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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 7, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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ivory in time we're going to lose an iconic species. our children will grow up with no elephants, which i find unacceptable. >> it's a beautiful piece. kristin davis, thank you for watch watching. "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. the bureau sent a warning about the texas shooter just hours before his terrorist attack. the national lead new evidence that a dead texas gunman had direct contact with an isis recruiter. startling information comes from the fbi director saying his agency warned local police with simpsons hours before his attack. tom brady coming out against an nfl report suggesting that he likely knew the footballs had been deflated purposely. the lawyers are trying to take the air out of the league's case. in national, an unarmed man
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man shot and killed by the lapd. the police chief suggests his officer may be at fault. what does the video show? good afternoon. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. a senior al qaeda commander has been killed by the u.s. more on that in a moment. first, we will have breaking news in our national lead. a bulletin from the fbi. to local texas police just hours before that thankfully foiled terrorist attack there, warning that an isis-inspired gunman could be coming to reek havoc. the acts tipped off law enforcement about that man. a local police officer shot and killed both simpson and his partner before they could slaughter any attendees at a controversial event featuring cartoons of mohammed. let's go to pamela brown.
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what exactly did this fbi bulletin say? what else are investigators learning today about these gunmen? >> reporter: i can tell you what we're learning from the fbi director is that fbi agents saw the tweets from simpson referencing the event in texas and that is what prompted the fbi to send that warning to garland police a few hours before the event. we're learning that the fbi had no idea that simpson and his roommate was driving from their house here in phoenix, arizona, to texas to launch that attack. fbi director tells cnn in a meeting with reporters today federal investigators had seen simpson's extremist social media commenting referencing the event in texas and alerted local police three hours before the event started. he knows there are other
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simpsons out there. for the first time we are hearing from the gunman talking about his muslim faith in a 2012 fun raise fund-raising video. >> when you pray five times a day, it provides for you a form of weaponry to go out into the world. >> reporter: it showed a more extremist view. he not only communicated publically on terrorists but talked privately. with a british-born recruiter and hacker. investigators believe they helped radicalize simpson, encouraging him to carry out an attack. it's believed simpson chose the target. a pastor close to simpson says he was not surprised to hear simpson's name connected with the texas terror attack. >> he had expressed to me
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admiration specifically for bin laden. he used the word hero which surprised me. but now that i understand his thinking, it's not that surprising. >> reporter: in simpson's case we have learned that the fbi shared a picture of him and a possible license plate. it's unclear whether that information made it to the officers on the street there in garland or played a role in the quick reaction from the garland police officer in killing the two suspects. jake? >> what more do we know about his communications with this isis recruiter? >> reporter: we're learning more about simpson's contact with hussein. he is this british isis fighter believed to be in syria. he was initially known as a prominent hacker within isis. now u.s. officials are really concerned about his ability to recruit, to reach out to americans living in the u.s. like simpson and inspiring them
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to launch an attack. what we have learned is that there wasn't just twitter communication between the two, but that there were also private messages between hussein in syria and simpson here. and i can tell you that that is what is so concerning to u.s. officials who are investigating this. who else is hussein communicating with privately urging them to launch similar attacks? jake? >> pamela brown in phoenix, thanks so much. let's bring in evan perez who has been working the story. what can you tell us in terms of the specifics of this warning from the fbi to local police? >> we were in this meeting with the fbi director. we were shocked when he dropped this information on us. we knew that the fbi had set up this command center there because they were trying to warn the local authorities of potential threats to the event. they were looking not only for simpson simpson, there were other people they were keeping an eye on. simpson was added to the list three hours before the attack
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was carried out. simply his picture, license plate, just in case, be on the lookout. this is something that never actually made it to the officers on the street. this was a generalized warning that he was interested in this. he had expressed interest online. he was among a number of people that they were looking for. >> the f bibi was at the event. why were they there? >> this event attracted so much controversy. they knew that there were extremists online who were making threats to the event. that's why there was such a heavy police presence and the fbi put up a center to get the information out quickly. >> having issued this bulletin warning about simpson, why was the fbi not following him? why were they not surveiling him? >> the scary part of what they were talking about is that he has hundreds of people that they are trying to look at. each of these people take so
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much manpower to track. they had no idea this guy was plan doing this. so it wasn't -- they weren't watching him that closely. >> keep an eye out but we don't know where he is? >> right. >> thank you so much. turning to breaking news in the war on terror. just hours ago the pentagon confirmed that a key commander for al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, has been killed. he was the aqap spokesman who issued the statement you might recall taking responsibility for the slaughter at the offices of the french satirical magazine "charlie hebdo." u.s. officials would not say how he was killed. al qaeda in a video announcing his death said a u.s. drone took him out. let's get to nick paton walsh live in beirut. do we know where and when this happened? >> reporter: it seems to have happened in mid april, possibly in the southeast of the country,
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an al qaeda stronghold on the coast on the southeast there. it's not entirely clear whether this was one drone strike that particularly targeted him or it was one that was reported on about mid april that seemed to kill other media spokes people from that particular group. it's a staunch blow. the man who announced death of luke summers, the american journalist killed after a raid to rescue him went wrong. a significant blow for them at a time when they were trying to re-establish themselves given ascending of isis. >> give us an idea of where he was on the aqap hierarchy. was he a senior level leader? was he mid-level? he had a very public role. >> i think it's fair to say he was in the top dozen officials. but more importantly, a public
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face. while there may have been others above him, the leader of aqap above him in sort of the food chain so to speak, he was very much one person you would see in social media who delivered the public message of that particular group. at a time when they were struggling to gain traction in extremist circles, the "charlie hebdo" attacks were a way to put them back on the map. but also now concerns that given the turmoil inside yemen, the civil war between the houthis and the forces loyal to the current president backed by saudi air power, that has given them breathing room to work. you heard from ashton carter he wouldn't confirm it's a drone strike but said they are continuing to pressure aqap. we will see exactly what that does to the operational capability the group that have sworn to attack the united states. >> nick paton walsh in beirut.
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you are free to go the words spoken by a judge to a man who had pleaded guilty before a military commission to killing an american soldier. minutes ago he walked out of prison after the judge said there's no proof that he will do it -- do it again. is he really a changed man? that's next. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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afghanistan afghanistan. he pleaded guilty to war crimes. he was returned to canada in 2012 to serve out the remainder of his sentence. today, a canadian court of appeal justice granted him bail. let's go to barbara starr. the canadian government is appealing the decision. could we see the u.s. government try to intervene? >> not at this time. it doesn't appear so because, of course it was the u.s. that agreed to the arrangement to ship him to canada in the first place. at this time it's the canadian government objecting to the judge's ruling. the judge apparently feeling he didn't pose a danger to society. he is out on bail while all of this is being appealed. there are restrictions on him. he will have to have a -- he stays with his lawyer. he will have to have a curfew between 10:00 at night and 7:00 in the morning. he will be subject to electronic monitoring. his communications will be monitored. look he now until this gets a final resolution essentially is a free man.
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canadian press is reporting there have been a number of instances where he has gotten support from people in canada some students trying to visit him, help him with his education, help him socialize if he is going to be back in the general population of canadian society. remember he was captured at the age of 15. he is now in his late 20s. he has never been an adult -- as an adult, he has never been a free man. this will be a new experience for him. in terms of the canadian government they would like to see him back in jail and serving out his full sentence. >> barbara starr at the pentagon thank you so much. he admitted to killing a u.s. soldier. today on capitol hill congress is rushing to find out how to stop people across the globe planning to do the same. lawmakers holding a hearing about how isis and other terrorist groups weaponize the internet to recruit over social media. a senior fellow at the
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foundation for defense of democrat democracies is here. he testified at that hearing. just to touch on omar i have seen criticism about his release from national security experts saying this is somebody who has never renounced terrorism and this was a mistake. what can you tell us about him? >> it's hard to assess him without having access to where he is right now and what he is saying to people. there certainly is a lot of con controversy surrounding it. but i don't have the kind of information that i would need to really be able to assess that controversy. >> in terms of your testimony today, you said that isis has been in a decline since october. so why has that not seemed to have a decline in recruiting? it seems like they are being able to recruit people more than ever. >> two reasons. one is that isis' decline has been in the iraq/syria theater.
1:18 pm
their message is a winner's strategy. sometimes the u.s. government is messages about isis and isis' are the same. both emphasize the brutality. while they have been losing in iraq in particular they have expanded aggressively into africa. that's switched the narrative to about the international presence. the second reason it's not really well-known is that they do a very good job exaggerating and manipulating the media, even convincing major media outlets they control territory that they don't, such as northern libya. >> obviously, social media has been a big way that isis has recruited and continues to recruit. it seems clearer and clearer that this british isis fighter radicalized in some ways one of the texas gunmen one of the would-be terrorists killed earlier this week. this british isis operative has had his accounts on twitter shut down several times.
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do you think for intelligence purposes it's better to shut the accounts down or is it better to keep them open so the u.s. and other western intelligence agencies to monitor them? >> it's better to shut down. this has been a big debate for a long time. there are concerns on both sides. the intelligence value versus the others. you have foreign fighters who have gone to iraq and syria than went to afghanistan during the war. it has been an enormous magnet. it has helped radical groups to dominate within syria. we can really see now the power of social networking in terms of mobilizing people to action not just to thoughts. in this case simpson wanted to go over. he had been radicalized. hussein spurred him to take action. >> to combat recruitment, the pentagon and other agencies of
1:20 pm
the u.s. government have tried to walk into the world of social media themselves and discourage recruitment. how has that gone? is it effective at all? is it considered something of a joke? >> it hasn't been particularly effective thus far as far as most observers believe. a lot of the videos they have put forward have been crude. the production values haven't been the best. part of it i could caution that it's not clear exactly what they are trying to do. a lot of observers gauge it by they haven't been successful in deradicalizing people. maybe the goal is to disrupt. maybe they measure success based on different metrics. what's clear is that isis is a foe that moves at the move of social media. can get groups to join it. the u.s. government is bureaucratic. it has trouble competing in a communications way at the speed of the guten berg bible. that's a problem. we are not set up to compete in the 21st century field of cop
1:21 pm
conflict. >> what's the biggest threat? does it remain al qaeda in the arabian peninsula which is trying to come up with a big attack? is it isis lone wolves? what do you think is the most concerning? >> lone wolves are the most likely but also likely to do the least damage. in terms of the others the real answer is we don't know. if i were putting my money -- we actually don't know which of them is in the best position to launch an external operation that would hurt the united states. >> thank you so much. appreciate as always. that battle against isis so much of it is fought in this digital universe. now a federal court ruled what intelligence officials would argue is one of the most important weapons in this war is not something that has been legally sanctioned. today, a three-judge panel said the nsa program that gobbles up telephone data exceeds the scope
1:22 pm
of what congress has authorized under the patriot act. it had been secret for nearly a decade until snowden leaked documents confirming its existence. the ruling says the nsa can no longer vacuum up this information, such as when you are calling, where you are calling from whom you are calling, how long you talk to them for, your phone number even if you are dialing from an iphone or android device. the decision did not declare the program unconstitutional. further setting up a potential fight over the law in the u.s. supreme court. a shockingly overted mission from north korea in a cnn exsclie receiveex exclusive exclusive. north korea has a long range missile that can strike the united states. the admission came from the country allowed a rare interview to a north korean insider. we got a look at the industrial park that divides north and south korea by land. it's one of the only partnerships between north and south korea.
1:23 pm
will ripley got a look inside and has more from north korea. >> reporter: getting this kind of access to the industrial complex is very rare. it has been years since cnn has been allowed to visit. it is located near the border between north and south korea. in this complichlex you have south korean owned companies almost fully staffed by north korean workers. they bring in $90 million in wages which are paid directly to the government. this when it was established more than a decade ago was supposed to be a symbol of cooperation between the north and the south. what we discovered on the ground there is that it has been very difficult to keep things moving forward considering all the political difficulties between the two countries. there have been escalating military tensions. there have been economic issues that have been raised. the north is demanding a wage hike and the south is resisting that. while these companies more than
1:24 pm
100 of them continue to do business they face a lot of difficulties. there is great uncertainty about what the future might hold for the last remaining symbol of cooperation. it's a revelation that could derail the case against the six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray in baltimore. how did the prosecutor and the police investigating the officers end up with conflicting findings? the nfl says tom brady likely knew the footballs were not up to snuff. what does one of the man who cause passes thrown by the qvb have to say? rp then you don't know "aarp". get inspired with aarp travel. plan and book your trip online and get hot travel tips from the pros. find more real possibilities at
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. cot case could the case against the six police officers in baltimore be falling apart? it has been revealed there are key differences between the state's investigation into the officers and the one conducted by baltimore city police. lawyers for at least two of the six officers are now latching on
1:29 pm
to the inconsistencies to bolster claims that they have been unfairly charged. rene marsh is live in baltimore. what's the prosecutor's response to the challenging her case against the officers? >> reporter: jake she is standing firm on her decision saying that the evidence they found during her independent investigation supporting the charges filed. what we have here in baltimore, two dueling investigations. you have baltimore city police investigators on one side and investigators with the prosecutor's office on the other. >> from the beginning, we knew that this was a serious case. we have been working independently. >> reporter: two independent investigations one by baltimore police the other by the maryland state attorney's office. cnn has learned both investigations are in conflict. one point of contention the
1:30 pm
knife found on freddie gray. >> the knife was not a switch switchblade and is lawful under maryland law. >> reporter: under state law, the knife is legal, making freddie gray's arrest illegal. the police investigation contradicts that saying based on city code the knife is illegal. >> what is the knife? if the knife is a spring-assisted knife, case over for the officers. this case shouldn't even exist. >> reporter: lawyers for thewo officers have filed motions asking to inspect evidence specifically the knife. charges against the officers another point of contention. officials familiar with the probe say at most the police investigation contemplated manslaughter as the most serious charge not second degree murder as the driver of the police van was charged with.
1:31 pm
aside from being criticized for moving and being too hasty as well as being motivated to essentially restore calm here in baltimore, there's another issue that could haunt mosby as well as members of her team. one of her top investigators was a high-ranking city of baltimore police officer in 2009. he was demoted for failing to follow through on a robbery investigation in which two of his officers mishandled that case. again, he was demoted. then in a separate incident four months later, this same baltimore city police officer we are told s.w.a.t. teams had to come to his home. when they arrived according to a police report he was drunk. he was holding a gun. at one point barricaded himself in a bedroom. police were forced to use a
1:32 pm
taser, according to that report. we did reach out to him for a comment but have not heard anything back. the question now is perhaps his past experience with baltimore city police could that at all play a role in his decision making here in this investigation? >> baltimore's mayor asked the department of justice to investigate the city's police. she made that request yesterday. we heard from the attorney general of the united states on that issue today. what did she have to say? >> reporter: yes. she was on capitol hill testifying on a separate issue. she says she is actively considering this request. she will have a decision in the coming days. she recognized that baltimore has made quite an effort to improve their community policing. that being said lynch said on capitol hill she has not ruled out that more does not need to be done. perhaps in her eyes she may
1:33 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. with his heg alegacy on the line brady could be hours away from addressing a new report that suggests he played a role in the deflategate scandal. he is said to appear at a public appearance tonight. earlier today, his agent
1:38 pm
released a rather strongly worded statement bashing the nfl investigation stating that the report is a significant and terrible disappointment. all along brady has denied having anything to do with under inflated footballs being used in the game versus the colts earlier this year. the 243-page report including text messages exchanged between a locker room attendant and equipment assistant for the team which seem to suggest otherwise. i'm joined by donete stalworth. do you think these are enough for the league to punish tom brady? if so how severely? >> i think it's enough for the nfl, if they want to only look at the report and not some of the stuff that tom brady's agent
1:39 pm
had brought up about some of the context of the text messages. there are a lot of issues with the report. the report itself has probably enough to -- from public opinion to maybe suspend tom brady. but i think the nfl, they may move on that. but like i say, i personally have issues. there are holes in the report as well. >> what are your issues? what are your problems with the report? >> the number one thing, when i looked at it i saw that since people are really -- you are looking at text messages. there was a text message between the two at halftime about the balls being a little over inflated and brady was not happy about it. he was upset. the next day, j.j. he had checked some of the balls. he said there were a few that were very close to 16 which is 2 1/2 psi over the maximum allowed to measurements.
1:40 pm
yeah if those balls had 16 or even over 13.5 over the 12.5 that brady is mostly -- that's his significant number. every quarterback has their own number. some like his footballs inflated more. i think the protocol is an issue. if there were rules broken if you can find evidence anyone should be disciplined. whether it's tom brady or it's the third-string guy on the team. >> i understand you have issues with it and you don't necessarily think that he should be punished. do you think based on your experience with the nfl that goodell has enough to punish brady? a game or two suspension? what would your guess be on your experience in the nfl? >> you look in the past even this year look at what some of the suspensions or some of the discipline that's been handed out to the falcons for crowd
1:41 pm
noise, the browns for things they had done. in the past even the saints with their head coach saying that ignorance is not acceptable. i think from that standpoint he has enough to discipline him. me personally i just don't see that there's enough concrete evidence that tom brady was involved in saying get these balls done illegally, to actually sircircumvent the rules. there's protocol issues that come into place. >> you know tom brady. his agent is claiming the league is trying to make brady the fall guy for this. what does the nfl have to stand by making tom brady the fall guy for this? he is a poster boy for the nfl. he is the super bowl winning quarterback. he has a beautiful wife. he is beloved in boston if nowhere else. why would they want him to be a fall guy? it doesn't make any sense. >> one of the things that he brought up which is very important, is that some of the
1:42 pm
things that were happening before the report had come out actually right after there was an initial investigation that was started was some leaks that had happened. those leaks were not in brady's favor. it was some calls that he said that were probably trying to manipulate public opinion. there are a lot of issues with the wells report. there are -- it's kind of do you like at it as on its face or is there some other context that we're not hearing that? >> thank you so much. appreciate it. nothing gets the crowd pumped up for nba playoffs like an offhand reference to domestic violence. the cavaliers are getting hammered on social media for a promo that aired during the playoff game versus the bulls. it was supposed to be a spoof of an insurance commercial where a woman falls while re-enacting the classic lift scene from
1:43 pm
"dirty dancing." they took things further. ♪ >> bulls fan? i didn't know you were a bulls fan. i can't believe she's a bulls fan. >> when it's playoff basketball time you have to be all in. don't make the same mistake she made. >> i thought you were -- >> that's just stupid. >> after the promo aired, social media blew up. i can't believe they played that during the game. which marketing guy thought that was a good idea? that's a good question. they have issued an apology saying while the video was not intended to be offensive, it was a mistake that include content that made light of domestic violence. you think? another police killing caught on video. the los angeles police chief is questioning whether his cops had the right to shoot. what's on the video? that's next. think just because it's thousands of miles away the
1:44 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. another unarmed man shot dead by police. this incident happened tuesday night in venice beach, california when two officers encountered a local homeless man. it was caught on videotape. it has yet to be released publically. his death is drawing public con testimony nation with condemnation. >> any time an unarmed person is shot by a police officer, it takes extraordinary circumstances to justify that. i have not seen those extraordinary circumstances at this point. >> i have not seen those extraordinary circumstances at this point. let's get right to stephanie
1:49 pm
elam. what do we know about the incident? >> reporter: this happened it was -- there was a citizen call saying there was someone disturbing the peace. two police officers showed up. they saw the man who they believed was the suspect. had a conversation with him. he continued off that direction towards the boardwalk. then soon after, they saw him in some sort of struggle with someone here on the street. that's when they intervened police say, to try to bring man into custody to talk to him. that is when the officer involved shooting happened. the police officers are on desk duty as the investigation continues. there's a lot of outrage on two sides. you have people who are out here protesting angry about what has been going on. you can see there's this chalk writing here. people saying that homeless lives matter black lives matter. we also see that there's a makeshift memorial here for the
1:50 pm
man that we know at brendan glen. there's also his dog. he was known to have a dog and known to be very peaceful according to people we talked to out here on street. that right there would be his dog. we have been told here. the other thing that is upsetting to many at this point, jake is it's upsetting to people on the police department side from the los angeles police protective league, they put out a statement in response to the chief's statement saying he was rushing to judgement, saying it's completely irresponsible for anyone much less the chief of police to render a judgement on an incident that's in the early stages of the investigation. they are saying that this will influence how people feel about the investigation as well as officers. >> thank you so much. we will keep tabs on that story. wolf blitzer is here with a preview of "the situation room." you are following news that the fbi sent warnings about the shooter in this isis-inspired if
1:51 pm
not directed attack in text text hours before it happened. >> and clearly they didn't stop it from happening. they knew there was something going to happen but they didn't exactly succeed in preventing these two guys from get together scene. when they got there, they were shot and killed by this off-duty traffic cop with a handgun. it was lucky that that succeeded. we will find out exactly what happened lessons learned. when isis says you ain't seen nothing yet, their words from yet. officials believe that's probably true. they will continue to try to go after a specific target here in the united states. >> wolf blitzer, "the situation room" coming up in eight minutes. coming up an election with major consequences that could affect us here in the united states. pole polls are about to close in the u.k. what is at stake?
1:52 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. another breakup on "the mindy project" except it doesn't involve anyone on screen. rather sadly, it's the show itself that is being dumped by fox. the series which stars the office veteran mindy has been canceled after three seasons on the network. rumors are swirling that it may have found a rebound. the talks are in the works for two more seasons of the series on hulu which owns the streaming rights to the show. you might recall this is how "community" found new life on yahoo!. they hinted of the new deal writing, anything happening in l.a. as she winks to the camera?
1:57 pm
across the pond we are minutes away from the polls closing in on the british elections, a vote that could change the relationship between the united states and one of its oldest allies. there are many differences between our two countries being of course not just our systems of government. they have the pound. we have the dollar. they drive on the left side of the road. we drive on right side of the road. their meal of choice is fish and chips. we like the hamburger. they have the queen. we have kim kardashian. we love our neighbors across the pond. although you may be unfamiliar with the candidates today's outcome could have a huge impact here at home. for that we turn to tom foreman. this is a tight race. >> it's incredibly tight. for a society where people are known for their stiff upper lip and propriety, this has turned into what they call a brawl over the leadership of the country in which america could be the bystander who gets a black eye.
1:58 pm
the fameous british manners have been elbowed aside by attacks. >> you are frankly lying. >> in one of the tightest elections in memory with politicians and their proxies under fire. >> tony blair can go to hell. all right? >> why do americans care? start with prime minister david cameron. >> pray for conservatives. that's the way to keep moving forward. >> he has been a reliable partner here. but his conservative party is under pressure there over austerity programs. he has agreed to a vote on leaving the european union. that could hurt u.s. trade, destabilize markets and weaken the worldwide economic recovery. a man prides himself on standing up to u.s. influence. >> the power to make britain work for working people once again. >> he has vowed a government under his labor party would fight isis he has shown little interest in supporting u.s.
1:59 pm
pressure on russia syria or other places. since neither of those parties is expected to win a clear majority the situation could get messier. >> a legitimate government is one that can command the majority. >> the liberal democrats will add a heart to a conserveative government and a brain to a labor one. >> someone could get big concessions from which party wins the final vote in exchange for helping form a coalition government. concessions that might not match u.s. interests at all. many analysts say there's no solidly good outcome possible for the united states. politicians here will be scrutinizing the exit polls as they are released to see what they might mean to u.s. economic military and diplomatic interests. i imagine some of them could use an evening at the pub. >> they vote in pubs there.
2:00 pm
and it's legal to be drunk when you vote. it's interesting. i'm serious. thank you so much. that's it for "the lead." there's the big ben coming. i turn you over to wolf blitzer. happening now, fbi warned of attack. the fbi director says his agents were tracking one of the texas gunmen and alerted local police. the director warns there are other potential attackers out there. nail biter. one of america's closest allies holds an election as concerns about security and terrorism weigh on the vote. isis expansion. they now control most of iraq's biggest refinery. how big an impact will this have on the world's oil supply? unemployment factories employ thousands inside communist north korea. will threats end up costing jobs? i'm wolf blitzer. you are in "the situation room."