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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  May 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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on the severe weather out of denton county, texas. stay with cnn, for the very latest on all of this. again, the rescues being made in denton, texas. thanks so much for being with me tonight. i'm poppy harlow. have a great week. >> the following is a cnn special report. >> this is what they did in %-p >> but where did they go? >> less than a half an hour after they did this, they are dithering about the kind of milk to buy? >> whot are they really? >> always happy, peaceful, nothing malicious about them.
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>> and what drove them to kill? you saw the victims bleeding and broken. now the side of the story you didn't see. >> oh, my goodness, officer down. >> get on it! >> tonight, "murder at the marathon." ♪ april 15th, 2013. patriots day. a massachusetts tradition. >> you talk to anyone from boston and they talk about patriots day as the day, the weekend to be in boston. it is our signature day and it is unique to boston. >> the centerpiece of the day is the city's world famous marathon. >> it was a chilly morning. 30 degrees. unlike when it was 80 degrees. so we thought the weather won't
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be a story this year. what's going to be the story? >> journalist steve silva is covering the event for >> it was a normal day and a good day. >> sydney corcoran with her mom and dad are among the 1 million spectators enjoying the day. >> my family and i went into boston and got a bite to eat and made our way down to the finish line. >> 30,000 runners had spent months preparing to cross this line. >> opposite boston across the charles river, two brothers are also preparing for the marathon in a much more sinister way. tamerlan tsarnaev and his younger brother dzokhar live in an unremarkable house on an unremarkable street. they've been working on a recipe from an online magazine. it's called inspire, the english language terror guide created by
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al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. the recipe, make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom. the ingredients are surprisingly simple. ordinary objects you can buy in everyday stores like pressure cookers, the kind you might use to make dinner. records indicate the pressure koomers are bought here at this macy's in saugus, mast. a middle-class community, about 13 miles from the tsarnaevs' home. in late march, just two weeks before the attack on the marathon, one of the bombers comes to this home depot, just north of cambridge to buy a soldering gun. a soldering gun is used to heat metal and connect wires. the brothers buy fireworks to extract the explosive powder inside. that goes into the pressure cooker along with bb pellets and nails.
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homemade shrapnel intended to tear flesh and shatter bone. it is 2:37 p.m., about 4.5 hours since the start of the race. it's when a majority of runners are finishing. it is also go-time for the brothers, who round the corner onto the marathon route. their attack is timed to cause maximum damage. >> i always think of the families that just line that finish line. sometimes ten deep. and it is difficult to get by. >> that is where tamerlan positions himself. high school student sydney corcoran is to his left. >> it was a great vibe. everyone was just being nice and cheering them on like, "you can do it, keep going." >> dzokhar stops behind several
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families with small children, including the richards, with 11-year-old henry, 6-year-old jane, and 8-year-old martin. it's now 2:50 p.m. dzhokhar raising a phone to his ear. the plan is now in motion. >> what the hell was that? >> tamerlan detonates the first bomb. >> oh, my god, something blew up. >> in the ensuing chaos, dzhokhar walks quickly away from his backpack. he leaves it on the ground, right near 8-year-old martin richard. behind the richards in a blue sweater is 23-year-old lingzi lu. >> she walks into frame right before that first bomb goes off.
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you see her turn to look to the finish line where the first bomb went off and then you see her continuing to walk across the frame and then the second bomb goes off. >> the blast levels spectators and separates families. >> my mind always goes to the richard family. bill richard who saw the first bomb go off and thought i need to get my family here, trying to jump over the fence when the second bomb went off right behind his family. you see him grab his oldest son henry, and then you see jane and she gets up, not realizing she doesn't have a leg. and her father grabbed her and brings her to the pavement on the road where he was able to find someone to help him, one of the emergency personnel, and then you see him run back to
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where his wife and his son martin are. he said it was one of those situations where he had to tell himself, martin is gone. i need to focus on jane. jane needs my help right now. it has to be the worst decision any parent has to make. >> and this picture of lingzi lu, it's the last one of her alive. a piece of metal from the pressure cooker slices her leg open. she bleeds to death on the sidewalk. >> i don't remember going down on the ground, but i remember kind of -- i know coming to and seeing everyone around me and i remember massive amounts of pressure being put on my leg and it was very painful. >> like lingzi lu, a severed artery in her right thigh and she is losing blood fast.
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and near sydney 29-year-old krystle campbell is also bleeding profusely. my legs hurt she tells her friend, karin mcwatters. thr the last words krystle will ever speak. >> karen waters, she lost her leg and fell with her friend krystle campbell. she kind of inched toward krystle and placed their faces almost next to each other and then put her hand in krystle's so the last sensation that krystle would have felt beside the searing pain in her legs from the bomb would have been the warmth of karen's face and the embrace of her hand. >> one friend lives, the other dies. hundreds are left struggling to survive. and authorities are already trying to figure out who did this? how many are out there? and where are they now?
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three people. 29-year-old krystle campbell, described by her brother as the heart of her family. lingzi lu, the chinese exchange student who originally planned to stay home to study. and 8-year-old third grader martin richard, who loved sports, including running. >> something blew up. oh, my god. something happened. >> more than 250 people are shredded and broken. lives hang in the balance. one of them is sydney corcoran. >> i remember feeling the blood just, like, come out of my leg and it was warm all over. and i thought, like, i'm bleeding out. like, i'm not going to make it to the hospital.
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>> as doctors rushed to save lives, at least one of the bombers is here -- that is 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev, casually shopping at the whole foods in cambridge. it is 3:14 p.m., just 24 minutes after the bombing. >> he goes in and picks out half a gallon of milk. and the video shows him go back into the parking lot, but the milk wasn't the right milk so he gets out, this is less than a half an hour after they killed three people, he's back in there he can changing the milk because apparently it wasn't the right milk. it was an extraordinary thing to watch. >> it also appears perfectly normal, which is how friends who know dzhokhar from before the bombing describe him. >> he was definitely a normal kid.
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carry on a conversation. make you laugh. he was fun. he was happy-go-lucky. >> dzhokhar tsarnaev arrives in the united states in 2002. an 8-year-old speaking little english. his family is chechen, an ethnic minute north long persecuted in russia. >> his parents came, mother and father and dzhokhar when he was little. three kids were back home in kazakhstan. >> by the time older siblings arrive the following year, dzhokhar is fitting into american culture. by high school, he's a popular guy. >> he had a big cross-section of friends. most of whom were shocked when this came out, that he was charged with the boston marathon bombing. >> including these young men from his high school wrestling
4:16 pm
team who asked not to be identified. >> in wrestling he was a really nice kid. he was the kind of kid who would push me harder and i was new to wrestling so he really helped me. he would push me all the time. >> by senior year he is a wrestling captain and he's also working as a lifeguard at harvard. he's getting solid grades, and he speaks english perfectly with no accent. if he is harboring any anti-american feelings, his friends don't have a clue. >> he never hated america. he just tried to be a typical american boy. >> a typical american boy who smoked a lot of pot. >> i was talking to some kids from -- and at least two of them mentioned he likes to smoke a bone. is that unusual in american high school kids? probably not. particularly in a city like cambridge. >> brother tamerlan, seven years older than dzhokhar, is having a harder time adjusting, but he is
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trying to find his place. >> he loved boxing. it was his passion. it was his outlet. clearly he wanted to be a world champ one day. >> tamerlan's high school buddy luis vasquez said his friend's ambitions caused some of his problems. >> he could be intimidating because people knew he was a boxer and he had more of a reserved personality to him but if you went up to him, he would talk to you right back. >> ahead, what would cause an aspiring boxer and popular high school wrestler to do this? and this? and this? >> oh, my goodness. all units respond. officer down! officer down! all units! get on it! vo: today's the day. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed,
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this is where tamerlan tsarnaev feels most at home. in the boxing ring. he's dominant, imposing, successful. john allen owns the gym where tamerlan trained. how would you describe tamerlan's skill as a fighter?
4:22 pm
>> good, very good. he was a proficient boxer. he was very talented. >> so talented he wins the new england golden gloves heavyweight championship twice, a step closer to his dream of fighting at the international level. >> it was his life choice to use boxing to try to get nationalized as a citizen to compete in the olympics. >> but then a sharp blow. he's barred from national competition because tamerlan tsarnaev is not an american citizen. >> that would have been just one more box for him to check off in his sense of grievance. >> for tamerlan it is a familiar message. he is an outsider. that same year he tells a local photo journalist, i don't have a single american friend. i don't understand them. >> the older brother had a lot of problems. he wasn't able to assimilate to the u.s. culture like his little brother. >> his little brother, dzhokhar.
4:23 pm
>> very well-adapted and very personable, very popular within his school. >> he seems to be doing well. >> he received a scholarship to go to college. talented wrestler, all those kind of things. >> but the rest of the tsarnaev family is struggling. the sisters with failed marriages, the parents with earning a living. >> they had all sorts of opportunity in this country, but by any measure they seemed to have not fulfilled certainly what their expectations were. >> money is tight, and the family relies on welfare to get by. >> they had a common experience for many chemmens, living in common societies. >> the family homeland is
4:24 pm
chechnya, the family violent and like many living far from home and that can create issues. >> issues of nationalism, and chechen and the jihadi groups over there and issues that have to do with assimilation and the sense of belonging. >> tamerlan begins to find a sense of belonging in radical islam. >> he definitely started to talk about religion more. he would engage with people in the gym, talk about jewish conspiracies and grew his beard for a while. >> in 2011 the fbi interviews tamerlan and his mother after receiving a vague and unusual warning. russian counterparts say they are adherents of radical islam, but the case is later closed for lack of evidence. and by 2012 the parents' marriage has fallen apart. >> a metaphor for the whole family, it has collapsed under all sorts of dysfunction and anger.
4:25 pm
>> as both parents separately move back to dagestan, dzhokhar is left to fend for himself at umass dartmouth. >> while tamerlan is becoming devout, dzhokhar is hanging out with his buds talking about girls on facebook. >> i want to study abroad or two. i'm doing laundry at this time #college. and he's also smoking and dealing plenty of pot. >> everybody knew this kid had -- the kid with the funny name, he always had pot. >> dzhokhar's grades are now plummeting as brother tamerlan takes a long trip to dagestan. like neighboring chechnya, dagestan is torn by ethnic violence and extremism. it is here that something in tamerlan seems to click. >> there was something that happened during that trip. there are people that he met. there were mosques that he attended. there's training camps possibly
4:26 pm
that he went to, and he probably received some training. >> tamerlan seems eager to share what he's learning e-mailing dzhokhar video links and writing, watch this, it's interesting. or ideas, quote, those who help allah's cause, allah will help them. or articles to read like this one about osama bin laden's martyrdom. six months later when tamerlan returns to cambridge, he is radically different. >> even among mainstream muslims in the cambridge area, you know, he stood out as somebody who was a little more radicalized, a little more angry. u.s. citizen on september 11th, 2012. still, he has strong ties to his chechen roots. >> it seems that the fact that both of them believe that they are from chechnya, not to, you know -- not the united states
4:27 pm
where they live. >> dzhokhar and tamerlan are spending more time together and listening to radical islamist messages. >> the way you should see it as muslim, you should see it as i'm one year closer to my death. did i prepare myself for it? a muslim cannot afford to waste any time. >> three days before the marathon, tamerlan and dzhokhar stop at this mosque to pray. then go from worship to workout at john allen's gym. were you surprised at his demeanor 72 hours before those bombs -- >> unbelievable. just him entering the ring. i mean, you know like jumping over both legs, feet at his shoulder height, clearing the ring, hopping in, jumping rope like, yeah, like he was on top of the world. >> on top of the world and ready to act. that same week dzhokhar tweets,
4:28 pm
if you have the knowledge and the inspiration, all that is left is to take action. >> the boston marathon -- >> april 15th, 2013, marathon monday. the two brothers take their respective positions, set off two bombs on boylston street, and calmly walk away. coming up next, brothers on the run, an extraordinary manhunt in the city of boston. >> i actually saw the spark from the bomb, and that's when i immediately hit the ground. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good.
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university of massachusetts dartmouth. on campus a day later, everyone is talking about what happened at the marathon. >> we talked about the bombing for like about five minutes. >> everyone, including dzhokhar tsarnaev and classmates zack betancourt. >> he seemed nonchalant. he didn't seem like -- he was like i haven't been doing much lately so i decided to come to the gym. >> as dzhokhar heads to the gym, copley square has become a crime scene and forensic teams sift through the debris. they find pieces of the pressure
4:33 pm
cookers, remnants of the backpacks, and a twisted fuse. fbi analysts are also poring over surveillance footage. >> we watched that video hundreds and hundreds of time to detect any anomalies and try to detect any suspicious activity. >> anomalies like this, the man in the white hat who after the first blast doesn't even flinch. >> so it was the absence of a reaction. your normal reaction if you hear a loud noise, you automatically will shift your head toward the direction of that loud noise. he didn't do that. he was unfazed, and that was the thing that really stood out. >> a crucial lead to follow. >> we started retracing, back this up. do we see him with anyone else? and then we do. we do see him with an individual wearing a black cap. >> investigators believe they have identified their suspects, but they don't have their names. >> we are releasing photos of these two suspects. they are identified as suspect one and suspect two.
4:34 pm
>> the two brothers are now the most wanted fugitives in america. >> they knew that with their photos out there, they were going to be identified quickly. >> after months of carefully planning their attack, the tsarnaev brothers have failed to plan their escape. >> it was obvious that the two brothers had little idea and little planning tooz what they were going to do next. >> dzhokhar texts his friend, if you want, you can go to my room and take what's there. as reality hits, his friends grab dzhokhar's laptop and backpack with fireworks which later turn up in a landfill. >> i think honestly with just the videos and the photos, they could have successfully fled immediately following the bombing. >> but they are definitely running now. >> so within days of the act they're actually committing other criminal acts to just essentially make their getaway. >> the brothers only have one gun.
4:35 pm
in search of another, they confront mit police officer sean collier. >> you could see that collier drives up in his cruiser and parks there. you see these two images in dark and they come walking quite deliberately down this pathway. >> after a struggle, collier is shot multiple times at close range. the brothers run from the scene. >> all units respond. officer down! officer down! >> they killed him, murdered him in cold blood, and then tried to take his weapon, but his holster was designed to prevent people from stealing a weapon, particularly in a struggle or something like that. >> across the charles river a few miles away, the tsarnaev brothers come upon an idling suv and decide to car jack the vehicle and its driver, 26-year-old chinese app developer dunn manage. >> tamerlan said to him do you
4:36 pm
know about the boston marathon bombing? he said, you know, i did that. i just killed a policeman. so don't do anything stupid. >> the brothers question manag about new york city, use his bank card to withdraw $800 in cash and stop for gas. dzhokhar heads into the store for snacks. >> they went inside the shell gas station, shows him getting a bunch of dorrie toes and red bull, what you'd get for a road trip. >> i alone in the car with tamerlan, mang knows it's now or never. he slips off his seat belt and opens the door, bolting across the street to a gas station to call 911. >> what happened when they took the car? >> they had the suspect of them -- >> the plan is unraveling. tamerlan races to get his brother.
4:37 pm
mang's escape gives investigators the break they desperately need. >> the one thing that mang did which was brilliant, when tamerlan asked if he had a gps in there he said no, but, in fact, he did. >> the police track the car to watertown. where the brothers engage them in a massive fire fight. >> i heard pops outside, so i ran to the window. i just saw two shooters behind a vehicle, behind an suv. >> andrew takes these photos from his upstairs bedroom. >> while tamerlan was firing at them, they could see dzhokhar tsarnaev throw bombs at them and then they saw him grab what turned out to be another pressure cooker bomb like the ones left on boylston street at the marathon. this one he hurled with quite a bit of effort because it was so heavy. >> actually saw the spark from the bomb and that's when i immediately hit the ground. i could feel it shake the house.
4:38 pm
>> police are in a fight for their lives. >> at that point one of the shooters actually started charging the officers, running down the street still firing his weapon. >> and they're literally about ten feet away from each other exchanging gunfire. and then he runs out of ammunition, the bad guy. >> the bad guy, tamerlan, throws his empty gun at officers who then tackle him to the ground. >> when dzhokhar saw what was going on with his brother, he jumps into the mercedes suv and comes back at the cops who are on top of his brother. >> dzhokhar aims the car straight at the officers. >> somebody at the last minute yelled get out of the way and they drove out of the way. >> instead, he runs over his brother. >> fatal injuries on tamerlan tsarnaev were inflicted by his brother dzhokhar who ran him over. >> dzhokhar tsarnaev makes his escape. he is wounded and bleeding and looking for a place to hide.
4:39 pm
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boston. a city attacked and left wounded and bleeding is now a city on lockdown. >> move, move, move! you got to get out of here. >> they're telling everybody to get off the street. >> after a vicious firefight with police in watertown, one brother is dead, the other is on the run. there is a big concern because he's got explosives on him. if this guy comes out, then he may come out and go down in a blaze of glory. >> there is a massive manhunt underway. we're asking people to shelter in place, to stay indoors. >> the stolen suv is found abandoned blocks from the shootout. inside it, an important clue. >> we knew we had hit him because there was blood in that vehicle.
4:44 pm
and we started the grid search and found some blood behind a house, so we knew he was wounded. >> but his bloody trail vanishes. tactical teams set up a 20-block search radius. terrified residents are holed up why in their homes as police search block by block, house by house. >> we had reason to believe he was still in the area but we never were 100% sure of that. >> hours pass with no leads. where is he? is he alive? will he kill again? >> we didn't know whether we were going to be able to apprehend him. we were going to continue looking until we found him. >> at 6:00 friday evening, the 12-hour-long lockdown is temporarily lifted. people cautiously leave their homes. dave heninberry goes into his backyard to secure a loose flap
4:45 pm
on the tarp covering his boat. >> and i look in the boat over here on the floor, and i see blood. >> very quickly that boat and that whole general area was surrounded by heavily armed police. >> all right. you can hear those gunshots and we're seeing a lot of ak pit. >> you have hundreds of law enforcement officers who had zeroed in on a man they believe is the suspect. >> police surrounding the boat briefly open fire. >> we were able to get the state police helicopter over that boat, and with the infrared, they were able to give such great information. he's moving his left arm. his right arm just moved. >> he just stood up. he's moving his right leg about. >> at 8:30 p.m., dzhokhar is cornered during a tense standoff.
4:46 pm
as hostage negotiators try coaxing him out. >> he's coming out. he's coming out. >> at 8:45 p.m. dzhokhar bleeding and shaking surrenders. a red laser from a sniper's rifle trained between his eyes. >> we had every reason to believe that he was armed in that boat. what was he going to try to do? >> with both hands raised, dzhokhar is finally taken down ending one of the biggest manhunts in u.s. history. gravely wounded by gunshots, dzhokhar is taken to a boston hospital. >> the suspect is in critical but stable condition. he's not in a condition to be interrogated at this point in time. >> the motive behind the horrific bombings comes into focus when a bomb technician
4:47 pm
searching for explosives finds a crude note. scrawled on the inside of the boat, now riddled with bullets and stained with blood is dzhokhar's manifesto. the u.s. government is killing our innocent civilians. i can't stand to see such evil go unpunished. >> this is political. this is against americans because of what they did in iraq. it's against americans because of what they did in afghanistan. it has nothing to do with religion it seemed. >> in his young mind he probably thinks it has everything to do with religion. so you have these really mixed up notions about what's going on in the different conflict zobs around the world combined with a really superficial knowledge of his own religious doctrine and dogma. >> he writes, we muslims are one body. you hurt one, you hurt us all. >> all you have to do is read the note that he left on the boat where he was captured, and
4:48 pm
it was pretty clear that wherever he got this information, he had internalized it to such a point he could lie in a boat badly wounded and write a lengthy creed in which he regurgitated the ideas and the language and the rhetoric of jihadis all over the world. >> earlier today the suspect only managing head nods and a single word as the federal charges were read to him in his hospital room. >> dzhokhar tsarnaev will be charged with 30 federal counts including conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction. 17 of the charges carry a possible death sentence. he will plead not guilty. up next, survivors finally come face-to-face with dzhokhar tsarnaev.
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in the months after the bombing, still recovering from his wounds, dzhokar tsarnaev remains defiant. in his jail cell before his arraignment, he taunts u.s. marshals. when his trial begins two years later, judy clark will lead the defense team. >> judy clark is a legend in american criminal defense. this is a woman who is famous for taking impossible cases and not getting acquittals, but getting life sentences as opposed to death sentences, which is not an easy thing. >> as she was led into court, he was glancing over his right shoulder and smiling and smirking at his relatives behind him. i found that absolutely galling and reprehensible. >> judy clark got up there in the opening statement of the trial and said, it was him. those were her words. "it was him." this was obviously very strategic on the part of the defense.
4:54 pm
>> clark's strategy, don't fight the charges. fight the death penalty. >> the defense is trying to show mitigation. yes, he's guilty, but consider the following about him. consider his alienation from american society. consider the malevolent influence of his older brother, which led him, inexorably to this crime. >> but the prosecution team isn't buying it. >> the prosecution said, they were equal partners. if you put bombs down on a street and shred the legs of innocent men, women, and children, and then go into a store a half hour later and buy a half gallon of milk, can you
4:55 pm
really blame that on your brother? >> there was just so much evidence. they actually showed the jury what these bombs potentially looked like. they brought pressure cookers into the courtroom. they let them actually handle these pressure cookers and see what was inside. >> inside, nails and bbs designed to inflict maximum carnage. the blast destroyed both of jessica kensky's legs. >> jess kensky rolled by in her wheelchair with her service dog, looking for some kind of betrayal of human emotion, some sort of reaction to what was taking place around him, and we never saw anything. >> dzhokar seems disengaged, disinterested, and unaffected, just as he was the day of the bombings. >> you see dzhokar go in front
4:56 pm
of the restaurant and he stops very specifically in back of a bunch of kids, who are lined up against the barriers. i think the most effective things that the prosecution said during its case is that dzhokar was there for four minutes. so in those four minutes, he could survey everything that was around him, and he left the bomb there and walked away. >> it was really difficult to watch for anyone who was in that courtroom. there were tears with the jury. there were tears with the survivors who were in there. and there were tears in the media section. because you see these people ringing cow bells, cheering on the marathon, standing just feet from the runners, just elation. and in a moment, you just see the bomb go off.
4:57 pm
>> the jury also sees the bloody, bullet-riddled message from inside the boat. dzhokar writes, "i do not mourn, because tamerlan's soul is very much alive." >> it speaks to that death cult kind of ethos, where if i die or those closest to me die fighting for the cause, then they're considered martyrs and they go to heaven. >> after presenting only four witnesses, the defense rests. >> the prosecutor closed by saying they thought they were soldiers, they thought they were going to bring the battle to boston. >> yes, they absolutely do. although, overwhelmingly, those of that faith would say what they're doing is aberrant. in their minds, in their hearts, they feel what they're doing is completely about their religion. >> after a month of emotional testimony from more than 90 witnesses, the jury takes just 11 1/2 hours to reach a verdict. >> it was so quiet in that
4:58 pm
courtroom. you could feel the tension. you could feel the nerves. >> dzhokar tsarnaev, guilty on all 30 counts. >> it took 20 minutes to read the verdict. and i don't remember hearing any noise. i didn't hear any sniffles. i didn't hear any shouts. i heard nothing. >> now, defense attorney judy clark will try to convince a jury dzhokar tsarnaev's life is worth saving. >> it takes 12 votes for a death sentence. so all the defense has to do is persuade one juror a death sentence is not appropriate. >> there were jurors wrestling in their own head, whether they could do it. and not only whether they could do it, whether they could sentence someone to death, whether they actually thought that was the worse thing they could do to somebody. >> as the trial moves forward,
4:59 pm
the stories of pain, loss, and resilience are not easily forgotten. >> bo richards' testimony just talking about his family and what a perfect day it was and how they went to get ice cream and what got me is when he said, i could tell you the flavors that they had. i remember everything. and you just think back to that day, as a parent, you think, those are the moments you remember, the little details. you can't ever get back that perfect moment when they were sitting there eating ice cream and all three of your children were alive and all three of your children had their legs. it was a tough moment.
5:00 pm
miami sneaks up on you. or do we change and find ourselves sneaking up, washing up, ending up in miami? ♪ i took a walk through this beautiful world ♪


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