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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  May 9, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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switch today and get the no mistake guarantee. comcast business. built for business. . breaking this morning, north korea says it's launched a ballistic missile from underwater. if they have, that's a major advance for its military. a developing story in the u.s. military bases raise the security level over an isis threat. nine georgia deputies fired in connection with the death of a 21-year-old savannah student who died in an isolation cell. look at your screen. look at what an x-ray machine revealed at an airport. an 8-year-old boy found bundled up in a suitcase.
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good morning everyone. i'm alison kosik in for christi paul sleeping late this morning. i'm victor blackwell. we begin with breaking news. the troubling developments out of north korea. the country fired three rockets off the eastern coast it says. south korean defense official tells cnn that the launches took place early today. all this as state tv report that kim jong un, its leader, fired an underwater ballistic missile. he describes it as a time bomb which will go off on the backs of hostile enemies at any time. let's bring in kathy novak. she's live in south korea's capital there in seoul. get us up to speed. >> that breaking news you referred to just coming in to cnn from south korea's defense ministry confirming to us that
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north korea has fired three ship to ship missiles off the coast into the sea. all of this as we've been seeing these pictures today of kim jong un apparently watching the successful test of a missile from underwater into the sky. he's calling this a miraculous achievement saying it would make the hostile enemies of north korea to have trouble sleeping. of course, we know when he's talking about the hostile enemies of north korea, he's referring to south korea and the united states. when it comes to these pictures, victor, we cannot independently verify their authenticity, of course. we have reached out to the south korean government. they're not commenting on those pictures so far. they would, as you say, represent a significant development in terms of north korea's capability. we know north korea had been wanting to develop this kind of military technology for some time. if these pictures prove to be real, they would be presenting
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quite a concern for countries in the region and the united states. >> it's always been difficult to confirm the claims of launches because north korea notoriously is secretive. hopefully we'll learn more today. kathy novak, thank you so much. also this morning, the security threat level at u.s. military bases remains at bravo. that means an increased and predictable threat of terrorism. the pentagon raised security conditions after growing concerns of jihadist threats. jim sciutto has details. >> the u.s. military is raising the security level at every base across the country as concerns grow over the threat from isis. it was the shooting in texas on sunday that prompted the increased security measures. though the military says the step is not tied to a specific credible threat, saying we have the same concern about the potential threat posed by
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violent homegrown extremists. the security level has now increased to bravo. signifying an increased and predictable threat of terrorism. u.s. bases have not been on this level since the 10th anniversary of 9/11. >> not only do you have to secure on the bases but on the post-it self-. this is going to be a big operation for the security forces of all of the services. >> the texas shooting is highlighting the threat from isis supporters hiding within the united states. >> groups like isil or al qaeda now are calling publicly for attacks in the west of people who they would have never recruited specifically. they have never trained. never each met. someone could decide on their own to answer that call with little or no notice. >> u.s. authorities are investigating hundreds of people in the u.s. who have some social media link to isis. a severe challenge for law
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enforcement to keep tabs on. >> it really is an expansion of how the internet has been used frankly for several years now, both in recruitment and radicalization of young people to join terrorist groups. >> let's bring in anthony lemieux investigator for the study of terrorism and responses to terrorism and retired general. >> why raise the security level when they also say that there's no specific threat and time to it? >> let me fut in perspective. when i commanded force this is europe, we were continually at force protection bravo. what this means is you want more situational awareness, you want to practice some drills and security increases across bases. so what it means is you're going to have more i.d. card checks at
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gates, enforce civilian guards with military policemen. you're going to do more patrols not only on the base itself but within the housing area. for a naval base, more small boats conducting reconnaissance around bigger ships, more patrols around aircraft on air force bases. all of these things are to increase awareness and to practice some drills. you do this in order to just be ready for any kind of threat. with the security conditions the way they are around the world and what we've seen in different countries and in some places in the united states, this is a prudent measure by the commander. >> anthony, we had an analyst on the network yesterday who questioned the wisdom of announcing the changes and the increase in the security level. as a journalist, i always want to know. there is an argument that some are making. >> i think it is important, though, again as we in -- what was being mentioned, it raises that level of situational
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awareness. not just with the people on the base but more broadly. one of the problems with the awareness system is oftentimes, you might know to be more aware. what specifically are you looking for and what are the skills involved. that's a question more broad. >> this is specifically for the military and military bases. when we see that color coded chart, some think back to the 9/11 era. that was phased out in 2011 and replaced by the terrorism advisory system. i checked this. in 4 1/2 years, there's never been an alert issued, imminent threat or attack, this is the twitter page. it's been up since january 2011 through the boston bombing, through the hatchet attacks, garland, texas, never issued an alert. go to the facebook page. facebook page has tens of thousands of followers. never any alert from homeland security.
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what's the value of this? we know the federal authorities knew something was targeted in garland. >> they were able to communicate quickly and effectively with law enforcement who are on the scene and able to prepare an appropriate response. so in that instance, the right information got to the right people at the right time and staved off a potentially more impactful and catastrophic event. there are thousands potentially of elton simpsons, also saying there are investigations or people they're following in 50 states. how difficult is it to monitor all of these? >> i think there's a key difference between the people who are providing more passive support or kind of retweeting links or images or links or other things and other individuals who might be more inclined to become active. that's still an exceptionally small slice even though there's quite a few followers and who
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might adhere to the ideological tenets doesn't equate to action. i think that's where a lot of the investigative efforts, the following, the tracking focuses in. that's an ongoing challenge to figure out where it is. general hertly, what would an attack mean for the isis supporters, the value of propaganda? >> it would be huge if it occurs. i don't see a military base being a target. one of the things back to your previous question, one of reasons for announcing it. you can't get away from it. if you drive up to a military base, there's a sign that says force protection is and it tells anyone what's going on. i think it would be a propaganda victory. i don't think it will occur. the more important piece is this shows that there are no frontlines in this battlefield today. these extreme ideologies are around us everywhere. actually, it's a good idea for
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the military to say we're upping our levels of awareness. the civilian population ought to do the same thing and be situationally aware of what's going on around you. >> always good advice. >> thank you both. >> thank you, victor. prachling note. watch the special on isis monday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. it's russia's biggest show of strength. >> we'll take you live to moscow where thousands of troops and nuclear weapons were on full display at a massive parade celebrating the end much world war ii. plus, many states today are bracing for possible tornadoes and flooding and hail. this as tropical storm ana approaches the carolina coast. we'll get you caught up on all of that. plus, an out of control bus, an oncoming train and the
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♪ take a look at what's happening in moscow this morning. russia's vast army on full display. the nation celebrating the annual victory day marking 70 years since the allied forces defeated the nazis in germany in the second world war. but this year, many world leaders, including president obama, boycotted the event because of russia's aggression against ukraine. now, in a speech, president putin paid tribute to the sacrifices of the troops during
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world war ii. more than 26 million soldiers were killed in the war. that's about a quarter of the entire population. >> cnn's senior international correspondent matthew chan is live in moscow and cnn's former moscow bureau chief jil dougherty is in washington. can you go ahead and put the significance of this day in perspective for us? >> the significance from a russian point of view, it's very strong indeed. many russians, millions of russians all over the country and the world, in fact, regard the victory against nazi germany in 1945 as perhaps the country's biggest achievement. it was an enormous sacrifice. you mentioned that figure, 26 million people in the soviet union died. the vast majority of them russians themselves. and it touched every single family in the country. so it's still very much honored and very much remembered in this country.
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so a day like this is not just about show of strength. there is that. it's also about national pride. i think that's why many russians were offended by the fact that president obama and other western leaders decided to snub their invitation to attend the victory day event this year. >> why were the invitations snubbed? >> well, i mean, because i think it was deemed inappropriate in western capitals and washington, elsewhere, for president obama and other european union leaders for the most part to stand shoulder to shoulder with vladimir putin at a time when the western russia are engaged in a standoff with ukraine. >> there are also some other tension that is have been bubbling up over the past 12 months or more as well. it just didn't seem right. that's now how it's seen -- it reinforces vladimir putin's idea
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that russia and the west are essentially enemies again and not in interrelations. in some ways it played into putin's hands. >> jill, let me ask you this. with president obama not going and the message that's sending from the u.s., do you think maybe the u.s. should have maybe -- i wouldn't say let bygones be bygones. put it aside in lieu of showing respect for history sf. >> it's a very difficult position by the president. on the one hand, you want to honor the allied victory. after all, russia and the united states were on the same side and won against the nazis. but on the other hand, you don't want to look as if you're condoning any type of action by the russian military in ukraine. you know, i keep thinking, alison, right now of what's going through president putin's mind. he was born right after the war, but his family and so many families in russia, the soviet
3:18 am
union, suffered enormously. his mother almost died. a little brother who would have been his older brother actually did die during the war and was buried in a mass grave. president putin comes from leningrad which went through a blockade. there are a lot of personal memories and here he is running the country at a time he perceives and the world perceives as very dangerous and kind much unpredictable. there are a lot of messages and emotional connotations to what's going on, on red square. it's not just the military show. >> this show of force, jill, is coming as the three-month cease-fire with ukraine is teetering on the brink. could or should putin maybe have used the weekend to reconcile with ukraine. >> i don't think there's any chance of that happening on a day like today.
3:19 am
number one, it's the victory and russians, many believe and you can justify this opinion probably, that it was basically their blood that saved the west. i mean, when you think of 26 million people, about 11 million were soldiers and the rest were civilians. so just think of those statistics. it's horrible. then you also have other things going on. look at that tank, the t-14, still in development. that's a way putin to show to his people, russia is back, it's got the military might. it's also a good advertisement for the rest of the world that you can buy weapons from russia that are on par with the west. it's a message to a lot of -- on a lot of levels to the united states to watch, we are a pretty strong country they would say with nuclear weapons. >> matthew chan, jill dougherty,
3:20 am
thanks so much. attorneys for the baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray are demanding that prosecutor marilyn mosby be kicked off the case immediately. why? and will this motion work? our legal experts will weigh in. plus, flood watches and possible tornadoes. but it's a nasty mother's day weekend ahead for the central plains. plus, ana, just off the east coast has been upgraded to a tropical storm. we've got the weather you need to know coming up. doesn't work on wrinkles. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula... to work on fine lines and even deep wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®. but i think women would agree... watching football together is great... ...huddling with their man after the game is nice too. the thing is, about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection.
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whoa take a look at that. massive hailstones slamming into an already flooded backyard in moore, oklahoma. punishing rains have been slamming the yar for days. and in major parts of the states, it's under a flash flood watch for several days. flooding in the area has been so bad that at least one national park in the area had to be shut down. along with that flood watch, the area is also on alert for possible tornadoes throughout the weekend. >> it's not just the folks in oklahoma. nearly 20 million people this morning are under a severe weather threat. so let's bring in meteorologist ivan cabrera with the details. day after day people have been coming -- >> today will be a dangerous day for people. it will be a serious threat. look at this thing. this is a hail stone. looks like a softball. it is the size of a softball. this is the threat we're looking at today. let's look at the radar. still thunderstorm activity ongoing. this is not the thunderstorm activity that we're concerned about. it's the early afternoon and heading into the evening hours
3:25 am
that we're talking about here. we have warm, moist air from the south. cool, dry air from the north. if we have that, we'll have a line of thunderstorms. we don't just have that. we have the third very important ingredient. spin in the atmosphere and shear. that's producing the potential for rotating thunderstorms and tornadoes later on today. a bull's-eye heading into eastern colorado, kansas and portions of oklahoma. but dallas, you're not out of it here. a moderate risk for you potentially this afternoon as well. we'll put the forecast radar into motion. be able to see, look at this line of showers and thunderstorms and individual cells. those are the ones we're concerned about. those are the ones that can produce some tornadoes. i think today the potential could be strong and also the ones that can drop down and just go for miles and miles producing significant damage and then the threat moves further to the east. we have a two-day threat with millions in the path. >> that time of year. >> ivan, thank you so much. here's a look at other top stories developing. an fbi agent was shot in the leg last night trying to arrest a
3:26 am
bank robbery suspect in colorado. officials say the unidentified suspect was killed in the shootout but the agent is expected to survive, thankfully. surveillance video captured a dramatic bus crash in philadelphia. look at this now. i know different parts are up on the screen. according to the affiliate wtvi, the bus driver lost control during a u-turn and fell out of her seat because she wasn't wearing her seat belt. the out of control bus flew over the median, drove on the train tracks, but thankfully, an oncoming train stopped before it hit the bus. that driver and some of the passengers were hurt. this incident, of course, is now under investigation. a college student is found dead in an isolation cell at a georgia jail. it's a story cnn has been following closely. now, nine deputies have been fired in the young man's death. will criminal charges come next? this image, look at this. shocked. some people in airport security, an 8-year-old boy bundled up in
3:27 am
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all day. zyrtec®-d. find it at the pharmacy counter. bottom of the hour now. good to have you with us. let's start this half with a look at some of the stories developing right now. >> a major show of force by north korea. a south korean defense official tells cnn the communist country
3:31 am
fired three ship to ship missiles off the coast earlier today. this as state tv reports that kim jong un has tried an underwater ballistic missile. it's unclear when and where the test took place. news of the launches come just days after the communist country threatened to open fire on any south korean naval ships that enter disputed waters. nuclear weapons, high tech tanks, more than 16,000 soldiers, russia's vast army was on display in moscow this morning. the massive parade celebrating the defeat of the nazis 70 years ago. a lot of world leaders, including president obama boycotted the event because of russia's aggression against ukraine. we're following news out of savannah, georgia. nine deputies have been fired in connection with the death of a college student. a spokeswoman for the sheriffs department says he died in an isolation cell on new year's day. cnn has been following this story closely. more on the new developments in
3:32 am
a minute. first, connie cooper of wtoc tells us how it all unfolded. >> it started at a gas station across the street from the home that he shared with his girlfriend. he was a student at savannah technical college and a banker at wells fargo, but he had bipolar disorder also. >> he was the greatest. >> his family was at the news conference along with his girlfriend who had visible injuries. according to a police report, the couple had been fighting violently when officers were called new year's day. >> she actually called the police and said get here now. and when they got there, she said he needs to go to the hospital. >> instead, he was taken to the chatham county jail where he died in an isolation cell after breaking a female deputy's nose and giving her a concussion during booking. >> he was out of control. that's what happens when a manic state of bipolar on occasion.
3:33 am
>> want to know why. i want justice to be served. >> that was connie cooper of cnn affiliate wtoc reporting for us. let's bring in hln analyst joey jackson and also joining us, retired chief deputy u.s. marshal michael fog. good to have both of you with us this morning. matthew, i want to start with you. is it the right call, the nine firings that have happened? >> well, i think if it happened on january 1st, by now i would think they would know exactly or pretty close to what had happened. so yeah, i go along with that if the justice system down there decided the deputies are in the wrong, yeah, they made the right move. >> let's talk about the timing, joey. two of the deputies had been on paid leave for several months now. there were nine firings in total. is there a suggestion here or is it implicit that these firings come now and soon we should expect charges, or is that not
3:34 am
often the case? >> you know, it certainly could be the case, victor. here's why. good morning to you and good morning to matthew. certainly after you look at an incident that happened on january 1st and there's an investigation that unfolds thereafter and people many times could say if you're representing the officers that, hey, there's a rush to judgment, what are you doing. but when you have 125 days approximately where matters are looked into, what was the cause of death, how was he acting, what was the force used on him, was it proportionate to any threat he proposed, was it -- the investigation revealed that this should occur, that there should be these firings. i would think in the aftermath we'll see a couple of things. number one, if there is any criminality on the part of the officers involved, then you would see charges. number two, any type of civil suit with respect to his family for his wrongful death based upon the negligence of those officers, if any, that will certainly be something that we'll be looking at moving
3:35 am
forward in the case. >> obviously, matthew, in this case, the tragedy of this young man's death is not something that's typical. however, would it be typical to place someone who is having an express bipolar episode in a chair and tase that person? >> our training goes towards that. all the training i've had in law enforcement over 30-some years, when it comes down to it special impetus cases, people who have mental disorders and we had special rules on how to handle those folks. when you start getting law enforcement officer that treats these people in a way, an aggressive way towards them instead of understanding that this person has a mental disorder, then you're going to get all kinds of responses or maybe even hurt the person in a way that you shouldn't. again, i'm sure they looked at everything. they looked at how the deputies, whether they followed protocols and obviously they didn't. they found -- when you're talking about nine people involved. you're talking about a chain
3:36 am
reaction of things that shouldn't have gone the way they did. >> the district attorney is looking at the case as well. let's turn to baltimore and the case against six officers in the death of freddie gray. the police officers charged in the 25-year-old's death, their attorneys are demanding that prosecutor marilyn mosby be taken off the case immediately. a motion was filed last night insisting that there are five points in which she has a conflict of interest that she's in favor of protesters who took to the streets of baltimore. alleged that she has those conflicts and maybe more. statements she made after announcing the initial charges. here's one of them. >> to the people of baltimore and the demonstrators across america, i heard your call for no justice, no peace. >> so joey, the question here, how strong is their case and how soon could a decision be made? >> i don't think it could be
3:37 am
very. but just let's back up one second. obviously, if you're the attorney representing these officers, you want her off. why? because she's made clear this will not be business as usual and she's moving full steam ahead. doesn't matter if they're officers or not. a wrongdoing needs to be addressed. >> based upon the aggressiveness she's pursuing this you want her off. in terms of standard of recusal or removing, it has to be so severe that it would impair the ability of the defendants to get a fair trial. prosecutors, that's what they do, they prosecute. marilyn giving the indication that perhaps there was a rush to judgment shlgs perhaps because her husband is on the city council, you know, that she's aggressive towards police, perhaps that since she got donations from the family attorney who represents freddie gray, that in and of itself is not enough. there has to be something more that poses such a conflict that you cannot be fair. you can't be impartial and you cannot do your job. finally, victor, in terms of
3:38 am
statements, look, a prosecutor is an elected official. based upon elected official, you represent the community. that, of course, is what she'll say she's doing in this case. >> she said that before saying she can't take herself off every case in the city she lives or every case in her husband's district. a member of the city council there. matthew, i want to come to you with the announcement from attorney general loretta lynch this week that the department of justice is now expanding its probe into the baltimore police department and in her words, not just looking into if the officers violated good police practices but to determine if they violated the constitution and the civil rights of citizens. what does that mean practically and symbolically for the baltimore police? >> well, i think what it means is that right now -- we know the attorney general has done this in several other cities. it seems to be a pattern of practice, do this in city after city now that the incidents are arising. i think the fact that it shows right now that the baltimore
3:39 am
city has to realize now they're going to pull back the onion peeling so to speak and look at everything that this department has been doing. i think with all that has come out of this situation, that is necessary. you have to. you have to go and look at everything and see where the officers, how they operated. this has been a pattern and a practice. i think it's a good move and i think it has to be done when you look at all that's come out of baltimore. >> investigation that according to the attorney general is welcomed by the fraternal order of police in baltimore and the mayor as well. matthew fogg, joey jackson, thank you both. >> pleasure. have a great day. >> thanks. you too, joey. victor, ponder this question. why did this 8-year-old boy end up in a suitcase being smuggled across an international border? that story coming up next. plus, a driver's blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit when he caused a crash that ended in a tragedy for one family. so why hasn't he been charged?
3:40 am
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or is it foyer [pronounced foy-yay]? fast in the hallway. i feel like i've been here before. switch now and get the fastest wifi everywhere. comcast business. built for business. look at this x-ray. i mean, it might take a minute to understand what you're looking at. this is a boy kind of squished into a suitcase here. you see his head and his knees and feet down here. this obviously shocked airport security when they saw it. a woman woos tryias trying to s this boy from morocco into spain. to get the full story, let's go to rafael romo. police are still not sure how long the young boy spent tucked into the pink medium-sized polyester suitcase pressed against a few personal
3:44 am
belongin belongings. he was bundled tightly in a fetal position inside the suitcase. according to the spanish civil guard, he's 8-year-old. a spokesman says the border guards became suspicious when a 21-year-old woman, a moroccan national showed signs of nervousness. she attemptsed to cross into pain from morocco wheeling the suitcase down the street. she was arrested at the border. the boy's father was arrested a few hours after the boy was found. mean while, the boy has been placed in the hands of the authorities. reacting to the case, the spanish civil guard spokesman said we're perplexed about the desperate things people do to get smuggled or smuggle their children into the country. rafael romo, cnn, atlanta. incredible. a repeat dwi offender crashes
3:45 am
into a car with a pregnant woman inside. her injuries were so bad she ended up losing her baby boy. why has the drunk driver not been charged? plus -- at the top of the hour, a family's trip home from disney altered. why the pilot diverted their flight because of their daughter's condition. . >> this is where your body -- your strong chest. >> you need that sort of ability to work together because there's a lot of pressure we have through andy, roger all in one go. you know what, it gets tense sometimes. these guys are not fashion
3:46 am
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3:47 am
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3:50 am
this next story is heartbreaking. a mom in albuquerque, new mexico loses her unborn baby following a dui accident. the driver never charged. now, eight months later, she wants justice. our affiliate koat has the story. >> melissa rivera met her son. >> we actually got to hold him. and like say bye. >> messiah emilio was stillborn at just 22 weeks. his mother went into early labor after being seriously injured in this crash when deputies say shawn rig don was driving drunk and slammed into her family's car. >> heartbroken isn't even a good description of how i felt. >> in this photo taken after the accident, he's wearing a bloody t-shirt that says drink triple, see double, act single.
3:51 am
this is a taped interview. >> how much did you have to drink today? >> i don't know. i had like about -- >> i think i'd say about three drinks. but that's since about like four. >> what size drirngs. >> good size drinks. despite this mother's loss, in the eight months, he has not been indicted for any crime. the district attorney is still waiting for evidence to come in. alyssa can't believe it. >> it's frustrating. i feel like my life was taken away by not only, did we lose our son, i lost my job due to the accident. >> she wants rigdon off the road and justice for her son. >> all right. to talk to us more about this, now joining us is legal analyst joey jackson. good morning, joey. >> good morning, alison. >> i want to go through the evidence we have so far.
3:52 am
let's go through it. deputies say he had a blood alcohol level of .28. that's more than three times the legal level in new mexico, which is a .08. police made an audio recording of him. you heard part of it admitting to drinking beverages. he has a prior conviction in 1994. why hasn't he been charged with anything yet? >> it's a very good question. first, as to the evidence. it's very compelling. what happens is that when you get arrested for dwu, you blow into a tube. you could decide not to but you lose your license. when you blow into the tube and the machine, you mentioned over three times, .08 is the standard. that registered what you blew. you look at that in addition to the audiotape or the videotape where he's speaking. the speech appears to be very slurred. also, he's wearing the shirt drink triple, whatever it is.
3:53 am
but it's certainly a shirt that indicates what's on his mind. in any event, in addition to that, you have this child that's now dead. what is also confusing from even a defense attorney perspective is it is plausible and oftentimes likely in the case, alison, where a prosecutor charges for a crime, even the underlying dwi and then they later upgrade the charges. in this particular case, i think the issue is what do you do with the viable fetus who was unborn? i looked at a couple of cases in new mexico, state versus willis, 1982 case that says you cannot charge for a viable unborn fetus. that's a legislative issue. it was revisited again in 2006. state versus martinez that said an unborn fetus is different from a human being. certainly, it in order to be charged with vehicular manslaughter there has to be a human being. at the same time, he needs to be accountable in some degree in the event that the district
3:54 am
attorney, the prosecutor moved forward on higher charges later. i can't speak for the district attorney. i certainly don't get it. but i do get that this family is railing, they're hurting and justice is demanded and needed in this case. he should be prosecuted. if there are viable defenses, have his attorney go to court and say so. >> to think he's just driving around right now. very depressing. thanks, joey jackson for your analysis. >> it's a pleasure. have a great day. growing isis activity online prompts a rise in the security threat level on u.s. military bases. we'll have a live report on what this means in a moment. plus, it all came down to juror number 11. the jury couldn't come to a consensus. a mistrial for the man who confessed to killing 6-year-old etan patz 36 years ago. meet the world's newest energy
3:55 am
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3:58 am
trial been declared in the murder trial of a new york man accused of kidnapping and killing a 6-year-old. etan patz. that happened back in 1979. >> the 12-member jury deliberated for 18 days. finally they said they could not reach a verdict. juror number 11 says he was the only one who held out against convicting. defendant pedro hernandez was the defendant there. eight-time father says he's convinced hernandez killed his son. >> i don't understand why the jury couldn't come to a verdict. but i'm convinced. i heard the evidence just as they did. i'm convinced.
3:59 am
>> there will be a court hearing on june 10th to set the date for a new trial for hernandez. police arrested the same man they say was caught on surveillance video trying to force himself on a middle schooler. this chilling video here from tuesday circulated heavily on social media, which actually helped police find the suspect. the 13-year-old girl said a man followed her as she walked home from school and eventually forced himself through the door. she was able to fight him off. >> the los angeles da charged a woman who broke into singer chris brown's house with first degree residential burglary, stalking and vandalism. she pleaded not guilty in court. police say this 22-year-old was living in brown's home for days and she wrote things on his walls and on his vehicles. hmm. there's a lot more news to tell you about in morning. next hour of your new day starts right now. this morning, a growing
4:00 am
concern of an isis attack or another isis-inspired attack on american soil. the pentagon raising the alert level at military bases across the u.s. because of this increased threat of terrorism. new overnight, north korea an leader kim jong un personally overseeing a new set of missile tests, including a submarine launching what he calls a time bomb that could go off at any time against his enemies. nine sheriffs deputies fired for their part in the death of a college student found in restraints inside a georgia jail. could the terminations be a p precursor to criminal charges against them. good morning, i'm alison kosik in for christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell, thank you for being with us. we begin with the threat of terror attacks on u.s. soil. the security threat level at u.s. military bases is at bravo.
4:01 am
an increased and predictable threat of terrorism. the pentagon raised security conditions after growing concerns of jihadist threats. let's bring in our analyst. sund land, detail for us why the increase in this threat level, if there is no specific threat? >> that's right. good morning to you, victor. the fbi has ramped up its monitoring of suspected isis supporters inside the u.s. that was after sunday's attack in texas when there was the discovery that one of the gunmen had direct encrypted communication with an isis supporter. with an isis recruiter, i should say. the decision to increase the threat level was not based on one specific threat but more because according to one official, it just felt like the temperature had gone up. >> with concern growing over isis-inspired attacks being carried out inside the u.s., the
4:02 am
pentagon put all u.s. military bases nationwide on heightened alert. the threat level now raised to bravo due to an increase in predict ablg threat of terrorism according to the pentagon. the concern, isis could target uniformed military and law enforcement. security will be beefed up at all military bases, national guard installations and recruiting stations across the country. adding, according to the military's order, an element of unpredictable. former cia official phil mudd says it's part of a change in who terrorists like isis target. >> what they're saying is there are people in the united states who are responsible for projecting american power overseas. because they're projecting american power overseas and killing us in places like iraq and yemen, they're legitimate targets. >> u.s. officials say the heightened level is not tied to
4:03 am
a specific credible threat but a number of recent concerns contributed to the decision. the shooting in texas this week highlighting the threat from isis supporters and after personal information, names and home addresses of about 100 military personnel who posted online by isis affiliates last month. >> increasingly isis has been using social media to reach out and recruit people in the u.s. >> really is an expansion of how the internet has been used, frankly, for several years now both in recruitment and radicalization of young people to join terrorist groups. >> the fbi director warning there are hundreds, maybe thousands of isis followers online inside the u.s. saying it's almost as if there's a devil sitting on the shoulder saying kill, kill, kill, kill all day long. >> i have hundreds of investigations going on right now looking into extremists who could be influenced by these
4:04 am
isis recruiters and last night the fbi director and the homeland security director held a secure conference call with local and state and law enforcement officials urging them to beef up their efforts to counter isis. alison and victor. >> thank you sun len. >> bravo is part of the force protection condition. a 5-tier threat level system overseen and decided by the department of defense. >> practically, what does bravo mean? what does it mean for military officials? >> jim sciutto will tell us. >> victor and alison, the new threat level is bravo. that's the middle threat in the scale increased and predictable threat of terrorism. delta tends to be when there's an actual attack under way. still, very rare in the u.s. it's a handful of times when we've seen it for u.s. military installations. twice in 2003, early 2003 and al qaeda threat again around the holidays.
4:05 am
december 2003. we didn't see it again until 2011 after the bin laden raid, the raid that killed them and then again on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. in all the previous cases, it wasn't just u.s. military bases under threat, it was other civilian targets, military bases added on. this is unique because it is specific to u.s. military installations. some 3200 around the country. because that is believed to be what isis in particular is pushing its members to target and the military taking it very seriously. victor and alison. all right. this morning we're also following breaking news out of north korea. the communist country fires three rockets off its eastern coast according to a south korean defense official. this just one day after news broke that kim jong un reportedly test-fired a new underwater ballistic missile. let's get to our report. you just returned from a trip to north korea where you had incredible access. what are you learning about this
4:06 am
new round of missile tests? >> caller: you know, it's very clear to me on the ground in north korea, alison, that the government there in spite of the fact that they continue to have problems with getting enough food to their own people, they certainly are not a wealthy country, yet they're spending a lot of money on continuing to develop their military program. and this underwater test fire of a ballistic missile is just the latest in a series of military developments that are very troubling to much of the international community. this ballistic missile launched from a submarine off of the mainland so off of the korean peninsula. kim jong un was there to witness it. you can see the pictures released on state media. of course, this is undated pictures. we don't know when this missile test took place even though the news just breaking. remember, i also sat down with a north korean official who talked
4:07 am
about their nuclear program saying they have nuclear devices and they have a long-range ballistic missile according to north koreans that would be capable of hitting mainland u.s. they're continuing to ramp up their military, alison. >> let's talk about the timing. you don't know when the tests actually happened. but can you speak to the timing of this? is this just maybe significant to show their military strength? >> well, kim jong un's movements are a closely guarded secret. it's never announced ahead of time where he's going to be, what he's going to be doing. so the timing of the announcement, again, keep in mind, north korea it's a country this considers itself under the constant threat of invasion. they view south korea and the united states military presence, significant presence on the south korean side of the korean peninsula as a throat their sovereignty. their policy is they put their military first. they invest as i said a lot into
4:08 am
it. and it's routine to see these kind of announcements when they talk about their latest and greatest advances. kim jong un compared this missile launch to the north korean successful satellites. the first one was 20 years agond the most recent in 2012. they continue to spend a lot and they consider themselves a military power and they're test investing a lot in that. >> will ripley reporting live from hong kong. thanks. let's expand the conversation now and bring in cnn military analyst lieutenant general mark hertling. let's start where they et left off. what about the details being reported by north korea, the timing, the number of missiles tested. >> this was a little bit of a surprise to the south korean officials. but truthfully, i think intelligence on both the south korean side and the u.s. military side on the peninsula,
4:09 am
they're trying to increase their capability in strategic launches of missiles. a submarine launch is a whole different story. this is a tough one. they believe the launch occurred near a fishing village called simpao. it surprised quite a few people. >> let's talk about the degree of concern countries should have. kim jong un said this is a time bomb which will go off on the backs of our hostile enemies at any time. that's a quote. it sounds like the boilerplate bluster we hear from kim. >> right. >> what should the deek of -- degree of concern be? >> he ties the economic condition of north korea to some of these missile launches. it's evidence of an individual who is trying to really get his people to look another direction, the strength of their military while at the same time they're starving. yes, when you put the kind of military advancements like we're
4:10 am
seeing in north korea with the kind of bluster, these aren't just defensive weapon systems. these are meant to scare other nations. south korea, japan, united states. i mean, now they're looking on working at an international continental ballistic missile. they have missiles that will launch satellites into orbit. they have a submarine launch capability. what's next? this is challenging and disconcerting. >> for now, you believe it's a tool of intimidation? >> well, you've seen over the years, over the last five years or so there have been these kinds much launches followed by attempts at garnering a little bit of support from various nations for things like humanitarian aid. but to answer your question, victor, i'm sorry for going off track, yes, it's bluster right now. it's the kind of bluster being associated with advancements in military capabilities. that's always scary to me. >> all right. we'll continue to watch it and
4:11 am
continue our conversation. general hertling, thank you. thank you, victor. new developments in a story cnn has been following. nine deputies fired in a georgia town for their part in the death of a college student found in restraints while in jail. could criminal charges be far behind? plus, hail storms, high winds and flooding across parts of oklahoma. but the severe weather threat deepens today as almost 20 million people could be impacted.
4:12 am
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4:14 am
new developments this morning, stories that cnn has been following closely. in savannah, georgia, nine
4:15 am
deputies have been fired in the death of a college student, at least connected to that man's death. a chatham county sheriffs spokeswoman says he was found in an isolation cell on new year's day. his family says he was put in a restraining chair and tased. he was taken into custody after allegedly hitting his girlfriend at a gas station. his family says he was having a bipolar episode and they allege police knew that. the girlfriend gave police pills for matthew's disorder. the district attorney is reviewing the case and will decide whether to file criminal charges. >> lits bring in retired chief deputy matthew fogg. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. >> good to be here with you. >> first, is it right to -- is it right, do you think to fire the deputies right now, you know, it's been four months since this man died. >> i think so. 180 days or more, at least four months. bottom line, that's enough time
4:16 am
to do a thorough investigation to determine what role these deputies played in the man's death and, again, i would say they're looking at if there can be criminal charges out of this. definitely, that's enough time to come to a conclusion that deputies violated a policy. >> we know there's been an internal police investigation. the georgia bureau of investigation is also looking into the case. now, the district attorney is reviewing the case. you've got these multiple investigations going on. you mentioned criminal charges could be next. do you think that that could actually happen. what is the d.a. really looking for to bring the case to a grand jury? >> the biggest thing is they want to know that they've got enough evidence that it's not just a witch hunt. but bottom line is they've got solid evidence here that can -- they can present to a judge and actually to a grand jury and actually have a solid case.
4:17 am
so that's what the d.a. is looking at. again, when you're talking about somebody dying in custody, especially being locked in a chair like that and being a u.s. marshal and having been around the country panned worked with a lot of institutions and how we treat prisoners, the bottom line is there are strict rules and a lot of times we get off track. the d.a. is looking into that very deeply to understand whether or not the officers were complicit in this matter. >> how unusual is it to put someone who is having a bipolar episode in a restraining chair and then tase him and, if that's unusual, then how do you handle that kind of thing? >> to be honest with you, i'm not sure if it's unusual. i've seen it happen a lot where prisoners get out of control and they restrain these people. the bottom line is, a lot of times the officers haven't had enough training in the mental aspects of what people -- what
4:18 am
preexisting condition they may have had. now, in this case it obviously seems like someone told them this man was suffering from bipolar disorder, which they should have immediately had protocols in place to deal with that. a lot of times law enforcement officers don't know. they just react to someone reacting back to them. and in that case, the person, if they have a disorder, they're going to continue to react more when you tase them and you restrain them, the gas is in their system. all these things, i guarantee probably led up to this man's death. >> thanks for your analysis. retired u.s. marshal matthew fogg. 20 million people under a tornado threat across the plains and the southwest. you probably know this is a part of the country that has dealt with severe weather all week. we're talking the hail and the flooding. this is in oklahoma last night. we'll check in on the timing of these potential tornadoes and the storms on the way. check this out on facebook.
4:19 am
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[crowd booing] well, he can do that. we show our progressive direct rate and the rates of our competitors even if progressive isn't the lowest. it looks like progressive is not the lowest! ohhhh! when we return, we'll find out whether doug is the father. wait, what?
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motor trend's 2015olf car of the year. so was the 100% electric e-golf. and the 45 highway mpg tdi clean diesel. and last but not least, the high performance gti. looks like we're gonna need a bigger podium. the volkswagen golf family. motor trend's 2015 "cars" of the year. consider the number. nearly 20 million people are under a threat of severe weather today. you know, the rainstorms and the hail, they've been drenching the central plains for the last few days. look at this. i mean, this is someone's
4:23 am
backyard. nearly the entire state of oklahoma is under a flash flood watch. >> and now the possible or the threat of possible tornadoes throughout the weekend. it's already making everybody nervous over there in that region. ivan cabrera is here with details. is this just the beginning of this trend that we're going to see that time of year? >> the continuing trend. this is like day seven of severe weather there. the things we saw there will be repeated today in oklahoma city will get hit with heavy rain again. this is incredible. did we mention there's a tropical storm off the coast of the carolinas. we'll talk about that in a second. this is the area at that we're talking about severe weather. yes, then there's snow across the rockies. there is a lot going on. let's get to it here as we talk about the potential for damaging winds, straight-line winds. but then tornadoes and not just a few tornadoes but we could be seeing multiple tornado touchdowns today and also potential for them to be strong. pay attention if you're in the path of these storms from austin to dallas and then, of course,
4:24 am
the bull's-eye here. dodge city into wichita. this is the highest risk. but that doesn't mean we won't get them in dallas. i think in texas we're going to see action as we head through later this afternoon. let's put the forecast radar into motion. you'll be able to see this line of storms here. i don't think that will be severe. it's these storms that fire up in the afternoon and evening. between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m., i think that's the window that we're going to be talking about the potential for the greatest threat to see the worst of the weather as we continue with the radar later this evening. things then wind down. what is this? >> this is snow. it's going to be accumulating anywhere from 10 to as much as 24 inches. so places like denver are going to go from thunderstorms today to snowfall by the time we get into tomorrow. this is just incredible. it's that clash of the air masses which is why we have the severe weather threat. torm ana. yes, we're three weeks from hurricane season, but we have our first named tropical system in the atlantic. it is ana and it's headed to the north and west. 60 mile an hour winds now.
4:25 am
we're expecting it to make landfall early sunday morning with gusty winds along the coast, myrtle beach into wilmington. then it becomes a rainstorm across the eastern u.s. there you see the tropical storm warnings in effect for a good portion of the carolinas right now. >> far too much going on for a mother's day weekend. tropical storm, snow. >> thanks, ivan. here's a question. should baltimore prosecutor marilyn mosby be kicked off freddie gray's murder case? attorneys for the six officers charged say she needs to be replaced in immediately. we'll tell you in. why. you struggle with type 2 diabetes, you're certainly not alone. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. imagine what it would be like to love your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®. it's the #1 prescribed in the newest class of medicines that work with the kidneys to lower a1c.
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4:29 am
welcome back. here's a look at some stories developing now. >> the bottom of the hour. a south korean defense official tells cnn that north korea has fired three ship to ship missiles. this is coming after state tv reported that kim jong un oversaw a successful test firing of a new underwater ballistic missile. it's still unclear when and where that launch took place, but news of the launch and
4:30 am
several launches in fact, comes just days after the country threatened to open fire on any south korean naval ship that enters disputed waters. tanks, helicopters and more than 16,000 soldiers. russia's vast military on display in moscow. a parade celebrating the defeat of the nazis 70 years ago. there weren't a lot oworld leaders -- were a lot of world leaders who boycotted because of russia's aggression in ukraine. we're following breaking news. former egyptian dictator hosni mubarak could be a free man as early as today according to state media. a cairo court of appeals upheld a three-year sentence against mubarak on corruption charges but credited him for the time already served. mubarak has also been slapped with a fine for embezzlement. a live report coming up just ahead. freddie gray's case took a
4:31 am
twist. >> they're calling for prosecutor marilyn mosby to step down from the case immediately. a motion filed last night spelled out what the defense sees as five conflicts of interest. cnn's tear i sidner has the latest. >> new details coming out that the attorneys for the six officers charged in the case are saying that marilyn mosby should recuse herself or the office recuse itself from this case because they accused her of having too many conflicts of interest. they name about five conflicts including that her husband is a councilman in the district where freddie gray was killed and that he would get political gain from her charging this case and winning this case if she does that. also, that she has a relationship, she and her husband both a friendship really with the attorney that is representing freddie gray's family. and they say that is a huge
4:32 am
conflict and that at some point he was actually her attorney. they also say that she has some relationship with potential witnesses. they were upset with all the details she gave out when she talked about charging the case. but we know that she has responded to that. i've talked to her about some of these allegations that were made early on by the police association and she says there's absolutely no conflict and her office is going forward. we also know this is happening as the doj plans to investigate the baltimore police department. that investigation into the police department is expected to take some time. we know from looking at when they were in ferguson, missouri, it took them at least six months to go through all of the information they gathered. a large amount of electronic data. they talked to many, many, many witnesses doing exhaustive interviews. we're not expecting to hear the results of that investigation for some time to come. alison, victor? >> sara, thank you very much.
4:33 am
let's bring back analyst joey jackson to talk about this. joey, i want to know, is this a capital d development here or would you have expected this to come along at any point? >> good morning again victor. i certainly would expect that. as an attorney, you do your job. certainly the attorneys representing the officers would love to have her off the case. it would be a grand slam. why? because it's so rare that you see police officers charged and then, of course, you'll move toward the indictment. but she's made very clear that this won't be business as usual and even took the step of charging false imprisonment predicated upon not having probable cause. the officers, that is, as the prosecutors claim to even arrest him. so she really is aggressively going after these officers. you know, she works for the community. so as she should. removing her from the attorney's point of view would be huge. that being said, i think it's an uphill battle for the defense attorneys to be able to do that.
4:34 am
recrews al is a very -- recusal is a high standard. we all know people and have friends. people who are elected officials, they get contributions. the issue is, is the conflict so grave, does it so impair thaur judgment and ability to move forward in a fair fashion that they could not have a fair trial. that's a standard that will very unlikely be met in this case, victor. >> so there are five points that the attorneys point out the reasons she should be removed from the case. one of them is a that there's a pending civil claim against her office which was filed one day before the attorneys asked to have her removed by these attorneys. i wonder how much weight is given to that considering that, i guess, defense attorneys could file a civil claim against any state's attorney and use that as a reason to get them off the case. >> exactly, victor. not making light of it. but my response to you would be, and there needs to be certainly something more than that in
4:35 am
order to just get recreusarecus. i get and understand the fact they don't want her moving forward particularly when you looked at the depraved murder charge, the false imprisonment charges, the assault charges. she's made clear this is a new day in baltimore and she wants accountability here. i get why they want her off. i'm suggesting that what they're using may not be the most persuasive and the motion will be heard and aired obviously and they're doing their job. but at the end of the day, the basis -- bases within the motion may not carry the day to have her removed. >> let's hear what marilyn mosby has to say about the request for recusal. >> there is no conflict of interest. i'm going to prosecute. i'm the baltimore city state's attorney. i cover every district in baltimore state. there's a number of crimes that take place in baltimore city and unfortunately in the district we
4:36 am
live. where is the conflict? >> i have to take myself away from every case or crime that takes place in west baltimore? that makes absolutely no sense. >> the narrative we've heard up to this point before the death of freddie gray was that in many cases these district attorneys, the state's attorneys are too close to police. police are now saying that this state's attorney is too close to the protesters to other attorneys. is there now a stronger argument or any more consideration to special prosecutors in these cases? >> it's a fantastic question, victor. i think it raises a much larger issue not only in baltimore but nationally. because whenever you see police being prosecuted, the issue is, hey, look, as a former prosecutor, i can tell you, you work with the police, you rely upon the police. you trust the police. the police are in your office reviewing evidence, examining evidence, preparing for trial. then they have to turn around and prosecute them to prosecute you. it's very difficult and so i think the issue needs to be
4:37 am
examined nationally in terms of how you move forward against police officers in a way that everyone would trust, that everyone would respect and that everyone would buy into in terms of its fairness for everyone. so we'll see moving forward how it affects baltimore and how it affects the larger united states of america. >> we'll wait for the decision on this motion to have her removed from the case. joey jackson, thank you so much. >> pleasure, victor. have a great day. >> you too. as we're following breaking news this morning, former egyptian dictator hosni mubarak could be a free man as early as today. a live report coming up zierjts an usual and flight ening development. the ebola virus can actually live in a person's eye. how an american doctor is living this nightmare right now. as a parent, you might think i would know if my child were
4:38 am
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4:43 am
and we have breaking news to tell you about. sentenced to three years for corruption and slapped with a multimillion dollar fine, actually a cairo court of appeals is upholding the sentence of former egyptian dictator hosni mubarak. he could walk free as early as today according to state media. >> let's bring in ian lee joining us live on the phone from cairo. ian, walk me through how it is he could be a free man today. >> alison, he was found guilty but the judge said he could walk free after time served. he has been detained shortly after the 2011 revolution that toppled him, but the judge ruled
4:44 am
that, because he has been detained since shortly after that, that is time served according to egyptian law. so he is technically a free man. he could walk free. we haven't seen any pictures or indication that he has left the custody of egyptian police, but he is a free man. there is one more case, though. he may not be free for a long time. there is one more case on june 4th. an appeals court could hear the charges against him over the killing of protesters during the 2011 revolution. now, that case has been thrown out before and we're expecting a final appeals decision on that on june 4th, which could see him back in jail. but the mood here in cairo is drastically different than what we saw in the first days of the court session when the whole country was stopped and watched the tv screen to see what was the latest updates on this
4:45 am
trial. today, there really is a lot of indifference. no one really paying attention to it. there's a lot of fatigue here from court cases and protests over the past four years. there are people who are definitely invested in the outcome of these trials, especially people who lost loved ones during the revolution. by and far, many egyptians going on with their daily lives today. >> all right. former egyptian dictator hosni mubarak could be set free because of time served today. ian lee, thanks for that. the campaign for the white house is in south carolina. the podium at freedom summit is packed with presidential hopefuls, one after another. marco rubio one of them. we'll ask the political panel who has the best chance to make it to the general election on the republican side. question: can you keep your lifestyle in retirement?
4:46 am
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[burke] but you're not even covered for this... [man] it's a profound statement. [burke] or how you may be covered for this... [burke] but not for something like this... [burke] talk to farmers and see what gaps could be hiding in your coverage. [sfx: yeti noise] ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ time to talk politics. republican presidential time to talk politics. taking part in the freedom summit and with about 18 months to go before the presidential election, the republican field is growing. maybe some would say crowded. all of these candidates, all of them have declared or have formed now some exploratory committees for 2016. we couldn't fit them on one page. we have republican strategist
4:50 am
lisa booth and maria. i have a challenge, ladies. the challenge is we can talk only about the republicans for this segment and then we'll talk only about hillary clinton and the other democrats running in the next segment. deal? >> sound good. >> deal. >> maria, first to you. top gop candidate right now. >> i think it's actually marco rubio because he is seen as being somebody that's new. he has terrific oratory skills. he actually has risen in the polls. and so i think that right now he has sort of got the star power and he's the one that a lot of conservatives are looking at and i think a lot of them see in him the future of the party as somebody who can really reach out to younger voters. they think that he can reach out to latino voters. i have an issue with that. which we can talk about later. but i think that in terms of the promise that a lot of
4:51 am
republicans see in terms of the field, they see him as the rising star who really needs to focus on a new face of the republican party that really needs to reach out to new voters because if they don't reach out to new voters, no way they're going to be able to make it to the white house. >> lisa, who is your pick? >> i actually agree with maria for once. >> look at that. >> breaking news here. but, no, i do like marco rubio a lot. i also like scott walker a lot and, quite frankly, the juxtaposition between scott walker or marco rubio against hillary clinton. he does represent a brighter future for the -- i understand that. but it's also the contrast that is so important and also an issue if you look at something like income and equality that has been at the center of the debate for both republicans and democrats for the 2016 election. if you have someone like marco
4:52 am
rubio who comes from immigrant parents. his father was a bartender. his mother was a housekeeper and they came here with grade school educati educations. marco rubio has repeatedly speaken. he spoke at the republican convention. his speech was probably the best speech out of anyone there. he talked about how his dad worked in the back of the room so he could be in the front of the room. the argument of american exceptionalism could really speak to younger voters and speak to people that wouldn't necessarily vote for republican. >> let's go now to the other side of the aisle and talk about secretary clinton. the headline on cbs news "new york times" poll clinton possibly now has weathered the storm on her private e-mail used as secretary of state. the numbers here, 35% view her favorably. 36% unfavorable. what surprises me, 17% undecided. maria, are there still after so many decades in public life, still converts. still people out there who can
4:53 am
be swayed on hillary clinton? >> sure. i think, absolutely. those of us who have seen the clintons through thick and thin and have essentially grown up politically with them forget that there is a whole new generation of voters who don't necessarily know the history of the clintons. and i think for somebody like hillary clinton who is poised to make history if she makes it to the white house, she'll be the first woman out there to be president of the united states. that is hugely appealing to younger voters, to women voters everywhere. to younger women voters. so, i think that there is a whole new generation of voters who she really has the potential and the opportunity to frame herself as historymaking, as somebody who is clearly, especially if you juxtapose her to the republican field. somebody who focuses on voters' anxiety on the problems of ev y
4:54 am
everyday middle class families and the struggles that they have had in this what has been a rising economy and we saw that the job numbers yesterday were fantastic. but there are a lot of people who still aren't feeling that. republicans who have absolutely nothing to say. >> lisa. >> they talk about common equality, but their policies just really make it worse. >> lisa, is this over? has she weathered the storm of the e-mail controversy? i would imagine you say she has. >> she absolutely hasn't. if you look at somebody like marco rubio, he would be making history, too. making history isn't the reason to elect someone. hillary clinton hasn't done anything. she doesn't have anything to run on. she has been running for a decade and she is absolutely yesterday's news. the problem that democrats have right now, income and equality has gotten a lot worse under president obama. top earners are making more money than they were making before middle class families are suffering more than before president obama took office. income and equality argument really falls flat, especially with hillary clinton as the
4:55 am
messeng messenger. difficult time trying to drive a populous message. the problem she is going to face, although nobody really on the left toal chan achallenge h someone like bernie sanders will push her. she's flip-flopped on criminal justice and she lied about the e-mail and the clinton foundation, as well. >> quite possibly we'll hear from former governor of maryland this month. his decision to get into the primary. we got to hold it there. lisa boothe, maria cardona, thank you, both. this is a reunion one woman never dreamed would happen. >> can you feel it? i can feel it. a woman reunited with her daughter after she was allegedly stolen from a st. louis hospital, possibly by the same nurse who was supposed to help her. we'll be talking to zela jackson and another mother now wondering what happened to her baby. that's live in our next hour. you're going to want to stick around for that interview. out of 42 vehicles,
4:56 am
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5:00 am
ebola. the virus living in the eye of an american doctor. ian contracted the virus last year and treated in atlanta and declared virus free in his blood system. but ebola caused him a lot of pain in the eye and turned his eye from blue to green. doctors have treated him and they say there's no chance of spreading the disease because his tears have been tested and they're negative. >> interesting. all right, stay with us because we have a lot going on this morning. >> the next hour of your "new day" starts now. isis making advances online. threats of terror on american soil putting military bases around the country on increased security. plus new this morning, nine deputies fired in georgia over the death of a college student restrained in an isolation cell. so, what comes next in this
5:01 am
case? and a lot of things are caught on x-ray machines at airports, including this. look at this. why a young boy packed inside a pink suitcase almost got smuggled into spain. its are e's hard to underst desperation. >> i'm alison kosik in for christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. the big developing story. soldiers at military bases around the country are tight after the threat level, the security level increased to forced protection bravo. this increased vigilance is not because of any specific, imminent threat from isis but because the military is concerned about several home-grown terror incidents. so, bravo. what does it mean? >> good morning to you, victor. well, about this increase in the security level to bravo, that potentially indicates there could be a threat. again, it was not a credible and
5:02 am
specific threat, but u.s. officials say it just felt that in general it felt as if the temperature had gone up a few degrees. and that was based on a few concerns that all put together really contributed to making this decision. first, that attack on sunday in texas. highlighting the threat from isis supporters and also the fact that some personal information. names and addresses of about 100 military personnel were posted online by isis affiliated accounts. isis is reaching out over social media and trying to recruit people inside the u.s. to target uniform military law enforcement officials. the fbi director has warned that there could potentially be hundreds, maybe even thousands of isis followers online inside the u.s. here's what the new attorney general loretta lynch said about isis recruitment tactics.
5:03 am
>> really is an expansion of how the internet has been used, frankly, for several years now. both in recruitment and radicalization of young people to join terrorist groups. >> the fbi has ramped up its monitoring of isis followers inside the u.s. that's after the discovery that one of the gunman in sunday's attack in texas had direct encryption communication with an isis recruiter. victor? >> so, what will we see if people visiting these bases will see or notice anything? >> well, the main point that beefed up security is going to be in a surprise and random nature to add to the already security protocols. so, we might not know exactly what will be put in place but we believe that those added security procedures will be there. but likely this will come in the form, victor, of 100% i.d. checks of people coming on to the bases while double checking all vehicles leaving and going into these bases. we do know that the fbi director
5:04 am
and the homeland security secretary, they also held a conference call late last night with law enforcement officials on the local and state level asking them to beef up their own security. back to you. >> the unpredictability will be a great tool here. thanks. let's bring in cnn military analyst major general james spider marks. good morning, general. >> good morning. how are you guys? >> doing well. something i am thinking about. why go ahead and raise this threat level if there is no specific threat that they can? >> well, it's really an abundance of caution on the part of the military. but what you really see is this is what i would call the military is going through a reset. we have the evidence that there is increased activity on the part of isis. we've seen a number of incidents that have taken place in the united states most recently. and so dod, department of defense came back and said, you know, let's reset our procedures
5:05 am
and make sure we have our act together before it's too late. that's in essence what you see right here. and the notion of random access measures and protocols. what that means is there will be enhanced difficulty getting on to these military installations. there will be 100% identification check and then there will be periodic checks of vehicles under the hood and in the trunk. so, it just keeps an honest man honest if they're trying to get on these different installations. >> there are some experts out there saying that isis is really trying this psychological war fare. these tactics to put pressure on the west. do you agree with that? >> oh, yeah, this is like a bunch of body punches in boxing. they're coming after our kidneys. none of these are knockout blows. this is the notion of death of 1,000 cuts. they get us worried and leaning forward and you can't lean forward for too long and until you fall forward. so, it's a matter of resetting, maintaining a level of vigilance
5:06 am
that can be sustained and it really creates a new normal in terms of how we conducted business, not only in our military installations, but in our communities. because when you have military installations, you have great connections with the communities that are outside the gates, as we say. those connections are critical. connections in the law enforcement, connections with community leaders. connections with intelligence agencies, as well. so, that has to be maintained. >> all right, general marks, thanks for that. >> sure, thank you. all right, now to some new developments in a story that cnn has been following very closely. let's go to savannah, georgia, where nine deputies have been fired in connection with the death of a college student. and this is coming after an internal investigation in the department, also a probe by the georgia bureau of investigation. >> a spokeswoman for the chatm department says this, says that matthew was found dead in an isolation cell on new year's day. and his family says he was put in the restraining chair,
5:07 am
handcuffed and tased. he had been taken into custody after allegedly hitting his girlfriend at a gas station. his family said he was having a bipolar episode and they allege that police knew that. a police report also says that the girlfriend gave pills to police for matthew's disorder. now, the district attorney is reviewing the case and is going to be deciding whether or not to file criminal charges. >> mark omara is a legal analyst. >> good morning. how are you doing? >> we're doing very well. before we get to the meat of our conversation. i heard some reporters say, can you confirm for us the correct pronunciation so we get it right. >> the nigerian terminology is different. >> so that's what we'll go with and i thank you for that. this investigation has been going on for some time now.
5:08 am
two officers were on paid leave and now nine have been fired. why do you expect this is happening now? >> why is it only happening now? this is 127 days since matthew died in their custody. and for 127 days, nine of them were still on the job, still doing whatever they were doing wrong. and i'm frustrated that it took this long to have any type of semblance. i think now maybe the case because of our efforts is getting some attention. why would it take so long for the district attorney to look at this case when we use baltimore as an example and some people complain didn't take enough time. 11 days and she got this case figured out. we are way too long into this. there are 12 families who now know what happened. every family of those officers who are now fired, they know what happened that night. why is the one family who
5:09 am
deserves it most ajibade family still in the dark and it's intentional and it's horrific to do that to this family. >> mark, what is the family's response to these firings? >> well, we're glad that finally some movement is happening. finally somebody is being held responsible for matthew's death. we just want to know how it happened and, most importantly, why it happened. >> so, there are in addition to the announcement of these firings, the chief there, the sheriff rather in chatm county announced several charges that are coming. new booking procedures to ensure immediate notification to on-site medical personnel when they arrive for the booking process. new security procedures that jail to audit the use of tasers. the cell extraction and removal team will be renewed and refocused and disciplined and a policy of when tasers may not be used. if all of these had been
5:10 am
implemented or enforced when matthew ajibade had the encounter with police, do you believe he would still be alive? >> no question that they should have kept matthew alive. you're not supposed to die in police custody when you have bipolar disorder. they are trained on how to handle an individual. this is not something made up from after the fact. they knew from the moment they got on scene and they were given the medication. we have to hold our law enforcement to a high standard of professionalism and they cannot tase somebody in a restraining chair and get away with it. >> mark o'mara with us from orlando. thank so much. >> great to be here. we're following some breaking news this morning. former egyptian dictator hosni mubarak could be a free man as early as today. a cairo court of appeals has upheld a three-year sentence
5:11 am
against mubarak on corruption charges. but it also credited him for the time he already served. mubarak has also been slapped with a multi-million dollar fine for embezzlement. more than 70 mothers are searching for answers. they believe their babies were stolen from them decades ago at this st. louis hospital. and now the city is vowing to help. we'll talk live with one mother who found her daughter and another who hasn't given up hope of a reunion. plus, the million moms march in d.c. is about to start. we talk to the mother who organized it and what they believe, what she believes, actually, the federal government needs to do. while others go in circles... ...and repeat themselves... ...we choose to carve our own path, in the pursuit of exhilaration. the 306 horse power lexus gs. experience the next level of performance...
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5:15 am
the texas panhandle getting drenched this morning. severe thunderstorms across the region there. >> it's part of the dangerous weather that could hit as many as 20 million people this weekend. including the threat of tornadoes across the central plains. ivan cabrera is here with details. i mean, this is a huge system and it goes on and on. >> on and on. seventh day and we continue and even tomorrow i think we'll still be under the gun for severe weather. look at this thunderstorm activity at this hour already across the panhandle and just to the west of dallas. that is not the severe threat we are talking about. that will be later this afternoon and later this evening as we get things heated up in the atmosphere. this upper level low that will provide us the spin that we need to get thunderstorms rotating. we do not want that, but that is exactly what will happen later on. the warm, moist air coming up from the south and cool, dry air from the north. everything you need for tornadoes to form today is in place in the atmosphere. in fact, not just for tornadoes, but long track tornados and some
5:16 am
strong ones. we have to watch this very closely. anywhere from san antonio through dallas and i-35 corridor heading out towards wichita and eastern colorado, as well. if you hear thunder today, get indoors. if your power is not out get the tv on and make sure you're not under a tornado warning. in fact those sirens are going to be going off in a lot of communities later today. here is the clock as we take you into motion as we head between 4:00 and 7:00, thunderstorms that are beginning to pop here and those are the ones that will be severe. thunderstorms in denver and then snow tomorrow. one to three inches. this is the kind of clash of air masses we're talking about here. this is why we have severe weather this time of year. summer trying to come in and in between the battleground. look at the snowfall here anywhere from eight to ten to as much as 24 inches of snowfall and that is unbelievable in the next few days. leave you with a quick update on ana. still 60-mile-per-hour winds and not the most impressive-looking
5:17 am
tropical storm. but the threat will be for boating or beaches and rip currents and very heavy rainfall along with some gusty winds in the next 24 hours making landfall through the early part of sunday morning. a lot to cover. we'll is it for you all day. guys? >> ivan cabrera, a lot going on today. >> too much. thank you, ivan. attorneys for freddie gray calling for the attorney to step down immediately. tell you what is in that new motion filed just last night.
5:18 am
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the recent deaths of
5:21 am
african-american males and you know the names trayvon martin, michael brown and most recently freddie gray in baltimore. they have a large group of women marching in washington today in what they're calling the million moms march. many of these mothers say that their child was killed or injured at the hands of police. this is going to start around 11:00. the march to the u.s. capital where they'll demand the federal government change laws across the nation so that police departments abide by the same rules and regulations. now, the event is organized by maria hamilton. her son was killed by a milwaukee police officer last year. the officer was not charged, but was fired from the department for not following the rules in the moments leading up to the shooting. we have with us this morning maria hamilton and her son, nate. and it's good to have both of you to talk about this this morning. ms. hamilton, i want is to start first by just expressing our condolences for the loss of your son and asking about the reason
5:22 am
you organized this march today. >> well, i organized this march. the federal government came in and picked up the case in december. we have a lot of moms in milwaukee who ask the head prosecutor not to investigate their case because he wasn't sure he could actually win the case. and there's priority. they haven't had opportunity to grieve. i'm here in washington to ask the doj to actually do a practice and policy investigation into the department so we can get some justice finally in milwaukee. >> ms. hamilton, what is, i know there is a list of demands on your organization's website. you founded mothers for justice united. but what is your principle
5:23 am
demand of the federal government of the department of justice? >> hold these police officers accountable for killing our children. there's no accountability in none of these police departments. >> nate, let me come to you. all around the country, we've seen some cases similar to your brother's. we've seen ferguson, baltimore, north charleston and there are differences in all of them but in some ways similar. have you reached out to these families? >> my mom has been in contact with a couple of the family s. me, i've just been on the ground in milwaukee. really trying to fight for other families who lost their family members. it's been real hard. wisconsin is the number one segregated place. it's been like a battle since he's been killed. but we have been steadfast and consistent with marching and rallying and with direct action.
5:24 am
every time we get a chance we're out there letting them know how we feel. >> nate, what should we expect to see today and how many people do you expect will attend? >> you know, i'm hoping tens of thousands come out. help support this cause. this is a cause that has swept the nation. not by storm because these things have been happening, but right now it's just really hit a head where people really opening their eyes to the things that's happening and we see police officers get off with it. you know, it's racial profiling and it's discrimination and we need to make sure that these things stop. you know, my brother he died because someone at starbucks racially profiled him and called the officer and the two officers came and approached him and said he was doing nothing wrong. he shot him 14 times and he lost his job because of it. but the chief justified him in
5:25 am
the shooting. so, there's something that's not right. we need to hold these officers accountable. >> all right. maria hamilton, nate, thank you so much for sharing your story with us today. again, this is the million moms march starting in washington at 11:00. and, again, our condolences on the loss of do. will prosecutor marilyn moseley be forced to step down? details just ahead. plus, it's been called a scheme to steal newborns. more than 70 mothers are now demanding answers believing their children could be alive after being told that they died after birth. we'll talk to one mother reunited with her daughter and another who is still holding out hope. the network that monitors her health.
5:26 am
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bottom of the hour now, so good to have you with us this morning. let's check some of the stories developing right now. a south korean defense official tells cnn north korea has fired three ship-to-ship missiles. this after state tv reported kim jung-un saw a ballistic missile. still unclear where and when that launch took place. news of the launches come after they threatened to open fire on any south korean naval ships that entered disputed waters. hosni mubarak will soon be a free man. he could be released from prison within hours. that's according to egyptian state media. a cairo court of appeals upheld a three-year sentence on corruption charges, but they credit him for time served. mubarak has also been slapped with a multi-million dollar fine for embezzlement. security conditions at u.s. military bases are still
5:32 am
heightened after growing concerns over terror threats. the level bravo is defined by the pentagon as an increase and predictable threat of terrorism. the move comes in the aftermath of the shooting at a texas cartoon contest featuring drawings of the prophet mohammed. "blindsided" airs monday night right here on cnn. attorneys for the baltimore cops charged in the death of freddie gray want the case's prosecutor to step down immediately. a new motion filed last night the continued involvement that spells out conflict of interest like friendship with an attorney for the victim's family. sarah is live in baltimore with the latest. good morning, sarah. what is mobley saying about this? >> she hasn't said a word about it. she is not going to discuss or
5:33 am
try this case in the media. she said that several times. she's also made that statement. she said nothing about the latest allegations against her and her office. those are now coming and we should expect this from the defense. those who are defending the six officers who have been charged in the death of freddie gray while he was in police custody. some of those charges, some of those allegations in this motion, which is 109 pages, by the way, quite a long read. they talk about different conflict of interest. that's mostly what they're going after. her relationship for her hospital who is a councilman who represents the district where freddy gray died. and would want to see charges and see this case go forward that way saying give him political gain. she, of course, being his wife stands to gain from that. that is one of the allegations. the other allegation is that the moseby family is close with the attorney that represents the gray family. he served as her personal attorney at some point. and so they say that's a conflict, as well.
5:34 am
also that she may have some relationship with some of the potential witnesses in this case and that her office went and investigated this case. so, there are a lot of different things that are being alleged here in the motion. we should keep in mind, though, this should be no surprise. this is what normally happens when you have someone gets an attorney, the defendants get an attorney and she's going after them for other charges and this is how the legal system works. allegations on both sides. they are asking that she step down. we talked to her about a few of these allegations, mainly the one about her husband. that conflict and their relationship with the gray attorney and knowing a lot of different people movers and shakers in this city that may have something to gain. here is how she responded to all of that when i asked her on sunday. >> there is no conflict of interest. i mean, i'm going to prosecute, i'm the baltimore city state attorney. my jurisdiction covers every district in baltimore city. there are a number of crimes that take place in baltimore city and, unfortunately, in the district that we live.
5:35 am
where is the conflict? would i have to take myself away from every case or crime that takes place in west baltimore? that makes absolutely no sense. >> you heard it. she said there is absolutely no conflict. we also should make clear that it is not likely that she will actually be the person that tries the case. it will likely be some of her veteran prosecutors inside of the state's attorney office. that is pretty normal. that happens all around the country where the person who is ahead of the office lets their veterans do their job. but, certainly, this is an allegation and it's out there and they have to be able to respond to this and we have to wait and see what happens. we're seeing the beginning of the justice system turn. >> lots of twists and turns with this case. i'm sure you'll stay on top of it. sara sidner, thanks. go ahead and logon to for more. let's talk about another case involving police that has sparked some really strong
5:36 am
emotion in the death of eric garner. he died after new york police officers wrestled him to the ground while trying to arrest him. that was in july. a staten island grand jury declined to indict an officer in garner's death but now civil liberties group want the records released. the new york civil liberties union which is requesting the release of these grand jury, i guess testimony and all the documents. she joins us now. and we appreciate having you this morning. you know, typically all of those files and you know this, are sealed. the records in the ferguson case, the death of michael brown, those were released. but what are you hoping to gain by getting these records and wanting one? >> you know, the entire world has seen the killing of eric garner at the hands of the new york police department. and i think millions of people
5:37 am
are stunned that a grand jury could look at this case and not come back with a single criminal indictment for anything. and the grand jury proceeding has happened amid a shroud of secrecy and all that does is heighten suspicion, deepen een suspici suspicion. >> but when a district attorney who relies on the police every day presents a case about wrongdoing by the police. then the public has legitimate cause for suspicion. and we need to, there's a provision in our law that allows for the release of grand jury testimony when there's a need for it. when there's a compelling need. boy, if ever there was a need to release what happened in that grand jury, this is the case. what went on there?
5:38 am
what instructions did the prosecutor give to the grand jury? what crimes did he tell them to consider or was this a fix? and we, we shouldn't have to speculate as to what happened. we're talking about whether our grand jury system needs to be reformed when it comes to dealing with police killings. >> i hear you. let me get in here and i don't want to cut you off, but i want to give you the opportunity to respond to something a judge said in march. decline or release the grand jury information. he said releasing them could potentially subject witnesses to intimidation, if they had to testify before a federal grand jury or a federal trial. what is your response to that? >> i think that, you know, that doesn't justify holding from the public the conduct of the district attorney in the case. what did he do? what did he tell the grand jury to consider? what did he tell the grand jury that the law was? how many witnesses were they? what was the testimony? we don't need names. we need evidence. and if we don't have hard
5:39 am
evidence, then we're left with a public conversation about grand jury reform. a public conversation about law enforcement tactics that's based on suspicion, not all the facts. and good policy comes from facts, not suspicion. and i think if we're going to understand the reality of this broken windows policing, which is really the type of police behavior that led to his killing, then we need to know what happens in this case. and right now, it's shrouded in secrecy. this is about transparency. the public's right to know. and the public's quest for justice. we have questions. do black lives really matter in staten island? if they do, let's see. >> donna lieberman with the new york civil liberties union. thank you for joining me this morning. >> thanks for having me. a child bundled up into a
5:40 am
suitcase being smuggled across international borders. it's the image that shocked security guards and the world. we'll have the story, next. she often has to travel for long periods of time. she's helping sick people so that they can get better.
5:41 am
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5:44 am
it's an image that shocked border security guards. an x-ray showing an 8-year-old boy tucked into a suitcase as a woman attempted to smuggle him through security from morocco into spain. rafael romo has the heartbreaking story. >> reporter: police are still not sure how long the young boy spent tuck under to the pink, medium-sized suitcase pressed against a few personal belongings. the boy was bundled tightly in the fetal position in the suitcase. according to the spanish civil guard he is a native and a spokesman said the border guards became suspicious when a 21-year-old woman, a moroccan national, showed signs of nervousness she attempted to cross the border into spain from morocco wheeling the suitcase down the street. the woman was arrested at the border. a man who is apparently the boy's father was also arrested a few hours after the boy was found. meanwhile, the boy has been
5:45 am
placed in the custody of spanish authorities confirmation that the man arrested is, indeed, his father and also pending legal action. the spanish civil guard spokesman said, we are perplexed about the desperate things people do to get smuggled or smuggle their children into the country. rafael romo, cnn, atlanta. >> you've got to watch this. just turn for a moment to the screen. a mother reunites with her daughter. and it's reigniting hope for dozens of women who believe their babies may have been stolen from a st. louis hospital. we'll speak with one mother who had that joyous reunion you'll see in a moment and another who's hoping for one in the future. stay with us.
5:46 am
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5:49 am
time now for a story we have been following for weeks here at cnn. st. louis mothers who believe that their babies were stolen from them decades ago have now shuttered st. louis hospital. new this morning our cnn affiliate kmox are reporting more than 7-0 women have reached out to the governor saying they believe their babies may have been stolen. and now mayor francis slay's office is vowing to get them answers. those pleas, you have to watch this, those pleas for help were all sparked by this woman. zella jackson price. this is this reunion with her daughter, melanie, nearly 50 years after she was sold that this girl then was dead. she is with us live this morning along with brenda stewart. they believe, brenda stewart
5:50 am
believes her baby may have been stolen from that st. louis hospital, as well. ladies, good to have you this morning. >> good morning. >> what did that moment feel like? >> well, let me start with 4:00 a.m. in the morning. on my phone, on my smartphone and let you know i'm 76 and i just got this smartphone last year. and i had to really learn how to work this smartphone so i didn't do messages and texts and all i did was pictures and babies and flowers. >> you got a text from someone? >> yeah. i got a 4:00 a.m. text from my granddaughter from oregon and the message read, my name is mahisca and my mother's name is melanie diane and my mother believes you are her mother.
5:51 am
and i said straight up, i said, baby, what makes you think that i'm her mother and you're my granddaughter? >> she said, my mother was born in st. louis november 25th, 1965. does that ring a bell with you? >> i said i had a baby on that date, but my baby passed. my mother believes you are her mother. to make a long story short, she asked me if i would be willing to do a dna. i said, yeah, i'll be willing. as we were waiting on the results the other kids, my grandson, sam, said if the results are negative, will you still be my grandma? i said, yeah, i'll still be your grandma and the results came in 99.997. plus, also, during this time she said, you could see her on my page so she friended me and i saw her on my page. we had friended each other.
5:52 am
>> did you recognize the resemblance? >> yes, i did. >> you recognized the resemblance? >> yes, i did. >> let me come to you. what is your story and why do you believe this hospital or from this hospital your baby was stolen? >> okay. well on june 24th, 1964, i had a baby girl, also. and in the procedure of having this baby the things that they were doing was just, just wasn't -- didn't seem right. after i delivered the baby they held the baby up and let me see her and then they took the baby over to the table and they suctioned her out. after they suctioned her they put her in a blanket and they took her out of the room. so, i like to see my baby. and no one said anything to me. and then i said it again in a
5:53 am
rougher voice. i want to see my baby. and someone said to me, your baby's dead. and i thought, well how could my baby be dead and i heard her cry. >> did they give you a death certificate? >> no. i didn't get a death certificate or a birth certificate. >> ms. jackson price. we know now there is this pledge, this vow from the mayor of st. louis, francis to get you answers. after so long and now that you have your daughter, what does that mean for you to have at least that pledge from the mayor? >> i'm feeling some closure coming and, also, some answers are probably going to be revealed. and i'm glad that i am a voice for other women that this has happened to because if i hadn't been found by my daughter, this would still be laying dormant.
5:54 am
covered up. i am just so glad i have a live child. some of these mothers, children might or might not be found. my children found me. so, look for your parents if you're foster or adopted children. look for them. >> you think about the number, 70 women now coming forward saying that they believe that maybe their babies were stolen. have you heard, ms. stewart, from the governor? >> no, i haven't. i haven't heard from city officials. none of them. no, i haven't. >> tell me, what action do you want to be taken officially? the mayor says that he's vowing to get answers. but what would you like them specifically to do for these women, for yourself and for the other women. >> well, first of all, answers and to find out what happened. were there babies being trafficked because there were a lot of black mothers, especially
5:55 am
black women that were not child bearing, could not bear children but no adoption agencies back then for these women and i believe these babies came to these women through that source. and they seem to have chose young mothers, single mothers and they made a choice look like you don't need this mother. you need this baby. there were a lot of young mothers that seem to have lost their babies, thought they were dead. you know, when you're a doctor or a nurse, we hold that profession in such high esteem. when you give us an answer, we believe it. and, of course, nowadays, everybody asks for second opinions and say i want to see it. >> ms. jackson, let me get in here real quickly. we only have 30 seconds left. i just want to know, how has been being reunited with your daughter and now these grandchildren changed your life? >> yes, it has. my life changed on february 20th
5:56 am
at 4:00 a.m. i've seen her, i held her, i've hugged her and, you know, every mother knows their child's fragrance. to smell her. this is me. and i've enjoyed it. she'll be moving back here in st. louis in june. she looks like me. >> she looks like you. we've seen the video. >> we're so happy that you have been reunited with your daughter now. the grandchildren. we also hope answers for you and the 70 women we're told now that have come forward. thank you so much for speaking with us on "new day." >> thank you. wow, amazing story. my favorite this mother's day weekend. that's it for us. we'll see you back here at 10:00 eastern in the cnn newsroom. don't go anywhere "smerconish" starts right after this quick break. and it's chlorine bleache so it's safe to use around grass and plants. get scotts new outdoor cleaner plus oxiclean. clean your outdoor space.
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. i'm michael smerconish. welcome to the program. the question on everybody's mind this weekend. what will nfl commissioner roger goodell do? will he suaspebd tspend tom bra. the nfl is flatly denying this, but the question remains. what will the punishment be? i want to bring in former patriots' wide receiver donte stallworth that played with brady. it seems when not whether. he has to be punished for this, would you agree with me? >> i don't know if he has to be punished. i do think that there is a lot of circumstantial evidence here. now i know that this is not the court of law, but as far as, you know, you


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