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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  June 7, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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going to miss for the remainder of the finals, he will be out three more months to repair the broken kneecap. him being out for the rest of the series, major blow for the cavs, the team already without kevin love who separated his shoulder in the opening round of the playoffs, but don't tell lebron he is the underdog. >> it's going to be one of the most challenging seasons of my career since the beginning. we are under manned right now, and, you know, we have guys in the locker room ready for the challenge. >> game two tips off tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. that then the bolts won a hard-fought 4-3 victory over the chicago blackhawks in tampa, and the series going to shift to the windy city, and game three in chicago tomorrow night. i can't say enough about this
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sports weekend. maybe it will go down as one of the best weekends, and the nba finals, and the stanley cup final, and the champion league's final, and at belmont park we saw the first triple crown in 37 years. >> he is in heaven. >> he had a good weekend already. >> love it. "new day" continues right now. good morning to you. we're so grateful for your company as always. i am kristicris khraeus christi. >> i am victor blackwell. leaders gathering in front of a castle where they are now meeting. president obama wants world leaders to stand up what he calls russian aggression in ukraine, and of course what is happening with isis. white house correspondent, jim la costa joins us now.
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president obama gave us a preview of what he will be talking about with the other world leaders. >> reporter: that's right, victor. it's a spectacular setting in the alps, germany, where we are located, and it's the sound of diplomacy at this g7 summit. russia is at the top of the agenda and will be talked about among the g-7 leaders over the next couple days here, i should say, in the alps. the president previewed some of that before the g7 got started, and this was the g8 summit a couple years ago, but because of russia's actions they were booted out of the g8 and now creating the g7, and the violence in ukraine will be first at the top of the agenda, but in addition to that, the
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battle against isis. here is more of what the president has to say. >> over the next two days, we're going to discuss our shared future, the global economy that creates jobs and opportunity and maintaining a strong and prosperous union, and forging new partnerships across the atlantic and standing up to russian aggression in ukraine, and combating threats from violent extremism to climate change, and we are grateful for your leadership, chancellor angela merkel. >> at least on the part of this white house, senior administration officials have been saying over the last several days that they understand the sanctions in
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place have not changed vladimir putin's calculous, and so what they are trying to deal with during the meetings is what can they do with the sanctions. the temptation is there because the sanctions have not been affective so far, and the top job he has is to make sure the europeans stay united on that front. house speaker, boehners, he took the president to task for the situation in ukraine and the reason why russia has not withdrawn from that country, he said, words and photo ops will not beat back russian aggression, and the administration needs to act to break putin' energy stranglehold
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on europe, and that question whether the u.s. would ramp up some sort of defensive military support to the ukraine, that is something hotly debated inside the administration. and joe biden talked about it in his speech, they are still thinking about it and it's a big question at the summit, and how do you change the equation to force him to change his position in ukraine. it's a problem they have not solved yet. they will try to do that at the summit. >> a big question, one they have not been able to answer in more than a year now. jim, thanks. let's bring in a former cnn moscow bureau chief. you have covered moscow for years. do you think putin is as big a threat as he is being portrayed? >> reporter: mr. putin not answering your questions, and
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answered just today, he said you would have to be crazy to think that russia is a threat or russia would want to attack nato. so at this very moment, and this is typically mr. putin, at this very moment the west is saying that he is aiding those rebels in the east of ukraine, he is saying it's not a threat, we are not helping them, we are not providing weapons or any troops. this is the type of thing that really kind of infuriates some in the west who say he simply is lying, and he is calling black white and white black. >> and there does seem to be photos and satellite images that corroborate he is lying, and the world changed so drastically that some people cannot imagine a large scale military conflict today, and it's condescending to some degree. what do you make of -- is it
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deflection that he is trying to put out there? some people would say, sure, he wants to act as though nothing is going on even though a lot of people believe very well that there is a lot going on and he does not want to be on the radar? >> one of the ideas is he is going to wait out the west on this, that he will try to sew some type of dissension in the ranks. the g7 is meeting in germany, and the foreign minister just the other day said i think it would not be good if the g8 were to permanently become the g7, in other words, putin and russia should not be permanently excluded. on the other side, you have the canadians, the canadian prime minister who said russia with putin should never be a member of the g8, and so what putin tries to do is divide the nato
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allies, maybe not with weapons but rhetorically, and after all the germans have a long relationship with russia, and they hate to see it go even though they decry what is going on in ukraine. the summit just begun but the protests have been going on for days now, and 17,000 police officers have been called in and on the ground to provide security. karl, we have seen different snapshots throughout the morning and what is the scene like now where you are? >> reporter: well, victor, i want to tell you the scene around us now, thousands of protesters in the last few days have been campaigning to stop president obama and the other members of the group of seven from meeting, but at every move today their moves have been stifled by the riot police.
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17,000 police on duty to provide security, and the total cost of the summit $150 million, which is the protesters say that cost is an obscene cost for this type of meeting. this administration that has been working itself through a town of about 15 miles from the g7 meeting, the riot police blocked the march from going any further, and they are trying to tell them they have to space these banners apart, and they are not allowed to march with the banners together and that is why they have stopped this march from proceeding. what i must say, until now the meetings, the protests have a reputation for violence, but the mood has been peaceful and friendly. we did see scuffles yesterday and this morning because the protesters have been playing cat
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and mouse with the riot police, and the protesters at one stage tried to move on to the highway and as they tried to do that they were surrounded by riot police, and at one point there was a peaceful sit in on one of the highways, again, riot police swiftly moved in to move them on, and as i say, really, they are here out in force, as you see both men and women with their riot gear on, but so far on the side of the protesters, they are just obeying police orders for now and are standing still to see if they can get the issue sorted out to see if they are allowed to proceed to continue their march. >> taking us in the narrow area between the police and protesters, and police are stopping the march, and thank you so much. this morning there is a massive manhunt in the states underway right now for these two
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men who escaped from a prison in upstate new york. we'll tell you why they escaped, who they are and we will talk with a forensic psychiatrist and delve into the mind-set of these two escapees. female announcer: want your best rest ever?
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happening right now on the ground and from the air in upstate new york to find these two inmates. they pulled off a daring elaborate escape, both men broke out of the clinton correctional facility about 25 miles from the canadian border. let's bring in cnn's polo sandoval. you have local, state and federal authorities now looking for these men. >> that's right, victor. hundreds of police officers on the ground and in the air, desperately trying to search for
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these two men at this point and not only is that a priority to find them, but finding out how they were able to pull it off. a massive manhunt underway, setting up road blocks and searching house to house. >> currently over 200 law enforcement officers in the area with a variety of specialized units and equipment at their disposal and no stone somebodying left unturned. >> now doubt, an extraordinary act, and a facility opened in 1865, and this is the first escape from the maximum security portion of the institution ever. >> the pair left makeshift dummies in their beds made out of hooded sweat shirts and carved a hole in the wall at the
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end of their cells. >> and the two cells which were joining each other were empty. >> the inmates crawled through tunnels and down a six-story catwalk and used power tools to cut through pipes and escaping through a manhole outside the parameter. and they even left a note for officials, and it read, have a nice day. >> we been et back and pieced together what they did. it was elaborate and sophisticated. >> sweat is serving a life sentence after being convicted of murder, and matt is serving life after beating a man to death. >> they are dangerous. >> another concern is perhaps the seven-hour head start the two men had, and they had the visual contact with guards at
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10:30 a.m. on friday and the guards did not realize they were missing until 5:30 on saturday, and with the search well over 24 hours, the main focus trying to find the two convicted murderers. >> polio sandoval, thank you so much. >> let's try to get into the minds of the escapees and talk to the psychiatrist. thank you for joining us. richard matt, 48 years old and serving 25 years to life, and he actually had a chance for parole. why do you think he would try to escape at this point? >> well, of course, he can only answer that himself, but the point is this was not something that has been brewing in the last couple weeks or months. i suspect this is something these two individuals were thinking about for a long time, and what it represents is the an hit sus of the incarceration,
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they are thinking about escape and freedom. it's a very attractive state of mined to be in for a long period of time. >> but they clearly have to have help once they get out. let's look at the manhole where they escaped. now that they are on the streets, where do they go? obviously they have to have somebody who is assisting, yes? >> it's clear they had help. there is no way -- power tools just don't materialize inside prison cells. this has been being planned for a very long time, and law enforcement will look at all the people visiting them on a regular basis, and anybody with whom they have contact, friends and family members and etc., and somebody was most likely waiting there to pick them up and to take them to most likely -- i would think, to the border, so they could get away and out of the country. >> yeah, to canada. this is 20 miles from the canadian border. these are two convicted killers.
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with that mind-set, do you think they are at risk to kill again of anybody that would get in their way? >> absolutely. if you have killed once under these circumstances and it was a very intentional killing, of course they will likely kill again, especially if desperate. what we see in people like this, they have a very high threshold for anxiety and aggression, and just the fact they left the note, have a nice day, it tells you they don't feel the kinds of sentiments we do, so the fact somebody is in their way and keeps them from having their freedom is really not the same for somebody like us, thinking about the morality of hurting others. >> and there is a pride there when you look at the note, they wanted to leave some sort of a calling card saying, hey, you can keep us down but not for long, yes? >> they were making a statement,
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but it really reflect the state of mind of people who have criminal intent who do kill others, they really don't have the same impulses we have to control ourselves. >> so good to get your perspective. thank you for taking the time to be with us today. ahead this morning, new pictures of the royal babies. can you still call george a baby, right? >> yes. >> he is still a baby. >> look at the socks. >> i am sure they tell him he is a big boy. you will see the chemistry between george and his baby sister, princess charlotte. i know, i know... ♪ col, ♪ color is a beautiful thing, i know, oh yes i know... ♪ ♪color is the i ching ching, for sure ding dang... ♪ ♪ color is a beautiful thing, i know, i know. ♪
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some of the other headlines right now. five more bodies have been recovered from malaysia's mt. kinabalu. >> two people thought to be missing was found safe on saturday. and now in full control of the city of baiji. baiji is home to the largest
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iraqi oil refinery, so a pivotal move there. cute pictures here, getting a look at the first official pictures of princess charlotte. she is there, of course, with her big brother, prince george, already taking good care of her there. katherine put on her photographer hat -- >> who knew she was such a good photographer. >> we hope you make great memories today. >> enjoy this sunday. >> but you know what, we do leave you with this. a once to watch series, passing along his craft to future generations. >> the chinese man has become a superstar because of his talent
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and flamboyant personality. he is one of the few artists today who can frequently pack out concert halls around the world, and has performed for presidents and prime ministers and princesses and entertained a global audience at the beijing olympics. >> an artist must bring diversity or different dimensions to our plain. if you are sitting there for two hours of just, you know, different pieces, i think, you know, it can be very -- >> he has a passion to pass on the enthusiasm for music to a younger generation through his work as a unicef am pastor and his music foundation.
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>> when i see those kids playing onstage or in class, i get really emotional because it brings me back, and i just got personally attached to those kids and i want to help them achieve their dream, because i know i had the same dream before. >> you can check out the full show at making a fist
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rick perry sets his sights on the white house and redemption. >> we get back up, we dust ourselves off and we move forward. >> jeb bush ready to run, too. >> my intention is to run on my record and my ideas and run to try to win the presidency. >> it's a crowded republican field with no


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