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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 27, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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heat wave in india. hello, welcome to our viewers in the united states and of course all around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. this is "cnn newsroom." fifa has been at the center of corruption investigations for years. but now up to 14 officials with the world's futbol governing body are likely to face charges. swiss officials confirmed six arrests were made overnight in zurich at the request of u.s. officials. >> now in a statement the swiss federal office of justice wrote the following -- quote.
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it is quite explosive. amanda davis joins us from london with more on the still-developing story. surely this comes as a shock, or considering fifa's reputation, amanda, maybe not. >> no, i think the timing is, perhaps a surprise. we were expecting this to be a fairly sedate couple of days in terms of the fifa presidential election, of course. everybody expecting it to be a procession that sepp blatter will be, elected for another term. as president on friday. but the timing perhaps isn't a surprise. it is no doubt being done to make an impact. and this of course its a u.s. federal investigation that has been going on since 2011, really. it was opened after the, the very controversial double world cup. voting process for the 201, 2022 world cup. and it has now culminated in
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this -- dramatic development over the night. where we understand that -- that swiss police went into the hotel. one of the smartest hotels on the banks of the lake in zurich. a very traditional, fifa hotel where top-level executives stay ahead of these fifa meetings at fifa house. we understand that the federal swiss police went in. made arrests overnight. we haven't had confirmation of the names. but we know that jeffrey webb one of the fifa vice presidents, he is one of the men who has been arrested. he is -- one of the new guards of the fifa executive committee. the vice president and somebody many people were expecting to stand as candidate for election in this round of elections. opted not to do that. to say this focus was going to be, and he is perhaps the
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biggest name we know about who so far has been taken into custody. >> that's a major development. sepp blalt blatter we're told i being targeted. he is continuing to be looked at as far as the investigation. there have been allegations of corruption, so many times and so many levels of the way fifa operates its business. but the complaint many people have had, internal investigations no teeth. no punishment after the fact. though sepp blatter isn't being named now with his inner circle essentially being taken down. this has to carry potential. fbi, u.s., with more teeth than any fifa internal investigation. this certainly must carry a potential for real consequences. exactly. that's what's missing in all cases to date. the federal arm. heading into it. criticism of the fifa
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investigations has been that the swiss authorities haven't been involved. they're definitely involved this time. they are working with the u.s. justice system to get to this point. they really stepped up their case, the fbi after, of course, that controversial garcia report. the fifa internal investigation. into the corruption and wrongdoing surrounding these world cup bidding processes in, in 2018. and 2022. when fifa washed their hand of it. they said "we found no evidence of wrongdoing. we are going to close the case. "michael garcia distances himself from findings and ethics committee said. the fbi decided to step up this case. this is the point that we hatch got to. now absolutely once you are in the wrongs of a criminal case. then the things can get take ebb much further. the first step on what could be a very interesting road for
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fifa. >> certainly. and reminder to our viewers, we expect the fbi and the u.s. to make an -- a statement making this all official in the coming hours. we will bring it to our viewers when it happens. amanda davis live in london. we know what you will be working on this week. thank you for the update. appreciate it. rosemary. >> let's bring in matt scott. columnist for "inside world futbol" and joins us from london. thank you for joining us. fifa investigated itself and found nothing wrong. now the fbi's 3-year investigation resulted in up to 14 fifa officials being charged. we can assume then the evidence is pretty strong here. what do you know about the arrests made overnight in zur h zurich? 6 so far we understand and the charges likely to be brought. what's the likely impact of this do you think?
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a number of issues. the six arrested. the names haven't been released by the department of justice in switzerland. referring to a staemestatement out. they said the people were more sparts marketing officials rather than fifa committee members or fifa elected officials. however the press have been briefed. extensively. there is talk as you mentioned of jeffrey webb amohose on the fifa xhek tiexecutive commi along with jack warner, obviously expelled from world futbol, very controversial circumstances over allegations of briberly in the last fifa election for the presidency in 2011. julio rocha, rafael esquivelle, nicholas loas, the paraguayan, who asked the english bid to
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give him a knight hood. there has been a number of allegations around him. that's what "the new york times" and others are reporting this morning. talk of -- sports promotion officials being alejandro bussado, julio kinkais, and mario kinkais, and jose mangeleas. people alleging to have been arrested. i mean, charges of cal investigations of racketeering, money laundering, money fraud. tax evasion. those names half not been confirmed by justice officials butt but widely reported in several media. >> given this, it is earth shattering isn't it. awaiting the presidential election for fifa friday. would you think they would go ahead with that.
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sepp blatter isn't charged. but he will be affectedn't he? >> there is a currently high level fifa summit going on the you've would expect an emergency convention of the fifa executive committee. to talk about what goes on with this procedure. there are no strangers to control the times. i was in zurich when a candidate standing against sepp blatter was removed from the process over incredible series of revelations. not just allegations. photographs of envelopes stuffed with cash that were revealed by my colleague, martin ziegler. paid by jack warner in the
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caribbean. warner was removed from fifa. lifetime band. they stood against sepp blatter. seen as an act. and we are getting yet more. your correspondent just said she expected to this be, but that was a view many held. a sedate process. this changed the complexion of it. whether they go with the election. it is the question on everybody's lips. i wouldn't put it past them. i absolutely would not put it past fifa to carry on regardless, because there aren't that many people removed from within the room. of voters. two or three. out of 200 or more. so they may kid sepp blatter may want to get this done. get it out of the way. remain in post. fifa are a law unto themselves as we know. >> if they do go ahead. this will be an extraordinary
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backdrop to that. in the coming hours we well hear from the fbi a little more about this when they have the press conference we have been talking about in brooklyn. many thanks to you, matt scott for joining with the details. appreciate it. and we are going to have much more on this breaking news story coming up. in our next half-hour. and you can also track the latest developments on our website. >> now, another big story we are following for you. the fight against isis. iraq launched a major military campaign off to take back ramadi. that's the capital of anbar province. cut off supply routes in the neighboring province. >> senior international correspondent, arwa damon has the the details. this territory was recaptured
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hours before we arrived. >> when the force moved in here, earlier in the day there were a number of ieds that isis fighters buried. along this route. a number of them exploding on some of these units. there were at least 11 casualties.
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>> isis used to move with ease, transporting fighters and weapons through areas they controlled. >> anbar province is in that direction. their main aim here right now is to make sure that they hold the defensive position to keep isis from recapturing this territory as -- as other elements of their unit advance further that way. >> reporter: within the shia paramilitary force leading this joint operation with iraq's forces. we cut off their supply routes into anbar and we surrounded the enemy in this area. it is a critical line of defense between the regions that also runs along a vital south to north oil pipeline. throughout the battlefield is a patchwork of isis strong holds and logistical lines. we see but are not allowed to film or speak to iranian advisers. iraq's powerful neighbor, a much more reliable ally, in the war against isis. >> anyone who depend on american support is depending on a shadow, the dependence by the central government on the united states is one of the reasons we lost ramadi. that won't happen here all of the men vow. more forces and reinforcements arrive. through a scope one fighter can point to suspected isis vehicles in the distance. along the berm, others watch and wait. preparing for isis to strike back. arwa damon, cnn, iraq.
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>> a massive sandstorm swept through the iraqi capital in anbar province just as the military operation was taking place. dry thunderstorms kicked up dust from the ground as high as 100 meters for 330 feet. >> isis released these pictures in fact from anbar province. people caught up in the storms say they could barely see anything in front of them. visibility was just so low. let's get the latest on the overall iraqi offensive. ian lee following developments from cairo, egypt. he joins us now live. ia ncht -- ian, a very busy day. iraqi forces, cutting the supply lines. the backbone of the territory, isis controls from iraq to syria. as far as we understand. no fighting reported just yet. is that still accurate? >> reporter: no heavy fight. nothing that would indicate that
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the operation to retake the city of ramadi has commenced. but, they are -- moving around and open terrain, cutting off supply lines. we know they have at least according to the shiite militias, surrounded the city of ramadi. and we are just waiting, really, it seems like they're trying to get all of the pieces into place. before they begin this attack. you have the iraqi military, the police force. shiite militias as well as sunni tribal members. numbering roughly, 4,000. that's going to be a crucial element to this operation as well. as they are entering sunni territory. and it will be a real test to see how the government is able to retake the area we have seen in the past instances where the shiite militias have allegedly committed human rights violations so. we will be watching that very
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closely to see if that happens again. and we know that, that the government had been reluctant in the past to use these militias. but they have been the ones that have proven, have proven themselves off to be able to defeat isis in previous battles. that's why they're so crucial in this one. >> yeah, you can't argue with progress. and results, that those, those shia forces have been able to provide when it comes to taking back iraqi territory from isis. talk to me more about the size of the fight here. because some u.s. officials made the point that iraqi forces weren't outnumbered when they fled last week. so, how exactly have they regrouped for this next fight ahead? stuff. government, secretary of defense pointed out, the iraqi army just didn't have the will. that's what he said. the prime minister of iraq disagreed with him. but, really that will be -- what will be watching when this
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latest offensive kicks off. whether or not they do have the will. we don't really have the numbers of, of people who are going to be involved in this offensive. but we have seen in the past, the iraqi military is a fairly large force. they have numbers. but when it does come to this sort of offensive it really does come down to will. the iraqi government accused the united states as well. and their iranian allies not providing enough support for the iraqi military. but we look at isis. isis is an organization that does not have any air power, air suppo support. this is an organization that for most part. a lot of weapons are from captured iraqi bases. so really -- it does come down to -- who will have -- the will to fight. and it will be -- a very long or, it appears like it will be a long battle. as we use pass operations like the one for tikrit, where the
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iraqi government predicted it would be short. it dragged out for weeks. we are expecting something similar as isis knows really how to dig in. and defend ground that they hold. >> really quite fascinating in some ways. not about arms. it is about heart. ian lee live in cairo this morning. thank you. >> of the capture of ramadi was quickly followed by the fall of palmyra in syria one week ago. syria's antiquities chief says for now the ancient city's artifacts are still intact according to staff members in palmyra. >> the unesco site is home to greek, roman, persian ruins, the kind isis has a record of destroying. isis spared the city, has not, i should say, spared the city's people reportedly murdering hundred since seizing control. we will stay on top of the story. coming up next for you here on "cnn newsroom." searing heat wave kills hundreds
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in india. temperatures there showing no signs of dropping. we'll bring you details on the people who are most vulnerable next. >> unrelenting barrage of storms claims lives and leaves destruction in the u.s. and mexico. the latest on the devastation. that's after this short break. stay with us.
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very little relief expected over the next few days in india as the brutal heat wave there just drags on. >> more than 1,100 people have died in the soaring temperatures so far. malika kapur reports, the poor seem to be recovering the most. steam to seem to be suffering the most. >> reporter: an extreme heat wave is sweeping across india. hundreds of people have died. either from a sun stroke or dehydration. temperatures are soaring. in some places, touching 48 degrees celsius. that's 118 degrees fahrenheit. the states in the south are the worst hit. the capital new delhi and central india are affected too.
12:24 am
most vulnerable, people who didn't have access to shelter. the homeless, construction workers, beggars, migrant laborers who often live on the streets, and, the elderly. >> it is very severe. due to that people are getting dehydrated and facing so much feeling like fainting. and they're feeling very sick. the early morning by 8:00 very severe heat. losing all of their energy. >> reporter: local disaster management officials in some states are urging people to stay indoors between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to wear cotton clothes and use caps and umbrellas. they're also distributing water and buttermilk to help people
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stay hydrated. still, many are falling sick. local hospitals are filling up. >> my brother is admitted here. he suffered sun stroke going to work yesterday morning. his condition became serious. >> the heat wave exposes india's weak spot. power. a third of india's 1.2 billion people don't have reliable access to electricity. that means, they don't even have a fan to cool off under. it also means those who can afford air conditioners are using them for longer. this surge in demand for power often lead to power cuts in many parts of the country. making a terrible situation worse. now, meteorologist, pedram javaheri is here to talk more about this. of course we have heard some in india think that once the rains come at the end of this month, that that will be the relief. but you have been talking that, they're not necessarily going to come at the end of the month. >> usually, exactly when they come. first of june. when you talk hurricane season. starts on the first of june.
12:26 am
ironically, as well. this year, a couple days behind. then the areas severely impacted are well to the north. so looking at two weeks. potentially. maybe longer to get, the cooler temperatures to filter in. so the cumulative effect of this heat becomes deadly. of course heat kills by way of pushing your body beyond exhaustion. 104 and you get above that. core temperature t it really is. >> you were saying too, yesterday, that people may not be dying now, but they can die months later. >>y, absolutely. >> as a result. >> because of the extreme stress on your body. we have seen it before in chicago. 1995. 3,000 were hospitalized. 3,000 hospitalized. 300 lost their lives in 12 months after that. still continue thousands. people succumb to it as time goes on. but there is mother nature's air conditioning right there. i look to call it. the monsoon. current position.
12:27 am
notice, may 25th. two days ago. should have cleared. by the first of june. it pushes in toward the southern area of the subcontinent. area of interest. northern, eastern portion of india. where hottest temperatures have been observed. june 10, june 15. when on a good year, you will see moisture push in. in fact, the map does a fantastic job, showing you normal. rainfall. notice the monsoons. speak to 200 millimeters. 800 in the month of july. august. september. shuts off just like that. that's precisely what bring the cooler temperatures. right now looks something look this. with very little moisture to work with across the region of india. so, touched on the deadly heat waves. that effect. long term effect on people. see the numbers from europe to russia. india. 1,100 recall this time yesterday. it was 600. 700. that number doubling in a 24-hour period. the concern, it continues. notice heat indices. 51 celsius, 122 fahrenheit.
12:28 am
feels like across some places. that will push your core temperature, above the safe zone. getting the temperature thousands. staying warm into the evernight hours. in some of the places too. >> people advised. stay out of the sun. drink water. one person said neighbors should help each other out. check on people. you never know. >> wearing cotton clothes. just trying to. >> all that. >> stay high dratd. >> thank you so much. >> now, powerful storms have now killed 31 people in the southern u.s. and northern mexico. several others are missing at this hour as well. >> this was the scene in houston, texas. where more than 11 inches or 27 centimeters of rain fell from monday night into tuesday. it has the caused flash flooding overwhelmed road and crews. >> the flooding damaged thousand of homes. to the west. in hayes county. hundred were washed off their foundation. the storm system expected to
12:29 am
bring more rain in the coming days. >> next here on cnn newsroom. we will have much more on the corruption scandal that's rocking futbol's world governing body. we are back in a moment. plaque s most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara® it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara® your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths. do not take stelara® if you are allergic to stelara® or any of its ingredients. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. serious allergic reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you or anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine.
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welcome back you are watching "cnn newsroom." >> i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. >> breaking news this hour. six top fifa officials are under arrest in zurich in connection with a u.s. corruption investigation. the u.s. justice department plans to announce charges against as many as 14 fifa officials. fifa's ethics committee closed its investigation in december saying it found no corruption.
12:33 am
but the u.s. investigation intensified after fifa's prosecion for thenternal investigation distanced himself from the finding. >> iraq's defense ministry says its forces sunni tribal fighters and shia militia have isis surrounded from three directions in ramadi. the militant group captured the city more than a week ago. the government launched a major counteroffensive tuesday to retake the capital of anbar province and cut supply routes. >> no relief in sight from the soaring heat in india. 1,100 people have died in less than a week. hardest hit area is the southeastern state. and authorities are advising people to stay indoors and drink water. let's return now to the fifa investigation and the corruption charges. the u.s. justice department is expected to announce. amanda davis joins us from london with the very latest. aman amanda, what more are you learning about the 14 fifa
12:34 am
officials being charged and of course the six that were arrested overnight in zurich. >> yeah, rosemary lots of names being bandied around. i can confirm that, perhaps, that the biggest name that is on the list that is being talked about that we know is one of those who was arrested in zurich hotel in the early hours of witness day morning, is jeffrey webb, the fifa vice president, the president of concacaf, sold himself as one of the new guard of fifa. he is a new them were of the executive committee. wasn't on the executive committee at the time of that controversial vote for 2018 and 2022 world cup bid.
12:35 am
the latest, we are seeking clarity on the situation. the statement from fifa. they announced they will hold a news conference at fifa house in zurich, 2 1/2 hours time. 11:00 zurich time when we understand that we will learn a little bit more about the, the identity of those who were taken from, from the hotel in zurich in the early hours of wednesday morning. >> of course the interesting timing here -- those fifa officials were there because the presidential election will be held friday. what impact might this have now on those elections and sepp blatter's prospects of a fifth term. even though we, have to emphasize this, he is not one of the 14 charged. >> yeah, it is very interesting timing this. i don't think there is any coincidence that this has actually taken place this week. ahead of the fifa congress.
12:36 am
the vote for the election takes place friday. representatives from all 209 of the, the fitcfa member nations converge on zurich. a prime opportunity that everybody will be there. the swiss federal authorities have been able to talk to the u.s. federal authorities to come together at this time and safe in the knowledge that all the representatives from world futbol will be there. we understand there have been meetings of the top fifa executives this morning to talk about a plan of action. do we think the fifa votes will be canceleded on friday. no. it will go ahead. there is no doubt it will raise questions in the 209 voting parties. although, sepp blatter we understand it has been said not implicated in this. these tar a lot of his close
12:37 am
advisers. these are a lot of his close advisersment people who worked with throughout the year. there will be questions. that may help the cause, the only person standing against sepp blatter at the election, but i think it's still widely thought that, that, sepp blatter will be re-elected on friday without too many problems. >> we will see and be watching closely what happens on friday. of course, as you mentioned, there will also be, a news conference. there is going to be one there in zurich. but also in the united states. in brooklyn, the fbi will be perhaps releasing those names. we'll certainly learn more about those charges. amanda davis reporting there live from london. many thanks to you. >> iraqi forces launch a major offensive against isis. coming up next for you, we'll see who is involved and what they hope to accomplish. stay with us here on cnn. headache? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, let's-rock-this-concert- like-it's-1999 kind of mom. when pain tries to stop you, there's motrin.
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iraqi forces and shia militias staging a major offensive against isis in anbar. the terror group controls a loon of territory from the border with turkey all the way down into central iraq. you see it on the map there. its main stronghold are in the syrian city of raqqa and mosul. >> let's bring in the adviser of clients on counterterrorism measures. he joins us now live from london. good morning to you, will. first i want to know what you make of defense secretary ash carter's comments saying "iraqi forces lacked the will to fight the reason they pull out of tense battles not because they're outmanned or gunned." when you put the sectarian, sunni, shia divisions. historical back ground to that. the way the u.s.-led invasion
12:42 am
exacerbated differences. might we be a bit more understanding why they may hesitate at these deadly kind of fight or flight moments. >> well, yes i think you have to put it also into the context that isis are incredibly well armed and well resourced in terms of their capability and tactics. certainly some reports coming back from the iraqi military commanders. was that they were dealing with -- a very unconventional combatant in terms of using ieds, suicide bombers, vast majority what is a guerrilla warfare fatactics. iraqi forces although large in numbers is quite, if you like, less than mature in terms of its capability of dealing against this team of threat. well then how then can this offensive to retake ramadi which we understand is imminent how can it be different than what we have seen before.
12:43 am
changes in morale. trust, sunni, shia fighters. the difference appears to be the shia power military forces backed by iran that give the iraq keep forces the tipping point. will success on the battlefield against isis really rely on that? >> i think it will unfortunately. i think until such time as the coalition bring boots to the ground which inevitably is something that is becoming more and mr. apparent. certainly when we look at the threat to irbil and u.s. intervention and coalition forcings ensuring that didn't fall. the fall of ramadi is as great a level, as the fall of mosul. tactingly in anbar is a strong position for isis. the biggest concern obviously is whether they will take the al-assad air base. if they capture that, and the iraqi force don't manage to push them back. that could have enormously detrimental effects to the greater battle potentially that lies ahead.
12:44 am
>> really, as we talk about what is happening in iraq. that's half of the equation. yoils has -- a lar-- isis has a large swath of territory in syria, took palmyra, executing hundred there. kidding that, do you think because isis poses or seems to pose more of a threat to europe than the u.s., would european powers essentially be more amenable to contributing soldiers to this fight over the long term? >> yeah, certainly europe, the euro-nations have a greater concern of this threat being more immediately on their doorstep. but that is something that i don't think the u.s. can underestimate. there have been obviously detection of cells, isis cells. sympathizers operating in the u.s. continent. not something that is going to go away. a threat where you are looking at isis that has a multinational group of followers. not only there on the ground. within syria and iraq. but also back in their own home
12:45 am
nations. all most a representative of virtually every country in the world that is present fighting alongside isis. the immediate to europe. it does threaten the united states. something everbody should kid. should be spearheaded. the way talks are going now in egypt. don't seem to be promising in terms of huff they intend to tackle this issue also. >> meantime, isis continues to gain territory, ex-cute civilians, and the threat is not going anywhere. the managing director of international corporate protection, thank you for joining us from london this morning. rosemary. >> errol, authorities in kenya say a growing number of people are sneaking out of the country to link up with terror groups. the disturbing trend hits close to home for two families in nairobi. as robin creel reports, they fear their daughters have run away to join isis.
12:46 am
she shows us one of her treasured possessions as a mother. a picture of her 20-year-old daughter. her daughter disappeared from home on may 13th. and after four agonizing days of searching and waiting, this. an alarming message allegedly sent by her to her cousin that reads in part. how are you? i am now in syria. tell everyone not to look for me. i am doing very fine. when i received the message she says i was shocked. i fainted. and the entire family who were then with me, were also shocked and cried. a university student was studying to become a teacher. she and her friend also a university student were last seen in kenya's capital nairobi. family, friend. describe the girls as kind. quiet and devout muslims. this prayer mat is hers.
12:47 am
she comes, spread the mat, carries the koran. almost two weeks after their disappearance no one can confirm just where the two girls are. evidence that her daughter had no national identity card yet. let's len ape passpo let alone a passport. and police question whether they left for syria or iraq. if they have. they're not the first to try. appearing in the court. the four kenyan women are accused of being members. they didn't have proper travel documentation when arrested trying to sneak out of ken day into somalia earlier this month. a police intelligence report states that they have evidence the accused if granted bail would slip into syria via she v somalia. the women deny charges. >> there is a possibility, that
12:48 am
she was radicalized. i don't know. maybe satan changed her mind. people came and told her something. told her a wropg story. told her maybe this is good. if she has chosen to leave kenya, her mother begs her to kem home promising she won't be in any trouble. >> translator: i asked my daughter to come back. if she has died and the people know she has died, we asked them to inform us. so we can forget about her. robin creel, cnn, nairobi, kenya. i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara® it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses...
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...stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara® your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths. do not take stelara® if you are allergic to stelara® or any of its ingredients. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. serious allergic reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you or anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. in a medical study, most stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara®.
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queen elizabeth is set to formally open the british parliament in a pomp filled ceremony in just a few hours from now. dressed in full ceremonial ra gal yera -- regalia, she will take the throne in the house of lord. >> she'll outline the agenda of david cameron's agenda, a bill paving the way for a referendum on the u.k. membership in the e.u. >> before we go this hour, recap of our breaking news, the u.s.
12:53 am
justice department is expected to announce corruption charges against 14 fifa officials. six officials from the world's futbol governing body are under arrest right now in zurich. >> really is a stunning development. swiss police said the u.s. suspects them of accepting $100 million in bribes and kickbacks from the 1990s until now related to rights deals for tournaments in latin america. earlier i spoke with executive editor of "world soccer" kay raditch in zurich. >> the timing is deliberate, all remaining people here, are here in zurich. and also, this has a potential to be the greatest crisis of all of the crises in all of fifa. >> we should point out fifa faced allegations of corruption before they have done some internal probes, many people curious at the, the lack of
12:54 am
really the findings of those. sepp blatter not among those being charged but from what we can see here, essentially, everyone within his inner circle is charged in some way. how then, kidding tconsidering potential from the fbi and the u.s., how could this affect the chances of a fifth term with upcoming elections would you still expect hem to win? >> really depend on what comes out later today. i think it is also possible there will be calls for the fiffifa election to be disbanded. [ indiscernible ] >> now we are awaiting this news conference in brooklyn, from the fbi offices there. what details then are you interested to find out? because as i mentioned fifa's reputation before this was pretty lackluster, what do you think will be crucial details that they will want to know?
12:55 am
>> will i think the most important thing obviously is to know the identities of the people being arrested. that will specifically be to the issue that are concerned here. obviously in the fbi investigation. what the scandal over the world cup was in 2010, russia, 2018, and the 2022 world cup. fifa hired an american attorney to investigate. but he quit last awe coutumn in frustration and the reports he produced have been buried. >> according to you, it is deliberate timing making the announcement ahead of the elections, the hotelen z ein zu raided where the officials were, what does this mean the level of corruption at fifa and its inability to stamp it out.
12:56 am
>> well, obviously the details of the allegations of corruption -- we are still waiting to hear the specifics of that. but just emfa size emphasized f inability to govern itself and run its own business in a straight forward, clear, transparent way. and this, really it is possibly the culmination of all of the criticism at all of the -- [ indiscernible ] directed at fifa over the last few years. >> the fbi press event expected in the coming hours. we'll bring that to you. also check throughout the day. >> you are watching "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. stay with cnn -- "early start" is next for you in the u.s. >> for the rest of you, another edition of "cnn newsroom" begins after the break. female announcer: sleep train challenged its manufacturers
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