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tv   CNN International  CNN  June 7, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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competition stiffer. >> i don't know what i'm going to do. i have basically zero dollars at this point. >> i could file suit for you by friday. the deadly mers outbreak claimed a sixth life in south korea. we will have a live report from seoul as the country scrambles to contain the outbreak. >> for the first time since the corruption scandal, a fifa official hints at stripping russia and qatar of hosting the
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world cup. only if there is evidence of bribery. >> and turkish voters senta decisive message to the government virtually raising the parliamentary majority in landmark elections. >> hey there, everyone, i'm errol barnett. a big welcome to viewers in the u.s. and around the world. >> i'm rosemary church. thank you for joining us. this is "cnn newsroom." we start in south korea where an outbreak of middle east respiratory syndrome has claimed another life. six people have now died. >> the number of mers cases jumped to 87, according to south korea's health ministry. the government so concerned now that it has quarantined 2500 people and tracking them through their cell phones to prevent the spread. >> and our kathy novak is live in seoul with the very latest on this. kathy six people have died. 87 are confirmed to have the
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mers virus. and thousand have been quarantined. talk to us about this latest victim and who the most vulnerable people are in the midst of the mers outbreak? >> rosemary, the latest victim was an 80-year-old man suffering from cancer and checked into the hospital with pneumonia. of course that is high risk because we are talking about a respiratory illness here. that's the same sort of profile as the the five other people who unfortunately passed away. they were all over age of 50. all suffering from pre-existing illnesses. that is the highest risk group. all of the confirmed cases contracted the disease in the hospitals that includes patients, visitors, doctors, and nurses. and a lot of the spread in the early stages before it was confirmed that particularly the first man who brought this back from the middle east did indeed have mers. in that situation what they had was people sharing rooms. visitors coming and going. different doctors and nurses.
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not realizing that this person was infected with potentially deadly illness. that's when we saw a spread in the early stages. and then, again, more recently here in seoul. in fact, the most recent man to die was sharing a room with someone who originally contracted the virus from the first patient. and didn't realize it. yet, a very sad, rosemary. >> kathy, certainly is. south korea's government has been criticized for the response to the mers outbreak. what are authorities there doing to try to contain the outbreak? what does the self quarantining entail exactly? >> a lot of that criticism came from the situation that i am describing that authorities just didn't get on top of the situation quickly enough. it needed to be identified and patients needed to be separated from each other so they could stop this spread. another wave of criticism for the government came because people were complaining that authorities were not being
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transparent enough. specifically that the government for more than two weeks was refusing to name the hospitals and medical facilities affected. telling people to self quarantine. any one feeling symptoms or exposed to report to medical authorities. south korean citizens were saying how can we do this if we don't know which hospitals are involved.weekend the government bowed to the pressure and said 25 places that may have been exposed to mers. if any one has come in contact with facilities they should report to medical authorities. and if necessary, quarantine themselves. that just basically involves for the most of the people staying at home. but of course, that's very difficult to monitor. so as we mentioned before, some of the people are being tracked using the gps on mobile phones. rosemary. >> just extraordinary in itself. kathy novak. many thanks to you. bringing us up to date on the mers virus outbreak in south
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korea. many thanks. >> now the latest on the corruption scandal continuing to consume futbol's governing body. a top fifa official says it is possible now russia and qatar could lose their world cup hosting rights. >> that is if there is evidence the countries used bribery to win their bid to host the 2018 and 2022 tournaments. >> the krumentticorruption alle build around fiffifa. a bbc investigation suggests jack warner transferred $10 million accounts from fifa to accounts he controlled then used the money personally. >> the u.s. accused warner of take the money as bribe to vote for south africa to host the 2010 world cup. south african officials denied any wrongdoing. so did warner. but cnn's reporter wanted to talk to him in person.
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and here's huh that turnow that. >> reporter: the list of futbol officials facing corruption charges is extensive. for international law enforcement none a greater get than jack warner, former fifa vice president and biggest power in sports throughout the americas for two decades. as claims against the 72-year-old mount, we went to find him in his island home. flying from atlanta to miami, and all across the caribbean, to this dot on the map now arguably the eye of the fifa storm. a quick drive to the hotel. then we hit the phones. >> you can leave a message after the tone. >> mr. warner, it's cnn. >> we left a voice mail. perhaps jack warner would give us an interview. the man we are searching for is a jack of all trade. in business, in politics, sport.
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here in trinidad, a member of parliament. next stop, his constituency. by now we had his e-mail too. i tap out a brief request. press send. office of the member of parliament for jack warner. >> then we almost stumble on jack warner's office. >> are you looking for jack? >> we're looking for jack. you know where he is? >> hello. do you work here? >> inside we are stone walled by an office manager. >> is he here now? >> yes, he asked that you respect that. >> other media turn up too. warner's staff offering a perimeter of security. but he was there, behind them. behind the door. at his desk. wearing a jovial shirt not quite such a jovial expression. >> well, in the simplest possible terms i have been
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kicked out. a brief sighting and we found ourselves ejected from the premesis. the man was behind the window. perhaps if we waited we could still convince him. so, one more text message to warner's phone. more waiting. then as the afternoon wore on, a supporter offered to persuade mr. warner to talk. he wouldn't. so, a final option. to get jack warner's attention. the old-fashioned way. we might not have spoken to the elusive mr. warner, but as the allegations against him escalate, the u.s. attorney general is confident she will. turkey faces an uncertain political future after the ruling party failed to win an outright majority sunday. the turkey's president akp must
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form a coalition government for the first time since 2002. >> director of the turkish research program at washington institute says this was not the expected outcome. >> i think this is surprising because the president was doing so well. his party had won three successive elections before running on a platform of delivering economic growth. yet at the same time, the turkey president was becoming authoritarian, cracking down on the media as well as imposing a certain amount of social conservatism on the society using the government. the election results are a reaction to that. at the same time that the turkish president was hoping he could turn turkey's parliamentary democracy into a u.s. style presidential system with himself at the helm as an expected style presidency. the turkish population vetoed all of that and told the turkish president they don't really want that. ironically, i think when given a choice between democracy and prosperity, the turks have
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picked democracy. >> the pro kurdish people's democratic hart, hdp finished in fourth place but got more than 10% of the vote it needed to enter parliament. >> day two of the g-7 summit as we check our clocks less than an hour away. the morning session on climate and energier use. russia noticeably absent for the second year in a row. >> vladamir putin was not invited because other leaders say moscow is violating a peace deal with ukraine. cnn's jim accosta tells us how president barack obama is pressing other countries to keep the pressure on russia. >> reporter: president obama strolled through a field in the bavarian alps from leaders from the g-7 looked like a scene out of "the sound of music." the question on everyone's mind was how do you solve a problem like vladamir putin? >> we think there can be a peaceful diplomatic solution to the problem but it will require that europe and the united
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states and transatlantic partnership and the world stay vigilant. >> reporter: while the battle against isis, terrorism and trade are all critical topics for this g-7 summit -- the president will be spending much energy making the case this is no team to relax the sanctions aimed at stopping russia's meddling in ukraine. white house officials say talk in europe of easing the economic pressure would encourage putin to send military trainers and assets into eastern ukraine in violation of the minsk cease-fire agreement. >> translator: all of this, underscores the degree to which russia has essentially thumbed their the nose at the commitments that they made in the context of the minsk negotiations. >> reporter: putin is not here in germany. russia was booted out of the group of global powers last year for punishment of its annexation of crimea. putin is doing all he can to stay in the conversation telling an italian newspaper there is no
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need to fear his country. adding -- only a sick person, and even then only in his sleep, can imagine that russia would suddenly attack nato. but nothing beats a face to face encounter as mr. obama wooed the summit's host, the german chancellor. the white house said the president lined up merher suppo and sampling beer and pretzels and trying on a local custom. >> i have to admit i forgot to bring my lead derhausen. i will fry to buy some while i am here. the iraqi leader will be in the bavarian alps to persuade leaders to ramp up resistance to iraqis and fight against isis. the president is urging the national security team to come up with new innovative ways to assist the iraqis.
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jim acosta, cnn, outside the g-7 summit. >> almost 6,000 people rescued this weekend from rickety boats in the mediterranean. ahead, we'll show you why so many migrants are taking to the water and what is being done to help them. >> plus, a u.s. police officer put on leave after a disturbing interaction with some teenagers at a pool party. most of it was caught on tape. we'll show it to you and bring you details after the break. making a fist something we do to show resolve. to defend ourselves. to declare victory. so cvs health provides expert support and vital medicines. at our infusion centers or in patients homes. we help them fight the good fight. cvs health, because health is everything.
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why don't you understand me? [beep] i do. i was trying to show how connor feels every day. redirecting to narrator: join parents and experts at a free online resource about learning and attention issues to help your child thrive. welcome back, everyone. rescue crews have recovered 432 body from a cruise ship that capsized last week. that's according to chinese state media. >> sunday, rescuers and grieving relatives mourn for those who died in this disaster. holding a ceremony on the banks of the yangtze river. >> 456 people were on board the eastern star when it overturned. 14 survivors were found. ten are still missing. >> in iraq the fight is far from over. but there is encouraging news
11:18 pm
from iraqi forces battling yisi. >> they say they have retaken the city of baiji, as nick paton walsh reports, a key area remains under control. >> reporter: good news for the iraqi government. after weeks of the opposite. hearing from iraqi defense officials, they control baiji. not, it's important to point out, the oil refinery. a key part of iraq's energy infrastructure and still held by dozens of isis who threaten to blow it up causing ecological catastrophe if they do realist a nihilistic vision. it shows iraq, pro government militia in the buildings around the particular town. gruesome, showing body of isis fighters. clearly killed. they say, very openly that they
11:19 pm
are, pleased with the coalition assistance here. they're grateful to the coalition for air strikes which seem to assist them in retaking the particular area. coalition press releases point to 48 hours ago. three air strikes. two in 24 hours. not a high number. but iraqi security force is clear they were to be grateful for the difference the air strikes have made. still the refinery in isis hand. we were there over a week ago described as a complex task, retaking the refinery, they may choose to simply surround what is happening today. going to make that very possible. and they will now potentially have created a southern suffer zone from the south of mosul. held by isis in the event that they choose to launch a long awaited attack to retake the vital northern city. the good news for the iraqi government. limited, it is still that vital refinery. everybody was fighting most intensely over around baiji. it seem now pro government forces have more or less taken
11:20 pm
ahold of the areas around it. nick paton walsh, cnn, baghdad. >> european navy ships have rescued more than 5,800 migrants from the mediterranean sea over the weekend. >> these rescues part of a multinational effort to step up patrols for flimsy boats filled to the brim with refugees. one aid group warns improved weather over the next few weeks means people are attempting this journey in increased numbers. for more on the plight of migrants fleeing the african continent and elsewhere and rescue efforts under way, let's turn to william spindler. with the u.n. high commission for refugees. joins us by web-cam from athens, greece. we are seeing huge numbers of migrants making the journey, 90,000 attempting the trip this year. more than 1,800 deaths. how do you expect the numbers to change as the the weather improves here.
11:21 pm
>> well, we expect them to increase. last year we had some 120,000 people crossing the med ter rarirare irare -- the mediterranean. we are approaching that number. we are only into the year. and the peak season is usually in july and august. so we expect this year to have even hypernumbers th even -- even hyigher numbers. conflicts raging. and many in sub-saharan africa. you will see why so many are on the move. many are trying to come to europe to search for safety. >> thank fall fully seeing larg numbers rescued. a new european naval effort. you said the italian coast guard one point over the weekend received requests for help from 14 vessels. you wonder how any one can possibly help so many people. how much will is there for the rescue operations going forward?
11:22 pm
because it is massive. and it is quite an expensive undertaking. >> and necessary as well to save human lives. we are pleased to see international cooperation. that we have been allocating -- advocating for. the countries, most of them before felt that they were being alone. and it is encouraging to see this and many lives have been saved. [ indiscernible ] we need to do something long term to, to make this journey unnecessary. and that means establishing legal ways for refugees. many of them have families here. they want to rejoin them. and resettlement. refugees who are already in other countries can come legally and safely. but also importantly to help -- is to help refugees.
11:23 pm
a majority of refugees aren't trying to come to europe. living in the middle east and africa. those countries need urgent help so they can provide for the refugees. >> absolutely true. complex. multifaceted. certainly won't decrease the numbers of those making the deadly journey. unless addressed at the cause. joining us via web cam from athens, greece. with the unhcr. apologies for some of the audio issues there. and in malaysia, rescuers are searching for two climbers missing after friday's earthquake on the mountain. five more body were found sunday. that brings the number of confirmed dead to 16. >> a camera was actually rolling the moment that earthquake struck. we want to show it to you here.
11:24 pm
>> a terrifying experience for everyone there. you can hear the panic as the ground shook. the earthquake caused landslide on the mountain. 167 climbers did make it out alive with help from the mountain guides. there are lots of questions swirling after an incident involving a texas police officer and some teenagers at a pool party. >> yeah, a lot of discussion about this online as well. certainly struck a chord. the chaos was all captured on cell phone video. what the police chief saw led him to place the officer on administrative leave. our cnn affiliate, kttv, has all the details. >> reporter: what started as nothing more than a graduation party now has many in mckinney demanding the police department discipline its officer seen here in this video posted on youtube. the officer was responding to a disturbance call at a pool party. according to police, there was fighting going on. the officer can be seen yelling and cursing at teenagers to
11:25 pm
either get to the ground or leave. when a 14-year-old girl did not leave the officer pushed her to the ground. the teenage girl could be heard saying she wants her mother. >> i want my mom! >> there is zero excuse. >> residents stood and watched for the first time sunday, mckinney police chief, greg conley addressed the video. while refusing specifics he said what he saw led him to place this officer on administrative leave pending an investigation. >> in watching the video we did want to conduct a full investigation. >> reporter: many in mckinney says what disturbs them most is see the officer pull out his gun shortly after taking the 14-year-old to the ground. >> the officer was overzealous the he tripped during the video. these are children. they got to be able to handle things in a better manner than this. >> this man and others said it also appears the officer was targeting just african-american
11:26 pm
teenagers. >> cnn affiliate kttv. >> the teenage girl you saw pushed to the ground in the video was released to her parents. an adult male only person arr t arrested and charged. extraordinary kidding tconsider chaos. the officer was acting in a crazed manner. notice many of the other police officers stayed far away from him. >> that's interesting to note. online, the one person who recorded a video, a white resident said the police didn't look at me, almost as if i was invisible. this speaks to police officers in the u.s., really speaking to people as equals rather than to quickly pull out a weapon. jaw dropping all of this. >> what triggered this, in the pool, there were racist comments made and escalated from there. there will be much more on this. >> we'll keep you posted on developments. elaborate escape from a u.s.
11:27 pm
prison has three countries on alert. how these two men got out? and why police have no clue where they could be? >> plus, ballot boxes on fire in mexico. details on a violent election day when we come back. quiet! mom has a headache! had a headache! but now, i...don't.
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welcome back to our viewers here in the u.s. and all around the world. glad you are staying with us. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. it's time to check the main stories we are covering this hour. the number of deaths in south korea from middle east respiratory syndrome has risen to 6. 87 people in total have been diagnosed with the mers virus.
11:31 pm
south korea is closing schools and tracking the cell phones of people under quarantine to prevent the disease from spreading. >> rescue crews have recovered 434 body from a cruise ship that cap sized last week according to chinese state media. 457 people were on board the eastern star when it overturned. 14 survivors were found. eight are missing. >> a top fifa official says the location of the next two world cup tournaments could be in doubt if there is evidence of bribery. russia and qatar have staunchly denied any wrongdoing in their bid to host the tournaments in 2018 and 2022. >> there is now a $100,000 reward for two killers who escaped from a maximum security prison in new york. >> police say the convicts used power tools to get through a steel wall and had decoysen their bed. they also left a taunting note for police that said -- have a nice day.
11:32 pm
authorities in canada and mexico have been put on alert and a small town around the prison is on edge. >> because they're stone cold killer, you would expect them to stop at nothing to get out of the prison and to maintain their freedom once they are out. that means they could have invaded one of the local homes in that small town, killed the people, stole their car, and, driven halfway across the united states by time they even know they were gone. so the police are going to have to check for, the well being of every resident in the town. in the county. in the greater area. so you have that possibility. could have hijacked a car or could have had somebody helped them. obviously get the tools. helped them after the fact with new clothes, money, vehicles. so, the authorities will be looking for again, family members, girlfriends, other friends, that may now be missing which would indicate that they left town with them. and that they're in the process of, either, have made their way to canada, or across the united
11:33 pm
states, or on their way to mexico, where one of these guys had previously escaped from a jail and was later arrested in mexico and brought back to the u.s. >> and, this is the first time in the prison's 170-year history any one has broken out. >> incredible. saudi arabia's supreme court upheld the harsh punishment against blogger. you may remember, the blogger was arrested three years ago, found guilty of insulting islam and 1,000 lashes and 10 years in prison. >> back in january he received the first 50 lashes. his wife told a french news agency she fears the flogging may begin next week. the blogger and his lawyer also behind bars by the way have both been nominated for this year's nobel peace prize. >> turkey facing the prospect of a coalition government. >> the turkish president's ruling party failed to win an
11:34 pm
j outright majority. arwa damon reports how support is shifting among turkey's voters. >> reporter: 80-year-old woman has voted in every election since she turned 18. in her lifetime she has seen how unforgiving political and by default economic instability here can be. >> translator: everything has its importance she says. we have been through so many eras. every passing day has its significance. and this most certainly is among them. no matter what the outcome this parliamentary election was going to significantly shape the country's future. and it has. an end to the president's single party rule, justice and develop party, akp fell short of the needed seats and will have to for the first time since they came to power in 2002 form a
11:35 pm
coalition. or according to some analysts even call for army parliamentary elections. throughout the voting stations we visited there was a sense of unease. in some areas, people easily aggravated as we witnessed here. at a polling station in one of is st neighborhoods where the akp enjoys a solid support base. despite the fact that regulations state as media we are allowed into polling stations as long as we are not impeding an individual's ability to vote, we were just asked to leave the premesis here. a sizable argument ended up breaking out after those local authorities in the building were unclear as to whether or not we should be allowed to film. illustrating just how tense the situation here potentially is. contributing to that was the fate of the pro kurdish people's democratic party, the hdp. attempting for the first time to enter parliament as a party. and to achieve that, having to
11:36 pm
cross a 10% national threshold. they succeeded and made history. these results are the triumph of freedoms in the face of oppression and of peace in the face of war. the hdp parliamentian declared. a key factor that drove up the hdp votes was fear of what the akp would do if it gained enough seats to unilaterally overhaul the constitution and implement a presidential system that could potentially see the turkish president in power indefinitely. and the hdp, traditionally pro kurdish party, has grown into a more inclusive entity. no longer alienating turkey's turkish secularists. 24-year-old woman does not have kurdish roots. nor does she view the hdp as being a uniquely kurdish party. she believes that the hdp will work to safe guard human and
11:37 pm
women's rights. >> there is a change going on. an that's really exciting for me. for everyone, really. >> but change here is never easy. and rarely smooth. arwa damon, cnn, turkey. >> mexicans cast their vote in elections and deadly violence and burning ballot boxes. there were reports that they were beaten by police after being shot. it is unclear who exactly shot the activists. this election season has been filled with violence in fact. at least seven candidates and nine campaign officials were murdered. we'll take a very short break here. still to come -- some much-needed relief on the way to india as monsoons head to the parts of the country devastated by deadly heat waves. full forecast coming up next.
11:38 pm
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11:41 pm
a bit of a positive development to report. after a deadly heat wave, the monsoons are sweeping india. >> they have been much -- everyone has been waiting for this. it was delayed. and we are joined now with details on this, of course, so many people died during that heat wave. >> that's right. fifth deadliest. conditions will improve over the region. 15 days into underwe expect the monsoons to push into the areas heavily impacted. one of the areas where the mast majority. june 8. 600 kilometers to the south. it is a start. bringing in monsoonal moisture to southern regions. begin to see where you should be. give, five, eight days gap between where, where we actually
11:42 pm
see it in place. see june 15. expect the later portion of june. 21st or so. to got to this tier of northern, central areas of india when it comes to monsoonal progressions. look at the temperature trend. there is the average. you notice it is right in line with that. in ragpur. cooled off. delhi, temperatures couple degrees above average. extreme heat in place. look at number. fatalities, from 2003 in europe. 71,000. in 2013, 2,300 with the heat wave. improving. tropical cyclone in the arabian sea will bring in rains towards pakistan. quick glance. june 8, world oceans day. significant day. touch on this. this year we want to touch on the significance of how much plastics there are in the oceans. you look at this. 5 trillion particles, what is
11:43 pm
estimated adrift across our oceans. we know 72% of our planet is body of water. take a look at perspective. the one in particular we talk about, north pacific garbage patch as known as. a western periphery around japan. eastern periphery east of hawaiian island near california. put this together the size of the u.s. state of texas with over 5 trillion particles of plastics. centered over the region. take note of this for world oceans day. >> toxic stuff. need to be cloond eaned up. >> marriage of 35 years comes to an end headed to divorce court. the parties involved can't seem to agree on the settlement. >> you hear that regularly when it comes to divorce. this is no ordinary divorce. the wife of this russian billionaire is taking one of the biggest divorce settlements in
11:44 pm
history. matthew chance has more in this exclusive report. >> reporter: we met in imet her in her opulent mansion on the outskirts of moscow. for 30 years, this woman was married to russia's richest man. she isingi the biggest settlement, the world has ever seen. half of the $15 billion fortune. >> if you are successful what will you do with the money? >> translator: i prefer to think of one step at a time. first i need to get it. then i will decide how to spend it. >> the ex-husband is vladamir patani, one of russia's most prominent oligarchs, close to the kremlin. his vast interests include nickel one of the world's biggest metal pre deuceoducers. his lawyer told cnn, a monthly allowance of $250,000, should be
11:45 pm
"more than enough." but she told me she is due much more. the real wealth she says, is held in offshore companies and international legal battle is now under way to decide what assets should be divided. >> in the past it was the way things were done for all big businesses and businessmen. now it is changing. vladamir always had all his companies offshore and kept his money away from russia. a safe guard for his business. >> reporter: the divorce is also offering a rare glimpse into the intensely private lives of russia's super rich. she gave us this home video recorded 20 years ago, of her son's sixth birthday party. but this is no ordinary family. with their vast wealth came super yachts, private jets, extravagant and luxurious vacations.
11:46 pm
you mentioned to me often earlier that you often spent $10 million on a summer holiday. how do you spend senate muthat money? >> look, our kids were interested in aqua biking. it sound casual. it costs money. once wing or nie ing oorganized championship, aqua bike, there were preparations, yachts, dinners. on the one hand, aqua biking was a family hobby that we all shared. if you could imagine how it was organized. >> reporter: most of us can only imagine the life this immensely wealthy family enjoyed. herself she never dreamed of so much money when she first married vladamir patanin. but half of the $15 billion fortune she told me is rightfully hers. what any woman married for so long to a billionaire should expect.
11:47 pm
matthew chance, cnn, moscow. >> now, akon is a grammy nominated singer, he is using his celebrity, the akon initiative is set to launch this summer. >> his academy will provide training for africans to harness solar power for electricity. his hope is to create jobs but more importantly electricity to 600 million africans currently without power. akon told cnn why the power of light is so important to the continent. >> the more i went back in and out of africa, i realized a lot of these projects weren't moving. foreigners would come in. get major contracts. roads. bridges, energy. in five, six years later nothing happened. no progress. no execution. that alarmed me a lot more than anything. i real i that africa would have to be built by africans themselves. we want to create a jen ratigen
11:48 pm
of doers, people that would make of a difference. i decided to start with myself. we started off with the gel to electrify million homes in a year. everyone thought it was ambitious. so crazy. we went from starting off a mel y million homes, surpassing that. 11 countries. amazing. the impact more than anything. the children themselves are able to study. able to out lutilize the evenin. and vendors stay open longer to provide income to feed their family. more than anything, ultimately educating them on the crisis on what need to happen to develop africa. with a little source of energy. we are able to start small infrastructure projects. >> impressive work there. >> definitely. >> incredible. right now millions of high school students in china are taking the difficult and stressful test known. the national college entrance exam goes for nine hours over two days. it is intense.
11:49 pm
so much at stake, officials search for students for communication devices. so extreme one school has bars on the windows to prevent suicides. former student describes the high expectations. >> it is an event that pretty much determines their future. the future and the future of their family. because a lot of, kids from rural area or poorer areas of china. if they have a kid who can go to a college or, top tier college in the cities that means at some point of their life they can, you know, be out of the rural life. they can be someone, you know residents of the cities and enjoy the better health care, better access to everything in the cities. that's, that's, it's an event that determines the life of the kid and entire family. >> and cheaters who are caught are banned from the test for three years and their parents face criminal charges.
11:50 pm
all right, he defied the odds, defeating joe novak djokovic. we sat down with stan wawrinka and will bring it to you after the show breaks. stay with us. and we see no reason to stop. so cvs health is creating industry-leading programs and tools that help people stay on medicines as their doctors prescribed. it could help save tens of thousands of lives every year. and that would be something worth shouting about. cvs health, because health is everything.
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stan wawrinka has won the men's french open beating world number one novak djokovic claiming his second grand slam title. >> cnn's christina mcfarland sat down with him to talk about his technique against djokovic and now-famous shorts. >> novak, it is not easy, all wiz a big challenge. so fast. moving around. always trying to make a move. trying to stay on the best line. for me, my game against him is try to bean, an aggressive play, try to push him back, make him feel uncomfortable with the movement. that's what i did. constantly playing agresive tennis. >> you grew up on clay watching this tournament as a young boy. you have seen so many champions to lift the trophy. how did it feel to lift the cup out on the court? >> something very special. that's for sure.
11:55 pm
french own eopen is special for. playing in paris on clay. i was playing clay tournaments, 18, 19 years old. always something special for me. i am very happy. >> stan, your shorts have been talk the tournament for the past two weeks all over the internet, all over twitter. did they give you special powers out there today? >> probably. i look theike them. i look them. it was great. it was fun. everybody else talking about that. and they won the french open. i am quite proud of them. >> excellent. there they are. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> well, an american woman has started her quest to become the first female to row across the pacific ocean solo. >> that's right. pretty awesome. she left japan in her custom-designed row boat sunday. rowing up to 16 hours a day she hopes to make it to california later this year. that journey is a staggering
11:56 pm
9,600 kilometers. look at her go. >> she has a team tracking her by gps, satellite phone and 1,200 pounds of freeze dried food. yummy. great exercise. >> good luck to her. what an am bebitious trip. >> thank you for joining us this hour. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. i'm out of here. rosemary joins you after the short break. i'm rubbing it in. >> good to know that. >> this is cnn.
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the death toll climb from the mers outbreak in south korea as the government quarantines thousand to try to keep the virus from spreading. police in the u.s. state of new york are hunting for two convicted killers who have escaped from a maximum security prison. all they left behind was a note. plus, a top fifa official says if there is evidence of bribery, the location of the next two world cup tournaments could be in doubt. and 1,000 lashes and 10 years in prison. saudi arabia's


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