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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  May 10, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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"inside politics" starts now. hillary clinton makes a bold immigration move. >> we can't wait any longer for a path to full and equal citizenship. >> it's a policy shift rich with politics, and bill clinton defends his huge speaking fees and shrugs off the republicans attacks. >> plus the republican field gets more crowded. >> the supreme court is not the supreme being, and they cannot overturn the laws of nature or of nature's god. >> six now and at least a half dozen more leaning in. >> we will see a lot in new
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hampshire in the months to come. >> inside politics, the biggest stories sourced by the best reporters now. welcome to "inside politics." i am john king. we have our guests. check your calendar. it's may 2015, but another busy weekend in the 2016 presidential maneuvering. bush struggling in the polls despite the. >> it's ungrateful to dismiss the christian faith as some obstacle, some ancient creed out
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welcoming its welcome. hebrew scripture in the new testament. >> most of the other republican candidates attended a summit in south carolina. >> for the last six years we have seen the consequences of the obama/clinton foreign policy. leading from behind does not work. >> we need a commander in chief who will once and for all call it what it is, and that's that radical islamic terrorism is a threat to us all. >> and most of the republican candidates will call it amnesty, and hillary clinton says unhrouing the undocumented is not just a economic issue but a family issue. >> this is where i differ with everybody on the republican side, make no mistakes, and not
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today one single republican candidate announced or potential is consistently supporting a path to citizenship. not one. when they talk about legal status, that is code for second class status. >> what does this tell us, jeff, about hillary clinton? she has moved to the left of where she was in the 2008, and even more left to where barack obama is now, and her trademark used to be caution, and she is planting this flag and it's risky? >> yeah, it tells us, one, this is one of the issues where she can move left for the primary, and it's a good thing to move left for the general, and because of the changing dynamics in the country. that's not true on every issue. if she follows in the way of elizabeth warren or bernie, that would not be good for her in the general. boy, what a difference. when i saw her saying that in las vegas, what a difference from the moment that we remember
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in the 2008 presidential debate when she couldn't say if she was for or against giving driver's license to undocumented citizens, and so she is trying to have her own way in the issues and also trying to pivot away from all the controversy of the foundation, and democrats have wanted her to come out and say what she is for, and that's what she did. >> let's look at the map as we continue the conversation. this is what we call the blue wall. the last six presidential elections, six straight presidential elections, and democrats have won the blue states. george w. bush won some of those, remember, and the democrats have won 242 in the last six elections, and look to the west, nevada, new mexico, and the state of virginia here back to the east, also the latino population, a close race
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could be swinging. she is moving, and they view it as less of a risk as they used to, and she is listening to joel beenenson, and he says your number one goal is to keep that intact. >> yeah, when mitt romney came out against the dream act i caught a call from somebody in the obama campaign, they said we are going to get 75% of the latino vote. true enough, they got 75% of the latino vote. it tells us where the country is now. >> maybe we should redefine caution here. this is ineffectively a safe thing to do. she said i want help for parents are dreamers, which is going to be a popular thing to do. the demographics have changed as jeff said, and you heard her state clearly in the sound bite, why she is doing it. she said this distinguishes me from every republican, including republicans who are trying to work this some way.
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>> and others are much tougher, and so the republicans say she is on the extreme, she says they are on the extreme. listen to chris christie who went to new hampshire and said she is pandering when she says an easy path of citizenship. >> it's a broader conversation than pandering, and should not just be pandering. >> is there any chance the republicans are right? they look at the map and they say we are going to get wisconsin and ohio, and maybe if it's marco or jeb, and somehow they could be right? >> not with the registers voters they have. the republican party would have to do something they have not done in the last two elections, and that's expand their voters. there are tens or thousands of more voting age people who may agree with that, but they are probably not voters, so they have to expand that.
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and back to your point for one second, and it's easier to make a pledge on the campaign trail than when you are president saying i hope this is something i can stand up and vote, and obama's executive order is still being questioned and challenged. >> running for president is a lot easier than being president, whether it's a democrat or republican. you mentioned trying to get away with the immigration play. bill clinton has been in africa, and he told them, it won't fly, the suggestion that somehow money comes from the foundation influenc influenced donations while his wife was secretary of state. >> will you continue to give speeches? >> oh, yeah. i got to pay our bills. i also give a lot of it to the
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foundation every year. >> i give the guy credit for being the best politician of his generation, but i got to pay the bills? hello. >> anytime they talk about money like they don't have a lot of it, and it's bad, and it's a little much and it won't play well. remember when bill wasn't going to be in the forefront? >> but the fact is, democrats really, really, really, really like bill clinton, and he has 70% among democrats, and the general population, it's something like 50%. every time we go into the stories of is he going to help or hurt or whatever, people like him and they are used to bill being bill. >> he can be brickly on the campaign trail. that's problematic. >> on the surface you laugh out loud, and he says, i am not in politics. of course he is in politics. he is bill clinton. but on another level, at some point somebody may argue, wait a
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minute, hillary clinton doesn't have to be responsible for what her spouse does, and they are a special couple, of course, but are you going to hold the woman to being responsible for her husband. somebody is going to make question at some point? >> yeah, honest is trustworthy, 48% say yes, and you get another poll, does she have strong qualities of leadership, and the nbc wall street journal poll asked it differently, and 25% said she was honest and straightforward, and is that the e-mail or foundation controversy? does it matter? >> i think it's both of those. we learned a lesson in polling. a, we all spend way too much time talking about them and seeing what it means, and a poll is a snapshot in time, but how the question was worded as you pointed out, the question in the "new york times" poll was more do you trust her to do the right thing, and more about that, and
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that's what the clinton campaign hopes they can hope to pivot this to, do you trust her to do good things for your family, but we would be not reading the right tea leaves if people say they are not going to define her at this point, are republicans going to define her early on? >> she has the advantage, and no democrat has made the case. we will see if they get on her like that. up next, dividing the republican pie as more candidates ask for a slice. first, politic politicians say the darnedest things. >> is this the first country you have presidented? >> oh, ah, is, as i suspect, the first and last country that i am presidenting. unlike late-night talk show
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hosts, i am term limited.
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welcome back. ben carson polls just 4% among gop voters. even a small slice of the pie might matter. 21% for scott walker, and 13% for rand paul, and 12% for ted cruz and 10% for mike huckabee. let's compare this, though. 21% in the polls now. mike huckabee won iowa with 34%.
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scott walker could say i just have to grow a little bit. rick santorum won last time with just shy of 25% in a crowded field, and you don't need that big of a slice to win. let's move on in new hampshire. jeb bush gets the biggest slice, but only 15%. you can call him the leader, but can't call him the frontrunner. again, we will go around. you see the other slices of the pie, and some of them small and i call others medium at best. in 2012, mitt romney won with just shy of 40% of the vote, and paul second, and my question, steve, with a crowded field, doesn't take a lot. you don't need 50%, but should jeb bush be worried that he is at 5% in iowa and 15% in new hampshire? >> robert costa had an interesting question, where
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maybe they shouldn't be -- i am remembering in 2011 when newt gingrich was soaring in the polls, and so it's a little early and things can change. i wonder as an observer if the fact there are so many potential candidates, if it diminishes them all and leaves somebody like bush who has the money and name recognition in a stronger position in the long term even though he looks weak in iowa. >> he worked his tail off and got to 25. but if you are the guy who is raising the most money and the guy with the name, and that name sometimes is a negative in republican politics because of his dad and brother, and 5 and 15 strike me as a little shaky. >> yeah, the new hampshire poll actually has been fascinating to me throughout the last couple of months because the last couple of cycles, it has not been that
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close. we knew romney was going to win and mccain was going to win new hampshire, and there have been a lot of surprises, so the fact that is wide open, that might be an indicator, when he declares, he will get a boost. we have seen that. more people will be paying attention at that point when he does. i think at this point, i am sure they are looking at this, and they already said they are going to play in iowa, and they can't ignore iowa and say we are going to leave that behind. i don't know if they will look back and wonder if that was a good decision. >> he has been raising a lot of money and not as active as the other candidates going to the events and doing politics. we have three more candidates. the three freshman senators, cruz, marco rubio and paul got in, and three more candidates got in the race. let's look. >> many of the politicians have fallen to the false god which would allow black robed people to make law.
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>> if you believe it's time for citizens to stand up to the political class and say ae enough, then join us. >> i am saying to people around this nation right now stop being loyal to a party or to a man and use your brain to think for yourself. >> back to the point we were just making. it's harder to see a ben carson or carly farina winning a nomination, and given how wide this race is, you can't say it's impossible? >> yeah, ben carson looks weaker than he looked before, and he was up in the double digits before car leafy rina looks stronger than in the past, and i think if you are jeb bush and in some ways the underlying argument he is making to the republican party is not only he is going to get the republican party straight, but he is the one they have been waiting for him to do that.
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and it makes it difficult for him 5% in iowa and new hampshire, and folks not sold on his candidacy yet. if he is looking in iowa, he has to come in in the top three slots. can't afford to be at the bottom. >> are republican base voters waiting for them to tell them they are wrong? and hillary clinton, she views her spot to be advantage. if you look at the demographics in the polling, republicans should be encouraged. this is the new poll out this week, and we showed you the republican numbers and they did a clinton match-up. clinton loses to bush, and to marco rubio and breaks even with scott walker and beats ted cruz. new hampshire is a state that has been democratic in the last couple of elections but is known
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to swing sometimes. >> i think it's a great reminder of why. history would suggest that it's so difficult for somebody to follow a two-term president from your own party. it almost never happens. democrats say it never should have happened in 2011, al gore was almost elected, but he was not. the reality is she came back to earth politically, and still so many things to come on that side. on the republican side it's going to matter who pweults the organization and who gets the home schoolers. our reporters get you out of the new political news to come. it begins from the the second we're after all, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned... every day... using wellness to keep away illness... and believing that a single life can be made better by millions of others.
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let's head around the inside politics table. >> the lane on the gop side is about to get more southern. we have mike huckabee and looks like lindsay graham will get into this thing next month. i spoke to folks in south carolina, and they think he will bring one liners to the debate stage and a focus on foreign policy, and john mccain has endorsed him several sometimes, and he may pick up some of the john mccain infrastructure in south carolina, and there was a recent poll that showed 20% were much more likely to vote for lindsay graham in the primary when he gets into this thing. he will be interesting. i don't think he has much of a future in terms of a long hall,
5:57 am
but he will add wit. >> we have been tracking water, and california has water shortages, a terrible drought and restrictive measures being imposed by the government, and this is something that gets political and gets to your ideas of how intrusive the government should be in your lives and how much the government should regulate you, and you can touch it in a way you can't touch climate change, necessarily. i am not saying the presidential candidates will debate water policy in 2016, but that may be part of the climate if you will in the next year and a half. >> i bet they do. a big issue out in the west. >> and as poverty becomes major issues in 2016, there's a group called the circle of protection and they are sending a letter to each of the candidates asking
5:58 am
them to do three-minute video asking what they will do to help the poor. this time they want to get involved in the primary, and the benefit, they say, for the candidates, is they play this for congregations, and it's large, and they have not gotten any takers yet but i believe they will as the cycle goes on. >> why not? it's a great issue and cause. step up candidates. jeff? >> talking about huge sums of money in politics, and the clinton campaign are going smaller, and they are asking donors to the first financial fund-raising summit but only if you found ten people to give $2,700 each. you are only invited if you raised $27,000 to get in on the ground floor of this campaign, and the enthusiasm was not quite as high. she is going to be there to speak as well, and they have a
5:59 am
look inside the brooklyn headquarters, and so on thursday, the clinton small donors will be there. keep your eye on the ohio senator, portman, as the republican party centers on marriage, and the court decision is expected next month, but with whatever the court decides, and this is an important but, a mix of republican leaders who think it's time to drop that language they think it's hurting the party and they are pushing portman. cleveland is his home state of ohio, and the senator once supposed same-sex marriage, and he switched because his son told his parents he is gay. any role in a big national platform debate would be a bold
6:00 am
move for portman who is also up for re-election to his senate seat in 2016. thank you for sharing your sunday morning. "state of the union" starts right now. >> the u.s. military on alert as isis threatens america. this is "state of the union." the senate home left-hand security chairman on isis hitting the heartland, and the point man for the fight in the middle east, jeb bush's stunning admission, and remembering victory in europe 70 years on. good morning from washington. i am jim scuitto. the u.s. military bases today on heightened alert over potential terror attacks by isis supporters here in the u.s. the fbi says hundreds and perhaps thousands of isis sympathizers may be here in the homeland right now. joining me now is senator ron johnson, chairmanth


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