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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 28, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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>> this really is the world cup of fraud. >> fifa's leaders are in damage control following the launch of an unprecedented corruption probe. >> plus, intense fighting as iraqi forces try to retake a key city from isis. >> and it's been so hot in india
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lately that even some of the road are beginning to melt. >> that is just incredible. hello, a warm welcome to viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. this is "cnn newsroom." top u.s. prosecutors are doing what no one else has done before. they are bringing corruption charges against fifa officials after years of allegations. >> yeah, nine current, former fifa officials are accused of pocketing $150 million in exchange for awarding media and marketing contracts for futbol tournaments. fifa president sepp blatter not indicted. u.s. officials refuse to say if he was cleared. >> they were expected to uphold the rules that keep soccer honest to protect the integrity of the game. instead they corrupted the business of worldwide sock r to
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serve their interests and to enrich themselves. >> now, five corporate executives are accused of paying the bribes. three from argentina, and in the process of -- extraditing them. >> former fifa vice president jack warner is among the indieted. four years ago, fifa suspended hem during internal corruption investigation. but eventually cleared him. warner was granted bail in trinidad on wednesday. he insists he is innocent. >> when i was with fifa i conducted myself under all practices. >>en a statement wednesday, fifa president, sepp blatter wrote the following -- quote.
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fifa's director of communications also tried to put a positive spin on the stunning arests. a positive spin on the stunning arrests. >> it is not good in terms of image. it is not good in terms of reputation. but in terms of cleaning up, in terms of -- everything, what we did. and the last four years. in terms of the presses, this is good. >> for the latest on the fifa corruption charges we are joined by alex thomas who is live in zurich. so, alex, of course as we heard there, we don't know if sepp blatter will be cleared at this point. how can he not we tainted. he has been there in charge since 1998. going into this election now with the hope of a fifth term on friday. that vote is going ahead. a lot of people shaking their heads. can he possibly -- come out of
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this unscathed. >> of course people are shaking their reds. rosemary. this story, created worldwide headlines. people new to futbol and watch the game say this is crazy in any other crisis like this, you would see the chief executive front and center. we haven't seen one public appearance since this broke yesterday morning. b, one of two of things. either in it. corrupt as the rest of them. or incredibly naive incompetent. he deidn't spot this. in charge as fifa president. been in the organization since the 70s. 40 years. so, he is either -- got no clue what is going on. in which case why do you want him to run the governing body of the world's most popular sports. or yes we are going to see, as the these investigations continue, like the u.s. department of justice news conference promises they would, more, more, dirty laundry, aired in public. i have to tell you, rosemary he survived many scandals during his time.
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the people that will vote for the new president in the building behind me on friday, love blatter. and people i speoke to see no indication of them changing their mind. >> this is seen as just the first step. this could be big. how big do you think this will eventually be? how far could it extend do you think? >> this is a hugely fast moving story, rosemary. so many developments. the latest is significant. part of blatter's popularity, how rich he has made fifa and world futbol in particular. they have record reserves and revenues. we have seen the strongest statement yet by one of their key sponsors, visa, the credit card company. and in a statement today, yesterday they said they couldn't comment. because of ongoing legal concerns. today they completely turned around and have given a hugely strong statement. this is unheard of, sponsors desperate to stay connected with futbol. it starts by saying, our disappointment and concern is
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profound. and it is a long statement. i will skip to the end. they say the is important that fifa makes changes now, should fifa fail to do so, we have informed them, that we will reassess our sponsorship. a very clear threat that they will pull their money out of world futbol unless something is done now. and it's the fear of losing money, that could yet change the game completely. >> yes, it tend to all be about money. doesn't it. alex thomas joining us there. live. as you say, alex. this is a fast moving story. many thanks to you. >> and on that point. fifa's future main depend on how corporate sponsors will react to the very serious allegations. we can show you a statement from adidas, as the it is pronounced in the states, writing, quote, it is fully committed to creating a culture chat promotes highest standard of ethics and compliance. we expect the same from partners. >> coca-cola says the lengthy
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controversy has tarnished the fifa world cup and we have repeatedly expressed our concerns. of course big money is at stake with the sponsorships. adidas, visa paid average of $32 million a year for their partnership deals with fif@budwd coca-cola forked out $19 million each, according to estimates by ieg and consulting and research firm. >> important pockets and wall else there. turn to sports writer, broadcaster for analysis on this massive scandal. joins us via web cam from bristol,ic land. thank you for joining us. this swiss investigation focusing on the upcoming world cup and how they were awarded. the u.s. investigation seems to go much deeper, wider, covering 24 years of alleged corruption. makes you wonder if the swiss are just slowly catching up
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here? >> well they're on a slightly different time scale. 2019, 2022 world cups were decided a few years ago. i'm sure the swiss will get there. the events of the last few days have not come out of nowhere. looking at a corruption and duplicity almost four decades old. >> you have to wonder how much evidence -- will all eventually get to see, whether it was the, the -- the conversations being recorded. the money exchanging hands. how important a piece of evidence is the garcia report from september, because swiss authorities do have possession of that. but the rest of us, don't know what is inside the results of this fifa internal investigation. how key will it be? >> i dent knon't know how impor the garcia report will be. an element. i suspect the swiss authorities will have something firmer or detailed to go to full criminal
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investigation. i'm looking forward to steg what what -- to see additional information they turn out. i think we will see a lot of stuff in court in the united states. i think it will be an incredibly interesting show. i expect quite a few of the people arrested and questioned over the last few days to do some deals. which result in us finding out an awful lot more about an awful large number of people in the futbol world. >> you say that with a little bit of a grin. is part of this. always, for a long time been the suspicion that fifa is corrupt. this allegation of belief it is run more like a mob. sepp blatter at the head of it. if you cross him the wrong way you are out. do you grin because the -- to some degree you feel like the evidence will prove that, is sepp blatter the man at the center of all this. rather than being the unknowing
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leader which he is claiming, are we looking at the ring leader of the most corrupt sports organization in the world? >> well, as most corrupt sports organizations in the world goes there is plenty of stiff competition in other sports. fifa, alone in this. secondly, i grin because the idea that there has been a suspicion that there are problems at fifa is the understatement of the century. most gigantic amount of tangible evidence actually in the public realm unearthed by investigative journalists like andrew james over 20 years that make it start, stare, the obvious a problem. not merely a suspicion. as for sepp blatter. a more complex question. i think we have rather overpersonalized the issue. while blatter is culpable of all sorts of things it is not clear to me he is personally enriched himself from an of these activities. he may have presided knowingly
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or not over a court of fools and rogues. but just getting rid of him is not the answer to the problem. it's only one element. we need a profound and complete revision of the structures, the constitution, the organization, and the legal standing of fifa. because it is the institutional structure as well as the culture of the place that makes it possible for these things to happen. >> we will certainly wait and see what this con krecrete evid is. joining us by web cam from bristol. appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. >> we will have much more on the fifa corruption scandal. a closer look at the questions surrounding 2018 world cup in russia. and the 2022 world cup in qatar. >> but first, other big stories we are following. first to iraq where isis militants have killed 30 government soldiers in a suicide bombing in anbar province. despite that attack.
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the government says it made advances on the outskirts of the capital of the province, ramadi. the map shows in the red, the government controlled areas including the university of anbar and two towns to the west. >> meantime, iraq's defense ministry released this video saying it shows its military in action outside ramadi. >> just a glimpse of some of the latest footage we have received from the front lines there. now to the north, in the province, iraqi forces are battling isis at the baiji oil
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refinery, the country's largest, critically important. senior international correspondent, nick paton walsh has more. >> reporter: this is just a taste of how apocalyptic it could get at the vital baiji oil refinery choking on smoke. part of the huge complex held by isis. shia fighters filmed this tuesday. the month's long fight here slowed by fears of the ecological chaos, isis could wreak if they scorch and burn here. iraqi forces took us to the front line. they are from the elite golden division. their ramadi colleagues, troops said lacked the will to fight. that line of buildings is isis' closest position. during a thick sandstorm they used the cover of it to advance
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within 20 meters of here. when the sandstorm subsided, suddenly a fire fight began. [ gunfire ] we don't know why they start shooting this day, what they may have seen. isis are few in number here they say, but willing to die and have a sniper nearby. or maybe they more want to show us and even washington, they very much do want to fight. it's not logical and wrong he says of the american criticism. because anywhere in ramadi, mosul, or anywhere duty calls we fight. their gunfire grows and usually it's mortars that isis fire back. so we pull out. more ammunition, arriving at the base, the fight will be a slow one we're told.
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the reason we want to surround them he says, we must clean up the area properly with specialist engineers but it has fuel but also boobytraps. isis, a vital part of baghdad's plan for ramadi, but a slow grind, mindful that iraq need something to live off if isis ever leaves. nick paton walsh, cnn, baiji. >> for more now on the iraqi government's fight against isis, let's bring in cnn's, ian lee, following developments live from cairo. ian, iraqi authorities say they have reclaimed territory from isis and have advanced. what details do we have on that effort to move in and ultimately reclaim ramadi? >> well, as we have been hearing from the government, 30 soldiers were killed in a bombing. what we are seeing is a very
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slow go effort to try to encircle, try to take area, without real direct confrontation so far. they're on the outskirts of ramadi. three different side. western part is still open. isis can get supplies and fighters in. taking this quite slow. making sure that they, they minimize casualties. also, minimize as we heard in nick's piece, damage to infrastructure. we are hearing from sunni tribal leaders that the anbar university. this is on the southern part of ramadi has been taken by government forces. but unlike what the prime minister said, that he expects us to be over in days. said that a few days age it is looking like it will take weeks. >> and ian, a lot of people are focusing on -- on the shia
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militia, sunni tribesmen and the iraqi forces. working together here. it's not an easy relationship there. talk to us about the potential tensions there and why there are so many concerns. and how they work together. >> there is a lot of mistrust between the sunnis and shiites. the whole war we are seeing with isis, really, shows that. but it is going to be very crucial for the government and baghdad to come to some sort of reconciliation with a lot of the sunnis who feel disenfran choose it it -- disenfranchised. goes back not since the rise of isis but goes back years they have felt marginalized. we do see sunni fighters fighting with the central government. there is a lot of tribal politics at play here when talking about why they're fighting against isis. really what we are seeing the
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old arabic proverb, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. the tribal fighters, shiite militias have a common enemy that is isis. that is why they're going fighting them. but it will be crucial if they are able to take ramadi we'll be watching closely how the shiite militias act. in other parts of iraq, when they have taken tikrit and other parts there were allegations of human rights abuses. it will be crucial for them if they are haeable to take that t show the world that they can work together and that the allegations at least, any allegations would be unfounded. >> certainly at this stage of course the iraqi forces have something to prove to the world. don't they? having retreated and fled ramadi when isis took over. we will watch this very closely. we know you are watching as these forces run the outskirts of ramadi. ian lee many thanks to you reporting live from cairo. >> now even more people have died in the horrendous heat wave in india. we'll tell you why one official says those deaths could have
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been prevented. u.s. officials are looking into how live samples of anthrax were accidentally shipped to an air base on the other side of the globe. we'll take a look at that. stay with us.
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the death toll in india's relentless heat wave now tops 1400 people. these new images into cnn show how the millions of homeless there are trying to stay cool. >> an official in the hard hit indian state says many of the deaths could be avoided if victims had taken "a little more care." and he explain that means wearing light colored clothes and using an umbrella to block the sun. the small differences really can make a difference. and cnn's reporter visited within of the areas hardest hit by the heat wave. >> we travel just outside the city and more than 70 people have died from the heat here. one of them, 38-year-old. his father, malea says his son had gone out to get medicines.
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he was on his way home and collapsed. he never recovered from the sun stroke. he says the entire village is suffering. malea is 76 years old. he says he has never experienced a heat wave like this before. >> it is the middle of the afternoon. it is really hot. temperatures are soaring and there is this hot wind blowing. it feels lake i am walking into a furnace. >> air conditioners are out of reach of many homes in this village. they do have fans. the problem is, they barely work with three to four hours a day because of power cuts. in this blazing heat, residents seize every little opportunity to cool off. hot and frustrated, villagers get together to pray for better days ahead. they say they're asking for health, for peace, and most importantly, for the rains to come quickly.
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>> malika kapur, joins us live from mumbai. it is eye-opening, you wonder how people can deal with such intense heat. what we are seeing from your report people are relying on one another. bringing the community together. >> it is, errol, i have to say. we saw the community really rallying around to help each other. we saw members of the community doing a lot more than the local government was doing. we saw these water stalls springing up all over the city. little water stalls. people of the community coming together just to make sure their fellow citizens were hydrated and, so they had something to cool down.
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little stalls springing up with people selling -- [ no audio ] >> appears we are having a bitle technicaler to with o eissue wi reporter. people wearing ice cream, wearing light cotton clothing, holding umbrellas. anything to stay out of the intense heat that ravaged india for the past week and will continue to do it for some time. >> a lot of the people told to stay indoors between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. what you are looking at here, pictures of the temperatures being so hot in parts of india that the roads are literally melting. just incredible. that is a snapshot. gives you an idea just how incredibly hot it is. meteorologist derek van dam joins us now. often do you see that? >> you know, there are still, people are skeptical on the photo by the way.
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i have seen that on twitter. people are trying to confirm whether or not that was actually temperatures that were causing that or just something to do with the pavement. regardless we know it is hot there. it is the thing that people talk about the most. when they land in mumbai, new delhi. get off the airplane, outdoors. feel the heat, the humidity. these people are in store for a lot next couple of days. in fact, india, meteorological department has heat indices, bap of bengal. low 50s. talking 120 degrees fahrenheit. what it feels like on your skin as you step outside. extreme heat warnings in place. hot. inland is well. and people doing whatever they can to get water to the communities hit hardest, by this extreme premonsoonal heat wave. you can see this particular man just taking some of the jugs of watt to water to friend and family. what we have in place here are
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several factors. we have a wind that particularly develops this time of year. it is called the northwesterly wind. helps bring in a very dry, hot air mass for, for the northern parts of india. then on top of that, we have -- the humid air that settled in from the bay of bengal. so both of these helping, create two different types of heat. but the bottom line is, it is so hot that we get an area of low pressure that develops across the subcontinent. over the cooler waters, we have an area of high pressure. what happens as we see, this change in wind direction. which what is the definition, which is the deaf ngs finition monsoon. bringing much needed relief. rain and slightly cooler air. just it hasn't quite reached the region yet. it is a few days delayed. look at the temperatures going forward. new delhi, talking lower, middle 40s. you factor in the humidity. you talk about daytime highs in the upper 40s. very, very hot. you can see the delay in the
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monsoonal rains. still got several weeks to go. before it is expect to reach inland. and again the indian meteorological department indicating this will be a somewhat below average rainfall season. so, kiddiconsidering that 250 mn people in india are farmers. this is an extremely important weather forecast. they need to get it right. they need the rain. they've need it desperately. >> going to be less rain than usual. >> 93% of normal this year. >> okay. >> taking longer for it to come. right. >> that's right. >> thank you so much. >> now, clean-up and recovery efforts under way in texas after several days of severe storms there. bad news is though, more bad weather is on the way. >> at least 35 people have died in tornados and flooding in texas, oklahoma, and northern mexico. several others are missing on wednesday authorities found a boy's body in a river in an area hit hard by the storms. >> you are watching cnn
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newsroom. rumors and reports of corruption in fifa are nothing new. the man in charge promised to clean things up. critics say sepp blatter is part of the problem. >> plus she calls herself the bird of paradise. and offers a glimpse into the life of an isis bride. coming up, a look at a path of propaganda blogger luring women to join the terror group. >> that is very alluring, the idea that when you go there you get free housing and free medical and you cook lovely meals for your husband. that's the propaganda. obviously the reality is very different.
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you are watching "cnn newsroom." your last half-hour of the day with both of us. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. time to check the headlines for this hour. the u.s. justice department accuses current and former fifa officials of taking $150 million in bribes over the past 24 years. five corporate executives are also indicted. it is an unprecedented crackdown against the world's futbol governing body. iraq says it recaptured territory from isis on the outskirts of ramadi. the pentagon says no iraqi forces have entered the city so far. government troops, sunni tribesmen and shia militias are working to cut isis supply routes into ramadi. more than 1,400 people have died in a devastating heat wave in india. the number continues to grow. the heat is especially troubling for the millions of homeless people trying to stay cool at night. and during the day. most of those who have died are
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homeless or disadvantaged. let's get you back to one of our top stories, the fifa scandal. the man at the head of the organization, sepp blatter. >> blatter wasn't indicted in the corruption probe. though u.s. officials refuse to say if he was cleared. and it is not the first time he has faced questions about how fifa operates. cnn's phil black has more. >> reporter: sepp blatter often described as the sporting world's most powerful man. he has ruled soccer's world governing body for 17 years. and he has guided that organization to enormous financial success. between 2011 and '14 its total revenue was $5.7 billion. it declared cash reserves, $1.5 billion. but while money has flooded in, rumors and reports of corruption have flourished. blatter hasn't been linked
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directly to any wrongdoing. his grip on fifa stayed strong. he promised to clean up the organization. [ indiscernible audio ] >> reporter: blatter's commitment to rooting out corruption has been tested in recent years. persistent reports of dodgy dealings and awarding qatar and russia the next two world cups led to an internal investigation. after receiving a roughly 500-page report, fifa declared no major wrongdoing was discover. the matter was closed. the full report will not be published. the report's author. former u.s. attorney, michael garcia was furious. he accused fifa of misrepresenting his work and later resign. now swiss authorities say they're looking into the al gas of the 2018 and '22 world cups.
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american investigators are examining alleged bribes and kickbacks to secure media, marketing and sponsorship rights. fifa's response "this is painful but necessary." >> for us it is a hard time. it's not nice to be here in front of you. and trying to explain something that, that is not nice. in the same time i can confirm for us, fifa, this is good. this is good what happens. it confirms that we are on the right track. it hurts. it is not easy. the only way to go. >> fifa's right track now includes international criminal investigation. critics say the is further proof the organization's efforts under blatter's leadership to clean its own house have failed. phil black, cnn, london. and for the latest now on russia's reaction to the corruption charges, we are joined by senior international correspondent matthew chance who is live in moscow. so, matthew, what is being said
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there in russia about the fifa charges? and of course this news that switzerland is launching its own investigation into the awarding of the last two world cups to russia and to qatar? >> rosemary, you can divide the reaction here in russia into the official reaction and what ordinary russians are saying on social media. start with official reaction. a statement from the russian foreign ministry released last night. essentially questioning the, the validity of these investigations into fifa. russian foreign ministry saying we have questions due to latest arrests in switzerland initiated by the united states wecht c. we can see application of laws. the impm implication from russi foreign ministry, some kind of
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conspiracy on the part of the united states to project its power and to impose its will on fifa. something reflected by other officials. vice speaker of the russian parliament, state duma, saying this is essentially an attempt to throw mud at russia, to discredit russia and to rob us of the world cup. when you move to social media side of this. i think you get two different camps. people who are pro government. people who are anti-government. pro government, talking how this is an american conspiracy. a lot of traction this idea. this is a sort of an attempt by the west to take the glorious world cup from the well-deserved russians away in 2018. of course the host nation in that year. but you have also got opponents of the russian government as well. who are beg critical of the state of corruption in the country. one tweet here we picked up from a russian citizen saying, "look it would be great if fif@taa 20
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from russia, maybe patients with cancer will get a little more money." some people very critical of russian affairs and state of corruption in the country, rosemary. >> all right, matthew chance. giving us some reaction there from russia to of course this corruption scandal that has, it is growing. and it is devil u developing -- developing by the way. many thanks for bringing us up to date on that. >> still to come this hour, meant to be harmless. now u.s. official are trying to figure out how potentially deadly bacteria was shipped to stef several military bases.
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welcome back. u.s. military and health official are looking into how live samples of anthrax were some how accidentally shipped to
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a military installations in the u.s. and one base abroad. the shipments are part of a research product to develop a test to identify biological threats. >> there are no reports that anyone is infected. but more than two dozen u.s. military personnel are now undergoing precautionary treatments because they may have been exposed to the dangerous bacteria. >> 22 of the people receiving precautionary treatment are at osan air base in south korea. our kathy novak is just outside the air base and joins us now with an update. kathy, just wondering when did officials there realize they were dealing with potentially fatal samples rather than the safe ones? >> well it was on a wednesday, errol, that emergency personnel came in here to destroy the live sample that was discovered here at osan air base. decontaminate the facility and have the 22 people who hey have been exposed to live anthrax
12:45 am
undergo the precautionary medical treatment you are referring to. that include getting tested, being given antibiotics and in some cases being given vaccinations. the alarm was raised back in the united states. the sample originated from a lab in utah. it sent live samples that should have been inactive to the, the training base here. and also to nine other states in the united states. it was a maryland based lab that raised the alarm. and then had this urgent review of all of these places where the, the anthrax could have infected. >> the centerers for disease control in the u.s. cdc saying there is no risk to any members of the public. this is as the we show a map where some anthrax samples were sent. but, but do tell us why this stuff is even being sent and studied by the u.s. military in the first place? what exactly it is they're trying to develop with it? >> of course anthrax is very
12:46 am
dangerous. it scan can be used as a biolog weapon in the whaake of 9/11. there are concerns about whether or not it could be used in biological warfare. what waswas -- what was being d with the u.s. military. testing, training, it was routine training people were going through. they should have been working with inactive anthrax as we were talking about. yes you mentioned there the authorities are saying there is no current risk to the public. but it is a major concern that anthrax should have been inactive was in fact live and sent out to all of these labs and it wasn't until the people may have been exposed that it was finally realized and deactivated. >> all right, kathy novak for us outside the osan air base, approaching 4:45 in the afternoon. kathy, thank you.
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>> iraqi forces say they're making progress against isis in iraq's anbar province. this map shows areas controlled by isis in red. the yellow parts are considered support for the terror group. the city of raqqa and mosul are k considered main strong holds. >> some where in the isis territory, a woman married to an isis fighter who just had a child she calls herself "the bird of paradise" the isis reality she blog as but sound like a paradise found really. >> but as our correspondent shows us, her warm word, nurturing images are not only misleading but potentially very dangerous. >> after a few second we could hear more and more bombs, the house shaking. my friend asked me to open all the doors and windows.
12:48 am
bang. >> she calls herself "bird of paradise" prose and poetry and technicolor life imagined and real under isis. >> after a few minutes i flip my neck up. he looked at me. our eyes catch each others. i have palpitation faster than speed of life. >> reporter: hers is a romance. idealistic woman travels to syria, faith, sisterhood, man of her dreams, a more rock morocc. her blog entries end with a cliffhanger. she texted her husband on the battlefield. >> promise me you will wait until our baby's birth. promise me you will stay alive. melanie smith maintains largest database of the women of isis.
12:49 am
>> she posts personal things. pictures of her child. >> around the time she got married. pictures of her husband. inside of her clinic as well. tumblr page. a view we wouldn't otherwise have. a very realtime, up to date, version of looking into what life is like inside the home of the jihadists. >> who is the bird of paradise? her identity still unknown. she says a practicing doctor. posts pictures of the hospital, and claims to operate an isis clinic from her home. she says her parents are from pakistan and in yeah but once called the u come. and malaysia home. she makes a compelling and dangerous recruiter for isis, encouraging young will tune contact her, asking her to join her in the state created by isis. in her eyes, isis built a utopia, no racism, no poverty and list of benefits for fighters and their families. health care, education, free.
12:50 am
but read between the lines, getting married is not required she says, yet, a woman cannot walk around free lely. it is critical for young will tune know the reality. awe off that's very alluring. the idea that when you go there you get free housing. free medical. and you cook lovely meals for your husband. that's the prop gain dachlt obviously the reality is very different. electricity scarce. hot walter scarter scarce. waking of in the middle of the night. hearing planes overhead. reaching for a sue sigh beicide. you are in the war zone. and the realities of day-to-day life disprove the utopia idea. >> i came here alone and broken. you raised my status. >> flowery word mask the reality of being a wife and mother in the war zone. bird of jenna, lives in a
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welcome back, everyone.
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did you know golden state warriors now heading to the nba finals. they punched their ticket with a win over the houston rockets wednesday night. warriors had their best regular season record in the nba. and guard steph curry voted the league's most valuable player. good for him. >> very good. they will meet lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers who swept the atlanta hawks to reach the finals. the first game in the best of seven series will be thursday, june 4th, at golden state. >> want to get in good positive news when we can. before we go though, quick recap of our top story. u.s. prosecutors accusing current and former fifa officials with five corporate executives of racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering. >> they say the fifa officials took $150 million in bribes over 24 years to award media and marketing rights to futbol tournaments. the fbi director explained why the u.s. has jurisdiction in the case. >> if you touch our shores with
12:56 am
your corrupt enterprise whether that is through meetings or through using our world classify no financial system you will be held accountable for the corruption. >> former fifa vice president jack warner among those charged. cleared in a fifa investigation of corruption four years ago. >> three of the accused corporate executives are from argentina. and extradition proceedings are under way. on twitter, british foreign secretary said "time now for international futbol to clean up its act." and, we have just learned from fifa's chief medical officer, president sepp blatter is not attending thursday's fifa medical conference. >> that conclude what has been a solid week for us. you all have been watching "cnn newsroom." we're off on our weekend now. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. stay with us "early start is next for our viewers in the united states. >> for the rest of you another edition of "cnn newsroom" right after this break.
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have a great day. >> have a great day.
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happening now. evacuations in texas this morning. residents bracing for more rain. that following the deadly flooding. the death toll is rising as bodies are pulled from the waters. we will tell you the danger still on the way ahead. live anthrax shipped across the united states and around the world. the u.s. military mistakenly sending the wrong samples through the mail. dozens of people exposed and now tested. we are live with how this could


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