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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  June 2, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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nn polls out this morning. clinton loses ground as gop contenders try to separate themselves from the pack. call her caitlyn. >> caitlyn doesn't have any secrets. >> she left bruce jenner behind in a glamorous new magazine cover. >> as soon as the "vanity fair" cover comes out, i'm free. >> let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we're following three major hearings on capitol hill this hour. a house committee on foreign affairs is having a hearing of several americans detained in iran. families of the detainees are expected to speak at this hearing. also last month's amtrak crash will be at the forefront of a house transportation and infrastructure committee hearing. issues likely to come up are a need for two-man crews and
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inward facing cameras in train cabs. the irs says more than 100,000 people were affected by a cybercrime which line of scrimmagely original-- likely originated in russia. live pictures of capitol hill. this hour lawmakers are expected to take the first steps to decide whether the toops should be restored. critics like senator rand paul says the agency's ability to collect bulk telephone data on millions of americans violates the constitutions. others argue those tools, which are aimed at catching terrorists are a matter of national security. >> i think we're less safe today than four or five years ago because we have increasingly been tying our own hands and limiting our ability to gather information and that is the key way that we find out about and stop terrorists attacks. >> cnn's athena jones is on
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capitol hill this morning with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. from the looks of our latest cnn/orc poll a lot of americans agree with the congressman whose sound bite you just played. asked if congress should we new the law allowing bulk telephone data collection 61% said yes and 36% said they should not. only 3% had no opinion. what's interesting here is that at about half hour from now, that will be the first vote to end debate on the usa freedom act. that bill effectively ends the bulk data collection program. it takes phone data out of the hands of the government and puts it in the hands of telecommunication companies and requires them to get a warrant to access that data. it does the opposite of what a lot of people in the poll want to see done. there are a lot of people who have had problems with domestic surveillance and wanting to put limits on it. that vote will go down at 10:30.
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the senate will move on to discuss a series of amendments that supporters will say will help strengthen the freedom act and even though they transfer the data that the program would still be effective. the big question there is even if those amendments pass the senate it's not clear that they'll pass the house. we're seeing warnings there. this is not over yet. it could be a couple days at least before the programs that a lot of people want to see put back in place with some reforms. it could be time before they are restored. >> all right. athena jones reporting live from capitol hill this morning. thanks so much. senator rand paul is at it. he calls this debate a victory for personal privacy. in a new usa op-ed, paul rights i don't object to collecting as many records as necessary to catch terrorists. i want to collect more records from terrorists and less from innocent suspicionless americans. for those who cherish the right to be left alone, this is a
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victory. some lawmakers accused paul of playing politics to help bolster his bid for the white house. we'll see. shakeups at the tsa this morning following stunning failures by airport security screeners. the acting tsa chief has been reassigned after an undercover operation by homeland security showed weapons and fake bombs getting through security at a whopping 95%. the results are taken seriously. while disappointing, this is a learning experience for the tsa and they now know where to focus. >> did technology work properly and if not, why not? where the standard operating procedures followed or were they appropriate? and third, were they followed and if not, what type of remedial training needs to be done across the system? >> homeland security secretary jeh johnson made changes
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directing the tsa to revise its screening procedures conduct training and re-evaluate its screening equipment. to florida where republican presidential hopefuls gathered for an economic summit. these are live pictures from the forum where mike huckaby is speaking. jeb bush chris christie bobby jindal and scott walker also on the agenda. marco rubio canceled his appearance due to the senate vote on restoring the nsa surveillance tactics. he'll instead appear in a short video. with less than two weeks until the first major rally of her 2016 campaign hillary clinton will be hitting a few hurdles. that's according to a new cnn/orc poll which shows unfavorable opinions of clinton at the highest levels in 14 years. still, clinton maintains her commanding lead over the rest of the field. 60% say she is their top choice on the democratic side. joe biden and bernie sanders rounding out the top three.
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sanders taking his campaign to the late-night talk shows where he addressed his socialist label. >> you describe yourself as a democratic socialist and that is some would say dangerous thing politically. are you concerned about framing yourself that so many people have a negative connotation. >> i think when people understand that in those countries governments are working for the middle class rather than billionaire class, we get our message across. >> here to talk about that and more cnn senior political correspondent brianna keilar and cnn political director david chalon. welcome to both of you. bernie sanders owns it at least, david. >> that he does. wise for him to get out on late-night tv. he's in a big introductory phase right now.
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he clearly is getting out there and introducing himself to democratic voters and without elizabeth warren in the race he's a little bit of a vehicle for any sort of ideological pure liberal not a fan of hillary clinton have a place to go right now. >> you know who do poorly was martin o'malley. he barely registered. joe biden is not even running and he got 14%. >> he obviously has good name recognition, joe biden, compared to martin o'malley. a few months ago if you asked the clinton campaign who they were worried about, martin o'malley or bernie sanders, they might have been more worried about martin o'malley and now it shows you that bernie sanders is the one at least right now in a position to sort of push hillary clinton to the left a little more and maybe get a little more notices. >> are you saying that hillary clinton is concerned about bernie sanders? >> i'm saying that bernie sanders represents as david said this contingent of the democratic party that's essential for hillary clinton to
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win the general election. so even though you look at him and he has 10% to her 60%, that doesn't mean that you can underestimate sort of what he stands for and what kind of influence that has on hillary clinton. >> all right. david, let's talk about hillary clinton's unfavorability factor. she's supposed to go around and meet with small numbers of people so that they get to know her softer side but is that working? is it not working? what do you make of these numbers? >> i think what you see here is there are two major contributing factors, carol. one, hillary clinton is a politician again now and the country is largely seeing her almost wholly in that role as a politician. not in lofty nonpolitical secretary of state place or former dignitary space, she's in the middle of the fray right now. that's one contributing factor. the other is obviously the last several weeks of constant news stories about clinton foundation
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fund-raising from foreign countries are about her e-mail server or benghazi. these things have cumulative effect that have impacted her image. those two things combined are why you see her unfavorables higher than usual. >> when you are out and about, brianna, because you cover a lot of political events do you find democratic voters yearn for a worthy candidate in the democratic primary besides bernie sanders. >> they do. they want variety. you see that in the poll here that more than half of democrats and independents who lean democratic want someone -- they want some choice rather than just someone who is pushed forward as sort of the front runner which hillary clinton very clearly is when you look at this. if i'm hillary clinton, carol, and i'm looking at these poll numbers and i tell you her campaign aides are downplaying this dip in her favorability rating. what i would be concerned about is when you look at questions about does she inspire
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confidence? down 9% since march. is she honest and trustworthy, down 8% since march. does she care about people like you down 6% since march. these are questions that are very key. voting is an emotional thing. what hillary clinton i would say one of the main goals of her campaign is to say i'm the one to fight for you. i'm the one to fight for your needs. and so i think it just shows that she does have some work cut out for her as she goes into this next phase of her campaign which is going to start a week from saturday. we'll hear her outline some more policy proposals and this is when she really does have to appeal to people and try to make them believe that she is fighting for them. >> all right. i have to leave it there. thanks to both of you. i appreciate it. >> thanks carol. still to come in the "newsroom," new video from china as hundreds of feared dead when a cruise ship capsizes.
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cries for help from trapped survivors could be heard echoing through the hall of a sinking cruise ship in china this morning. this woman was pulled from the murky waters of the yangtze river earlier today. many rescuers are losing hope that many survivors will be found. five bodies have been recovered. the death toll could climb into the hundreds. david mckenzie has more. >> reporter: as hours stretch on and night has fallen they are desperately searching for survivors here in the yangtze river in china. the glow behind me is the staging ground for the search and they had hundreds of people rushing to the scene using their specialist skills to try to find people trapped underneath the water inside that vessel. scores hundreds are still missing. they only managed to pull out a
7:16 am
few alive today and they've only been a few bodies removed. the captain and chief engineer were both able to escape alive. they've been taken into custody now. questions being asked what exactly happened. most traveling onboard were elderly chinese enjoying an 11-day cruise on the famous river here in china. now hope is fading fast that anymore will be brought out alive. carol? >> david mckenzie reporting. this rescue in china as you might expect is proving more difficult because the ship is upside down. one marine expert tells cnn it's not easy for passengers to escape. >> i think another problem that hasn't been mentioned as far as i know regarding the fact that people were elderly is the fact that when the vessel is upside down the natural way to escape anywhere is to go up. the surface is up above you.
7:17 am
in actual fact you're going down inside the ship. to get out you have to go down which in a sense defyies normal logic. >> 438 passengers and crew members still missing right now. more than half of americans think the war against isis is going badly. that's according to a new cnn/orc poll. the current campaign is as unpopular as iraq offensive before the 2011 surge. when asked whose policies are to blame for the problems the u.s. is facing in iraq presidents george w. bush and barack obama are almost tied. 44% blame barack obama and 43% blame president bush. the u.s. has already started delivering anti-tank weapons to iraqi troops to help boost the force's strength as coalition members hammer out a strategy against the terror group during a meeting in paris. let's talk more about that with senior international correspondent nick paton walsh
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some of the replacement air bags -- wait for it -- need to be replaced. a takata executive is expected to testify before congress later today about what's wrong with the newly installed air bags. christine romans -- >> it's the most complex and confusing product recall in american history it's fair to say. you have millions of these air bags that need to be replaced because in some instances people were injured or killed because when the air bag deployed it was like shrapnel going into the car. you can see the animation there. some air bags that may have been re replaced will have to be replaced again because there's something called a bat wing shaped part that may be dangerous. the company updateing congress today. they will say they'll transition
7:24 am
away from this bat wing part but in the meantime replacement bags out there have this part in them. it's a replacement of the replacement. more confusing. more drama for millions of car owners. >> let's say replace my air bag like i was supposed to and now i have to replace it again. how does that happen? >> you'll be at the end of the line. age they have found is part of the problem here for this air bag. the older and more humid area you live is a problem. they think these may be safer than the previous air bag but no one saying that they are 100% safe. you will go to the end of the line. this will take five years. when you do math on how quickly they make replacement parts and transition away interest this bat wing piece in the end and 34 million cars you're talking about years. the big problem for consumer product and auto safety experts is once you have gone through the process of a recall and then you get a second recall notice people become numb to this urgency especially when you can
7:25 am
get in the car and drive and car is working just fine. there's a sense here that people in a few years when they need to get this replace may not feel like they should and it could be a dangerous situation. >> just awful. >> it really is awful. >> christine romans many thanks. i appreciate it. on the heels of protests and rioting, baltimore had its worst month for murders in four decades and it doesn't stop with baltimore. a wave of deadly violence seems to be hitting many of america's biggest cities. cnn's miguel marquez has more. >> reporter: protests and rioting in baltimore and ferguson. anti-police demonstrations from new york to california and now worrying indications violent and deadly crime in some cases on the rise. in new york police now seeking this man who fired off several rounds in brooklyn neighborhood.
7:26 am
a man shot twice but survived. and one of the nation's latest murders, a 23-year-old from the bronx in new york. >> i saw a brother on the floor with a big hole where his heart should have been just pumping blood. >> reporter: police grappling with increased crime worst in places like baltimore that's seen so much protest and violence in recent weeks. the month of may in baltimore, the deadliest in 40 years. in houston, murders up 45% year to year. in chicago, total crime is down but murders and shootings are up. in new york where crime overall is also down murders up nearly 20%. in milwaukee, says "the wall street journal," murders up a staggering 180% this year. the paper also says in los angeles, crime is down but in the south central precinct shootings up 100%. and in st. louis next door to
7:27 am
ferguson missouri 70 homicides this year up more than 30%. peter is a former baltimore cop and current professor of policing. >> if there's a national mood that starts to see police as the bad guys police as the enemy responsible for these problems it makes it a hell of a lot harder to police. one way that cops deal with that is they just stop policing those people. >> reporter: new york city has sharply limited the controversial police tactic of stop and frisk. at its height in 2011 nearly 700,000 mostly black and latinos stopped and searched. so far this year just over 11,000 total but gun crimes in new york now up. are increases in gun crimes tied to a sharp decrease in stop and frisk? >> it's entirely possible that stopping hundreds of thousands of people which has moral and constitutional and legal questions but quite possible a strong deterrent effect on
7:28 am
people carrying guns. if we give that up and people start dying again, we have to come up with plan b. >> reporter: miguel marquez, cnn, new york. >> come up with plan b not so easy. joining me now to discuss this is cnn law enforcement analyst and former nypd detective. thanks for joining me. good to see you. sorry we have to talk about this. >> it's very important. we have crime going through the roof in major cities and i have finally come to the conclusion that the reason we're seeing the crime spike as we've seen it is because of liberal politicians that run the cities. here in new york we've got mayor de blasio and we've got the new york city council. they are handcuffing the police and it's going on in all of these other cities. >> houston? >> houston, too. i know that's a republican mayor, right, but still, they're not giving law enforcement the tools they need to be able to combat this. when you keep on handcuffing
7:29 am
police and they're not out there acting pro-actively to reduce the crime, this is what we get. >> so should we not be concerned? i'm playing devil's advocate. should we not be concerned about constitutional issues? >> we should be. i have no problem with that. police officers shouldn't be out there violating anybody's rights. the fact is there's so much rhetoric out there, police officers are probably holding back a bit on pro-active responses. we had in baltimore where that young man was stopped and eventually died all right, as a result of police work. a young man in a drug prone location known drug dealer that's what police officer stop and now police officers have to be worried about what if i get that guy and i have to chase him down and he resists arrest and something bad happens because of a result of him resisting arrest. that's what police officers are worried about. >> something bad did happen. officers are charged criminally. >> we'll go through the courts and see what happens. i'm fine with that.
7:30 am
>> you have to take into account that too, right? >> sure. you have to take that into account. there are officers out there -- we don't know if this specific instance if officers did anything wrong or not in baltimore but, you know you also have to take into account that police officers are looking at this also and they are saying if i get too pro-active out here this could be me tomorrow. i've got a pension. i've got a family. i've got to worry about that. if politicians would give people the benefit of the doubt before they start jumping to conclusions, then police officers might calm down a little bit. >> is it possible that other factors enter into this too. we know crime is cyclical. sometimes it's high and sometimes it's not. >> not like this. not like this. and we can see countrywide the police officers are being handcuffed and this is a result of that. we see all this rhetoric out there. no more stop and frisk. we do still have stop and frisk in new york city. now they got to do -- we're down 4,000 police officers in new york city since 9/11. the police commissioner wants a
7:31 am
thousand more police officers. de blasio doesn't want to give. city council does. we need more than that. we have to take police officers out of the desk put them out on the street put them in these areas where the crime rates are through the roof. it's a temporary fix. once that happens, they'll pull them out and mayor will say we got crime rate down but as soon as cops leave, crime rate goes back up again. >> i'm just trying to -- replace all of the liberal politicians, right, and that will solve the problem. >> whoever is in office that's handcuffing the police officers all right, and you see it in most of these cities it's liberal and progressive politicians. >> what about protesters out on the streets protesting? don't they have something to do with it? shouldn't their elected officials listen to them too? >> sure they should. what kind of neighborhood do you want to live in? >> always enjoyable to talk to you. i appreciate it. stories we're following now at the bottom of the hour senate getting ready to vote on a new plan to restart the nsa data collections program with some modifications.
7:32 am
this is a live look. after the vote senator rand paul, one of the most outspoken critics of the patriot act could speak once again from the senate floor. we'll keep you posted. nightfall is hampering search efforts for hundreds of missing people off the coast of central china. 458 passengers mostly senior citizens were onboard when this ship sunk. rescuers are tapping on the ship's hull hoping to find any survivors. still to come, shocking debut of caitlyn jenner. some may call it not so shocking. some may call it glamorous. you may not believe this. she needed spy-level security to keep this picture secret. we'll talk about that next.
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a stunning debut by now most of you have seen this "vanity
7:37 am
fair" cover. caitlyn jenner revealing herself to the world. >> the last few days of doing this shoot was about my life and who i am as a person. it's not about the fanfare. it's not about people cheering in the stadium. it's not about going down the street and everybody giving you a pat on the back. this is about your life. >> true to the former olympian's form jenner is breaking records becoming the fastest twitter account to reach 2 million followers in just four hours. as stunning as her debut, perhaps security measures "vanity fair" took to keep details hidden. a single computer was used to write the story and edit the pictures and it never connected to the internet. assets were saved on a thumb drive each night and deleted from the computer. a hand deliverer would get it to
7:38 am
the printer. let's talk about this and more. i'm joined by ken baker and brian stelter. thanks to both of you for being here. i appreciate it. can you guys hear me? i hope so. >> i've got you. >> i can hear you, carol. >> good. i'm just checking to see if gremlins were at work. ken, this is a remarkable moment right? >> i mean really i think the over all reaction was that we saw an instantly iconic "vanity fair" cover and a profound moment for a celebrity who has been in the public eye for most of his adult life who was living a lie and finally had the opportunity to come out and present herself as the person that she really is. i think that it was a profound moment and we saw not just in twitter reaction but president obama reacting to it. it just had a level of pop culture awareness that we really haven't seen with a lot of
7:39 am
stories in a long time. certainly at the e network where i work there's going to be a series following caitlyn's transition this summer and i think that this really did stoke a lot of interest in that series because people sort of who weren't following it closely were sort of caught off guard. whoa. that happened fast. this has been at works for a long time. i know from what i've been told that caitlyn is relieved that yesterday happened. >> definitely. you're right. she certainly did it her way, right. all of the secrecy that "vanity fair" went through to be true to what caitlyn jenner wanted. >> extraordinary measures the magazine took. they worked. how often do you see front pages of newspaper showing off another publication's cover. that almost never happens. it goes to show this is a special moment for "vanity fair" frankly but obviously the focus should be and has been on caitlyn jenner. you look at the 2 million twitter followers, half a
7:40 am
million on facebook, on instagram. she has social megaphones to speak and using the media and "vanity fair" to express what this means for her. this is accelerating acceptance of transgender individuals. i thought that was the best way to put it. accelerating acceptance. that's already happening within the culture. >> so this drama, i'm sure many many people will watch it. how closely is caitlyn jenner connected to that producing-wise? is she controlling everything that will happen on air? >> well caitlyn has worked for years as previously bruce jenner with the production company so there's a level of comfort there with the producers and from what i'm told we're going to find out more about it. at the end of the day what this really is about is that caitlyn jenner is essentially, this is day two. the public is going to take time to get used to this.
7:41 am
certainly for a certain generation who remembers bruce jenner the olympian it's a lot more of a jarring transition. i think for younger people who knew bruce jenner just from keeping up with kardashians to now embrace caitlyn is probably easier. that's the feeling i'm getting. certainly we have seen -- this is probably the biggest watershed moment i would say in pop culture for the transgender community in terms of the world of celebrity. we recently have seen with lavern cox, this is coming at us slowly. it's the next wave for the lgbt movement. caitlyn wants to be a voice and activist and advocate for that community. so people in that community are very excited. >> i want to touch a bit on what you said about missing bruce jenner. i grew up in that generation. i remember the olympics where bruce jenner was.
7:42 am
there's a bit of sadness in me that i'll never see him again. i have heard that from several people. so it's kind of an interesting reaction. >> you're touching on a generational difference here. people that did grow up with him and remember him on the wheaties box have more complicated feelings than younger people who we are seeing embrace him online with no reservations or sadness about the past. generally speaking we see -- i've seen a good amount of negative comments online. i think it's been overshadowed and overwhelmed by positive comments online and positive reactions. you're right. there are so many emotions about this. i think it's great that caitlyn has been talking about that openly and talking about what that means. >> absolutely. thanks to both of you. i appreciate it. thanks so much. by the way, you can catch ken on e news at 7:00 and 11:00. thank you for being here. brian, you too. i'll be right back.
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a couple breaking news stories to tell you about right now. first, a scare in the air. multiple bomb threats have been made against three commercial flights today. let's bring in cnn aviation correspondent rene marsh to tell us more. >> at least three commercial flights receiving these bomb threats this morning. the first one a united airlines flight that landed in chicago safely. we know that law enforcement met this plane. passengers were deplaned. they checked the aircraft. they didn't find anything. then another bomb threat called into a delta flight. number 55 from logos traveling to atlanta. same scenario. plane landed safely.
7:48 am
authorities met the plane and checked it. passengers were deplaned. they didn't find anything and us airways flight going into philadelphia. it arrived from san diego. landed this morning. same scenario. they checked this aircraft. they did not find anything. there are reports that there are other aircraft that received bomb threats this morning as well. we're working to confirm that. at this point we can tell you at least three commercial flights receiving those threats. quite a scare if you are a passenger onboard and this comes on the heels of just memorial day where we saw multiple flights bound for new york city receive bomb threats as well. this is something that law enforcement, tsa, local law enforcement, they deal with this now. this has become a daily occurrence. many of these situations they end up being not credible but they know that in this climate, in this day in age, they have to take each and every one of these
7:49 am
threats very seriously and that's what we saw happen here today, carol. >> it also comes on the heels of the tsa administrator being reassigned because it's just kind of scary right now. >> just yesterday embarrassing news for the tsa in which they did these undercover tests to test the system and they had a 95% failure rate. undercover teams were able to get things like weapons and fake explosives through airport security checkpoints without tsa officers even realizeing it. that's very problematic. it raises red flags and just sounded the alarm for not only the department of homeland security but people on capitol hill as well. lawmakers already saying why do we spend millions and millions of dollars for equipment and training for tsa and they have such a high failure rate. that's the topic of the conversation right now. is tsa the best option. we saw on the heels of that
7:50 am
embarrassing news that department of homeland security secretary jeh johnson announcing the acting administrator was effective immediately reassigned. so not a good day for tsa and then law enforcement and tsa has to deal with these bomb threats to commercial airliners. >> rene marsh reporting live from washington. the second breaking news story. in boston police confirm that officers have shot and killed a man they say he was armed holding a knife and he refused to drop it. cnn's deborah feyerick is following the story. >> right now the information is very preliminary. we do know there's an active investigation that's going on right now. what we do know is that a man apparently in his 20s was approached by members of the joint terrorism task force in a neighborhood of boston. it's unclear whether the man was under surveillance or whether in fact an arrest was about to take place. what we do know is that the man
7:51 am
who has not yet been identified pulled out a knife and waved it at both an fbi agent and a boston police officer. he was told to drop it multiple times. when he did not, it's not clear whether he lunged or what the circumstances of the shooting were but two agents did open fire shooting the man. he died of gunshot wounds at the hospital. the police commissioner said that it's all under investigation. the fbi in boston was there at the press conference. the information very preliminary. i asked law enforcement official whether or not this has anything to do with isis or an active terrorism investigation that was sort of culminating. i was given no details whatsoever. >> i'm sure you'll continue to dig. >> you bet. >> deborah feyerick thanks so much. coming up next in the "newsroom," secretary of state john kerry is having surgery right now on that broken leg. the latest on his condition next.
7:52 am
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secretary of state john kerry is under the knife right now to fix that leg he broke over the weekend in a cycling accident. cnn's elise labott is live with more outside massachusetts general hospital for you. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. we understand secretary kerry started surgery a short time ago to set that broken leg. as you know his doctor dennis burke flew over to meet him in geneva and fly back and now he's doing that procedure. secretary kerry started the morning by calling into the isis conference in paris that he missed as a result of his bicycle accident. his deputy and the envoy to isis coalition john allen sitting in for him. he understand that secretary kerry did call in and made remarks to the group. very adamant he wants to get back to work as soon as possible and calling in today he wanted to show everybody that he may be
7:57 am
down but he's not out. carol? >> elise labott reporting live from boston. thank you. checking other top stories for you. an american being held by rebels in yemen is now free. freelance journalist casey combs arrived safely. last week two obama administration officials met with yemeni rebels to push for his release. the rebels are holding at least three other americans. the u.s. navy is releasing new video of a russian fighter jet flyby in the black sea. the military says the video shows the aircraft and ship had a routine encounter which is far different than what russia is reporting. russian media says it forced the u.s. ship to head away from russian waters. cnn just turned 35 years old and our jeanne moos has witnessed practically all of those years. she's been here for 34 1/2 years covering both silly and serious stories and looks back at some
7:58 am
of the best and worst in her career. >> reporter: amid the hoopla of cnn celebrating 35 years of itself came this quiz question. >> richard roth is the longest serving on air personality currently at cnn. who is second? yes. >> larry king. >> come on. larry and his suspenders left cnn over four years ago. >> jeanne moos. >> correct. >> look at you. >> look at you. look at me. i'm the one who has been at the network 34 1/2 years arriving at cnn for my first job in tv in new york. those pigs would prove a highlight of my cnn years. >> have you committed adultery. >> some reporters pull out all of the stops. i pulled out short objects at the sword swallowers convention. i don't want to --
7:59 am
>> you didn't want to but you did a great job. >> in early years of cnn people called us chicken noodle news. i covered the silly and the serious. i have worn a lot of different hats. mostly to keep my hair down. >> the wind just blows it up. >> one of my hairiest moments is when i mixed up an ex-president with the current one. i got to pick a lot of my stories. whimsical like the life of a traffic cone how they give up theirs to protect ours and they spend their lives getting laid over and over. what's the life span of a cone? over the years i probably have done thousands of man on the street interviews. >> you are are the world's most famous street walker. >> while other reporters are out risking life and limb i just risked limb.
8:00 am
just kidding. jeanne moos still at cnn. >> i hope she's here for a long time to come because she's pretty awesome. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" starts now. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. we have breaking news this morning. a man under surveillance by a joint terrorism task force unit was shot and killed in boston. he allegedly pulled a knife on police and fbi agents at a drugstore parking lot. >> a lot of questions surrounding this confrontation and what was behind it. we're told the man was carrying a military style knife. it's been described as a fairly large scale knife but there's as lot more to it. national correspondent deborah feyerick is here. she's been tracking all of this for us as well as former new york state homeland


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