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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 29, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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a friend of mine make the flag up for me, and he told me after that that it was one of the hardest things he's ever done because he knows even more people on that flag than i do. >> so absolutely beautiful. so absolutely beautiful, josh jepherson, got to go. talk again when you do it next year. shall we? thank you so much. i'm brooke baldwin, thanks for being with me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. will burying the nsa surveillance program stop the president from stopping isis or are these just scare tactics from a surveillance state? i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the national lead president obama trying to save a controversial law that allows the government to collect data from you and me ornary americans. information the president says the u.s. needs to stop isis here at home. abroad meanwhile, isis fighters blowing up bombs in themselves in the center of baghdad. also in national -- the texas tragedies triggered by
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flooding just keep coming. more deaths in houston as radar shows another storm rolling into town. and then the politics lead -- for nine years this man was two heartbeats away from the highest office in chbt land. now former house speaker dennis hastert, republican illinois indicted. feds say he agreed to pay $3.5 million to someone to compensate for and hush up "something." what possible skeleton could he have in his closet that would take millions of dollars to hide? good afternoon, everyone. i'm jake tapper. breaking nugz in the national lead president obama and attorney general lynch sequestered in the west wing as we speak currently strategizing how to rescue the nsa's bulk surveillance program from what seems like an uncertain death at the u.s. senate. camped out on the west lawn in
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d.c. this meeting started an hour ago. what is the white house's plan to salvage these sections of the patriot act that the president insists are absolutely critical to national security? >> reporter: right. we will hear from the president today on this. this is maybe no surprise to anyone truly down to the wire and this is the white house's last push. they've been contacting members of the senate. they've also been ramping up their rhetoric almost trying to shame members of the senate into keeping these parts of the patriot act up and running that are set to expire. one of them of course is the bulk collection of americans' phone data by the federal government but it appears that the senate is only about three votes short of approving a bill already passed by the house. a bipartisan bill that simply takes that collection responsibility out of the hands of the government and puts it on the phone companies. so the white house keeping saying well the controversial part the bulk collection of
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that data that's been taken care of in this bipartisan bill. what the white house is saying today is there's no rational reason for the senate to keep holding this up. that they need to pass this bill and not doing so is in their words, national security russian roulette. jake. >> michelle kosinski at the white house. stay there. back to you soon as we hear from president obama. meanwhile, the potential sun setting of those provisions in the nsa act and pate trick act and data in that comes at the fact that the loss could worsen a dark landscape in the battle guess isis. the fbi saying yesterday even with the patriot act in place they cannot keep tabs on would-be terrorists here in the united states. the department of homeland security chief jayeh johnson says nearly lyly 500 joins the terrorist group. continuing to make gains there and next door in iraq. cnn chief national correspondent
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is closely monitoring threats abroad and here in the u.s. jim sciutto, expanding in the middle east not just iraq and syria? >> reporter: no question. in the starkest terms a good week for isis and bad for the anti-isis coalition for isis's you have these attacks outside of its bases in iraq and syria. in libya and saudi arabia along with the gain the victory, in taking ramadi from iraqi forces and the question is does this expose broader problems in the fight against isis led by the u.s.? across the middle east this is isis on the offensive. in saudi arabia claiming responsibility for a deadly bombing on a shiite mosque. the second attack in the kingdom in the last week. in libya, a growing base of support, the group says it captured part of a civilian airport. and in baghdad, two massive suicide bombs on two prominent hotels. a shocking strike inside iraq's
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highly protected capital. leaving shattered windows and a rattled government. >> the regime in baghdad is very much on the defensive, because of the gains that isis has made in ramadi and anbar province and in syria, in damascus. there's been a very important shift in the last couple of weeks. >> reporter: isis attacks both inside and outside its bases in iraq and syria -- [ sirens ] -- a worrying sign for the u.s.-led anti-isis coalition. islamic militants have also taken over areeha syria. one of the last under control of president bashar al aside. his regime teetering. >> they believe that they are the true army of islam that is coming to save islam. and you know that also kind of explains their violence and brutality. anybody who stands in our way, this is what we will do to you.
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>> reporter: with iraqi forces overwhelmed, the u.s. is now considering arming sunni tribes in anbar province directly. >> arming the sunni, the kurds, arming the army arming any side in iraq who will fight against isis will be welcome. >> reporter: john allen who leads the anti-isis coalition for the u.s. called isis recent gains tactical momentum saying though that the u.s. and its partners still has the upper hand in the fight and it's going to take time. when you look at the events of the last couple weeks you see there needs to be a policy review. the question the small tweaks to the plan? or bigger changes to get the upper hand again? >> jim, stay right there. i want to note as the middle east is seemingly spiraling out of control, there is another big threat. the obama administration forced to confront a threat from a sleeping giant and, jim, you just got back from china onboard a u.s. navy flight scoping out china's military buildup on these man-made islands, and now
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this morning weapons spied from that exact plane have suddenly vanished. what's going on here? >> reporter: here's the thing. when we were flying this flight the real concern of the pentagon has been, one china is manufacturing land 600 miles from its shore. that's already a concern. the next concern, their militarizing those islands and there's evidence of that. as we were flying a two-mile long air strip, long enough to accommodate any chinese aircraft deep radar, the next step you'll see weapons turn up aircraft et cetera. now in the last week the surveillance photos have shown there are indeed weapons on some of these islands. artillery within range threatens vietnamese positions. not u.s. aircraft still, hard evidence that they have taken, already taken steps to militarize. interesting, i'm told by the pentagon that since the flight that we took those artillery pieces have either been removed or hidden. so the idea of publicizing the u.s. surveillance of these areas
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and making the world aware that this is happening has caused china at least in this case possibly to make a bit of a change. whether hiding it though or actually removing the weapons is still an open question. >> let's talk about the threat from china here. bring in dr. michael pillsbury, long time defense official former head of china policy for the pentagon and author of the new book "the 100 year marathon: china's secret strategy to replace america as the global superpower." doctor thank you for being here. for viewers who maybe have not been paying that much attention to what's going on with china right now tell them as i think your book title highlights, why should they care? what's going on that's so important? >> the threat of war is one reason to care. moving into a full-scale crisis the american defense secretary asked china on tuesday to stop this construction. on wednesday and thursday the
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american government said please don't fortify or please promise you won't fortify these areas. military movements in china's past have been messages that are precursors to the use of force. so the chinese ambassador here yesterday pretty much explicitly warned the obama administration and criticized the cnn crew being on the plane as a provocative -- sort of a major provocation. i'm not sure if they're attacking cnn or the pentagon for inviting cnn to go onboard, but moving towards a military crisis is something that the audience ought to be concerned about. >> and, jim, explain what is the importance of the south china sea? why would the u.s. seemingly come to the brink of risking a, some sort of military confrontation? >> reporter: seems a million miles away on the other side of the planet but two-thirds 60%, of the world trade goes through the china sea and on through the straits, a major trading path here. plus an area where the u.s. has
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shown its military presence for decades. since world war ii. and it's something, of course the u.s. position is it's not only a u.s. decision to do that but allies and other nations in the region want it. it's helped keep peace there, both a business motivation trade motivation and motivation in projection of power and keeping peace in the region. you have china plunking down literally manufacturing island 600 miles from its shore. well beyond the 100 mimes or so recognized as part of your zone of ipnfluence and apparently making in effect unsinkable aircraft carriers there. that is seen as a threat not just a trade, but to american influence there, which then puts u.s. in direct conflict with china. >> and, doctor do you actually this this will come down to a military confrontation? the u.s. doesn't seem to be in the mood to start any new wars these days? >> despite what the chinese of
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accusing us of provoking this crisis we're not. we're trying to enforce 100-year doctrine of international law of the sea. we don't recognize these fortifications as anything. we can technically speaking our navy can sail right up to the dock and get off, or over fly them as much as we want. it's not a new principle to provoke china. it's a very old law of the sea a principle that goes back to the british. the problem is if they succeed in fortifying the entire south china sea, as jim says it's the artery the most important global sort of chokehold of oil shipments in that we can imagine. >> yeah. >> they don't force phi it now. they can't stop traffic going through. they don't know what's there necessarily, but they're moving towards in a military situation would be control of the south china sea. >> >> reporter: the thing that comes up when i speak to officials, you don't have to make a decision to go to war, but you put navy ships close to u.s. and chinese ships, one cuts
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off the other. a collision, airplane gets too close to another. remember that happened 15 years ago. >> 2001 u.s. military personnel. >> and does that escalate? >> a doctrine of warning strikes in a crisis they call it -- [ speaking in foreign language ] the kind of thing they would do to not with a cnn crew onboard, god forbid do it to send a message. but if our ship or plane has been attacked president obama is handcuffed. has to do something to respond. can't say, gee, a misunderstanding. >> thank you both so much. in our politics lead he was known as the squeaky clean one. now former speaker of the house dennis hastert facing charges of lying to the fbi and hiding thousands in bank withdrawals. the real question -- what was he trying to hide paying $3.5 million in hush money jp new details. stay with us.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. time for our politics lead in a massive fall from grace for a prominent politician dennis hastert, former speaker of the house, second in line to the presidency from 1999 to 2006 has been indicted on charges that he lied to the fbi about alleged hush money used to cover up what prosecutors referred to as "past misconduct." the sheer amount of hush money is making everyone want to know what could he have possibly done? right to cnn justice correspondent pamela brown. pamela what's the longest running republican house speaker accused of actually having done? >> reporter: we've learns from sources briefed on the investigation the former speaker of the house dennis hastert paying a former student to keep quiet about allegations of sexual misconduct from the time when hastert was a teacher and wrestling coach in illinois. >> i do hope that i have left a
1:18 pm
few footprints behind. >> reporter: he was the longest serving republican speaker of the house. now highse's accused by the justice department of lying to the fbi about alleged hush money. >> the reason he became speaker because of his pristine reputation. squeaky clean. >> reporter: hastert abruptly resigned but yet to respond publicly to the allegations. the indictment says hastert agreed to pay an unnamed individual $3.5 million to cover up his past misconduct. the indictment does not specify what the misconduct was leading to much speculation about what he may be hiding. the fbi did say hastert lied to authorities when questioned saying he was keeping the cash for himself but authorities say he was actually giving the money to silence someone else he knew when a yorkville, illinois high school teacher and wrestling coach. >> who would have guessed a
1:19 pm
wrestling coach from kendall county in illinois would be the longest serving republican speaker of the house. >> reporter: according to court records, the investigation started two years ago when the fbi started investigating mystery transactions made by hastert. bank withdrawals more than $950,000. the fbi alleged several of the withdrawals were less than $10,000, so he could evade irs detection. >> banks have an obligation to record when you are withdrawing close to $10,000 and there's a pattern of doing this. it's called structuring. that's why they would be looking into this. >> reporter: we've been told by the department of justice he has not been arrested because he does not pose a flight risk or a danger to the community. it's unclear when he will appear before a federal judge. again, we are learning from these sources that this was sexual misconduction, allegations he was trying to cover up according to authorities. it's important to note here that asking people why wasn't that specified in the indictment? i'm told because the charges he's facing don't necessarily
1:20 pm
relate direct lip to the misconduct. >> all right. pamela brown, thanks. joining me to talk about the indictment of the former house speaker, senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin. hastert's in trouble for allegedly lying to the fbi trying to hide hush money he was taking out of the bank but the indictment does not say what the misconduct was although pamela reported it has to do with a former student and alleged sexual misconduct. is this like the feds going an al capone for tax evasion? in other words, this is what they could get him on? >> not necessarily, because investigation of currency transaction reports, that's what those forms that the banks are required to file for large cash transactions that's been going on for decades. i prosecuted that was the kind of case i prosecuted when assistant united states attorney and it's really just a matter of course that banks report to law enforcement when there are suspicions patterns of -- of --
1:21 pm
of cash transactions. when there are -- when they are filed and when transactions are structured in a way to avoid those requirements. what happened here it appears is that the fbi was informed ptthe fbi went to hastert and hastert told them what frankly seem as ridiculous story, using's money for himself and even more incredibly that he didn't trust the banking still. why he was taking out so much money. >> this alleged sexual misconduct against a former student. theoretically it might have been criminal. i suppose also a possible statute of limitations on such a charge? >> certainly there's, those are both possibilities. there's also a possible defense here which is an extortion defense, which hastert could say, look, this guy came to me making outrageous false accusations but to protect my family i decided to pay him this money. that is a theory a defense that
1:22 pm
could be tried in front of a jury. it's got plenty of potential problems you know why didn't you just go to law enforcement like david letterman did when he was extorted? why didn't you -- why did you have to lie to the fbi about it? but you know an extortion defense certainly is possible here. >> jeff do you expect former speaker hastert to do any jailtime if found guilty? >> you know i think a lot of that depends on whether he goes to trial or not. i think if he cuts a deal if there's a plea bargain, i think it's extremely unlikely that he will do jailtime but if he does go to trial and if this turns into an ugly, long, drawn out fight, where the justice department you know has to throw everything it has at him and all of this dirty laundry gets aired, i do think he could do some jailtime. >> jeff lastly is it illegal to pay somebody hush money? if speaker hastert hadn't allegedly lied to investigators
1:23 pm
and hadn't tried to hide the money being withdrawn, would it have been legal to just have given $3.5 million to this former student and that would have been fine? >> based on what i know now i think it would have been perfect perfectly legal. we can give money to anyone we want basically for almost any reason. there might be some gift tax implications but that's not a criminal matter. the charge here exclusively relates to the currency transaction reports. the structuring of the money, and -- and the lying to the fbi. if he had simply written a check to this person and that was the end of it i think -- i don't think there's any possibility we would be here in a criminal matter at all. >> jeffrey toobin thank you so much. coming up the rain refusing to let up in texas. highways turned into lakes. rivers overflowing their banks and expected to get worse over
1:24 pm
the weekend. and plus clet ral damage. the mushd rer who killed 12 people in a mother theater talking about the horrific act. his lawyer says he's mentally ill. now a doctor says no. he knew exactly what he was doing. >> this is the case of the people of the state of colorado versus james -- (music) boys? (music) stop less, go more. the passat tdi clean diesel
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. our nshl lead today, the deluge of rain and rising rivers killing more texans. an 87-year-old man now the seventh killed in houston alone. his body found after many attempted water rescues this morning. high waters stranded many for hours. traffic backed up for miles. in the same area car can after
1:29 pm
car submerged in the water. crews had more than 270 water rescues just in the dallas area. further south, the town of wharton we told you about yesterday are manner to evacuations and the rising colorado river could push water into homes and overpower everyone in its path. joining us from houston, dan, this call for more rain created a dire situation. >> reporter: no question about it jake. the wettest month in history for the state of texas is salve to get even wetter with more rains forecast and the fear more residential streets could look just like this one and with what we saw in dallas it's clear that this flooding has touched many aspects of the state. a highway turned into a parking lot near dallas this morning. the rains coming down so fast the freeway urn itting into a lake. and a desperate rescue mission for a police officer stuck in the same downpour. a helicopter pulls him to safety.
1:30 pm
same story in oklahoma where water rushed in taking cars with it. >> we didn't know that this was a flood zone. now my car's all drowned. >> reporter: cars are one thing, but check out these homes in liberty, texas, surrounded entirely by water. and folks in the rural community forced to herd animals through the marsh using an airboat. and just as some communities clean up the mess that left hundreds of thousands in ruins, authorities fear the worst may not be over. >> i would like to say it is but i'm not sure the worst is over because of the way that the weather is running. and we are so saturated in almost all parts of texas. >> reporter: homeowners in houston clearing soaked furniture and belongings destroyed by a rushing wall of water. >> we need a place to live. we have to find that so we're not moving around a lot. right now relying on friends. >> reporter: one of the victims includes the ceo of the houston red cross. now facing his own personal disaster. >> you told me the hardest thing about going through all of this is that you can't do your job today? >> that's correct.
1:31 pm
it feels very displaced to not be able to help lead the disaster response here in houston when i know that our community is in need and i'm here doing my own cleanup here. >> reporter: and back here in highlands, texas, where i'm standing in the middle of a residential street you can see that mailbox behind me the water level has come up in the few hours we've been here. but the homes here they're on stilts. they're used to flooding in this area. these homeless not flood nap. that is not the case in wharton, texas, now under, jake a mandatory evacuation order. 300 homes now under that evacuation order affecting about 1,000 residents and the town has opened up a junior high school for people that may need a place to go. jake? >> that's right. the colorado river runs west of the town i believe. dan simon, thank you so much. appreciate it. president obama just finished huddling with his attorney general loretta lynch, much of their conversation we're told focuses on the nsa
1:32 pm
surveillance program and what the white house will do when the laws enable the bulk collection of data expire sunday night. we're about to hear from president obama himself on the matter. i want to get right to cnn's michelle kosinski at the white house. michelle, the president warned that this law expiring could have dire consequences when it comes to national security but have they provided any evidence of this or is this just potentially the surveillance state making a claim for more power? >> reporter: right. that's the tough part. the white house has ramped up its rhetoric over national security being at risk. if this reform bill isn't passed it was already passed by the house. they're complaining that the senate has no real ration's reason not to pass this because it would protect national security in the view of the white house and also protect americans' privacy and take the collection of bulk phone data for example, out of the hands of the government and into private phone companies who collect that data for their business records anyway. the thing is though as you mentioned, the government has not been able to produce a
1:33 pm
single example of a time or a case when these programs not just the bulk data collection but a couple other things set to expire certain wiretap provisions have saved the day, have thwarted terrorism. asked further, can you at least explain a case where they helped things? the white house response has been that he's cases involve classified material. they're not going to share those campbells. in our view you think they would have at least one where they could point to something concrete's and say, this here's an example of why we need these programs but they're not doing that. what they're saying are, these are key tools. they're critical elements of a case. they may not solve the case or lead to stopping a bomb plot or something like that but there are no less important. the white house calls them critical. maybe the most important one to expire seems to be roving wiretaps. they would be used on a suspect that keeps switching cell
1:34 pm
phones. well, the government says there is no other way, other than this patriot act provision, for them to track somebody like that as efficiently or as quickly. that seems like something you could really point to. as for the other provisions though there are other ways of getting that info in some cases, just might not be the best path or the easiest path for the government and in the case of boat collection -- >> michelle hold on a second. sorry. we're getting the feed now from the white house. >> reporter: sounds good. >> take a listen. >> good. >> attorney general lynch and i just discussed a wide range of issues and at the regular meetings that i have with some of my top cabinet members, and we discussed issues of cyber security. we discussed the important role that the fbi and the justice department play in our counterterrorism efforts, as well as discussing issues like
1:35 pm
community policing and human trafficking, but i thought this would be a good opportunity before we break for the weekend to just remind everyone that on sunday at midnight a whole bunch of authorities that we use in order to prevent terrorist attacks in this country expire. now, fortunately the house of representatives was able to put forward a piece of legislation, the uss usa freedom act that received overwhelming bipartisan support and what it does is not only continue authorities that currently exist and are not controversial -- for example, the capacity of the fbi for our other law enforcement agencies to use what's called a roving
1:36 pm
wiretap wiretap. so if we know there's an individual who where there's probable cause, that that individual might be engaged in a terrorist act, but is switching cell phones we can move from cell phone to cell phone. not a controversial provision. those authorities would be continued. what the usa freedom act also does is it reforms the bulk data collection program that has been of significant concern and that i promised we could reform over a year and a half ago. so we now have democrats and republicans in both the house and the senate who think this is the right way to go. we've got our law enforcement, national security teams and civil liberties proponents and advocates who say this is the right way to go. the only thing that's standing in the way is a handful of senators who are resisting these
1:37 pm
reforms, despite law enforcement and the i.c. saying let's go ahead and get this done. so we've only got a few days. these authorities expire on sunday at midnight. and i don't want us to be in a situation in which for a certain period of time those authorities go away and suddenly we're dark, and heaven forbid we've got a problem where we could have prevented a terrorist attack or apprehended someone who is engaged in dangerous activity but we didn't do so simply because of inaction in the senate. so i've indicated to leader mcconnell and other senators i expect them to take action and take action swiftly. that's what the american people deserve. and this is not an issue in which we have to choose between security and civil liberties.
1:38 pm
this is an issue in which we, in fact, have struck the right balance and chapshaped a piece of legislation that everybody can support. so let's go ahead and get it done. all right? >> mr. president, do you have a reaction -- >> thank you. >> -- and [ inaudible ]. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for -- thank you, guys. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, guys. >> [ inaudible ] satisfiesed -- >> thank you. >> thank you, guys. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, everyone. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you, everyone. thank you. that was moments ago in the west wing of the white house. president obama, the oval office sitting with his attorney general loretta lynch talking about the need for the u.s. senate to authorize a renewal of these provisions in the patriot act that allow the national security agency to conduct surveillance here domestically. cnn chief national correspondent
1:39 pm
jim chute oh issciutto is here. these provisions are set to expire sunday night, midnight. i have covered president obama since he was senator obama. seen him campaign for himself, for other people seen him campaign for legislation. this is the selling job for something he says is vital to protect the american people? a pool spray on friday afternoon? >> listen it hasn't been very sharp since the beginning, because remember going back to when edward snowden first revealed the phone meda data program, early on remember this talking point? 50 terror plots 24 warted by this program? that number talking pointing disappeared, because actually it wasn't demonstrated by facts. watered down to one guy who sent $8,500 to somalia, specifically netted in the meda data program. this is one of the criticisms that led to the opposition here that there are other tools that the nsa and u.s. intelligence can use to nab these guys other
1:40 pm
than meda data. most controversial. others are less controversial. the president referred to them. a roving cell phone power, for instance. because one of the troubles is these guys are smart enough to switch their cell phone numbers and constantly change them because they know the nsa is listening and that's something less controversy. meda data more controversy. the president mention add fix to move the meda data from the government's hands, keeping the phone companies hands, and the government would have to use a warrant to get in there and the trouble is though it that message, mixed in all this because some of these could be easy selling points. particular will when you and i are talking every day about the threat of isis plots here in the u.s. >> that's what i really don't understand. they have the tools ahead of the cia, head of the national security agency head of the director of national intelligence. all of these people loretta lynch, who could be on television all day, all week talking about the need for these programs and i haven't seen them. i guess loretta lynch did an
1:41 pm
interview last week. that's about it. >> i'm wib you. thought they would come around and lo and behold haven't come around and now we're 48 hours from the deadline. >> exactly. jim sciutto, and michelle kosinski at the white house. thank you. and also watching the colorado theater shooting trial. jurors hearing from the murderer himself in a recorded conversation with the psychiatrist. the doctor says he is not mentally ill, but a confession about homicidal thoughts is getting a lot of attention today. we'll cover that next. stay with us. erwaterer. she claims he's a cruel underwaterer. with miracle-gro moisture control potting mix, plants only get water when they need it. fight ended. or shifted? miracle-gro. life starts here. quiet! mom has a headache! had a headache! but now, i...don't. excedrin® is fast. in fact for some, relief starts in just 15 minutes. excedrin®. wow, that was fast.
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welcome back to "the lead." inside the mind of a murderer. jurors right now hearing defendant james holmes describe in his own words the horrific aurora colorado movie theater shootings. videos with meetings with his psychiatrist played in court today. he regrets the killings and cries before he goes to sleep at night. he has admitted to killing 12 people and his lawyers say he had a psychotic episode that day he walked into the crowded movie theater in the summer's 2012. live from denver joining me what does the psychiatrist who met with him say about his
1:46 pm
mental state at the time of the shootings? >> reporter: jake, he concluded holmes was sane and new right from wrong. dr. william reid interviewed holmes 22 hours all part of a mental evaluation ordered by the court, no the on behalf of the defense or prosecution, and it was all videotaped and so far the jury has only seen four or fire hours of this 22-hour long videotape and we're just getting too the heart or meat of the interview where we hear him talking about a hatred for mankind and it wasn't a angry hatred nor like for broccoli that stems from his shy personality. feels uncomfortable around other people other than his family and revealed he suffers from depression particularly after he broke up with his girlfriend just months before the shooting in 2012, and listen to what he says after that.
1:47 pm
>> -- depression. >> did you think about hurting yourself or killing yourself? >> ah, no. >> any other time of depressions did you think about hurting yourself or killing yourself? >> no. >> how about hurting or killing other people? >> ah, yeah. [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: now it's important to note this interview session happened about two years after the shooting. this was just last july when the mental evaluation took place and dr. reid said at the time of their interview holmes was on medications, antipsychotic medication and an antidepressant. how he presents himself in this videotape may be differ than like at the time of the shooting. jake? >> in the video the defendant talk be a the actual day of the shootings back in 2012. what did he have to say?
1:48 pm
>> reporter: we're still waiting to hear direct questioning about the shooting. yes, he has at least mentioned briefly the shooting. holmes brought it up himself, in fact as dr. reid was asking about an interaction holmes had with his parents and wenninger it was emotional when they came to visit him at jail after arrested. holmes said it wasn't emotional. he says what brings tears to your eyes? he says regrets. specifically he regrets the shooting. jake? >> ana cabrera, thank you very much. and outrage. outrage growing after more than 1,000 workers have died there, building state of the art stadiums for the games. disgrace of fifa in qatar is next.
1:49 pm
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welcome block to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. breaking news in our money lead. creator of a hugely successful and potentially dangerous text start-up learned moments ago he will spend the rest of his life in prison. 31-year-old ross allbrict creator of a dark online place silk road like instead of shopping for pots and tvs, use es go there to shop for pot and lsd. the site paved the way for a virtual free for all for online drug kingpin, silk operated the so-called deep web, you might think of it as kind of like the cd back alleys of the internet few of us ever know about much less dare to explore. he in1i679s he was not the true mastermind of the silk road site believed to have generated an estimated $213 million in sales. turning to our sports lead after the massive takedown straight out of a mob movie this week sepp blatter, president of the scandal plagued soccer
1:54 pm
organization fifa to no surprise re-elected to a fifth term today. the man in charge of the world's most popular sport returning a "nonprofit" organization. filled with alleged corruption and bribery, yet somehow, he managed to escape the long arm of the law. let's get right to cnn senior international correspondent in switzerland. did blatter face a challenge when it came to his re-election here at fifa? >> reporter: you know not really. prince ali bin hussein put up a good fight. a lot of support from europeans. 73. but blatter 133 out of 206 people casting votes. pretty clear which way most people were going. africans generally the asians football associations they were all behind blatter. in a way, prince ali really didn't stand a chance, jake. >> and, nick blatter's vowing to clean up the sport. any confidence fifa can police
1:55 pm
itself after this most recent scandal? >> reporter: oh he's incredibly confident, himself. and it appears that a lot of other members of fifa are, but you only have to listen to uafa one of the leading members saying that essentially the man has been put in charge of fifa now is not fit to lead. the world football organization. you've heard various people from the british prime minister saying blatter should leave, that he isn't the man to lead the organization angela merkelllor as well. saying he isn't capable. he has done it, and they voted for him. he says if they work together they can do it. a lot of eyes rolling. we'll wake up blatter will have a press conference and lay out his vision for the future. perhaps the law will catch up with him. 14 indictments so far. this is the beginning. who knows?
1:56 pm
maybe they'll get more information on blatter and maybe a knock on his door soon jake? >> thanks. protestors in front of zurich where the vote was held. two countries not exactly beacons of human rights. what does it take to make sure enough stadiums are built to host the gulf games in the states' swelters heat? thousands worked forced to live and work in deplorable even deadly conditions. now after this week's scandal, fief app critics shine an even brighter light on the dark and ugly side of the beautiful game. >> reporter: fifa is supposed culture of corruption is international sport's worst kept secret. this is the group that chose qatar to hose the world cup. >> 122 degrees fahrenheit. you are hosting the world cup somewhere where soccer cannot physically be played.
1:57 pm
>> the most deadly middle east construction project since this one. >> reporter: the sparking outrage among comedians, bribery is taking a human toll. 5,200 for the world matches? qatar. not the number of fans or spectator, the number of workers expected to die building the infrastructure for the games by 2022. according to the international trade union confederation. the group says at least 1,200 deaths have already stemmed from the heat and the living conditions workplace accidents, and other causes. >> the crisis of the day is a crisis of corruption and graft that is on full display for the world. but the crisis of the next eight years is going to be coffins going home to families in south asia. >> reporter: most of the workforce in qatar comes from outside the tiny nation.
1:58 pm
many from nepal, returned to families in coffins such as this. >> they've left their homes to try to work for a better life. once they get to qatar they're finding situations that in many cases amount to forced labor and modern day slavery. >> reporter: they work under the kafala sim, relying on employers for housing, passports and money and even permission to leave the country. of course it feels like prison this worker says. nobody likes it but we have no choice. >> if your employer is abusive or forces you to work long hours, to live in squalid conditions there's really nothing you can do about it. >> reporter: fifa could have done something. like not an estimated $200 billion project buy a history of human rights abuse but according to several published reports, bribes took precedent. qatar recently instituted workplace reforms but critics are unconvinced.
1:59 pm
last year workers are the responsibility of the companies who hire them not of fifa. fans are speaking up. artists online are hosting altered logos such as these to draw the attention of sponsors. visa and adidas expressed concern saying their urging fifa to take action. wednesday five former and current players called for change in an open letter to the guardian writing we stand with the workers in qatar. so while we're all terribly offended by the $150 million in alleged bribes and the fact that fifa executives allegedly live like czars, there may be something slightly more offensive about the activities of our friends at the international soccer organization. make sure to follow me on twitter @xbrak tapperjaketapper and subscribe to be our magazine on flipboard. i'm jake tapper. turning you over to one mr. wolf blitzer in "the situation room." have a great weekend.
2:00 pm
-- captions by vitac -- happening now. plaming congress. president obama sends a blunt message to lawmakers. don't endanger the country for forcing the shutdown of a crucial patriot act program. will terrorists be emboldened if servers are switched off this weekend. sights on baghdad. a bear of deadly bombings in iraq's capital city claimed by isis. a reign of terror. plus the state department tells cnn the terrorist featured in a new isis video received counterterrorism training right here in the united states. also breaking-did. stunning allegations in a major extortion scandal against a man who once was second in line to the presidency. sources now tell cnn former house speaker dennis