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tv   CNN International  CNN  June 10, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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♪ . the manhunt now intensifies, officials expanding the search area. >> strategic shift in the battle against isis as washington decides to send more troops to iraq. cnn exclusive. why some women who survived boko haram kidnappings are being shunned at home. >> warm welcome to all of our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm zain asher. >> i'm errol barnett. thank you for joining us. this is "cnn newsroom."
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all right. we begin with the latest information on that frantic search for the two escaped murderers in upstate new york. more than 400 police officers are searching door to door for richard matt and david sweat. the inmates broke out of the clinton correctional facility near the border with canada over the weekend. >> police say they are following more than 500 leads in this case. new york's governor andrew cuomo is urging the public to be on the lookout, be on the alert and call police if they have see anything unusual. >> we need to find these escapees. they are dangerous men. they are killers. they are murderers. there's no reason to believe they wouldn't do it again. >> these men could be anywhere right now. authorities are saying the men could have tried to cross the border in to canada or could have fled to vermont.
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we don't know. >> let's get the latest from jason carroll. >> authorities say vermont is a potential search area in the manhunt for two escaped murderers. >> we did develop information that had been discussed by these men prior to their escape the possibility of going to vermont and finding a location in vermont. >> reporter: officials say they are conducting searches in the case including campgrounds and the lake champlain area a. the search continues in neighborhoods near the prison in upstate new york. with officers checking garages and backyards with search dogs and automatic weapons. others are searching cars at check points. no further word on a lead that dozens of officers pursued yesterday in willsboro, 40 miles southeast of the prisonen. >> some observed two men walking down a rural road, farmland and when a car approached them they took off in the field. >> authorities have been able to
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speak to one lead, joyce mitchell, a prison employee who worked with them tailoring clothing. a source familiar with the investigation said her phone was used to call an associate of matt's and she may have planned to pick the two up after they escaped through a manhole and changed her mind at the last minute. authorities haven't said what whether they suspect mitchell of being involved in smuggling the tools or if knowing her phone was used for the calls. >> she befriended the inmates and may have had some sort of role but i'm not prepared to go in to details on that. >> her daughter in law says she would never help smuggle tools or get away in a car. as to those cell phone calls, she said matt was interested in art. i believe she was persuaded to contact people for him that knew about an art piece or work of art, she said. she was trying to do something nice and it backfired. authorities warning the public
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not to engage with the inmates if they see them. a former accomplice of matts tells cnn he is a master manipulator. >> very cunning and dangerous individual. there's nothing that can stop him. >> jason carroll, cnn, new york. >> now other big story we are following. the u.s. is increasing its commitment in iraq with a plan to send hundreds more american troops to the region to train and advise local forces. the white house hopes to bring about another so-called sunni uprising this time aimed at isis. >> aside from the additional troops the u.s. will be sending weapons to sunni tribes and kurdish fighters as well. >> u.s. troops on the ground training iraqi forces in urban warfare. soon the u.s. will have 450 trainers and support teams to the 450 trainers already on the
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ground. an effort to turn the iraqis in to an effective fighting force after a series of se e debilitating losses to isis. one year after the terror group sfwhept to iraq almost unchallenged, the battle remains, at best, a steal mate on the key urban battlegrounds ramadi, the largest city in western iraq, lost to isis in late may. baiji, still contested. and mosul the largest city in northern iraq now a stronghold, plans delayed indefinitely. few expect the new u.s. trainers will change the battlefield quickly. >> they are on the move in syria and everywhere else. i don't see this stopping. we need a change in strategy. 400, 500 more trainers is a start but not enough. >> reporter: in washington, the president's move failed to satisfy iraq hawks.
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some republicans see half measures. >> it's a step in the right direction, but as the president admitted the other day he has no strategy to win. what this is another tactical move. >> reporter: some democrats see mission creep, a new risk the trainers are positioned to isis' front lines. >> this is exactly how vietnam started. if you don't think you are putting them in harm's way than you are not living in the real world. >> reporter: u.s. officials believe the sunni tribes are ready to take the fight to isis in anbar with the help of u.s. forces advising them. the addition of these 450 brings the total number of u.s. forces on the ground to 3500, up from close to zero a year ago. jim sciutto, cnn, washington. the white house says iraqi prime minister asked the u.s. to send those extra troops. cnn spoke to the iraqi vice president about this. he said he is happy
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to have extra help but says more help is needed. have a listen. >> we are in need of training. we are in need of equipment. we are in need of weapons. we are in need of intelligence to get intelligence, proper intelligence to know what are the strong points of isis, what are the weak points of isis, where to hit, what to do. this is unfortunately not available yet, and i feel also -- on top of that -- that we need to achieve political victory by, as i said, having the people of these provinces to buy in and to be part and parcel of the effort against isis. this is what's missing. the inclusivity of the political process is missing, the -- this will feel in a sense of achieving victory at the end of
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this conflict. >> iraqi vice president ayal allawi there. iraqi forces are fighting to gain control of baiji. isis released this propaganda video showing the battle for the oil-rich city. >> despite claims from iraqi officials that the city is free from isis, u.s. official says the terror group actually controls about half of that city. >> cnn actually asked iraqi troops fighting isis to tell us the thoughts on the support they are receiving from the united states and many say they just need more training. >> in fact, they were candid with our correspondent and cameras. listen to what ben wedeman was told. >> reporter: the crew of this iraqi army 155 millimeters self-pro-fel pelled howitzer prepares to fire. the target is the isis held town west of baiji where the battle
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wages on. the howitzer and its ammunition are american made. the united states says it is going to send an additional 400 troops to help in the effort to train the iraqi army, but when you speak to iraqi military officers, they say that's just a drop in the bucket of what they actually need. iraqi forces, a combination of government troops and members of the shia led prar military group have been battling to take baiji and the nearby refinery from isis. iraqi officials in baghdad told cnn most of the town is now in pro--government hands, but when we got near it through the haze it didn't seem so secure. you can hear gun fire, says local sunni commander. until now there are skirmtishes with the remnants of isis and others are fleeing toward mosul.
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field commanders say isis while on the defensive still holds 50% of baiji. major general has been in the iraqi army for 37 years. he says what iraq needs urgently is weapons, not training. and he insist the american response to isis has been, at best, half hearted. when the united states wants to do something it does it, he says. we fought them twice in 1991 and 2003. they have incredible capabilities. if they were serious, they could crush isis. an opinion shared by the powerful commander that is partially armed and trained by iran. it's clear, he tells me, the international coalition isn't serious in its operations. that's why ramadi fell.
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u.s. officials suggest it was the shortcomings of an over stretched iraqi army that were behind the fall. whatever the case, after more than a year of battling isis, iraq can ill afford more defeats. ben wedeman, cnn, outside of baiji, iraq. meantime, delegates around the world are attending an extremism summit in australia right now to brainstorm different ways to combat isis recruiting. australia's foreign minister says about 100 australians are fighting for isis and other terror groups, as well. the prime minister refers to isis as a death cult. >> our task is to share our challenges and our strategies to discuss where we think we have failed and where we think we might have succeeded so all of us can learn to be more effective in grappling with the biggest security challenge of
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our time. we made idealistic young people to appreciate that joining this death cult is an oddly misguided and wrong headed way to express their desire to sacrifice. >> now executives from google, twitter and facebook are also at that summit to address, of course, the increasingly essential role that social media plays in these recruitment tactics some we'll see what comes of that meeting. we want to bring you the latest on the scandal at fifa. they have delayed the bidding process for the 2026 world cup as the u.s. and swiss continue to investigate corruption allegations. >> this could be key. fifa has handed over computer data to swiss investigators. it's not clear what's in it. keep in mind the swiss are investigating russia's 2018 and the 2022 world cup bids. football star zeco admits his
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chances are slim but wants to show he is willing. south korean officials are trying to contain the mers virus as we have been telling you for weeks as more people contract the potentially deadly disease. we will take you inside of a hospital treating the infected after the break. and one family's harrowing journey fleeing from three different countries, three countries all in search of a better life. we will have that story after this quick break. and an early morning mode.
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south korean officials have confirmed 14 more cases of mers or middle east respiratory syndrome. >> that's right. so far, nine people have died, a total of 122 cases have been confirmed and more than 3,000 people are under quarantine. these numbers creeping up during the week. meantime, authorities in hong kong are telling people to avoid unnecessary travel to south korea. >> more than 30 people are tested for the mers virus, but no cases have been confirmed in the chinese territory. more than 3800 people are under
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quarantine as south korea tries to curb the virus. we got a firsthand look at how one hospital is dealing with this ongoing outbreak. >> reporter: the hospital in seoul is one of the medical facilities treating people who have contracted mers. they are kept in isolation so other patients aren't exposed to the virus. we're going to head inside and see how medical staff are handling the situation. of course we have to take the proper precautions so everyone will have to wear one of these. everyone who enters the hospital has their temperature taken. if they have a fever they are separated for checks before they can come in. the hospital has set up these triage tents outside for anyone who may be showing suspicious symptoms. if they are suspected of having mers, they are brought to these isolation booths for further testing. for the safety of the other patients in the hospital, anyone with a confirmed case of mers is kept in a completely separate
10:19 pm
building here in negative pressure rooms. there are three panels of glass separating us from the people beyond those doors who have been infected with mers. they are being monitored using these screens here. right now, isolation is the key. of course we know there's no vaccine. so everything is being done to make sure these people are kept quarantined and that other patients and the medical staff are being protected. the hospital is keeping a tight control over everyone that comes in and out. so we have to sign our names and leave our phone number as a record of the fact we have been here and of course use hand sanitizer when we leave. the head of the hospital says as far as we know the disease is not airborne. so i think we can control it soon enough. >> that was our correspondent kathy novak reporting. it is worth noting the virus
10:20 pm
doesn't easily spread from person to person. you really do have to be older and sort of have pre-existing conditions. >> do you remember the train engineer involved in a deadly amtrak crash not too long ago in the u.s.? it turns out he was not using his cell phone during that incident. federal investigators say they have analyzed brandon's phone records and they show he didn't make calls, texts or use the internet while operating this -- what was the train. eight people were killed and more than 200 injured when the train derailed near philadelphia on may 12th. standard & poors is now downgrading greece's credit rating saying the country will likely default on its commercial debt within a year if it cannot strike a deal with its creditors. the rating is one notch further in to junk territory. >> this news comes as greece's
10:21 pm
prime minister met on wednesday in brussels with the leaders of france and germany to discuss measures. they need to adopt an exchange for more bailout loans. they have been deadlocked over cutting pension and unpopular labor reforms. >> despite the economic struggles, this is interesting because greece is not turning away migrants. 102,000 migrants have arrived in europe by sea so far this year. >> huge number. >> the group says most are showing up in italy. we have an exclusive story of one family who's had to flee three nations. >> reporter: at this hotel, life isn't what it used to be, at least not for the new guests. here is an image that inspire ises today. my grants sleeping on stained mattresses with no sanitation.
10:22 pm
here i meet a family who have been sleeping, living and dining at the hotel for ten days and counting. amid the playfulness with his daughter, this afghan father hides a life full of sorrow and hardship. >> i remember when i was little, when some group came around our house and -- with guns. >> reporter: he was only 6 years of age back then. the sultan remembers it like it were yesterday. >> don't get out of this land they will kill all of your children, your wife, your sons. >> reporter: having heard those words, his family flees afghanistan to pakistan, but they didn't feel safe there either. as a member of a minority shia sect, so they moved to iran. >> don't accept you. it is an islamic country.
10:23 pm
>> reporter: now a grown man he returns once more to afghanistan. soon after he arrives -- >> they killed my brother. so he leaves with his family. perilously crossing over iran to get to turkey. here carrying small bags and two children, they walk knees deep in mud. and then crawl for another three hours. >> it is so terrible. >> reporter: istanbul gives the children a sense of normality but that is short lived. >> then we come and decided to come in a small boat for 20 person in one boat. >> reporter: now safe he has become a link between the
10:24 pm
migrants an the greeks here. his kindness hasn't made him lose sight of what he wants, asylum in sweden but he's so hardened by the life he's lived the truth no longer hurts. >> at least 14 year hours i must go buy food. >> when my son calls father, where's my motorcycle, i have no answer for him. on holiday. i lie. >> a life on the move a refugee three times over. a future uncertain. cnn. all right. we want to get to louisiana now where there's a state of emergency because as the image a's around us may suggest, hundreds of homes are under water. >> the red river reached the highest level in over 70 years i'm joined by derek vandam,
10:25 pm
people are trying to save their homes. >> it is terrifying to see the images and ariels out of this area. this isn't as worse as it has got in the past a. in fact 1849 it was nine feet higher than what we see now. a serious event and this is coming off one of the wettest months ever recorded across the con tijous united states, the west coast to east coast. we had on average 4.5 inches in total throughout the country. through the course of may. look at these images coming along. the size of the red river. this is obviously drone images. the river overcoming its banks and swallowing up people's livelihoods, their homes, cars, vehicles, not a good situation for them. if we get to my graphics, you can see how bad it has gotten. we have had major flooding, 37 feet with the flood stage on the
10:26 pm
red river at the shreveport, louisiana, region roughly 30 feet. so this is very significant. remember, this isn't from one particular rainfall event. it's because we have had so much rain in the past. so all of the rivers, all the streams, all the creeks leading in to the red river eventually allowing for this surge of high water that's just now reaching its flood stage. even though it is predicted to start to recede over the coming days and weeks, they are not out of the woods just yet. we will see this flood stage slowly make its way down the red river further and further down. in fact, you can see the flood warnings are extended across much of louisiana. remember, this is all thanks to the wettest month on average across the entire united states. i'm going to switch gears because i don't know if you noticed, in chicago or in to indianapolis, the smoke that's been in the air. this is tanks to fires that started in canada. saskatchewan. this is 50 fires that caused smoke to eventually drift in to
10:27 pm
the great lakes region. that was carried by jet streams over the upper-level winds. this was also noticed by nasa. now it is started to drift over the nation's capital. we have, well, what will be beautiful sunrises and beautiful sunsets. so for anyone who's stayed up with us tonight they should check it out. when we have smoke in the air it often makes the sunrises and sunsets more vibrant and the reds and oranges come out. >> it's stunning. >> it is. and we will see more of that with these smokey fires making their way across the u.s. >> a sunny silver lining, i guess. >> i like that. to a smoky situation. >> poetic. >> thank you so much. new details on that texas pool party video, right, that went viral. now the former texas police officer goes in to hiding after receiving death threats. hear what his attorney has to say about what his client says happened. also ahead, some girls in
10:28 pm
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no matter where you are in the world, thanks for staying with us here on cnn. this is "cnn newsroom." i'm errol barnett. >> i'm zain asher. we always appreciate it. let's give you your headlines. police in upstate new york are searching door to door for two escaped murderers. authorities say the men may have fled to vermont. they broke out of clinton correctional facility over the weekend. police say they are very
10:32 pm
dangerous. the u.s. is sending more military advisers and trainers to iraq. officials say up to 450 troops will head there. weapons will be sent to sunni tribes and kurdish forces. still the white house says there will be no combat missions for american forces in the country. delegates from around the world are attending an extremism summit in australia right now to combat on-line recruiting by isis. executives from google, twitter and facebook are also attending, as well. australia's foreign minister says about 100 australians are fighting for isis and other terror groups, as well. . world leaders continue to meet on thursday to try to bring an end to boko haram's sixth-year insurgency and it has been a frightening deadly one. the terror group is responsible for thousand s of deaths and displacing 1. 5 million people across the african continent. >> defense chiefs met in the
10:33 pm
nigerian capital to lay the ground work for a task force but the process has been slowed by nigeria's reservation about foreign troops entering the country and presidential elections held in march. >> some girls who were kidnapped by boko haram have been able to escape but some of them are returning pregnant. >> it is a stigma their families are not willing to tolerate. cnn spoke to one girl who said it won't stop her from keeping her child. >> reporter: at first she tried to fight off her abductor. when they announced their plans to marry us, we rejected it. then she realized, she had no choice. we watched how they slaughtered so many of the women and men. so we got frightened. she told us from the very first day of her capture by the nigerian terror group boko haram she was planning her escape. eventually she succeeded. when the husband she never
10:34 pm
wanted was off fighting. today she is back in her own home and seven months pregnant. she is asked to conceal her identity and refer to her by halima, not her real name. the fear is still with her. this time it is the men in her own community. >> translator: people in this village are rejecting me because of the pregnancy. some will be happy to have me dead. many people are even saying that i should go for an abortion. only my mom wants me to keep the pregnancy. >> but her mother is one of the few, there are no exact figures, but eight agencies and government officials have told cnn that an alarming percentage of the girls rescued from boko haram have returned pregnant. now, despite their ordeal, they are outcasts. under the weight of the stigma, some of them are choosing to risk their lives with risky abortions rather than give birth to their abductors babies.
10:35 pm
when her father was killed by bo boko haram and her mother found out she was captured she feared the worst. >> hey abducted my daughter and step daughter and took seven girls from this house. she refuses to contemplate losing her daughter again. we heard a girl died after she attempted an abortion losing the mother and baby. the girl was the only child to her mother. so that scared us. if god wishes, she will give birth safely. life is in the hands of god alone. a cnn team spoke to the men she accuses of kidnapping her. they denied the threats. >> we are not aware of anyone in this village impregnated by them. if any woman is found pregnant, in our tradition the pregnancy
10:36 pm
is considered unlawful. that's why we can't accept them unlawfully because they can be like baby snakes. >> reporter: it's not a denial she says she finds reassuring but she tells us whatever they say, having survived abduction and escape, she knows that she is strong enough to see this through. cnn, in northern nigeria. >> now a former texas police officer is in hiding receiving death thefts after he was caught on video pulling his gun on teenagers at a pool party. >> this video was very disturbing. eric casebolt you see him there slamming the girl on the ground. he resigned on tuesday. casebolt's attorney says his emotions got the better of him after he responded to suicide calls earlier in the day. >> eric regrets that his conduct portrayed him and his department
10:37 pm
in a negative light. he never intended to mistreat anyone but was only reacting to a situation and the challenges that it presented. he apologizes to all who were offended. >> and we are hearing that casebolt will get to keep his benefits and pension. mckinney's police chief says it is too soon to tell whether casebolt will face charges. so we shall see. a turkish court sentenced a police officer there to plant 600 trees for tear gassing a woman during a 2013 protest. the so-called lady in red picture became viral and a symbol of the anti-government movement there. >> the demonstrators wanted to start a government plan to redevelop the park in istanbul. the government dismissed the protest as nothing to do with trees. all right. coming up a groi growing boycott movement against israel. a movement that could cost the country billions of dollars.
10:38 pm
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. welcome back, everyone. in israel, a fierce boycott movement is causing some business owners to really brace for the worst. >> it's even making prime minister benjamin netanyahu admit he plans to step up efforts to fight back. cnn examines this growing movement and looming financial toll it could take on israel. >> reporter: the latest harvest is ready for bottling at an israeli winery. the owner says business is growing, but so is a boycott
10:42 pm
against his wine produced in the settlements. >> it is not the majority of the world that believe in those things. it's very, very small organization. the problem is they have a lot of power and a lot of money. >> reporter: that organization is bds, the boycott die vestment and sanctions movement. the cofounder started it a decade ago to force israel to end what he says is a system of discrimination against palestinians. his movement has activists in many countries and tens of thousands of followers on social media. growing at least in part, he says, because of netanyahu's right-wing government. >> israel is realizing, perhaps a bit late that bds is quite serious. it is quite effective. >> reporter: last week, the ceo of orange, a telecommunications company owned in part by the
10:43 pm
french government said he would pull orange out of iefrl if he could. the activists called the remarks a success. within days he apologized saying the remarks were misinterpreted and he opposes any boycott of israel. in las vegas, jewish-american billionaires and political mega donors pledge to fight bds. he spoke to channel 2 israel about the orange ceo and the boycott movement. >> this isn't over. this is the beginning. any company that chooses to boycott business in israel is going to look at this case and once we're done they are going to think twice whether they want to take on israel or not. >> reporter: israeli politicians have united against bds. prime minister netanyahu promised to go on the offensive against the movement. we will gather forces in israel and around the world to shatter the lies of our enemies, he says. we will fight for israel's right
10:44 pm
to live in peace and security. anti-bds activists have accused him and his followers of racism and anti-semitism, charges he denies. >> we are targeting a system of injustice. this should never be affiliated with an attack on any group of people based on their identity. bds target ifs institutions, not individuals. >> reporter: israel's economy will take a hit from the movement and similar non-violent resistance. $15 billion hit according to a study by the rand corporation. a price he says is worth it. cnn, jerusalem. pope francis and russian president putin met on wednesday at the vatican. this is their first meeting since 2013. they talked nearly an hour about the crisis in the ukraine. a goal was to promote unity and peace. criticism for the way they
10:45 pm
handled ukraine. he continues to deny this. catholics in ukraine are angry the pope hasn't condemned russia's actions in the ukraine. u.s. law enforcement officials say a network of criminals may be involved in last summer's internet hack of nude images of celebrities posted on-line. >> federal agents have staged raids across the u.s., including in chicago where hundreds of on-line accounts were allegedly hacked. cnn's pamela brown has more. >> reporter: new developments tonight in the hacking and leaking of stolen female celebrities private photos and videos. pictures of stars such as jennifer lawrence, kate up on the and anna kendrick posted on-line last summer. according to documents, federal agents searched this chicago home last fall looking for evidence linked to the case. a month after the stolen photos were leaked, the fbi said it
10:46 pm
tracked the source of the hack to an ip address linked to a 30-year-old amelia herrera. >> it looks like a fairly straight path to the offender. there are ways of masking ip addresses so you can carry out the attack in an easier manner and get away with it. it did not happen here. >> her address was used to access 572 individual icloud accounts and those accounts were accessed 3200 times from his ip address over the course of more than a year. apple's icloud feature automatically keeps users photos in the cloud on-line. agents say they seized several computers, from her phone. they believe she is part of a network of people who trade the pictures on-line. >> low-level un0 sophisticated almost teenage prankish act. >> pamela brown reporting there.
10:47 pm
one other quick note. herrera is 30 years old and lives with his parents at that home. cnn tried to phone a number associated with the address for comment but no one answered. take a break here on cnn. when we come back, a new jurassic park sequel is out in cinemas. but a scientific discovery inside of these fossils could change what we know about dinosaurs. stay with us.
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if you want to guarantee your carry on will get to the overhead bin on your next flight. >> i always struggle with this. >> down size your bag. the international air transport association wants cabin bags to create slimmer things to put your stuff in to create more passenger storage space. >> airlines set their own carry on limits and so far no north american carriers have agreed to the limits but some others have. the height and width of the bag wouldn't differ much under current proposed rules but the depth would be cut off by an inch and a half.
10:52 pm
>> there you go. >> a discovery by scientists in london. they found what seems to be blood cells and proteins in dinosaur fossils that are roughly -- guess how old? >> 75 million years old. >> the same script, zain. come on, now. researchers say these bones weren't that well preserved. kelly morgan has been examining the evidence. ♪ >> reporter: at first glance, it looks like a dried out old piece of wood. but on closer, microscopic inspection, deep within the molecular structure, 75 million year old dinosaur was something unexpected. my colleague sergei who works on living tissue immediately said i think they are blood cells but at that point we were skeptical. i'm a paleontologist and i know soft tissues don't preserve for
10:53 pm
75 million years. >> another discovered what it believes to be traces of collagen, the protein in connective animal tissue. clues that could help scientists solve a long-running debate on evolution. >> dinosaur ancestors are thought to be cold blooded animals where the birds are warm with blooded. somewhere in the evolution it must have evolved and that's a subject of great interest. it would tell us were they bird like, dynamic animals or reptilian in their behavior. >> this is not the first discovery but what makes this find so exceptional is these bones are unexceptional. for more than a century they have been housed in london's natural history museum. >> very scrappy. it is fragmentary, broken, not the kind of thing you would expect to find soft tissue in.
10:54 pm
>> there is a lot of it in collections an the world. animal fossils around the world are looked more closely as potential pieces in the jurassic puzzle. >> imagine that we took -- let's say a wild debeast and you took the environment and plant and animal s away and all you were left with is a skeleton and we have to infer everything else from the bones. >> hollywood has long used those bones to fuel its imagination in films like "jurassic park" but the opportunity to compare the molecular structure could lead to a more accurate representation of dinosaurs. kelly morgan, cnn, london. another very touching heart warming story between a baby and mother. take a look at this. this koala you see the koala country hanging on to his mom is six months old.
10:55 pm
he held on tight, boy he did. the entire time his mom underwent life-saving surgery after she was hit by a car. >> is anyone's heart not melting right now? >> i love this. >> the staff at the zoo let the cub stay for the procedure because they didn't want him stressed out at such an age and the tender touch must have worked because mama koala is recovering. >> that is love right there. >> it is. in new york another story of animal devotion. a service dog put his life on the line to save his blind owner. so the 8-year-old golden retriever help leapt in front of an oncoming school bus. >> he suffered injuries to his legs and took off some fur, the owner had broken bones and head wound but both are expected to be fine. and if you are watching around this time yesterday, we told you about this really cute
10:56 pm
sassy, adorable 6-year-old girl with some serious dance moves. this video of her, take a look here. strutting her stuff to respect, respe-e-s-p-e-c- r-e-s-p-e-c-t, took the internet by storm. so far bringing in 14 million views. >> and the queen of soul heard about the act. she's impressed. aretha franklin told cnn, quote, i'm scared of her. i thought i had those moves covered but this little girl is fierce. >> thank you for watching, everyone. i'm zain asher in and i'm errol barnett, i will be back next hour with rosemary church for more contract cnn newsroom." stay with us. you probably know xerox
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-- captions by vitac -- two escaped prison inmates may have crossed from new york into vermont. cnn gets a view of the search area. the white house plans to send hundreds more troops to iraq while iraqi forces struggle for control of a key town. and how viral tickling videos of this endangered species may be putting it on the path to extinction. i'm rosemary


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