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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  May 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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properties sunday night at 10:00 and this weekend watch the global edition of "outfront." our show airs saturday and sunday on cnn internet and this week seize my interview with elton john and his fight with dolche and gab an saw and the royal baby. . the united states military on alert and security tightened on military alert because of terror threats and concerns about isis supporters here in the united states. jim sciutto joins us with the latest. >> the united states is look at extremists around the world. they will look back at hundreds of them under investigation and do they need further interviews and door nokzand possible monitoring. it is a measure of a level of concern right now but the particular concern focused on u.s. military instillations. 3200 around the country
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concerning the military and concerning the attack and the u.s. military taking this threat very seriously. >> the u.s. military is raising the security level at every base across the country. as concerns grow over the threat from isis. it was a shooting in texas on sunday that prompted the increased security measures. and the military said the step is not tied to a specific credible threat saying we have the same concern about the potential threat posed by violent proem grown extremists. and the security level has increased to bravo, a ranking and increased predictable threat of terrorism. u.s. bases have not been at the level since the tenth anniversary of 9/11. >> you have to secure the access to the basis and ramp up security on the post itself. so this is going to be a big operation for the security forces of all of the services. >> the texas shooting is highlighting the threat from isis supporters hiding within
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the united states. >> groups like isil or al qaeda now are calling publicly for attacks in the west of people they have never recruited, specifically they have never trained, never even met. someone could decide on their own to answer that call with little or no notice. >> u.s. authorities are investigating hundreds of people in the u.s. who have some social media link to isis. a severe challenge for law enforcement to keep tabs on. >> it is really an expansion of how the internet has been used for several years now in both recruitment and radicalization of young people to join terrorist groups. >> so jim, the idea that one of the texas attackers was having direct contact with a known recruiter, does that mean officials are closer to declaring that was the first-isis directed attack.
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>> they put it in a isis inspired attack but just like you and i would read something and go out and carry it out on our own and we are not in the operational command an control category but it was a jihadi and appeared to be prepping and pushing and coddling the texas gunmen to carry out the attack and more than just the left hand but it was certainly more than just inspiration but investigating how far that went and if you can push one man or one other assailant to carry out an attack that is all you need. even if he picks the target or the timing and that is why they are concerned because that is hard to track and prevent. >> jim, thank you. and more breaking news. attorneys for the six officers charged in the death for freddie gray may have filed a motion for the recusal of marilyn mosby
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for the case. it cites conflict of investigation and the investigation her office conducted. more than a week ago she announced charges against the officers. today the department of justice opened an investigation against the baltimore police department. >> this investigation will begin immediately. and will focus on allegations that baltimore police department officers used excessive force, including deadly force, conducted unlawful searches seizure and arrest and engaged in discriminatory policing. >> loretta lunch launched the investigation at the urging of baltimore police union. sara sidner joins us from baltimore. and so the motion for the recusal of mosby, what is the latest on it? >> reporter: it spells out five conflicts of interest and things that the lawyers see as a conflict of interests. we've heard from them from the
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police union. i'll let you know what they are. this is a 109 page motion so there is a lot in there. it talks about mosby and her husband, nick mosby, a council member who is in charge of the district where freddie gray was killed. the motion is basically that she is giving him a political advantage and getting political gain all of the fact that he charged people because people in his district were chanting that and wanting the charges to go forward against the officers and that she has a personal relationship with potential witnesses that her office also took part in investigating the case against the six officers. and there is also this pending civil lawsuit against her department and her office that was talked about. and lastly there is -- and this came up again before with the police union that she and her husband have a close friendship with the attorney representing gray's family. and that he served as her lawyer at some point saying that is a
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huge conflict of interest. we asked her about some of the accusations because they were brought up by the police union last week and here is what she said about the accusations that she couldn't be fair and all of these conflicts of interest? >> there is a number of crimes that take place in baltimore city and unfortunately and in the district that we live. where is the conflict? what i have to take myself away from every case and crime that takes place in west baltimore? that maybes no-- makes no sense. >> reporter: and she was clear there was no conflict of interest. and she would not talk about no other detail of the case. and very stern on that. she doesn't want to try this in the media. she is keeping a closed door on the details of the case until it goes to court. >> a lot of people criticized her for giving out details
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previously. and the investigation into the department of justice, how will that look? >> reporter: very similar to ferguson. except i would imagine it would take longer potentially. we know from looking at ferguson that took over six months for the department of justice to go in and took out huge amounts of electronic data and they did extensive interviews with police officers and community members and people in the city. so you will see what is a top to bottom look at this department and there will be a lot of documents, a lot to go through. and i think it will take quite a bit of time and we shouldn't expect an answer or revelation about what they found for some time anderson. >> sara sidner. jeffrey toobin joining me now. what do you think of the notion to recuse herself what do you make of it.
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>> i don't think she is likely to be recused. this is common that local district attorneys sometimes investigate police. as we remember from police, they are usually biassed in favor of the police. >> too close to police. >> and so i think this is really an attempt to condition the jury pool to say this is not a good prosecution that mosby is in over her head. i don't think there is any realistic chance she'll be thrown off the case. >> and let me play devil's advocate. her husband representing the district where this occurred you can make a strong argument that he benefits from her taking a tough stance against the police officers. >> she benefits too. she's an elected official. that is the way the prosecutors are, in almost every jurisdiction in the country. the lead prosecutor is an elected official and want to ingratiate herself with the voters. the fact that her husband also
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wants to ingratiate himself, that is just a fact of the job. >> how often does it happen when they recuse themself? >> very rarely. and what came out of the ferguson situation was an attempt in certain states to create a special prosecutor and an independent prosecutor and there were proposals because of eric garner in staten island to create an in deposit investigation -- an independent investigation and it hasn't gone anywhere. >> do you think there will be a change of venue for the trial? >> i think that is probably likely. >> because of what went on? >> because it got so much publicity and so much of baltimore was convulsed with the riots an the protests. what makes it peculiar is maryland is such a small state, where are you going? analyst or prince george's
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country. but this was such an event about baltimore, it is likely they could move it out. >> jeff thank you very much. and a quick reminder. watch ac360 any time you want and set your dvr. a small crashing on a busy highway and four people died and what we know about what happened. and police officers mourn one of their own in new york. tens of thousands turned out for an officer slain less than a week ago.
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a tragic story in georgia, four people on a airplane were killed after it crashed. nobody on the ground were killed even though it happened in the rush hour. >> [ bleep ] a plane just crashed in front of us. >> this plane north of atlanta cake just as rush hour was ending. hundreds of people witnessed its horror. it slammed into a cement median and burst into plane, sending black smoke into the air. all four people on board were killed. the piper took off from dekalb patch tree airport and wilt --
5:15 pm
witnesses said it shows signed almost right away. >> i saw the red light to get on the 285 and just a large plume of black smoke. >> drivers swerved to avoid the drafter. >> gerald smith's semi was one of two vehicles hit by debris. >> if i would have stayed on the gas, i would have hit it head on and it probably would have killed me. >> and fortunately no one on the ground was hurt. >> it is quite remarkable considering the fact 285 around that time of the morning, that it was not any more tragic than what it was. >> those in the plane were the pilot, greg bird and his two sons 27-year-old christopher and 25-year-old philip and his fiancee jackie. they were hiding to graduation ceremonies this weekend. the small plane had no black box
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recorders. >> i will look at the maintenance last done on the aircraft. from what we understand the airplaine just fueled over at peachtree dekalb and look at the pilot's experience. >> i-285 reopened on friday but the scars of the tragedy remain. both on the highway and in the minds of the many who saw it. >> martin savidge joins us now. it is interesting to hear the investigators say without the black boxes they are looking at the track report of the pilot. >> correct. and the wreckage. and the wreckage is likely to hold the key. the ntsb holds all of the information and they will have a report in six months to a year. they'll know how it happened and the family will be wondering why. anderson. >> martin thank you. in the town of seafort, nothing could have left anything more heartbreaking than what
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left the officer dead and many showed their support. a sea of blew was extraordinary sight to witness. >> they came by the thousands to pay their respects a final salute so brian moore who dreamed of becoming a cop. the 25-year-old officer was laid to a rest less than a week after being shot in the head after patrolling the street of queens with his partner. 25,000 attended the funeral all gathering sat the romage catholic church. thousands gathering on the streets for the funeral procession. as bagpipes played palm barriers lifted his casket and white gloved officers stood in salute as his family stood on.
5:18 pm
in attendance bill bratton and the mayor bill de blasio. >> we are heartbroken as are the people of our city. brian moore dedicated his life to protecting all of us. >> let us say farewell to detective brian moore as he begins his journey to a new assignment a hero of the city a guardian at the gate of new york city and now a guardian angel at the gate of heaven. >> the chaplain said god prepared a place for officer moore and he's basking in the warmth of god's love. >> all who knew him, loved him, something he said and did, something personal to you and to him, and every time you think of that thing, you'll know brian is there. >> some have said officer moore
5:19 pm
was born blue. his father seen here saluting the ambulance carrying his son this week is a retired nypd sergeant and prompting him to take the entrance exam at just 17 and he joined in july 2010 and he made more than 150 arrests and received various service medals and also devoted to his family always reserving one of his days off to be with his mother. today at his funeral, observe brian moore was honored for his dedication, promoted posthumously detective, first grade. applause filled the church easing some of the grief, if only for a moment. randi kaye cnn, new york. >> a tear iblg terrible loss. up next the flooring jienl
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lumber liquidators will stop selling a type of flooring in homes across the united states after a 60 minutes report that exposed dangerous levels of formaldehyde in the lamb nant -- lamin ant. >> and a doctor that received ebola has recovered only to have it still be in his eye. now, you're gonna have two bundles of joy! i'm not pregnant. i'm gonna go. [ tapping, cash register dings ] there you go. [ buzzing ] bundle bee coming! it was worth it! saving you a bundle when you bundle -- now, that's progressive.
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great deals on other toyotas, visit enjoy your prius. thanks, jan. look out people, coming in hot. toyota. let's go places. i want to share with you a report i did with katherine davis and sam horn blower about a company called lumber liquidators and the flooring across the united states. it is one of the hardest retailer of flooring with more than 360 stores in 46 states n. addition to hardwood flooring they sell 100 million square foot of cheaper laminate flooring installed in american homes every year. they are an american flooring but much of it is made in china.
5:25 pm
and as we discovered during our 60 minutes investigation it may fail to meet healthy and safety standards because it contains formaldehyde. it insisted the flooring is safe but yesterday it announced it would stop selling the flooring despite positive results of the air quality tests. here is part one of my test. >> you want them to replace every board. >> and replace it with clean boarding. >> how much is that going to cost? >> i don't care. because they are guilty of selling people product that could make them sick. >> these worried california homeowners who didn't want to be identified aren't waiting for lumber liquidators, they are ripping up their floors now and many can't afford to replate the flooring on their own -- replace flooring on their own. >> they don't know what to do.
5:26 pm
they are flooring they think will make them sick. >> global community monitor teamed up with a prominent environmental attorney to test the chinese made flooring. >> do you have any idea how much of this flooring is in homes. >> we believe there are tens of thousands of households in california that have installed the lumber lick doors -- lumber liquidators flooring. >> they bought more than 150 boox boxes at -- boxes and sent them for a series of tests. the results while laminate flooring had acceptable flooring every sample of christians flooring -- china flooring failed to meet emission
5:27 pm
standards. >> the average product was over six to seven times above the state standard for formaldehyde and some were 20 times above the level that is aloud to be -- allow fod be sold. >> that sounds like a huge amount. >> it was so high that one of the test labs thought the machine was broken. >> it hit the upper limit of the radar gun and they thought it was broken. >> it is one of the levelsthat is considered pollutions. >> would you want that in your home? >> no. >> mt. sinai specialized in exposure to toxic chemicals and is talking about another kind of test measuring the concentration of the emission of the chemicals. >> it would increase the risk of
5:28 pm
chronic respiratory irritation and change in a person's lung function and asthma. it won't produce systems in everybody, but children will most likely show symptoms at that sort of level. >> children are featured prom innocently in the ads and the company likes to promote the donations they make to habitat for humanity ronald mcdonald and schools and charities. >> trust the flooring experts at lumber liquidators. >> and on thur website -- their website they promise they meet or exceed standards and they say they comply with laws they exceed them. >> that is not a true statement. >> is it legal to sell these boxes of wood in california? >> no it is not. it is illegal to sell these boxes of wood in california. we hope they will not sell these products anywhere in the nation
5:29 pm
because they are above the health base standards the state has set. >> they were backed by short sellers, a group of wall street investors who are betting the company is overvalued who sued them. drewry has launched a class-action lawsuit against the company. it is approval to have some formaldehyde. this footage was recorded by investigators hired by 60 minutes. formaldehyde is in the glues used for the glue. the top keeps the formaldehyde trapped inside but formaldehyde does leak into the air. how much is inhaled by homeowners depends on how much is in the glue and how much ventilation is in the home. >> you are in a chamber and you are in there and living and
5:30 pm
sleeping in it and you are constantly exposed to it to a carcinogen over a long period of time. >> because it can cause leukemia and cancer at high levels and respiratory issues, california has strict standards of how much the floorboards can remit. every every box said it is complaint. and they set strict standards for pharm emissions in wood flooring. congress adopted the limits when they passed the formaldehyde standards in 2010 and that is expected to take effect nationwide this year. and they only had wood tested sold in california. with you wondered if the flooring that they are selling nationwide also has high levels
5:31 pm
of formaldehyde. so we went to stores in virginia florida, texas, illinois and new york and bought 31 boxes of it. we sent the samples for testing at two certified labs and it turns out, of the 31 samples of chinese made laminate flooring oath one was complaint with standards. some were more than 13 times over the california limit. both labs told us they had never seen formaldehyde levels that high. and when we took the test results to the founder and chairman tom sullivan he refused to accept the methodology as valid and said the company is not required by law to test the finished products like we did. >> it is not a real world test of the laminate. that is not the way it is used. >> you don't believe in the test but what you believe doesn't matter. >> we'll have his response to my question and what we found when investigators with hitten cameras went to -- hidden
5:32 pm
cameras went to mills with the flooring is made.
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lumber liquidateors has
5:36 pm
announced they will stop selling flooring from china after the 60 minutes showing it had formaldehyde. after it was testified at labs only one showed it was complaint. here is part two of the record. >> it is not a real world test of the laminate. that is not the way it is used. >> you say you don't leave in the test but what you don't believe is important, it is what california believes. >> we'll do what are the regulations are. >> i don't understand how you can do a test on your laminate and every single one failed to meet the emission standard. >> people have different reasons for the tests. this is a group of lawyers short selling us. >> one of the first people to raise questions about the
5:37 pm
company back in 2013 was whitney tillson, a wall street hedge fund manager. he has shorted the company stock but not involved in any lawsuits against it. >> in 16 years of pronegligenceal money management i've seen companies to do things to get their company stock up but this is the worst. >> he studied the workings of companies he's invested in and he seemed the stock prices were high. >> when you see a commodity suddenly double profit margins, that raises flags. >> it is almost unprecedented for a company. >> based on those profits the stock price went from $13 a share in 2011 to $119 in 2013. tillson suspected the company might be breaking the law. he learned they were under federal investigation for allegedly buying timber
5:38 pm
illegally logged in russia. they were raided at their headquarters in september of 2013. the company denied being the logged wood but the department of justice might have a lawsuit filed against. and tillson got tipped off with someone's operation in china and said they were missing the bigger story. and the bigger story was that they were almost purchasing formaldehyde-tainted laminated flooring in china. >> why would the company purchase wood that is tainted with formaldehyde? >> the answer is greed. it is cheater and net-net it reduces the cost by 10%. >> which in eye business with this profit margin it means money. >> it is big business. >> our goal is to get the price
5:39 pm
by low overhead huge volume and being very efficient at what we do. we're never going to sell something unsafe. >> do you trust your mills in safe? >> we do. we have inspectors. and they are licensed by california. >> when you say licensed by california that means that california said this mill is capable ever making carb two complaint and california is not saying every piece and product is carb 2 complaint. >> our specs are to make it to california standards. >> but for months we've been hearing from former employees, suppliers and industry competitors that the china-made laminates are not being made to california standars so we -- standards so we sent them to the laminate flooring capital of the world. posing as buyers and using hidden cameras, the investigators visited three different mills that manufacture
5:40 pm
for the company. they openedly admit they use higher level of formaldehyde to save the company 10-15% on the price and at all three mills they admitted to falsely labelling the flooring as carb 2, meaning it meets california formaldehyde emissions standards and the new u.s. law. and at this company they said the company was one of their biggest can customers. >> this it the best customer. >> how long have you been doing this? is this carb 2? >> and listen to what the general manager told us? >> no. no carb 2. [ inaudible ]. >> we can make carb 2 but it is very expensive.
5:41 pm
>> and that is what the team was told at all three mills they visited. >> all of this here lumber liquidators, all of this is not carb 2? >> not carb 2. >> and remember the founder and chairman tom sullivan said he trusted the mills he used. >> all of the mills told us they are not carb 2 complaint. look at this. we shared some of our hidden camera footage with him. >> is this carb 2? >> no. no carb to. >> i don't know the whole situation there. i can guarantee you he'll be in that -- we'll be in the mill tomorrow and that is not anything we can condone in any way to save a cent. >> so this concerns you? >> yeah. of course. >> is this acceptable to you? >> if it is true no. >> all mills told us they falsely label your wood.
5:42 pm
that is cheating. >> if it is true. >> is this cheating to you. >> we'll investigate this. if it is true i don't know the whole story, but we'll investigate it immediately. >> it certainly calls into question not just the mills but your oversight of the mills. >> it could, yes. >> as we said the company announced it will stop selling chinese made laminate floor. we invited the ceo of the company tonight and he declined. and just how little doctors know about the long-term effects of ebola. dr. ian crozier thought he had beaten the virus but it was lurking deep inside of his eye of all places preparing to launch a new attack that nearly blinded him. he's sharing his story ahead tonight. to do. cross that ocean. walk on that moon.
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>> tonight in this first prime time interview, a doctor who ebola interview unleashed a second attack on him. he received ebola in sierra
5:47 pm
leone. but he seemed to recover. there was no more ebola found in his blood. but it turns out it was lurking inside of his eye of all places. one day he looked in his eye and realize the iris of his eye was not blue it was green. and he thought he would lose his sight for good. dr. ian crozier joins me tonight. and so dr. crozier, your story sin credible. a long after you were declared ebola free did you realize there was a problem from your vision. >> as i emerging and went home to phoenix to rehabilitate there were other things higher on the food chain. i was struggling to learn to walk again and trying to get stronger and having inflammatory back pain and having minimal eye symptoms. it was a report that i heard from survived where i was taking
5:48 pm
care of patients that were having an unexpected high evidence of eye symptoms that caused me to pay attention to mild burning and light sensitivity in my eyes and out of that came my first interaction with emory ophthalmology in atlanta. >> and how soon after that did they learn it was still in your blood. >> i had a base shrine examination in november -- a baseline examination in november and i did have some hyper pigmented scars that looked like some footprints of an examination process and then i developed eye symptoms. >> they discovered that you had ebola in your eye. i know it took the doctors by surprise. had they any idea that that was even possible? >> while we thought this might be what weigh cul an immune
5:49 pm
related ebola complication we certainly didn't think it was active to a replicating virus in the eye, i understand there was-- that i understand. >> and i understand there was a motion you woke up and you understood your eye was green. >> i began to have problems with visual accruity and as my sight started to go bad it became clear this was a different animal and it was aggressive and whatever was unleashed in my eye and was not going away quickly and one morning i woke up and realize md blue eye had turned bright green and this was a surprise. >> the idea that ebola still existed in your eye, did that mean that your eye was contagious that tears or something from that eye could have spread the virus? >> i was immediately concerned
5:50 pm
that i had been -- or i was at risk of transmitting to family members and to friends and so it is very important to point out as we talk about this shocking finding, that my tear fluid and the outside of the eye, specimens were negative, completely negative for ebola before and after this procedure. >> so how are your eyes now? and is the ebola gone from the inside? >> in addition to the color change i lost pressure in my eye, my eye began getting softer and losing the architecture and so by the time i flew back to phoenix, it was like looking through a block of cheese to be honest. and there was a development of a dense inflammatory debris obstruction. and so as stevie my opthomologist peered into my
5:51 pm
eye, he couldn't see through the back of my eye and i peered out through the retina and couldn't see steve. eventually that detached from the retina and i could use my extraockular muscles to move the obstruction around and find a portal through which i could see quite well and now it is back to -- it is not back to baseline completely but oefrp the month that has increased. >> it is extraordinary. but in terms of the presence of ebola, does that mean it is gone? >> the only way to tell it is gone is to put a needle back into the eye and that comes with risks especially when the eye is at a low pressure and at there point we've decided not to retap and verify but that may come down the road. >> what is the message in all of this? obviously it shows how little is known about what happens to people after they are declared ebola-free because for so long it was a death sentence and
5:52 pm
still is in many pars of the world but for you what is the takeaway for you is this? >> there is an emerging problem for the spectrum but there are patients who develop severe complications and going blind. and you can imagine an ebola survivor who has been through the personal hell in the villages who have lost family and friends and siblings and in a lonelier hell and then to face the tragedy of going blind, it is a story we must pay attention to. >> doctor thank you. >> thanks. >> that is incredible. up next insight on the land of kilt pugs and so much more. something to make you smile. anthony bourdain gives you a preview of his travels to scotland. it can quickly become the only thing you think about.
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anthony bourdain takes us to scotland this sunday for parts unknown. i got a plooe view when -- preview when we did some cooking at any home. and you go to scotland and a tough part when is glass glow. and most people go to he haddin borrow. and they are tough to understand sometimes. >> look i love it.
5:57 pm
glass-wegin will tell you it is not scotland. i first arrived on book tour years ago, i had been a fair number ever places in the u.k. and i was comfortable and glasgow was a whole different thing. i'm sure i cannot use this world on television they'll have to bleep it but within 30 seconds of arriving in glasgow, i called a [ bleep ], in an affectionate way. and i found that charming. they are -- it is a working class town. it is -- everyone in the town is funny. everyone is really tough. it just got a lot of heart and a lot of soul. if i was thinking of one place to shoot in scotland it was it.
5:58 pm
>> it is a big drinking town. >> it is a big drinking town. so we shot in glasgow and tried in the best we could to try to convey what it is about that town that i love and why people should go there. >> what about the food though? i mean scottish food. haggis. what is haggis exactly? >> it is the lungs, throat and other organs of a sheep cooks in its stomach. the glorious gushing sack as robert burns called it. >> glorious gushing sack. i'm not sure we can say that on cable. >> the food is fantastic. great game. extraordinary seafood. the traditional seafood is great. the modern chefs get better and better every day.
5:59 pm
it is not the place to seat spaghetti, probably. and to prove that point we went into the scottish highlands which are easily one of the most extraordinarily beautiful places on earth. if you are looking for someplace that hasn't changed since the dinosaurs roamed that would be it and i hiked up hill on successful days six miles looking for a magnificent animal to shoot in the brain and eat. >> and did i find one? >> yes. and look it is not -- it is tough. you hike up six miles. >> a stag or -- >> yeah. >> and don't you rub the blood. animal all over you. >> yes, as one shoot. >> what? after the kill. >> if it is your first, your more experienced karma you rub the blood on the face and you have to wear it for the rest of the day. >> and when people sent you e-mails complaining about this
6:00 pm
did you read them? are you on twitter reading this kind of stuff? >> well a few angry vegetarians but generally speaking they don't get enough animal protein to follow up on their athletes. i'm going to punch out that bourdain on what he did today. i'm not feeling so good today. clearly. >> i look forward to seeing it. >> don't send the e-mails about it. tune in for toen board a -- parts unknown. high profits starts right now. >> so we'll be there in about five minutes or less. do you have all of your money? >> i just need to use my computer bag so i don't have a backpack orring in. >> so it doesn't look like a