear worldwide of some type of demonstration where there's a potential for conflict with police, many times they'll show up and make sure that conflict occurs. >> i want everyone to stand by. i keep moving this earpiece, this is the one we wear in crowds and i can't hear anything
7:00 pm
unless i pull it out. so stand by, gentlemen. this is our breaking news coverage, stand by. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> we are live from baltimore, maryland. it is 10:00 p.m. eastern. i'm don lemon. this is a special hour of the cnn newsroom. you're watching here where a curfew has just gone into effect. you're looking live at the streets of baltimore right now. there are people still out there. that's the police presence. that means hundreds who have gathered on the streets of baltimore will be ordered to leave. but they haven't left yet. that 10:00 p.m. curfew and like we have seen over the past week, it will be enforced with arrests for those who disobey that curfew. again we're following along with law enforcement, our correspondents are out in the crowd. that curfew means people haveo


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