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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  May 28, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> i've been to lots of spas. i like a good massage as much as the next guy. this is different. forget aromatherapy candles, new age music playing softly in the background. forget sharm in a or tiffany with her soft hands and gentle touch, this is the kind of massage that makes you want to confess. you know what, it kind of works. [ bleep ]. >> it's better. >> you sure? >> no. there's some trauma. >> you'll remember me all your life. >> i'm never going to forget you right now. never. all right. >> i don't know what to think of that. i just know i saw a whole lot of mike in that piece. okay. if mike can take the heat at 9:00 eastern on cnn, next, our "cnn newsroom" starts now.
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happening now in the newsroom -- a tidal wave of water crashing into homes and more rain on the way in texas as the storm's victims are laid to rest including a home coming queen. >> it was raining so hard god was opening his hands for her. >> we're live from the storm zone as rivers rise. also the army accidentally sends out live anthrax. how could this have happened? >> it's a great question. that's exactly why we brought in the center for disease control. >> plus it's the text you don't want to get. beware iphone users, a message that will crash your phone in seconds. let's talk, live in "cnn newsroom." >> good morning. i'm carol costello thank you so much for joining me.
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we begin with isis. it appears fbi is not independently equipped to fight home grown terrorism on home soil. asking local agencies to increase surveillance on suspected terrorist. new york police commissioner bill bratton says he wants to add more than 400 officers to his counter-terrorism unit. all of this in response to that filed terror attack in garland, texas, when two isis supporters opened fire at a prophet mohammed cartoon contest. let's bring in cnn's justice correspondent evan perez. he has more. good morning, evan. >> carol, this is a big problem. the fbi says there are hundreds of isis supporters that it would want to keep an eye on in this country, doesn't have enough people to actually do that. that's why they are turning to police departments around the country. we mentioned nypd here in new york. we know that the los angeles police department is also doing this. they are all responding to an appeal from the fbi director jim comey, who earlier this month
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did a conference call secure conference call with police chiefs asking them for additional help. here we asked jim comey yesterday at a press conference in brooklyn about what he's trying in response to this threat. >> it's an incredibly difficult task we are enlisting all state, local, federal partners in working around it every day. i can't stand here with any high confidence when i confront a world increasingly dark to me and tell you i've got it all covered. >> carol, the reference he made to increasing the dark to him, what he's referring to is the fact in the case of garland and in the case of a lot of these isis supporters that the fbi is keeping an eye on they are going from talking on twitter and other public forums to off line places where their communications are encrypted, peer to peer communications. this is what the fbi really cannot take a look at. so the fact is they are tapped out. they need to have local law
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enforcement and they are reaching out for that assistance carol. >> all right. evan perez reporting live from washington this morning. thank you. meantime battle for iraq's anbar province rages on. trying to reclaim the key city of ramadi from isis. nearby in another prof in troops locked in a fierce fight for iraq's largest oil refinery. there are major fears terrorist could scorch and burn the site as they clear out potentially triggering a massive environmental catastrophe. nick peyton walsh just got back with the front lines, iraqi special forces. he joins me live from baghdad to tell us what that was like. hi nick. >> reporter: carol, it's a very complex task for iraqi forces. it's been a months long fight already. they say at this stage they believe they have got isis militants down to about a fifth of the enormous territory this complex covers. it's about 5 by 3 miles, 15
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square miles. that's of course made more difficult by isis militants willing to die. they have made booby traps. pictures given by shia fighters shows black plume of areas already damaged in the fighting so far. the real concern they have they say they have special forces troops shia fighters ammunition around potentially to move in. they do that that will be scorched earth policy die destroying refinery huge cloud of black smoke. it's a vital place for them to take north of the supply route we're talking about cutting into anbar where the rest of the fight may happen. we saw those iraqi fighters iraqi special forces so keen to show us how capable they said they were how willing to use their weapons they were an area where we also heard of casualties that same day this fighting happened on iraqi government side. they wanted to answer washington's criticism, simply
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don't have the will to fight, these special forces in a different place in ramadi. allowed it to fall to isis. the question when it comes to anbar and fight for ramadi know complex around oil refinery terrain, sectarianism iraqi security forces and shia fighters they may work well together. the question is can we get sunni tribes who live there trying to get back from isis to cooperate with them. that's a much taller order. all these questions effectively answer the other question how can isis be defeated. carol. >> nick paton walsh reporting live from baghdad. thank you. back in the united states officials are warning of dire consequences as the clock ticks down on the expiration of the patriots act. newly appointed loretta lynch warning, quoelt serious lapses
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in security if congress fails to act. >> reporter: some of the vital and noncontroversial tools we use to combat terrorism and crime are scheduled to shut down on sunday. without action from the senate we will experience a serious laps in our ability to protect the american people. >> senior white house correspondent jim acosta is following the story for us. jim, one official calls this national security russian roulette. what does he mean? >> yeah. you've heard about fiscal cliffs here in washington. this is a surveillance clip nsa, osh administration accusing when they call national security russian roulette shutdown of key nsa programs this weekend. one of those programs, as you know is the bulk collection of data from nearly every phone call made in the u.s. that's scheduled to expire on sunday unless lawmakers can pass some sort of solution that data is used in counter-terrorism investigations. but the program has also
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outraged privacy advocates. here is how it will go down if nothing reached. 4:00 p.m. federal government will instruct phone companies to stop collecting this data. four hours later instructions from the government will do that becoming irreversible. that collection can resume 24 hours after congress renews the program. attorney general loretta lynch warning lawmakers they need to hurry up. early this morning on new day, white house secretary josh ernest echoed that. here is what he had to say. >> the president directed his national security team to work in bipartisan fashion with members of congress to reform programs put in place greater protections to civil liberties and privacy. that means the government is no longer in the business of holding this bulk data of that is something that should give some confidence to libertarians and those concerned about civil liberties. also why it's critically important to senate to act on by
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partisan legislation with the house. it includes important privacy while at the same time giving law enforcement, national security professionals the tools they need noncontroversial tools they need to keep the country safe. >> reporter: nourks the big holdup is in the senate as josh earnest just said where majority leader mitch mcconnell wants to keep the existing patriot act in place. the house did pass a bill that makes changes to the patriot act, usa freedom act. a top gop aid in the house told me carol, that the senate better get moving before these key programs quote, go dark. carol, it's not very often you hear the house republicans sort of prodding the senate republicans to get going on some legislation. what's interesting about this dynamic, the reason why we're at this holdup right now is because of politics inside the republican party. rand paul who is running for president earlier this morning, he was sending out an e-mail fundraising e-mail essentially trying to raise money off of his
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efforts to wind down nsa bulk collection efforts. and that has sparked a debate inside the republican party. he's got a lot of conservatives mad at him right now for doing this. but because of that divide inside the republican party, they can't get this legislation passed right now. the white house is sort of on the sidelines saying okay what next. they are putting a lot of phone calls in to lawmakers on capitol hill. see if it gets resolved sunday. >> i feel like i've heard this story before. jim acosta live from the white house. thank you. still to come the power of raging water. a woman said it turned her home into a giant washing machine. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future.
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>> i can't even imagine this. i just can't. this is what it was like at the blanco river surge. the lower level filling up in a matter of seconds. the family frantically trying to figure out what to do. this went down in wimberley, texas, the river rising 43 feet pof flood stage. the family did manage to get out of that home safely. that's just unbelievable. mary lee wood knows the terror
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of that moment all too well. her home located near the blanco river in wimberley. she sent these photos to the newsroom. you can see the trees snapped in half by furry. mary lee here to share some of her story. >> good morning, carol. thank you for having me on. >> thank you for being with me. i used to have a house in fairfield, connecticut. the floodwaters came over my front lawn and almost went into my house. i remember feeling so helpless. it's not like you can shut the water off, right? >> no it's spectacular. they call this flood alley in texas. it's on the portion of texas that has steep hills and very quick build up of water. it was terrifying. but we had a bit of an advantage
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at our house because our architect from houston when we designed our house 20 years ago decided that one thing she wanted to do was try to anticipate what might happen if we had a big flood. she actually had us build the house 6 to 8 feet above the fema-required limit for where you can build your house. so we had an advantage there. the water also was designed so the water could flow under the house. we had a third floor office that was considerably above the flood. but the water was flowing around the house, under the house, and through what we call in texas a dog trot which is a passageway through the center of the house so that the river was literally surrounding us. and i heard a noise in the middle of the night, and i was
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worried about the flooding. i walked over to our central hallway and looked down the stairs and the water was rising up toward me. it was about, i would say, two feet from my feet. and i woke up my husband and said well we've got to prepare prepare. we were there all night. it was terrifying. >> let's talk about that moment. let's talk about that moment. it's so weird to see such high water in your house that you freeze because it's such a strange sight. >> it's -- when i told my husband the water was in our house, he thought i was having a nightmare. i said no this is real. it's paralyzeing in that moment. >> so what's next for you? is your house horribly damaged? is it repairable?
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>> it's repairable. but it is badly damaged. we got water 4 feet up in our ground floor. our garages were the lowest so both of our cars were totalled. our guesthouse had 3 to 4 feet of water in it. when we walked -- the water also went down rather quickly. so in our house by about 5:00 in the morning, it was beginning to get a little light, we could tell the extent of the devastation. we are -- we have a company doing -- serve pro is doing remediation work tearing out sheetrock. we're going to build back. it's a wonderful place. we've been here for 20 years and we're not going to let this flood beat us. >> i'm glad you said that. marilee, thank you for sharing your story.
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we appreciate it. the jaw dropping disaster and relentless floodwaters in some areas, it may be no surprise that the death toll is also rising. 21 people now confirmed dead 9 still missing and several more days of rain are on the way. let's turn our fob us to houston, one of the city's hardest hit by flooding and now the threat of storms and more disastrous rainfall looms over the next four days. here is cnn's dan simon. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. i think this pretty much sums up what you're seeing. just these debris piles littered all over the street. this is one of the areas hardest hit. i've got to tell you, you walk down the sidewalk and pretty much every house in front of it has one of these big piles of debris. you're seeing carpets and couches and those are the keends of things that are immediately going to have to go. so the house may still be standing but the contents that's a whole other story. but carol, i have to tell you, houston right now a little bit
7:20 am
of a phenomenon. school buses are going bar, last night the bars were open. the government did a good job getting the infrastructure running,s electricity back on. you have all the fallout, when people are going to be able to get back in their homes and doing cleanup. elsewhere throughout the state you have the search for the victims. at least nine people still missing in the storm. of course the funerals now are just beginning as well carol. you have the tragic story of the 18-year-old home coming queen driving back from her prom got caught up with the floodwaters. melissa ramirez. she was laid to rest yesterday. still so many heartbreaking stories. now you talked about it the weather. just what they don't need more rain. of course there is more rain in the forecast. we'll have to see how all this plays out. >> we'll check back. dan simon, reporting live from houston. still to come in the newsroom inside the mind of a
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it's the ciggening look inside the mind of a killer. the journal of james holmes shown to jurors who will decide his fate. page and pages detailing his plans for murder an obsession that went back a decade. joining us with more good morning. >> reporter: good morning. easy to dismiss this as skrib links of a madman but this is a
7:25 am
key piece of evidence in this trial. both sides are going to try to use it to their change. the prosecuting is going to try to show this all of this was premedicated it was planned. he knew the difference between right and wrong. inside the notebook a number of maps positives and minuses, which theater he'll used based on exits, also police response times. i want to show you one page where he writes showing his despair, what is the meaning of life? what is the meaning of death? another page shows life's fallback solution death. now, the feds will try to use this as intimate look into the mind of someone who is clearly disturbed, who did not know the difference between right and wrong. one page he writes the word why. it continues for seven plus pages, over and over again. in another page he writes about the diagnosis, some of the issues he has.
7:26 am
it's called self-diagnosis of broken mind. that's a sentence he actually writes. below that there are a number of ailments he believes he's suffering from illness he discussed with his psychiatrist his college psychiatrist at the time. what this is carol, is something presented to the court. both sides are going to try to use this to try to win over the jury to say whether or not this was planned and he knew the difference between right and wrong. >> remind us what happened to this journal and why it didn't come to the attention of authorities. >> this was actually made. he intended to send this to the person he was seeing the campus counselor but it actually never made it there. it was stuck in the mail. this came to light just a couple of days after the shooting happened. so had this actually been opened had this psychiatrist or psychologist perhaps seen this that is a tragedy here perhaps something further could have taken, another step with the authorities and presented all
7:27 am
this. >> all right. reporting live from los angeles, thank you. still to come democrats left way left. a self-described socialist bernie sanders is surging. let's take a look at your credit. >>i know i have a 786 fico score, thanks to all the tools
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good morning. i'm carol costello thank you for joining me.
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rick santorum making his plans to run for president official but he's sharing spotlight with pataki. after september 11th and his call for americans to unite. >> we need to recapture that spirit that sense that we are one people. when we do we will stop empowering politicians and empower ourselves with the opportunities that have unlimited, bright future. >> pataki now one of eight republicans that have thrown his or her hat into the ring. face-off between democratic nominee and front-runner hillary clinton, she's facing a surprising and potentially strong challenge from the left and it's not from joe biden but from bernie sanders, the self-pro fessed socialist senator from vermont. >> with your support, and the support of millions of people throughout our country, we begin a political revolution to
7:32 am
transform our country economically politically, socially and environmentally. we stand here and say loudly and clearly, enough is enough. this great nation and its government belong to all of the people and not to a handful of billionaires. >> that was sanders at his campaign last week. his views may be gaining traction. sanders is currently in second place among voters a distant to hillary clinton, yes, but several steps ahead of joe biden. who would have figured. let's talk about this. jason johnson here, political science at hiram college and director of university center for politics and author of "the surge, 2014 big gop win and what it means for the next election."
7:33 am
welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. bernie sanders, socialist, 15%, ahead of joe biden, socialist. >> i think we can change the word socialist to 'n' i don't like hillary." i think at this particular point you have a large number of democrats who just don't like hillary clinton, they don't like the clinton legacy and they are looking for an alternative. i don't think he's going to provide much of a challenge. i don't think he's much of an ideological challenge. it's a resistance vote and will disappear by the time we get to iowa next spring. >> jerry, joe biden, talk about name recognition, he's the vice president of the united states. >> carol, he's not running. he's told a few people privately, yeah i'm going to run, but we see no evidence whatsoever of a real campaign being put together. if he were running, then i think he would be in second place. you know carol, somebody had to be in second place to hillary clinton. there are going to be several other candidates. somebody is going to be number
7:34 am
two. bernie sanders is doing relatively well because he stands for something. he's not afraid to say it. he's not moderating his views. and as jason said very well you have a certain percentage of democrats, nowhere near a majority who want to quote, send her a message. that is don't move too far to the middle. stay with us on the left. >> well she is stieg on the left so to speak, at least on social issues. jason, clinton is running as the most political in a decade her stance on gay marriage immigration, you can't get more left on those stances on the issue hes. >> does anyone believe her? the clintons are camelians. they will put their finger in the win and say anything. she'll say pro gay marriage anything that's convenient. i think that's one of the biggest challenges the clintons have they can switch so quickly. i don't think this leftward move has to do with any real change
7:35 am
in her heart. i think it has to do with keeping elizabeth warren out of the race and making voters happy. she will go back to her self as soon as the vote is over. >> let's talk about this are democratic voters becoming more liberal, or is it my imagination? >> no it's not your imagination. if you compare their issue position in the '90s when bill clinton was president with today when missouri is president, you'll find they have moved left considerably not just on social issues but also on some economic issues. well the republicans have moved to the right. so we have a polarized partisan area where the two parties differ more dramatically then they have probably since, well decades. that's the system people are presented with. let's remember it's the party basis that drive the candidates and where their positions are. remember that old formulation that richard nixon had that worked for him and for many
7:36 am
others? he said to win a nomination for the republicans, run to the right. then when you get to the nomination scamper back to the middle for the general election. for the democrats it's the opposite. run to the left to get nominated, try to scamper back to the middle for the general. there's still some of that, even though the party bases are much more ideological than they used to be. >> all right. toif leave it there. jason johnson larry sabato thanks. ramping up rhetoric how the united states is responding to warnings about keeping out of the south china sea. plus trying to fly while drunk? yeah, it happened. we'll talk about that next. you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company
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defense secretary ash carter has a blunt message for china. that message, quote, there should be no mistake, the united states will fly, sail and operate wherever international law allows as we do all around the world. the statement coming just one week after china repeatedly tried to order a navy surveillance plane to change course. listen. >> this is chinese navy you are approaching our military alert zone. >> all right. i want to bring in cnn chief
7:41 am
national correspondent jim sciutto on board that navy supply plane. are they reacting? >> they are reacting. the anti-thesis. they urge u.s. to think three times before taking action act responsibly, stop moves and acts that the prevent peace and stability instead of the opposite. look at that language. you have ash carter saying make no mistake, we're going to continue to fly surveillance flights, sail ships where we want to. now you have chinese in very explicit terms say, wait a second think three times before you ac. what you're doing is encouraging peace and stability. typically exchanges are mellow. they are diplomatic because they know these things are parsed at every level of the country, public government et cetera. you have both sides, both in their words and their actions,
7:42 am
digging in their heels there over the islands. it's really hard to see how they back down and back down quickly. >> think three times. i don't even know what to think about that. think three times. tell us about this island and why the united states is so concerned. >> this the south china sea. we don't normally talk about it. it feels a million miles away. this is where 60%, almost two-thirds of the world's shipping goes through. these are important shipping lanes. and they are also claimed by several countries, not just china down here claiming these little reeves, vietnam, u.s. has defense treaty with philippines. instead of sailing ships around the reef they are turning piles of rocks in the middle of nowhere, into major islands as you can see there. not just islands with vacation homes on them. they are putting an airstrip. they are putting early warning
7:43 am
radar, they are digging deep harbors. the u.s. view is that looks a lot like you're turning these into military bases. that is a direct threat in the u.s. view not just to shipping but the presence of the u.s. military in that part of the world. that's important to american national security say u.s. officials. the other point ash carter made in his comments yesterday. he said listen we're not the only ones who want to be there. you have a lot of countries in that region philippines, vietnam asking for u.s. to be there as well they don't want to be bullied by china. china's view u.s. is bullying them. when you have that kind of diametrically view on the ground it makes it very difficult to find a diplomatic off-ramp. this is a real potential conflict. >> all right. jim sciutto, thanks so much. appreciate it. tart ling details, pilot arrested. officials say he was drunk when the accident happened. his preteenager son was on the plane with him at the time.
7:44 am
renee rene marsh our aviation consultant. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this man accused of being drunk in the cockpit, crushed in melbourne and had his preteen son on board. here he is. we have a shot of this man's mug shot. he's 57-year-old christopher hall. they say he asked air traffic control for clearance to enter the runway. but that request, for reasons unknown at this point, was denied. but he started to move that aircraft anyway towards that restricted area that runway. take a listen to air traffic controllers. they are clearly very frustrated as they order the plane and the pilot to stop it appears hall was defiant. take a listen. >> where are you going, sir? 32 mic, turn your engines off.
7:45 am
twin cessna 32 mike turn your engines off. kill your engines. >> faa says this private plane ran off the runway through a ditch before hitting a satellite dish on the airport's grounds. we do know that hall has been charged with reckless operation of a vessel and child abuse with great harm. we do know that this is one of the -- at least one of those charges a felony and he was released on $4,000 bond. we want to also point out that this airport is a mix of general aviation as well as commercial flights, carol. >> all right. rene marsh, reporting live from washington. thank you. still to come from the newsroom talk about a text mess the message that can shut down your iphone next.
7:46 am
>> i started coming who are in '55. >> people that have been coming here have been coming forever. >> it hasn't changed. >> i have yet to find traveling around the united states anything like it. eight lanes inside a basement old timey bar, everybody knows each other. >> right up there is a lot of money. >> right. we had local regular went overseas. when i come back i want to make sure i have a dollar. it started there, now people caught on here. >> i bring people from out of town here just to sit down have a beer a hamburger, and i say, this is what st. paul is all about. >> it's a nice close community around here. >> embarrassing yourself on television by showing america what a crappy bowler you are is something you have to have big shoulders to handle. some of the best fries you'll
7:47 am
taste. gorgeous bowling alley grill burger heavily. >> somehow i just got cheated out of a lot of points. let's see how we did, shall we? 122. they say you should be able to bowl your weight. with me that's not happening.
7:48 am
thanks for the ride around norfolk!
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there's a text message you never want to get on your iphone that's because it will crash it. is there any way i can prevent my cell from receiving this text? >> reporter: no carol, you're lucky i don't have your phone number. i've been testing this out all morning on my colleagues. i can assure you, it works. what it is you can send this certain text message, it's a string of arabic characters certain words, if you send this text message, you don't have to open, this the person's phone will automatically shut off and reboot after 15 seconds. carol. >> so why are people doing this? >> you know right now it's a
7:52 am
bit of a prank. this kind of emerged on reddit someone discovered it was a problem with ios, it's a bug. right now people are doing it to their friends, it's kind of funny. >> it's not funny. >> it's not funny if you're on an important fall doing something important on your phone. apple has addressed this. i want to read what they said. they said we're aware of the imessage issue. we'll make a fix available in a software update. that cannot come too soon carol, i'm telling you this. this one is a lot of fun. this isn't something that's a horrific hack. >> quit saying it's a lot of fun. >> i've got to tell you, it doesn't do any permanent damage. let me tell you this if you tweak the code the message, which i'm not saying anyone should do and i'm not going to tell you how, you have to be very, very careful with this because it can permanently disable imessage and you have to
7:53 am
delete messages for years to get it back. have you to be careful with this. a lot of kids are having fun with this. i hope apple will get this together and updates it seriously. i'll stop saying it's fun, carol. >> thank you. i'm never giving you my number ever. thank you, laurie. still to come russian president vladimir putin says america should butt out of soccer's corruption scandal.
7:54 am
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light. liberty mutual insurance.
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active flax accidentalanthrax accidentally shipped to korea. the samples originated at a lab in utah. four lab workers in the united states and at least 22 overseas are being treated for anthrax exposure. officials say the public is not at any risk though. world soccer fifa opens its annual meeting. the president sepp blatter set to speak moments from now addressing the group for the first time since officials were arrested yesterday. meantime vladimir putin is stepping into the fray defending fifa's president sepp blatter and slamming the united states for, quote, spreading its jurisdiction to other countries. cnn sports anchor following
7:58 am
this. i don't mean to laugh. russia hosts world cup soon. it's kind of afraid of maybe losing it i don't know. >> maybe they should be. we're going to hear from sepp blatter in moments at 11:00 a.m. we'll see if he says anything. first of all, putin said this whole fifa scandal will for the have any impact on his country's plan to host 2018 world cup, even though there are accusations, carol, fifa officials were paid off so the country could host it. yes, putin is taking jabs saying u.s. meddled in fifa affairs, saying trying to take world cup away. saying it odd they launched probe when it doesn't involved citizens. >> the world cup. >> let's be clear, it does involve u.s. citizens. two of the 14 who have been charged are u.s. citizens. also money laundering and wire fraud that has allegedly occurred. a lot of this is involving u.s. banks. so it does involve the u.s. and it's right -- >> the attorney general making
7:59 am
that clear in the press conference yesterday, right? i know fifa sponsors are reacting at the moment. what are they doing? >> they are reacting. none of them have pulled this sponsorships yet. they are basically saying they are going to reassess things if they find out what they think they are doing to find out. if they did, we're talking serious money here carol. to get perspective, there's a consulting firm research firm that estimated over the past four years, companies like adidas visa paid an average of $32 million per year for partnership deals with fifa. then you have companies like coca-cola, mcdonald's, budweiser forked over an average of $19 million each. we're talking about $1.6 billion fifa pocketed from major sponsors from 2011 to 2015 according to this ieg and their estimates. visa released a strong statement last night and said quote, it's important fifa makes changes now. should fifa fail to do so we will inform them we will
8:00 am
reassess our sponsorship. what type of changes are we talking about? are they asking sepp blatter to step down? we'll see if he steps down. >> interesting news conference. thanks to you. thank you so much. thank you for joining me carol costello at this hour. berman and bolduan starts now. kvapil evacuations under way, hundreds of texans leaving their homes behind as floodwaters keep rising and another round of storms is on the way. we will take you there live. anthrax by fedex. the u.s. military sending live anthrax through the mail. now dozens of people across several states are being monitored. how did this happen and who is at risk? >> just moment from now, a new republican candidate jumps into the presidential race as a brand-new poll shows five times the intrigue five times the fun, a five-way


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