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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 18, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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concern, and in the affidavit, it says that it -- they believe it is possible for him to do something like this and that's why they want to search his electronics. anderson? >> pamela, thanks very much. pamela brown. that does it a deadly biker brawl in the u.s. landed more than a hundred people behind bars. we'll bring you the latest on the violent gang fight that left nine people dead. plus, the fall of a strategic iraqi city. how they plan to retake ramadi. and a look at how the world of late night television is about to change in a very big way. thank you so much for skbro joining us. >> we are your team for the next few hours. a big welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and all around the world. this is cnn newsroom.
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stand down. that is the message police in waco, texas have for any motorcycle gang right now thinking about heading there for a retaliation. >> yeah, that deadly brawl left at least nine people killed. that was on sunday when rival gangs starting shooting at each other, stabbing each other and beating each other in a local restaurant. early reports indicate four of the bikers were killed by police gunfire. now more trouble could be on the way. a memo to law enforcement officers say gang members are reportedly being told to arm themselves and ride to texas. waco police were already on high alert after a bulletin warned of a potential war between these gangs. they were patrolling outside the restaurant when the brawl broke out. >> they could care less whether we were here or not. they knew we were seconds away
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and going to respond. they were still killing individuals. >> now officered arrested at least 170 people and their bond right now is set at $1 million each. now, the two main groups at the restaurant were the cossacks and the banditos. we talked to a member who says they're not a gang at all. in fact, they're innocent in all of this. >> cell phone video captures the carnage. bodies lying outside twin peaks restaurant in waco. niep people dead, 18 injured in what police call a bloody brawl between rival biker gangs. >> we had wounded inside. we had people stabbed, people shot and people beat. >> pictures show one of the
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biker groups big arrested. many of the others part of the bandito motorcycle club. >> we are not a gang. we do not do gang things. we are not affiliated with gangs. >> jimmy graves is high up the texas chain, but he's also the state chairman for the texas confederation of clubs, a multi-group biker association. he says this wasn't a recruiting meeting, but a friendly organizational one. >> they want to be out laws. >> the cossacks want to be the out laws. >> we've been straight. we didn't do nothing here. we're fighting for our rights. they're saying lies on tv and telling everybody that the banditos are after police officers. >> about 170 arrested from the brawl. graves fares he'll also be
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arrested and wanted to talk to us at an undisclosed location outside of waco. graves said the club has changed. like his now faded tattoo, crimes are a relic of the past. but the texas department of public safety still lists them as a tier two gang and the department of justice identifies them as one of the two top two largest motorcycle gangs in the u.s., internationally operating in 13 other countrys. >> they don't know us. they've been reading too many comic books. watching tv. watching too many b-rated biker movies. we have been stereotyped. they're not thugs. when we find a thug in our bunch, we get rid of them. >> this is a criminal element that came in here yesterday and kill people. they're not here to drink beer and eat barbecue. they came with violence in mind.
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>> he joins us now from waco, texas. it really is stunning the size of the crime scene. what's some of the new information you have as this investigation continues? >> reporter: what investigators are saying that bse off everything you just spelled out, because of the number of people who died and the number of people who were in harm's way, they are going to play it tough. something we have really not seen before on this scale. what the sheriff department is saying, the sheriff here in this county, he's saying he wants to set bond at $1 million each. for every single person arrested. not for all of them. for every single one individually. that's $170 million bond for this one crime. it really is quite an astonishing reaction from the state. >> what exactly is the state
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dealing with here? the person you spoke with said they were peaceful guys, it was the other biker gang. the cops are calling everyone straight up criminals. to the international viewers who may think of the more tame biker gangs, who really are being dealt with here? >> reporter: what they're talking about with e military people with combat training, getting together pooling resources and engaging in illicit activity. but what the police say is that they are all carrying weapons. this is an open carry state. that they are dangerous. they they are in some cases laundering money or running drugs and that they feel this is a true legitimate gang, that they have turf wars and out to kill each other if needed. that this is nothing that they say can be taken lightly. >> i guess that's why all 170
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being charged with organized crime. bail set at $1 million each. thanks very much. >> reporter: you bet. >> as you might imagine, there's no found interest in motorcycle gangs and the inner workings since sunday's deadly shooting. cnn spoke with chris canon. he's an investigator with the sheriff's office here in georgia. >> canon has taught classes to other officers about motorcycle gangs. he talks about the mentality of biker gangs in a situation like what we just saw in waco, texas. listen. >> it's their business. that's their thought. that's their mentality. it's our business. we going to keep our business to ourself. we going to take care of our own issues inside. you'll never see it outside. they take care of their business in-house for the most part. >> except for this case. >> that's not necessarily -- their business wasn't within
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their self. their business was with another club. and they're going to do whatever they need to do to protect their club. that's the gang mentality. >> canon also said to expect to see an emergence of bigger and larger motorcycle gangs in the future. scary stuff. >> the fbi says they found no evidence that a firearm caused damage to the windshield of an amtrak train that derailed last week in philadelphia. >> however, investigators are not ruling out the possibility that another object may have hit the windshield. in fact, two other trains were reportedly struck by objects in an area that was relatively close to the crash site. >> now the national transportation safety board says the amtrak engineer didn't dell dispatch the train had been struck. that crash killed eight people and injured more than 200 others. four passengers have filed a
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federal lawsuit against amtrak now. now the iraqi government is moving to retake ramadi with the help of thousands of shiite militia fighters. the city fell to isis over the weekend. and now the militants are pushing east. isis said it seized tanks and killed dozens of iraqi security forces. >> for many of the people who fled,st the second time they've escaped this city. the areas of syria and iraq that isis controls are in red. the yellow areas are where isis can move relatively freely. ramadi is just about 110 kilometers from iraq's capital. this is the biggest iraqi defeat. ivan watson joins us live now from hong kong. i want to talk about the geography of ramadi. it's a city that is surrounded by desert. it is very densely built up.
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how do you think the geography of the city itself is going to impact how this battle is going to play out? >> first of all, this is a city that has been fought over within the last decade. you had the u.s. military carried out large operations in 2005, 2006 to recapture ramadi and nearby towns like fallujah which is under isis control. it's to the east of ramadi. fought hard and lost scores of american lives to try to regain control of the city from al qaeda-linked militants. that's back in 2006. so now you have the iraqi military setting up a front line some 20 miles to the east of ramadi in towns and bringing in militia fighters to support them after the government has had to
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concede that the iraqi security forces along with the allied sunni tribesmen were unable to hold off the isis militants. even with the support of coalition u.s. air power. the u.s. government says that it carried out some eight air strikes throughout the day between sunday and monday. that's when isis took over the entire city of ramadi. but clearly that wasn't enough to stop it. now when the u.s. military was fighting for control of ramadi, it was gritty, street to street, block by block fighting. so if the iraqi government presumes to try to retake the city, it would have to engage in similar urban combat which is very, very difficult and often leads to very high numbers of casualties. >> and you touched on a point i want to expand on. we all know about the coalition air strikes that have been going on since last year. why is it that the air strikes
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that have been happening outside of ramadi have done nothing to prevent the city from falling to isis? >> we were reporting a little bit more than a month ago on ramadi when the local iraqi government officials were warning that the city was on the verge of falling and there were -- there was an uptick of coalition air strikes then. there were reinforcements that came from baghdad which is only about 60, 70 miles away. an hour's drive if you can drive on the highway there without check points and impediments. that managed to hold ramadi for a little bit longer. we're seeing the limits of u.s. air power. over the course of the past ten months, since the u.s. began air strikes against isis in iraq, there have been cases of success where the u.s. with the kurdish pash her ga in the north of the country, they have succeeded in
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working together in making advances, recapturing territory that had been captured by isis last summer. we've also seen the iraqi security forces successfully moving in with the support, really very much relying on predominantly shiite militias in the city of tikrit. air power alone was not enough to stop waves of suicide bombers, which is what the iraqi government says. they say that is what they were unable to defend themselves against, when you're seeing six, eight, ten suicide bombers in armored construction vehicles or military vehicles attacking simultaneously, it's terrifying. >> right. and then you've got the shiite militia reinforcements coming in. given the divide and mistrust, we'll see how controversial that ends up being. okay. ivan, thank you, we appreciate
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it. >> the u.s. says it will continue to support iraqi forces in the fight against isis. >> officials say coalition air strikes continue to hit targets inside ramadi. the u.s. acknowledges the fall of ramadi as a setback but says there would be no change in strategy. >> we've always known that the fight would be long and difficult especially in that province. and so there's no denying that this is a setback, but there's also no denying that the united states will help the iraqis take back ramadi. as of today, we are supporting the iraqi security forces and the government of iraq with precision air strikes and advice. our aircraft are in the air and they will continue to do so until ramadi is retaken. >> for more on the u.s. strategy, we turn to cnn intelligence analyst bob bear. joins us live from california. good to see you again.
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the worst part of all of this as we've been discussing for the past few minutes now, really all of the innocent people inside ramadi and how they will be treated by isis now that it's in control. of course many are trying to flee as we speak. what will the residents who are there now go through? >> well, for one, anybody who supported the government probably would be executed. i think we have -- by the past behavior of the islamic state, they're very brutal. they do not forgive. what i've also heard, we've all heard, they're starting to keep the sunni populations in place. they use them, if you like, as human shields. if baghdad intends to take ramadi, they're going to essentially have to flatten the city, kill a lot of sunnis which is going to lead to sectarian divisions like we've never seen in iraq. i am not optimistic about this.
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the prime minister has called for the shia militias to participate in an assault on ramadi. that's going to worsen it. there's going to be no nice way to retake ramadi. i just don't see that state coming back together. >> and to say the sectarian divisions will be as bad as they've ever been is saying something when you consider what's happened for such a long time in iraq. what happened here? the bigger issue this exposes of course is the consistent weakness of iraqi forces compared to isis. there were reports that they were perhaps outgunned this time around. there's times when they fled even though they weren't outmanned. what exactly is the major weakness there? >> i don't think the iraqi army exists. maybe there's a couple thousand troops that are actually fighting for the state of iraq. they dissolved last june in
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mosul without a fight. tikrit was retaken in march by the shia militia mostly and u.s. air. i just yet to see the iraqi army fight. let's not forget we spent 12 years training this army, putting billions of dollars into it, and it can't stand up to a couple hundred isis fighters in tikrit? there is no army. the salaries aren't getting paid. it's corrupt. the only people doing the fighting ft. government are the shia militias and they're operating under a jihad if you like, the supreme ayatollah in iraq. >> it's a major setback. and we fear and worry the pictures and images we'll see come out of ramadi in the weeks and days ahead. thanks for your insight today joining us from california. now, in bangkok, former thai
9:18 pm
prime minister arrived at court to begin her trial on nengs charges. >> she's accused of mishandling a multi-billion dollar rice subsidy scheme. the former prime minister could go to prison if found guilty. she was forced to step down last year after a thy court found her guilty of abusing power. >> now recovery and clean up effort is underway in colombia. we'll bring you details on what caused this disaster after this short break. stay with us on cnn. lilly baker is preparing for college. she'll use that education to get a job. she'll use that job to buy a home. this is lilly baker. her mom just refinanced their home and is putting an extra $312 a month toward lilly's tuition.
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this is the scene in northwest colombia. heavy rain there caused this huge landslide. more than 50 people were killed and dozens injured as mud just rushed into buildings. >> the president has declared a state of emergency. rescuers are searching for survivors. unfortunately for the families involved, there's no word yet on how many people are missing. >> those who made it out of the
9:23 pm
landslide talked about the moment the ground began to shake. listen to this. >> translator: those were moments of anguish. it was 2:00 a.m. when the debris was coming down the mountains. we ran outside to the road and went into the chapel. the lights went out and we were in the dark. then we looked with flash lights and saw that everything was gone. >> translator: people were screaming everywhere. i ran to people, but the river was impassable. at sunrise, i started to search the river and the first thing i found was a boy. and i rescued him and brought him here. >> our meteorologist joins us now to talk about this. you see all the residents coming together. would they have had an indication knowing they live in that mountainous millhilly areat a landslide is possible. >> i don't think so. colombia unfortunately is home to one of the mostdy sast rust
9:24 pm
prone regions in latin america. >> is there anything you can do to survive something like this? >> at 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, absolutely not. one of the biggest coffee growing regions in the world. extremely mountainous. a lot of times that's using mules to get up to the mountain sites. shows you how mountainous it is. this is what i like to call popcorn showers or popcorn thunderstorms just because the nature of the thunderstorms. they blossom and pop up randomly here. the areas indicated in the orange, some of those are up over 15,000 meters. you think about colombia, this time of year, in the month of may, one of the wettest times of year. also the month of october. so you expect heavy rainfall
9:25 pm
across this time of the year. want to take you in for a closer perspective. there's bogota. nasa has a fantastic product that shows us how much rainfall they can tabulate based on the clouds in this region. not anything you would typically think would cause devastating flooding. want to show you the mountainous terrain. the valley right here is home to about 18,000 people. look at the terrain surrounding this town right here. 100 millimeters of rainfall, not a tremendous amount. when you multiply that by the affect these mountain sides have here, it brings the water all the way down to the lowest point. so you're getting two to three times that amount of water run off. so the flooding potential there goes through the roof. and again, we know the president saying they're going to do everything they can to bring this town back to where it was. >> it was strong enough to
9:26 pm
actually carry off people's homes. >> absolutely. when you have that much momentum. >> we saw people there just had their bare hands to work with. >> thank you as always. u.s. authorities are investigating several senior venz wezuelan officials over dr offenses. national assembly president seen here on the left is one of those under investigation for cocaine trafficking and money landering. >> cnn has reached out to four venezuelan officials, but they chose not to respond. cnn also reached out to the white house and the u.s. justice and state departments, but they also declined to comment. top officials have previously denied any involvement in the drug trade. all right. isis now pushing east after
9:27 pm
claiming ramadi in iraq and the militants have released some prisoners along the way. we'll bring you more on this latest setback after this short break. stay with us.
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you are watching cnn. thanks so much for staying with us. >> just gone 30 minutes past the hour. that means it's time for your headlines. police in waco, texas are being warned that motorcycle gangs from other states could be headed to waco in retallation for this weekend's deadly brawl.
9:31 pm
in bangkok, the negligence trial for yingluck shinawatra has begun. she denies the charges saying they're politically motivated. she could face jail time if convicted. >> iraq is sending thousands of shiite militia fighters to ramadi to try and retake the city. it fell to isis militants over the weekend. u.s. coalition planes are striking targets inside ramadi. 25,000 people have now fleed the city. >> now, taking ramadi is a strategic victory for isis. for the militants, it's another step closer to baghdad. >> the isis flag now over the city of ramadi just 80 miles from baghdad flaunting pictures of dozens of prisoners that i have released there and the
9:32 pm
abandoned iraqi army arsenal that's now there. the surrender by iraqi forces was sudden, a significant blow. exactly what the u.s. and allies did not want to see happen. ramadi, the capital of anbar province, making up a third of iraq. to the east of isis in ramadi, iraqi police and tribes amassing to fight back. two other towns close to the capital, fallujah. if isis can hold ramadi and topple two iraqi controlled bases in the west, they would have a straight shot into baghdad. u.s. officials look quick to frame the loss as part of the long fight against isis. >> the campaign against daesh is a long one. it's going to take a long time. >> but monday, an admission, this is a loss.
9:33 pm
>> there is no denying that this is a setback. but there's also no denying that the united states will help the iraqis take back ramadi. >> a stark change in the narrative of success the u.s. tried to build revealing a weekend raid that killed an isis in syria. a money man killed guarding a tr trove of vital documents. few isis experts have heard much about him. latest figures suggest that that assault caused 25,000 people to flee who are already trying to get into overcrowded baghdad. there are still some civilians trapped inside facing life under isis or execution if they're considered to have been too loyal to the baghdad government. the key question ahead, what kind of counter attack can be launched by the shia militia amassing to the east of the city, and could isis possibly
9:34 pm
gainful control of the highway that runs through ramadi all the way down to baghdad. that could well be the nightmare scenario for baghdad's government. cnn, beirut. >> the european union is now stepping up its fight against human traffickers in the mediterranean sea. a naval operation will set out to capture human traffickers off the libyan coast and destroy their boats. it could start in june. >> this is in response to the huge number of people fleeing violence at home in the middle east and africa. the united nations says some 51,000 migrants have crossed the mediterranean into europe this year. more than half of them ended up in italy. >> translator: i'm thankful to italy. i want to tell the rest of the european union to try and see how they can help italy to cope with this. we didn't come here to steal
9:35 pm
from you. we came here to help clean up the country, clean up europe. >> italy's coast guard says it rescued 2,400 migrants just last thursday. earlier, we heard how to stop people from boarding these boats in the first place, he's the director general for the international organization for migration. >> we can help by trying to set up migration processing centers along the route to explain the dangers of taking smuggling boats. in some cases to identify people who clearly qualify for international protection. in some cases, people who are going to join their family in northern europe. that's a possibility also. and ultimately for those who do arrive, they'll be properly screened. and in some cases, we can help put them into different categories, either into the labor migration field. some will have to return and we
9:36 pm
can even assist with that. i'm very pleased that the european union is now focused on saving life. if we don't save life, the other options are not useful. >> now, what's interesting is southeast asia is grappling with this same issue as well. thousands of people who pled myanmar and bangladesh are believed to be stranded on boats in southeast asian waters. the international organization for migration says many of them are mall in your risched. >> some boat versus actually made it to land, but many countries are apparently turning many of these arrivals away. the foreign ministers of thailand, malaysia and indonesia will meet on wednesday to figure out how to deal with human trafficking. refugees are also fleeing an african nation of burundi.
9:37 pm
and all of them are leaving behind a political crisis that sparked protests in last week's failed coup against the country's president. tanzania now has more than 70,000 refugees. and more than 9,000 have fled into the drc. they may be bringing a deadly disease with them. >> the lines are long, people are hungry, and they're frustrated. but at least they're out of burund where they fear the president's bid for a third term might tip their country back into civil ar. >> in country, i can die. >> they fled two weeks ago. he says he was purchased by the violent government youth wing. >> i don't be in your party.
9:38 pm
>> rather risking his chances in taz nia than being forced to join the so-called group waging a campaign of intimidation inside burundi. these people are the lucky ones relatively speaking. this is where the majority of the people fleeing their country have ended up. in the last few weeks, there have been as many as 50,000 people there. it's now down to about 30 in a community which is normally just 11,000 people. and this is what those conditions bring. vomiting, watery diarrhea, the government hasn't declared a cholera outbreak yet, but this is what it looks like. >> here, we can treat them. i think we would have lost a
9:39 pm
thousand, would have lost hundreds. but by moving them here, we have lost about 12. >> doctors are working as fast as they can. disinfecting where people lie, rehydrating patients, giving them tibiotics. but they need more health workers and more cholera beds. this is highly contagious stuff. cholera is easy enough to treat, but it's quick to spread. crowded and unsanitary conditions harder perhaps to escape than the political uncertainty these people here have fled. cnn, tanzania. >> that was absolutely heart breaking. we're going to take a quick break. when we come back, reigning in police fire power. president obama banned some military equipment for local law enforcements. >> and these children are lucky to be alive after a very close
9:40 pm
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in the u.s. state of missouri, riots broke out after the police shooting of an unarmed man in ferguson. you might remember some of these startling images. police in ferguson using military grade weapons to restrain protestors. now barack obama says he plans to scale back the type of weapons police can carry and hopefully create more trust between citizens and police officers. jim acosta has more. >> the white house is clamping down on the equipment the federal government provides to police departments across the country. but some in the law enforcement community are warning the president he may be going too far, potentially putting public safety at risk.
9:44 pm
nine months after riots turned the streets of ferguson, missouri into what looked like a combat zone with local police dressed in camouflage and controlling crowds with armored vehicles, the white house is outlining reforms aimed at demilitarizing law enforcement. >> we're going to prohibit some equipment made for the battle field that is not appropriate for local police departments. >> federal agencies would be barred from providing cops with tank-like vehicles, high caliber weapons, grenade launchers and camouflage uniforms. the administration would control but still allow the acquisition of the kind of armored vehicles that were roaming ferguson. also permitted under certain conditions, manned aircraft, drones, guns ex-cloe sieves and riot gear. >> we're going to ensure that
9:45 pm
departments have what they need, but also that they have the training to use it. >> jonathan thompson worries the white house will overreach and leave officers and deputies outgunned noting the weekend's biker blood bath in waco, texas. >> the sheriffs no longer have access to the equipment that is sufficient to contain that type of situation. what's the sheriff supposed to do? say wait a minute fellas, don't start that fight. let me call for added resources. >> but the new rules are picking up broad bipartisan support. >> i'm all for giving the police bullet proof vests, for giving them weapons, ordinary guns, things like that, but i think it's not a great idea to, you know, to show up everywhere in a full military sort of preference like an army. >> meeting with police in camden, new jersey, the president said it will take more
9:46 pm
than law enforcement reforms for cities to avoid becoming the next baltimore or ferguson. >> we can't ask the police to contain and control problems that the rest of us aren't willing to face or do anything about. >> the white house says its new restrictions on that list of banned military equipment takes effect right away. the new training requirements for police departments seeking military hardware kick in later this year. >> jim acosta, thank you so much. this next story is absolutely frightening. especially for anybody who has children out there. in the u.s. state of washington, a camera catches video of a driver who came dangerously close to mowing down three school children. take a look at this. >> we'll show it to you now. the driver stopped the bus, opens the doors. but before the kids can climb on, bang. suv cuts them off. thankfully none of the kids were hurt. >> oh, gosh.
9:47 pm
>> one 5-year-old girl said the vehicle touched her shoe. that's how close it came. >> it happened too fast for anybody to get the driver's license plate number. but there is now a $1,000 reward for information that could lead to their arrest. >> in the u.s., these school buses have stop signs that pop out. so very illegal to do something like that. >> every parent's worst nightmare. hundreds gathered in seattle to block access to an oil rig there. it's docking in seattle, washington until this summer. then it's set to head to the arctic. >> protestors were holding signs that read, shell, no. they tried to prevent workers from reaching the rig. drilling in the arctic region could lead to a catastrophic spill that would be impossible to clean up. how about some lighter stories for you next? >> thank you.
9:48 pm
>> late night legend is prepareing to sign off. >> please say hello to johnny carson. ♪ >> of course, we're speaking of letterman, not carson. >> so much younger there. >> coming up, we'll take a look back at some of the best moments from david letterman.
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those of you online saw this earlier today. u.s. president barack obama is now tweeting from his very own account. there he is sitting in the oval office sending his first message. >> i actually tried to track him down on twitter. i found him eventually. here's his first tweet from the account. it says, hello, twitter, it's barack. six years in and they're finally giving me my own account. former president bill clinton welcomed him to twitter and had a little fun asking, does that user name stay with the office. >> mr. obama in on the joke replied the handle comes with the house. >> i was like, will the real
9:53 pm
president obama please stand up. i could not find him. >> it's the verified ones. >> okay. >> very zane looking. >> the world of late night tv is about to change in a very big way. after about 33 years, david letterman is going to be broadcasting his final show on wednesday. >> he really put his own sarcastic spin on the talk show. created a fantastic career. here's just a few of his best moments. ♪ >> top ten things that will get you beaten up in an elevator. top ten complaints about mayonnaise. >> make sure the white house library has lots of books with big prints and pictures. >> let's go to the gap and buy under pants. >> you look different than i remember you. >> so here's my hope that after
9:54 pm
some time off, and i think you're taking a little time off tonight -- ♪ ♪ >> whatever it is you thought was happening, it's over. there is no feud. there's only peace. >> peace and love? >> ma'am, you're talking to dave, manager of the taco bell. >> what can i do for you? >> okay. be about 90 minutes. we have to special order that. we actually need a day's notice on that one. ♪ >> yeah. >> i go over the top sometimes. >> uh-huh.
9:55 pm
♪ >> there they go. ♪ ♪ get back, get back to where you once belonged ♪ ♪ >> would you like me to do a dance for you? ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> he's going to miss that show. >> he's apparently going to have
9:56 pm
now a normal life. i don't know if that's possible for david letterman. i used to live by the theater he broadcasts out of. >> incredible career. thank you so much for watching. >> we're back next hour with more of the world's biggest stories. stay with us. i knew instantly that this! it's crest hd. it's amazing. new crest hd gives you a 6x healthier mouth
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comcast business. built for business. the battle for ramadi. how iraqi and coalition forces are trying to stop isis and its march toward baghdad. >> the deadly biker gang shootout in waco, texas has led to fears of revenge attacks. plus, the quadruple murder in washington that rock add posh neighborhood in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. i'm zain asher. >> and i'm errol barnett. this is cnn newsroom. the iraqi government is


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