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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 9, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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thank you. >> we will never forget, we'll never know their pain and we only wish we could have stopped this to reduce the number of victims. russia celebrates the 70th anniversary of the defeat of the nazis in world war ii. with a tremendous display of military might. we'll be live in moscow. >> north korea conducts an underwater missile test. why now? and what threat does it pose? still ahead. >> plus, the u.s. military is on alert tightening security at military bases around the
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country because of terror threats. hello, welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm andrew stevens. you are watching "cnn newsroom." ♪ ♪ it is 10:00 a.m. in moscow right now. russia is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the end of world war ii for the soviet union. this is a major holiday in russia. it is called victory day. and it marks the day that germany surrendered to the soviets in 1945. russia refers to world war ii as the great patriotic war. more than 26 million people in the soviet union died that is nearly a quarter of the population. today as many as 4 million soldiers still remain unaccounted for. the russian president, vladamir putin said victory day is russia's biggest holiday. today's parade, russia's
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premiere showing of its best, newest military hardware. let's go to matthew chance from moscow with more. matthew, first tell us what we will be looking for, looking out for today. what will happen? what sort of military hardware is going to be on display? >> andrew. first of all, the victory day parade here in 2015, marking 70 years since the end of the second world war, great patriotic war they call it here. just about now getting under way. behind me i can see a long line of armored vehicles, tanks, missle-launchers lined up in preparation to roll through the cobbles of red square, past that audience of invited guests in what is perhaps the biggest victory day celebration that russia has ever staged. 16,500 troops. take part in formal parades
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through red square. 200 armored vehicles. including some of russia's latest tanks. t-14 attracting a lot of attention. the first new tank russia developed since end of the cold war. 150 aircraft as well. giving air battic daerobatic di. what we went see in the course of an hour and a half as the victory day parade continues very many western leaders, many western leaders, president of united states and others decided to boycott over protest over russia's alleged military involvement in ukraine. deeming it inappropriate for them to stand next to vladamir putin, at a time of high political tensions elsewhere in europe. now that's not the attitude adopted by very many leaders. particularly the chinese
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president, he is here, standing next to vladamir putin. so is the president of india. and so, you know it is interesting. because this whole commemoration is meant to celebrate the alliance between russia and the west that defeated nazi germany. it's really become more symbolic of the gap that exists today between those two powerful blocs, andrew. >> and, an ever-widening gap at that, matthew. politics aside for the moment. talk abut what this means to the average russian, victory day. >> yeah, that's, that's an important aspect of this. this isn't just about the glorification of vladamir putin, this has been going on virtually ever year since 1945, always a show of strength. patriotism. and pride for ordinary russians you. have to remember compared to other countries who fought in the second world war, russia's
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sacrifice, price it paid in terms of human lives was much, much greater than anything sacrificed by the united states or britain or any european country. something in the region of 26 million people. killed from the soviet union. bulk of that, russia, 12 million were russians who died. an enormous price in blood that the country paid for that victory over nazi germany. touched every family in the country virtually. and still very close to people in their imagination and mind. still very vivid. and still celebrated and commemorated in a much more sort of, tan jiblg way that in is for instance in london. we saw the ceremony at central london, commemorations in paris as well. it's much more personal here in russia. because so many people died. touched so many families. and i think that's why many russians when you speak to them, they're insulted by the fact
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that western leaders stayed away from this. not about the glorification of vladamir putin it is remembering the sacrifice russia made. many people very upset about the fact that russia has been snubbed at this time. >> i wonder how many people outside russia would realize, what was in the soviet union, just that the price they paid in human sacrifice? 26 million people dying in the defeat of nazi germany. 70 years ago. matthew, thank you so much for that. matthew chance joining us live from moscow. we see just some of the military hardware behind him. paraded throughout the, the day, in, in moscow. as matthew said, few western leaders are in the presence in moscow. one way to visualize the western snub of victory day parade this year. ten years ago, 60th anniversary, mr. put spin was flanked on one side by jacques chirac, then president of france, and on the other side, mr. bush, mr. and
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mrs. bush, george w. bush, see the significance of the picture. this time, french and american presidents will not be there. most european leaders in fact will not be there including russian leader, german leader, she will be laying a wreath on sunday the day after the parade, she will be in moscow to lay a wreath. now, we are joined on the line by igor suchakin, senior research fellow in russian studies at united royal services institute. hope you were listening to matthew. talking what this means for average russians? a day of remembrance for them. the enormous bloodshed. we cannot escape political angle. how important is this day, 70th anniversary, massive parade for vladamir putin. >> it is important. it provides a chance for putin
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and another victory for the russian nation. there were no victories after crimea. so people cannot stay in state for long. you need to provide them signs of, of their greatness. and showing the newest equipment, largest parade, the substitute for new things in the geopolitical game. that is why the -- the parade does play during important domestic role here in russia. and i would look to add one more, one more thing about the history, about the -- the victory day in russia. the soviet union.
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maybe you do not know, there were no celebrations of victory day until 1965. it was perceived as tragic. and people well there was, still lots of people who came from, from combat, in that time. they did know it is the time just to think about those lost. it was nothing to celebrate. so, the war, three years when the soviet union celebrated victory in 1945, '46, '47. in '48 not a holiday until 1965. >> igor, just watching the extra ordinary pageantry and choreography here of the parade. apart from that. apart from giving as you say russians that sense of victory looking at their armed forces, looking at strength of air armed
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forces. what is some one look you looking for here. are you going to get much insight into the military hardware, their military capabilities. >> well, you know, i have already seen what i needed about the hardware. yes it is possible. possible to see what is going on. it is possible to tell -- well, out of, out of this, parade, it is possible to find friends in the delegation. and very interesting. the general trend is to find them. the russian armed forces. [ indiscernible ] >> probably good. you forget about the policy. which is good because -- the russian army was -- well, basically, neglected over 20 years.
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and, now -- that neglect is passing. and the russian armed forces hopefully in the near future will get it, not that bad politically. because it is terrible that the russian leaders here, and armed force forces. [ indiscernible ] >> we'll have to leave it there, igor, i am afraid. igor sutyagin. thank you for your insights there. as we watch the, the victory day parade under way. the perfectly aligned ranks of the russian military. showing indeed their military might. expect to see some -- 16,500 military personnel on parade in moscow. 200 armored vehicles.
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maybe 150 or so aircraft. including helicopters of course, the latest weapons that russia employs in the skies as well. this as so many people talk about the emergence of a new cold war, and the, the frightening potential of even a hot war. certainly at the moment, a very political time for russia and the west. you are looking at the 70th anniversary of the defeat of nazi, a sell braecelebration to anniversary. germany surrendering to the army in berlin. >> turn now to north korea. continue to watch what is happening in moscow and get back to you. right now focus on north korea. leader kim jung-un, praising successful test firing of an underwater ballistic missile. calling it "a miraculous achievement." north korea state media say the
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missile its a personal initiati initiative. details are unknown at this point. let's go to kathy novak, capital of the south, seoul. and kathy, details are fairly thin on the ground. we are seeing pictures of the supreme leader in north korea. what are you hearing about one, what happened? and two, authenticity of the event? >> well, andrew you have been talking about the absence of leaders at moscow's victory day parade. speculation that kim jung-un might pay russia the overseas visit. he elect to stay in north korea. now we are seeing pictures released by north korean state media of what it says is a successful submarine, ballistic missile launch. and kim junk un personally overseaing this launch. we don't know where the location was, it's far off the mainland.
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and wrapping up. saying it was a time bomb on the back of hissen mes. en mes would not be able to sleep at night. as you mention the. we don't know for sure the time or location of photos. some suggestion it could have been taken relatively recently. because there have been people pointing to other reports in north korean and state media staying kim jung-un had been inspecting a fishery near a known submarine port. of course we cannot independently verify that. most of what comes out of north korea we cannot independently verify. reached out to the south korean government for a comment. nothing from them so far. we would be wondering what they might know from their own intelligence and if any of their radars might have picked up some activity. because if indeed it is proved to be true it would represent a widening of north court court's capability and certainly something that that country had been trying to develop for some
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time. expert tell me that that would cause concern for south korea. other countries in the region. and the united states. >> all right, kathy. thank you very much. kathy novak, joining us live from seoul. cnn, you probably know has been reporting exclusively from inside north korea this week. we have got a rare look at the country avenue education system. children there being taught, well described as a twisted version of history. we'll be looking at that. and also. that extraordinary loyalty, perhaps the most important lesson to learn at the schools. we'll have that. a round of severe weather. threat of tornado thousands, targeting some parts of central, the central and southern plains of the u.s. take a look at this. golf ball-sized hail. exploding on to the ground. flash flooding. significant damage in the region.
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flooding, swamping entire neighborhood in oklahoma. declaring a state of emergency in a dozen areas. >> well another day, another round of severe weather across central u.s. it seems. meteorologist, derek van dam joins us from international weather center with more on that. we have been looking at those extraordinary size hailstones. what sort of weather system produces senate. >> you need a strong, super cell thunderstorm, andrew. we have had the setup for just that to play out over the central plain states. i want to show you some more ominous-looking clouds that were captured on film here in oklahoma city. this is called a shelf cloud. often seen along the leading edge of an approaching line of severe thunderstorms. that produce the large hail, andrew was talking about. show you pictures in a minute. accompanied by gusty wind. intense rainfall. passes overhead. time-lapse by the way. this actually forms when you get the cooler downdraft air. spread out in all directions on
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the surface of the earth. and this causes the warm air ahead of it to rise. condense, and form that almost, rolling cloud feature that you see on your tv screen. brief explanation there. i have other phenomenal stuff off to show you. this is the setup. we have an upper level disturb tense. western half of the united states. drawing down cold air. so cold it is snowing in may in the grand canyon. what a phenomenal picture tweeted by u.s. national park service a few moments ago. see the upper level disturbance, rotating over the four corners. that is snowfall that we are expecting to continue across the northern rockies, upward of a foot to two feet of snow. again for the higher elevations. maybe, even a light dugs of snowfall on saturday into the denver area. dew point temperatures. looking at u.s. state of texas. bringing this up. helps meteorologists, how much moisture is a available in the
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atmosphere. where they collide and create severe weather outlook we are looking at today into sunday again. talking a difference of nearly 50 degrees. dew point temperature from albuquerque, new mexico, through texas. and that is going to set the stage for severe weather. upward of 20 million americans in the line of, for, for strong, storms, once again. large hail. damaging wind. some long track, very dangerous. very life threatening tornado thousands, possible a cross parts of kansas. this is hailstone created by an up draft. andrew was talking about. seeing phenomenal photos out of oklahoma. that being one of them. that is the size of somebody's palm. tweeted by an i reporter. may is typically most active severe weather month in the united states. on top of the hail. on top of the tornados, possibility of flash flooding. experienced nearly ten inches of rain in the couple days in
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oklahoma city. andrew lots to talk about. >> may living up to expectations of wild weather. the shelf cloud. never seen anything like that. >> that's what we get this time of year. >> yeah, absolutely. derek, thank you. >> derek van dam joining us there. across the wild weather. what was a trip of goodwill has become tragic. after a helicopter went down in pakistan. and plus the u.s. military increases the threat level for some bases. what promded that move in just a moment. what prompted that move in just a moment.
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. [ speaking russian ] >> live pictures from moscow. the russians are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the soviet union's victory over nazi germany and world war ii. as you see, russian leaders vladamir putin is addressing assembled military and also the tens of millions of russians watching this around the country. a spectacular show there on this the 70th anniversary.
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this is the -- the 70th anniversary of the end of the german nazis. and also, one of the biggest parade, we have seen in russia 16,000 military personnel are there. let's listen in now to the russian national anthem as you can hear. 16,000 military personnel. 200 armored vehicles. plus, about 150 aircraft as well. veterans from -- many, many, conflicts, involving soviet union, russia, over the years. also present there. this is a very, very moving day for russians. remember that nearly 26 million people from what was then the soviet union, died during the second world war. expected to be the last major celebration where world war ii veterans will be able to take part. ♪ ♪ right, the body of seven people
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killed in a helicopter crash in northern pakistan are now in islamabad. the caskets arrived at a military base in the country's capital today. two ambassadors among those killed in friday's crash. we have details. >> reporter: pakistan is observing a day of mourning following the crash of a military helicopter carrying foreign diplomats. seven people died in the crash, including ambassadors from norway and the philippines. the wives of of ambassadors from malaysia and three crew members. bodies of the deceased were transported to a pakstani base. senior cabinet officials have accompanied them back to their countries of origin. those injured will be returned to their home countries. now looking at the cause behind the crash, the pakistani military denies a claim by the pakistani taliban of responsibility for the crash. in a statement, the pakstani taliban said they downed the aircraft surface-to-air missile.
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at the team of the crash, the prime minister was not a part out convoy. he had been due to join the diplomats later on in the day at a hotel as the trip itinerary. >> this is a disaster for pakistan. this trip one of good bill to promote tourism. show off pakistan's crown jewels, instead a dave tragedy at a time that pakistan is struggling to rehabilitate its image on the national stage. >> in australia, authorities have charged a 17-year-old with terrorism offenses. during this news conference, the officials said the teenager was planning a terror act. he was charged after police searched a home and found three. >> the military apparatusen the united states put on alert. commander in charge of security at all base as cross the u.s.,
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the largest ones you see on the map. ordered the terror level threat raised. that's because of threats posed by people like elton simpson, the foiled terrorist who tried off to shoot up an event in texas. an before i could do any serious damage. jim sciutto has more on the new threat level. >> reporter: the u.s. military is raising the security level at every base across the country. as concerns grow over the threat from isis. it was the shooting in texas sunday that prompted the increased security measures. the military says the step is not tied to a specific credible threat. saying "we have the same concern about the potential threat posed by violent extremists. it stretches to bravo, u.s. bases generally have not been at this level since 10th
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anniversary of 9/11. >> you have to secure the access. you have to ramp up security on the post. this will be a big operation for security forces for the services. >> reporter: the next next shooting is highlighting threat from isis supporters hiding within the united states. >> groups like isil or al qaeda, now are calling publicly for attacks in the west. of people who they have never recru recruited, pacifically. never trained. never met. someone could decide on their own to answer that call with little, no, notice. >> u.s. authorities are investigating hundred in the people who have some social media link. a severe challenge to keep tabs ton. >> an expansion of how the in the net has been used frankly several years in recruitment and radicalization of young people to join traft groups.
12:29 am
>> been at this threat level. twice in 2003. again after the bin laden raid. on the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. in all cases. civilian choices put at a higher level. 32 military installations around the country. the military concerned about isis. encouraging supporters to attack installations. the military taking this seriously. jim sciutto, washington. >> cnn gets an exclusive look inside north korean schools. where loyalty to the supreme leader begins at a young age. conservatives claim a win and party leaders quit. next on cnn, a closer look and an analysis of how the election unfolded.
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welcome back to viewers in the u.s. and around the world. this is "cnn newsroom." i'm andrew stevens in hong kong. guatemala's vice president resigned amid a corruption scandal involving private former secretary. the president made the anounment friday. before thursday when baldetti said she was innocent, the vice president hadn't been seen in public two weeks. >> in sydney, australia, 1,000 attending the funeral on saturday, the man executed after being found guilty of executing the bali nine smuggling ring.
12:34 am
he was executed by firing squad april 29th. >> the russian president vladamir putin spoke at russia's victory parade in moscow. the parade celebrates the soviet union victory over nazi germany 70 years ago in world war ii. this will likely be the last major anniversary of the conflict when significant numbers of world war ii veterans are still alive. >> 70 years ago, nazi troops surrounded to the allies marking the end of world war ii in europe. it wasn't the end of the global conflict though. it would take three years for japan to lay down its arms. friday, commemorations were held around the world. marking the ve, victory in europe day. we take a look. >> reporter: from lon dodon to berlin, paris to poland, and in the u.s., millions remember victory in europe or v.e. day marking the end of world war ii
12:35 am
in europe. it was 70 years ago, may 8, 1945 when nazi germany officially surrendered to allied forces ending the war on the continental. continent. [ bell tolling ] >> bells tolled in the uk as prince andrew and prime minister david cameron laid two minutes of silence. fresh off his election victory, cameron with outgoing party leaders, ed miliband and nick cregg laid wreaths at the british war memorial. in france, the first u.s. secretary of state, john kerry, and the french president each laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at the arc du
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triumph. and they gathered, and the day called the day when arms were silenced. a midnight ceremony was held in poland, the site of the first nazi german attack on that country. and then in washington, an amazing aerial display is more than two dozen world war ii era fighter planes and bombers flew in formation over the u.s. capital. in what was billed as an arsenal of democracy. ♪ ♪ british prime minister david cameron going right back to work forming a new government after the conservatives resounding election win. the conservatives will govern alone after five years in the coalition. though it does have a slender majority.
12:37 am
as the dust settled friday. three opposition party leaders quit. including, labour party's ed miliband in the financial markets. stokdz lement on the news of the re-election of t re-election -- stocks leapt on the news of the re-election of david cameron. in the currency markets. sterling, pound, enjoying a boost against the dollar on news of the conservative win. exit polls showing widening conservative lead. drove the pound to its biggest single day gain in five years. and the overnight pick, the pound reaching two month high of $1.55. >> economic, tempered by points of concern. now that the election is over,
12:38 am
mr. cameron will hold a referendum on the membership of the european union by end of 2017. the french president has invited david cameron to paris to discuss the u.k. future in europe. let's bring in, cnn's political contributor, robin oakley. let's kick off on this huge question of europe. will britain stay or leave european union. will this be the defining issue of david cameron's second term you think? >> certainly. the outside world its concerned, sound to be the key issue. the president of the european quigs was the first to send congratulations to david cameron. to say he was happy to talk to him. and hope to be able to strike a deal on the changes, david cameron is going to want in the european union if he is going to
12:39 am
advocate a yes voten the referendum promised before 2017. of course, david cameron was the one european leader who fought against his opponent taking on the job with the european commission, andrew. >> nothing really changes in politics, sir, does it? what do you think though, robin, is it likelihood of the uk leading. britain leading? it really would be an enormous burden i guess for david cameron to be known as the man who took the country out of europe. >> yes. and if he became the man who took britain out of europe. he would be the man who broke up the united kingdom. scotland is keen to remain in the union. that became clear. if britain were to vote to leave the european union we would see a new referendum on scottish independence which next time around would be likely to pass.
12:40 am
could be a huge change in britain's position in the world. and in the clearance of the united states. if that were to come about. the problem for mr. cameron is over the next couple of years. he is going to have to set out in his negotiations for europe for change. a lot of the right-wing of his own party want him to lay down really tough conditions. it is unlike low that he will get many concessions from europe. if he then fails as the it were in those negotiations, the likelihood of britain going for a no vote. pkz that much greater, andrew. >> i want to ask you about the system of electing. past the post. look at the numbers. many outsiters. it says, getting more than one in ten votes. 12 points. 6%. they entd up with one spot. scottish nationalists get less
12:41 am
than one in 20 votes. 4.6%. they end up with 56.6. how does that work? >> just 26,000 votes per seat. for the nationalists. nearly 4 million votes. and just one seat in the parliament. that's because the united kingdom independence party support was just spread too thinly across the country. britain's voting system is first pass the post in each voting district. each parliamentary consistency. do it by one vote. and you are there. if you are a party like the democrats have been through their history. whose support has spread. whose support is significant in total terms. it spread thinly across. instead of concentrating on a few. then you lose out from the system. and, now that britain is becoming much more -- a group of smaller parties, and, the
12:42 am
likelihood of, more parliaments growing all the time. there is going to be continued pressure i think. for voting refor. and a look. at some form of proportional voting in britain rather than the past the post system, andrew. >> thank you very much. for that, cnn's political contributor. still ahead here on cnn. a rare look in south korea's schools. children are -- loyalty to the leader comes above everything else.
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welcome back. north korea is notorious for propaganda surrounding the leader, kim jung-un. will ripley takes you now inside
12:46 am
a north korean school where he was able to speak to students. here is his exclusive report. >> reporter: the north korean education system is designed to turn out disciplined, devoted citizens with a heavy focus on the group over the individual. above all else, devotion to their supreme leader. if they look so young, you might not believe they're first graders. by the time they reach elementary school, pyongyang students have typically learned their country's sacred lesson. shedding the individualism of youth for the collectivism of north korean society. most importantly loyalty to the leader. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i would like to be a journalist, she says, so i can spread the greatness of kim juchlt ng-un, throughout the world. find the same photos of the leaders in the classroom and home.
12:47 am
and same level of discipline. even outdoor exercise. classes are praised for moving in unison. these pyongyang orphans will practice for hours until their routine is perfect. demand are more rigorous at the international football school. north korean athlete are expect to be the best in the world. all students get free uniforms provided by the state. even at the prestigious university. >> how much is the totiuition t come to the university? >> there is no tuition free. >> it's free? >> yes, it is free. >> a lot of students would look that. >> some even study, we don't know tuition fee, we know it by books. >> the main focus at the university is science and technology. north korea strives to be strong and modern. but only a rare few can access
12:48 am
the internet. have you ever been on facebook? >> facebook? what's that? >> never heard of facebook? no. >> for all of the discipline there are brief moments when kids can act like kids. at least until it is team to go back to class. north korean students are now required to finish the 12th grade. and all are eligible to apply for university, although the entrance exams are competitive. north korea teaches its own version of history and current affairs. it's one of the reasons why access to the outside world here so is so tightly controlled. will ripley, pyongyang, north korea. >> spain's child protective services watching over an 8-year-old boy after he was discovered crammed in a suitcase in an x ray scan. after a 19-year-old woman tried smuggling into spain from morocco. authorities say the boy was
12:49 am
scared, confused. he did manage to tell them his name and age he was from ivory coast. the woman was arrested on smuggling charges. authorities believe the boy's father paid the woman to smuggle a child for him. the father was later arrested at the same border crossing. >> nfl quarterback tom brady laughing off the allegations in a new report on his role in deflate-gate. and the league still hasn't said a word about it.
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welcome back. the national football league has yet to issue any punishment, if there is going to be any, for new england patriots quarterback tom brady. report this week said that he likely knew that the game balls were deliberately deflated to his advantage before the playoff game that sent his team to the super bowl. cnn's jason carol reports. >> reporter: new england's quarterback arrived like a rock star, flying in by chopper for a speaking engagement at salem state university outside boston. he was met by applause and kept
12:54 am
his smile answering questions about a report into so-called deflategate. one would suggest brady cheated during the afc championship game against the indianapolis colts. brady's critics say he just played dumb when asked questions about the report's findings thursday night. >> it has been 30 hours, i haven't had time to digest it. when i do i will be sure to let you know how i feel about it. >> are you that slow a reader? >> ha-ha. well my athletic career has been better than my academic career. i'm used to reading xs and os. >> no admission of guilt. smile and move on. if brady had read the 243 page report, he would have seen it alleges that more probable than not, that brady was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities. this is not the first time his character has come into question in 2007 many wondered whether brady knew his ex-girlfriend was
12:55 am
pregnant when he broke up with her and began dating a super model. publicly even now, many of his fans have not wavered. >> i'm a new england girl. i am going to stand by tom brady 100%. >> people that love him. still love him. people that hate him, still hate him. you know? he is pretty bulletproof around here. >> some sports circles, brady earned the nickname teflon tom. now critics are coming forward. hall of fame tight end shannon sharpe tweeted -- brady must be suspended for a minimum of two to four games. cleveland head coach, saying this to, i have always had a lot of respect for him but i lose a lot of respect for guys who cheat. and "usa today's" chris chase, his ego is far too big to admit he lied. witness his smirking sit down with jim gray on thursday night. >> looks like you picked a pretty friendly place to
12:56 am
reappear. >> thank you guys for being here. thank you very much. >> the question is, will the applause last? >> if you are a patriots' fan, tom can do no wrong. i think that brady is, certainly the john f. kennedy of the sports world. what i don't think is, this might tarnish his legacy some what. >> reporter: jason carol, cnn, new york. and, before we go, we want to show you some live pictures of russia celebrating the 70th anniversary of the soviet union's victory over nazi germany in world war ii. it is a spectacular parade in red square in moscow. remember more than 26 million people from the then soviet union were killed in the war. for many average russians this is what this day is all about. remembrance. also expected to be the last major celebration where world war ii veterans will actually be able to take part. the 70th anniversary of the
12:57 am
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