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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  May 2, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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unless i pull it out. so stand by, gentlemen. this is our breaking news coverage, stand by. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> we are live from baltimore, maryland. it is 10:00 p.m. eastern. i'm don lemon. this is a special hour of the cnn newsroom. you're watching here where a curfew has just gone into effect. you're looking live at the streets of baltimore right now. there are people still out there. that's the police presence. that means hundreds who have gathered on the streets of baltimore will be ordered to leave. but they haven't left yet. that 10:00 p.m. curfew and like we have seen over the past week, it will be enforced with arrests for those who disobey that curfew. again we're following along with law enforcement, our correspondents are out in the crowd. that curfew means people have to get off the streets.
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it's going into effect in baltimore, but as more protesters have been taking to the streets tonight, some say that that curfew may be heard to keep. nick valencia is out there, we'll get to him in a minute. but i want to show people what's going on. people are calling it a victory rally. just so you can hear what's happening here, let's listen in. police are announcing the curfew in effect. let's listen. so what they're doing is, on the police helicopter, they will announce the curfew is in effect at 10:00 p.m. eastern. and then they will allow people a little bit of time to get off the streets. we're starting to hear more sirens around us. they just announced over that speaker -- >> you will be subject to arrest.
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>> violation of curfew, you will be subject to arrest. violation of curfew, you will be subject to arrest. the curfew just going into effect just a minute ago. [ sirens ] >> and this is what it sounds like, and what it looks like on the streets of baltimore right now. the people who were behind us and who were gathered here, some are still here. some have left because they realize the ramifications of this. last night we saw the skirmishes here. my law enforcement analysts are here with me. tom, i have a question for you, but the pictures will remain up. what are the consequences here for, besides arrest, but also for disobeying this? and you know, police -- what is
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the advantage of police arresting people here now who appear just to be peacefully protesting? >> i think the purpose in their mind is just to enforce the law and get them off the street. it's only a stop-gap measure. it's a minor charge. they're going to be back out very quickly, maybe even before the police officers are back here to go back on the line. so it's really not a serious charge. it hasn't been enforced, as far as we can see, in a major way, but it is being enforced somewhat. >> earlier we saw congressman elijah cummings out with kathryn pough, the state senator, trying to get people off the street. they were saying earlier too, our correspondents, that they had planted on getting arrested. our commentator here on cnn said he had spoken to people who said they were going to defy the curfew. but if you look at war memorial plaza here at city hall, you don't see the protesters. if you look on the streets where
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nick valencia is, where you see the row of police cars that are moving down that street, don't seem to be many people who are out, except for law enforcement, and members of the media. our sara sidner out live for us as well. sara, what are you seeing? >> reporter: interestingly enough, david witt? >> yes, ma'am. >> i just recognized david as he was having a conversation, if you will, with the police officers here. he's come all the way from ferguson. i recognize him from ferguson, missouri. can i ask you, are you going to obey this curfew that is happening right now, are you going home? >> well, honestly right now, we got our people with our press pass, so we good, we going to stay out here, with the peoples, we gonna document what happens. you see people that's hout here, they getting ready to move in, so this is what we do. so we able to stay out here past the curfew. >> you started this, you started getting into this because of what happened to michael brown,
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right? >> absolutely. now what we doing is making sure that other communities are equipped with the same knowledge that we began to use out in ferguson. and the guy that videotaped gray being abused, he's actually decided willingly, we contacted him, he's like, we want to do this watch thing so we got him on camera. he out here too. >> so you're sharing -- basically telling people to wear cameras? >> oh, yeah. >> you have cameras all over you? >> yeah, this is a protest, i take this one out right here, so i can be hands-free and what i'm looking at, they looking at. >> right behind me, don if, you look, you'll see a large contingent of what looks like the national guard with riot helmets on who have just passed through this intersection. if you'll go up to the helicopter, you can see it flying past the moon there, it's over and over again, saying go
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home, the curfew is in effect. you can also see that there are several people who are out here not more than a couple of dozen at this point, because a lot of people you're seeing, like, for example, those coming across the street are press, but they're all getting back into this area where the press has to be, because we'll get arrested. they made that very clear, if we do not obey the police orders as well. so that's pretty much the scene here, don. a few people left, but people are going home, they are obeying the curfew. just a handful so far who are not. >> sara, are you hearing that announcement where you are? can we just hear it? >> sure, you want to hear the announcement? sure. okay, so we just saw our first bottle, a water bottle thrown towards police from the other side of the street on north avenue. but they've stopped doing some of the announcement, but if they start it again, i'll put the
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mike towards where the helicopter is, because it's flying very low and low enough for you to hear it. but see, already, there's obviously some folks here who have decided they're going to defy police. >> i want to get to nick valencia now. i understand someone is being detained where you are. >> don, what we can tell you is happening right now, the leader of this demonstration, joseph kent, has just been put into handcuffs there. he's also been surrounded right now by some police officers who are taking him into custody. we've seen others who have disobeyed the curfew as well, and they are about to get arrested. it appears an officer gave them a warning, said that you need to get off the streets. it appeared at one point that he held up a can of pepper spray towards these demonstrators. now it looks like they're being surrounded. let's just let you watch what's
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happening. >> yeah, joseph kent is a young man who was swept up by that humvee the other night when he walked across in front of the police. but, again, as we see your camera, sara. >> okay. don? >> go ahead. >> what you're seeing right now -- >> you'll be sprayed! get across. >> so the police are telling us to get out of the way. what you saw right now, he almost looks like he's knocked out. i don't know if he's doing that, you know, what's going on here, but he just dragged, no, he's conscious. he's moving, he's conscious, but he looks like he's in quite a bit of pain. you can see his face, i think, was sprayed with pepper spray perhaps. he was arrested and as he was being arrested, police took a
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bottle, an actual glass bottle came over, smashing in front of the police. he is the first person that we've seen detained here. you can still feel the pepper spray in the air. mike, i'm going to move from this shot real quick, to show you what happened over here. you're seeing right now the glass bottle, broken shards from the glass bottle that was thrown at police. there were several water bottles also thrown at police. but i want to go back to show you, we are being told we're subject to arrest if we don't get back into the police lines, but what's happening over here, will be important, obviously for this gentleman and we're going to try to figure out exactly what happened to him. but it looks like he just took a face full of pepper spray. and that's why you're seeing his face look bad and his reaction. there, he's being dragged actually, not seemingly able to walk. >> i have a different angle,
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alicia. >> and we're still trying to see that. >> okay, sara, stay with me. just want to update our viewers. >> there's a second person gone who's been arrested, a female. >> okay, 10:09 eastern and the curfew has gone into effect. we are seeing arrests happen live on cnn. we have our correspondents out there, nick valencia and sara sidner. sara, i cut you off because i wanted to update our viewers. tell me about the arrests. >> basically, i want to show you where we are, don. take the camera over there. that's the cvs that sustained the damage, the looting, the fire. and there's a police station just right behind it just there. while the officers are out here, we're behind yellow tape, but what you're seeing is a second person arrested. the gentleman on the right, who seems to be having trouble walking and having difficulty
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breathing, it's because he just got a lot of pepper spray, it looked like. they're trying to give him some water. and next to him is a young lady, she's wearing yellow. she was also detained. obviously not looking at and obeying the curfew, deciding not to obey the curfew and it looks like the gentleman is going to be all right. he's breathing, his back against the brick and they're giving him water. but police also taking a bottle and a couple of water bottles just a few minutes ago, don, and that's the scene that is happening right here. there's also a helicopter of course up, getting video of this and getting a strobe light out there. it looks like the police van is now coming up and we'll have to see if they're going to take these two away from the scene. don? >> sara, stand by. nick valencia, go ahead. >> what we're seeing here, don, is a group of about a dozen
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demonstrators that are being taken peacefully into custody, they're being put against the wall and processed right now. it appears that this group was sort of towards the back end of the larger group that we saw. that group rounded the corner and is being followed by at least a dozen police dressed in riot gear. in front of me here, you're seeing police officers taking demonstrators into custody. at one point, the most tense moment that we saw probably in the last five minutes when one officer confronted a couple of members who are wearing press badges, threatening to pepper spray them if they did not get off the street. so far, we haven't seen the incidents, or the issues that sara sidner is seeing at her location, from her reporting, here at this avenue where we are right now. we've been following this for at least the last hour, since about 9:00, and i'm not quite sure, to be honest, what part of town we're in, but it was only within the last 15 minutes that the
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caravan of police cars that you're looking at on the side, these police vans, police cars, had begun following these demonstrators, issuing warnings to them from the helicopter, saying, it's eight minutes left, it's three minutes left and we saw the curfew hit at 10:00 and just a few minutes after that is when we saw the leader of this demonstration, joseph kent, taken into custody. he still appears to be on site here in the back of a police van. we'll continue to monitor this situation, don. >> okay, nick, stand by. i'll be relying on you and sara in the locations where there is action going on. we also have other correspondents and producers who are out there as well. as you can see on your screen there, on both sides, people are being taken into custody. they're putting those plastic restraints on them. sara sidner is out there now,
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but just moments ago, she recognized some of the folks from ferguson, so some of the protesters who go all across the country and that's what they do, they protest, have shown up here in baltimore. ask also we saw a man who seemed to be overcome with pepper spray, being dragged across the concrete there. it was disturbing to watch, wearing a t-shirt, though, that was a little bit inflammatory, it said f the police on it. and there you see the high shot on it which is at north and penn. my law enforcement analysts are here with me as we watch this unfold. it's a bit chaotic, so we apologize for some of the camera angles. did you want to say something? >> this is fascinating. what people need to know is that adult curfews are exceedingly rare in this country. juvenile curfews happen all the time and they're more justifiable. but what we're seeing here is something you don't see very
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often in the history of this country where we're saying, juveniles and adults alike, nobody can be out on the streets. >> so you think it's unconstitutional to have this curfew? >> no, but it opens up a legal dialogue. it's constitutional history being made because it happens just so infrequently. only really in times of catastrophe or real civil unrest. >> let's listen in for a little bit. [ shouting ] >> it is our duty to protect one another! >> people there out to the streets saying they're going to fight for their freedom, their right for their freedom. it is 10:15 in baltimore, 10:15 eastern time. a curfew went into effect 15 minutes ago. people are defying it and being
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arrested for defying that curfew. former fbi assistant director joins me here. tom? >> if i can added to that, the police actually hate this, because the curfew violation, even though it's something so rare, it's also something very minor, and any time they get put in a situation of having to take somebody into custody, bad things can happen. one of these individuals going to the pavement could twist his neck and die and now you have a police officer accused of excessive force all over again. they don't want to have to arrest people that are doing a violation like this. >> as we see with the guy who appears to be overcome from something, pepper spray or -- >> pepper spray is nasty stuff. it bothers you a lot. but just the idea of an officer. you don't want to have to put your hands on people for minor charges because bad things can happen. >> ryan, are there arrests happening where you are? >> yes, there are arrests happening. dozens of them. in fact, we are standing here on the back end.
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officers have cordoned off the area. we saw dozens of officers running. we saw people trying to go through the side alleys here. these are the people they have caught so far. they were trying to antagonize the officers, screaming in their faces. officers are placing them in handcuffs and moving them along. but people are screaming and yelling as they're arrested. people with cameras have gotten arrested because they don't have credentials. they were told, if you don't have credentials, you will be arrested. you can see this man here, who had a mask, who has been arrested, he's been separated from the crowd. but we want to say 25 to 30 people here, and they're all being led to the wagon, just over to the side over there, and being pulled away. don, i want to tell you, we saw about 20 to 30 officers running while we were driving down the street. we hopped out, followed behind them and saw the arrests going down. some of these people we've never seen before. they all have synchronized
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chants. you can hear the commander asking us to move. you want us to back up a little bit? no problem, sir. you can hear the officers asking us to move back. tonight they are checking credentials, if you're not a part of the media, they will arrest you and detain you. >> but they're talking to you, can we hear them? >> they've asked us to move back and we are doing that now. >> stay behind that tree behind the tree! >> behind the tree, please. >> so they're taking -- >> take a few more steps. >> thank you. >> so they definitely have a defensive stance. they asked us to move behind a tree, they're trying to see what's going on. >> why are they moving you guys so far back? because i think the agreement was that you could stay on the sidewalk, as long as you weren't
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interfering, and i don't know, i'm not there, i don't know if you're interfering by being on the sidewalk and just recording what happens. >> we're definitely not interfering, but at the same time, it's a large scene, and i can tell you that they had to chase some of these people before they put them under arrest. they have taken defensive postures like they're expecting more people to come this direction. some people screaming at the officers as they were being arrested, calling them pigs. the residents have come out of their homes and asked us what was going on. these are people who look like they have come from out of town, who are in this neighborhood. the officers are on the ready right now. they were very nice when they asked us to move. several people who didn't have badges and media credentials were arrested, even with cameras on their sides. so to bring you the images, better to step behind the tree
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to comply than to have the argument with them at this point. >> great explanation, ryan. and why are you antagonizing police officers, that's a question. >> makes me feel nostalgic. when i was a street cop in the '70s, we were called pigs, practically brings a tear to my eye to hear it all again. >> here's a question. last night the protesters were different. sara saw people from ferguson. the protesters didn't look like the usual protesters that we saw before. are these professional protesters and anarchists that we're looking at for the most part? because even if the people in the neighborhood are like, what are you doing? >> i don't know who the individual protesters are. i know certainly there are some people who have the point of view that there shouldn't be a curfew. laws are laws, rules are rules, should be obeyed and followed. however, interesting enough, as i lunched today with the fine people in baltimore, the concern was that it's having a very big
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economic impact upon the community. that businesses are suffering, that people are not out in open, that people are not gathering around at night, and that it's having a very big hardship there. i'm not suggesting that these are business people, i don't know who they are, but i know that at some point in time, when everything in brought under control, the city should be normal, open for business, thriving and things will get back to normal. >> danny? >> it's interesting that you bring that up. as we were broadcasting, i have no idea whether or not the people arrested are from out of town or in town. but you can see tonight that there is a disparity of message. it's not just a freddie gray type message. we had people bullhornsing and shouting behind us with messages that nothing at all to do with the events that are going on in baltimore. so there's certainly a fracture tonight in the message. it's not uniform, so that certainly raises the question of whether or not the people who are still out, still protesting, are really here for the reasons
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that many of the peaceful protesters were here for earlier today. >> okay. >> i agree with that. and i don't know about, you know, anarchists or that, they're usually much more violent and nastier people to deal with. we don't quite see that. we see kind of business as usual when you're making curfew-type arrests like this. i don't think it's quite that bad, it's just that there's more people out tonight and they're not inclined to obey the curfew. >> stand by, everyone. this is don demon along with my law enforcement and legal analysts, we're live here in baltimore, maryland, where a curfew went into effect just 22 minutes ago. we've seen some arrests taking place. it's happening live here on cnn. correspondents are out in the field as well. one of them is cnn's sara sidner. sara, take us there. >> reporter: hey, don, i'm just standing right behind the camera. the paramedics are here, there's a third arrest that we can see in front of us, but the paramedics are here for the
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first arrest, the guy that you saw who looked limp. sometimes protesters go limp. sometimes they do that to make it more difficult for police. but in this case, it looked like he took quite a bit of pepper spray to the face. officers were trying to tell everybody to go home, that there's a curfew, and those who did not obey were going to get arrested and that is what has happened here. he is going to be taken out on a stretcher. he was having some issues, it looked like, breathing. pepper spray is some nasty stuff if you get it in your mouth and your eyes. it stays for a long time. but you're also seeing now, another person. they are rendering medical attention to the first person, who is looks like they are definitely -- yep, they're lifting him up. i don't know if you can see that, but they're lifting him up and putting him on a stretcher. the paramedics arrived just a short while ago. and he will be taken and basically decontaminated because to get that off, it takes just a lot of water and a bit of time. but they have taken one other
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person in, and this is the third person you're seeing standing there in a blue shirt, who has been arrested. as i told you, don, earlier, there were some people who said, we are definitely -- most people i should say -- we are definitely going to follow this will rule, we're going to go home when the curfew was put in place. we are not going to defy it. too many people -- as one protester put it, too many of us go to jail. there's no reason to go to jail now. but there were others who felt like it was their constitutional right to be out in the streets, that they are grown-ups and they have every right to be here, and so they decided to stay. unfortunately at one point a glass bottle came towards police. police also faced with a few water bottles that come at them, and this person was in the street after 10:00. the second person was in the street after 10:00. the third person, same thing. they got hauled in. and here he is leaving now on a stretcher, restrained, we should note. and you can see there, still
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looking like he's having a bit of trouble physically, sort of trying to sit up. >> and that is exactly what tom fuentes, our law enforcement expert here on cnn, was referring to, this is exactly what police don't want to have to deal with. >> minor charge. what if he has asthma? a heart condition? some other problem that's made worse by the pepper spray? and suddenly if this deteriorates and he succumbs to it, those officers now are going to be facing the music of, you know, negligent homicide or who knows what if they don't call for medical care. so they're looking at this now, okay, you say you can't breathe. we'll take you at your word and call the paramedics. >> and they will be subpoenaing news organizations and other organizations for footage to see what happened if there's a lawsuit and on and on and on. something they don't want to have to deal with. but we hope this young man is okay. don't know the exact
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circumstances vouppsurrounding but sara, you saw most of it. what did you see from this gentleman that they're putting into the ambulance now? >> okay, come with me. mike's gonna take us over. i just want to give you an idea of the scene behind us. these are the ambulance. he was taken into this ambulance, number 12, and put in the back of that. but you'll also notice that the fire department is out here and blocking the area, because that's where the bottles were coming from. there's glass under that fire truck right now. also, if we lean a little bit right here, you can see a wagon here, where they are going to take some of those other protesters that were not having any medical issues, that didn't appear to be in any way having difficulties or injured, they're going to put the two others that we've seen, in that van there. you can see the doors. here's what we saw. we saw him down on the ground in the middle of the crosswalk on
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north and pennsylvania. he was actually on the crosswalk, on west north avenue. and suddenly then, we saw him go limp. we saw eventually there was some struggling going on there, it looked like. and then some pepper spray that was deployed. i didn't see whether it was deployed right in his face. but you don't have to be that close to pepper spray to really have difficulty with it. it really is some strong nasty stuff, especially if you're close to it. police ended up dragging him all the way until the sidewalk, which was just a few feet. they stopped, it looked like he was -- it actually looked like he was unconscious for a minute there, and then he seemed revived. he started to move around. we don't know what his medical condition is before this. we don't know why, for example, he was so close to the police, but certainly defying the curfew. and he also had some words on his shirt, ftp, f the police is
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basically on his shirt. he was deciding he wasn't going to obey the curfew. there's the ambulance going now, clearly taking him to get medical attention and to try to deal with whatever issues he's going through now after his arrest. don? >> sara, let's talk about the police, because we've seen over the last few days, they've shown major restraint. some people were complaining, saying they were beaten up, or abused by police, but what are you seeing? how are police handling the situation out there in your estimation? >> you know, it's interesting. there's certainly not that many officers who are out here. i mean, i can show you, pretty much. mike, if you'll come with me, let me show you, right now, there are none here. and there are just a few officers who are over here, one, two, three, four, five, there's
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about ten officers who are here. and then you've got about three or four paramedics who are here. there is a woman right now who i don't recognize. she looks like -- let me take a look here, sorry, don. but i'm trying to get a view. an older lady who seems to be in some sort of distress, talking to the paramedics. and they're rendering aid to her right now. so we'll try to get some more details, but she seems quite upset. but don, you know, there aren't that many police out here, compared to what you saw earlier in the week. there are very, very few, and they have been very restrained in many ways, but when those bottles start coming over, first water bottles, then a glass bottle, then people started to defy them, stand in the street, that was it. the officers tried to take control. don? >> all right, sara. stand by. i want to get to ryan young. i understand that there are people who are being loaded into
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police vans. remember that police vans, police vans, not paddy wagon. that's a derogatory term. every time i hear it, i cringe. >> likewise. >> do not say paddy wagon, it's derogatory. go ahead, ryan, what are you seeing? >> that's definitely a point i made earlier in the week. look, don, i want to tell you how we did this. instead of going to pen and north like we have the last few nights, my team decided to follow the helicopter. we saw it circling over several areas of baltimore, then it seemed to hover over what looked like a housing project. we saw what looked like young white people running into the housing projects. we got out and saw officers running behind them. we came into the neighborhood and the people who live here were like, what's going on, what's going on? they didn't know who these kids were who were trying to get away from officers. now they hit the area from four sides all at the same time with
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the helicopter putting spotlights on them, and then they arrested these kids one by one. you really can't hear them yelling from where we are right now, but they are screaming and yelling. calling officers pigs. one guy was trying to shift his body toward the officer, you have people making complaints about the restraints being too tight and they were stomping their feet as they were going inside these vans. we also saw officers take another step. there were people here with cameras who were trying to film what was going on, the activities. and as the people who were being arrested were describing how they were being abused, officers turned around and asked those people, where's your identification, who are you with, what media outlet are you representing? when they couldn't explain, or just said we're part of a blogger, they started arresting them as well. we shot some video, officers
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took a defensive stand. they had some intel that there were more kids running behind the housing project. they asked us to step back. we supplied. at this point, now we have three to four vans, everyone's being loaded on the back side. the people who live here have come out of their houses to tell the officers where other kids have one. they've shut down the middle of this street as they continue this investigation. don? >> all right, ryan young, stand by. just want to update our viewers, 10:32 eastern time here in baltimore, maryland, where a mandatory curfew has gone into effect for the fifth night in a row. there you see both sides of your screen, arrests going on. you see law enforcement and also fire and emergency apparatus on the streets of baltimore this evening. the police commissioner came out today as well as the head of the national guard, and the state troopers, state police as well
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saying, look, after what happened on monday and earlier in the week, we believe it's bedroom the betterment of the people and the safety, best for the safety of the people of baltimore that this curfew remain in effect, that safety was more important than making money from businesses up. they understand it was affecting businesses, but they needed everyone to be safe. and that's really a tough call for the leaders of the community, for the police department. if they remove the curfew, some of the people might pull out, the national guard and others. >> interesting point that ryan just made. >> tom is joining us. go ahead, sorry. >> interesting point, residents of those buildings are pointing out to the police where these kids are to come get them and get them out of our place. >> that was my point. that's what i made. >> that kind of cooperation. the people are saying, look, police, get them out of here, they don't belong, they're troublemakers. there's a curfew and they're being cooperative. >> but give the protesters their
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due, they got the attention of the nation because of what's happening around the country when it comes to police abuse. and in many ways, you know, it got people -- it made it top of mind. and the prosecutor in all of this, marilyn moseby saying, young people, i hear you. here's justice, we're starting the ball rolling. but we also need some peace. defying a curfew is not really peaceful. throwing of water bottles and those sorts of things, that's not being peaceful. it doesn't help and it takes the focus off what's important here. >> protesting is very important, it's the foundation of our rights, it gets people involved, you want people involved and active in the process. at the same time, you have to be careful and that's why there are restrictions on protests. at the end of the day you want the protesters to be safe. you want the police to be safe. but you need both's cooperation and you need their participation
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if you're going to move forward. mont moseby, in putting forth the indictment are heartened by the fact that there will be accountability. there will be a trial, there will be due process, but you want to respect the fact that protesters have a right, but it should be done in a lawful way. as long -- >> it's not an unlimited right. when the nazis in illinois won their supreme court case in 1975, the court ruled that the villages in northern illinois and city of skokee, had to allow them to march, nazis or no nazis, no matter how much it disgusted the community. but the police could set parparam ters. it's fine to protest, but 10:00 p.m., go home. >> it's an example of our constitution at work. had the curfew been, hey, any supporters of freddie gray, you
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cannot be out after 10:00. but if you support the police, you can be out all hours of the night. that's constitutionally a content specific regulation. and that would mostly be constitutional. instead, it's much easier to create a blanket rule. there shall be nobody out on the streets after 10:00. that doesn't regulate the message itself. it regulates the people as a whole, irrespective of the message, much more likely to be constitutional. it's an interesting lesson. >> danny safalas, tom fuentes here, former assistant director of the fbi and our law enforcement analyst and attorney and legal commentator here, joey jackson joined me as well. let's get back to the pictures and what's going on here in baltimore and get out to our correspondents. we want to get to ryan young, where we're hearing that police are videotaping these arrests and that's very important.
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ryan, talk to us about that. >> yes, sir. hey, don, i've seen this happen before during the occupy movement. but the officers obviously dealing with a lot of people complaining about how they are treated. have decided to use their own video equipment to film each person who is being arrested. there's a gentleman there with a white hat on, it looks like from here, and he has a small hand camera. every time the officers get ready to load someone in the back of this vn, he takes a video picture, looks like, of their face, as you see right there, backing up, and he takes a full body shot, and they are basically cataloguing each person as they're being put in the van. i'm sure they're doing this so they can show the custody and the fact that no one was injured as they were being put in the van. we did notice one man had a couple scrapes on his face. but there are people who fell as they were trying to run through this area. looks like everything else was very controlled. you see -- you can see the whole process as they're being loaded in. they're using two officers with
7:38 pm
each person. there's a commander that we've seen over the last few days who seemed to have a really big control of the area. he's here as well. he's talking to people who have been very loud, trying to give them instructions about how they would like the arrest to go about. some people are listening, some are yelling back in his face. the officers have pretty much softened the perimeter around this area. the first two vans have gone away with some of the people they've arrested. there are two more vans here. at every single van, there's someone with a clearly identifiable police shirt on, with a video camera, doing this catalog, so no one can make any claims about what's going on. it's a very interesting process. there you see the two officers on top of the armored vehicle, keeping watch of the situation. we've had officers behind us, watching their backs, to make sure that everything is kind of going okay around the neighborhood. and just right now, a fire
7:39 pm
department vehicle has pulled up. not sure why. maybe someone's complaining of chest pains, who knows. but they're here, and we'll watch to see what happens as they unload out of this fire truck that's just pulled up in the last 30 seconds. so maybe someone is complaining about being injured. we'll see what happens with that. >> i got a question. >> the people who are yelling in the officers' faces -- go ahead. >> i got a question for you. hate to cut you off, there's a delay. sorry about that, but are they belting these people that they're putting in the back of these fans? that's a good question considering why everyone is here. >> you got to think they are, don. because what it also looks like, they're loading four to five on each side of each van. so they're more than likely all going to be belted. but by the position that we are in, we cannot see the people as they're being put in. we can see them as they're being
7:40 pm
walked over. but they have definitely made sure that we are not allowed to step beyond this tree line they've created for us. so right now, we're the only camera that's here that's trained on this place, because we actually saw it as they were chasing these people and jumped out. so we're just sitting back here, listening to what the officers are saying. we can see them putting them in. but we can't see if they're belted down. but the fact that there's two officers, and they're videotaping it, i'm sure they're doing everything by the book at this point because they're recording it. >> i certainly hope so, danny -- stand by, ryan. -- i hope so considering why we're here, alleged what happened according to the splanet. >> yes, because we heard that the officers allegedly did not buckle in the deceased in violation of procedure. and it's an interesting thing. i think people would be surprised to find that courts in this jurisdiction have actually held that without more
7:41 pm
information the mere failure of a police officer to follow procedure, even established procedure, will not by itself give rise to at least civil liability. of course right now, we're talking more about criminal liability of officers, but it's an interesting thing that the courts in this jurisdiction, the federal courts, have dealt with that very issue. police have admitted failure to follow an established order or procedure in processing a suspect, and that alone, unless there's more evidence of some bad behavior, will not be enough to hold them civilly liable. >> and they're videotaping it, what does that tell you? >> listen, i think there's heightened sensitivities now. i think officers get it. i think the community is getting it and gets it. look, in the event that the officers don't follow procedure, they know there could be civil liability. that is money. and there could be criminal responsibility as well. so it's best that everybody follows things by the book. no one gets injured. everyone acts peacefully and in
7:42 pm
accordance with what they have to do and people stay safe. >> and the department may not have to provide for their defense if they violate department rules, so you don't want to take a chance you might be on your own when they come after you because you didn't adhere to the rules of the police department. >> question to ryan young, who's been out there. ryan how many people did you see out there at the curfew and how many arrests have you seen? i know you can't account for everybody, but just from what you're seeing. >> don, i think we're at at least 30 people. we were driving down the street. we saw people cutting through like several intersections. we stopped. we saw the officers coming from four different directions. when that happened, we were running to figure out where the officers were going to. we turned the corner and saw a line of kids being arrested. as we turned the corner, saw more arrests being made, then we
7:43 pm
arrived to this location where we saw all this activity and officers this shut down basically two blocks and had cordoned things off. i want to say they almost funneled some of these people who were trying to run away from them, almost textbook, into another location where officers were waiting and then snagged them all up very quickly once they got them in zip ties, plastic handcuffs went on, they went back into four different vans. each of them arrested by two different officers and the video cameras being used throughout the entire arrest. >> those plastic restraints, if you've ever -- we've had them here and demonstrated them, they get tighter and tighter, they can cut off the circulation. they have to be cut off. there's no key for those. so stand by, ryan young. if you're just tuning in, everyone, we're just about 15 minutes to the top of the hour, so this curfew has been in effect for 45 minutes now. about 45 minutes. mandatory curfew happening on
7:44 pm
the streets of baltimore every night for the fifth night now. and so the interesting thing is, what happens next, now what? how many teem apeople are still there? if this is the bulk of it, or if there's more to come here. you know, it's interesting to me that this is happening, because you have the right to be out on the streets, right? or you can be out on the street, but then also, you shouldn't complain about being arrested if you're going to defy the curfew. >> well, you have a right to be on the street, but if there's a regulation or policy in effect for the safety of the community -- >> don't be surprised if you get arrested. >> then it becomes a problem. the bigger picture is at tthe sy of the community the safety of the officers. >> we'll check in with our
7:45 pm
correspondents in baltimore on the streets. we'll regroup here. we'll take a short break. we're back with our breaking news here on cnn. don't go anywhere. that drives you... ...and takes the wheel right from your very hands... ...this isn't that car. the first and only car with direct adaptive steering. ♪ the 328 horsepower q50, from infiniti.
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back now with our breaking news, a mandatory curfew city wide here in baltimore, maryland. some people have defied that curfew and we have been watching the arrests play out live here on cnn. our correspondents are in the field, ryan young and sara sidner are with me. sa sara, what's going on where you are? >> we've seen at least a half dozen arrests. for some reason, police just removed the police tape that was here. so i'm going to let my photographer come out a little bit and show you the police vn where they've been putting different people. i'm going to have him stop there. what you have seen is -- remember, don, just about 20 minutes ago, when just across the street, it was filled with people, well, that's pretty much done. the person you're seeing over there is a journalist.
7:50 pm
what you're seeing now is just the baltimore fire department. you have paramedics that came out here and also of course the police wagon. you can also see people being arrested. you see right here another arrest. so it looks like -- i think that's number seven if i'm counting correctly. and that's just in one place. just to remind people where we are on pennsylvania and north avenue. just behind us was the cvs that was burned and looted on monday. now we're on the weekend and it's incredible, don, we went from absolute sort of block party mentality, people happy, people talking to each other, dancing with one another, and then you have this very small group of people who decided to defy the curfew and then you're starting to see some of the arrests and a bottle thrown, and a couple of water bottles thrown. you know, you talk about this, don. you talk about the water
7:51 pm
bottles, right? and generally speaking, they don't injure anybody, but it certainly doesn't bode well. you don't throw things at people. throwing things at police is going to get you in trouble. everybody knows that. the curfew, they told people they were going to arrest them, and they did. they even said they were going to arrest us if we didn't stand behind police lines. they have now opened those police lines and i'm not sure why but they have, as they fill out the rest of the paperwork and prepare it take those that they've arrested. about six people, one of them as you saw, was taken away in an ambulance, looked like he may have been overcome from pepper spray. he was dragged along, his face on the ground, being dragged a bit as well. we'll have to find out if they'll give us the information. that becomes public if he's arrested, his name and what happened to him. >> s sar. >> sara sidner, thank you very
7:52 pm
much. ryan young also on the scene where people are being arrested. ryan, what are you seeing? >> don, look, they've cleared the people they're arresting. but the gentleman here in the tactical unit, the police officers were getting ready to leave, there were young men inside a house, taunting them, getting rude with them, at that point, the officers decided to come out and bring out their less lethal force, show a sign of force and make sure those young men went back into their house. you can see the position they've taken now. the people who are being arrested, the protesters running through the housing project, they've all been taken away. cataloged them with video cameras. they were yelled at and called pigs. they had zip ties on their hands. the young men who were in this house, at some point were just watching, decided to antagonize these officers, and of course
7:53 pm
there is a curfew in effect, so the officers have taken a defensive stance and they're making sure they understand that these young men need to be inside the house. so far they're gone in there, don. >> ryan, thank you very much. stand by. the picture on the right side of your screen. what is this young lady saying? >> we began to walk down the street. i began to walk down the street. i was greeted by these very nice officers who began to put me in cuffs. right, i was waiting to be picked up. i have done nothing wrong. i'm a citizen of the planet earth. we have gazed upon the stars since the beginning of time. i would like to look up and say i'm done nothing wrong. nothing. why am i being arrested? they can't even -- >> so she's saying she's a citizen of the planet earth. she'd like to gaze upon the stars, she's done nothing wrong,
7:54 pm
kept for violate the curfew. this is playing out on the streets of baltimore. police have pretty much gotten it under control as we look at this aerial picture. i believe it's near north, right? okay. again, sorry, getting information from my producer. i want to speak to danny, joey and tom. your expertise is much needed here. give me your final thought. >> you know, we can only hope that the message isn't diluted. there's a charge against these officers. ultimately the officers will or won't be held accountable. protesters certainly have the right to protest, don. that's their constitutional right. they have to do it within certain times, places and manners. they shouldn't extend the curfew and let's hope theirs peace and civility moving forward and no
7:55 pm
more destruction or violence of that sort. >> danny? >> let's hope adult curfews are not an issue we have to visit very often. they raise a lot of constitutional concerns. and frankly, they restrain people's liberty to walk about. hopefully it doesn't happen that often and people can continue to express their first amendment freedoms that are so important and so rare, whether you're a citizen of the planet or the united states, earth doesn't give you the freedoms, it's the united states that gives you those freedoms. >> tom? >> if something bad were going to happen, tonight was the night. now we've gotten through it. relatively peaceful. few minor arrests. so i think the police will be hopefully things are over here. >> it's interesting to watch these developments. i got here on monday, before the curfew was in place. i got here just after all the chaos. and then you saw what happened before that. and then on tuesday night, when the curfew went into effect and there were some skirmishes, it
7:56 pm
got better. the initial response to this by most people's account was not the best response, but it's a difficult situation for the leaders of the city, especially the mayor who had to make the call. and you know, what i'm hearing from people, and the people were pretty aggressive when they criticize the mayor, one of the reasons i hear that she did not make the reason to call the national guard in early is because there were young people out there and some were some parents pleading with her not to call the national guard in on their children. so that's one of the things i'm hearing. but it's a tough call. very few arrests tonight. there was some unrest, but there will always be people who violate, but there weren't mass, mass arrests and unrest here in the city of baltimore. we'll continue to monitor the streets of baltimore. we're going to bring you the very latest and bring you updates throughout the evening here on cnn. you can also check we'll be back with our live coverage the first thing in the morning with all the developments overnight. cnn never goes off the air.
7:57 pm
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