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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  May 8, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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massive explosion that took the life of ashley white and two other rangers. did they see themselves these women, as trailblazers? >> they saw themselves as soldiers who wanted to do the best job they could with the finest fighters they could be around and a mission that deeply mattered to them. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper turning everybody 0er to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happy mother's day. happening now breaking news. heightened alert. the pentagon ordering increased security at all u.s. military bases amid concerns of isis terror threats against u.s. troops. the fbi now investigating hundreds of suspected isis sympathizers here in the united states. what threats are they looking at? three-way plane crash, a massive fireball as a plane slams into a major interstate killing people. the last-minute maneuver overting a bigger disaster. and a probe.
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investigation of baltimore police. the police union says it's the mayor that the feds should be investigating. will baltimore police be forced to make court-ordered changes? and north korea nuclear threat. learning disturbing new details of a dramatic weapons buildup under kim jong un. cnn reporting exclusively from inside north korea. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." we're following the breaking flus. the pentagon raising the security level of all u.s. military bases to the highest level of four years, level bravo, in response to isis activity. the move follows the terror attack by two gunmen in texas this week and comes amid growing kearns about isis supporters hiding out here in the united states. we're covering all angles of the breaking news with our guests inincluding congressmandown garamendi, a mech of the armed services committee and as well as correspondents in key
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locations. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr begins our coverage. disturbing information. what are you picking up? >> reporter: tonight already some public i vents cancelled at write patterson air force base in dayton ohio, because of these security concerns. with growing concern about violent home-grown extreme i689s tied to isis the u.s. military raised security protection levels at all bases in the continental u.s. law enforcement warning icie may have hundreds of followers in the country. >> we've seen social media used as a recruitment tool. >> reporter: the immediate aware -- more isis-inspired attacks in the u.s. like the one in garland, texas, at a prophet muhammad cartoon contest. pentagon facials say threats, though unconfirmed, against the military. >> the islamic state has come out and said uniformed military personnel are a target. >> reporter: the new security level force protection bravo
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indicates an increased and predictable threat of terrorism. it could mean more armed troops and more vehicle and personnel checks at military bases. the new security measures will be random and for good reason. we will produce a discernible element of unpredictability in our security posture and procedures the new order says. concerns grew after isis members tweeted the addresses of some 100 u.s. military personnel, and then just last week a british-born isis hacker published the name and home address of a top u.s. general. it was the very same jihadist believed to have urged elton simpson to launch an attack on that cartoon exhibit in texas. >> not only do you have to secure the access to those bases, you have to ramp up security on the post itself. so this is going to be a big operation. >> reporter: now the big worry here is what if they get a let that is both specific and
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credible? that's what the big military concern is. right now they don't have that but what they do have as one official said to me is a rise in the temperature. too much chatter, too much on the internet. too much concern out there. the military is not happy about all of this uncertainty. that has led them to do this. wolf? >> barbara starr reporting for us. thank you. bring in our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto also would go the story for us and learning new information. how often to these alerts go into place, jim? >> reporter: not often, wolf. a handful of times. look here. force protection bravo in the middle of the scale, yellow increased and predictable threat. that is key. alpha and charlie, and look at the timeline here for when we've seen these threats on u.s. bases in the past. one february 2003. to be clear at that time not just u.s. military bases under threat. there was a broader department of homeland security threat because generalized tied to al
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qaeda. in the holidays december 2003 bases but also general areas around the country that were under threat. not specific to u.s. military bases. we saw force protection bravo come up again just after the benjamin netanyahu raid inbnin laden raid in2011. remember the color-coded scale and rail travel not specific just to bases. finally again the last time we saw force protection bravo at u.s. military bases on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. again, a situation when there was a more generalized threat general raising of the terror threat level, not specific. unique about this it's specific to military bases. no specific credible threat but the force protection raising of the threat level is specific to u.s. military installations. >> how difficult jim, is it for authorities to keep track of these isis-inspired americans? there may be hundreds if not a thousand recruited through online propaganda? we know isis is very good at
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social media. >> reporter: extremely difficult for a number of reasons. u.s. law enforcement. hundreds of investigations for people who have made contact via social media and thousands that may have followed jihadi websites or made connections or followed twitter accounts, et cetera. that's a big number of people and if you're going to put every one of those people under surveillance talk about in general about ten guys per person. you're talking hundreds thousands of law enforcement personnel to keep them under surveillance. it become as judgment call. we saw that in the case of the text shooter. he was under monitoring but not surveillance, and this is why you have the fbi and others re-looking how they make these judgments to see if they make that trigger a bit lighter, before they start to put some of these suspects under -- too strong a word, some of the people who have made contact, followed gigi -- jihadi
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websites put them under surveillance. >> thank you. talk about this with democratic congressman a member of the house armed services committee. congressman, thanks for joining us. do you know if this increased alert at these u.s. military bases in california all oevlg are theoevlg -- over the country for that matter. the new alert issued as a result of the terror attack outside dallas this part weekend? >> two major air force bases in nigh district and they did indeed ramp up their protection and their carefulness. yes, certainly the situation in dallas texas, but then also the increased traffic over the social media, particularly beginning with twitter, which obviously isil will monitor that as well as the fbi and thenen from there they move in more closely, probably getting a court order to monitor these folks directly. but i'm very pleased that the miller that done what it does. take care be cautious, protect
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your brace whankts. >> what does it mean for the two bases in your district specifically on a day-to-day basis? >> it's going to be harder to get on the base. 100% i.d. checks. random checking of cars. not every car. randomly eck whiching cars and quite possibly more secure and sensitive places on the bases ramped up security around them and probably people not being able to get even close to some of those very specific places that are on the base. one base is the big air mobility base at travis. the other is intelligence surveillance reconnaissance at biehl. yeah-of- yeah at beal. the military sonis on top of it protecting their base and people. >> and a serious guy, comey, the attack in garland highlights that about the united states. i'm quoting him. he said i know there are other elton simpsons one of the
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gunmen out there, it's almost as if there is a devil sitting on their shoulder saying kill kill kill kill all day long recruiting and tank inging tanking at the same time and comey says there might be thousands of isis supporters followers sympathizers, already in the united states. there's no way the u.s. can monitor all of these people. is there? >> actually there is a good way to get a handle on it that is for the police agencies the fbi, local agencies to work very very closely with those communities from which these would-be terrorists are coming from. we have a fairly good idea where they might be coming from work closely with those communities. a couple examples in california over the last several years where the muslim community actually reported an fbi agent who was trying to find out he was pretending to be radicalized, and the mosque threw him out and reported to
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the fbi. so work closely with the communities and also the fbi and others have ways of as i said, monitoring the twitter accounts. before they go private. and then getting appropriate court orders to monitor the private communications on twitter or item social media. that's how they get started on this and frankly seems that's how the isil begins its work. they watch the twitter. they're familiar. anybody in the world can pick up a public twitter account, and then they begin working with that individual trying to radicalize that individual. so we've got countermeasures we need to pay attention. >> are you getting cooperation from the muslims in your community that you clearly are seeking? >> i believe so. the communities in california and throughout this state are very much american. they have a -- muslim faith. and they are as good american as
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anybody else is and their concerned about the community. they love this country as much as anybody else does, and so they are very -- they have been very cooperative and i suspect will continue to be so. but the police and agencies need to reach out, work closely with those communities. now, keep in mind that the timothy mcveigh was not a muslim at all. so we have other kinds of terrorists activities in the united states beyond anybody connected with isis and remember there could be a problem on the base already. not somebody trying to sneak on the base but maybe a military personnel, soldier, airman already on the base who is recruited and becomes a sympathizer. those individuals, like major hasan as fort hood could be a huge problem. right? >> certainly has been. and could be in the future but that's one of the things that the military has taken, i think a much higher degree of
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attention to, paying attention to those signs. that someone may have some psychological problem, or may be radicalized in one way or another and as i say, it doesn't have to be radical gee haudjihadism and part of the american fabric. we all need to be aware and it's our responsibility as individuals to reach out when we see something that isn't the way it should be. reach out to the appropriate authorities, and report it, and i know that that is taking place on the military bases. it's part of the new way of dealing with what happened at fort hood that great tragedy there. >> more questions for you, congressman, if you can stick around? >> sure. >> quick break. more with the congressman right after this.
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fopping breakingbreaking -- following breaking news. increased security around the country at all u.s. bases. back with the congressman. a powerful online recruiting message out there, different, their strategy than al qaeda. lk lk al qaeda wanted to organize plots like 9/11 get people involved. isis wants to inspire people to go out and kill americans.
2:18 pm
why is this isis strategy and recruitment worked so well? >> i think it's appealing to certain part of the population in this country and around the world that is disaffective and to see something exciting. most young people look for something exciting and i guess a war in the middle east to do some sort of violence in your own community, they would find to be exciting. frankly, it makes no sense to me. isis in the syria and iraq is a very dangerous and inhumane bunch of folks that are carrying out terrorism on their own people and their own community. we've seen the beheading, but that's just part of the picture of isis but there are people that somehow find this to be attractive and want to listen and participate in it. they ought to be taking a look at what's positive in our own nation. sure, we have troubles here, but this is -- you know all the positive opportunities that
2:19 pm
exist in america compared to the kind of terrorism that these folks are launching on their own community in the middle east is is -- not -- just doesn't make sense to me but apparently there are some folks, one or two of them that did this attack in texas. we're probably going to see more but we need to be aware. we need to counter with our own hope and opportunity in our own country, and we also need to take to isis the battle in the middle east. >> to go out, launch strikes against them when the u.s. is doing by air both in syria and iraq. the fbi director james comey says that tracking these terror suspects here in the united states he says it's like looking for a needle in a haystack but in his words, increasesingly the needles are invisible. how difficult is it to identify and stop these so-called lone wolf terrorists inspired, if you will, by isis? >> well i think there's a
2:20 pm
couple of methods that you could go after. if you're going to look for a needle in a haystack, get a magnet. that's probably the best way to find it. in this case, how do they become radicalized? probably starting with twitter or some other social media. probably on the public sites. some sort of communication. we can monitor that. it's not an nsa issue. we can monitor those kind of public interactions, and then from there hone in on those people that seem to be more engaged in that kind of social interaction. and from there, reach out into the the police operations around the country. notifying the police that this is something they should be aware of in the local communities as well as the local and regional fbi. then as i said earlier, you've got to work with the communities that seem to be the most affected by this propaganda. probably the muslim community more than others, but not only
2:21 pm
that community, because there are clearly others that are not muslim that somehow find this to be attractive. so work with those communities. those communities are good law-abiding americans as much as anybody else and they don't want harm to their community, and they certainly don't want to be dragged down by someone that is in their community acting out a in a terrorist way. we can do a lot to identify and i think we are, and the fbi and local agencies are, and each and every one of are us also has a responsibility to keep our eyes open to watch and to be good citizens ourselves. >> today marks the tenth month, start of the tenth month of u.s. military engagement against isis in iraq and syria. some calling it a war, and there's no congressional authorization for the use of military force against these isis terrorists. you're leading for calls for congressional action. do you expect formal authorization anytime soon?
2:22 pm
>> i'm forever hopeful. but in recent days i think i have to be realistic. the house of representatives, the leadership of the house and various committees do not seem to be interested in moving a specific authorization. on the other hand, the senate has more activity and seems to be more willing to move a more precise -- right now the u.s. government is operating under the authorization to use military force that rimp originated with 9/11 specifically for afghanistan and related terrorist activities in that area. r it's now applied in syria and iraq and they're also using the 2003 iraqi aumf to justify the current activity. i think neither are appropriate. i think we ought to do away with the 2001 afghanistan authorization to use force and be very -- very very specific. and we ought to put a time frame
2:23 pm
on it so the next president and probably ought to be debated in the presidential elections, as to how and which way the united states should deal with these kinds of problems but an unending authorization to use military force is really an abdication of the constitutional authority only given to congress to wage war. >> congressman garamendi, thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. thank you. thank you for the issues. coming up a fiery and deadly plane crash on a major u.s. interstate. learning new details about the accident and the victims. plus disturbing new information about north korea's expanding nuclear arsenal. cnn reporting exclusively from inside north korea.
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appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of serious side effects. i'm down with crestor! make your move. ask your doctor about crestor. we're following breaking news. isis prompting the pentagon to increase the threat level to heightened security all u.s. military bases. let's get more now from cnn military analyst retired lieutenant general mark hertling and former cia counterterrorism official phillip mudd cnn counterterrorism an legitimate and former cia operative robert bair. put this in context. what does it mean they're raising the threat level of every single military
2:29 pm
installation in the united states? >> additional security any place. 100% i.d. checks random checks of some automobiles. dog patrols, reinforcing of military guards with politicalmilitary policemen and police patrolling around the bases specially in the family housing units and there are going to be things most people aren't going to see. the garrison commanders people that control the bases, are going to do additional exercises, like active shooter events, force protection exercising all behind the scene to increase security around awareness among the base itself. this is interesting in the united states to do this. when i was commanding in europe we were constantly at force protection level bravo sometimes up braurchcharlie. just increased awareness. >> some phil believe they may have decided to do it at this
2:30 pm
time because they know one of those two gunmen who made that attack at that event outside of dallas was in touch with a jihadist british jihadist actually tweeting the name and address of a senior u.s. military officer, raising the fear that maybe some u.s. military personnel are now being targeted? . >> look there's more at stake here. there's a bigger context here. that tweet i think is important if you're sitting at a table trying to determine whether to raise the alert but the backdrop is straightforward. 9/11. iconic targets. pentagon attempted airplane going into the congress. shanksville plane. we transition to a decade ago soft targets. the subway in madrid. subway in london. now what you have in 2015 is isis saying it's more defensible to persuade people especially young americans not go go against civilians, women and children but to go against the people who are sending troops to places like iraq and afghanistan. that's military and they also put police into this context. so the backdrop is go after
2:31 pm
military in the midst of that drop in a tweet that talks about a military target. >> and other tweets out there, bob bair in recent weeks, listing the names and addresses of about 100 u.s. military personnel who served in syria or iraq. i'm sure that raised a lot of alarm bells? >> yeah. wolf i agree totally with phil. they're after the military. anybody in a uniform, because they want to characterize the war in iraq and ceia as a war against the united states government not a war against the american people. a war against combatants is important for them and they gelt a lot more propaganda value if they struck at a military target and of course went after the cartoons in texas. that was something else entirely but this is a threat i think we should take very seriously, because things are getting worst in the middle east are and bound to blow back to this country. >> and raising the threat level
2:32 pm
giving a propaganda victory to isis already. your reaction to that? >> i don't see it that way, wolf but will add on to what bob and phil just said. yes, it's relatively easy to increase threat levels at military bases but there are no front lines in this. it's not isis against the military. it's isis against america. so i see it as somewhat ludicrous to attack a military base. i'm more concerned with the softer targets, government institutions and police as some of the things that phil and bob were both just talking about. >> you agree, phil? >> they will portray this as a success. believe me they're reading the media, watching the media sitting in iraq maybe watching us but what they need is bang for the buck. they need events to happen for them to be able to say we've succeeded. not an alert, event. waiting to let something launch. >> all of you stand by. we're not going away from the breaking news. other stories we're following right now including a fiery disaster. we now know who was onboard this
2:33 pm
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with xfinity from comcast you can manage your account anytime, anywhere on any device. just sign into my account to pay bills manage service appointments and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at there's breaking news in baltimore right now. attorneys for the baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray they want the prosecutor to remove herself from the case. our justice reporter evan perez is here in the "situation room" with late-breaking developments. what are you learning? >> reporter: wolf these attorneys for the six officers say that marilyn mosby needs to
2:38 pm
recuse herself from the case, that the proossecution of these officers needs to be handled by another state's attorney perhaps in another county asking for this because they say there are a number of conflicts of interest present including mosby's relationship with the gray family attorney billy murphy you've had on the program many time. billy murphy represented here in a previous proceeding and cite something we talked about many times. the issue of the knife. the knife for which the officers first pursued and rate of edd arrested freddie gray saying they found that on him and according to lawyers, they say that the conflict between the city code which says that the knife is illegal, and the state code which said it is not, poses a problem for mosby's case as you and i have discussed previously. in this motion today, if, in fact the knife was unlawful or
2:39 pm
as one reason bloobl it was, the foundation of the state's argument collapses and the accuse her of doing the same thing. unlawful imprisonment of he's officers that she accused the officers of. >> billy murphy will join us isn't the next hour. we'll discuss this. amidst this new attorney general loretta lynch announces today she is sdpoggoing to launch a formal investigation into the baltimore police department. tell us about that. >> reporter: wolf something that the city asked for and that baltimore police commissioner anthony batts welcomes. the attorney general loretta lynch says these reflects a frayed broken relationship between the community and the police there. this is going to be a very invasive look at whether or not the police department violated the constitution in the way it carries out its work in baltimore. whether it's engaging in a pattern and practice of discrimination in the way it does its work there wolf. >> you spoke to the baltimore
2:40 pm
police commissioner batts. what did he tell you? >> he said they've made a lot of progress 2349 last few years. reduced a ub number of complaints they've had for -- for discourtesy, from complaints for excessive use of force, officer-involved shootings are down by one-third and says he's ousted 50 officers in the past two years. again, he says that he's doing his work to try to fix the department. obviously it's not gone far enough. >> yeah. we'll see what this federal investigation, going to take a few years? right? >> at least a few months. yes. >> usually these federal investigations take they go on and on. >> exactly. >> see how quickly they can get this resolve pd thank you for that. horrifying sight on a itch maer u.s. interstate. a plane on the highway, bursting into flames on i-285 north of atlanta. martin savidge is there for us. what are you hearing? what did happen, martin? >> reporter: wolf you can see
2:41 pm
by the traffic behind us here a short while ago reopened i-285. the only evidence of what happened is the black soot mark you can see against the meedsdian. this morning shortly after 10:00 when the piper 32 aircraft apparently took off from peachtree dekalb airport. would have been about a mile away. and quickly witnesses say it looked like it was in trouble, flying low and it was acting erratically and then it impacted. it recently had been fueled. you had a huge fireball. then you had that pal of black smoke. drivers had to swerve to get out of the way. four people onboard killed. miraculously nobody on the ground killinged or injured. two vehicles damaged, you can see traffic flowing once again. >> do we know who was in the plane? >> reporter: at this time, identified now that the pilot was 53-year-old greg byrd. also onboard, his two sons.
2:42 pm
27-year-old christopher. 25-year-old phillip and christopher's fiancee jackie kolser all headed to the university of mississippi where phillip was graduating this weekend. >> a tragedy in deed. coming up a nuclear weapons buildup under way now in north korea, and also an exclusive look inside north korean schools where the top priorities are discipline and loyalty to kim jong un. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts ♪ ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes. our passion to make it real. ♪ ♪
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news. ap new outbreak of tornadoes. go to our meteorologist jennifer gray over at the storm prediction in norman oklahoma. what do we know jennifer? >> reporter: wolf, radio itight now a tornado warning near are the vernon area in texas along the red river. in fact wilbarger county expires in about 30 minutes. this has been a healthy storm. so there's a possibility that the national weather service could extend it beyond the next 30 minutes. we have nasty storms as well that are, we're tracking just west of oklahoma city and the norman area where we are. you know we've been on your show the past couple of days talking about the severe weather threat. a multiday event and we have seen nasty storms, tornadoes and the possibility of that remains for today as well as tomorrow. so we're going to be watching them closely. in fact we are here at the storm prediction center. the folk behind me working hard
2:48 pm
monitoring the weather keeping ip updated on the weather here in oklahoma and around the rest of the country. the plains the area to watch today going into the weekend. >> we'll keep in close touch. keep up informed. other breaking news we're fopping here in "the situation room." new and alarming information about north korea launching weapons. launch ballistic missiles from land and sea apparently. brian todd has more on this ominous weapons buildup. what are you learning? >> reporter: from the afp, quoting the north korean news agency just test fired and underered water ballistic missile fire from a submarine. doesn't go underwater comes out of the water. cited by afp, test fired a ballistic missile that can be launched from a submarine. also learning more how north korea expanded a key facility that makes fuel for nuclear
2:49 pm
weapons. we have information on how many nuclear weapons they have and tonight word our kim jong-un is threatening neighbors. >> reporter: a new and aggressive threat from king joon jong-un, opening fire on anyone moving into what he sees about north korean waters. threats from pyongyang kept america from being able to negotiate over kim's nuclear weapons program, like it's trying to do with iran. cnn learned during the two years of america's obsessive attempts to prevent iran from building one nuclear bomb -- >> north korea is greatly expanding its ability to make the nuclear explosive materiels it needs to make nuclear yale bright says in those two years. kim jong-un's regime has doubled the size of an enrichment plant which you can see in these
2:50 pm
satellite photos. it's where experts say north korea enriches uranium for nuclear bombs. >> north korea has been spending its own money to build up its nuclear weapons program, and also been shopping overseas to get the equipment they need to build up their nuclear arsenal. >> why hasn't the obama administration pursued talks with kim jong-un's government as firmly as it has with iran? white house state department officials tell cnn they're committed to drawing down kim's nuclear weapons and are open to dialogue with kim's government. but north korea has to show a commitment which it hasn't done yet. analysts say there are other reasons. >> i think we have rapidly approached the point of no return over the past five years. this program has gained a lot of momentum over the past few years. and not much has been done to stop it. >> the result is ominous, analysts say kim's regime may well be able to fit nuclear warheads on missiles that can hit south korea or japan.
2:51 pm
>> north korea could have 10-15 nuclear weapons now and it can grow that amount by several weapons per year. >> possibly to more than 50 by the end of 2020. analysts worry kim won't just threaten his neighbors with nuclear bombs. >> they will explore providing technology and maybe assistance to other countries. and groups overseas. if the price is right. >> so who would buy them? analysts say syria could be a customer there's a possibility that north korea could sell nuclear technology to iran although u.s. negotiators will likely try to prevent that. wolf? >> brian can the north koreans fit the warheads on to the missiles that could potentially reach the united states. >> analysts say they can't do it yet stlext not perfected the capability of long-range missiles that can reach the u.s. but we're told the north koreans are working on that.
2:52 pm
>> brian todd reporting for us thank you. we're getting a rare and disturbing look inside north korea's education system. where children are taught a twisted version of history and loyalty to their leader is certainly above all else cnn's will rip sli reporting exclusively from inside the capital city of pyongyang. >> the north korean education system is designed to turn out devoted citizens with devotion to their supreme leader. if they didn't look so young, you might not believe they're first graders. by the time they reach elementary school pyongyang students have typically learned their country's most sacred lesson -- shedding the individualism of youth for the collectivism of north korean society. and most importantly -- loyalty to the leader. >> what do you want to be when you grow snup. >> i'd like to be a journalist.
2:53 pm
so i can spread the greatness of the marshal kim jong-un throughout the world. you'll find the same photos of the late leaders in every classroom and every home. and the same level of discipline. even outdoor exercise is critiqued. classes are praised for moving in unison. these pyongyang orphans will practice for hours until their routine is perfect. demands are even more rigorous at the international football school. north korean athletes are expected to be the best in the world. all students get free uniforms provided by the state, even at the prestigious kim il sung university. >> how much is the tu toigs come to the university. >> there's no tuition fee. >> it's free? >> it is free. >> there's a lot of students
2:54 pm
that would really like that i think? >> all of them study for free we don't know the meaning of tuition fees, we just know it by books. >> the main focus at the university level is science and technology north korea strives to be strong and modern. but only a rare few can access the internet. >> have you ever been on facebook. >> facebook? >> never heard of facebook? >> no. >> for all the discipline there are brief moments when kids can act like kids. at least until it's time to go back to class. north korean students are now required to finish the 12th grade and all are eligible to apply for university those entrance exams are highly competitive. north korea teaches its own version of history and current affairs, one of the reasons why access to the outside world is so tightly controlled. wolf? >> thanks to will ripley for that rare access inside north korea. coming up, military bases across the united states increase
2:55 pm
security. all over the country we have more on the terror threat to the u.s. homeland especially from ice ice. also kicked in the head -- you're going to see the shocking video that's fueling new allegations of police misconduct. over 20 million kids everyday in our country lack access to healthy food. for the first time american kids are slated to live a shorter life span than their parents. it's a problem that we can turn around and change. revolution foods is a company we started
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3:00 pm
officers charged in death of freddie gray take new action to force the baltimore state's attorney off the case. will they get their way. and disturbing video of a suspect kicked in the face and racist texts reveal thousands of threatening cases. a community face morgue scandal and scrutiny. we want to welcome viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer and you're in the "situation room." the breaking news we're learning more about why the u.s. military is now tightening security at bases across the united states right now. a tweet sent by an isis recruiter linked to the terror attack in texas. it's clear tonight that top officials are increasingly alarmed about possible attacks by isis and its sympathizers on u.s. soil that might target the u.s. armed forces. the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee.
3:01 pm
congressman ed royce is standing by along with our correspondents and analysts all covering the news. that's breaking right now. first, let's go to our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto with new information. >> tonight we're learning that the fbi's increasing its monitoring of suspected isis supporters here in the u.s. in the wake of last week's shooting in texas. law enforcement officials telling our evan perez, that counterterrorism investigators will review how they're keeping tabs on suspected extremists whether more invasive monitoring is needed. more in-person interviews door knocks, by discovery by investigators that one of the texas gunmen was having private contact with a known isis recruiter overseas and syria. fbi director james comey speaking to law enforcement officials today. and of particular concern are u.s. military bases and installations around the country. 3200 of them now under new security orders because of concerns by attacks by isis
3:02 pm
supporters. >> the u.s. military is raising the security level at every base across the country. as concerns grow over the threat from isis. it was the shooting in texas on sunday that prompted the increased security measures. the military says this step is not tied to a specific credible threat. saying we have the same concern about the potential threat posed by violent home-grown extremists. the security level has increased to bravo, a ranking signifying an increased and predictable threat of terrorism. u.s. bases have not been at this level since the 10th anniversary of 9/11. >> not only do you have to secure the access to those bases, you have to ramp up security on the post itself. this is going to be a big operation for the security forces of all of the services. >> the texas shooting is highlighting the threat from isis supporters hiding within the united states. >> groups like isil or al qaeda
3:03 pm
now are calling publicly for attacks. in the west. of people who they have never recruited, specifically they have never trained. they've never even met. someone could decide on their own to answer that call with little or no notice. >> u.s. authorities are investigating hundreds of people in the u.s. who have some social media link to isis. a severe challenge for law enforcement to keep tabs on. >> it really is an expansion of how the internet has been used for several years now. both in recruitment and radicalization of young people to join terrorist groups. >> force protection bravo middle in the scale here increased and predictable threats of terrorism, below imminent threat oregon delta. it's only been a handful of times that we've had this level of security. once in february of 2003. not just for bases, that was also for other sites around the country following an al qaeda
3:04 pm
threat. again the holidays of that year same thing, u.s. military installations and shopping centers, other targets. it wasn't until 2011 after the bin laden raid when had you bases under a similar threat situation, increasing the threat level and then it was at the 10th anniversary of 9/11. in both of those cases it wasn't just military bases that were considered under threat this is particular to military bases. as we said earlier, 3200 installations around the country. an enormous response. we're seeing some events canceled at some bases. >> wright-patterson air force base has canceled a concert we have new information about the factors that contributed to the threat level increase. let's go our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr with more information. >> wolf military officials are telling me it's a range of things that has led to this. you just mentioned the cancellation of events at wright-patterson air force base. there had been some reports of some security threats out there
3:05 pm
in recent days. it never became clear we're told whether those were credible or not. the bottom line officials say is there's been a continued threat stream. some of it specific some of it credible. perhaps, but none of it specific and credible. you put those two things together that's when you have the major concern. one of the underlying factors about making this decision is the garland, texas shooting. sand the jihadist that may have inspired that. there's a british jihadist that some weeks ago posted a personal details about nearly 100 u.s. military officials, home addresses, other details about them. that set off alarm bells, then there was a posting of the home address of a very significant u.s. general, someone involved in the training of syrian rebels his home address appearing. we're not going to offer any more details about that due to security concerns for him. but these things altogether have
3:06 pm
made this situation one of concern. that isis is inspiring people they are finding that information on the secure portions of the internet. not credible not specific but that may not be enough to dismiss many of this. one official telling me there's just too much going on out there. we think the temperature is rising. >> they want to err on the side of caution? is that what you're hearing, barbara? >> some of it's caution until heaven forbid something happens. right now with the u.s. northern command believes theed a mirm ed aadmiral in charge is a very cautious person and also very deliberate. he has seen the threat stream out there. he can't guarantee anything. he's got to put security in place at least for a while. one of the key elements here is unpredictability there will be random measures unpredictable measures. if someone is looking at eyeballing the military base they don't want that person to
3:07 pm
be able to predict the security measures and be able to plot and plan against that. so a lot of unpredictability a lot of randomness that's what admiral gortny wants. >> barb remarks they're not saying why they canceled the concert that had been open to the public at wright-patterson air force base tonight? >> at this point officials are not offering a lot of specifics, they're stopping some museum tours there. not a lot of specifics yet about why they are doing that. but they've been public about it they've said it's due to new security procedures and concerns in place. >> barbara starr doing good reporting for us. joining us the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee congressman ed royce, thanks for joining us are you a ware of any specific threats to the u.s. military in your district or elsewhere around the country? >> no specific threats, wolf. but we understand the nature of
3:08 pm
of the ever-evolving situation with isis. not only in the united states by worldwide across democracies, there are increasing incidents of isis trying to encourage attacks against institutions and against even civilian populations on an ongoing basis. it's the ongoing efforts of our federal bureauo of investigation, scotland yard and other intelligence agencies around the world that tries to put these down. >> i assume you have a military base or two, your district out in california in orange county right. >> right, we do. but we have not had any information of direct threats to those bases at this time. >> we did hear the fbi director james comey say he knows there are other elton simpsons one of the two gunmen who launched the attack outside of dallas over the weekend. he says there are other elton
3:09 pm
simpsons out there. are you aware of other elton simpsons? >> we are aware that the fbi is also monitoring other individuals with a similar profile, this is one of the important functions, that the federal bureau of investigation and other intelligence agencies take. and with the assistance of the patriot act, a lot of these attacks have been deterred. now as you know the patriot act comes up for reauthorization and there will be an issue before the house, it will expire on june 1st. in terms of how we will amend the patriot act. at this point in the house of representatives, there has been a bill put before the judiciary committee that has reforms that will protect against bulk data collection of telephone numbers, but will still allow the telephone companies to hold these numbers it will instead require that the intelligence agencies go through the fisa
3:10 pm
court in advance to get the details so that they can continue to do the work in order to monitor against terrorists who attempt to you know basically with phone calls and other forms of communication commit attacks in the united states. >> the fbi director james comey also as you know is a very smart guy, very serious, but he's been blunt in discussing the threat out there right now. where do you stand on this? >> i think he's doing the right thing. part of the methodology here is to let people know if you know something, say something. and when the director points out these facts it makes people more cognizant that they should when they're aware of something that might be afoot.
3:11 pm
allow the intelligence agencies or law enforcement to know about their suspicion so at least it can be checked out. >> mr. chairman i want to you stand by we have more to discuss about this isis the terror threat hitting the u.s. homeland right now, we'll take a quick break, much more with the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee. ed royce, right after this.
3:12 pm
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we're back withed chairman of the house foreign affairs committee, congressman ed royce of california. the breaking news fbi increasing monitoring of suspected isis supporters
3:16 pm
sympathizers here in the united states after the texas terror attack. and now the u.s. military is raising the security level at bases all across the country. more than 3500 3400 facilities. mr. chairman you've said in the past you think the u.s. should be arming the kurds directly in this fight against isis. are you aware of the threats coming from various shiite groups the shiite cleric muqtada al sadr in iraq where threatening attacks against what they describe as u.s. interests, if the u.s. were to arm those kurds directly? >> yes, i suspect that. and the brazenness of what the steps being undertaken by the shia militia, where they're in fact saying if they're not the principal military on the ground in the region, if some other minority group like the kurds
3:17 pm
are given the capability to defend themselves, this is unacceptable to them. what we should recognize is that iran and their allies such as these shia leaders, in this organization that are making this statement are set the terms in which they say only the iran iranian kurds forces will operate with heavy equipment in iraq in yemen, in lebanon. in syria. and i think the aggressiveness of the iranians right now and their allies in hezbollah and in this particular organization is very very evident and the united states needs to push back on this. this is what our allies in the region are worried about, wolf. this is what the jordanians the gulf states the egyptians israel are all worried about in terms of the iranians and their allies dictating the terms.
3:18 pm
>> what do you say, i assume you support the chairman of the house armed services committee, mac thornberry's legislation that would allow the u.s. to bypass the central government in baghdad and give weapons directly to the kurds in northern iraq. the administration is opposing you on that. where does it stand? >> i and elliott engel wrote original legislation to do that. the concept here of course, the kurds are doing most of the fighting along the 600-mile border. most importantly, many minorities yazidis, christians other minorities are behind the kurdish lines being protected by the kurds. but because of the influence of iran baghdad right now won't give them the heavy equipment they need. neither the mortars, nor the artillery, nor the anti-tank weapons to match isis on the ground. of course we have to find a way
3:19 pm
to get this into their hands, they've repeatedly been up on the hill the foreign minister from the kurdish portion of the country has asked me repeatedly please do what you can. so i support this legislation and when it goes through, i hope the administration will reconsider. because so far, the iranians and their allies have been able to dictate terms on just about every single negotiation that we are having in the region. and we cannot let them determine the outcome inside iraq where only only their shia allies have weaponry. only their militia have weaponry especially when they've got their own forces their own iranian forces in the country right now. >> muqtada al sadr and his shiite militias in iraq they say if the u.s. were to provide the weapons directly to the kurds and identify kurdistan as a country for that matter they
3:20 pm
would attack u.s. interests, if the u.s. were to do that to the iraqi sunnis they would attack u.s. interests as well. it's a huge problem right now. one final question before i let you go. the iraqi military it looks like they're losing control of the baiji oil refinery not far from mosul. the largest oil refinery in iraq right now. despite the help from the u.s. and the coalition and air strikes. what happens if they lose that oil refinery to isis? >> well that unfortunately also sends the message around the world to all of these isis followers, that isis is still on the march, can't be defeated. this concept that you know their god is behind isis and isis is the, is the wave of the future the caliphate is on the march. these are the reasons why we want to work with the kurds. and others that oppose isis and if you allow the iranians to
3:21 pm
dictate what you can and cannot do in theater because you're so anxious to the zeal for the deal for a deal with the ayatollah on the nuclear agreement leads you to side-step, taking the decisive steps that need to be taken, in order to get our other allies in the region together on defeating isis you're going to end up undermining stability. and that's been one of the key problems we've had over the last few months. you can hear it from any ambassador from the region. now's the time to step up arm the kurds, work with the sunni tribes and we cannot allow, as i say, the proxies of iran to dictate terms in terms of their entire middle east. >> yes or new york city you still have confidence in that iraqi military? >> well i think if we get the kurds armed, if we get the sunni
3:22 pm
tribes working with them they can do it. it will be done only at the behest of the shia militia, then we're going to have problems. >> appreciate it ed royce, the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee. just ahead, a new federal investigation into the baltimore police department after the death of freddie gray howard gray's family members responding. i'll speak with their lawyer billy murphy standing by. another disturbing police dash camera video showing an unarmed suspect kicked in the face. now the officer has been indicted. is there a solid case against him? our legal experts are standing by.
3:23 pm
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wild within. breaking news out of baltimore, we're learning about new legal action targeting the state's attorney marilyn mobserrill marilyn mosby after a new civil rights investigation of the entire baltimore police department. sara sidner is in baltimore with the latest. update our viewers. >> this shouldn't come as a surprise, we already know that the police association has called for this. now the attorneys for the six officers charged in the case of the death of freddie gray are now asking and filing a motion to try and get marilyn mosby's
3:28 pm
office to recuse itself or remove itself from this case. the motion is a lengthy motion it cites several different things including a conflict of interest, a conflict with her husband, who is a councilman and represents the district in which gray was killed. saying that could give her political gain or at least him political gain because that's is what his constituents want to see, a charge against the officers and a conflict because they both very well know the attorney representing freddie gray. this is happening as the doj announces it's going to investigate the baltimore police department. >> the probe announced by the justice department will look into the baltimore police department's practices and procedures. >> the investigation will begin immediately. and will focus on allegations that baltimore police department officers use excessive force, including deadly force. conduct unlawful searches seizures and raestsz and engage in discriminatory policing.
3:29 pm
>> this weeks after the controversial arrest and death of 25-year-old freddie gray sparked protests and riots. the attorney general said itselfered the trust between the community and the police. the six officers involved are facing criminal charges brought by the state but baltimore's mayor wanted more to be done and on wednesday asked for this investigation. >> such an investigation is essential if we are going to build on the foundation of reforms that we have instituted over the past few years. >> the city's fraternal order of police is firing back a statement saying it wants the mayor to be part of the probe. mayor rawlings-blake is the leader of all city agencies including the baltimore police department and we believe her leadership of and control of the police department deserves consideration. >> engaged in a pattern of civil rights violations. >> if unconstitutional policies or practices are found, we will seek a court-enforceable
3:30 pm
agreement do address those issues. >> which means the justice department can change the police department's policies and procedures. the investigation similar to the one conducted in ferguson after the death of michael brown. now we do know that marilyn mosby has spoken to some of the charges, the breaking news we just talked about. that the attorneys for the six officers are now saying she should recuse herself or at least have her office get out of this and let an independent office look at this case. she has been vehement in denying that there is any conflict of interest. we asked her specifically if there was any kind of conflict all of these different conflicts that have come up in some of these motions. basically she's saying look i'm going to do my job, i'm going to do it with integrity and i'm going to do prosecute with integrity and i will not talk about any more of this case. we asked her about details on monday and that's what she said. >> let's get more from the lawyer for freddie gray's
3:31 pm
family. billy murphy is joining us from baltimore. thanks for joining us. what do you say, these attorneys representing the six baltimore police officers, they want her to recuse herself. they say in part because of you, that you once represented her in some sort of legal mat earn. i assume you've heard of this. tell us what's going on. >> i haven't read the motion and i'm not going to comment on the particulars of the motion until i've done that i think everybody can understand that. but it is almost impossible for this motion to succeed. because it really is an attack on marilyn mosby's integrity and impartiality and there's no base toys make that attack. marilyn represents an assumption that public officials will do their job correctly.
3:32 pm
you have to have evidence that she is not capable of doing the job. how do you do that? that doesn't strike me as something that's easy to prove at all. >> did you represent her in some sort of legal matter in. >> i have no present recollection of doing that. but i'm going to look. if it's the case i'll have to address it. >> because i know there are also these attorneys representing the police officers saying you gave her money in her campaign. i know in the past you said you didn't but your son did, right? >> well yes, that's the same law firm so it doesn't make a real difference. >> it came from the -- go ahead. >> the f.o.p. their organization of the police throughout the department also gave a similar contribution to marilyn mosby. so it's difficult to see any conflict arising out of that. >> how is the family reacting to the news that the attorney general of the united states is
3:33 pm
now going do launch a full-scale civil rights vehicles vegs into the behavior of the entire baltimore police department? >> well they're delighted about that. and they're delighted because this is a long-awaited move to shed detailed and fact-specific light over the baltimore police department over the past several years. everyone wants to know what the pattern and practice of their policing has been. which gave them the audacity to injure freddie gray ultimately causing his death for no apparent reason. and so we want to know whether or not these hundreds of police brutality cases that have been settled by the city show a a pattern and practice. on the face of it they certainly do. what city settles in four years, roughly 600 police brutality or police misconduct case without
3:34 pm
there being an extraordinary problem in the police department. >> you're welcoming the decision right now, i know that loretta lynch, the new attorney general, met with the gray family. can you share with us what she told them. >> no i'd rather not. because that was meant to be a private conversation where she gave her condolences to the family. beyond that i don't want to comment. >> where does it all stand right now? from your perspective. the legal case against the six baltimore police officers there are a lot of legal experts out there saying there are various elements of the case seem to be weak. >> well i'm a fact-driven person. i want to see the facts before i make any comment about the strengths or weaknesses of a case. if i ever do.
3:35 pm
that's not my case i'm not involved in that case. my case is the civil action that we may file as a result of our investigation and that ought to be having the benefit of all the other investigations as well. and my approach and the family's approach is that we will follow the facts wherever they lead. the family is a very unusual family. they are not into finger-pointing or making allegations or commenting on allegations about any officer in particular. what we all know is that this man, freddie gray was injured fatally while in police custody for no apparent good reason. we all want to know nationally what was behind that i think speculating about things which is against my training as a lawyer and as a former judge, doesn't really add to the debate and may even detract from it.
3:36 pm
we are hopefully waiting for full disclosure. we haven't gotten the autopsy report for example. then and only then will we piece it all together and come up with what we believe represents the truth. that's a lot of hard work wolf and we're a long way from doing that. >> the knife, there are conflicting reports it was illegal in the city of baltimore, but was legal in the state of maryland. what can you tell us about the knife that freddie gray was carrying? >> we haven't been shown the knife yet. we haven't had a chance to make our own evaluation of it right now it's just competing legal argument based on facts not getting out into the public about the knife. i can't comment about that. >> billy murphy, we will stay in close touch with you, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. let's bring in our justice reporter evan perez, our senior
3:37 pm
legal analyst, jeffrey toobin and the hln legal analyst, joey jackson. >> what's your reaction to the lawsuit filed by the six police officers charged in freddie gray's death do they have a case? >> i don't think they have a case. in the ferguson matter the death of michael brown. everyone was outraged that the prosecutor mr. mccullough, had a conflict of interest because he was on the same side as the cops. i think these prosecutors, they are elected, it is understood under certain circumstances that they will prosecute the police. they get campaign contributions from lawyers who have practices before before them. that's just how our system is set up. based on the facts that are available now, i don't see any conflict of interest that would justify taking her off the case. >> much more to discuss, we'll
3:38 pm
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we're back with our analysts in the breaking news lawyers for the six baltimore officers police officers charged in the death of freddie gray have filed a motion calling for the state's
3:43 pm
attorney marilyn mosby to be taken off the case another police department is embroiled in controversy, this one in dover, delaware. it's been two months since the department of justice reported on what's going on in ferguson who movement you're close to that community over there. have you seen any significant changes in ferguson the police department there? what's going on? >> i think it's a little early to necessarily tell what those changes are. i will say this much wolf the police department and the leadership of that city are certainly much more vigilant about the types of decisions that they make in terms of their policing. i do know that some recent hires have taken place. there has been some effort if you will to make their force a little more diverse, as well as some key administrators at city hall. it is a little bit early to tell what some of those major steps
3:44 pm
have been yet. >> let's move from baltimore, ferguson to this dash camera video i'm going to show coming in from delaware showing a police officer kicking a suspect in the face. wath to warn our viewers the video may be disturbing to some of our viewers, let's watch this. area. back here. >> you saw the suspect, the suspect put his hands up. move towards the ground as ordered. then the dover police the police officer went ahead and we saw him kick this individual. what do you make of this joe
3:45 pm
wi? >> it certainly is troubling, police we know had a very difficult job there was a police officer buried in new york today and that's certainly problematic and everyone's heart needs to go out to them for the fine work they do. however when in an instance like this where the person appears to be complying and appears to be getting down and gets kicked in the face tough wonder whether it's excessive, whether it's necessary, whether it's even appropriate. we know apparently an initial grand jury did not indict and another grand jury did decide to go after the officer. if anyone does things that is destructive that is criminal that is deemed in the law to be unacceptable they have to be held accountable, whether they're civilian or police officers. >> jeffrey toobin, we know that the suspect who was kicked in the face was not charged with anything. what do you make of this? >> well joey sounded very judge-like to me.
3:46 pm
think it's sickening. i think it's an appalling video. i love cops too. but you know that just looks like a criminal act to me. we are now in ain an age where cell phone videos are transforming american law enforcement and all i can say is good. because they don't lie. >> i want to be precise, the charges against this individual were dropped. there had been some charges but they were dropped. evan as you watch what's going on i want to remind our viewers what happened in new york today. there was a funeral for a new york city police officer who was shot and killed. and huge numbers of new york city cops came out to pay their respects. here's the question based on what you're hearing, are there increased threats to police officers around the country based on everything we've been seeing over the past several months? >> officers do feel they're under more threat wolf. they also feel that they are
3:47 pm
more instances in which people are confronting them trying to instigate things to try to get a reaction out of police officers i heard this last night meeting with a couple of law enforcement officials. they say they've heard it around the country. part of the problem for the police departments around the country is there's some legitimate complaint here. need to react to it and they need to fix some of these problems. >> joey you live in new york. you saw the outpouring of support for this police officer today in new york city. >> there needs to be an outpouring of support. you certainly want to bridge that gap between community relations and the police department, so that there's a cooperative effort to make things better. people shouldn't be under unnecessary attack they shouldn't be shot and killed and they need to have the same
3:48 pm
respect for the community. whenever you see anyone's loss of life particularly someone who is giving of themselves to make the community safer, it just is a gut-wrenching feeling and certainly your heart has to go out to the police you know in this instance who is dead at the young age of 25. >> the san francisco district attorney is also broadening his investigation into police misconduct after it was revealed that sheriff deputies were gambling on forced fighting matches between inmates at a city jail. the news comes after recent disclosures of racist homophobic text messages exchanged between san francisco police officers. what kind of case does the d.a. have in san francisco? >> well again that's been a police department that's been troubled for a long time. i wrote a story in the "new yorker" almost ten years ago, about a scandal involving faijitas it was known as faijita-gate in san francisco. even though it is known as a very liberal city and it is
3:49 pm
politically, the police department has had many issues with the community. and you know it's a big city and big cities have had these problems. and we're going to see more investigations and we're going to see more truth about what goes on in police/civilian confrontations because so many of us have phones now. >> do you think this was all good joey? >> i think it's very good. what's very disturbing is we have to remember when police are on the street there's so much discretion as a former prosecutor i can tell you the discretion that you have as a prosecutor should you charge should it be a misdemeanor, should it be a felony? what kind of jail recommendation will you make? out on the street you have officers enforcing policies. they're doing it in this instance of the mindset where they have all of these derogatory text messages going out about african-americans, about gay and lesbians about
3:50 pm
latinos, it's sickening. because it impairs their ability to operate in a law that needs to be fair and even for everyone and that's troubling. >> and john gasken this notion that they were gam belong on a forced fighting of inmates at the city jail -- >> it's reminds me of the scathing report that the justice department put out about the city of ferguson. when you hear habit these types of incidents that are taking place inside of police departments, people who are suppose to be upholding the law that are supposed to be role models for our young people in the community, keeping order in our communities, those outliers make police officers and make law enforcement officers in this country look very bad and that's
3:51 pm
absolutely ridiculous to hear that. >> can i add something about the outside investigations? one thing that's pe kul lar, particularly in boston asking for the investigation, she's the mayor. if she thinks something is wrong with the police department she should just fix it. these outside investigations almost always come about because there's a conflict with the political authority in the jurisdiction. but here, you know the justice department is not out there just to help every police department to do a better job. they don't have the resources, they can't do that. if the mayor of baltimore thinks that the police needs to be improved need to do a better job, she should start doing it tomorrow not pass the buck to the justice department which will take a year to do this. >> jeffrey toobin joey jackson, evan perez, thanks very much. to our viewers out there, to find out what you to do to help bhalt more to rebuild, visit
3:52 pm much more news coming up right after this.
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new tonight, eye popping comments by jeb bush after weeks of publicly trying to distance himself somewhat from his broth, we're told that a republican event the other day he cited george w. bush as one of his top foreign policy advisers. let's bring in jeff zel any and her cnn political reporter sara murray. tell us what you heard about this event. >> people in the room said they were very surprised to hear jeb bush citize brother brother as one of his go-to policy advisers on foreign policy on the middle east. obviously george w. bush's legacy still divisive with the americans. people said i was jarring to hear the remark. >> what's been the reaction? >> it's surprising that he would do this to voters in general. but among republicans. so that's perhaps why jeb bush was doing this because surprisingly some big donors
3:58 pm
like sheldoned a l sop do not think''s pro-israel. long term i'm not sure. >> this was an event that had a lot of pro-israel types. is that what it was about? >> absolutely. the way that jeb bush staffers are trying to cast this is jeb was only talking about iz ra el. he wasn't talking about foreign policy. yes, george w. bush was a great ally of israel. that's how they're trying to cast it. their aggressive pushback to the idea that e with was talking more broadly about foreign policy, about the middle east gives you an indication of how worried that they are about the story line getting out, the idea that jeb and george w. bush hold the same ideas. >> jobs numbers with 5.4% unemployment. that's the lowest in seven years. assuming it continues, a positive ripple for hillary clinton clinton. >> there's no stronger gift that president obama would give fer
3:59 pm
her is a strong economy. more important that raising money and campaigning. a strong economy is good for all americans of course as well. one thing hin tri-clinton is trying to do she's trying to talk about income and equality. she can't campaign as though everything is fine. she of course is trying to fix things. but of course if the economy is stronger she'll be stronger. the republicans say there are so many jobs that people are simply given up looking for jobs. >> republicans are going to find some dark news even in a bright jobs report. they're saying even if you graduate from college right now, you're not guaranteed to get a job and by the way we're not seeing wages go up even though we're seeing the unemployment rate come down. there are strorm clouds they can point. >> assuming that the u.s. is not at war, it seems like the economy -- >> it >> of course. >> all about the wallet. >> all of us remember the '92
4:00 pm
campaign. >> she she certainly does. >> that's it for me thanks very much for watching. happy mother's day. erin burnett outfront starts right now. outfront tonight, breaking news fighting back. the police officers charged in the death of freddie gray calling for the prosecutor to be kicked off the case. is she too biassed if are the job. and days after a issuing a bomb sheel report on tom brady, the mfl still hasn't said a word. will brady get a free pass or a major suspension. a doctor te clard ebola free. find out the virus is back in his eye. we have the images the story. let's go outfront. good evening, i'm erin burnett outfront tonight. a demand to kick the baltimore prosecutor off the case.