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tv   High Profits  CNN  May 3, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world, our breaking news this hour, police in garland, texas have shot and killed two men who opened fire outside an art exhibit featuring cartoons of the prophet mohammed. a bomb squad is now checking the suspect's car for possible explosives. a group organized this event. it was billed as the mohammed art exhibit and cartoon contest. extra security was brought in. >> there were military or policemen everywhere running. and urging us quickly to get back inside as fast as we could.
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so of course we, you know, followed their instructions. >> we prepared for something like this simply because there were additional officers hired for this event by the school district. we had talked with them in preparing for this event in case something like this happened. >> the keynote speaker at the event was a right-wing dutch politician known as geert wilders. that's a photo there posted on twitter picture taken just before the garland shooting he wrote. wilders was placed on an al qaeda hit list over a film he made which was critical of islam. we're joined now on the phone with the latest. christopher, what are they now planing to do with the car driven by the gunmen? >> that i am not -- not certain. hasn't been briefed on that. i can tell you that they sent out an electronic pulse about ten minutes ago.
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after that -- that explosion went off and we could feel it here in the staging area which is probably about .3 miles away from where the car was parked. >> so what would that pulse actually do? is that intended to essentially neutralize electronics linked to explosives in the car? >> it's intended to destabilize any electronics that may have been -- that could trigger a bomb. for instance, you have a detonator on your cell phone, i'm not saying this is what happened, or a bomb, it would fry that electronic device making it inoperable to detonate any device it was connected to. >> okay. now that they have taken that measure, is there now any time frame on how long you think it might be before they can move
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into that car, certainly it properly and move onto the bodies of the two gunmen? >> they have not given us a timeline as to those details of the investigation. >> okay. chris, you also spent a little bit of time inside that venue where they held this mohammed exhibit, if you like. about 200 people there. when you spoke to them, what was the reaction to these people who appear to have been the target of these two gunmen? >> when -- when wilders was speaking? >> just after. once you managed to speak with them, once they found out these two guys had been shot dead, that these guys quite possibly been the target. >> it was a general calm, however people were concerned as to what was going on. there was no -- it was generally calm. there was no excitement really from the crowd after the fact.
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>> just clarify something for us, the garland swat team, they were placed there ahead of time? >> there was a large police presence. not just your typical cop car and, you know, community law enforcement. there were tactical teams that were out. these -- >> okay. christopher on the scene, out there speaking with people who -- the attendees of this event who have now been taken away by buss to another location. there's some expectations once they get to the body and crime scene is cleared, they'll be able to return and collect their belongings and vehicles. it does appear at this late hour that it will be quite some time before police actually clear that crime scene and essentially move forward with the investigation. earlier, i did speak with the mayor of garland, texas. he had more details on how the shooting unfolded. >> they were people leaving, two
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gunmen in a car tried to drive into the parking lot. jumped out with automatic rifles. started firing at an unarmed school security officer. he was hit in the leg. he was transported to the hospital and has been released. but this first suspect was shot immediately. the second suspect was shot and wounded and reached for his backpack and of course officers not knowing any idea who was in the backpack, shot him again. and he was killed. both suspects are actually still lying at the scene. the bomb squads are trying to check the vehicle to see if there's any bombs or whatever. we don't have any confirmation that there's any bombs. just to be safe, we've evacuated the area to make sure that no one gets hurt. police have done an excellent job. we've had a lot of help from our neighboring police department. >> at this point, you believe
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the two dead gunmen are in fact the only people involved in this attack? >> oh, yes. there's no indication of anyone else. that's not to say that there's not another vehicle that was parked earlier or something of that nature because we haven't had time to check that out. but that would be purely speculative. we have no other indications of anyone else being involved. >> the security guard that was injured, you said he was unarmed? >> yes, he does not carry a gun. >> i understand the organizers knew this would be controversial. they knew security would be an issue. i understand they had gone to great length to hire extra security for this event? >> well, i can't really personally speak to how much security that they hired. i've heard those reports. i know that the school district who owns the building -- where the -- where the event was located had their own extra security officers there. but the city of garland also had a number of security and swat
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teams in the area to -- to provide any additional assistance that might be needed. and turns out that they were needed. so the -- probably most of the police officers in the area that had beguguns were all garland pe officers. it is a school-owned building. at a special event center. it has a convention center component. and they do rent it to the public. so events are held there all the time. this group wanted to rent it. there was concern, which is why we had heightened security in the area. but we all swear to uphold the constitution, free speech, free assembly and this case, perhaps free religion. so they were welcome to use it -- use the building. the reports i have right now there were very few texans or
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garlandites even in attendance. most the people there were from out of state. >> that was douglas athas the garland mayor. greg abbott also issued a statement, texas officials are actively investigating to determine the cause and scope of the senseless attack in garland, texas. this is a crime scene that was quickly ended thanks to the swift assist by garland law enforcement. our thoughts and prayers remain with all those affected tonight. the event was organized by the american freedom defense initiative. it's considered an anti-muslim organization. earlier, i spoke with ben ferguson about what motivated the group to hold this event. >> they wanted people to make cartoons depicting the prophet mohammed in a negative light, send in those -- those drawings, have an art exhibit, and the
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winner was going to win thousands of dollars. and the local community did not want this event because of these security concerns. and they said we're going to have it. we're going to have it in the same building where they had a controversial speaker come that was very pro al qaeda extremism. they were speaking in this facility and they said we're going to show our freedom of speech and we will not be backed down, we will not cancel this. they even spent reportedly $10,000 of their own money on add vantsed security. this event was very controlled. you and i could not have gone without prepurchasing a ticket. that's how tight the security was. so they knew exactly who was in that building. exactly who the people were in that building. and they were having this kind of in a closed way. but the artwork was very controversial. >> no one would ever dispute the right for people to have freedom of speech, especially in this country. >> sure. >> it is a constitutional right. but are questions being asked in
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some ways were they asking for some kind of attack -- you know, not that anyone deserved it, but was there some kind of invitation for an attack? >> i asked that question to one of the people helping put this event on. i said, there's going to be people that are going to say that this is irresponsible to have something like this when you know you're going to need additional security and you know this could be a flash point. they said that is exactly what muslim ex-striemists want us to do. to cower down and not have freedom of speech. we will not allow them to do that. they believe they came in to recruit people. reare going to show that we will not cower down to this and we will stand even with those attacked in paris with "charlie hebd hebdo". we are going to stand up for freedom, we are not going to back down. we are not going to be
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controlled by extremists. >> what do we know about the group which held this event, they've been around for a while? >> yeah, they seem to have a realry new focus. that is on attacking and exposing those that they believe are basically recruiting extremists in this country and around the world. and they also say that, you know, when you call them out, like al qaeda, they are proud to put a man up on stage today that is on the most wanted kill list of al qaeda. al qaeda obviously did not want this man to live another day. when you put a most wanted list out there by al qaeda, there are extremists that are willing to sacrifice to go after these people. that's why they do this list. so they said, hey, we are going to bring these people in. they are going to have freedom of speech. you're going to hear their story about how they're being atta
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attacked. that seems to be their real focus is these type of events where they expose, i'm sure they're going to look at tonight as a perfect example of the intolerance of those that claim they are peaceful muslim really extremist in their mind. >> what about the critics, holding an event like this is like yelling fire in a movie theater? >> there's many people in the communicate that did not want this event anywhere close to their homes. this area is an area -- i'm right now probably 12 miles away from it. you have a walmart. you have a sam's club. you have grocery stores. you have houses. it's close to a school. this is a convention center for the community on a much smaller scale than a major city's convention center. so this is more of a mom and dads come together, have little events, art shows, and basketball games. this is a true community. the mass majority in that community very conservative by
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the way as well. they did not want this. and to put it into perspective for you, there was actually tea party members that were actually protesting this event. they did not want it in their area as well. >> that was ben ferguson speaking to me just a short time ago. much more on the breaking news ahead this hour. but first, anger spills over into violence in tel-aviv. ahead the complaints of the ethiopian jewish community in israel. also, the healing begins in a major u.s. city as a mandatory curfew comes to an end. we'll have an update from baltimore, maryland. i am rich. on the grounds of my estate, i hob nob with the glitterati and play equestrian sports. out on the veranda, we enjoy finger sandwiches and other assorted dainties. i wear nothing less than the finest designer footwear.
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and we continue to follow that breaking news right now. not far from dallas, texas two men opened fire outside an art exhibit. they were killed at the scene. the fbi setoff an electromagnetic pulse to destroy electronics connected to possible explosive devices inside their vehicle. the keynote speaker was a right wing dutch politician on an al
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qaeda hit list. it was held by the american freedom defense initiative which is considered anti-muslim by an organization which tracks hate groups. for the first time in nearly a week, there is no mandatory curfew in baltimore, maryland. and so this was the scene on sunday. dancing and singing in the streets. the mood has changed dramatically after six police officers were charged in the death of freddie gray. he suffered a fatal spinal injury while in police custody. nick valencia has more now on sunday's celebrations. >> reporter: over the weekend in baltimore, a much different scene as we saw a change in attitude as demonstrations turned more into celebrations. earlier on sunday, an interfaith coalition group held a rally to bring together people who wouldn't normally spend a sunday together. after that, we saw a group of
10:19 pm
600 people of all ages come here in sort of a marching band context. they wanted to put on a show for the people here who stayed after that rally. this is the first day in the city that it has not had a curfew since tuesday. at a press conference, the governor spoke about that in detail. >> we already started to withdraw the guard. we brought in 4,000 people this week to keep the city safe. we brought in a thousand extra police officers. 3,000 members of the guard and 3,000 volunteers to help clean things up. >> reporter: one of the most pertinent questions still remaining is when the national guard willfully withdraw from the city of baltimore. the governor did announce they will begin to unwind, but there has been no timetable given on when exactly they will be gone. >> we head to israel now where members of the ethiopian jewish community say they've been
10:20 pm
treated like second class citizens for years. and that anger turned into violence in tel-aviv. hundreds of demonstrators were protesting how israeli police officers treated an israeli soldier of ethiopian decent. israeli police say 57 officers were injured and 43 protestors were arrested at that demonstration. we see how the protest unfolded. >> reporter: here in tel-aviv's central square, this is the tail end of a long night and long afternoon of protests. couple of hundred people left here, a few police officers as well. this is a far cry from what it was just a short time ago here. this all started as a peaceful protest this afternoon, sunday afternoon in tel-aviv. about five or 600 protestors blocked off some of the main streets. both sides showed restraint. police and the protestors trying not to escalate it too much.
10:21 pm
over the next few hours, this changed into a violent protest here on the streets. we've seen pictures. there were windows broken on cars. police -- number of police injured. a number of arrests as well. police trying to disperse the crowd using not only tear gas but also water disperse l methods and bringing in officers on horses to break up the crowd that had gotten out of control of police. it had become unruly on the streets and that had become a concern. and this was happening night, nine, ten hours into the protest. a symbol of how much passion and how much simmering appearinger there is behind what happened here. it all start add week ago with a video that went viral that showed two police officers beating an ethiopian israeli soldier in uniform. that sparked long simmering tensions on the part of the ethiopian jewish communicate that feels like they've long been mistreated at the hands of
10:22 pm
police and authorities. that culminated tonight as that appearinger boiled over and we saw officers injured, protestors arrested, and damage and destruction on the streets of tel-aviv. cnn, tel-aviv. more on some of the factors which are stoking tensions within israel's ethiopian community. josh landers with oklahoma university. on the surface it seems there are a lot of similarities between the complaints made by ethiopian israelis and african-americans over policing, racial profiling. is it a fair comparison? >> well, the ethiopian israelis say that it's not. they don't want to be likened to the african-americans. they said it was a peaceful protest until police began to shoot water cannons and beat them. we'll see what the investigation brings. but there are of course many similarities and everybody in america and israel have been
10:23 pm
sort of i think making those paralels. >> police violence is just the tip of the iceberg. >> it is. it is. with operation solomon, the ethiopian jews began to come to israel in the 1980s and right up through the '90s. many of them are from rural yoo ethiopia. the vast majority were very slow to learn hebrew because they were older. the younger generation does, but even 50% of the younger generation don't graduate from high school. there are many socioeconomic problems. they feel that i can they're discriminated against in marriage. many rabbis have refused to marry them until they go through a symbolic convex. there have been a number of gripes right along and mistreatment as well. >> is there a positive to be taken away that the second
10:24 pm
generation now feel that israel is their home and they should rise up and take a piece of it because they belong there and it's their community? >> well, i think there is. prime minister netanyahu said he's going to meet with the leaders and the police and the soldier who was so badly beaten up and was caught on video which went viral. really being the spark that set this whole thing off. so the prime minister is clearly trying to solve this and reach out to the ethiopian community. clearly this is going to require a long dialogue. but it's going to require it to go on for years and generations as we've found in the united states. there can't just be a civil rights movement of a few years and it goes away because this is an ongoing problem. it's very deep-seeded. it's socially engrained. we've seen in the united states intermarriage with every new wave of immigrants by the third
10:25 pm
generation, there's over 50% enter marriage. that's true for jews, asians, hispanics. but for black americans, it's not true. it's been increasing but at a very slow rate. black americans have been in the united states for 400 years. this is a very difficult problem to solve here in the united states and i suspect it will be difficult to solve in israel as well. >> josh, it's always good to speak with you. thank you. >> thank you for inviting me on, john. and we'll have much more of breaking news ahead. two gunmen shot and killed after opening fire outside a free speech event in texas. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome back, everybody. wherever you are around the world, you're watching cnn newsroom. the headlines this hour. police in garland, texas have shot and killed two gunmen who opened fire outside an art exhibit featuring cartoons of the prophet mohammed. a bomb squad has been checking the suspect's car for possible explosives. a group called the american freedom defense initiative organized the event. >> a protest by israel's ethiopian jewish community turned violent sunday. they used smoke to disperse demonstrators a. video showing a uniformed israeli soldier sparked the protest. cheers in the u.s. city of baltimore, maryland after the mandatory curfew was lifted sunday and national guard is packing up chl the city has been rocked by protests and riots since freddie gray died in police custody last month.
10:30 pm
turning back to the breaking news out of garland, texas. two gunmen killed outside a free speech event. this was the scene inside that building just moments after officers shot and killed the gunmen. >> police officer's been shot. two suspects have been shot. possibly have explosives on them, okay? that's what we're worried about right now. we're going to move y'all into the auditorium in just a minute. i need everybody to remain calm and become orderly. we're going to take you further away from the front of the building. >> were the suspects muslim? >> i have no idea right now. i don't know anything else. i want y'all to be aware we're going to move you soon to get you away from the front of the building. >> the officer speaking there was with a swat team. that swat team was part of extra security brought in for the controversial event. >> reporter: law enforcement officials here in the dallas
10:31 pm
suburb of garland, texas say that the shooting erupted just about ten minutes before the mohammed art exhibit and cartoon contest was supposed to be wrapping up. it's not exactly known if the organizers of this event were the ones being targeted, but that is clearly the suspicion that law enforcement is operating under. this is an event that had been in the works for some time. it had got an great deal of publicity. there was also a great deal of law enforcement present surrounding this event. we're told in the back of the building there was a swat team on standby just in case anything violent like this was to erupt. we're told that the whole event -- or the whole shooting took place in less than about 15 seconds, that there were two men who drove up to the civic center in a dark-colored sedan. jumped out, started shooting. they were able to wound a garland independent school
10:32 pm
district officer. he has been released from the hospital. the two suspects were quickly gunned down there in the parking lot. law enforcement officials say they do not know the identities of these suspects. but obviously fbi investigators are on the scene beginning the process of trying to figure out what the motive here was. but this was an event highly controversial. the organizers describe it as a free speech event. those critics of the organizers which also include add keynote speech by a right wing dutch politician who has been on the target list of islamic groups around the world, they say this was nothing more than a anti-islam event. so a great deal of controversy surrounding all of this and what many law enforcement officials here in garland had worried about has taken place. back to you. >> our thanks to ed for the latest there. for more, let's go to our intelligence and security
10:33 pm
analyst. he is now live from newport beach in california. bob, clearly this could have ended a lot worse. having said that, is it too early to say that it all looks pretty amateur? >> it looks pretty amateurish. clearly there was a lot of security around this site. the fact that the swat squad was in place. these guys didn't have a chance getting in. i'm looking at this from the outside. a true islamic state attack would have been better organized. it would have involved ramming the building, any number of techniques they understand. right now, and this is speculation, it looks like a lone wolf attack, people reacting to the depiction of the prophet mohammed. that would be the easiest explanation. >> this is very well publicized, especially in texas there was a lot of controversy over it. we all know the issues involved with any depictions of the
10:34 pm
prophet mohammed. throw into that the keynote address by geert wilders. no one saying they deserved an attack. clearly there was an expectation that an attack was pretty much on the cards. >> i think it wasn't just his presence. i mean, he is not -- he may be on a list, but geert wilders is not that objectionable to strict muslims. he's anti-immigration, but he's nothing in the same realm as the cartoonists who depict the proph prophet. i think they were probably going after the drawings. we're going to have to wait and see. any anti-immigration exhibitions like this, they will rile people up. >> this event, as you mentioned, they were going after the depictions of the prophet mohammed, al qaeda seems to be especially obsessed with any depiction of mohammed. why is that? >> well, it's al qaeda's more public about it. you can take the muslim
10:35 pm
brotherhood or islamic state, it's just total, complete bas if he my to show his picture. it's something in the west we find almost impossible to understand. but for a strict muslim, this is crossing the line. and you have to twedefend the fh and you're obligated to. and for the jihadist, give up your life. >> in your opinion, they were pretty amateur and the swat team was there. one unarmed security guard who -- private security guard seemed to have been shot in the ankle and will make a full recovery. what would have happened in your opinion if these two guys instead of being lone wolves that we believe them to be, if they had just come back from syria or yemen and had been trained, would they be able to carry this out? would they be under surveillance? >> highly trained assaulters could have taken that building and there's not much the police
10:36 pm
could have done. they could have taken a car with a suicide bomber in it as they've been seen to do in syria and iraq. second car piles in. other attackers. an organized attack. it's very difficult to defend against these people trained in the field of battle. frankly, as we've been talking about, this is what scares u.s. law enforcement. these people that do know how to assault a site are going to come back from these wars and it's going to hit the united states in a very tragic way. >> okay. so given what's happened tonight, that there has been what certainly appears to be some kind of terror attack, we're putting all the pieces together and, you know, this is how it's shaping out, your opinion and most people seem to agree, they're amateur, still potentially deadly. but does it change the security equation from this point on in any way? >> well, the whole war on terror since 9/11 justifiably is driven
10:37 pm
by a deep anxiety and fear among americans. a lot of us have been saying, look, these guys are coming here, we're going to see violence. turned out we were right. dmiep that fear is going to run is what concerns me and overreaction. more devastating attacks and i think we'll see very dire consequences among americans. >> okay. bob, we'll leave it there. formerly with the cia. national security analyst giving us insight into what maybe lies ahead. you can find much more at the remains of what was once a village now lie the epi center of nepal's earthquake. our team went there to see the damage firsthand then felt the ground moving beneath them. >> that was a sizable tremor.
10:38 pm
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police in garland, texas have shot and killed two mep who opened fire outside an art exhibition. those images are considered blast fa mouse by muslims. the keynote speaker was a dutch politician. the contest was put on by a group considered anti-muslim by an organization that tracks hate groups. a security guard was shot in the ankle, but is expected to make a full recovery. police don't believe anyone else was involved in the shooting. ♪
10:42 pm
to nepal now where the number of those killed in last week's earthquake has past 7,200. they say that number is still expected to climb much higher. on saturday, police rescued a 101-year-old man from the rubble of his home near kathmandu. he's in a stable condition. officials don't know how he survived. his home is one of about 300,000 damaged or destroyed in the quake. nepal's finance minister says authorities still have not reached some of the flattened remotevil villages. landslides have cut off the villages making it hard to get there. we traveled to barpak and they met a young man searching for his family. >> massive boulders block the road. what would have been a life line for so many shut down. we continue on foot.
10:43 pm
throughout the surreal juxtaposition of the stunning natural beauty of the landscape here and the power of its force. uprooted, tossed trees. they were just telling us to not all go up at exactly the same time because this stairway walkway is not as stable as it used to be. >> the porters also warning of constant tremors and falling debris. we reach the top seemingly deserted. unlike other villages we've been to, there are no shelters pitched next to homes. just the haunting remains of lives forever altered or forever lost. this the grave site for three young women, a traditional necklace hangs from a stick.
10:44 pm
a sign one of them was married. a unit of troops arrives with very basic tools. an attempt to excavate the cadavers of livestock buried under the rubble. but no aid other than three tents air dropped days ago have made it here. there are few villagers around making quiktrips to wash clothes or salvage what they can. everyone else is out in the plains, she says. they feel safer there. and we soon find out why. suddenly, the entire mountain shakes the. >> that was a sizable tremor. absolutely terrifying. send people from the village still running down. i can't even imagine what the actual earthquake must have been like. >> as we uneasily move on, we see three landslides in the distance and run into many man. >> did. >> you just feel that shaking?
10:45 pm
>> yes. >> he and his brother are also trying to make their way to barpak. his aunt and family live there. >> we haven't any communication. >> with the whole family? >> yeah. >> you know nothing about the whole family? >> yeah, yeah, really. >> we arrive in what is left of barpak together. the air is filled with clanking and hammering as people take on rebuilding themselves. even here, at the earthquake's epicenter, humanitarian aid has been slow to arrive. indian army medics treat an jurisdicti injured child. the mountain side is dotted with white stones marking the graves
10:46 pm
of those who have perished. he asks people if they have news of his family. a woman says yes, a girl died there. the road leading to where his relatives lived, a cascade of debris. >> by god, they are okay. >> moments later, we find their tent. his aunt runs out and throws herself into his arms. as he tries to reassure her that at least they are alive. tears pour down his cousin's face. here the enormity of what the nation as endured evident. even on the faces of those too young to fully understand. >> if you would like to help the
10:47 pm
victims in nepal, please go on our website, we have a list of vetted organizations working there right now. that's at we're back in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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lindsey vaughn and tiger woods have announced they are parting ways. they have posted on facebook they'll cherish their time together and mention they have a busy schedule. the relationship became facebook official in march 2013. the two were spotted together last month at the master's golf tournament. vaughn was seen at the course. the avengers sequel dominated the u.s. box office this weekend. age of ultron raked in an estimated $187 million, still that came up short of the series first film and lower than what some had expected. marvel now holdings the top
10:52 pm
three box office openings in movie history. ♪ as you can tell by the music, the u.k. is just a few days away from an election. that is of now too close to call. a u.k. poll of voting intentions published supposnday shows a ti race between the conservatives and labor. there is a 3% margin of error. this is the closest election in recent history. as our senior international correspondent explains, undecided voters will likely play a crucial role. >> the battle for votes in britain is going biblical. >> these six pledges are now carved in stone. >> less than four days to the
10:53 pm
polls, opposition leader. >> i want the british people to remember these pledges, to remind us of these pledges. >> the race too close to call. and here's the prim minister campaigning at another race, a bike race. his focus, though, firmly fixed on his own finishing line, 10 downing street on thursday. >> it's no kpraj ratiexaggerati that britain will be making a choice. >> the birth of a royal baby this weekend is looking like a far simpler affair than forming a government at the end on f this week. opinion polls have the two major parties neck and neck. many people haven't made up their mind which way to vote. and no party is expected to win on outright majority. it's going to be another coaliti coalition. this sunday, talk shows, the last before election day, battle lines being drawn.
10:54 pm
coalition with cameron today setting out what it will take to continue. >> before i address anyone else's red lines, i will address mine. >> the potential, scotland's political queen, head of the scottish national party, most likely to hand her support to cameron's middle man. >> we would choose to make scotland's voice heard, but also arguing for progressive alternative. >> everything about this election is different to previous. not just scotland and the expected s&p mega victory. but the smaller part is getting a bigger voice like the green party in the u.k. independence party. so much confusion, so close to the elections, britain's cash cow getting the jitters, dipping
10:55 pm
against the dollar. just days to go, and whoever wins may be the last prime minister of a truly united kingdom. cnn, london. and before we go, a recap of the breaking news. police in garland texas shot and killed two gunmen who opened fire outside an exhibit featuring cartoons of the prophet mohammed. the keynote speaker was a dutch politician who also is on an al qaeda hit list. the contest was organized by a group considered anti-muslim by an organization which tracks hate groups. a security guard was shot in the ankle. police do not believe anyone else was involved. >> you've been watching cnn newsroom. please stay with us. natalie picking up the coverage after this very short break.
10:56 pm
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and hello, i'm natalie allen. welcome to the viewers in the united states and around the world. breaking news this hour, police in garland, texas, have? shot and killed two men who opened fire outside an art exhibit featuring cartoons muha. checking the suspect's car for possible explosives. the american freedom defense initiative organized the event, the mohamed art exhibit and cartoon contest. i want to show you what happened inside the building just moments after officers shot and killed the gunman outside. >> outside, a police officer has been shot, two suspects have been shot. possibly have explosives on them. that's what we are worried about right now. we


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