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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  May 3, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. hello, we're continuing with breaking news coverage from garland, texas. >> joining john for this hour. we'd like to welcome our viewers in the united states and who are watching around the world. >> we'll start with the latest now where police in garland, texas have shot and killed two men suspected of a drive-by shooting outside a convention center. >> they were holding an event built as the prophet mohammed art exhibit and cartoon contest at the time. authorities are checking the suspect's car right now for possible explosives.
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>> the keynote speaker at the event was dutch politician geert wilders. he was placed on an al qaeda hit list. for the latest, we are joined now live from garland, texas. ed, they're continuing to search that car. the police were saying this could take some time or could be done in the next 15 minutes or so. >> yeah, i think people here are fully prepared for this to take some time. what is interesting from what the officers have started to describe here and the situation surrounding the event tonight in garland, texas is that the officer that was initially wounded was not carrying a weapon. it was a garland school district police officer brought onto work this particular event. there were many other law enforcement officers also in the area. in fact, we're told in the back of the building, there was a swat team as well. so that's why you're able to see
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the quick reaction as police say these two suspects pulled up rather close to the building and started firing, injuring one officer who we understand has now been treated and released from a local hospital. but the whole shooting incident we're told was over in about 15 seconds or so before the two suspects were shot and killed on the scene. we're told those bodies have not even been approached yet because they're so close to the car and they're concerned about explosives inside that car. they're being cautious approaching that situation. after they get to that point, we suspect we'll learn a lot more. a great number of questions surrounding the motive, who these two suspects are and those sorts of questions. fbi officials on the scene as well beginning their investigation as well. so this is a process that will
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take some time. >> and ed, just back it up here and just tell us exactly what was happening inside that civic center that was so controversial, this exhibit of cartoons of the prophet mohammed. >> reporter: as you mentioned, it was an event that had about 200 people inside, we're told. very controversial. had been publicized for some time. at this same civic center here in january, there was a pro-islam event held here. also had protestors at that. there was a great deal of law enforcement present for that. and the tensions were evident then, back in january. this event here, the polar opposite of it. and obviously a great deal of concern. in fact, the officers here say the organization that was holding the event here, they were told to bring in more security personnel because they thought something like this could very well happen.
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obviously, it was something that the law enforcement had prepared for and talked about and obviously very fearful of something like this happening. that's what we've seen unfold here tonight. >> clearly there was some expectation or some concern that this would have been a target and what we understand is that there was a lot of security present, not just with the garland pd, but also private security too? >> reporter: yeses. it was up to the event organizers to bring on security. they obviously had consultants from emergency folks and law enforcement personnel here in the garland area as they prepared for this event. based on what they saw in january, there were concerns and fears for what this event and who this event might bring out. very controversial. the people who organized this event billing it as a free speech event. critics saying it was nothing more than an anti-islamic event.
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you have those two polar opposite viewpoints creating a very tense situation. that's what law enforcement officials here were worried about playing out here tonight. >> just in terms of what we know at this stage about the attack, do you have any idea just how close these two gunmen actually got to the civic center where this exhibit was being held? >> reporter: well, we've been told that the two men were in a dark-colored sedan. they were able to not make it through the parking lot, as close as you could get to one of the side entrances before they got out of the car and started firing. as we mentioned, injuring one of the officers, a garland school district offic working the scene. one officer tells us that that particular officer was not armed. within seconds, the two suspects were shot special killed. we're told the whole incident lasted about 15 seconds. >> the keynote speaker, geert wilders, the dutch right-wing
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politician has been on the al qaeda hit list. do we know where he is right now? was it wide lie publicized that he would be delivering a speech at this event? >> reporter: this is the interesting part. we had a cnn producer inside the event when all of this was going on. the fortunate part about all of this is that when the shooting happened, it was about ten minutes before the event was officially over. we were supposed to interview one of the event organizers afterwards. a woman by the name of pamela geller who was one of the organizers of the event. she was quickly, from what we could tell, whisked away from the situation. we do not know at this point where she ended up. but it was -- the building went into immediate lockdown. everyone inside was not allowed to leave and that took several hours for our producer to eventually get cleared out of
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that -- out of that scene and make his way back out to where we are. but there was -- as soon as the -- the fortunate thing here is that the people weren't leaving the event and out there exposed outside of the building when the attack took place. this happened about ten, 15 minutes we're told before the event was supposed to wrap up at 7:00 central time here in texas. and you would imagine that if more people had been walking outside of the building at that point, this would have been a much more deadly and violent situation. >> sorry. judge and just to clarify the timing on that, did it run over, were the gunmen early, did they arrive just before 7:00 or did the event run late? >> reporter: they arrived just -- the gunmen arrived just before 7:00. our understanding was the event was supposed to run until about 7:00 central time. that timing -- i don't know if they deliberately arrived here before the -- they knew the event was going to be over. but the timing of the event
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given the publicity surrounding it was pretty well publicized. so without -- obviously we don't know the i tensions of the gunmen were. if they meant to arrive later, we can't talk about that at this point. we just know that they did arrive -- happened to arrive and begin shooting just about ten to 15 minutes before the event was officially supposed to be ended. >> okay. ed, we appreciate you being with us. we know there's still a lot we don't know at this point. on the scene there. it's just after 11:00 in dallas right now. we'll let you go for the time being. you'll be updating us throughout the evening. this event meant to wrap up at 7:00. the gunmen arrive just a few minutes before 7:00. maybe the 200 people inside milling around, not getting out just on time. it could have been a much different end to this rather than two dead gunmen outside their vehicles. >> absolutely.
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we also learned that people in the neighborhood were worried about this event taking place there. it will be interesting to see the reaction to this did end up being a potentially violent evening which many have predicted. >> of course, you know, they had billed this as a free speech event. no one argues about the free speech element of all of this and the right and everything that these people have to do what they want to do. same situation with the "charlie hebdo" car tan. you can argue the case whether it's inflammatory, yelling fire in a movie theater, but they still have the right to do it. but of course, there was a lot of concern, which is why they had so much security that this event would be a target, not just with the cartoons of the prophet mohammed, $10,000 prize money for the best cartoon. but also with the presence of geert wilders. he's campaigned against the doe ran. he's campaigned against muslim
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immigrati immigration. clearly there was a lot going on there. the police say they knew that this was going to be a problem. they were monitoring it, but they had no credible information that two guys would get into a car and actually try and attack the venue. >> anyone can go buy a gun in texas. there are no restrictions on that. we also know that most of the people that attended were not from texas. they were from all over. >> back to your point, a lot of people were concerned to begin with that they were holding this in their community. i spoke to the mayor of garland he gave us a lot more details about how the shooting unfolded. >> there were two gunmen in a car try to drive into the parking lot. jumped out with automatic rifles, starting firing at an unarmed school security officer. he was hit in the leg. he was transported to the hospital and has been released, but the first suspect was shot
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immediately. the second suspect was shot and wounded and reached for his backpack and of course officers not knowing any idea what was in the backpack, shot him again and he was killed. both suspects are actually still lying at the scene. bomb squads are trying to check the vehicle to see if there's any bombs or whatever. we don't have any confirmation that there's any bombs. just to be safe, we've evacuated businesses and everything in the area just to make sure that no one gets hurt. hopefully it's -- done an excellent job. we've had a lot of help from neighboring police departments. >> at this point, you believe the two dead gun mep are in fact the only people involved in this attack? >> oh, yes. there's no indication of anyone else. that's not to say that there's not another vehicle parked or something of that nature. we haven't had time to check that out. that would be purely speculative. >> so the security guard who was
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injured, you said he was unarmed? >> yes. . he does not carry a gun. >> okay. talk to me about the security persons. i understand the organizers knew this would be controversial. they knew security would be an issue. i understand they had gone to great length to hire extra security for this event? >> well, i can't really personally speak to how much security that they hired. i've heard those reports. i know that the school district who owns the building, where the -- where the event was located had their own extra security officers there. but the city of garland also had a number of security and swat teams in the area to -- to provide any additional assistance that might be needed. and turns out that they were needed. so most -- probably most of the police officers in the area that had beguns were all garland police officers. >> is there some concern about hosting an event like this at a
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school? or in a school district? >> it wasn't at a school, but a school-owned building. it was a special event center where basketball games and other things. it has a convention center component. events are held there all the time. this group wanted to rent it. there was concern, which is why we had heightened security in the area. but we all swear to uphold the constitution, free speech, free assembly, in this case perhaps free religion, so they were welcome to use the building. >> and -- >> the reports i have right now, there were very few texans or garland even in attendance. most the people there were from out of state. >> let's take you back now live to garland, texas. brian new is a reporter with our affiliate. i understand you've arrived there and since the event happened and the shooting and
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you're covering this bomb scare that they're having now. they haven't removed the bodies. is that correct? they're still near the car -- >> reporter: yeah, that is -- >> -- car has explosives? >>s that correct. that is the concern now. there is a concern about potential explosives inside the suspect's vehicles which is why they have a large perimeter around the culwell center. they are around the vehicle as we speak. we're told could be a very tedious and long process. we're talking about several hours. several stores along right here this is garland avenue, were evacuated. that included a walmart, a taco bell, a sam's club. we talked with some of the people inside and they told us they heard the gunshots and then shortly after were told to evacuate the store and several of them are still hoping to get
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to their vehicles which are inside the perimeter as police are surrounding that vehicle that they are concerned that there could be potential explosives inside the suspect's vehicle. now, the garland police did tell us that because of the controversy of this event that they were well aware that something could happen. they did tell us that they had no credible threats that this was going to take place tonight. >> give us a sense of garland. we know it's a community outside of dallas. so how big is this police department? who has come into help now with this investigation to see if this car holds explosives? >> reporter: garland is a suburb, as you mention, of dallas. just to the north-northeast of dallas. it is a fairly large suburb. but we have seen other police departments come in. the plano police department,
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they have come into help. their bomb squad has come in to help out. so this is not a small town. it is -- but it is still a suburb, nothing like dallas. but around here, several of the nearby police departments have come to assist in -- in this situation. >> we appreciate it. brian from ktbt letting us know that this will probably take several more hours. so it will be a long night there in garland, texas. thank you very much. >> and this event was very controversial in garland, texas. >> earlier we spoke with u.s. justice correspondent evan perez who says law enforcement is trying to figure out if they could have stopped this attack. >> at this point, there is a very big concern that this is more like the attack in copenhagen where you had a free speech event, you had people
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motivated again by the -- by people who felt that this was going to be a threat to islam and wanted to take action to try to strike back against it. and again, this is something that the fbi federal law enforcement was aware of. this event was something that was as ed pointed out, very controversial locally. so there was a lot of already heavy police presence. now what they're doing is first of all trying to make sure that everything's safe, that there's no explosives, that there's no danger to the public. but now they're also trying to figure out who these suspects are, whether or not there was anything that they missed, that they could have tried to prevent this because they were looking for this. there was some intelligence -- that someone could be motivated to look to do this -- something against this event. now they're trying to figure out
9:18 pm
whether or not there's something missed there. these are very difficult to prevent. anybody who is motivated by these wanted posters or, you know, online chat boards where people talk about people who are insulting islam, could be motivated to attack these types of events. >> evan perez there earlier. as this investigation goes onto see if this car contained any explosives, it will probably mean it will take many hours before we find out who the suspects were, if they had attachments to rein groups or were they lone wolves. >> at this point, they don't even have an id because they can't get to the bodies until they take care of the cars. >> we'll continue to follow this story, the breaking news out of garland, texas. you're watching cnn. back in a moment.
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we've been focusing on this shooting death occurred just outside dallas. we turn back to baltimore, maryland. for the first time in nearly a week, there is no mandatory curfew. [ cheers ]
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>> people danced in the streets sunday instead of protesting the death of freddie gray. the city has been rocked by violent demonstrations since gray died last month. >> six officers now face charges. more than 100 police officers were injured during the week of protests. nearly 500 people had been arrested since late last month. >> also on sunday, the mall that had been hit by rioting reopened. the mayor called it a great day for the community. what began as a peaceful demonstration took a violent turn in tel-aviv. they came out to protest what they say is the latest example of racism. police on horseback rode into the crowd. >> a video that showed an israeli police officer striking an israeli soldier last week is what triggered the protests you're seeing. a police spokesman says one of
9:24 pm
the officers in that video has since been fired. >> before it was all over, 57 officers were injured, 43 protestors were arrested. >> here in tel-aviv's central robin's square, this is the tail end of a long night and long afternoon of protests. this is a far cry from what it was just a short time ago here in the secretary. this all started as a peaceful protest in tel-aviv. about five or 600 protestors blocked off the main streets in tel-aviv. police and the protestors trying not to escalate it too much. over the next few hours, this evolved and changed into what became a violent protest here on the streets of tel-aviv. we've seen pictures, there were cars damaged, a number of police injured, a number of arrests as
9:25 pm
well. police trying to calm the crowd down. trying to disperse the crowd using tear gas and water dispersement methods. it had become unruly on the streets of tel-aviv and that had become a concern. this was happening eight, nine, ten hours into the protest. a symbol of how much this means, how much passion and how much simmering anger there is behind what happened here. it all started a week ago with a video that went viral. showed them beating an ethiopian israeli soldier in uniform. that sparked tensions on the part of the ethiopian jewish community here. that all culminated tonight in tel-aviv as that anger boiled over and we saw officers injured, protestors arrested and some damage, perhaps a bit of destruction even on the streets of tel-aviv.
9:26 pm
>> for more on some of the factors stoking tensions, director of many studidies with oklahoma university joins us now. on the surface, it seems there are a lot of similarities on the complaints made by ethiopian israelis and african-americans. they make up a high number of the prison population. is it a fair comparison? >> well, the ethiopian israelis say it's not. they don't want to be likened to the african-americans. they say there was a peaceful protest until police began to shoot water cannons and beat them. we'll see what the investigation brings. but there are of course many similarities and everybody in america and israel have been, i think, parallels. >> it's really just the tip of the iceberg. >> it is. with operation solomon, the ethiopian jews began to come to
9:27 pm
israel in the 1980s and right up through the '90s. many of them are from rural ethiopia. they, you know, the vast majority were very slow to learn hebrew because they were older. even 50% of the younger generation don't graduate from high school. so there are many socioeconomic problems. they feel like they're discriminated against in marriage. many rabbis refuse to marry them. so there have been a number of gripes right along and of mistreatment as well. >> is there a positive to be taken away from this, that this second generation now feel that israel is their home and they should rise up and take a piece of it because they belong there and it's their community? >> i think there is. prime minister netanyahu said he's going to meet with the
9:28 pm
leaders and the police and the soldier who was so badly beaten up and it was caught on video which went viral. really being the spark that set this whole thing off. so the prime minister is clearly trying to solve this and reach out to the ethiopian community. clearly this is going to require a long dialogue. but it's going to require years and generations as we found in the united states. there can't just be a civil rights movement of a few years and it goes away. this is an ongoing problem. it's very deep-seeded, it's socially engrained. and we've seen in the united states, inter-marriage with every new wave of immigrants, by the third generation, there's over 50% inter-marriage. but for black americans, it's not true. it's been increasing but at a very slow rate. and of course black americans have been in the united states for 400 years. so it is -- you know, this is a
9:29 pm
very difficult problem to solve here in the united states and i suspect it will be difficult to solve in israel as well. >> josh, always good to speak with you. thank you. >> thank you for inviting me on, john. >> going to take you back now live, show you a video from texas. two men who opened fire outside an art exhibit featuring cartoons of the prophet mohammed have been shot dead in texas. we'll have the latest on the investigation going on right now just ahead here.
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welcome back. you're watching cnn newsroom. >> we are following breaking news, police in texas have shot
9:33 pm
and killed two men outside a art exhibit featuring cartoons of the prophet mohammed. an officer was also hurt. >> built as the mohammed art exhibit and cartoon contest. a bomb squad is checking the suspect's car right now. >> the keynote speaker was right-wing dutch politician geert wilders. he was placed on an al qaeda hit list over a film he made that was critical of islam. >> a spokesman talk with us earlier and said they were prepared for something like this. he talked with reporters a short time ago saying it could take a few hours to work the crime scene. >> they're still working on that vehicle and that's where we are at this point. as far as identifications, we've not touched the bodies because they're close by the car. once that's cleared, then we'll
9:34 pm
find out who they are and exactly what was going on. we are in the process of interviewing any witnesses along with the man that was shot. >> let's bring in cnn intelligence and security analyst bob bayer now. he joins me live from newport beach, california. i want to get your reaction to what's happened in dallas and the fact that it was an event that apparently did draw some gunmen. >> well, i think what we have to face now is the terrorism has come to the united states again. really the first major attack since 9/11. we're going to find out what caused this. was probably depictions of the prophet. are these people connected to the islamic state, you know, we really may never know that. this doesn't look like a particularly well organized attack. the attackers i woumd say at
9:35 pm
this point hadn't spent time in syria or iraq fighting. i think the police were prepared for something like this even though there was no information that was going to be an attack. this was clearly prove conversation i don't think anybody should be surprised. >> how do you think the white house is going to respond to this? >> i've been talking to law enforcement over the last couple weeks about their concern of a really truly organized assault inside this country with automatic weapons. people who know what they're doing. the fbi, police all over the united states are on high alert about this. the president can't ignore this. he's going to talk about upping aid to law enforcement, improving intelintelligence, bu fact is you have this war going on all across the middle east and it's getting a lot worse in yemen and syria and iraq, the
9:36 pm
chances of this not washing up on our shores is zero. >> we've been saying it while we've been covering this break news, that you understand the right to free speech, that this group had a right to hold this contest. they came apparently from all over the country. they wanted to make their point. they hired police for it. but now we have a community there, a suburb of dallas that has had evacuations, that this is going to take several hours, businesses could be impacted. tomorrow as well. so what does that say for holding these type of events and perhaps it could happen in neighborhoods around this country? >> it can happen anywhere. i mean, the fact is the believes of islam are incompatible with the first amendment. you cannot depict the prophet. it is horribly sack religious to
9:37 pm
musli muslims. the fact that people can so easily obtain guns all across this country. there's is certain element in the united states as in europe that wants to push our first amendment rights. there's inevitably going to be a conflict. i leave it up to the philosophers on this whether you should test these rights with these pictures. but the point is when you do this, you would get a reaction. people that are muslims or converts to islam and the violence will follow. >> the president of this group -- i don't know how much you had known about this group, the american freedom defense initiative, pamela gellar is the head of this group. according to the southern poverty law center, they say this is the anti-muslim movement's most flamboyant figure head. she took to her own website
9:38 pm
after the incident writing this is a war on free speech. what more do you know about her and this group? >> well, she -- i doubt that she was the target in this. she is -- comes from, you know, a set of people who oppose immigration of people that hold diverse views. she says if you let sharia islam take over the united states, it's not of course, but it will if the numbers are great enough, that we have to fight back. but she herself is not known for insulting islam. she hasn't depicted the prophet. nor in fact really had geert wilders. they're fairly moderate in terms of anti-muslims. i think again going back, it was the depictions of the prophet. most certainly provoked these people into trying to attack that exhibition. >> thanks for joining us again, bob.
9:39 pm
appreciate it. okay. before we go to break, we do have a statement, a very brief statement which has come from the governor of texas. he says in part, this is a crime which quickly ended thanks to the quick action by garland law enforcement. our thoughts and prayers remain with all of those affected tonight. and it was indeed swift action. >> absolutely. >> the swat team had been assigned there ahead of time expecting possible trouble like this. and it seems that they intercepted these two gunmen before they pretty much got out of the car and -- they did get out of the car, but they were pretty much shot dead within an insta instant. >> within 15 seconds it was over in what could have been a long night and ugly night there in garland, texas. amid a rising death toll, good news from rescuers in nepal. another survivor is found. an elderly man more than a week after the earthquake hit. more on that coming up.
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police officer has been shot. two suspects have been shot. possibly explosives on them, okay? that's what we're worried about right now. we're going to move y'all into the auditorium in just a membership. i need everybody to remain calm. we're going to take you away from the front of this building, all right. >> were the suspects muslim? >> i have no idea right now. i just want y'all to be aware that we are going to move y'all soon to get you away from the front of this building. >> this was the scene inside that community center? garland, texas just moments after two gunmen were shot dead by police. there was a swat officer telling the people at the exhibit of the cartoons of the prophet mohammed that there had been an incident outside. he was asked are the two men muslim, he said he had no idea.
9:44 pm
they still have no idea who they were or what their motivation was or ties to the militant groups like isis. but that was the moment then. we do know the swat team versus been placed there protectively because there was concern that there would be some kind of trouble at this event. >> we still don't know where all those people are now. i think they're still being held. they haven't been able to go to their cars. >> i'm just being told that the fbi now planning a detonation at the scene. i guess they're going to try and blow up those vehicles or that car rather because a concern for safety? is that what we're being told? >> that's interesting. >> you would think that it would be a crime scene, it would be a potential area for information about these two men. but obviously, there's concern that there could in fact be explosives in that vehicle. one of the witnesses did they when they opened fire, they saw him reaching for a backpack.
9:45 pm
that was one of the other reasons why there was this gunfire, about 15 seconds and the two men were shot dead. so there is that concern that there could be explosives in the backpack. the car could be rigged with explosives. >> interesting development. we'll continue to brick you the latest. >> right now, we're going to turn to other news. the death toll from nepal's earthquake is now over 7,200 and the government official warns it could still rise much higher. >> the search for survivors continues, but the government says the chance of finding anyone is now extremely slim. still searchers did safe this 101-year-old man from the rubble a week after the quake hit. incredible. his home was about one of 300,000 that have been damaged or destroy sfwld you never know. they may be able to find a few more people alive. thousands of nepallys are living in tents or out still in the open one week after the initial
9:46 pm
earthquake. >> aid groups says a tough customs inspections are holding up deliveries at the airport. the government says some planes are bringing in unneeded supplies and that all emergency shipments need to be checked. similar situation in haiti. it does seem to be a recurring thing. >> not they need anymore complications. two women are among those helping the earthquake's most vulnerable survivors. we recognized them several years ago for their charitable work in their country. >> 2010, cnn hero of the year -- >> winner of the cnn heros award in 2010. and -- >> 2012 cnn hero of the year from kathmandu. >> 2012, both nepali's winning cnn's top prize for the charity
9:47 pm
award. both now emotionally crushed by the earthquake that devastated the country. >> we have to take out all the stores, everything again back. we have to start again from the down. >> four of the houses in the district have absolutely -- is absolutely gone. >> she runs a rehabilitation center, mostly victims of human trafficking and sexual violence. today, she's also taking on these 11 orphans because their shelter was damaged by the earthquake. this woman runs a home for children of incarcerated parents. when i met you three years ago, you kept talking about this project. this is it. >> yes, it was on the paper. but i think it's onto reality. but i think, it takes time, but i have faith on my dream and my project. >> now a bit of a setback. >> yes. but i think i am -- just not my
9:48 pm
life, but everyone's life, i think things will work out. >> she brought this property with the money she won from cnn heros, the home where she and the children have lived for years is now uninhabitable. this is where the children have been camping out since the earthquake hit because butterfly home was deemed unsafe. they don't know when they'll be able to move back. a tree for shade, a patch of grass, a temporary home. i asked them what the earthquake felt like. it shook us like this, like i was on a swing, he says. i thought i would die, he says. even though they laugh about it now, the eldest of the children says they were terrified. >> they were scared at that time only. but now when they would like tell story, also they -- like there was something and earthquake hit. >> the mental trauma will linger. it will take time to restore
9:49 pm
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welcome back. recapping the top story, two gunmen shot dead just outside dallas, texas on sunday night after police say they opened fire at a free speech event. it was a contest for cartoons of the prophet mohammed. >> the keynote speaker was geert wilders. a security officer was shot in the ankle. he's expected to be okay. the event was held by the american freedom initiative. turning to other news, nigeria's military hailing another successful rescue operation and another strike
9:54 pm
against boko haram. >> the latest rescue involved 234 women and children saved from a boko haram stronghold. we have some of the stories from those saved in recent days. >> the offensive has boko haram on the run losing territory and bringing to an end, a terrifying ordeal for almost 700 women and children. when the military jet went past, we heard shots, this woman says. the bow co-hoe ram fighter said we should stand in front of them as human shields, but we refused. a government refugee camp. the freed prisoners given food, medicine, a safe place to rest. we mothers were hungry, so we couldn't produce breast milk and so the children were hungry too. but it's okay now, says this
9:55 pm
mother. since the start of last year, amnesty international says boko haram has kidnapped more than 2,000 women and girls. where all the boys and men are usually killed in front of their families. the women are forced to work as cooks, fighters or sex slaves. many of them die from starvation or disease. this woman held out hope by listening to a secret radio. i would go hide in the forest at night and listen to the news with a few of my friends, she says. when she learned that soldiers were retaking towns, she says we were praying day and night for them to come save us. and if we die, then bless our souls. none of those rescued appear to be from the 200 school girls. their abduction drew worldwide attention to the insurgency which has forced 1.5 million
9:56 pm
from their homes. the nigerian army says it's confident boko haram is now cornered. thank you for watching our kcoverage this hour. >> i'll be back with another hour of cnn newsroom after a short break. why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it?
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hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world, our breaking news this hour, police in garland, texas have shot and killed two men who opened fire outside an art exhibit featuring cartoons of the prophet mohammed. a bomb squad is now checking the suspect's car for possible explosives. a group organized this event. it was billed as the mohammed art exhibit and cartoon contest. extra security was brought in. >> there were military or policemen everywhere running. and urging us quickly to get back i


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