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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 18, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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stminster's schools thank you for having me back. i actually stood in that exact same spot 18 years ago, senior class president giving a little speech. pinched my then pinch myself now. congrats to all of you, class of 2015. i'm brooke baldwin, thank you for being with me. the lt."the lead" with jake tapper staats now. isis flying its flag in iraq over another key city. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." isis on the move and gaining strength controlling a city just 70 miles from iraq's capital baghdad. the pentagon says this is just a setback. we'll take a reality check. the national lead. imagine this. you're flying along at a cruising altitude when a passenger hijacks your plane with his computer. all from the comfort of seat 27c. sure sounds like the plot of a bad movie, but one hacker says he has already done this 15 times. plus -- the bidens live around the
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corner but a posh zip code did not save this family from being brutally beaten before their mansion went up in flames. what happened inside? police now hoping this hooded figure would help solve the mysterious and tragic murders. good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. breaking news in the world lead ramadi has a fallen. it scrambling fighter jets and drones flying eight missions in ramadi in the last 24 hours which just 70 miles from baghdad arguably has been the epicenter of fighting between isis and iraqi forces since last summer. a battle isis has apparently won now. this is the city under siege that chairman of the joint chiefs martin dempsey said even if it's fallen it's not symbolic. now that ramadi is lost to isis what can the american-led coalition do to retake the city? right to barbara starr at the
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pentagon. the iraqi government now dispatching two brigades to reinforce troops on the outskirts of the city. is there any real hope now of retaking ramadi anytime soon? >> reporter: you know jake the u.s. spent billions of dollars trying to prop up the iraqi forces. but the question now that ramadi has fallen is a military question. can the iraqis move back in and retake the city before isis gets too dug in and too heavily fortified? out-gunned by isis faced with waves of fighters -- and suicide car bombs, iraqi forces in ramadi and thousands of residents with no choice but to flee. the pentagon called it a setback. the obama administration, trying to downplay the loss. >> i am absolutely confident in the days ahead that will be reversed. >> reporter: but isis did what the u.s. said it could not do. field a large-scale military
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attack. >> there are fierce battles taking place in neighborhoods in the city and popular mobilization units ordered by the prime minister to move in anbar. >> reporter: a top military official suggested ramadi my be an isis p.r. stunt. >> taking photos and documenting small-term gains and then using it for propaganda purposes. >> reporter: now isis roaming deserted streets. abandoned weapons, a sign of hasty retreat. u.s. air strikes will continue but no sign yet of iraqi government forces ready to counter attack. all of this as u.s. intelligence agencies scour computers, cell phones and other intelligence from that weekend raid deep in eastern syria. cnn has learned the target a man called abu sayyaf by the u.s. had been under surveillance
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since march when delta force command's ohs flew in in helicopters to his residence to capture him, they had fresh intelligence indicating he was there. the commandos quickly ran into a firefight and hand-to-hand combat. they blew a hole in the side of the building to get inside. abu sayyaf was killed his wife taken into custody and questioned. u.s. officials say he had critical intelligence on isis military plans, finances and hostage operations. the obama administration saying it was in touch with families of american hostages previously held by isis but just how important was this isis money man? >> very significant target. a guy who played a very significant role in advancing the interests of isis. a guy who was very close to al baghdadi. one of al baghdadi's senior
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advisers. >> reporter: and a u.s. official tells me the white house reached out to the american hostage families because they wanted to let them know after the raid was done that they felt they might get some intelligence out of this that would lead them to more information about the fate of their loved ones. jake? >> barbara starr, thanks. here to talk about the war on isis presidential candidate and former secretary of the navy jim webb. thank you for being here. you heard the pentagon first said she couldn't say definitively whether ramadi had fallen just propaganda. now it has fallen does not mean the tide of the campaign has changed. what's your reaction? >> we'll have to see. i don't know whether this means isis permanently has taken the city or not. first of all i'm looking at this my son being a marine corporal in ramadi at a time when they had what was called the sunni awakening.
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the al qaeda had pretty well taken over the sunni structure in ramadi and finally the sunnis got tired of them and they were a big part how that was reversed and you'll probably see the same thing long-term here. we can do what we can do but the sunni in the rucchin and iraq are the ones that will get sick of isis. >> you were one of the few voices in 2002 2003 saying very loudly the u.s. should not go into iraq. i say one of the few relative to the voices we heard in washington, d.c. first of all, i'm wondering what it is like from your perspective perspective now watching republican presidential candidates scrambling, trying to debate whether or not knowing then what we know now, whether that was the right decision? it must be odd, given you were saying back then don't do this. it's a mistake? >> we're seeing the reality of what i was saying five months before the invasion would be a
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huge strategic blunder that was going to empower iran enable sek sectarian vileans and against our own people and that is is a continuum, when you see even now the rise of isis. the united states can achieve its strategic objectives in a very precise way without having done what we did at that time, and we can still do that. and another thing i think we really need to be talking about, this is the story that the presidential campaign is missing, it's the aggression of china in the south china sea. it's a historical example of an expansion's power, and we are not talking about it and we're not confronts them on it. >> let me just stay with iraq because of this news out of ramadi today. >> all right. >> there are a lot of people in the republican party who even if granting your point, that the initial invasion was a mistake, say, okay. but president obama should not have withdrawn u.s. troops that
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created a vacuum that allowed isis to thrive. do you agree with that? >> well, i think there were a number of strategic blunders that occurred during the arab spring. particularly the way we handled the libyan situation, where we threw the presidency, without coming to congress threw out gadhafi, thousands of weapons freed up thrown around the region. that has been a good part of what's been going on here but what you're seeing now looking at the future of the region is that there be three power centers. israel saudi arabia and iran and there's a lot of flux right now. iran has been empowered by the invasion and the results of both of those decisions, the invasion of iraq and the arab spring. >> i know that your contemplating, not announced you're running for president but thinking about it traveling the country, an idea whether or not you think obama withdrawing troops if you had inherited that situation, would you have
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withdrawn troops or say this is a mass i didn't support it but now have to some force there's? >> we always have the capability of asserting our national security influence in that part of the world, whether our troops are on the ground or not. i wouldn't second guess that. he had all the intelligence and information and i did not. but in terms of the presidential race i hope we can have these discussions and we're looking in the next few weeks of making a decision. we've been in iowa. been in new hampshire. i know you don't want to talk about iraq but i want to say this going to south carolina this weekend. >> meet you there on the campaign trail. before you go i have to ask, critical of the decision to go to war in iraq critical of the decision to go in libya. both things that hillary clinton at the time pushed strongly for. would you trust her as commander in chief? >> i don't think that's a decision for me to make. i think we can lay out what we believe in front of the american people and let them decide. i know what i have the experiences that i've had as a serving marine. five years in the pentagon.
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six years in the senate, and as a journalist. i was in afghanistan, in 04 in beirut when the marines were there and they really affected my understanding how to achieve our national security objectives in a precise way. >> hypothetically not apatching anybody's name to it. if a presidential candidate supported the war in iraq in 2002 and 2003 and supported this mission in benghazi libya, not attaching names, would those positions cause you to think twice about that decision? >> no yi the issue 0 is benghazi. that was inevitable in some form off another. the decision to go into libya the way the president did without coming to congress was bad for the precedent how the presidency relates to the congress. i said it many times before -- >> not talking about the mission to stop the slaughter in benghazi? you mean just going in with congressional approval? >> some sort of benghazi was inevitable. saying in congressional hearings before this administration used
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force in libya if you're going to do that no treatiness place, no americans at risk. you need to come to congress and talk what it is you want to accomplish and what we did was blew the lid off of a tribal a series of tribal engagements. you can't get to the tripoli airport now much less benghazi. >> senator jim webb. thank you so much. see you on the campaign trail, should you decide to run. should you. hypothetically. thank you so much sir. and for an even closer look at the war against isis watch a cnn special report "blindsided: how icesis shook the world," and tomorrow robert gates, weighing in on the war on terror and much more. national news police knew there could be trouble placing officers ahead of the scene in case. no one expected the carnage that played out in broad daylight. nine people dead noornmore than 170 arrested. how did this biker gang start and why are police worried it
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. after a horrific tragedy claiming eight live amtrak passengers were back riding the rails today between philadelphia and new york city. the first northbound train departed philadelphia's 30th street station shortly after 6:00 arriving 30 minutes late. this comes as fbi investigators are probing what caused amtrak 188 to go off the track and whether an object struck the train's windshield before it derailed tuesday night. cnn's rene marsh joins us live. two other trains reported being struck by projectiles near the crash site. what's the latest from the ntsb
1:17 pm
investigators and the fbi? >> reporter: i can tell you, jake we have been all day today speaking to law enforcement as well as government sources, and they are all indicating that at this point there is a sharp focus on the engineer of this train and how he was handling the train. also his experience with this route. also just a short time ago, a law enforcement source throwing cold water on this theory that a projectile may have hit train 188. the source telling me that they listened to all of the dispatch audio, heard no mention of train 188 being struck and also interviewed passengers no indication from that that anything struck the train either. tonight, fbi analysts are examining the crashed amtrak locomotive trying to determine if something struck the train moments before's it crashed.
1:18 pm
the ntsb says they found no evidence to back up an assistant conductor's claim she heard the engineer say train 188 had been hit. >> we've interviewed the septa engineer and he did not recall having any conversation between him and the amtrak engineer but nevertheless we do have this mark on the windshield the amtrak train and certainly want to trace that lead down. >> reporter: amtrak restored full service today along the busy northeast corridor. maneuvering the curve where 188 derailed without problems. technology called automatic train control is now in place to slow northbound trains before the curve. >> if they were able to put atc in over the weekend, some are going to say, well if it was this simple why not before? >> from the north to the south, you're coming from a high rate of speed, 110, down to 50. had you to have it there, but from the south, the maximum speed was 80.
1:19 pm
and you could get around this corner at 80. >> reporter: at the crash site, new steel fence hag been put up alongside the tracks but just a few blocks away -- there's a lot of fencing but might as well not be. this is wide open. you can see the fencing isn't helping or keeping anyone from walking right on the tracks. we're just steps away from the tracks where the deadly derailment happened. not far away yet another open gate. this is what we saw at multiple points along the track. open access and no shortage of things to throw either. amtrak police officials tell cnn for them securing the rail lines is now priority one. although investigators are focusing at this point on the eck engineer and his handling of the train it doesn't indicate anything criminal. we know both police here in philadelphia, as well as the
1:20 pm
district attorney's office are in aaled hoing pattern, so to speak, waiting to get more definitive information from the ntsb as far as their investigation. although jake i want to add i just found out a short time ago a complete review of the black boxes, that has been done. so the ntsb has completed the analysis of that. so far, no indication of mechanical error, but an ntsb source is stressing that it is still too early to rule anything out. jake? >> all right, rene marsh in philadelphia. thanks. turning to our other national lead in wake other, texas, police bracing for more violence after a deadly shoot-out between rival biker gangs sunday left nine dead and 18 in the hospital. it began in a rest room at the twin peaks restaurant and quickly spilled into the parking lot. more than 170 people arrested and charged some with capital murder. right to cnn's nick valencia. calling it the most violent and gruesome scene he's ever dealt with in his 35 years on the job.
1:21 pm
what happened? >> reporter: certainly concerning and shocks especially jake when you consider this happened in the middle of the day on sunday. what police say happened is in the middle of the afternoon about 12 i12:00 an argument broke out over a parking spot apparently but could have been much more. things escalated and police anticipated trouble, knowing that biker gangs would have this meeting. they prepositioned 18 police officers here and a handful of agents from the department of public safety with texas. they exchanged gunfire with the suspects they say quickly taking control of the situation. at the end of it nine killed. many more injured. the situation here very tense still. a large perimeter has been put around this area with only local law enforcement officials, as well as media, allowed inside. jake? >> nick police keep saying they're concerned that violence will continue. why?
1:22 pm
>> reporter: well a so-called green light has been given by these biker gangs, according to police hits they say, threats towards law enforcement lives, anyone in uniform saying these are credible threats. not so much concerned about the safety's public as much as they are concerned about law enforcement officials. however, a spokesman with the waco police department tells me they are ready for whatever happens next and you see local law enforcement and others from state agencies and federal agencies out here in full force. jake? >> nick valencia thank you. coming up a nightmare scenario for traveling. a hacker taking control of the plane's engines overpow erg the pilot's commands. a man is telling the fbi he did just that. plus a quiet tree-lined street. the scene of a quadruple murder mystery. police are searching for this person caught on surveillance video carrying a white object's who is it? we got the new tempur-flex and it's got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress. you sink into it, but you can still move it around.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. sounds like a farfetched hollywood summer thriller. planes controls hacked by a passenger. steered off course.
1:27 pm
but it's not a movie plot. it's our other national lead today. cyber security expert named chris roberts claims he successfully commandeered a united airline looinline without ever stepping foot in the cockpit. hacked into the onboard entertainment system and managed to get the jet to fly sideways trying to expose security vulnerabilities. haven't haven't's justice correspondent pamela brown joins us live. does the fbi think this actually really happened? >> reporter: skepticism. a senior law official says there's no credibility information suggesting it be a manipulated but the fbi is worried enough it issues an affidavit, acts and technical agents felt he had the ability to operate several of the plane's systems. it's an aviation nightmare. a passenger plane in mid-flight make as surprise move sideways
1:28 pm
controlled not by the pilots in the cockpit, but by a passenger seated in the cabin. this man, chris roberts, a cyber security consultant tells the fbi he did just that to expose aircraft cyber vulnerabilities. in this affidavit, roberts says he issued a command that "caused one of the airplane engines to climb, resulting in a lateral or sideways movement of the plane." >> absolutely a flight crew would notice extraneous input to their airplane albeit engine controls or flight controls. >> reporter: roberts claims on multiple occasions he reached under one of the passenger seats to what's called a seat electronics box, plugged his laptop's in through an ethernet jack andhacked into the internet system connecting him to the flight and navigation systems. >> the very idea they're making airplanes with these boxes under the seats you can hard wire a cable to is mind-boggling to me. >> reporter: the fbi seized
1:29 pm
roberts electronics in april after tweeting about the possibility of activating the oxygen masks on a united flight from denver to chicago. boeing says its aircrafts, in-flight entertainment systems on commercial airplanes, are isolated from flight and navigation systems. but would not explain how the systems are separated. >> if it's only separated by a firewall or piece of software but they're inside the same hardware that's a much more serious risk. >> reporter: a government report in april warned of potential cyber security risks for airlines saying technologies including passenger wi-fi systems, create "the possibility that unauthorized individuals might access and compromise aircraft avionic systems." we reached out to united. it says it is confident that these claims are unfounded and we also reached out to roberts and have not heard back but in a tweet he says he has been advised against saying anything more given the current situation, but that his only interest over the last five
1:30 pm
years has been to improve aircraft security. jake? >> all right. pamela brown, thank you. a family mourning the death of their loved one now demanding answers after seeing newly released video of him being restrained by police. his head covered with a mask while he repeats over and over again he cannot breathe. that shocking video, next. if you struggle with type 2 diabetes you're certainly not alone. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. imagine what it would be like to love your numbers.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper's in our buried lead today, stories we think should bet more attention. questions about a young soldier surviving two tours in iraq could not make it two days in a texas jail. emotional mystery for one family pr more than two years now a video released. one hard for some to watch, might answer some of their questions. a jail cell window covered in wet paper and blood. #
1:35 pm
>> hey, james -- >> reporter: the man inside shouting. thrashing against the walls. >> i need you to uncover the window please. i need to treat you for that cut you got. >> reporter: a shocking video coming to light just now. an inmate in el paso county texas, an army sergeant who had told police before he was locked up that he had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress. it was july 2012 and 26-year-old sergeant james brown had just self-reported to the jail for a 48 hour dwi sentence and would be dead the following morning. >> you don't comply with what i'm asking -- >> reporter: the video obtained by cnn affiliate shows 20 minutes of the encounter which the brown family lawyer says lasted roughly an hour total. >> come on! >> reporter: the video may raise more questions than answers. the young father was on active duty at fort bliss. he survived two tours of duty in
1:36 pm
iraq and had no prior criminal record. >> come on! >> stand up there. >> come on! >> reporter: we don't know what sparked brown's outbust but a short time afterwards officers in riot gear rush in to restrain him. and here is where it gets confusing. brown repeatedly desperately, tells the officers he cannot breathe. >> i can't breathe -- >> reporter: a plea he will repeat numerous times before his death. >> i can't -- i'm choking on my blood. >> reporter: do the officers take his pleas seriously enough? >> okay. help me. >> reporter: brown is eventually cuffed and carried out of his cell to the infirmary where he's give an spit mask and apparently stated with two injections of lorazepam. he seems to be having trouble breathing. >> i need water. >> reporter: and refused water until the sedative takes effect. >> can i please have water? >> you calm town? >> yes, sir. i promise.
1:37 pm
>> let's wait a little while. okay? >> reporter: brown grows more frantic as he continues to tell office he still cannot breathe. >> got to take this mask off, dude please. >> reporter: do the officers give him enough medical attention, given his cries for help? >> take it off! take it off! oh, man -- dude please take it off. >> reporter: he's allowed to wash the pepper pray out of his eyes. 35 minutes after guards first confronted brown appears to get worse. taking back to his cell nude drinking and short of breath. the army sergeant was limp and unresponsive by the time taken to an ambulance. he would never regain consciousness. the sheriff's office tells cnn, "mr. brown's death was an unfortunate tragedy after a thorough investigation his death was caused by a pre-existing medical condition." officially the cause of death listed at natural. the result of a sickle-cell
1:38 pm
crisis triggered by stress. brown's widow and mother have taken the case to federal court, pending litigation. >> please i already told you earlier i have [ bleep ] problems dude. >> reporter: this newly released video could have a big impact if allowed into evidence. >> please -- take it off! >> an army sergeant with post-traumatic stress you're watching there. joining me james brown's mother dennette robinson scott. first of all, i am so sorry for your loss. our deepest condolences to you and your family. you said that your son contacted you after he voluntarily turned himself in because of this dwi charge and contacted you because sheriff's wanted to keep him longer than he was supposed to stay locked up. how did he sound when you talked to him? >> sounded a little frustrated they were not allowing him to leave in the two days or that they stated he wouldn't leave in the two days.
1:39 pm
but he thought the issue was resolved once we were going to pay the court fine so that he could go ahead and leave. >> reporter: now it i know you have not watched the entire video. in fact we did not play the sound for you. we killed the sound out of your ear because it was so painful for you to even hear it. there is one small part that you have -- have watched. i do want to ask you, though at the beginning of the video there seems to be this moment where your son is angry. he's in the cell. he seems to be maybe even hurting himself. did his post-traumatic stress or any other issues ever cause him to have any displays of anger? >> no. i honestly believe something was done to him to make him upset, when he was in that cell alone. because you have to remember he was in a holding cell with other inmates, and was taken out. so in between that period of
1:40 pm
time i believe they really did something to him that upset him, because it took a lot to get him upset. >> given the amount of time that passed between his calls of distress he can't breathe, he can't breathe, take the mask off. he needs some water. i have a problem. you can't do this. and the time when he ultimately finally got some medical attention, given that time, you think the guards are ultimately responsible for your son's death. is that right? >> yes, i do. >> now the police department release add statement. we heard part in the piece but i want to read the statement. "mr. brown's death was an unfortunate tragedy. sheriff's office conducted a thorough review of the facts surrounding mr. brown's death and based upon all the evidence obtained determined his death was caused by a pre-existing medical condition. the specific evidence cannot be discussed because of pending litigation." what's your reaction to that? >> it's -- it's absurd.
1:41 pm
my son did have the sickle-cell trait, but he did not have the disease. natural causes? there was nothing natural about the way that he died. if he was to have a crisis he would have had to have been in a stressful, strenuous situation. you don't have a stressful, strenuous situation sitting in a jail cell. they had to do something to him to put him in that state. there was something done. there was something provoked. you just -- that just does not happen with you sitting there. >> you're now calling for new laws to protect soldiers in police custody. he when he checked in to the police for this self-appointed dwi conviction he told them he had post-traumatic stress. what do you want to see come of this? what can prevent a tragedy like the one that happened to your son? >> i believe that all county
1:42 pm
personnel, anybody dealing with a soldier coming back from a combat situation, they need to be trained. the military, they need to go through this process with their soldiers. they need to be by their side 24/7. never leaving them always letting them know that they're there to protect them. and medical attention at all times. had a psychiatrist or somebody been brought in to calm him down down i'm sure the situation could have been avoided. >> all right. dennette robinson scott, thank you so much and thank you for your son's service. and our condolences to you and your family. >> thank you. coming up next police looking for this person caught on video after a family and their housekeeper are murdered in a fairly posh d.c. neighborhood blocks from the vice president's residence. now a mysterious voigtmail
1:43 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. a voicemail uncovered now adds to this tragic mystery of four people killed in a washington, d.c. mansion. savvas is a vap liss left a suspicion message about his socialite wife the night before their murder. police say someone killed the couple and a housekeeper and 10-year-old son and then set their home on fire. also inside the house, as i mentioned, the bodies of their 10-year-old son and the housekeeper. the murderers, and arson, rocked the posh neighborhood dotted with embassies and multimillion dollar homes. the crime scene is literally steps from the vice president's residence at the naval observatory. bill and hillary clinton also bought a home around the corner. cnn's joe johns joins me live in the neighborhood. joe, a lot of questions about the voicemail along with some
1:48 pm
very grainy surveillance video in this very tragic story. >> reporter: it is a very tragic story, jake and if you look behind me police are here at the house. the crime scene right now. they've been here all day processing evidence to try to determine if there was anything tlaeft could left to help the investigation. one indication the ordeal for this family may well have started the night before the fire was set. when firefighters got to this house in one of washington's most upscale neighborhoods just blocks from the vice president's residence, the smoke and flames were still shooting out of the second floor. now the fire has turned into a case of suspected arson, and a murder mystery. police seeking to talk to this man, caught on survallas video racing away wearing a hoodie carrying a large white object. police believe he may have been
1:49 pm
driving the driving porsche found outside washington. >> obviously the conditions in which is it was found, set a fire shortly thereafter they were discovered we want to know if anybody saw the car and who was in the car. >> reporter: the victims, a ceo of a buildings material company alongs with hi wife amy a d.c. socialite and fund-raiser and young son philip a student at the famous st. aubin school and found in the house with the family one of their housekeepers veer leash hsia figurera. adding to the mystery, an affiliate received a text from amy savopoulos telling her stay away. >> i don't know why god saved my life around 9:56 a.m. saying i want to make sure you do not come today. >> reporter: as of monday the d.c. medical examiner still had not determined whether the cause and manner of death was blunt force trauma stab wounds smoke
1:50 pm
inhalation or something else but police quickly called it homicide saying the victims had been attacked before the fire started. in that last call the father said on the recording that his wife was not feeling well. authorities have said there's no sign of forced entry at this house. so the investigation continues, jake. >> joe johns, a tragic murder mystery. thank you so much. known for death defying stunts wing suits, jumps, tightrope walk climbing cliffs without ropes. this time those risks came with a very steep price. did he foreshadow his own death -- next. at we have the adjustable base, it's even better. when i put my feet up on this bed, my stress just goes away. i go up... heeeeyyyy. our tempur-pedic is the best thing in our house...'cept for my husband. wait, wait, where are you going? (vo): discover how tempur-pedic can move you. and now through may 31st
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. national news, he lived life on the edge. literally on the edge. and he was well aware of the risks that go with professionally leaping off very
1:55 pm
high cliffs and buildings and coming closer to being batman than most of us pushing the limits of human experience. and sadly, eventually he pushed too far. well-known base climber and jumper dean potter found dead on the ground in yosemite national park over the weekend after something went horribly wrong. our stephanie elam is following the story live. >> reporter: jake something he feared as a child, that he would fall to his death, but believe it or not it was that fear that actually drove him to take on the feats that he did. >> three, two, one -- see ya. >> reporter: from jumping off cliffs in wing suits to lielining, dean potter extreme sports legend and pioneer. potter died doing what he was known for. base jumping. leaping from fixed points instead of from an aircraft. baps stands for building antenna span and earth. in yosemite, base jumping is
1:56 pm
illegal. that doesn't stop people from doing t. because they love it. >> reporter: saturday shortly before sunset potter and 29-year-old graham hunt attempted a base jump from a cliff with about a 3,500 drop to the valley floor. friends reported the two were missing that night. on sunday a helicopter spotted the bodies of the two men. they reportedly jumped together but were found at different locations. neither man had deployed his parachute. photographer sean rieder knew both men and said hunt was like a brother to him. >> graham and dean both were two of the best wing suit jumpers in the world. and while i think both of them never had a death wish i think they both truly were honestly choosing to live life to the fullest, they were also both aware that what they were doing, it brought the chance of death. >> reporter: ken yeager president of yosemite climbing association thez their community is heartbroken and devastated at the loss of both of these humble
1:57 pm
men. >> both of these guys can kind enough to take the time to talk -- to the kids around here, and they all looked up to them. >> reporter: according to his website, potter wanted to safely fly and land the human body unaided and the 43-year-old pushed those limits traveling around the world for pursuits, even rock climbing with a small emergency parachute on this back. potter recently posted a picture on instagram, first ever free base solo. innovated a new form of rock climbing on the north but tris of the iger in switzerland. for many endeavors known to take along a companion. his dog whisper. in 2014 he talked to cnn about their adventures together. >> i like to bring my dog and best friend weeith me. i want to bring mybest friend with me everywhere.
1:58 pm
>> reporter: however this was one adventure whisper was not a part of. i talked to one of the supervisors in yosemite today who said he saw whisper walking around yesterday, but for this close-knit community, jake a hue trach huge tragedy. >> thanks so much. an ice shelf at least 10,000 years old is likely to disappear by the end of this decade. this is a warning sign that scientists say is nothing but bad news for the planet. larsen b, part of a series of ice shelves along northwest ant antarctica likely to disintegrate by 2012. ice shelves function as barriers. as the shelves disappear, glaciers are more likely to diminish as well potentially raising sea levels across the earth. two decades ago larsen b was about as big as connecticut. now less than half the size of
1:59 pm
rhode island. a swarm of warm summers likely cause the collapse. and "pitch perfect 2" perfect to moviegoers that went to theaters that's past weekend pb raking in a big opening weekend sure to have producers singing all the way to the bank. the film topped the $70 million mark. though i'm sure it has everything to do with a certain cable anchorman, perhaps, having a cameo in the film. one man will dominate the pop lead later this week. david letterman consulting it quits from "late night" tv from 39 years. join me for a twitter q&a tomorrow afternoon at 12:00 p.m. eastern and watch my cnn special report "david letterman says good night." that is tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern, here on cnn. make sure to follow me on twitter @jaketapper and at "the lead." check out our show pay at lead for extras and
2:00 pm
subscribe to our video on flipboard, if you like. that's it for "the lead." i'm jt. turn jake tapper. turning you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." wolf? happening now -- defeat. fearing a slaughter, tens of thousands flee a major iraqi city now seized by isis. the capture of ramadi leaves the terror group 70 miles from baghdad. can militias backed by iran make a difference? leader killed. a bearing, very dangerous special ops raid takes out a top isis commander. how valuable is the intelligence u.s. commandos gathered and how much did he know about u.s. hostages? and plane hack. a cyber security consultant tells the fbi he broke into the computer systems aboard airlines and took control of an engine during a flight. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac --