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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  May 24, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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starts now. thanks again for joining me i'm fredricka whitfield. we begin with severe weather taking its toll in parts of the country. texas and oklahoma are being hit the hardest. thousands of people remain under weather warnings and watches and in houston, an apartment building collapsed around 6:30 this morning after apparently being hit by a tornado. two people were sent to the hospital but there were no serious injuries. in the suburbs north of houston, montgomery county has issued a evacuation order for residents near lake lewis dam. they say the dam is still intact but they are taking precautions because of the heavy rain. in oklahoma the record-breaking rain has claimed the life of a firefighter in claire more killed while trying to rescue people trapped in rising water. he died after being swept into a storm drain. >> they are family. so it's going to be really hard for our department to kind of heal -- come together and heal
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and go forward. the effects won't be nope for a little while. >> the rain that fell in oklahoma city broke records, roads and houses are still under water today and more than 17 inches have now fallen for the month of may and more is expected in the coming days. let's get more on the severe weather that is bearing down from oklahoma to the texas panhandle, as cnn's alena machado is in san marcos texas, right there in hayes county one of the hardest hit areas. which learn there had is a curfew tonight. how will that affect people? >> reporter: you drive around and get the sense why the curfew is needed. the time we have been here look at the people driving around wanting to see the destruction that mother nature left behind. that is the river responsible for all of this flooding. it is called the blanco river. and it has been flooded from
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upstream because there was a heavy downpour overnight in an you're ya north of where we are. all of that water flowed downstream and flooded this area. just you get a sense of how much how much debris we are talking about and how high the water got, look that the overpass. 16 feet is the clearance here. driving in we saw bales of hay on the highway. that gives you a sense of just how strong this water was. now, because this happened so quickly and the water rose so quickly overnight, many people didn't have time to evacuate. so they had to rescue many of these people some of them even from their rooftops. we are told that there are about 1,000 people in shelters and preliminary estimates have about 400 homes that have been destroyed. authorities tell us that they are still assessing the number of people who have also been
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injured. the good news in all of this, frederica, it looks like the worst is over now. >> hope so alina machado, thank you for bringing us that update. what happens next for the area around san marcos? on the line with me carly smith, the emergency management coordinator in san marcos. what are the greatest needs right now, carly? >> right now, we are still trying to get a handle on what kind of rescue operations we have under way. as mentioned, we had several residents trapped on their roofs and isolated from first responders so with the assistance of state efforts, we have mobilized swift water rescue teams and helicopters that can come in and assist in the rescue operations. again, trying to get a handle on the rescue operations before we can start to assess the recovery aspects but we are looking as well 360 to 400 completely destroyed homes, not to mention an additional probably 6 to 700 dammed homes. we do have 1,000 of our
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residents in shelters right now and trying to figure out their intermediate and long-term housing needs. so we have quite an uphill battle ahead of us. we had a great community in hays county. some amazing first responders and volunteer organizations that are helping had. it's hard hard because it's a record flood for our area. >> 1,000 people in shelters you put it help us understand the curfew that will go into effect tonight. why is that and what will and how will it protect? >> it is really for public safety concerns. we have so many areas damaged just now in the late afternoon being able to assess. we have low water crossing bridges that we question the infrastructure that supports them and we want to make sure that we have the highest level of safety for our citizens. there are so many areas that have dangerous repercussions from the floodwaters and until we have a handle on the areas,
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cheap up the areas in question we don't want our residents finding themselves in a predicament just looking to explore, as you stated earlier. >> earlier, it was reported that there were people on rooftops in nearby areas. is that still the case do you believe? are there people who might still be stranded? >> no we don't believe that there are any additional residents that are actually stranded. we did have helicopter and swift water rescue teams operating throughout the day today. we believe we have successfully rescued all of our residents and have them either with family members or in shelters at this time. >> all right, carly smith, thank you so much and our best. >> of course thank you. on to cleveland now. the may and the police chief there are praising protesters for relatively peaceful demonstrations following the acquittal of officer michael brie low in the shooting deaths of two unarmed people. things were tense for a bit last night when police in riot gather took to the streets.
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there were 71 arrest. ryan is live in cleveland. 71 people a big number people arrested yet at the same time the protesters being praised as having been peaceful. so what were the arrests for? >> reporter: when you think about this, i think this protest shows a different scenario here they obviously said they are not going to take any grief from people who try to go too far here. any time someone stepped out of line the police were quick to move in make sure the crowd didn't get too heavy or out of control. in fact we watched the crowd just after that announcement rush up these stairs toward the front of the justice center. and there's officers all behind that glass. they rushed out. they melt those protesters. and then it kind of dissolved from there. and people of course started walking through the streets, but it did remain peace. they did stop traffic. we watched the captain come out and talk to the protesters and said hey, let the traffic go
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through. there was this coordination all afternoon long we saw between police and protesters make sure things remain peaceful. you look here see the signs people left behind they wrote here in front of the justice center, dream, keep hope alive. you also see right here badges don't grant extra rights. all day long people were marching with that message. there's a small number of protesters who were left. they are standing over there. told maybe there will be more protesters during game time but the chief of police talked about what happened overnight here. >> we only moved in to make arrests when things got violent. and protesters refused to disperse. we wanted to make sure that people understand we are going to help you in this process but if things turn violent, as we stated in the beginning we will take action to preserve safety in this city. >> reporter: we heard from pastors all afternoon talking about they did not want cleveland to be a part of the
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national conversation where they saw the protest get out of hand. they have been working on this for two years. there was somebody who was accused of throwing a sign at someone walking into a restaurant and then several fights started there. police moved in quickly and arrests that person. there has been a larger conversation just about how protests should be handled. for the most part the people who have been showing up here have kept it peaceful. we haven't seen anyone sort of getting into the face of officers trying to antagonize them and heard from community members who said they liked the fact this hasn't got out of hand. i can tell you the governor also praised cleveland for how they reacted. >> what i will say is that i think the people of cleveland handled this -- i mean they should be so proud of themselves and we should look at cleveland as a model. the mare former senator nina turner some of the ministers, todd davidson these are people who have said it is proper to protest and but at the same time no violence because violence in a community only destroys the community.
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>> reporter: fred a local weather guy said today that this was a chamber of commerce day. it is a beautiful day here in cleveland. and as we walked the streets just to see if any protesters were going to be out here because we were told at 1:00 more protesters were going to show up no one has shown except for the four or five people shown up standing down that watch so the all-clear has sort of been given so far, but once again, the game is at 8:00 tonight, the nba game eastern conference finals people do believe some protesters may show up outside that game but no calls for anything besides maybe a peaceful demonstration. all right. keep us posted on any or all things that may or may not happen there. appreciate it from cleveland. all right. tomorrow memorial day, time when the u.s. pauses to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. so many of them are buried at arlington national cemetery and every year at this time flags are placed at each head stone to honor them.
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now to the fight against isis and gruesome headline out of syria. the head of syrian observatory for human rights tells cnn that
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more than 90 people including at least 11 children have been executed by isis fighters in palmyra, an ancient city located 130 miles from the syrian capital of damascus. meantime in anbar province in iraq, coalition forces launched new air strike at isis dark threats. the goal to keep terrorists away from a key iraqi military base and the country's capital of baghdad. isis has been on the tear matching east toward baghdad since capturing the key city of ramadi last weekend. and in a cnn exclusive interview, u.s. ash carter said the fall of ramadi was proof the iraqi military lacked the will to fight. joining me now, cnn correspondent, athena jones, at the white house. carter offered a harsher assessment than what we have heard from other members of the obama administration. >> hi fred. that's right. very tough words from the defense secretary, of since the fall of ramadi in iraq and the
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fall of palmyra in syria this week, a lot of discussion about whether the u.s. knees to change its entire strategy to ensure isis is defeated. secretary carter said a big part of the problem is the iraqi forces themselves. take a listen. >> we can give them training we can give them equipment. we obviously can't give them the will to fight. if we give them training we give them equipment and give them support and give them some time i hope they will develop the will to fight because only if they fight can isil remain defeated. >> reporter: so there you have secretary carter staying is going to be up to the iraqi forces to step up with the help and the support of the u.s. but it's gonna come down to them to fight and defeat isis in a lasting way, fred. >> and of course we heard a lot of criticism about the president's approach to isis but what more is being said? >> from a lot of republicans,
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you're hearing this criticism and we have been hearing it for weeks, really intensified this past week because of what happened in ramadi and palmyra, folks like senator john mccain who say they are going to need 10,000 u.s. troops on the ground to ensure that eyes is is defeated. take a listen to what some of what he had to say on face the nation today. >> we need to have forward air controllers. we need to have special forces. we need to of more of those kind of raids that were so successful into syria. we need to have a strategy. there is no strategy. and anybody that says that there is i'd like to hear what it is 'cause it certainly suspect apparent now and right now, we are seeing these horrible reports now in palmyra, executing people and leaving their bodies in the streets. >> reporter: so there you have senator mccain, who is a well known senate hawk saying the u.s. has no strategy. the white house says yes, they do have a strategy, the strategy is continued air strikes.
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the strategy is equipping and training local fighters who are the ones who are going to have to ultimately fight to defeat isised but then control the territory that they retake. so that's debate that's raging here. i can tell you right now there are no mr.s for those 10,000 ground troops no plans for those forward air colors are that senator mccain talked about as of right now, fred. >> athena jones, thank you so much at the white house. hey, we have been talking about severe weather in texas and oklahoma. one of the hard-hit areas of big flooding and flash flooding has been hays county, in san marcos texas. let's go live right now to a press conference under way. >> tornado touched down in the middle of all of this on 290. we lost 25 or had damage -- significant damage to 25 mobile homes out in driftwood -- dripping springs area. we are going to be working obviously through the night and into the several weeks to come i suspect, finishing up the response and the recovery phase
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of this operation. we have -- we have texas task force one, we have state assets regional assets from all over texas helping us out in this event. yes, sir? >> [ inaudible ] >> that is always an issue we have to deal. we have some that are not in shelters that we are searching for on the ground right now that are missing. >> ballpark idea of how many people fall into the general category of upnaccounted for? >> right now at least three. >> no fatalities at this point? >> at this very moment we are still looking for missing persons. it is hard for me to nail that down 'cause there's -- the information that we get, by the time it gets to us it has been scrubbed two or three times.
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there is an an x here and come to find out it is bad information. tough keep in mind phones don't work well, internet not working well. until i see the guy's face and gal's face giving me that report, sure someone's gone or miss missing, i need to confirm that. >> no confirmed fatalities? >> yes. >> three are missing? >> three. >> can you cop firm any of those are children? >> i cannot. >> no bodies have been recovered anywhere? >> as we were coming in here there was some radio information, i cannot confirm that i might be able to confirm that. >> [ inaudible ]. >> we have several groups texas task force one is on the ground with about 40 or 50 folks. they are literally walking in between rescues, search a certain area make sure if there
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is a rescue performed, make sure there is nobody left behind or any parties left behind and we are searching through debris piles and such and extensive, talking debris piles almost 20 feet in the air, in the tree lines. so that's pretty significant scenario for us. >> you said hundreds of missing homes, we haven't seep the area washed off their foundations, destroyed, floated away? >> correct. not there anymore? >> correct. and i. >> in wimberly? >> yes, sir. and wimberly through fisher. if you give me a second i will let carly smith with the ace county emergency management get a little bit more detail on the county piece and i will see if i can clear anything here with the other question i know we were having stuff as we were walking in. >> we are listening to a press conference there out of hard-hit hays county texas. you heard that official talking about the fact that there have been homes that have either been wash aid way or simply blown
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away. let's listen in to more. >> seeking shelter with neighbors or friends or maybe a non-registered shelter that they call into our main emergency operations center line and identify that they are okay that they are staying with a friend so that we can maintain a record of those individuals. so again, our main eoc operating line is 512-753-2180. and we are asking that anyone that is staying with a friend or a non-registered shelter call in and let us know that they are okay if they may have friends or family that are searching for them. we are doing the initial damage assessments, as mr. bell stated out in wimberly the most damaged part of the country, have whole streets that have maybe one or two houses left on them and the rest are just slabs. it is difficult to get into the areas, we have downed power lines and downed trees blocking our path but starting to do that damage assessment and realizing
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that it is pretty bad out there and we wanted to make sure that our residents adhere to the curfew that we have in place for tonight and tomorrow so that they don't find themselves in an area that is dangerous for them because we haven't verified the infrastructure that surrounds them and the dangers that are present. >> do you have any idea how many people are displaced or out of their homes, where in shelters or just not where they used to be? >> we know we have a little over 1,000 in shelters and also identify blade we believe is about 200 to 250 residing either with neighbors or family or left the area. >> of the three that are missing, are they wimberly residents? >> yes. >> are the county or city requesting any kind of emergency declaration? >> we did issue a disaster declaration this morning on behalf of all of pace county including the cities of wimberly and san marcos. >> and from a federal or state level? >> it's appealing to the state for state resources at this
1:23 pm
time. >> not the federal? >> the state would have to appeal to the federal. >> do you know how many people are still trapped in certain areas that you know of that still need to be rescued? >> we don't have confirmation that anyone is in an area that is trapped. we do have some subdivisions that are more difficult to get out of they would require assistance but their homes are intact so they prefer to stay in their home at this time. >> a fuhr hours ago, pio said as far as they knew some people picked through, is that phase over with now? >> that is over. as ken said no longer able to support air operations because of the weather but we have no existing reports of anyone that's trapped on a rooftop or needing air support. >> you still think 400 homes that are gone? is that a reasonable estimate? >> still going with between 350 and 400, yes, sir. >> can you talk about the roads and bridges affected by this? some [ inaudible ] have real
1:24 pm
structural damage? >> some that have real structural damage. we have two main bridges that have completely washed away. we have some low-water crossings that we question their infrastructure and have closed them until we can get engineers out to evaluate which is again why we have that curfew in place. when residents don't see water rushing over a low-water crossing they think it is safe to drive around the barricades not a smart idea no matter the time it is but not a smart thing when you question the roadway. >> [ inaudible ]. >> the curfew is for the entire county affected by the incident. >> so san marcos proper? >> mm-hmm. >> which were the two bridges you mentioned major bridges washed out? >> fisher store road was one bridge and jacobs well road bridge both out of wimberly. would you people that fisher because it's not -- >> yes, fischer. >> thank you.
1:25 pm
>> mm-hmm. >> and are both of those brims over the blanco? >> yes, sir. >> roads washed off currently? >> i don't have an accurate -- i'm sorry i don't have an accurate count. we are maintaining them on the atext flood site through how hayes informed site. it is the most accurate. we are in the process of reopening roadways right now, just because our road crews are still so taxed with trying to remove debris and look at the infrastructure of the roadway that that list would remain current. >> all right, you're listening to emergency management official there is in texas, hayes county in particular hard-hit area after so much rain three and a half inches of rain just in the last couple of days, leading to flooding and flash flooding you heard one of the officials say there have been a number of homes that have simply been washed away some may have been swept away by other means, some reports of tornadic activity in the area as well and a curfew is in police in large part as you
1:26 pm
heard the one official say, because some of the bridges are precarious precarious too dangerous for people to transit especially at night with more flash flooding expected. we will have much more of our coverage there. it is an emergency situation, particular think in parts of texas and oklahoma. much more when we come back.
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hello again, everyone thanks so much for watching i'm fredricka whitfield. much more on breaking news coming out of texas and oklahoma very severe and dangerous weather there. we just listened to a press conference moments out out of hays county in san marcos, texas, a hard hit area. one death has been reported. three people remain missing. alina machado is in san marcos texas. behind you, we see the debris piles, the danger still exists. >> yeah, the danger is still there. why officials are going to have this curfew tonight. they don't want people out here. look at what's happening.
1:31 pm
people are coming out here to look at the debris. in this location seeing tree debris and pieces of wood i want to see if i can show you that here. but there are areas what we are seeing here just pieces of wood tree debris. there's also tree debris hanging from just underneath that overpass about 16 feet in the air. so not a good idea to be out here anyway. but there are areas where there are downed powerlines and there's, you know, the possibility for people to really really get hurt. so we are hearing that you know some latest numbers that we have gotten 1,000 properties dammed. we know that they are actively searching for at least three people and in the middle of the flooding we learned there was a tornado that hit the area in the middle of it all, damming 25 mobile homes. >> very serious.
1:32 pm
and what about this effort to try to reach people perhaps, that they haven't heard from? we heard from the one official who said if you have heard from family members, you need to make a call let people know. meantime there are people who remain missing. >> there are people who remain missing and they are actively searching for these people. at this point, they have had to suspend air operations no helicopter rescues at this point, simply because the weather suspect cooperating with that. i don't know if you can tell but kind of windy where we are. and then there's also they said they don't believe that anybody is necessarily trapped in their home. there are places where it's not necessarily easy to get out of and people have chose top stay inside their homes, but officials say those homes don't appear to be damaged, frederica. >> alina machado, thanks so much. keep us posting there had in hard-hit hays county there in san marcos texas. more now from meteorologist tom sater, dry where she is now,
1:33 pm
another weather band on the way? >> a couple days until tuesday, completely saturated. to give you an idea this is in between austin and san antonio, yesterday afternoon, the san marcos riff her a level of eight feet. it is expected tonight to crest near 38. >> oh my gosh. >> can you imagine that? that's how much rainfall. look at the moment, what toward read i will read it off, dallas average four, at eight inches. austin two inches is average for the moment you are at ten. corpus christi, 13. little rock six. oklahoma city of a vap three inches you are over 18. not only a rainfall record for the moment of may but all-time monthly rainfall record. there is more. to you are area of concern really from southern texas to northern missouri. i think the severe weather with the exception of some isolated flooding the tornado threats from louisiana toward missouri. more on that in a minute. just the last 24 hours niece numbers alone are enough to cause massive flash flooding and evacuations. look at all the reports of flood problems that we had yesterday east of oklahoma city elk city
1:34 pm
48, high water rescues yesterday. unfortunately also in oklahoma and rommers county the life was lost of a first responder as he was performing a high-water rescue. you are going to see warnings pop up, but in red, tornado watches, parishes of louisiana just to the west of st. louis, up toward the north, kurtzville, missouri watching this area as well. so flooding severe weather, you name it we've got it i think we will have a few isolated tornadoes within this box. our concern again, san marcos and if we come over a little bit into houston, had problems, too north of houston, a levee that engineers are afraid could fail. so if you get in close you're going to see the dam pressure the water is so great right now, frederica, bringing in truck loads of limestone right now, this is not going away.
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>> heavy work right before this you know, threat. >> going to be business is i for a while. my goodness. thank you so much tom. appreciate it. we will have much more from the newsroom right after this. across america people, like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins, are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. and the needle is thin. victoza is not for weight loss but it may help you lose some weight. victoza is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes and should not be
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of america's most well-known comedy teams, an actress, comedian and i writer. she was 85 years old. today, the loss of a genius john nash the prince ton university mathematician whose life inspired the film "a beautiful mind" died saturday in a car accident. >> welcome to prince top.n, who among you will be the next einstein? >> find a unique idea. >> the 86-year-old and his wife, alicia who also died were riding in a taxi in new jersey when the wreck occurred. more now on his life and the inspiration behind the oscar-win oscar-whipping film. john forbes nash, jr. and his wife alicia died in a car accident, according to new jersey state police. they were ejected from a taxi that lost control trying to pass another car. the nashs were pronounced dead at the scene. 86-year-old nash won the nobel prize for economics in 1994.
1:40 pm
>> john nash your analysis of equilibrium games and game theory had a profound effect on the way economic theory has developed in the last two decades. just last week nash accepted the 2015 able prize in norway for mathematical contribution. his life was the inspiration for the 2001 oscar-winning film "a beautiful mind." ♪ the movie focused on his work on game theory and his long-time struggle with skits from ya. >> you can't reason your way out of this. >> why not? why can't i? >> russell crowe won a golden globe for his portrayal of a character loosely pace bastebased on nash. >> you have to divide nash from your regular mathematician, he is beyond that in his thought
1:41 pm
process. he looks at a series of figures, he knows the answer. the hardest thing for nash is proving it to his fellow math melt math threat 'tis. >> crowe tweeted, stunned my heart goes to you the to john and alicia and family an amazing partnership, beautiful minds, beautiful hearts. >> john nash was 86. here at friskies, cats are in charge of approving every new recipe. because it's cats who know best what cats like to eat.
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up today, new friskies 7. we're trying seven cat-favorite flavors all in one dish. now for the moment of truth. yep, looks like it's time to share what our cats love with your cats. new friskies 7. for cats. by cats.
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alister has a special talent one which has led musical superstar lang lang to pick him out as one to watch. >> his idea because i wanted him to learn violin because i played violin but he said he wants to
1:45 pm
dohe wants to do pea yapianopiano. >> i like it very much. i think it's part of me. and it makes me imagine sometimes during the day, even when i'm not behind a piano. ♪ >> alister's public performances began before he could easily reach the piano stool. his composure at the keyboard made a lasting impression on both the audience and on a notable musician. >> i saw this little babysitting on the pianos and he had a hair almost like chopin's like that i said what's your name? >> my name is alister. very nice accent. you know? i said so why are you here? oh i like to play piano.
1:46 pm
and my parent put me into this event. and i thought, oh that's cool. play something for me. he played for me. he was very young at the time. he is still very young today. and i said, wow, this cute boy and he has potential. checking our top stories, retired neurosurgeon ben carson handily won the southern republican leadership conference straw poll on saturday the first major survey of the presidential field in the south. he captured 25% this a pool that counted 20 candidates, including announce and prospective hopefuls for the 2016 nomination. earlier today, an all-female activist riding in a bus crossed the con strollers demilitarized zone between north and south korea. the group of 30 women marched for the need for peace between the countries and working to reunite families separated by
1:47 pm
the korean war. the activists, including feminist gloria steinem this act of civil disobedience involved a lot of risk and up certainty. it is such an enormous accomplishment. we started out from our homes shall not at all sure what would happen and we had all paid our own tickets and we had a dream because of christine, who was our main organizer and, you know heart and soul of all of this. but we of course so much mystery, we didn't know what was -- what would happen. but, in fact and we constantly didn't know you know? i mean we didn't know whether just today we would be able to cross the dm. >> and where we would be able to cross and it happened. and it happened. >> other activists have criticized steinem's group for being "north core reyap sympathizers." they say this event overlooked the problem faced under supreme leader kim jong-un's authoritarian rule.
1:48 pm
the french open under way at roland gar ross. roger federer a win today in the first round but furious because of security -- or should i say lack of security on the court a fan actually ran onto the court and tried to take a picture with fedor. federer said "i'm not happy about it, but nothing happened. i'm relieved but clearly, it wasn't a nice situation to be in." and the indy 500 has just finished and the winner a juan pablo montoya. he grabbed the lead with just four laps to go and held on to win. montoya came all the way back from 30th place to win. this is his second indy 500 win. all right, nine of the cleveland cops involved in the shooting of two unarmed steps in their car back in 2012 are now suing the police department. they claim they were discriminated against with longer-than-normal leaves because they are not african-american. michael brelo not guilty verdict was put -- has put a new twist on the lawsuit because brelo was
1:49 pm
acquitted, cleared of the charges. sarah gannon is covering that part of the cleveland story for us. so, why are these officers now claiming discrimination? >> they say this is all about race fred. they say that because the victims in this case were african-american and these nine officers were not, they say they were placed on 16 months of administrative leave wryrestricted leave, i should say after the shooting when the department typically puts officers on leave for about 45 days and they say that this is a pattern, that the white officers in the department who are involved in officer-involved shootings are typically given more time on restricted leave when the victims in the cases are african-american than their counterpart officers who are african-american. i want to read to you from their lawsuit so that you understand what exactly they are saying. they say that there is long-standing practices and
1:50 pm
procedures which place onerous burdens on non-african-american officers because of their race and the race of the persons who are the subject of deadly force. they also say that they were cheered of wrongdoing in this case by the state attorney general back in 2013 but then stayed on administrative leave until june of 2014 a total of 16 moments, like i said, when typically, the leave is about 45 days. more from their suit says this is all substantially longer that that which had been meted out to similarly situated african-american officers. now the jim in this case has now ordered that the city of cleveland turn over disciplinary records for a five-year period of police officers and sort them out by the officers' race so that the judge can go through and see if this in fact is a pattern, if there really are statistics that show that they are treated differently, the officers are treated differently based on their race.
1:51 pm
now, i posed this question to a former cleveland prosecutor earlier today who i talked to. i said is there any chance that there's any merit to this lawsuit? i want you to take a listen to what she had to say. >> i don't know that you get to file a lawsuit just because you're on leave a hilllittle bit longer than other people. was your case different in some way? was there some extenuating circumstances that required your leave to be extended longer that other folks? the mere fact that their leave was longer or someone else's leave was shorter doesn't necessarily mean you're going to prevail in a federal lawsuit that you have been discriminated against because you're white. >> now the department of justice has found, fred that in the past there have been problems with the cleveland police department and how they discipline officers and with the use of deadly force. i want to read to you from the report because i think it makes sense, relevant here to this lawsuit. the department of justice in their report found that it
1:52 pm
revealed several troubling practices and a problematic view of what constitutes holding officers accountable. now, that in light of this lawsuit, plus, frerkdd, i want to add a big part of the lawsuit from the officers is that they blame michael brelo. they say that they were punished with restrictive leave for a long period of time when the state investigation showed that they -- they did not contribute to the death of those two victims in that car. they blame michael brelo. well yesterday, the jimudge put a twist on this found when he acquitted michael brelo, he could not tell where the -- where the shots came from that ended with the death of melissa williams and mr. russell. and so that puts a new twist on this case and moving toward tanya miller the former prosecutor told me that could be a factor in the result of this discrimination lawsuit. >> fascinating stuff.
1:53 pm
sara ganim. thanks so much. we will have much more right after this. t-mobile has the samsung galaxy s6 edge with double the memory for free. that's right. pay for 32 gigs, and get 64. that's twice what you get with the other guys. only this weekend. only at t-mobile.
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i decided to take kids who never had this kind of experience on mountain bike rides. okay kids, let's hit the road. >> i wasn't trying to do well in school. i was getting straight fs. i got expelled. we go on bike rides, i feel like it clears my mind. >> looking good. . i have been doing this for almost 30 years. you bring them where there are no buildings, it was like wow, i didn't know this exists. we have a bike program where kids in the community come after school. what's wrong with it? >> the chain. sofrm the chain's loose? >> yes. learn how to work on bikes and they he were points toward bikes of their own. >> that looks great.
1:58 pm
>> now i have as and bs. in washington, d.c. police released four people with dar.winter when police arrested him for the murders of sava valve vap poll louse, his wife, amy, their 10-year-old sop and the housekeeper. wint is in jail today, charged with those murder bus police believe he did not act alone and they are still searching for suspects combing through the evidence found at the krim scene. here is now is cnn's alexandra field. >> reporter: it is potentially the smoking gun, a pizza box found at the scene, inside crust that investigators say connects darren wint to a heinous crime. >> this is a pretty good find for an investigator. >> exactly. yeah. >> reporter: dr. david zang runs a dna identification lab at mount sinai hospital in new york city.
1:59 pm
he says a i thinkle bite mark can be enough to crack a case. >> swab the pizza to get as much dna from the crust as we can. >> reporter: investigators likely tested a crumb. put it in a tube. get the cells out and proceed to dna extraction. >> reporter: first, a machine separates out the dna. this is releasing the dna? >> and purify the dna. >> reporter: then the safrple is amplified, millions of cop police made that make the sample large enough to be seen with the help of another machine. >> thely as wore trace the dna and that's what you're going to see here. >> reporter: it's a unique readout called a dna fingerprint. to solve the case the finger print can be added to or matched in the database including you 14,000 different profiles. >> hair saliva urine, semen, all can be used. >> reporter: seemingly small clues picked up at crime scenes a piece of crust can yield
2:00 pm
millions of cells or even just a few. sometimes that's just enough to identify a suspect or even solve a case. >> thanks for being with me in the cnn newsroom. i'm fredricka whitfield. more now. 5 p.m. eastern, i'm poppy harlow joining us live from new york this sunday evening and we begin in iraq. a key city in iraq is now under full control of the terrorist group isis. and it is the iraqi army's fault. that is what the u.s. secretary of defense exclusively told cnn. ash carter says iraqi forces cement to protect and defend the city of ramadi showed in his words, no will to fight. it is the toughest language yet from the pog about the iraqi military's capability and willingness to


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