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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 4, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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kwell. charged first-degree murder expected to be ed toed to upgraded. go to washington "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. the sound of gunfire has the city of baltimore back teetering on the edge. i'm jake tapper, this is "the lead." the national lead what the fragile piece in baltimore looks like today. a single bulis sending citizens back out on to the streets and police back in riot gear. proof that baltimore remains a powder keg. also in national lead cartoonists put in the cross hairs by isis across the globe in copenhagen, in france and now in the united states. a gunfight stopping two would-be isis terrorists before they could kill americans. the world lead. it's the most covert country in the world. new information out of north korea. an nyu student locked up in the
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hermit kingdom. good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. breaking news off the top this afternoon out of baltimore. a city block turning into an active crime scene right now. police lining shoulder to shoulder with riot shields as residents are flooding the streets a flurry of police activity sparked by this scene minutes ago. you can see if you look a suspect lying on the ground there on the left side of the screen blocks away from one of the hot spots of last week's riots that burnt out cvs you may recall. police say a gun went off. already we have two conflicting narratives what happened. police and witnesses giving very different accounts. officers lining the streets trying to cordon it off, but also no doubt bracing for the amped up possibility of protests and potentially for violence. go to cnn's brian todd on the scene of this incident in baltimore. police came out moments ago try to explain what they know, what they think happened. what can you tell us?
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>> reporter: yeah, jake. just got an update from lieutenant corner russell of the baltimore police department. there was an incident near the corner of pennsylvania avenue and north avenue a short time ago. a gun did discharge. the scene is calming down now. there was according to police officers across the street here a short time ago, they have since folded and moved back up the street. and there are people milling around here. the situation has calmed down. what we can tell you is from lieutenant corner melvin russell, again, who said there was an incident near the intersection of penn and north. they observed the police observed an adult black male armed with a handgun walking. the police approached him, a short pursuit on foot according to lieutenant colonel russell. the police never discharged their weapons. this person's gun apparently went off somehow. whether they -- this went off in the course of an apprehension it's not clear but the gun did go off, did not hit anybody, no
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injuries. the suspect apprehended without being injured. the baltimore police say this suspect was not injured, he did not want to go with the ambulance, but they took him away in an ambulance out of an abundance of caution. we asked if the officers ever drew their weapons. police said they didn't have that information but do say the police never discharged their weapons and the only reason a gun went off was because it was this man's weapon that discharged inadvertent thinkly in the course of them pursuing him but this man was not injured. it's a little tense as people approach the corners and our position. again, the police which had been here a short time ago, jake add cordoned of a thus section moved off. traffic is moving fairly normally. that's what we know at this hour. >> brian todd, thank you so much. evan perez is also live in baltimore. police sources detailed their
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version of what they say happened in this incident giving an impromptu briefing minutes ago. what did they tell you? >> reporter: jake it was a very confusing situation, even for the police. what we know is that this suspect was seen this man was seen on one of these police cameras, crime cameras they call him and he was seen with a gun and that's why police officers went to try to detain him, to arrest him, and according to them according to the account we've been told by police, he tried to toss the gun when they were pursuing them and that's when the gun went off. it was a revolver. they have proof on camera, they say, of what happened. they're trying to download this video to make sure that perhaps they can reassure the public but as you can see, as brian was just describing, this is a very tense area. it's a very tense situation, and people aren't buying anything the police say. so this is the situation that
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the police are now dealing with. there is a lack of trust. so even a simple incident like this can end up being misunderstood, jake. >> right. social media out there, a lot of people sharing uninformed opinions ob what may have happened. no doubt igniting what's a combustible situation. evan perez, thank you. athena jones also live in baltimore. what are people there close to the scene telling you? were there any witnesses? >> reporter: well this is what's been difficult to find out. i can tell you, jake we came up on the scene and even from blocks ay way people were telling us the police shot a kid. when we got up closer a woman surrounded by cameras saying too many people saw the police shoot this young man. this is someone who was claiming to be an eyewitness. of course, police have a different story. we just heard evan and brian explain what the police say happened. the problem here and evan touched on this, the lack of trust. there's an incredible amount of distrust in this community of the police. we were just talking with
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several people on the street here, and they used colorful language. one said we don't believe stuff they say. meaning the police. we don't believe basically anything they say. they didn't use the word "stuff." one other called them professional liars and said the police are saying that this young man was not shot. the gun went off but he was not shot, was not injured. a police officer told us he helped put the yang man in the ambulance and there was no injuries yet the police have said they took miami away in the ambulance as precaution. folks on the street no one gets an ambulance ride for no reason. they just don't believe the story the police are telling. it is calm as brian said still shows you a lot of people around here have a lot of questions about what the police say happened. and are disinclined to believe it. >> athena jones, thank you, bring in baltimore city councilman, one pleading for peace after the protests for freddie gray turned violent a couple weekends ago. councilman scott, thank for joining us.
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police facing off with angry community members once again. how concerned are you people will react before we know all the facts of what may have happened today? >> well i'm concerned but also concerned we have members of the media being irresponsible. we know one outlet fox news outlet, said they saw it happen. when you do stuff like that irresponsible, media reports what they know, not what they think they know. the responsibility of the media to report what they know to help with these situations. we have to be concerned anytime there's a situation like this because emotions and tensions are still high in the neighborhood and throughout our city. i think we can get through it. i want to ask if the national media stays in baltimore, please, cover positive thing. just a press conference near city hall with my councilman colleague, a wrestling organization so many great things going on with young people in our town we do not have to continually show the negative about baltimore. >> members of the media, being responsible to what you said
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there, sir, police are saying no one was shot. there are witnesses who are claiming they saw police shoot a suspect as he ran away. what does it say to you we're betting such vatstly different accounts of what happened? and have you spoken with anyone who contradicts what police say happened? >> no. i've only heard from the police and know what he sop in heard in the media and we know some were not credible. you'll get 100 different stories, there's crime cameras here and hope they will show. we have to be patient, see what happens when the young man gets to the hospital, we're going to know. if there's a gun on the scene we'll know wever it was his are gun or someone else. 's pe were have to remain calm and remain patient. >> as reported earlier, police are hoping to get the camera from the street, and download images so people can see exactly what happened and not just go by
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rumor. baltimore city councilman brandon scott, thank you so much. appreciate your time. other national news in new york city a painful reminder of dangers police officers face every day on the job. we just learned hours ago after an officer who was shot sitting in an unmarked car went to the hospital, he has died from his injuries. 25-year-old brian moore, member of the new york city anti-crime unit. he and another officer fired upon while sitting in an unmarmed car saturday night when they attempted to approach a man who appeared to be hiding something in this waistband. the suspect identified at 35-year-old dimitrius blackwell, made his first court appearance yesterday. he did not enter a plea. if convicted he could face life in prison that officer did die just hours ago. our top story today -- a shooting in texas at an event featuring cartoons of the prophet muhammad. the denty of the second shooter and u.s. law ens forcement now looking into possible links to
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international terror groups. that's next. 40% of the streetlights in detroit, at one point, did not work. you had some blocks and you had major thoroughfares and corridors that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change. we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world, but unless you can finance those dreams, it doesn't happen. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done, the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. citi had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit. people can see better when they're out doing their tasks, young people are moving back in town the kids are feeling safer while they walk to school.
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. . welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. also in national news today, today police say isis sympathizers tried and failed to gun down cartoonists drawing the muslim prophet muhammad in texas. last night in a dallas suburb two men toting automatic weapons stepped out of their car and opened fire they were targeting what organizers referred to as an art exhibit featuring cartoons of the prophet muhammad call fundamental a free speech event, though others criticized the group for needlessly trying to offend muslims. sources identified nadir soofi as the second gunman. officials told cnnerrer elton
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simpson from phoenix was the other shooter. cnn justice correspondent pamela brown is live in garland, texas. law enforcement had one of the gunman on their radar dating back to 2006? >> reporter: that's right. we know one of them, elton simpson, was on the fbi radar, an open investigation on him, but sources tell me there was no indication that simpson and his roommate nadir soofi, were planning this attack even though hours before they arrived in the black car behind me one sent an ominous text. investigator researched the arizona home of elton simpson and nadir soofi today, looking for clues that led to sunday's foiled attack. ♪ god bless neshgamerica ♪ >> reporter: it occurred at a controversial art exhibit showing cartoons of the prophet muhammad. >> obviously they were there to shoot people. >> walking out and the officer
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blowing a whistle telling people to get down. >> reporter: police say the two men pulled up in a dark colored sedan. a police officer and a security guard stationed there had gotten out of their police vehicle. the attackers jumped out of their car wearing bullet-proof vests and started shooting from assault rifles. the police officer shot back killing both suspects. >> under the fire he was put under, he did a very good job. and probably saved lives. >> this is going to take a while. >> reporter: security moved the 200 people attending the controversial event to a secure location. none of the attendees were hurt. simpson is believed to have sent this tweet just hours before the attack with the #texasattack. he also linked himself to a known british born isis fighter later tweeting out details of the attack. simpson wassen focus of an fbi terror organization for several years, and 2011 he was found guilty for lying about plans to travel to somalia to engage in violent jihad.
1:17 pm
and we learned from a law enforcement officially recently the fbi reopened an investigation into simpson but it's unclear the extent of what was being monitored. less is known about his roommate nadir soofi. law enforcement was concerned about this controversial event. a few days ago the fbi and dhs sent out a warning across the country about potential threats related to this event. >> pamela brown, thank you so much. pamela geller is the organizer of last night's event and founder of the men freedom defense initiative and she's here now. thanks for joining us. we're glad you're okay after last night's events. have you spoken with the officer who was shot? >> no but i made inquiries after him and to send my deepest sympathies to his family. he has been released and i -- thank god he's alive, and he's a hero. when you consider opening fire
1:18 pm
on a very well coordinated attack, jake, it was done exactly after the event was over. so people would be funneling out in a small area and if you opened fire on close to 300 people, imagine the carnage. so kudos to the garland police. they were superb and, of course we had to come with our own priority security team because that's now the price of freedom of speech in the united states in 2015. >> i want to get to the event in a second but i do want to ask about security. a source tells me that a joint intelligence bulletin titled "mohammed art exhibit and contest in texas on 3 may likely to prompt extremist reaction abroad violence less likely at home." the namt ofe of the beautulletin and saying you carry a risk because of the recent attack at "charlie hebdo." have you been in touch with law enforcement at all about the
1:19 pm
risks in holding this event? >> well i have been in touch with law enforcement, as i'm sure you know any of us that engage in this work in defense of freedom of speech get death threats on a regular basis. so yes, i had been in touch with them but, no i had not been made aware of that bulletin and clearly it's not the "charlie hebdo" attack. these attacks on free speech now are ever since 2001, and prior. and this event we had you know the reporter on the story, pamela brown, couldn't identify it without saying controversial, and controversial, and controversial, and controversial. free speech is controversial. i don't think so. shooting people for free speech is controversial. this was -- well, no. i'm sorry. >> shooting people is horrific controversial has to do with words, and i would say like shooting people is potentially murder and much worse than
1:20 pm
kroenchts i controversial. i understand that. >> nothing justifies the attack. the violent attack. there is no justification, but i do want to ask you about your reasons for holding the event, if you'll permit me. >> of course. >> "charlie hebdo" ran its magazine in the name of satire and criticism and the magazine continues to attack every religion every political party all shorts of leaders. what was the purpose of holding an event that specifically focused on drawing the prophet muhammad? >> well, that's where the war on free speech is coming from and it's interesting to me how you describe this french weekly. when i was a kid there was a magazine called "mad magazine" that lampooned everybody and it was funny, and nobody took it so deadly seriously. that's where we are and i think it's wrong. why this event there? because, in the wake of the "charlie hebdo" slaughter, muslim leaders held a stand with the prophet conference supportsing the sharia restrictions on free speech
1:21 pm
against free speech and they weren't even buried yet. okay? but you asked me a question i just want to answer you fair, completely. so we held a an event in defense of free speech. the objective was, first, to show depictions of mohamed over the past 400 years where they didn't slaughter people for drawing them in pieces of artwork. we know this is being used by islamic supremacists who seek to impose the sharia restrictions on free speech in the west, and it's working. it's working, because the media won't run cartoons. if the media had run the cartoons in 2005 if all the media had, there would never have been this power given to it. now, anyone that runs car toorntoons is targeted. if all the media ran it you couldn't kill everybody. >> that's a separate issue, but i want to ask a question about the specific event. this morning, when you talked to allison on "new day" you made
1:22 pm
sure to distinguish between peaceful muslims and those pro-jihad. you have nothing against those that are peaceful. who was offended? pro-jihad or maybe you offended some of the peaceful muslims you referred to? >> if i oh pendeh offended some of the muslims, that's about living in a country with free speech. it's the first amendment protecting all speech and most of all political speech. who would decide what's good and forbidden? the islamic state? these two gunmen? remember these were -- this con test was for political cartoons. mohamed cartoons. yeah. political cartoons cartoons are political critique, and with political islam, which is imposing restrictions on free speech we are lampooning it and what's interesting is the winner of the contest is a former muslim.
1:23 pm
bosh foreston. we should be able to have this conversation. we can't have an event discussing or showing mohammed tar toons or a mohammed play? this is america. this is not saudi arabia. >> i'm not questioning your right to hold the event. i think there might be some questioning the wisdom of it, but i understand what you're saying. pamela geller thank you so much for coming here with us. appreciate it. coming up next we just smoke to the imam at the mosque that both of the gunmen would be terrorists attended. did he see any signs they could have been planning this attack? that's next. across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. and the needle is thin.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. more on our national lead. police in texas last night stopping two men from carrying out a terrorist attack. now today police in phoenix are combing through the apartment of the two dead gunmen, who shared the apartment. the shooters were shot and killed before they could murder any of the attendees of a controversial event where invitees completed to draw pictures of the mud lim prophet muhammad. live in phoenix, speaking a
1:28 pm
moent ago from the imam the mosque attended by both gunmen. take a listen. >> two members that they didn't show any signs of radicalization or any signs of even thinking about those things in that manner. so when that happens it just shocks you. you know? how good did you know these people? that's the question people ask themselves. >> joining us now what else did he have to tell you? >> reporter: you can hear how confused he sounds in that tape, because he says he didn't know. he knew edlton simpson in ten years. the president of the mosque saw this man worshipping regularly and saw no sorts of violence and the other man, soofi, nadir soofi, had a pizza shop.
1:29 pm
it's not the profile, he didn't see it coming. that's the story we're getting from a lot of people here in the apartment complex. the two men lived in that -- you see that balcony over my right shoulder where the two men lived. a lot of the people in the community saw the men and saw them working on that cobalt vehicle. the same vehicle, at least matching the same description of the vehicle used in the texas shooting. so a lot of people saw that vehicle. there was even one neighbor i spoke with who said she tried to buy that vehicle, but a lot of the people here said that they did not see that outward sign of radicalization. it just didn't raise any red flags here. >> from phoenix, arizona. thank you. bring in former fbi counterterrorism expert tim clemente. thanks for being here. what's your preliminary assessment of the attack last night? >> looking at the tweet sent out prior to the attack tells us a lot about the attackers. basically it was an oath of feelty to al baghdadi head of isis, we are your followers.
1:30 pm
the last line make dua is asking the believers to pray for them in whatever act they're about to do. so this forces isis to now do some kind of formal response, because isis has to own them. >> do you think these are entirely self-radicalized individuals that may not have even had contact with isis? >> they may not have been in formal contact, may have had e-mail communications or read communications from isis but i don't think directed by isis. applying for membership into isis and doing this act, sent out the tweet in advance, a possibility they won't make it out of this they can't give recognition what they were trying to do after the fact. doing it in advance. let isis know we're doing this because amir the head of al ba daddie head of isis is who they're pledging loyalty to and want to make sure that's known. >> talk about the fact the fbi knew about one of these individuals, had launch add four-year sting into elton simpson.
1:31 pm
how do you lose track of someone like this? he had been convicted of lying to the fbi. put that in context for us. does that happen a lot? >> all he was kwishgted of. convicted of. lying to the fbi. because they don't have real proof of the terror connection what the fbi was going after, it's hard to justify continuingly looking at somebody. i can't keep going through your underwear drawer when i've been told sorry, you don't have proof of that now. so what he was convicted of lying to the fbi, that ends with that conviction. it's over. i can no longer continue if he was convicted of supporting a terrorist organization trying to fight with a terrorist organization providing material to support a terrorist organization then we could continue to look at him, because there's justification there. >> tim clapemente thanks. and a choir singing eminem other a cameo from hillary clinton.
1:32 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. you think there aren't enough republicans running for president? okay. two more. carly fiorina and neurosurgeon dr. ben carson officially announcing today they are indeed running for president. with former arkansas governor mike huckabee you might recall ron the republican caucuses in 2008 expected to declare his candidacy tomorrow. and dana bash joins us live with the latest developments. do republican officials think that either fiorina or carson could actually gain traction? >> in the short tomorrow, probably not. fastencinate fascinating, you talked about six. of the six, two hispanics, one
1:37 pm
black candidate and one woman. a far cry from what you're used to seeing during republican presidential debates. a gop stage almost entirely of white men. a black choir in detroit singing the songs of rapper eminem. ♪ not exactly what comes to mind when you think republican presidential announcement, but that's exactly what it was. >> i'm ben carson and i'm a candidate for president of the united states. >> reporter: in a more subdued, hardly subtle online video, carly fiorina became the only woman in the 20916 gop field by taking direct aim at the woman on the democratic side. >> our founders never intended to us have a professional political class. >> reporter: a pair of presidential's campaign kickoffs notable not because they're front-runners but because they're even running at all. neither has ever been elected to public office. ben carson a son of a single mother with a third grade education, who became a world
1:38 pm
renowned pediatric neurosurgeon. >> i have a lot of experience in solving problems. complex surgical problems never done by anybody before. >> reporter: carson was largely apolitical until a highly political speech just two years ago at the national prayer breakfast criticizing obamacare. >> we spent a lot of money on health care twice as much per capita as anybody else in the world, and yet not very efficient. >> reporter: that catapulted carson into republican superstardom but the staunch conservative also became notorious for controversial remarks, argues homosexuality is a choice. >> a lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight and when they come out they're gay. >> reporter: he later apologized today owned his gaffes. >> i'm probably never going to be politically correct. because i'm not a politician. >> thank you, carly, for being here. >> reporter: carly fiorina's only political experience advising presidential candidate john mckanchts government does not create jobs. >> reporter: running
1:39 pm
unsuccessfully for senate in california in 2010. she has an american dream story too. a secretary who rose so far in corporate america she became the first female ceo of a fortune 100 company, hewlett-packard. biggest applause line for conservatives, nominate her and take the first female president thing off the table for hillary clinton. >> like hillary clinton, i, too, have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe, but unlike mrs. clinton, i know that flying is an activity, not an accomplishment. ♪ >> reporter: being a former corporate executive comes with baggage. she lead off tens of thousands of workers, when forced out, left with more than $20 million in severance. at this point neither is registering much in the polls what will be a very prouded republican field, both in single digits, barely. long-shot candidates are often impactful in ways we don't
1:40 pm
expect, primarily because they don't have a lot to lose. >> and should note dr. carson the mother sonya, you mentioned in the piece, is very ill. our thoughts and prayers go out -- >> he's not going on the campaign trail, going to texas to be with her. >> best of luck to her and thoughts and prayers with them. a deeper dive into the white house race. cnn political common dater, donna braz zimile joins us and also bill what do you make of either fiorina or carson? like them both? >> like them both add a lot to the race. >> what will they add to the race? >> ben carson actually is a leading neurosurgeon in the country, knows a lot about health care impressive life story, he can reflect on. carly fiorina, ceo of a major company, articulate spokeswoman for conservative views. good we have -- democrats should have conversety. a bunch of people between 65 and -- >> a lot of diversity.
1:41 pm
>> white people between 65 and 70 a problem for the democratic party. >> donna, in carly's spot trying to position herself as the anti-hillary and in fact recently told and interviewer she can take on the former secretary of state clinton because, i am a woman. there are many things she can't say. she can't play the gender card can't talk about being the first woman's president, can't talk about the war on women. do you agree? does she offer that as a as a quality that the others don't? >> but you know on the other, the flip side carly fiorina cannot talk about many of the issues hillary clinton can talk about in terms of foreign policy, and in terms of the economy. she can't talk about the role that she played in helping new york city recover after that horrific attack on 9/11. so i don't think this is about woman on woman, that this is much larger than that but clearly what hillary clinton can talk about is the future. she can talk about the economy. and i hope carly fiorina will
1:42 pm
also talk about those issues. >> bill, ben carson, very, very religious. and this is a big part of his pitch and when he talks to people his relationship with jesus, and how important god is is that his base? that -- i mean i know he holds those views sincerely, but are those he's base voters? conservative christians? >> no one can say he's a know-no, knows nothing about science. one of the lead are neurosurgeons in the world. run as department in johns hopkins. i'm happy to have him in the race and good donna's defending hillary. >> of course i'll defend her every day and bernie sanders and a number of other democrats if they decide to toss their hatd in the ring. you know what i like about dr. carson clearly, i will not be supporting him, but i've met him on one or two occasions. he's very passionate not just about faith, also about community, and i hope he gets an opportunity to talk about these issues in the republican primary, because republicans
1:43 pm
need this conversation. not just on faith, many preachers in that con grap gatien i mean those who know the bible, but not many republican candidates who can actually talk about what's going on in communities like baltimore and i think dr. carson will be a much needed voice for that. >> he has an amazing life story. turn to determines on the other side of the aisle. questions about hillary clinton and the clinton foundation kornted today. continued today. listen to what former president bill clinton had to say ap accepting donations while his wife was secretary of state. >> i don't think there's anything sinister in trying to get wealthy people in countries that are seriously involved in developments to spend their money wisely in a way that helps poor people and lifts them up. i don't think there's anything bad with that. i think it's good. >> i think it's good. donna, this controversy, though doesn't seem to be going away. >> well hopefully there's no controversy about helping poor people allowing wealthy people
1:44 pm
to give back to society, and give back on a global scale. that is what the clinton foundation is about. president clinton has chosen to use his celebrity and power to empower others to give back and to reach to those who don't have resources. so i support the foundation. i'm one of those $100 donors. but i support what they're doing, because he's reaching to places that others have forgotten. >> bill you're shaking your head? >> the foundation is a big problem. there's huge conflicts of interest and reasons other secretaries of state have not set up foundations where their husband and daughters are returning. those businesses at least, pending before the state department. i am struck my colleague put it this way. the hillary clinton campaign is like a movie you pay good money to attend. third of the way through and realize, ah, this is a bad movie. you sort of pay the money, hate to leave. you say, i'll stay a little longer.
1:45 pm
stay another third of the movie and then gets too late to leave and they are stuck. one-third of the way through this bad movie are and it's getting worse, and will anyone and where is elizabeth warren to save us from hillary clinton? that's what i ask you, donna. >> republicans trying to find juice and drippings from a book where there is no gravy. make fire where there is no smoke. so we don't have the controversy that you guys love. >> juice and drippings and fire. bill crystal, donna brazile, thank you very much. coming up a new york university student held in north korea. our own cnn correspondent is inside the country digging to learn details about his detention, and no need to hack pay per view. instead thousands saw the mayweather pacquiao fight for free thanks to now live streams apps. will they be punished? that's ahead. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked.
1:46 pm
made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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today's world lead. shocking news about a student from new york university, apparently currently in the custody of the north korean government. north korea says it arrested
1:50 pm
joon won moon when he crossed into the country. originally in south korea. nyu says joo was not on campus this semester and did not know about his travel. cnn found out about the arrest after interviewing two other detainees. will ripley has more from inside north korea. >> reporter: just after landing here in pyongyang the north korea government officials we're working with flagged us to the detainment of a south korean citizen who's a permanent resident of the united states. won joo moon. we've requested to speak with this man. we don't believe he's had contact with his family although nyu reached out to the south korean embassy to try to get more information. we're working our sources on the ground as well. we were given access exclusive access to two other south korean citizens accused by the north korean government of being spies.
1:51 pm
>> will ripley with cnn. tension fills the room in this north korean hotel. his fate could hang on every word he says i. wasn't tortured or interrogated describes his arrest on charges for spying for south korea. i had to gather information, he said, because i was told to do so. the former missionary made a full confession claiming he made half a million dollars working for south korea's nis, the national intelligence service. the north korean government is giving cnn exclusive access to kim and another accused south korean spy. i worked as a spy for the south korean government for about three years, he says. the stories of these south korean citizens are strikingly similar. accounts cnn cannot verify. they say they were recruited in northern china close to the border one of the rare place where is north and south koreans
1:52 pm
live and sometimes do business together. both men insist they're being treated humanely. nothing like the united nations recent report on human rights claiming north korea prisoners are often beaten, tortured, executed. spies are not. both men must face the hard truth. they may never go home again. right now these two men are not being kept in prison cells. they're being kept in what are described as small housing units under guard but allowed to go outside during the day. allowed to read newspapers and watch television. we don't know if those are the same conditions of the 21-year-old nyu student but we'll continue to gather as much information as we can here in pyongyang. will ripley cnn, pyongyang, north korea. when we come back, it's against the law. dozens did it anyway. which men thousands were able to see the big mayweather/pacquiao fight for free. what's going to happen to the people who streamed the fight live? are they going to jail? that's next.
1:53 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." the money lead now. a new fight sparked by this weekend's hyped up arguably lackluster boxing match between floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao. sure hbo and showtime made gobs of cash as mayweather dodged and ducked and celebrities made grand entrances but the companies could not stop thousands, maybe even millions of people from watching the fight on illegal live streams. even "saturday night live" made its own pirated version as it competed for airtime saturday night. >> because this is a pirated broadcast of the fight some visuals may appear distorted. for example, floyd mayweather
1:58 pm
may appear slightly taller and manny pacquiao may appear to about white woman. >> instead of coughing up $100 for pay per view many watched on mobile apps meerkat or periscope free of charge, also illegal. bring in cnn's tech correspondent. twitter owns periscope and made no apologies for the live streams. >> right. you would think people wouldn't have such a great experience putting a camera to a television and broadcasting it to the world. that's how lots of people watch and take aing who the a look at this tweet, ceo of twitter. you think he would apologize, embarrassed people are using his platform to pirate, and this is what he said. and the winner is -- no mayweather no pacquiao periscope. after that seemed twitter and parascope walked it back a bit. only a few dozen broadcasts of this. we took bout 30 of the 66 because half had already stopped. we took them down. remember jake one person broad
1:59 pm
casts on periscope and thousands of people can watch. >> right. new estimates, of course show mayweather likely made around $180 million for the 36-minute fight. pacquiao about $100 million. hbo and showtime, about $400 million. would prosecuting people who live streamed the fight, would that even be worth the payoff? >> let's say jake tapper was in his living room doing this. if they go after one person at a imtoo, it costs tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. end of the day, companies going after napster or youtube, they tend not to go after the individual they tend to go after the platforms. work with the platforms like they have with youtube and created ways to bring this content down. i don't think if you did it you have much to worry about, if history is any indicator. it looks like twitter will have to work closely with the more traditional media. all the new together. >> for the record, i did not do that. follow me on twitter twitter @jaketapper. and ld lds cnn.
2:00 pm
"the lead" cnn. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper turning you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." wolf? happening now -- new tension in baltimore. confusion in the streets as a suspect is arrested and a gun goes off. police troush explain what happened. just a day after a curfew is lifted can they keep a lid on the situation? impossible case? six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. many people now asking if the prosecutor can get convictions. will the experts -- why the experts say this is going to be a very tough case. texas terror attack. two heavily armed gunmen, one pledged loyalty to isis. storm an event focused on the muslim prophet muhammad. both assailants shot dead. are others out there. and north korean threat. a cnn exclusive. we'll take you to the dangerous frontier between north and south korea as the