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tv   Wolf  CNN  May 5, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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queens and he succumbed to those injuries. he was shot in the face. he died yesterday. flags will remain at half staff until after moore's funeral. authorities have asked charges against the shooter be upgraded to first-degree murder. thanks for watching everyone. we'll have more on the terrorist attack later throughout the -- throughout cnn's coverage in the day. wolf starts right now. hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington 6:00 p.m. in london 8:00 p.m. in damascus wherever you're watching around the world thanks very much for joining us. we start with an isis claim, they're claiming responsibility for the terror attack in texas. the terror group referring to their so-called soldiers as carrying out that failed attack on an event featuring cartoons of the prophet mohammed. we're also learning more details about the shooters themselves from their home in phoenix, arizona. joining us now from beirut is
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our senior international correspondent nick paton walsh and from phoenix is key yong law. isis taking responsibility but what do we know about the terror group's role in this attack in texas? >> at this stage, very little and there is scant detail offered in the statement that they put out on their official radio station, thought to broadcast out of northern iraq. they said as you mentioned that they're soldiers of the caliphate in northern iraq they've self-declared as ans islamic state, those soldiers as we know from reading media reports were engaged in an exchange of fire in which a security guard was injured. none of the detail or suggestion of foreknowledge you might expect in a claim of responsibility and what this sounds like is a bid by whoever wrote that announcement to launch themselves on to that attack. what's going to be key to investigators is working out whether or not there was prior
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communication between isis leaders in northern iraq or syria and those two gunmen in garland, texas. the statement doesn't suggest that maybe because they don't want to reveal those or because there simply isn't ahead. ahead of the attack elton simpson tweeted a request for a pledge of allegiance towards a man he referred to as the leader of the faithful the isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi but afterwards we heard from isis. it is a confusing picture and one chilling which ever way you look at it. if there was a chain of command from isis leadership to the two men that suggests attempts to target the u.s. homeland. if not talking chillingly about lone wolves inspired by the ideology on-line carrying out attacks before, in fact, their allegiance to isis has been accepted by that group. pretty troubling. wolf? >> there was no video of these two gunmen often as you know nick there's video that these guys going into some sort of suicide attack they prepare in
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advance and make a statementing that i they're ready for martyrdom but as far as we know now there's no individual of them declaring their intention? >> not at this stage. it could still emerge. recall the paris attacks and the gunman at the kosher grocery store coulibaly was clear to leave a video behind him which made certainly obvious his desire to be associated with isis but it's that key important point, was there genuine logistical assistance or command from isis leadership. not the same as a lower level on twitter exchanges a a few messages. for this to be a directed isis attack on the u.s. you need clear signals and pretty clear things to be there and at this stage we're lacking even in photography or explicit notions that much of the isis association was significantly preplanned even by those two gunmen. >> nick stand by. i want to go to kyon who's been
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doing serious reporting on the gunmen in phoenix. what do we know about the two guys? >> we know they lived in the apartment complex, wolf about a year according to the neighbors and not a lot of people had direct contact with them at least to the point of intimacy where they went into the apartment where they knew much about their inner workings but they didn't appear to be any major red flags. we are learning the background, though of both of these gunmen. elton simpson grew up here in phoenix and we seen yearbook photos of him and by all indications looks like he had a fairly typical american upbringing. he was the captain of his high school basketball team. he was quite a good athlete. somehow he decided to convert to islam in high school. that's where the details then become a little scant. we know that he did attend the mosque here just a short distance from where i am for the last ten years or so but again the mosque says he didn't show outward signs of radicalism.
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as far as the other gunmen nadir soofi he spent his formative years in pakistan. we do know from a source who is familiar with the family background that his family divorced his parents divorced and he moved back to the united states with his american mother and he grew up. people here who know him say he owned a pizza shop. he had a son. we understand that son is quite young. about 8 to 10 years old. and that he also didn't show any outward displays of radicalism. his grandmother, wolf did talk to a cnn affiliate kprc in texas and she says that she does not believe her grandson was the instigator of this attack. >> all right. kyung lah reporting for us nick paton walsh reporting. inspiration but no command and control seems to be the isis link to the texas attack. for more on what's going on i'm joined by kimberly dozer our
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global affairs analyst and contributing writer for "the daily beast." do we believe this was a specific order by isis or these two guys were inspired by isis? >> there's no evidence yet of a specific order but what isis could be doing right now is creating a new model. go out, carry out an attack small or large and we will claim you as our own afterwards and get all that reflected fame. i find that almost more troubling than finding that they had, you know, clear messages that they were going to carry this out. >> because these two guys showed up with body armor, bulletproof vests, assault rifles but one off-duty police officer managed to kill both of them an got slightly injured. it was not a successful mission on the part of isis if, in fact, this was an isis operation. why would they be bragging about it? >> not successful in terms of taking lives but successful in terms of getting our attention and why u.s. counterterrorism officials current and former
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said expect more of this. the director of the national counterterrorism center matt olson who retired last year said he expects to see more not mumbai style attacks where you have hundreds killed in several buildings but ones and twos small arms fire. in terms of the equipment these guys had, you know i went on-line and i found you can get bulletproof vests on amazon and craigslist. it's just not hard to get the tools you need to create violence. >> and in this particular case, nadir soofi did spend a few years ins islamabad and pakistan. but he nor elton simpson never spent time in iraq or syria getting training with isis. >> you don't fesly have to spend time overseas but the counterterrorism officials are seeing greater numbers, new figures i got from the director of national intelligence they're up to 22,500 estimated foreign fighters in syria, about 180 of
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those in iraq and syria are thought to be american citizens at least 40 have come back the fbi is trying to track all of those, but they know they can't track down every single one. >> 40 doesn't seem like a huge number they could easily be monitoring 40 americans who may have received training in iraq and syria, right? >> 40 is not a huge number but one of the things they look for is social media, things like these tweets the more popular isis becomes through attacks like this the more you've got this kind of social electronic footprint to comb through, to try to figure out who's real who's a threat and just expressing their constitutionally protected right to support this group. >> i assume the fbi is doing a postmortem on elton simpson, on their watch list convicted of terror related incident even though he only got three years probation, never served time in jail. they're looking to see what they may have messed also nadir
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soofi his roommate. >> what that does is raises the amount of people the they have to keep an eye on. does that mean everyone they've ever looked at for the slightest crime related to militancy is about to attack? that's a lot of resources to devote to the problem. >> kimberly dozer, thank you very much. coming up the governor of texas orders his state guard to be on alert in response to rumors that's what they are, rumors the u.s. military may be trying to take over parts of the southwest. digging deeper into this bizarre story. and later on a 21-year-old american resident held in nouk gives his first tv interview to cnn. hear why he says he decided to cross into north korea illegally. vo: today's the day. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®. vo: levemir® is an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours.
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the governor of texas is giving an unusual order to the commander of the state guard. governor greg abbott wants them to keep an eye on the u.s. military as it carries out a large training exercise. the exercise takes place in seven states and led to rumors on the internet and elsewhere that u.s. special operations forces are trying to take over parts of the southwest. barbara starr is joining us now. this is a very, very bizarre story. what's going on? why are texans apparently worried about an operation, a special operations exercise that happens every year? >> it's a good question wolf. here what's happened. it's about 1200 u.s. troops mainly green berets navy s.e.a.l.s. air force will exercise for eight weeks, a war game over the summer in very remote areas of these states including texas, public and private land with the
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permission of land owners. but the internet went on fire about this as websites said the they suspected the u.s. military was trying to do everything from invade texas to stage a takeover and even a map was published showing texas as a red state hostile territory in the war game. that led governor greg abbott of texas a republican to order out his state militia, something under his control. he said originally that, you know he wanted to make sure there was good information flow between the u.s. military and his state militia but his letter let me tell you, it also says this ta he wants his state militia to, quote, ensure constitutional rights private property rights and civil liberties will not be infringed. not infringed by u.s. special operations forces on one of these training exercises. it's caused a lot of kerfuffle,
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everywhere from texas to the hallways of the pentagon. u.s. military people saying they have absolutely no intention of invading texas or taking away anybody's rights. >> or occupying texas or anything. they do this exercise all the time don't they? >> yeah wolf. special operations forces do these types of exercises quite often. let it be said that this is one of the largest, if not the largest they've ever done. but what they need to do to train in the united states is find a large remote areas that resummable the overseas areas they're most likely to go to. the middle east africa that sort of thing. a lot of the exercises actually is going to take place on u.s. military bases in the southwest, but in texas, they've been talking to land owners and only with their per mission, asking if they can train on their land. it's getting attention because some of it they may not be in
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uniform, they may be carrying weapons with blank ammunition traveling in private vehicles but the pentagon insists there will be monitors with them at all times, there is no risk to the public that all of this is being done with everyone's permission but right now, you see people weighing in all over the country, senator ted cruz saying he knows he understands why texans are concerned, chuck norris weighing in and even on the other side of the equation jon stewart weighing in on his tv show. >> very, very bizarre indeed. we invited by the way the governor greg abbott to appear with us. so far we don't have a final answer but hopefully he'll come on the show to explain his concerns about this u.s. military special operations exercise. barbara, thanks very much. america's top law enforcement official is on the ground in baltimore and not only seeing the aftermath of protests and looting firsthand but sitting down with a family whose lives have been ripped apart by this tragedy. we will go live to baltimore
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when we come back.
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president obama says the recent problems in baltimore an other u.s. cities are not just policing problems he said they are the result of a lack of opportunity, especially for young african-american males. on the late show with david letterman the president spoke about the issues affecting what he called pockets of poverty across the united states. >> part of the message i'm trying to deliver is look you've got a crises in these communities that's been going on for years where too many young people don't have hope they don't see opportunity, there aren't enough jobs.
10:21 am
how can we send a message to young people of color and minorities particularly young men, saying your lives do matter we care about you, but we will invest in you before you have robs with the police before there's the kind of crisis we see in baltimore. >> the attorney general of the united states loretta lynch is there right now. and just a while ago she met with the family of freddie gray the man whose death in police -- baltimore and working to get baltimore back on track. >> watching people come together and be determined as the city of baltimore has been to reclaim the city rebuild the city and make it the great city it has always been has been inspired for me. so let me say first of all, thank you, for letting me be a
10:22 am
part of that. >> our correspondent athena jones is in baltimore for us. what are the goals of loretta lynch's visit to baltimore? what do we know about her meeting with freddie gray's family as well? >> hi wolf. we know that that meeting with freddie gray's family was behind closed doors. we weren't allowed inside with cameras. we know she also met with the gray's family attorneys. she met with members of congress, with faith leaders and with about 10 law school students at the university of baltimore. you heard part of the message she delivered, but this is really about the ongoing conversation this administration has been having about how to improve police/community relations. she may be meeting now with the police commissioner and other police department officials to talk about that. this is something that we've heard the president focus on yesterday included and also something we know that attorney general lynch was going to be focused on even before the death of freddie gray and the events
10:23 am
of last week so today we know that the department of justice has opened their investigation into whether gray's civil rights were violated. we don't expect today to hear any answers coming out of that investigation. this is really about continuing to listen to the community, hear from the community and talk about ways to move forward improving police community relations and combatting the distrust that exists. >> things have called down in baltimore. the curfew has been lifted maryland national guard troops are packing up and leaving baltimore right now. the situation remains tense as we saw yesterday afternoon during an incident there. tell us about that. >> that's right. the incident didn't last long but a lot of confusion on the streets put it that way, at one of the key intersections central in the unrest a week ago. there was an incident where police were trying to arrest a man for a gun violation. the gun fell and went off. and there were a lot of people on the street who believed that they had seen that man be shot in the back by police.
10:24 am
in the end, the police said no one was shot. the young man was not at all injured. and was transported in an ambulance just as a precaution. the problem on the street was that a lot of folks were telling us we don't believe the police don't believe anything they have to say, we live in this community you shouldn't believe them. even though yes, it has called down a bit, a lot more activity everywhere you look cars on the street we're not seeing -- we haven't seen today any national guard troops because so many of them pulled out yesterday and are continuing to pull out. but the bottom line is there's still going to be, there still is the distrust between many members of the minority community here and the police department and that's the kind of thing that the administration along with loretta lynch and president obama they're trying to find ways to combat that with various recommendations including from the president's 21st century task force on policing. so this is why there's going to be an ongoing conversation ongoing work to be done here, wolf? >> as you know the justice department the u.s. federal justice department conducting its own investigation into the death of freddie gray.
10:25 am
what's the focus of the federal investigation? is it a civil rights investigation? what do we know about this? >> well that's really the question is whether freddie gray's civil rights were violated in the arrest. the state's attorney said he shouldn't have been arrested in the first place. this is something that's going to take some time. i understand we understand from my colleague evan perez what their -- how far they've come so far. they're going to be reviewing the investigation that's still going on with the state's attorney they're going to be reviewing the police investigation that is also we understand still going on. wes also believe the fbi has had a lot of access to some of the interviews with witnesses that those other two investigations were conducted. so there's going to be a lot of reviewing going on. it's going to take some time. we know these cases when it comes to civil rights violations have a high bar. it's hard to tell how it's going to turn out in the end but we know that it's not going to be an answer we get very soon. still, attorney general lynch is assurings the folks here that
10:26 am
they are conducting that investigation and are going to keep people up to date. wolf? >> thanks very much. athena jones reporting from baltimore. a student from new york university nyu is being held prisoner in north korea right now during an interview with will ripley in pyongyang, the student reveals the reason he ended up in north korea. stand by for a cnn exclusive.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and are around the world i'm wolf blitzer reporting from %-pwashington. let's get to our top story right now, isis has claimed responsibility for the attack in texas, targeting a prophet mohammed cartoon contest. while isis may have been the inspiration for the two shooters there's no evidence that the terror group had any command or control in the incident we're learning more information. moments ago, we heard this from the white house press secretary josh earnest. >> at this point this is still under investigation by the fbi and other members of the intelligence community. to determine any ties or yaplations that these two individuals may have had with isil or other organizations around the world. it's too early to say at tis point. the thing we can say definitively is that because of the quick and professional and brave work of local law
10:31 am
enforcement officers and attempt attempted terrorist attack was foiled. >> the white house calling it an attempted terrorist act. turning overseas right now today we're hearing for the first time from a new york university student detained by north korea. won-moon joo is being held for deliberately illegally crossing into the country. he said he wanted to be arrested and hopes his actions will improve tensions between north and south korea. will ripley has this exclusive interview from pyongyang. >> reporter: wolf we first learned about this young man's detainment hours after we arrived here in pyongyang and we requested to interview him. that request was granted earlier today. and the whole case just got more bizarre once we talked to him. 21-year-old won-moon joo says had he was attending nyu but decided to take a road trip from new jersey to california to look
10:32 am
for work but when he couldn't find a job he had another idea that was to cross from california to china and then to hike across the north korean border across through two barb wire fences follow a large river and turn himself in to north korea soldiers. he says he wanted to be arrested. >> well i thought that by my entrance illegally, i acknowledge, i thought that some great event could happen and hopefully that event could have a good effect in the relations between the north and south. i hope that i will be be able to tell the world how an ordinary college student entered the dprk illegally but with the generous treatment of the d prk that i will be able to return home safely. >> he says he's being treated humanely, his own room bathroom three square meals a day but doesn't have access to a
10:33 am
telephone. this interview was his first opportunity to let his friends and family know he's okay and also possibly send a message to the one government agencies that may be able to help secure his release. see, joo is a permanent resident of the united states. his family lives there. but he remains a south korean citizen. it's up to that country to figure out how to get this young man home. as you know it's a complex situation, north and south korea remain technically at war. they have a heavily fortified border and no diplomatic ties. but now, if south korea is unable to intervene this 21-year-old who has been living in the united states since 2001 is in the very real danger of ending up in a north koreaen prison. >> will ripley reporting from pyongyang, north korea. not every day we have a reporter on the scene in north korea. a lot more today on "the situation room." cnn cannot verify if north korean officials told the nyu
10:34 am
student to make any of his comments. the secretary of state of the united states john kerry arrived in mogadishu capital of somali today. the first american secretary of state ever to visit the country. the state department says kerry went to show his support for the country's ongoing transition to democracy. in february the u.s. named its first ambassador to somalia since 1991pp. there is no u.s. embassy in somalia right now. it was shut down a while ago. the u.s. does keep a small military contingent inside the country and diplomatic mission in nearby kenya. just ahead from hope to higher ground the slogan from mike huckabee as he enters the u.s. presidential race. our political panel getting ready to weigh in. the road to the white house, a lot more, that's coming up next. if your purse is starting to look more like a tissue box... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it.
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the field of republican candidates here in the united states got a little bit more crowded. the former arkansas governor mike huckabee officially kicked off his run for the white house today. huckabee started by taking direct aim at president obama. he says the president has not delivered on the hope and change he promised. >> 93 million americans don't have jobs and many of them who do have seen their full-time job with benefits they once had become two part-time jobs with no benefits at all. we were promised hope. but it was just talk. and now we need the kind of change that really could get america from hope to higher ground. [ applause ] >> let's bring in our chief political analyst gloria borger and chief congressional correspondent dana bash. gloria what is huckabee's form mall entry into the race mean among evangelical voters some. >> it means the field is getting really crowded almost like up to a half dozen or so that occupy
10:39 am
the space that he basically had to himself in 2008. you know he ran very successfully in 2008. he was the overall delegate runner-up in 2008. did very well in iowa. and so if he's going to have a serious presidential campaign he's going to have to do well in iowa and a lot of folks standing in his way right now. >> i think there's something we should underscore in that in the dozen or so republicans likely to be running this time around he is the only one who's actually won a presidential primary contest in iowa and he actually won seven at the end of the day -- seven others so eight total, all together. but as gloria said it was a different time. i was with him in iowa in 2007 when it was him and chuck norris riding around in a pick-up truck trying to find out who their supporters were and now there are a lot of people like mike huckabee in the vain trying to appeal to the evangelicals christian conservatives. the thing you heard in the
10:40 am
speech he was successful at and will be likely this time the populous message. he can relate to people on that level on the working class level, like no one else can, because in fairness to him it's authentic. >> he's been out making a lot of money. >> that's true. >> not the pop plisulous than in 2008. >> owns a million dollar home in florida. >> more power to him. it is a different race this time. one thing he has going for him the likability. his campaign is putting out all those polls that show that among all the republicans, jeb bush included mike huckabee is well liked. we saw today in his announcement speech he is probably i would say, one of the top communicators, in this republican field. he's got a great way with a phrase. and, you know, that will do him well in these debates. >> did well in iowa back in 2008. let's see how he does this time. our latest cnn/orc poll shows that he's got 9% among republicans, significantly
10:41 am
behind jeb bush who is at 17%. not that far away from marco rubio and rand paul. still very, very early you look at that. it's wide open on the republican side. >> it is wide open and i have to tell you, talking to adviseors to rubio and walker those who are doing well in the polls right now, they would actually prefer to be in mike huckabee's position. it seems counterintuitive but it's because it is early they know the dangers historically of peeking too early. better to stay under the radar get your sea legs with regard to the grassroots in some of these early states before you become such a big player when it comes to the polls that, you know that you're not ready for it. on the flip side when doing well it means it's easier to raise dollars. >> they're kind of happy to have him in the race. they're feeling is the more the merryier at this point because they've got this big field and they believe their guy can distinguish himself and can do it early on and if huckabee
10:42 am
wants to get in that's just fine. the evangelical voters split up the cruz people believe, for example, they have an advantage this time. one problem huckabee has is he doesn't do really well raising money. he's always had a problem raising money. more of these other candidates can go to more establishment republicans and actually get some bucks out of them and i think that's the problem for huckabee. but another point he makes and dana can speak to this he says he's more electable beaten the clinton machine in arkansas once and he can do it again. >> he went to hope, arkansas. another man that went to hope arkansas. >> you heard that. >> the hometown not only of mike huckabee but bill clinton. he's going to run on that anti-clinton -- >> absolutely. >> a very popular thing to do amongp are bes. >> it is. going back to 2007/2008 he tried that. before the iowa caucuses everybody thought hillary clinton was pretty be a shoe in
10:43 am
and then obama beat her and the rest is history. he started to hone the anti-clinton i can beat the clinton machine i'm from arkansas back then. it looks like who knows, that is going to be much more of a sustainable message as he goes forward. >> his campaign is interesting to me. they took pains to point out that he's beaten women as he's run for elective office in the past lieutenant governor so he's not one of the republicans who doesn't know how to run against women. he knows how to run against women, whatever that means by the way. >> just starting. six republicans officially in this race for the white house. gloria dana thanks very much. still to come they say politics is all about perception but if that's the case hillary clinton may have a bit of a problem right now. we'll have that story right after the break. my cut hurt. mine hurt more. mine stopped hurting faster! neosporin plus pain relief starts relieving pain faster and kills more types of infectious bacteria. when you pick any 3 participating products get a free all better bag.
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adviseors for hillary clinton's campaign hoped for a smooth rollout but in the last seven weeks a few bumps in the road. a poll that shows hillary clinton popularity slipping. the percentage of americans with a negative opinion was 42% in april up from the month when it was 36%. our washington correspondent jeff zeleny with us right now. she's taking a hit in the polls why. >> one of the reasons the questions about the foundation. a month ago -- >> the clinton foundation. >> the biggest thing here but what the clinton campaign hopes that voters distinguish
10:48 am
questions about her from questions about the foundation. that's still an open question. i'm not sure how much they're going to link them. that's why she's taking a hit in the polls. so much new information has come out about exactly what the foundation was doing, who it was getting its money from et cetera cetera. this is the beginning. the questions are just the beginning. >> do they see her as trust worthy or not trust worthy? >> democrats overall think that she is, but that has taken a hit as well. the poll showed she now has 25% of americans that see her as trust worthy down 13 points from a month ago. a presidential campaign is definitely taking its toll here to be expected in some respects. she's been in a nonpolitical setting for a while. her advisors are watching this, they're concerned but not alarmed. >> in the next few weeks she's going to be appearing before the congressional committee investigating what happened in benghazi when four americans including the u.s. ambassador were killed september 11th 2012. she will be taking tough
10:49 am
questions from members of the committee. >> that's probably going to be the week of may 18th perhaps after that but it's going to be unusually optically as well. i can't row call a presidential candidate going before a committee swearing an oath to answer all these questions here so her campaign believes that it's just something that she has to get it over with here. all the questions about private e-mail use and things are all going to be sort of returned her. this could be a difficult second month of her campaign. so many things out of their control. >> the chairman of that select committee, chairman gowdy, he wants her to appear twice in open session. also want ss to interview her behind closed doors. she says she'll appear once and that's it. >> appear once stay as long as it takes answer all their questions. she will not go in a private setting. she will only do it publicly. my guess is he'll agree but we haven't heard from him so far because the house is in recess this week. he would be hard pressed to not agree to having her appear before the full televised
10:50 am
committee. >> she's speaking out today on immigration reform saying there should be a a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants in the united states. >> she >> she is. i'm told she's going to distinguish herself from some of those republican rivals jeb bush marco rubio, who stop a bit short from that. the speech this afternoon i think is definitely worth watching. news is going to be made there. >> nevada and las vegas, right? >> right. that is one of those four early voting states. >> thank you very much. watching the hillary clinton campaign for us. appreciate it. still ahead the desperate attempt to recover more victims of the nepal earthquake. our cnn team reaches the epicenter of the quake. jar arwa damon is there with what they found when they arrived.
10:51 am
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10:54 am
really remarkable video out of the city of kobani in syria. new drone picture show the sheer extent of the devastation, destruction, the city has suffered. for months coalition forces bombed isis fighters trying to take the city. the battle destroyed about 70% of kobani. this according to syrian kurds who are now back in control. residents are slowly returning to the city but don't have the millions and millions needed to start rebuilding. isis fighters were pushed out of the city itself, but they remain
10:55 am
about 25 miles out of town. remarkable images. the death toll from the earthquake in nepal keeps growing higher. official now say the quake has claimed more than 7,500 lives and more than 14,500 injuries. certainly has not been easy recovering the dead and reaching victims at the epicenter because the lifeline to the town has been cut off by multiple landslides. cnn's arwa damon and her team have made the dangerous journey to get there. >> reporter: massive boulders block the road. what would have been a lifeline for so many shut down. we continue on foot. throughout the surreal juxtaposition of the stunning natural beauty of the landscape here and the power of its force. uprooted tossed trees open gaping crevasses. they were telling us to not all
10:56 am
gulp at exactly the same time -- go up at exactly the same time because this stairway, rock way is not as stable as it used to be. the porters also warning of constant tremors and falling debris. we reach the area seemingly deserted. unlike other villages we've been to the last few days, there are no shelters pitched next to homes. just the haunting remains of lives forever altered or forever lost. this the gravesite for three young women. a traditional necklace hangs from a stick. a sign one of them was married. a unit of troops arrived with basic tools. an attempt to excavate the cadavers of livestock buried under the rubble. no aid other than three tents that were airdropped days ago has made it here. there are few villagers around
10:57 am
making quick troips waships to wash clothes or salvage what they can. everyone else is out in the plains, she says they feel safer there, and we soon find out why. suddenly the entire mountain shakes. that was a sizable tremor. it was terrifying. sent people from the village still running down. i can't even imagine what the actual earthquake must have like. as we uneasily move on we see three landslides in the distance and run into this man -- but feel the shaking? >> yes, i'm very afraid. >> reporter: he and his brother are also trying to make their way to the city where his aunt and family live. >> nothing, we haven't any contact. >> reporter: the family? you know nothing about the whole family? >> yeah yeah really.
10:58 am
>> reporter: we arrive together. the air is filled with clanking and hammering as people take on rebuilding themselves. even here at the earthquake's epicenter, humanitarian aid has been inexplicably slow to arrive. indian army medics treat an injured child. her head wound infected and needs restitching. [ crying ] >> reporter: the mountainside is dotted with white stones marking the graves of those who perished. he asks people if they have news of his family. a woman says, yes, a girl died there. the road leading to where his relatives lived a cascade of debris.
10:59 am
>> pray god they are okay. >> reporter: moments later we find their tent. his aunt runs out and throws herself into his arms as he tries to reassure her that at least they are alive. tears pour down his cousin's face. here the enormity of what the nation has endured evident. even on the faces of those too young to fully understand. arwa damon, cnn, nepal. >> what an amazing story. 7,557 confirmed deaths. 14,536 injuries. government official in nepal fear that the death toll certainly the jury toll will go up. to find out how to help the victims of the nepal earthquake go to, and you
11:00 am
will be able to impact your world. that's it for me. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." for international viewers, "amanpour" is next. for those in north america, "newsroom with brooke baldwin" starts right now. thank you. here we go. i'm brooke baldwin. a chilling development out of texas. isis has carried out its first attack on u.s. soil. the terror group claiming responsibility for the failed ambush in texas. isis warning americans more attacks will come using its own radio network to announce they say harsher and calling the two gunmen from arizona i'm quoting now, "soldiers and brothers." both elton simpson and nadir nadir sufi were shot and killed by police before they reached the parking lot