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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  May 17, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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quadron was a week from returning home when they got the call that nepal desperately needed their help. the aircraft's pilot was captain chris nor again, a native of kansas his parents say his passion for flying started at a very early able. >> he loved to fly and loved to help people. i got to hand it to the marine corps for stepping up for nepal and i want to thank all the people that stayed prayers. i have lot of friends to through the and also a lot of people thought that don't know me and i want to thank them because of their faith and faith is going to hold my wife and i through this and i hope that the faith of the families hope for them too. >> i know in my heart that chris is doing what he wanted to do he has always loved life and loved god and his family and he was doing what he needed to do to be able to help them.
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and i am so proud of everything that he has done and accomplished. >> captain dustin lukasiewicz is another pilot on board from nebraska. the omaha world herald reports his wife is pregnant with their second child. captain lukasiewicz was just featured in this defense department video. >> my name is captain lukasiewic. >> and we stand with nepal. we were able to deliver some rice potatoes and tarps out to smaller villages just east of kathmandu, areas that are more difficult to get to via any sort of ground transportation. >> that very video shot by lance corporal jacob hug, a combat videographer from arizona. he was also killed in this crash. another marine featured in the defense department video was sergeant ward johnson, iv the helicopter crew chief from florida. >> been over a week hmla 469 has flown over 54 flight hours,
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delivered over 68,000 pounds of needed supplies to the outer villages and we also plan to deliver another 140,000 pounds before we leave. >> corporal sara medina was a combat photographer she was also on board that helicopter. the woman behind the lens of these remarkable images the governor in her home state of illinois calls her courage and dedication a role model for all of us. and something eric seaman was a helicopter crew chief on this flight. he was a california native a husband and a father of two young children. on a go fund me account set up for his family, his mother-in-law says thank you all for this. i just want the world to know that my son-in-law was a great man and a true hero. he was what a man is supposed to be. those are stories of six american heroes. and i want to focus on them and talk more about one of them eric seaman. his wife, samantha joins me on the phone. hi samantha.
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>> hi. >> tell me a little bit about eric. i know he was only 30 years old. >> yes, ma'am. he turned 30 in october. he was a wonderful man. he loved me very much. he lived for his family and would just always tell me that he couldn't wait to come home. he was a great father. he was a great marine. he loved his country. and he really wanted to go to nepal to help those people. last week i got a e-mail telling me that he felt purpose and that he delivered 10,000 tons of rice and that he was gonna feel it the next day, but he was a wonderful husband. i couldn't have asked for a better partner in life. >> he felt purpose and he did what so many people don't do and that is he sacrificed everything for his country.
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you have these two beautiful children that we are looking at as we see images of him kissing them roman, 2 1/2 years old, reilly 1-year-old. what will you one day tell them about their father? >> i just want them to know that their dad was the greatest man. he was a hero. that he loved them very much. and that everybody around me all friends are going to make sure they know that and know up growing their dad. >> what do you think he wanted to leave the world with samantha? >> love. he loved us very much. i he loved his family and we are going to do everything we can every day until we meet again to make him proud. >> i have no doubt he is very proud of all of you and i have no doubt that's looking down on
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the three of you. he was a deck dore rated member of the marines. he served since 2009. he was awarded the air medal, the marine corps good contact medal with the bronze star the afghanistan campaign medal. why did he join? why did he want to serve his country? >> he wanted to make a difference and my husband, he loves his country and he wanted to protect this country. and he was a very selfless man. and he would have done anything to help others. and i know that right before he passed away i know that he helped somebody. and that's exactly why he joined the military. he wanted to make a difference in the world and i absolutely know that he did. he has made this whole country proud. and i -- i'm so proud of him and i love him very very very much. >> we are looking at these
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beautiful pictures of the four of you smiling. his smile's so big, mirrored in the smiles of your children together. what made eric laugh? >> everything. he was a movie buff. and on the witness, we would just sit and watch movies stupid movies like "super troopers" and "stepbrothers." and he -- he spent a lot of time with his son, roman. they did everything together. they -- yard work you know, tools and sports. he loved being around his best friend and he love being around his marines. he was just -- his smile lit up every single room and i love that smile and it's embedded in my heart forever. >> did he always want -- want to serve? i mean when the two of you met, did he talk about one day wanting to serve?
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>> eric and i have been together a very long time. we first started dating when i was just 17. and he always told me that he wanted to serve his country and make a difference. and he loved flying and he was a great crew chief. >> he sounds like an extraordinary man, an extraordinary husband and an extraordinary father. i am so sorry and so deeply sorry for your loss. thank you for sharing a little bit about him with all of us. >> i just wanted to say thank you to everybody that's prayed for my family and sent well wishes and i feel the love even if i don't respond, i feel the love. and i know my husband didn't die in vain. and i know that's gonna be with me and my family until we meet again. i love him. and i have no regrets. we had a wonderful marriage.
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>> samantha thank you so much and you're right. he lived and he served as you said with purpose, helping the people that needed it most. our thoughts are with you and your family samantha. all right wither gonna turn to iraq now and breaking news on a major set back in the fight against isis. the terror group now in firm control of the deiraqi city of ramadi. this is only 65 miles from baghdad. and when asked today if ramadi had fallen to isis, a spokesman for the governor of anbar province said "basically yes. but it's a big city. there are still pockets of resistance." isis though has already declared victory in ramadi. they advanced this morning by dealt ton nating a series of car bombs, forcing iraqi security forces to retreat. let's go live to irbil in iraq. i am joined by a correspondent for mcclatchy newspapers. you are 230 miles away from this
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firefight which by all accounts has again to -- gone to isis' hands, ramadi has fallen to isis. what is it you are hearing on the ground? >> base delicious is the biggest victory or you know for the islamic state or perhaps the biggest defeat for the iraqi security forces since last june's collapse that led to the takeover of mosul. from a military standpoint it is disastrous. largest province in iraq is in the hands of the islamic state at this stage and extremely difficult for them to retake even the cities close to baghdad, as you said only about 60 65 miles away let alone mosul, hundreds of miles away so it's a terrible dire the coalition and for the iraqi government. >> this as you said, 65 miles. when you look at it on a map it is frightening to see how close it is to baghdad compared to the other parts of iraq that isis has been able to conquer. from what you've seen do you have any sense that this may go
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the other way eventually that iraqi security forces will be able to retake ramadi or is this said and done? >> i mean, in the short term it feels fairly said and done. i mean eventually, the iraqi government is going to have to reconstitute its military. the she kbra-dominated government political parties and their militias are going to have to reach out to the sunni tribesmen who control large swaths of the anbar province and even up in mosul and come to a reconciliation with them and come together to fix this situation, if the modern state of iraq is going to survive. this but for right now it's very difficult to see how in the short term there could be a military solution coming out of baghdad. >> from your assessment mitchell covering the events on the ground there, why did it fall? is this the iraqi army not being well enough armed and equipped? we have heard the u.s. government has been rushing arms over there? is this a look of organization among iraqi security forces? why were they not prepared to
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hang on to ramadi? >> well it's a combination of factors, one, ever since the united states left iraqi in around 2010 there have been increasing levels of corruption and just dysfunction as the iraqi army was turned more into a patronage and sort of corrupt organization full of ghost soldiers people who didn't show up and their commanders were just you know take their paychecks, selling ammunition and their food on the black market. you know all of these things are what led to the collapse last sumner june. you're not going to fix them in the course of a year even under this much stress as the iraqi government's been. but it is shocking that they could know that for a year to a year and a half that ramadi was in the sights of the islamic state, coalition air power coming in giving them five to six bombing runs ady for months on end and still were in a position to lose -- it really does raise questions about the overall competence of the iraqi government and the way they haverained
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and deployed forces in that area. the people of ram mad day before i let you go suspect they stay and live under isis control or try to flee to baghdad? >> they tried flee and looked like ramadi might fall and baghdad wouldn't let them in because basically, those sunni tribes are often seen you know by the shia-led government as sympathetic to the islamic state, even if they are not. but what we are hearing, which is a change this time is the islamic state is not letting people leave. neighborhoods are being shut down militants are going house to house looking for government collaborators or pro-government tribesmen. and executing them in the streets and we can't confirm any numbers at this stage but anecdotally sounds like there is a massacre under way in ramadi now. >> horrific situation, mitchell prothero thanks for an update on the ground for us. an important amtrak update four. the railway has just announced
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that there will be full amtrak service restored on that part of the corridor busy line between new york city and philadelphia happen in time for tomorrow's commute. the investigation still ongoing. service been in what they call a modified state since the accident. also take a look at, this the mayor of philadelphia governor of pennsylvania members of congress and cabinet in one place remembering the eight people that died in that derailment. this spot is right near the place where the speeding train left the tracks on tuesday night. all seven passenger cars derailed. cnn spoke to the widow of one of the victims, she tells our jason carroll how she is explaining what happened to their two children. we will bring you her story ahead. why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. lease the well equiped volvo xc60 today.
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♪ see what it means to never settle. try t-mobile risk free for 14 days. this weekend's u.s. military raid that killed a major isis player in syria may be most valueableeable no the for taking a
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top terrorist out of the picture but papers and computers american commandos grabbed in his hideout, the stuff that may contain secrets about how isis operate and critically, how to is funded. here is cnn's victor blackwell with how the pogentagon tells us the mission unfolded. >> reporter: the ground operation was led by the army's delta force who entered the target area on black hawk helicopters and a v-22 tilt reporter osprey. after landing, about two dozen commandos scrambled off the aircraft which then took off but hovered overhead. during a firefight, isis fighters defended the multistory building from inside and outside positions. but special forces were able to get close to the building and blow a hole in its side. they went in, encountered isis fighters and there were more gunshots and reports of hand-to-hand combat. the isis combatants apparently tried to use human shields, but u.s. troops managed to kill the fighters without hurting the women and children. isis commander, abu sayyaf, was killed in the raid but delta
2:18 pm
force was able to capture and leave with his wife, umm sayyaf, and an unidentified yazidi woman who they rescued along with collected communication gear. >> joining me is an author who wrote "isis, the state of terror." thanks for being with me. i appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> i know it's early going and the pentagon isn't putting out the intelligence that they got from this raid but look i had congressman ed royce on the program yesterday and he said it could be very significant in terms of having the ability now for the united states from what they have gathered in this raid to track down people that may be funding isis from outside of iraq and syria. do you think that we are going to actually get names here and get to those people? >> i think that the target here is more people who are doing business with isis particularly buying black market oil.
2:19 pm
isis doesn't function on a donor model in the way al qaeda did although it does take donations. we have seen the importance of that kind of activity has decreased the last few years. they have an economy and they are trying to build a state and it has its economy and how they make their money. >> at reese remarkable we learned in the last hour or so isis claims they have retaken ram mad dirk the mayor of anbar province, largest province of ir iraq iraq, it looks like that fully taken ram madly daind heard from our last reporter not even letting steps leave, shows the po you are that isis has gape sod quickly. i want you to take a listen to what senator marco rubio said this morning, saying that's not convince that this raid overall really hurt isis very much. >> it doesn't take away from the fact that isis remains a group that just in the last 48 hours has captured yet another critical city within iraq. it continues to be a dangerous group that now finds a, for
2:20 pm
example, a very active note of operation in libya that we will have to confront here fairly soon and a group that i think has designs on moving into lebanon, perhaps sooner than some of us had anticipated. designs of moving into lebanon. could isis actually get a foothold in lebanon? >> well it is certainly one of their goals, you know they are pushing out of that territory in he have direction, map thing seeds not contiguous with iraq and syria and slowly expanding on their borders. the value of this intelligence haul without seeing it we can't know but certainly intelligence only go so far in trying to contain the ex-spans this group is doing. i want your reaction to this this comes to us from former ci a official michael morell he has a prediction about isis writing "today, an isis-directed attack in the u.s. would be relatively up sophisticated, but over time isis' cape blitz
2:21 pm
grow. this is what a long-term safe haven in iraq and syria would give isis and it is exactly what the group is planning to do. they have announced their intentions just like bin laden did in the years prior to 9/11." is that a fair assessment? is that alarmism at all? >> well there's -- it's complicated question. so isis has not made clear its intention to carry out a 9/11-style attack against the united states f they chose to do that and they very well might, they have more manpower and more money than al qaeda ever did in its history. the difference between al qaeda and isis is really training. al qaeda spent many years training its operatives, people were extraordinarily well prepared to carry out terrorist attacks, what we could expect from eyes circumstance as he said something a little cruder perhaps but would potentially be staffed a the large level.
2:22 pm
i think we have some expectation we will see that attempt eventually. we do have better systems in place to try to prevent something like that and even successful terrorist attack is not existential threat to the united states. we survived 9/11 and can survive anything isis throws at us we need to get out ahead of this and thinking about what could happen six months or a year from now. getting the best intelligence possible we can from within isis which has been certainly a huge challenge and that is con founded by the fact that we have this -- so much funding, as you said it is so well funded. thank you so much jm berger good to have you on. >> thank you. all right. also following a breaking story out of waco texas, nine people are dead in a shooting. we will explain what happened with a live report next. their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills
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all right. we are following breaking news out of waco texas, where there has been a shooting we are told between biker gangs there are at least nine people reported dead. joining month phone, grant herms, an affiliate reporter with kxxv in waco. grant, what happened? >> well poppy this all started around 12:15 this afternoon. police telling us monitoring the situation here at this restaurant and then they heard
2:27 pm
that there was a fight either parking spice spays is what it started as escalated to a guns after knives and chains were also brought out. i just talked with a few witnesses a little while ago who said that they crawled into a freezer in the back of the restaurant with some other employees and the management there, they locked themselves in as they heard a terrified, obviously gunshots were going off, they were then brought outside, under police custody, after things had quieted down so they could get them out. >> and you had said that police had been keeping an eye on these groups ahead of -- ahead of this incident? >> yeah that's right. we were told today that both local and state police have been keeping an eye on these two gangs, two or three gangs, at least that's what we are telling us for about a month now. they have been trying to work with the restaurant management and the owners but those owners wanted this business at their restaurant. so there was a lot of frustration we were hearing from local police today that they said this pack may not have been as bad if the ownership had been
2:28 pm
able to -- or more willing to bork with police here. >> we are looking at these still images we are not seeing live at the moment what's happening on the ground. do you think that things have calmed everyone mo may have been involved wasn't shot what you know been taken into custody, if you will? is the area secure? >> the area is actually far from it at this point. where i'm standing right now is inside two different police per rim terse, there are police walking around with weapons out. we are safe where we are but told places elsewhere in waco are not sec your especially places were they say these bikers may have left this area. they think there may be some sort of retaliation coming telling us here to be safe and not go a lot of places today in waco. >> grant herms, thank you very much for the report out of waco texas, we will keep an eye on this developing story and bring you the latest out of waco
2:29 pm
texas. as we have it nine reported dead and shooting in waco. up next, a security expert telling the fbi he hacked an airliner, a commercial airliner and took control of the plane's computer. the details next. but first, tonight at 9 p.m. eastern on cnn's "parts unknown," filmmaker darren aronofsky joins anthony bourdain in where else madagascar for two unique views of the country, the sights and, of course, the food.
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2:34 pm
have been a computer hack of the airline. this is not a far-feched scenario. last april, what i just described above was tweeted about by a hacker named chris roberts. he is a cyber security expert from colorado and he was on board a united airlines flight when he tweeted, "it's a little hard to follow just going to tell you, here's what he tweeted, "find myself on a 737-800. let's see, box, ife, ice, sat com, shall we start playing with eicas messages? pass oxygen on. anyone?" the fbi saw that tweet they detained him and questioned him for hours. he said he was frustrated that boeing and air bushes the two largest plane manufacturers, respect listening to his hacking warning. he has been warning them he says for years. now, roberts has revealed even more disturbing information. for that let's go to cnn justice reporter evan perez. it is pretty remarkable you guys got a lot of information
2:35 pm
from this from some court documents. what is he claiming that he has carried out? >> well poppy this is some scary stuff that's in this court document that the fbi filed as part of a -- as part of a search warrant request in order to go through some electronics that they seized from chris roberts back in april. so this all begins in february and march according to the fbi, according to these documents filed in court, that they -- the fbi interviewed chris roberts and he told them that he has managed to hack into aircraft while he is on board 15 to 20 times from 2011 to 2014 anticipated describes one scary maneuver in which he manages to send commands to the engine of an aircraft on which he is flying and it causes the engine to actually respond, for the plane to actually have a lateral movement now, we haven't cop firmed this no one confirmed
2:36 pm
whether or not this actually occurred this is all according to the fbi and they say this is according to chris roberts in interviews that he gave them. fast forward to april 15th. he is on a flight and he tweets those messages that you just described and so of course when he lands in syracuse the fbi meets him and they find a lot of stuff in his possession, including computers, ipads and what he says according to the fbi, are thumb drives that have nasty, what he called nasty malware that could be used to take over the computer controls. according to roberts, the way he does this is simply by connecting with a cable from his laptop to a box that's right underneath the seat and that controls in-flight entertainment system the stuff that you watch movies on on the back of the seat. so that's how he says he is able to do this. i should say that chris roberts in the last day or so has tweeted that this is all a misunderstanding. he says we have a tweet from him
2:37 pm
that says he is not able to address it all but says there is a whole five years of stuff that the affidavit incorrectly compressed into one paragraph, lots to untangle. we reached out to him. he's not been able to respond to us. >> look this isn't the first time we are hearing this could happen, right? the ga. >> on the government accountability office came out with a report just a few weeks ago warning about this. so it makes me obviously want to ask, what is boeing saying airbus saying? are they saying this is possible? >> boeing specifically responded to us yesterday when we asked about this they said they don't think it's possible they have separate systems from the in-flight control, in-flight entertainment systems to the aircraft's controls completely separate not possible. airbus has said that they have firewalls to wall off the system you said the gao has raised questions and says technically, it is possible and i will tell you, the fbi document that we read and that we have posted online says that
2:38 pm
the fbi's own technical ex-officers say -- believe chris roberts, he is -- has the capability to do this. we will see, this investigation is still ongoing. he has not been arrested. no charges have been brought and that tells us that they are still working on. this >> evan perez with the story for us. thank you very much. i appreciate it get some more perspective with the former inspector general for the u.s. department of transportation aviation expert mary schiavo. how credible do you think roberts' claims are that he could and has hacked into commercial airliners? >> i think his claims that he could are possible. i think the claims that he has are not probable. and so it's going to come down to the difference between what's possible and what's probable. i think what's occurring here you know, i worked with the fbi for 15 year first as a federal prosecutor and then assism g and they had interviewed him months ago, at that time if they had determined that it was probable that he had done what he said they would have never let him go with all this equipment again of i think what happened is when he is tweeting from a plane that's
2:39 pm
doing this and one of the flights, remember wasn't even possible to do what he said they didn't have the entertainment system i think the fbi had just had enough and the fact this they didn't have a warrant to seize this by the time they met him at the plane is pretty significant, bas to get a federal warrant for seizure or for search and seizure rather you have to have a judge's signature. so i think it's probable even our own gao has said it thank is it is possible but i don't believe he caused uncommanded engine changes because that would have caused the autopilot to shut off and the pilots probably would have written it up in their squawk book they would have had a maintenance issue if the engine did something they didn't command. so possible yes. probable not yet. but it could be. >> but we are looking at commercial airliners that are becoming more and more computerized and that's part of what the fao pointed to in their report is that when you've got these new airplane models more and more technologically advanced so much of them run on
2:40 pm
these computer systems, does that open us up to more risk because obviously you think could terrorists do this? >> yes. and i think that gao report did a far greaterer is haves i to aviation security than this individual because the gao report made an important point, they said not only are the air draft potentially vulnerable but our air traffic control system is potentially more vulnerable because we are going to the next generation air traffic control system which is satellite based and very much you know computer drolled. and the g a. o said that's what we need to be worrying about is the actual control and the government part of it because they said the government buildout of the next generation air traffic control system did not have a robust enough firewall and could potentially be hacked. so the gao report went one step furtherer and frankly i find that more -- probably more likely a target of terrorists or hackers than plane by plane target and that must be fixed. the fa a must and are setting
2:41 pm
about working on that. >> all right, mary ski i can't yaf vo thanks for the expertise, i appreciate it. >> thank you. looking at some live pictures right now this is a remembrance ceremony taking place this afternoon in philadelphia honoring the victims of that horrific amtrak crash last week. the details, also the latest on the investigation, next. after all, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned... every day... using wellness to keep away illness... and believing that a single life can be made better by millions of others. healthier takes somebody who can power modern health care... by connecting every single part of it. for as the world keeps on searching for healthier... we're here to make healthier happen. optum. healthier is here. the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe better for a full 24hours.
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all right. this just into us at cnn, amtrak announcing that the busy section of rail between philadelphia and new york city that northeast corridor will be restored to normal service by tomorrow morning's commute after that horrific and deadly crash. also i want to you take a look at these live pictures out of philadelphia. this is a special service, a reflection near the spot where that train derailed on tuesday night, killing eight people hurting more than 200 others. they are remembering them today. amtrak's technicians spent this weekend trying to clean up that wreck am andage and installing speed controls on the section of the track where that happened. the ntsome about announced a couple days ago the train would not have derailed would not have happened if they had those speed controls in place. investigators are still picking apart the on-board data recorder talking to everyone involved. the only way that an operable train can accelerate would be if
2:46 pm
the engineer pushed the throttle forward. and that's -- we are -- we -- the convenient recorder does record throttle movement. we will be looking at that to see if that dore rescorresponds to the increase in the train. we talked to the engineer, the person operating the train. he was fully -- he was fully cooperative when we met with him on friday and then also interviewed two assistant conductors that were on the train. >> they still don't know why this happened. jason carroll joined me now the human story of all of this is the most important, people that lost their loved ones you just this morning sat with a woman who lost her husband. right. jacqueline gapeines lost her husband, jim, he was 41 yearsed ork he worked for the associate press, video software architect, coming back from washington, d.c. for a business trip. you know we spoke to her this morning. it was a very difficult interview, i have to tell you, a very strong woman, a very spiritual woman, but having said that it's very still very
2:47 pm
difficult for her, difficult, as you can imagine. she talked about what she would remember most about her husband. i just want you to take a quick listen to that first. >> if there were any words to describe probably the adjectives i would use, he is kind, he is humble. he's family man, and not just with his children and his wife, but with the community. i just feel completely blessed and i thank god that he gave me time with him. 'cause he taught me and i think he will still teach me. so, he left a good imprint on the world and that's good thing. >> she really found the composure to find the words to speak about her husband. and you know, there's so much speculation, as you know, about what caused the crash.
2:48 pm
was it a throttle it was human error? she is not even focused on that right now, as you can imagine. she is solely trying to focus on her children her family the folks at the associated press even set up a scholarship fund for -- >> the kids. i was gonna ask you. 11-year-old and 16-year-old? >> oliver's 16 anushka, 11 set up a scholarship fund for them. and one of the stories that she was able to tell me really gives you a sense of who this man was, she talked about thanksgiving. she said he would walk around and pick up pies and sider and bring it to everyone in the neighborhood just shows what a big-hearted man he was. >> she said he would leave and left a positive imprint on the world. when you think, you boil it all down, that's its best aesthat's the best could you ask for, you look at the images hugging, constantly hugging everyone. >> his daughter right there perhaps that's what gave her the strength to speak us to today because she wanted the world to know what a wonderful man what a wonderful husband he was. >> wow.
2:49 pm
i know you have been on this story all week. there's so much focus on the investigation, understandably but it is the human element that is the most important. this is one of eight people who died 200-plus who were injured, some of them critically, some of them with brain tram match >> they all have stories. their mothers, sisters, daughters, they were aunts, uncles whatever the case may be. they all have stories. and sometimes their stories get lost right? they get lost with all the speculation about what cause and what we can do to -- what we can do to prevent it in the future and that's still important, but their stories are important as well. >> you think maybe hug -- hug your loved ones a little bit tighter before you go to work tomorrow morning, like he did. thanks jason. appreciate it very much. still ahead, reports of 29 tornadoes, wow, look at those images. 29 tornadoes across nine states flooding and damaging wind more severe weather today. we will take a look in the path of this storm with a live report, next.
2:50 pm
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wild within. well residents in central plains are still recovering from yesterday's severe thunderstorms that spawned dozens of tornadoes. can't imagine seeing something like that. >> oh, i think we're close enough. >> oklahoma texas, and kansas bore the brunt of the damage.
2:54 pm
the threat of severe weather not even close to over. more rain is expected. dangerous flash flooding is still a possibility. and if that wasn't enough the same system is moving toward the northeast and could drop cold temperatures in parts of the midwest. chicago, minneapolis, and st. louis could all see a 20 to 30 degree decline in temperatures. let's bring in meteorologist tom sater in the cnn severe weather center. it's day after day after day, more of these tornadoes. >> sure is, poppy. i do have some good news. we're going to look at a big break. last weekend, 70 tornadoes 8 fatalities in the u.s. last week with 130 total. this is some of the damage from the video in southwest oklahoma. no injuries. thank goodness. no fatalities. and the number of tornadoes yesterday, 29. has been greatly reduced today. you're right, it's cool. minneapolis, you made it up to 73. tomorrow, maybe 45. and that's with the 35-mile
2:55 pm
35-mile-per-hour winds. last week ten states had snow blizzard conditions. we had 29 tornadoes in the same location. it's nice to get a break from all the rescues that have been going on, air lift some flooding. down on the ground in texas, oklahoma parts of arkansas as well. our threat is starting to diminish and that's very good news but we've seen two areas of concern. one to the north, it runs border to border really from canada down to mexico. we'll run through a few radars here. let's start up to the north where we have our area of low pressure. and this is where the snow is falling from bismarck to winnipeg. 2 to 4 inches. that's without blizzard conditions. but still, quite slick. thunderstorms, we had a brief tornado on radar. that was just northeast of green bay. but we haven't seen any tornado reports that have had visual reports, so we haven't seen anything funnels touch the ground and become tornadoes. in fact we don't even have a severe thunderstorm watch. no tornado watches. this is great news. we did have another tornado earlier, a little bit further to the south, but north of jackson,
2:56 pm
to tupelo. looks like moving just to the northeast of nashville. we had one that was north of houston, a tornado. but poppy, this is good news because we're going to see finally what has been a saturated ground start to dry somewhat. we're not going to have the rescues. but the cooler air, definitely a little reminder that we're still into spring and that's going to slide in toward your area and areas of the northeast this week. >> i'll take the cool air. i'm glad they're getting a break there where they've had so much weather across the central plains. tom sater. appreciate it. breaking news out of iraq. another key iraqi city has now fallen in the hands of the terror group. we'll have the latest at the top of the hour. their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time.
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3:00 pm
-- captions by vitac -- 6:00 p.m. eastern, i'm poppy harlow in northern we harlow. we begin in iraq. isis gaining its biggest victory so far this year seizing control of the key city of ramadi 65 miles from baghdad. look at the map. see what i'm talking about. so close to baghdad. the militants beginning a major push into the city this morning setting off a series of car bombs. the explosion sent iraqi security forces racing from the city.


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