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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 10, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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show who the blood came from and provide a scenario about which it possibly got there. through the central united states. two major weather stories we are following this hour. plus an all out air assault from the saudi coalition days before a proposed cease fire in yemen. from cnn world headquarters here in atlanta, i'm george howell. this is cnn newsroom. >> welcome to our viers in the united states and around the world. we are tracking two big weather stories this hour on opposite sides of the globe. first the super typhoon in the
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philippines noul on the verge of making lawful. it is closing in on luzon packing strong winds and heavy rain. 1200 people evacuated in advance of the typhoon. landslides are a main concern. in the united states, another round of severe storms in the central part of the country, one of which turned deadly. three tornados swept through texas on saturday. one you see here was short lived. it killed one person and left another critically injured. look at some of the aftermath from the storm. homes ripped apart, trees were stripped bear. bare. the storms unleashed destructive hailstones. in some cases these stones the size of golf ball or baseball size in texas and oklahoma. let's turn to derek tracking it all. >> some of those the size of
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softballs. this is an impressive photo sent to us from a viewer. an incredible photo of a twister taken in the colorado region. no one was injured but an impressive sight. beautiful if you ask me. that's from a meteorologist standpoint for sure. this is one of 45 tornados that occurred on saturday across the plain states from colorado, oklahoma, texas. this is part of a system that continues to rotate across the central portion of the united states. sunday, which happens to be mother's day has the possibility of once again for severe weather. we have roughly 32 million americans under a slight or enhanced risk of severe weather. that means large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornados. although we do not expect it to be as widespread as what we experienced on saturday. certainly the threat continues across southeastern oklahoma, portions of texas and in to
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iowa. the high resolution imagery. you can see the storms flaring up thanks to the daytime heating of the sun and on top of this we have a blizzard we are tracking. this is drawing in just enough cold air to change the precipitation in to the frozen variety. that's right. upwards of maybe one to two feet of snow in the higher elevations. winter storm warnings for wyoming and parts of colorado. george? >> stand by as we are following this typhoon in the philippines. start with storm chaser james reynolds in the town of santa ana. thank you for joining us. we of course wish you safety as you do the work you are doing there. if you could tell our viewers what you are seeing and where you are right now. >> hi, george i can tell you right now in the town of santa ana the wind and rain are steadily building up.
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they have been the last couple of hours. expecting a peak in dangerous and ferocious conditions in about two or three hours from now. it's really going to be a -- place to be, george. >> talk to us about people in the area. have most people found a safe place to ride out the storm or gotten out of the way entirely? >> reporter: yeah, from what i have seen, people today have been finalizing preparations, closing up shops and boarding up windows them hotel i'm in for instance has been evacuating residents from the beach front area. further inland. people here are taking it seriously. the government issued the highest storm warning. >> i know you tracked many of these storms. your expertise. how would you rate this storm?
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certainly a very strong storm. >> absolutely. this is, you know, category five storm. extremely dangerous situation. i am considering how i will get through the storm safely with my colleagues and obviously the people who live in this town and have to deal with boarding up their houses. extremely concerning for them, as well. the city is hoping for the best. >> we understand this is the work you do. we wish you the best of safety as you continue doing that work. james reynolds on the phone with us from santa ana, philippines. let's go to derek van dam who is tracking the storm. >> james reynolds is located in the northeastern sections of
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loo luzon. this super typhoon, this is the eye wall, it is making landfall for all intents and purposes. 260 mile an hour winds sustained. and equivalent to a category five atlantic hurricane. we are expecting major impacts across the northeastern portions of luzon. widespread destruction to electricity and communication services. heavy damage to high-risk structures. also trees uprooted. rice and corn. by the way, the isabella province, south of santa ana is the country's top producer of corn with over 1 million metric tons of corn produced per year. as the storm moves across that region, you can imagine the economic impact that will have on the philippines, perhaps even making the cost of corn rise. signal number four for that region. that's the highest public storm warning signal. james mentioned that a moment ago.
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here's our forecast radar imagery. it's going to continue to impact the northern half of luzon for the next 12 to 18 hours before pulling off and moving to the northeast over open waters. plenty of precipitation on top of that. this is a mountainous area. that means landslides are a possible. we will watch for that. certainly flash flooding. on the open ocean, swells in excess of ten feet meters. that's a concern for the boating and fishing industry. you can see the projected path over the next 48 hours. we are covering so many angles from the world weather center n. the meantime, back to you. >> typhoon noul very strong storm. we will stay in touch with you and keep our viewers apprised the next several hours as this storm makes landfall. derek van van dam, thank you so
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much. bodies all adults were found in and around a residential building. the circumstances surrounding the shooting are unclear. we will bring you the latest information as we get more on what happened there. a deadly car bombing rocked the city of baghdad on saturday. the explosion killed four people. crowds gathered to prepare for a religious pilgrimage. 2 6 people were wounded. thousands have been killed or wounded over the past decade. meanwhile, dozens of prisoners broken out of a prison north of baghdad. once again, isis claiming responsibility. 30 inmates and five guards were killed in the chaos as cnn's nick peyton walsh tells us it
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was an area that isis had been pushed out. >> reporter: differenting accounts of what happened on the outskirts of baghdad. it is, according to isis, quite a complex operation. enabling chaos around and inside. and then liberate. -- differing figures from officials saying perhaps a riot triggered unrest and allowed the jailbreak. we don't know exact numbers. there are clearly dead in this and at least i think it is fair to say 40 inmates who escaped. nine according to officials were facing terrorism offenses. we don't know who they were. what level of significance they have in the isis hierarchy but obviously significant enough for isis to seek to use this level of resources to try to liberate
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them here. obviously a manhunt is underway. difficult, though, given the nature of terrain and isis held operations are. it is significant geographically. this is an area that's supposed to be isis presence. they were able to project power to the outskirts and launch this jailbreak. not great news territorially in the past losing control of tikrit in the north of iraq. able to get their people out of iraq. no clarity on who they managed to release. it goes back to a tactic they used at the start of isis campaigns in 2013, that liberated many extremist militants. they are back at it again. perhaps looking for fresh man power or to get veterans back in the ranks. troubled times for the militant
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group but clearly able to project power on the outskirts of baghdad and what should be an iraqi government stronghold. nick peyton walsh, cnn, beirut. >> in yemen saudi led forces conducted air raids sunday morning at the home of the country's former president. sources in his political party tell reuters three loud explosions were heard in the capital city of sanaa. it is unclear if he was there. > houthi rebels have agreed to a cease fire. clashes between police and ethnic albanians continue to rage in macedonia, more than day after they started. police are fighting with a group they call terrorists in a town in the northern part of that country. they have been evacuating civilians. at least at least five police officers have been killed and dozens more wounded.
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the area is known for tensions betweenette lick -- -- ethnic albanians. a deadly helicopter crash. seven people were killed when the chopper crashed in to a school in northern pakistan on friday. among the dead, the norwegian and philippine ambassadors, the wives of the top diplomates from indonesia and malaysia and three crew members. amazingly there were two survivors. listen as they describe what was happening right before the moment of impact. >> i remember that we got in -- i think i suppose i braced for impact. i think the moment afterwards i was actually opening my eyes, seeing the smoke and heard some explosions. so i was extremely lucky.
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because it went incredibly fast. >> everything went well except the last few minutes. the helicopter went spiral, down and down and down and down. and hit the ground. i saw the pilot was killed. i was in the middle. few minutes to escape but once the fire was very strong and the smoke, very much in the plane. nothing much we could do. >> it is unclear if that helicopter crashed because of mechanical problems or if it was shot down as the taliban claims. a sea of moms are in this u.s. capitol demanding to be heard. what they want from the country's police straight ahead. plus, san francisco, it's known for its iconic bridge and cable cars, but will it become
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welcome back in the u.s. state of mississippi this weekend, two police officers were killed in the line of duty. the shootings happened in hattiesburg late saturday night. both officers died from their injuries at a local hospital. two suspects used a police vehicle to flee the scene. police captured one of the men and the other remains at large. the mayor vowed the individuals responsible will be caught. >> 30 years ago was the last time this happened in hattiesburg. we have had a lot happen the last 15 years with tornados and storms. never want this to happen to the men and women who go out every day to protect us. the men and women who go out every day to make sure we are safe were turned on tonight. the persons that did this are not safe in the city of hattiesburg. they will be found. we have a rich history of people that do this kind of thing.
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we will find these people. >> cnn is trying to confirm the names of the deceased officers. a group of mothers in the united states wants to raise awareness for what they call police and racist vigilante violence. demonstrators gathered in washington on saturday for the so-called million moms march [ chanting ] >> hundreds of demonstrators gathered in washington on saturday making their voices heard. participants in the million moms march hope to raise awareness racially charged deaths at the hands of police. the death was organized by the founder of mothers for justice united. her mentally ill son was killed in 2014 by a police officer. maria believes her son's death wasn't justified.
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>> hold these police officers accountable for killing our children. there's no accountability in none of these police departments. >> reporter: manny was fired after the shooting were not following protocol. he was not charged with a crime. rally organizers say mothers and family members from all over the country plan to attend the march. their destination, the department of justice. they want racial equality in memory of their slain children. his brother says it is important to keep the issue in the public's eye. >> every time we get a chance we're out there in the police face letting them know how we feel. this is a cause that swept the nation. not by storm because these things have been happening but right now it has hit a head where people are opening their eyes to think the things that's happening. >> in the city of baltimore, the police commissioner there says he welcomes a civil rights review by the u.s. justice department. the mayor of baltimore requested
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that review in the wake 0 death of freddie gray while he was in police custody. gray's death sparked violence and huge protests in the city and across the united states last month. cnn's sidner examines his history of handling this arrest. >> the commander east's police department will face the justice department stepping in. at first the baltimore police held back during the rioting. some expressed outrage over the lack of police response. >> where are the leaders? where's the mayor. >> reporter: police commissioner reacted. >> why didn't you move faster? because there are 14, 15, 16-year-old kids out there. do you want mooe people using
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force on 14, 15, 16-year-old kids out there. >> turns out this is not the first time he used the stand back and wait tactic. he did the same as chief in the embattled oakland police department which has been monitored by the federal judge due to past police misconduct. when unrest erupted several times, police did not move in right away and protesters first broke in and looted a store. >> by direction to my organization was to give room. i said that to the beginning to allow the peaceful protest. >> reporter: the request for more officers led to clashes with the oakland mayor. the federal monitor criticized that saying the department was back fighting which some residents agreed with. >> he was brought in with a fair amount of fanfare and visible but visibility doesn't mean accountability. >> some praised his efforts to
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engage the community. their biggest disappointment after he left after two years. >> i had 20% of the police department. if i have full accountability i want full control. >> he became chief in 2002. >> the beauty was it wasn't just a good relationship with the union. his relationship with the community was outstanding, one of best i have seen. >> reporter: he faye faced one controversy in long beach, lobster gate where three officers sued and won $4.1 million when a jury decided the department retaliated against them for reporting on officers caught illegally diving for lobsters while on duty. the majority of people we spoke to said that he was good for their city. >> he turned a lot of things around in the police force that needed to be turned around. more importantly it is important that the police and the community have a good relationship. he changed that around when he became chief of police.
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>> reporter: he said the best way to describe him is hands on. nothing captures the essence of that than him taking down a looting suspect in baltimore. his biggest challenge is yet to come. how transparent he is when the investigation is complete in the death of freddie gray. cnn, los angeles. >> on the other side of the united states from baltimore is the city of san francisco, california. that police department there is under the microscope after racist and homophobic text messages between 14 officers were made public. cnn's dan sty monday says it calls thousands of cases in to question. >> is san francisco the new ferguson? >> ferguson is here. >> the unlikely comparison comes amid disclosure of racist, homophobic text messages send between police officers. texts causing a major stir.
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do you celebrate kwanzaa at your school? reply, yeah, we burn the cross on the field and then celebrate whiteness. in another text, the "n" word is used to describe black women. quote, they should be spayed. response, i saw one an hour ago with four kids. >> the messages that were traded between the offices were horrendous. >> it's why the san francisco district attorney is investigating some 3,000 cases in which the officers were involved. >> break your arm like a twig. >> reporter: cases that could be tainted by a perceived racial bias. >> in this area is an area we cannot afford to move the other way. too much writing on it. >> reporter: in some cases criminals will have to be let go. eight active cases have been dismissed already. >> are we talking about a lot of cases where people were wrongfully arrested or accused because they are african-american? >> we don't know the answer to that today.
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we will get to the answer. i'm fully committed to doing so. >> reporter: the text messages surfaced this year in a federal case involving a san francisco police officer on trial for corruption. sergeant was sentenced to three years in prison after found guilty of stealing drugs and belongings from drug dealers. the texts were send between 14 officers. there were hateful words against gays, mexicans and filipinos as well. the sergeant out on bail while his case is under appeal said he is not a racist. >> if i offended anybody, i'm sorry. i'm truly sorry. however, it's banter amongst friends. >> reporter: san francisco is known for being a tolerant city but these disgusting text messages have exposed what some civil rights activists have complained about for years f. there is an element of racismn
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in in the police department. >> reverend brown is the head of the san francisco chapter of this naacp. >> we are 4.9% of the population. 45 to 50% of the inmates are black. i know ferguson is over in missouri, but in terms of attitudes, practices, and outcomes, as it pertains to justice for black people in the city. we are ferguson. >> dan simon reporting from san francisco. the leader of the catholic church has been meeting with cuba's president. ahead, how the pope helped to warm relations between cuba and the united states. plus, the former leader of egypt will soon become a free man despite a recent prison sentence. details ahead as the news continues here on cnn u.s. and cnn international.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. this is cnn newsroom. the headlines this hour. several people are dead after a shooting in a northern switzerland town. police say it happened northwest of zurich. officers found the bodies of adults laying in and around a residence. police say they do not yet have a motive. we are following another round of severe storms in the central part of the united states, one of which turned deadly. three tornados swept through texas on saturday. one you see here did not last long, though it did kill one person and left another critically injured. super typhoon noul is hitting the northern philippines bringing heavy rains and strong
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winds. the storm is making landfall at a relatively sparsely populated part of luzon. it is not expected to move past the philippines completely until monday. our meteorologist derek van dam is joining us. >> we have had seven storms in the westerner pacific this typhoon season. three of which have been named and impacted the philippines nation. in fact f you recall, ma kyla was a typhoon that impacted the pope's visit a few months back and now noul. on average, during a typical season, this is a typhoon season for the philippines, we receive eight to nine average storms making landfall. we have already had three this year. we are off to quite a start. the peak of the season doesn't occur until august and september. now this is the latest satellite
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imagery. it does appear as if the eye wall of noul has just now made lawful on the extreme northeastern sections of luzon. this is the island of luzon, manila. also getting a few rain bands but not the intense rain and wind i would expect the region to be receiving. isabella province is the country's top producer of corn. 260 kilometer an hour winds is going to devastate crops across the region. it will be interesting to see what happens after the storm moves on. major impacts expected across northeastern luzon to the extreme northern portions of the philippines. widespread disruption to electricity. heavy damage to high risk structures and possibility of storm surge and the open ocean swells over this region in excess of ten meters. it has impacts for the boating
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and fishing community. this is a particularly mountainous region. the mountains are helping to build up some of the heaviest of precipitation in a meteorological term this is called orographical lifting. you squeeze every droplet and that is what is happening here in luzon. we are squeezing the sponge across the mountains and a significant amount of rain. 300 millimeters of rainfall possible over the next 12 to 24 hours as the system continues to move. you can see on the forecast accumulation, the shading of red, intense precipitation we are expecting we are going to monitor this closely. it's expected to take a northeasterly track and move to open water over the next 24 hours. george, a lot to talk about.
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back to you. >> that's a big storm and stay in touch with you as it continues to move over the philippines. thank you so much. cuban president raul castro is at the vatican meeting with pope francis. this is four months before the pope's scheduled trip to the caribbean island. his first visit as head of the catholic church. very important visit. castro has publicly thanked the pope for helping to mend relations between the u.s. and cuba. i'm joined by our senior international correspondent ben weidman who is live in rome. good day to you. an important meeting. i imagine the pope would press to have the political prisoners released, many of whom are catholic. this is an important meeting and a surprise, george. it was just this past tuesday that the vatican announced that raul castro would be coming to rome. the cuban leader is on his way
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back from commemorations in moscow. at the end of fighting in europe in the second world war. clearly the question of those political prisoners is going to be high on the agenda. obviously the continuing process of improving diplomatic relations between cuba and the united states, which of course pope francis played a huge role in, is going to be also on the discussions now. yes, as you mentioned, the pope will be going to cuba in september. now, this is not the first time a pope has gone to cuba. in fact, it was in 1998, that pope john paul ii visited cuba. at the time, it was considered a historic visit. unfortunately because of the breaking in of the monika lewinsky scandal at the same time, much of the world's attention was diverted away from that story. this long process of
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normalization between cuba an the rest of the world which -- >> catholic church pushing for an end to the u.s. trade embargo against cuba but no time line as to when that will happen. i imagine that might be top of mind as well in this conversation. >> yes, it will. there's no clear time line when the embargo will be lifted. only this week you should recall that the united states apparently approved two companies to provide ferry service between the united states and cuba. clearly, that is moving ahead not necessarily as planned but it is moving. george? >> senior international correspondent ben weidman live in rome. we appreciate your reporting there. thank you. on saturday, raul castro's daughter led a gay pride march
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and symbolic wedding in cuba's capital. same-sex marriage is illegal in the caribbean nation but dozens of gay couples tied the knot and hundreds took part in the parade promoting the acceptance of lgbt people. cuban gays have made progress in recent years in large part because of her political standing. in russia marking the 70th anniversary of victory day over nazi germany in world war ie. there was a huge parade in moscow on saturday. the magnitude and production of which was something to see. it was more than a commemoration of the past. it was also a show of russia's readiness to fight. >> ♪ >> more than 16,000 troops went
1:39 am
through red square in an impressive display. among them for the first time, soldiers of the chinese army as xi jinping, the president's most high-profile guest watched on. in his speech, putin, the russian president, paid tribute to the millions who lost their lives fighting in the second world war and called for vigilance. in the 1930s, europe did not see the deadly threat from naz nazi ideology and 70 years after, history is appealing to our minds and vigilance. >> it may have been a bleak reference to ukraine. the kremlin often compares the nazis with the authorities in kiev. . the yearly parade is a time to
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flex its military puslmuscles a this year was no exception. the kremlin didn't pass up the chance to roll out its nuclear weapons either. the time of strained relations with the west with, these intercontinental ballistic missiles are a blunt reminder of the raw power that moscow has at its finger tips. this decision by putin, the russian president to stage such a huge display of cutting-edge weapons this year is being seen as the west sending a powerful message about the kremlin's determination to project its power. moscow is already on under western sanctions for the alleged support of pro russian rebels. for many russians, that's an insult to the memory of their
1:41 am
war dead. after the military parade, thousands marched through moscow with photos of relatives killed in the war. a not a single family here was untouched including the putins. the president himself taking part in the march with a picture of his own veteran father who was injured in the war. memories of russia's sacrifice and the pride of its war-time victory are still a central part of modern life here. cnn, moscow. >> the victory events continue later angela merkel will lay wreaths. she did not attend saturday's parade. members of the british royal family will attend a thanksgiving service at london's westminster abbey followed by a veteran's parade. liberians breathe a sigh of relief on saturday after the announcement the country is now
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ebola free. but officials there say their struggles are far from over. that story next 3w4r58 it feels like that brick's. on your face? try zyrtec®-d to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms. so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec®-d. find it at the pharmacy counter.
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. live pictures from monaco where a wrist christening is underway for the royal twins born five months ago to prince albert and princess charlene. this is the first time the royals have broadcast the ceremony live on television and on the web. the twins have rarely been seen in public but again these live pictures first time this this is happening. nepal's prime minister has announced an ambitious plan to rebuild areas hit hard by last month's massive earthquake. according to reports, the prime minister says demolished infrastructure will be reconstructed within two years. he says the government will also provide low-interest lowe loans up to $25,000 to repair homes there. the current death toll in nepal
1:46 am
from the 7.8 magnitude quake stands at nearly 8,000 people. . the world health organization says liberia is now ebola free. the country is gone 42 days without any new cases of the virus. more than 4,000 people, you'll remember, in liberia died during a year-long epidemic. elizabeth cohen reported on that issue from liberia last year and has this update. >> reporter: given how horrific things were in liberia, this is a momentous day. i was in liberia this fall and watched as burial teams roamed throughout the country, burying the dead. in toit total 4716 people lost their lives in liberia because of ebola. there were 10,564 days. the liberian people showed ingenuity in dealing with the outbreak.
1:47 am
i was at a makeshift hospital where a doctor pretty much on his own was taking care of many ebola patients. >> how did you feel when you were sick. >> reporter: you can see these are some of the people he saved, this young of young ladies. >> also saw where things weren't going so well. outside of hospitals people with ebola stood in line to get a bed. a new hospital opened with great fanfare. but when patients arrived, there was no one to take them inside. so patients just fell out of the ambulances on to the pavement. >> no one has ever. >> reporter: i was speaking to the director of the centers for disease control, he said while sh is an important day we're not out of the woods yet. there is still ebola in guinea and sierra leone. he pointed out there are many lessons to learn from the ebola outbreak that got so out of control. the public health infrastructure in africa needs to be built up. too often politic s played a
1:48 am
role. local leaders of the world health organization didn't want outsiders to come in and help. he said the global health community needs to make changes so the next outbreak doesn't get out of control. elizabeth cohen, cnn, atlanta. for one american doctor, the struggle with ebola has continued. dr. ian krouzer was treat for ebola last year and declared free of the virus but he told anderson cooper he recently found out he still had the disease in his eye. >> as the disease progressed, i began to have problems with my visual acuity. that's how we measure how well i am seeing. as my sight started to go bad. it became clear this was a different animal and aggressive in whatever had been unleashed in my eye was not going away quickly. one morning as the progress evolved, i woke up and realized that my blue eye had turned bright green.
1:49 am
and this was a surprise. immediately concerned that i had been -- or i was at risk of transmitting to family and friends. it is very important to point out as we talk about the shocking finding that my tear fluid and the outside of the eye specimens were negative, completely negative for ebola, before and after this procedure. >> the doctor was treated and his eye gradually returned back to normal. all you can say about the next story is wow. coming up, 5-year-old boy wows the internet, becomes a pint-sized star with his spot on imitation of bruce lee.
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tourists at yellowstone national park probably got closer to nature than they might have wanted to get. a fish wild wildlife and parks worker caught this cub. he bears appear to charge the sight seers but go back to the
1:54 am
forest. thankfully no one was hurt. pele is now out of the hospital following a successful surgery. the 74-year-old had prostate surgery to relieve symptoms caused by an enlarge prostate. doctors say pele does not have any cancer or tumors. this is the second major procedure on the three-time world cup champion in the last six months. he received kidney dialysis in november. there's a saying that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 5-year-old bruce lee fan is doing that, showing off his skills by mimicking the martial arts movie star and becoming an on-line sensation. cnn's jeanne moos has the story. >> reporter: hold on to your none nunchucks, who wouldn't be surprised, a 5-year-old who can mimic bruce lee almost to a tee.
1:55 am
watch the great lee behind on the tv. the game of death down cold. is this 5-year-old boy the reincarnation of bruce lee wonders the internet? we shall call him mini lee. the thing about nunchucks is if you don't know what you are doing you can do more damage to yourself than your opponent. so does this little guy with millions of you tube views know what he is doing? what would you give him as a letter grade. >> a plus for his skill and acting. >> reporter: bonus points for the matching yellow jump suit. when he made his first tv appearance on a south korean show, he explained to the host that he wanted to be bruce lee. he said he had been watching bruce lee movies in the beginning. now his dad was teaching him.
1:56 am
>> definitely a great young martial artists but it's not unheard of to be that good and that clean. it's not like he's doing something that is impossible. >> reporter: tell that to the internet that's swooning over the nunchucks wonder boy. the dad says the ellen degeneres show has come calling. maybe he wouldn't be able to lick bruce lee in a fight but he sure can look like him. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> we thank you for joining us. i'm george howell. we leave you with live pictures from the christening in monaco. the royal twins, prince jacques and princess gabriel la born five months ago to prince albert and princess charlene. i will be back after the break with another hour of news from around the world. you are watching cnn, the world's news leader. snoo
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hundreds are evacuated as super typhoon noul makes landfall. the pope hosting castro at the vatican. from cnn world headquarters in atlanta. i'm george howell. this is cnn newsroom. welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we start this hour with the super typhoon hitting the north eastern part of the philippines. the storm is making landfall in a


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