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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 10, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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hundreds are evacuated as super typhoon noul makes landfall. the pope hosting castro at the vatican. from cnn world headquarters in atlanta. i'm george howell. this is cnn newsroom. welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we start this hour with the super typhoon hitting the north eastern part of the philippines. the storm is making landfall in a sparsely populated and it's
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bringing strong winds and heavy rains with it. authorities evacuated more than 1200 people ahead of the storm. they're concerned about flooding, high tides. let's hear from the storm chaser had to say in the middle of the storm. >> deteriorated quite rapidly now. it's only a couple of hours away at most now. heavy rain, torren rain. the wind is picking up. it's only going to get worse over the next couple of hours. >> and what sort of precautions have people there taken? >> well, people here seem to be taking the storm extremely seriously. the philippine government rated the storm the highest. the hotel i'm staying in has boarded up all of its windows. they're evacuating guests from
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the beach front area to more secure areas. they're boarding up and waiting for the storm. >> okay. james, you have an enormous amount of experience with storms in this region. how concerned are you that this could be absolutely devastating for that town and there could be significant loss of life? >> well, you know, the eye and the area around the eye, if that area passes directly other the town, there's going to be very extensive damage, especially to the buildings, more huts and shacks that a lot of people in this part of the world live in. hopefully everyone is hunkered down. there's not much time left. i'm really hoping for the best now. >> when do you expect the worst
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of the storm to hit? >> looking at the latest information coming in to me, i would estimate the next three to four hours. >> super typhoon noul intensified very quickly catching some people off guard. meteorologist derek van dam is standing by with the latest. we heard from james reynolds earlier, speaking to an core andrew stevens, but we weren't able to get in touch with him. >> i follow james on twitter. him and i have been communicating quite a bit, talking about his different experiences that he's having with the super typhoon. the reason we couldn't get him on the line is because he is quite literally within the strongest part of the typhoon as we speak. this is the location where james
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reynolds is located. you can see the eye wall moving over that area. this is the country of the philippines, you can see manila to the south getting the outer band rains. the strongest of winds and most destructive part of the storm affecting laoag. 260 kilometer per hour winds. hower wind gusts. this makes it equivalent to a strong category 5 hurricane. this particular region we've highlighted in dark red, that's where we're expecting the major impacts, heavy dangers to structures, wide spread disruption to electricity and communication services. the local emergency officials have upgraded this region to the highest public warn signal,
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that's signal number four for both of these particular provinces. the isabella province is the country's top producer of corn. and when we have winds and heavy rain moving through region, that is going to have a heavy toll on the country. now this is amg are also a very mountainous part of the philippines and this is going to have a major impact on how much rain is experienced. the mountain range actually just about 12 kilometers from the shoreline rises from upwards of 9,000 feet. and that basically allows for rain to form in more, very heavy amounts in a short amount of time. that's going to lead to localized flooding and the possibility of landslides. we have the shore moving offshore by midday on sunday,
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perhaps a few outer bands still impacting the region on monday but it will start to move over open waters. >> thank you. it's a big, big storm. you know, obviously as it crosses over land, we'll stay in touch with you to get a better sense of what's happening there. a large part of the central united states is also dealing with violent storms, some of which have now turned deadly. three tornadoes struck texas on saturday. this one was short lived but it killed one person and left another critically injured. here cease some of the aftermath. you saw the homes torn apart and the trees stripped bare. destructive hail stones another concern. saturday's storms in texas and oklahoma produced golf ball size and baseball sized hail. a deadly car bombing rocked the city of baghdad on saturday.
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you can hear it there. the explosion killed four people in a largely shia district of the capital city. crowds had gathered to prepare for an annual religion april gra imagine. shia pill grams have been target thd by the groups, isis among them. thousands have been killed or wounded over the past decade. isis claiming responsibility for breaking prisoners out of a jail. >> differing accounts of what happened at the jail and the area, and it is clearly is, according to isis, a quite complex operation. they claimed this started when 1w5 iuds were detonated. that particular jail enabling
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chaos and then they liberate their knights. differing officials suggesting that it was a riot inside the jail that triggered unrest. we don't know exact numbers. there are clearly dead in this and there are at least 40 inmates who have escaped. nine of them according to officials were facing terrorism offenses. we don't know who they were or what level of significance they have. but obviously significant enough for isis to use this level of resource to try and late rate them here. obviously a manhunt is underway. difficult though given the nature of the terrain and how close the isis areas are. this is an area which is supposed to be free of isis presence. clearly they were able to have power and launch the jailbreak.
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not great news territorial in the past, losing control of that treat. clearly showing they're on the offensive or able to get their people out of iraqi dedetention. no clarity on who they've managed to release but it goes back to a tactic that they used at the start of the isis campaign in 2007 that liberated many on the outskirts of baghdad. they're back at at again here perhaps looking for freshman power or to get the veterans back if their ranks. a troubled time for the militant group here but clearly able to project power on the outskirts of baghdad, which should sb an iraqi government strong hold. the united nations say so slew of air strikes by saudi coalition on saturday violates human rights laws. they carried out 130 strikes on the houthi rebels in a 24 hour
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time. that included schools and hospitals that were being used for weapons storage, they say. aid groups in yemen say that the fighting is making it nearly impossible to get aid to those people who need it most. >> yemen as a whole is a country of huge concern for us, many districts. it would be a good starting point. let's keep in mind, the damage done on the country will take long long time to overcome, even with the cease-fire. for us, the problem we face is the blockage that we're facing, access to aid. they haven't been able to reach the country but also for the
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supplies and their needs. the air strikes on the airport have been continue use today. right now there is no way that external aid can reach the country either by air or by seaport. seaport has been targeted. so the situation is really desperate. the crisis to stop, stop, hospitals and also to allow the aid to reach the country. >> the saudi coalition spokesman said the safety of the yemeni citizens equal that to the saudi citizens and the need for the civilian to leave the targeted area. the ongoing conflict has many
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residents leaving their homeland by the millions. some 4 million people have fled from the violence to neighboring countries, including turkey, lebanon, jordan an egypt. but one other country is seeing a large number of refugees as well. it's the country of brazil. cnn's shasta darlington has this story. >> brazil's melting point seen from street level. african influences. now receiving a new wave of arrivals. this man trims, combs and touches up, skills her learned in syria and now puts to use in his own shop. there are people who are smuggled out of syria by sea and end up dying, he says in arabic. but me, i chose the country who
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issues visas. i got one and came. last year bra zim took in 1,400 syrian refugees, more than the united states and france. building on the little known but vibrant immigrant culture. brazil made it easier by issuing visas to syrians at his embassies around the globe glob and then granting refugee status when they arrive. they land without money and without speaking portuguese. their first stop one of the handful of mosques. during friday prayer service in both arabic and portuguese, the muslims are urged to respect differences and work hard. brazil opened its doors and is giving visas h which is a big step, he says. but a lot of people think it's going to be like other countries, they'll give you aid, and a salary.
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but that doesn't exist here. bashar and his family lived in a refugee camp before making their way to brazil. the future in syria god knows is over and gone, he says. we hope to make a future here. bashar is in charge of maintenance at the mosque. his wife takes their two children to a local school. i have brazilian friends i talk to, she says. they visit me and i visit them. but experts say brazil's long history of syrian and lebanese immigration is not the only -- >> this is a global player. it's poernt for the global player to be part of the solutions of global crisis like syria. >> while most experts think brazil should help finance the long journey and the few months settling in, one man says he's
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not looking back. clashes between police and ethnic at banians continue to rage in macedonia, more than a day after they started. police are fighting with a group they call terrorists in a town north of the country, northern part, i should say. they have also been evacuating civilians. five police officers have been killed and dozens wounded. the area is known for the tensions between the ethnic albanians and the tushish forces. he had been under treatment since march of 2012 but his condition had detear rated. he was recently appealing a life sentence for committing acts against the forces of the state. he was 97 years old. a student kald in the united states, the state of missouri may have been murdered by a man he met while selling his car on
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craig's list. the popular website turns 20 this year. and as martin savage shows us, it has been linked to several brutal crimes. >> the internet has made a lot of things easier, murder just may be one of them. 19-year-old taylor clark was on a role, done with his college finals, already paid for his next semester in full. he had a cool car and wanted to sell it on craig's list. that's where he met 24-year-old michael gordon. the two agreed to meet on monday during lunchtime. monday night clark's family reported the college sophomore missing and the next day the police found his car parked at the truck driving school and his body in nearby brush. >> taylor was shot one time. >> it was so convenient, meet online and murder over lunch. the convenience cuts both ways. police say the internet quickly led them to chark's alleged killer.
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>> the victim and the suspect kid connect through craig's list. >> gordon has been charged with first degree murder and assault. >> he cut me. >> who cut you? >> one of the most horrific happened this past march in colorado when a woman seven months pregnant responded to an ad for baby clothes. he was attacked who stabbed the mother to be and cut the unborn child from her body. the moth survived, her baby did not. then this man in george. instead of their dream car, all the couple got was killed. in both of the cases the accused have yet to be arraigned. craig's list turns 20 this year. the company reports more than 60 million people use the web service every month in the u.s. alone. and the incidents of violent
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crime is extremely low. the site offers a link to safety tips. reports of crime on craig's list may stop some, but police believe it won't stop people from using the service. it's just too convenient. liberia says it's ebola free. angela merkel will help russia celebrate victory day. we're live in moscow next. otc eg for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. >>hi, i am heinz >>new! hi na na na na >>she's just jealous because you have better taste. whatever. >>hey. keep your chin up. for years, heinz ketchup has been with the wrong mustard.
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the world health organization has declare liberia free from ebola now that the country has gone 42 days without a new case of the virus. more than 4,000 people in liberia died during the year-long epidemic. cnn's elizabeth cohen reported on this issue extensively in liberia last year and she has this update. >> given how horrific things were in liberia, this is a moment to stay. i was in liberia this fall and i watched as burial teams roamed throughout the country burying the dead. in total, 4,716 people lost their lives in liberia because
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of ebola. there were 10,564 cases. the liberian people certainly showed a lot of ingenuity in dealing with this outbreak. i was at a makeshift rural hospital where a doctor pretty much on his own was taking care of many ebola patients. here you can see these are some of the people that he saved, this group of young ladies. >> everybody all right. >> but i also saw where things weren't going so well. outside of hospitals people with ebola stood in line to get a bed. and then a new hospital opened with great fanfare, but when patients arrived, there was no one to take them inside, so patients just fell out of the ambulances on to the pavement. i was speaking with dr. tom frieden, the director for the centers of disease control. he says while this is an important day, we're not out of the woods yet. there is still ebola in guinea
2:23 am
and sierra leone. there are many lesson to learn about this ebola outbreak that go so out of control. the public health infrastructure in africa needs to be build up. and too often politics played a role, he said. he said the global health community needs to make changes so that the next outbreak doesn't get out of control. elizabeth cohen, cnn atlanta. >> i'm joined on the phone by the emergency coordinator in liberia for doctors without borders. she joins us now from monroe via. thanks so much for taking time with us. we want to understand, first of all, given the fact that the country is ebola free, what is the feeling? what are people saying there on the streets? >> this is incredible in our
2:24 am
communi community. we have to consider this was still an outbreak. liberia has had no ebola cases for 42 days. we cannot say that it's over until we have active cases. so people are extremely happy. it's incredible for everybody. it's the first step when we have a country that is ebola free. people are extremely affected. so they know that they still have to maintain a lot of
2:25 am
measures in the country. continue to be very careful avo avoiding things, be careful and continue to have the safe barriers. it's very happy news and people are extremely happy. but they continue to be extremely vigilant as the problem is still in the region. >> it is good that you put that into context again, the fact that, yes, the country has been declared ebola free, but again, you say there are still many measures that people have to take. i'm also curious about neighboring countries. this has been great news for liberia but for neighboring countries, they have not gotten the same news at this point. >> no.
2:26 am
unfortunately no. liberia should be an extremely good example and supporter for guinea and sierra leone. to do that we need strongly support inside liberia, international commitments continue here to be careful on the civilian borders. but need, the country needs to support its civilians inside the country. so really force the public
2:27 am
system that was completely destroyed during this outbreak. it has to be very strong. and now there is still the problem related to security and it is one of the things that has to be considered. it means there is still a lot of things to do. >> we may have lost the signal there. but again that was the representative from doctors without borders live in liberia. we appreciate her insights there. there was a private meeting
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today at the vatican. pope francis receives the cuban president just a few months ahead of his visit to the caribbean country. we'll have a live report from rome next. stay with us. [touch tone] introducing freeze it, from discover. it allows you to prevent new purchases on your account in seconds if your card is misplaced. not here... ♪ and once you find your card, you can switch it right on again.'re back! [touch tone] freeze it, only from discover. get it at yoplait greek 100. the protein-packed need something filling, taste bud loving, deliciously fruity, grab-and-go, take on the world with 100 calories, snack. yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it.
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welcome back to ou viewers in the united states and around the world. this is cnn news room. i'm george howell. the headlines this hour, super typhoon noul has made landfall in the northern philippines. authorities are bracing for flooding and landslides. the storm quickly intensified as it churned. hundreds of people were
2:32 am
evacuated ahead of the typhoon. three tornadoes swept through texas on saturday. the one you saw here didn't last long but it killed one person and left another critically injured. police in northern macedonia are fighting with a group they call terrorists while evacuating civilians. the deadly clashes starts saturday and are still going on right now. the area is known for tensions between ethnic albanians and macedonia authorities. let's go back now to meteorologist derek van dam in the international weather center with the latest on the strong typhoon. >> it's important that we put this into perspective. we've had a busy tropical season so far. seven named storms, three of which have made landfall already over the philippines. if you recall typhoon michaela was the one that impacted the pope's visit about a few months
2:33 am
ago. just to put this into further context, we only have on average eight to nine named storms that make landfall each year and the peak of the season isn't until august or september. we're talking about three already so far. we're off too quite a start. here's the latest on super typhoon noul. this thing rapidly intensified over the past 24 to 26 hours. it has made landfall over the extreme north eastern sections of lew zone. the eyeball starting to exit the region, extremely strong winds. storm surge in excess of one to two meters. and open ocean swells between 10 to 15 meters. eventually the storm is going to pull away from northern lew zon. but we'll see some relief by
2:34 am
late sunday and into the morning hours. we currently have the highest possible signal strength as far as storm warnings. and landslides and mudslides are a definite possibility. because this area is particularly mountainous. so the community is liviies at of mountains need tore concerned. >> we'll stay in touch be you. thank you so much. raul castro is at the vatican today meeting privately with pope francis. new video shows castro arriving just about two hours ago. this comes four months before the pope's scheduled trip to the caribbean island. the pope has played a key role in helping to mend diplomatic relation tweens the united states and cuba. we bring in now our senior international correspondent ben wedeman. >> the meeting is over now.
2:35 am
it lasted for 55 minutes. raul castro is now meeting with the italian prime minister. now this meeting 55 minutes is a pretty long meeting with pope francis who usually gets down to business quite quickly. they apparently met one on one, nobody else was in the room. they spoke in their native language, spanish. afterwards they exchanged gifts. we don't know exactly what they talked about but it's understood that the cuban leader probably did thank pope francis for his role in mediating between the united states and cuba, which of course have resulted in this announcement last december. now we also understand that on the agenda was the upcoming visit by the pope to cuba, which will happen in september. the pope of course played a critical role in bringing the united states and cuba together.
2:36 am
there are obviously still a good deal of work to be done in terms of lifting the embargo that's been in place on cuba for more than 50 years. but certainly this is one exam. where you can say that the vatican definitely played a critical role in breaking out or rather allowing cuba to break out of its long standing diplomatic isolation. george? >> seen yoor international correspondent ben wedeman live in rome. thank you for your reporting there. an saturday, raul castro's daughter led a gay pride march and symbolic wedding in cuba's capital. same-sex marriage is illegal in the caribbean nation. but dozens of gay couples tied the knot and hundreds took part in the parade. cuban gays have made progress in recent years in large part because of her police call
2:37 am
standing. police have arrested a man accused of raping his 10-year-old stepdaughter who is now pregnant. he denies raping the child and has demanded a dna test of the unborn baby. parra guy will not allow the girl to have an abortion. they're planning to treat the girl throughout pregnancy. russia's victory celebrat n celebrations continue today. this is to honor the day that the nazis surrenders to the save yet yuan whereon. nearly 70 world leaders were invited to attend. but only 30 accepted. angela merkel will help russia celebrate today. matthew chance joins us live in moscow. she wasn't there yesterday but she's there today. what's the reaction there in
2:38 am
russia? >> well, i think it's a very difficult balance that angela merkel has to strike. on the one hand she's standing four square with the other western leaders with the presence of the u.s. and other european leaders for the most part in kind of not attending the victory day celebrations here in russia, as a way of demonstrating opposition to russia's actions in ukraine. of course, there's this huge military parade yesterday, i was a dramatic and spectacular. saw russia parade some of its most advanced military equipment. it was not the scene that was deemed for any western leader to be seen at. at the same time, on the other side of that balancing acting with angela merkel has to be scen
2:39 am
seen, i think, to be komc compa rating what russia did in the civil war. something in the region of 26 million soviet citizens, the vast majority rush hands paid with their lives. they died fighting the nazis. and angela merkel wants very much to company rate that sacrifice. so this balance has been struck. she didn't attend the may 9dth victory day celebrations but she's come today, may 10th and she's going to lay a wreath in the center of the square and there's going to be a joint press conference later on today as well. george. >> the german chancellor striking a very delicate balance. thank you so much for your reporting. two peeks since a devastating earthquake shook nepal. we're getting a first hand
2:40 am
account from someone who was there remember, the impact. plus, starbucks is closing up its water bottling factory as one u.s. state deals with an historic drought. details ahead here on cnn newsroom.
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details ahead here on cnn
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nepal's prime minister is announcing an ambitious plan to rebuild areas hit hard by last month's massive earthquake. he says demolished infrastructure will be reconstructed within two years. he says the government will also provide low interest loans one up to $25,000 to help people
2:44 am
repair their homes. however, aid requested by the united nations from international donors has been slow to come in. the u.n. reports only 22.4 million of the $415 million has been requested. we're getting incredible stories of survival out of that country. earlier our journalist spent a week documenting the aftermath and talked us to about this experience. >> what was it like to be in kathmandu in those first moments of the earthquake and the aftermath. >> i think i've experienced some tremors before, kaup l of seconds and it disappeared. but after three seconds the intensity went through the roof, the building is shaking, things are coming off of the walls, people are screaming and at that moment you realize you're totally out of control. >> and you could see immediately, i suppose, the
2:45 am
damage the earthquake has wrought and your photographs show it. that seems to have come over sideways. >> i was next to my hotel. there was another six story hotel and next to it was a water collection point ten meters in the ground. the road had given way and the six story hotel collapsed into this ten meter hole and at the bottom of it was where this survivor was and where we found him. >> how long did it take for people to do these incredible impromptu rescues? >> it was immediate. i had to reason back to my hotel to get my passport, money and camera. when i calm out, i saw an italian tourist at the pot tom of the pit. he was there immediately. but there were no sirens, no ambulances and rescue crews and it became clear that nobody was going to get this guy out. we went down and went under this wall and could see him and talk to him.
2:46 am
but he couldn't come out that way. there was a meter thick pillar in his way. the only way we could get him out was to smash through a concrete wall above him. we had to figure out where he was and to chip a hole big enough to try to get him out. >> and you succeeded? >> we did with the help op other tourist and we would be motioning to the locals to get is pick axes and metal rods. it took two hours to get a hole big enough and at that point it was crisscrossed with steel rebar. we had to ask for hacksaws. and after two hours, a team of neep lease soldiers showed up. but that's when the aftershocks really picked up. i have photos of soldiers running out of the hole. so it was stop and go rescue operation. but after two hours this guy was pulled out alive. >> and this was going on i presume at areas all karnd kathmandu.
2:47 am
>> all around. and even more so all over the country in areas that we're just hearing about now. you might go three or four blocks and not see any significant damage but then you might see three houses that were made of brick that were completely demolished. >> what was so moving in the photos is not everything is a an image of destruction. you have the faces of survivors and faces of children who look intouch. why did you take those pictures. >> i have a deep connection with the people of nepal. dozens of trips over the past few years. at every turn you're met with unbelievable generosity of experience spirit. as a photographer, that's the connection you try too make. it's all about making the human connection. >> i would like to leave people with this last picture. >> this is my friend's picture. alex barer took this. he was a thousand meets from the
2:48 am
mountain when an avalanche struck. he described it. he said it was like being in a snow globe being shaken by god. >> yet it gives you a sense of what it is that draws people to nepal. it is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in the world. >> it is. and this guy does one in the spring and one in the fall and he happened to be on this one when the earthquake hit. >> your heart goes out to those people. you travel in and out of nepal fairly frequently. how do you think they're going to fair? >> their spirit is strong but so much of the world's attention has been diverted elsewhere. we don't have a true number of the casualties and the destruction just because there are villages that you can't reach by car, that you need to use a helicopter. >> thanks so much for this. >> thank you, john. >> for the latest on the nepal
2:49 am
earth cake, you can find out how you can help the victims, head over to our impact your world website. you'll find links there for those trying to help those hurt by the earthquake. as the gentleman said there, in a snow globe being shaken by god. you really get a sense of how strong this earthquake was. we'll be right back after this. >>hi, i am heinz >>new! hi na na na na >>she's just jealous because you have better taste. whatever. >>hey. keep your chin up. for years, heinz ketchup has been with the wrong mustard. well, not anymore. introducing heinz new better tasting yellow mustard. mmm! you'rbam!ean. charmin ultra strong cleans so much better it meets even the highest standards of clean. with a soft duraclean texture, charmin ultra strong is 4 times stronger. and you can use up to 4x less. charmin ultra strong. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. the u.s. state of california is in the midst of an historic drought. and because of that starbucks is turning off the tap on its water bottling operation there. the company says it will soon move sourcesing and production for his brand of battle water. california is in its fourth year of a drought and recently put a mandatory restriction on water use, the first time ever for that state. brazilian soccer legend pele is out of the hospital. the 74-year-old had prostate surgery to relief symptoms caused bay an enlarged prostate.
2:54 am
the doctor say that pele does not have any cancer or tumors. this is the second major procedure on the three-time world cup champion in the last six months. he recently received kidney dialysis in september. there is a saying that immigration is the inserest form of flattery. a five-year-old is doing that showing off his skills by mimicking a superstar sensation. jeannie moose has the story. >> hold on to your numb chucks. watch the late great lee on the tv behind the kid. he has the scene from "game of death" down cold. is this five-year-old boy the
2:55 am
reincarnation of bruce lee? we shall call him mini knee. the thing is, if you don't know what you're doing, you can do more damage to yourself than to your opponent. so does this little guy with millions of youtube views know what he's doing? what would you live him as a letter grade. >> he gets an a plus for his skill and acting. >> and bonus points for that matching yellow jump suit. when he made his first tv appearance on a korean show, he explained to the host that he wanted to be bruce lee. he said he had been watching bruce lee movies in the beginning but now his dad was teaching him. >> definitely a great young martial artist but it's not unheard of to be that good and that clean. it's not like he's doing something that's impossible. >> tell that the internet that's swooning over the wonder boy. his dad says the ellen degeneres
2:56 am
show has come calling. the kid sure has the moves down pat. maybe he wouldn't be able to lick bruce lee in a fight but he sure can look like him. jeanne moos, new york. all right. and finally this hour, two russian seals join the world war ii celebrations in russia. we have the video to show it to prove it. armed with toy guns and wearing military hits complete with military symbols, these seals put on quite the show. they even fired a water gun salute. the aquarium's director says the most difficult part of the show was getting those hats on the seals, getting them to wear it. quite the spectacle. we thank you for watching cnn newsroom. i'm george howl. for viewers in the united states, new day is just ahead. for everyone else around the world, i'll be back with your world headlines next.
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this is cnn breaking news. breaking overnight, two police officers gunned down during a traffic stop in mississippi. a manhunt for the shooters. the suspects now in custody. that manhunt over. plus tornadoes, huge hail and violent wind gusts. fifty twisters reported causing damage in several states and even a death and injuries in texas. good morning. i'm alison kosik in for s&p. >> i'm victor blackwell. authorities have rested two suspects after they aed


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