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tv   Wolf  CNN  June 11, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> he's going away forever. >> he knows the difference between right and wrong. >> i don't know that he knew the difference between right and wrong. i think he's insane. >> you're the juror he wants to pick for his next trial. >> not if i'm the prosecutor i'll tell you that. >> thank you. i always love having the twoe you. you're perfect for each other. you're perfect for us. hi there, i'm brianna keilar in for wolf blitzer. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks so much for joining us. >> this is cnn breaking news. the breaking news we are following, new leads in the manhunt for two cold-blooded killers he who pulled off a brazen escape if from a maximum security prison in upstate new york. sources tell cnn that dogs have picked up a scent on the inmates just three miles from the
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prison. police also found a footprint and multiple food wrappers. this is a significant lead but it's certainly not the only one because investigators are also actively searching in neighboring vermont and well away in fill it fill. that's where a cab driver claims that he picked up the fujgitives it this morning and took them to a train station before he called police. in the meantime authorities say they're holding off on a decision on whether to charge a prison worker with being an accomplice in the escape. officials believe joyce mitchell planned to be the getaway driver, but she got cold feet. and they say she's cooperating and providing critical information to investigators. we're covering all of the angles of this breaking news. our jason careroll and our polo sandoval are on the ground. cnn national correspondent deb feyerick is in our new york studio. i want to begin with jason. talk to us about the new evidence found near the prison, jason. what's the latest on this this? >> reporter: well it is significant, that is for sure. it was found just along route 374 in a wooded area.
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you can see it is still closed off. it's been closed off ever since last night about a seven-mile section. we are about several miles away from the prison where the break took place. dogs have keyed in on a particular spot where they believe richard matt and david sweat had been holed up for a period of time. they found a shoeprint, multiple food wrappers also possibly a boot as well and here is what's key about this, brianna. they believe the materials they found are fresh which may lead them to believe that perhaps, and i just say perhaps richard matt and david sweat had been in the area recently. now how do you define recently? is that tuesday? is that monday? is that even last night? that is still yet to be determined. investigators are can have of dent that the material is fresh so that the lead they have on these two is fresh as well. for now this section of route 374 remains closed.
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they're not letting nonresidents into that particular area. last night it was extremely tense when they shut down the section of route 374 as they asked residents to stay inside their homes, keep their doors locked if they had outside lights on to keep those lights on to help searchers with their search. that search right now very, very active the of this is the most significant lead they've had to date. brisanna? >> was that cadyville where they're shutting down the roads? tell us how this is affecting the communities there because obviously when you shut down the roads, when people need to stay inside it's a huge impact. >> reporter: one way it's impacted is the local school district had to close school for the day. too difficult for the buses with this route 374 closed. school district shutting down school at least for the day. it's been one of many chapters in the lives of the people who live in this particular area and dannemora, which is where the prison is located.
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folks it there really feeling on edge as they have been over the past few days especially at night when it's theorized these two are on the move. this is just another chapter. but perhaps since we seem to be hearing that and again i say perhaps, perhaps since investigators now have a strong lead this will help some of those people here in the community who have just been feeling on edge and just want the situation to come to a conclusion. brianna? >> all right, jason carroll for us in new york. i want to bring in cnn's polo sandoval now outside of the prison where all of this started in dannemora. give us a sense of what the police presence is like where you are, polo. >> reporter: well, brianna, if you look behind me several blue vehicles. these are just a couple of the seemingly endless row of transport vans and buses used by authorities to pretty much shuttle officers back and forth from that perimeter jason just mentioned. and you look at their faces, brianna, you can tell they are confident that they could be fairly close to perhaps yet
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another very strong lead here in addition to that very significant development today and the findings that happened only three miles from here. and also i would add to what jason mentioned and the feeling of the community, today's diskofrcovery, it if anything, renewing some tensions, even some fears according to what some of the neighbors told us here. you see after six days of no significant results in and around this area, many people here had just assumed that matt and sweat had moved on had perhaps left town left the state, or even maybe even left the country. keep in mind the border here with canada only about a few miles north of here. however, now that this discovery is being made the people of dannemora, new york now heavily concerned. they are worried these two individuals could still be in the area. for law enforcement, though that would mean a positive indication that they could be very close to the last leg perhaps. >> perhaps. and maybe they are confident. that's something to pay attention to polo. talk about the area around
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dannemora. we're talking with about a heavily wooded area and now we have a report that these killers are not really outdoorsmen, right? tell us about the weather conditions and what they've been up against. >> reporter: the weather conditions, brianna, the first three days of the search were terrible, heavy fog, prevented helicopters to be up in the air or hampered the search conditions. also on the ground hetchy winds, heavy rain, and then yesterday was perhaps the first day which we didn't see any heavy downpours, a bit of precipitation. nothing that truly hampered search efforts. now today really the conditions seemed to be very favorable for officers to get up in the air. a helicopter just flew over us a few moments ago. that's an indication officers will not be stopping anytime soon. the last thing i should mention, there are camp sites around here. the landscape seems to be rolling hills and woods dotted with several cabins. that has also been a concern for authorities, that these two
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fugitives possibly sought shelter in one of these places. however, officials are are worried perhaps people that are camping may run into these individuals so that's why officers are out in full force with fliers in hand in new york and vermont. >> polo sandoval there in dannemora, thank you so much. i want to bring in deb feyerick. police are also keeping an eye on fillphiladelphia because of this tip from a taxi driver. what are police doing to check up on this? and how much credence are thee giving this tip? >> we spoke to philadelphia police. they essentially say they did get a call about 6:00 this morning by a cab driver who says he picked up two men who looked like the fugitives that are on the run right now. he took them to the 30th street station there in philadelphia and then he waited about an hour an hour and a half before he even called police. now we spoke to other law
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enforcement in the area. they're not giving a lot of credibility to the fact that in fact these two guys made it to philadelphia. they did check surveillance videos and it seems like in fact it was just a case of mistaken identity. it doesn't appear they made it as far as philadelphia. in fact because their ride failed to show up that was probably the only things they didn't plan in this escape what happens if their ride doesn't show? so a lot of really seasoned veteran investigators believe they did not make it that far from the prison, brianna. >> what about the search in vermont? i think that investigators have thought the thinking was let's head north. there will be less police presence, less heat on the border with vermont. how real is that search? >> well one of the things you have to think about, also, when they got out you don't know what sort of awareness, geographical awareness they have. you don't know whether they knew they were heading north, whether they were heading south, east
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west. again, how familiar they were with the it terrain. the fact they're in the woods, these are not wilderness people. they do not have wilderness training. the fact they left an area where they may have slept, you know, key clues pressed grass and pressed leaves that also shows that they were not -- that they're not erasing their tracks. they have been on the ruppn for six days. every single lead is being followed up. authorities say they're looking for patterns, looking to see whether a certain set leads being called in at one time what the sort of consistency is so they know exactly with where to put their resources and put people to investigate. so there are state police in vermont that are very much involved in this. there are also people in canada that are very much involved in this in the event those two men actually are able to cross the border brianna. >> deb feyerick thank you so much. we'll have more coverage of this hunt for the escaped prisoners ahead. we'll be asking law enforcement experts about the likelihood the
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breaking news. joyce mitchell the prison
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worker being questioned by police, said one of the escapees matt made her feel special. she said nothing, however, about being in love. mitchell has been cooperating with investigators. she has not been charged. this comes as we've also learned police dogs picked up the scent much of the two inmates just about three miles from the prison that they broke out of six days ago. police also found evidence of where they may have spent the night. this included a footprint and food wrappers as well. i want it to bring in our panel. we have lenny depaul, a former commander of the u.s. marshal service task force, former fbi assistant director and cnn law enforcement analyst tom fuentes as well. lenny, given us a sense of the time frame. if dogs were able to pick up a scent, how much time could have passed since the men were where they were? >> apparently the dogs did pick up the scent, a footprint, possible wrappings from food and what not. that's huge for law enforcement.
10:15 am
it certainly tighten ss up their investigation if it is, in fact, them. i guess we're hoping now that these tracks are fresh and they've converged on the area. they have aviation support and certainly a very tight perimeter, the cavalry is onboard. hopefully this comes to a peaceful ending soon. >> any idea how much time could have passed, tom? days? >> i don't think they expect it to be too long with all the weather up there would have washed away the footprint and maybe the scent. if the dogs found a strong scent, i believe they think it's pretty recent. >> we have this report these are not exactly outdoorsmen, these are not guys equipped at the time they thought they would have a getaway driver, nor do they have that natural inclination and the like. one of them may even have a bad back. he was taking medication, we understand, for a bad back. how much does this matter? >> well it matters a lot.
10:16 am
it indicates a strong desire for them to probably look for shelter. this case reminds me a lot -- i'm sure lenny recalls the christopher doran cop found in the mountains outside los angeles. he crashed his car and they had certificate offers all over creation looking for him. they even did a search of of a hoe it tell room in tijuana when there was a possible sighting. he never left more than a mile from where the car was. he was sheltered in a house for one week. within sight of the police command post during that certificate . later the family came home early to this vacation home because they wanted to fix it up and sell it. that's when he was discovered. luckily he didn't kill them. he did steal their car. he was spotted going down the road chased dumped that car, hijacked another car and then eventually end eded up in the cabin where he was captured, actually burned up in the cabin when it caught fire. it's possible this is a similar situation. he's in deep woods. he's not a survivalist, either
10:17 am
of them. find a house that maybe has an unlocked door, are go in and make themselves at home in the meantime. >> very much a possibility. lenny, when you think of that -- you think of that being a possibility but, also do you think that these guys are still hanging together and why would that matter? >> i mean, we sure hope they are. and he's right spot on with all that. this certainly fits with respect to the investigation. i mean these guys if in fact they never got picked up when they came out of the manhole cover, that threw a monkey wrench into the whole works. they're out there. they probably are miserable. it's been raining. they're hungry and desperate people do desperate things. they're bedded down somewhere and, again, hopefully they're together and this thing ends peacefully. that's what i fear. >> the tips or the clues so far show that it seems like they were sleeping on the ground.
10:18 am
do you think they're trying to avoid cabins or being discovered because they think law enforcement would look in a cabin that they could be stowing away in? >> i don't think their thinking is right at all. i don't know what they're thinking and it's not accurate that's for sure. hearing things people on the ground up there -- from people on the ground up there, they're messing up a little bit, and it's only a matter of time before they screw things up. apparently it's -- hopefully it's going down that road. however, i wouldn't you know the public needs to know because they're on a fresh lead here they may very well have slipped through the cracks late last night or what not and could be anywhere. if they stumble on to somebody who looks like these guys in the midwest, call law enforcement. anything could happen. >> lenny depaul being thanks for chatting with us. tom fuentes, thanks for being with us. we'll have a whole lot more on this hunt with the escaped prisoners ahead. up next i'll be asking republican presidential
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candidate ben carson about his plans to make government more efficient through, quote, covert monitoring. what did he mean by that? you don't want to miss this.
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on all my devices. it's perfect for me because my kids are costing me a fortune. i'm going to cabo! ♪ don't settle for u-verse. xfinity is perfect for people who want more entertainment for their money. presidential candidate ben carson says the push for gay rights should not be compared to the sill rights movement in the u.s. carson says there is irritation over the comparison that prompt this had remark in a cnn interview with our chris cuomo in march. >> do you think gay is a choice? >> absolutely. >> why do you say that? >> because a lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight and when they come out,
10:23 am
they're gay. did something happen while they were in there? >> in a fox news interview carson said he shouldn't have allowed his emotions into the conversation and he explained why he said what he did. >> quite frankly, i didn't remember any times when there were signs up that said everybody else here and gay people have to drink at this fountain. i was a little irritated. >> retired neurosurgeon and retired presidential candidate joining us on the phone now, ben carson. i do want to talk to you about the poll numbers we're seeing nationally and in iowa. i want to get to the comments about gay rights and gay marriage in the spotlight again. can you just clarify for us sort of where you stand on this issue? i know you're saying that gays haven't been segregated when it comes to water fountains the way african-americans have been but do you think gay americans are discriminated against? that they face discrimination?
10:24 am
>> i don't want to talk about the gay issue unless you can get the answer to this question. who believes in the traditional marriage that would be acceptable? >> sir, if you're running for president, i think it's fair to ask you this question. part of baeg a candidate is to answer questions. can you tell us if -- i understand you saying it's not exactly the same but people look at that. some people look at that and say we're talking about two groups that have faced discrimination and i wonder if you think gay americans face discrimination even if it's not atwater water fountains. >> i made my opinion quite clear on this issue. i think the constitution protects every single american. everybody has equal rights not
10:25 am
extra rights. >> i'm asking you then if you think gay americans are protected from being discriminated against and do they face discrimination? do you think they do? >> everybody should be protected against discrimination. >> and are gay americans -- >> can we move on to something more important? >> no you haven't answered my question. you haven't answered my question. are gay americans discriminated against? it's a very simple question. i'm asking to you clarify your remarks. >> i just said everybody needs to be protected from discrimination. everybody probably has somebody who discriminates them because there are people with small minds who think that way. >> so you're saying gay americans are discriminated against? >> i'm saying every group faces some type of discrimination. christians face a the lot of discrimination. i wish we could talk more about that. >> so do you not want to talk
10:26 am
about discrimination against gay americans? >> i just gave you an answer. >> okay. i will say that i think you gave me part of an answer but not a complete one. let's move on and talk about some of the polls numbers. there is a poll by the des moines register and it puts you -- you're doing very with well in iowa if we can pull up the numbers there so we can see them. you're at 10% first choice for president, in the upper tier. do you think that you can -- what do you think it is that's driving your popularity there, and do you think you could push ahead of say, scott walker? >> well one of the nice things about the way things are situated in iowa you get an opportunity to actually talk with a lot of the people to press flesh with the people. they get to see who you actually are, not some portrayal that someone else has given them. and i think that works to the advantage of certain people and
10:27 am
certainly it to my advantage. >> you think it's the retail quality of having that interaction with people? >> yes, i think it's a very important thing. and, you know unfortunately, it's not like that in all of the states and, therefore, i think some of the early states where that is the case do play a very important role in the process. >> i want to ask you about another topic that you commented on recently. you talked about having a -- you said you were looking seriously at having a co-vert division basically amongst government workers so that they could keep tabs on other government employees with the aim of improving efficiency. can you tell us more about what you meant by that? how does that improve efficiency? >> well you know in the private sector things tend to run considerably more efficiently than they do in the government. and one of the reasons is because there is accountability.
10:28 am
and we need to have accountability with government just as we do in the private sector. in order to have that accountability it's important for their work to be monitored. that's what i'm talking about. nothing more complex than that. >> so you're talking about maybe maybe -- i think of how things were even in news divisions, there might be a review process where supervisors or even peer reviews over someone's performance, but that, to me, sounds different than a covert division of people who are in this room and are amongst their co-workers and are essentially spying or keeping tabs on them. i mean are those different things or do you mean the same thing? >> how better to determine the ef kaes of what people are doing than it to have those that you're supposed to be serving to
10:29 am
monitor the work and report on them? >> a covert division can you explain what you mean by that? would you spies in the work place? >> they wouldn't necessarily know when somebody came in if that was somebody monitoring your work or if it was somebody providing service. that being the case my suspicion is that they would treat everybody as they might be somebody who is monitoring and that will improve efficiency. >> okay. thank you for clarifying your remark dr. ben carson calling in for us from iowa. i appreciate you talking with us. >> my pleasure. and coming up, a footprint and a food wrapper are wrong the new leads authorities are chasing as they continue the hunt for two escaped prisoners. a live report from upstate new york next.
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we have breaking news out of new york object on the hunt for the two escaped killers. bloodhounds actually picked up a pretty good scent about three miles from the clinton correctional facility in dannemora. that's where searchers found possible with bedding as well as food wrappers on the ground. they set up a perimeter around this area. the search is still under way at checkpoints along state highway 374 after reports of a sighting in nearby cadyville. authorities closed down parts of
10:34 am
the route all the way to west plattsburgh, new york that's where our miguel marquez is standing by. we're now hearing from a source close to the investigation that prison worker joyce mitchell has told investigators that one of the prisoners, richard matt made her feel special. that's what she said. tell us what else we're learning about mitchell. >> reporter: well her family members say there is nothing to the reporting and the rumors that there was any sort of an affair between any of those convicts and mitchell. she had worked in the prison. her cell phone was used that night. and she has been cooperating with investigators but they have not charged her yet because she has been co-operating. it's not clear where exactly any possible charges will go against her, but her family at this point is saying there was nothing more than her trying to help these individuals and that is it. brianna? >> let's talk about some of the reported sightings. you get a lot sightings in
10:35 am
different areas, some further afield or that seem impossible. what's the latest on the search right now? >> reporter: well, as you laid out, they have found this area about three miles east of the prison of clinton, east of dannemora, near the town of cadyville where they had that sighting and we to given you an idea how big this search area is we're four miles from where they found that site. this was an area that appeared -- the grass appeared to be bedded down like someone slept there are for the evening, food wrappers shoeprints possibly a boot. the dogs picked up a scent there as well. they believe to be that of the inmates. there was something that led investigators to believe this was a recent camp site giving them hope they are still in the neighborhood, still in the area. i can tell you residents from here all the way to vermont are worried. >> it's scary. i mean they literally could have been in my backyard the whole time running through,
10:36 am
making their way by to keep going where they're located now. >> i think law enforcement is very effective so i wasn't concerned at all in the onset. i have concerns now, but i do think they're doing the best they can in the circumstances. >> reporter: i think it fair to say the entire area on very very high alert, but authorities, some 500 searchers out there attached to this search right now, they are confident that they are looking everywhere they possibly can and are discounting the hundreds of leads they get as quickly as possible and believe that they will have them soon. brianna? >> all right, we'll be watching. miguel marquez, thanks so much. next, the very latest on the search from the mayor of plattsburgh, new york. stay with us for that.
10:37 am
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we continue it to follow that breaking news from upstate new york. police have now set up a perimeter around the area where two convicted killers may have slept after escaping from a maximum security prison. the clues, including a footprint and a food wrapper, were found just three miles from the prison. we've also learned that dogs may have picked up their scent. joining me now by phone to talk about this is the mayor of
10:41 am
plattsburgh, new york thank you for being with us. really appreciate it. mayor, we know police have set up this perimeter. what you've heard from law enforcement, do you think police are closer to finding these two men, richard matt and david sweat? >> well we certainly are encouraged by the prospect that we have some solid evidence of where they have been and probably have been recently. we had some pretty heavy rain the last couple of days so that if the dogs are picking up a scent, we're encouraged that it is likely a new scent. >> okay, so you're encouraged it is a newer scent. there have been i guess, signs that the men are he definitely there in the area because you haven't had carjackings or say, break-ins to house ss but there must be a concern as days go on they become more desperate that this is a very real thing. do you think -- how worried are you that they may commit a crime and put lives in danger? >> oh, very woreried. obviously when you look at their criminal records, these are not people that exhibit much control
10:42 am
at all. and so the prospect of them coming into contact with any of our residents is really scary. that's why we've been really anxiously waiting and participating. local law enforcement working with the state and federal agencies to try to bring this to conclusion because it is about the public safety. >> what are you telling people there in the area who are -- might be afraid that they could encounter these men and they're watching the search happen here basically in their back yards? >> well certainly we are telling everybody to be very vigilant and we're telling them if they see anything out of the ordinary to report it. we follow up on every tip whether that's here in the city or in more rural parts of the area. we expect people to keep their outdoor lights on to keep their doors locked and, you know in the immediate area of this search where they did close the
10:43 am
road we encourage people to stay in your house. don't go out. don't put yourself in harm's way. >> all right, mayor, thank you for updating us. good to hear that you're encouraged by some these developments. >> you thank you. we'll continue to bring any new developments your way on this hunt for the escaped prisoners. up next, though, the u.s. may be planning to open more military bases in iraq. we'll talk about what that means for the fight against isis and also what it means for american troops. pe 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®. vo: levemir® is an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® lasts 42 days without refrigeration. that's 50% longer than lantus® which lasts 28 days. levemir® comes in flextouch® the latest in insulin pen technology
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a day after the white house floated the plan for 450 more u.s. troops for iraq now they could be preparing to open some new military bases in iraq as
10:47 am
well. we have pentagon correspondent barbara starr joining me now. given us an update here, barbara. >> reporter: hi, brianna. suddenly the pentagon opening the door to the possibility of sending hundreds of additional troops to iraq just one day after that 450 troop level increase was announced. now, how does this all work? what the pentagon is talking about is something called lily pads bases across iraq where there are iraqi troops where u.s. troops may go to help work as military advisers. the idea they say, is that these troops, these iraqi troops, need to be trained on basic military tasks, supply command and control communications logistics, repair all the basic military tasks that keeps an army on the move will be on the shooting of those frontline combat forces. there's sense now they need to
10:48 am
shift and work on some much of these skills. what it means actually is that indeed hundreds more u.s. troops could be headed there. they are already looking at three to four additional sites and a pentagon official said they're looking not at hundreds of sites but hundreds of locations where they might have to put u.s. troops eventually not that they're going to go to hundreds of places but they're picking out the ones they need. all of this really first ar tik articulated by the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general dempsey. the pentagon coming out a short time ago saying yes, they are actively considering this. it could make the u.s. mission in iraq increase and grow significantly. brianna? >> so all we know really is they could be moving or they will be moving hundreds of troops not exactly sure to some new sites still to be determined a number of sites, right? >> reporter: that's right. three to four is what we're hearing for sort of the most
10:49 am
realistic possibility in the future. this is now the military plan weigh know that the pentagon and the u.s. central command have been working on behind the scenes. none of this had been made public and certainly not in the last 24 hours when the white house came out and announced the 450 troops to go to that base in anbar prove incompetence.province that's the model they're looking at sending those 450 troops to help advise and assist and that's what they're looking at now. they'll continue with some of the training but if iraqi troops are going to go to mosul, if they're going to go to ramadi if they're going to go to baji to retake all the areas isis is they need a lot better skills a lot better basic military skills. the idea is these u.s. troops would help but let's be clear, the risk is they are going into an area much closer to
10:50 am
>> very good point. barbara star at the pentagon thank you. virginia teenager pleaded guiltile to providing material support to isis. 17-year-old ali faces up to 15 years in prison after being accused of helping an adult who joined isis and travelled to syria. authorities say that he also passed messages between isis contacts. an american citizen fighting isis in syria has been killed. keith broomfield originally from massachusetts had been fighting alongside kurdish fighters in syria for the last few months. the state department confirmed his death. kurdish fighters on social media say that broomfield was killed in fighting around kobani. the 26-year-old is believed to be the first american killed fighting isis in syria. still ahead on day three of jeb bush's trip to europe. the likely candidate faces more questions about 20-year-old comments on unwed mothers.
10:51 am
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let's talk politics now. jeb bush is in poland second leg of his european tour but back here in u.s. questions persist about his campaign just days before the big kickoff. bush's trip to europe is designed to sort of polish his foreign policy credentials,
10:55 am
essential for governors who are running, right? because he also faces questions about why he's struggling to break out of a huge republican pack of candidates. i want to bring in correspondent dana bash she's covering bush's trip in warsaw and senior washington correspondent jeff zelleny. you have been following his trip. he had tough words for vladimir putin. fill us in on that. >> that's right. you know this trip two-thirds of it actually a little bit more is about going to countries that were part of this soviet union. and so in today's day and age, going to places like where i am in poland it is about trying to show that you are tough when it comes to vladimir putin. and so that certainly is what jeb bush has been doing on his european trip so far. but you remember his brother, when he was in office had a very different view at least initially, of the russian
10:56 am
leader. i asked him to sort of square those two visions. listen to what happened. >> your brother kind of famously during the beginning of his first term said if vladimir putin got a sense of his soul and said he was straightforward and trust worthy. you're calling him a bully. can you square that? >> i think putin has changed, for sure. he's changed over time and he has been emboldened by the fact that we're, weather it true or not, the perception is that we've pulled back. >> and brianna, that is the classic, hawkish republican line that you're hearing from many of the candidates in that part of the republican spectrum. arguing that vladimir putin and others around not just europe and asia, but around the globe, field emboldened because they don't feel frankly scared of the current president and they don't feel that he has been forward-leaning enough.
10:57 am
and that is those are the words that we've heard from jeb bush throughout these couple of days. forward-leaning in that he insists that when and if he is president, he would be much more so especially when it comes to these particular countries like poland and like the baltics where we're going tomorrow to be much more supportive of these countries. >> let's talk about some comments, dana that bush made 20 years ago in a book. he sort of recently resurfaced but at the time he said that out of wedlock births were increasing because there was no public shame in being a single mother. here's what he said today. >> the book was written in 1995 my views have evolved over time but my views about the importance of dads being involved in the lives of children hasn't changed at all. in fact since 1995 if you look at the, this book was a book about cultural indicators the country has moved in the wrong
10:58 am
direction. >> all right. i want to ask both of you this question i'm going to jeff first, how much of a distraction do you think this is for the bush campaign? >> i mean a little bit of a distraction, but i think it's important to put these in context. he said that his views have evolved a bit. everyone's views have evolved. 1995 was a long time ago in some respects. it's the moment to pile on the distractions for jeb bush's campaign right now. he's been at the front of the pack sort of so anything happening, people pile on i think for context it's important to say, what he says is not that different from what president obama has said. he called on since he was the united states senator in 2004 being at a father's day speech he gave that fathers should take more responsibility for that. it's a little bit said more eloquently than jeb bush he's on an island on this. >> do you think, dana this is really a problem for jeb bush so much has been made of this but when you compare to what president obama said maybe he could sort of say he has company
10:59 am
in his opinion. >> that's right. i think jeff is exactly right. two things number one is the full context of what jeb bush was trying to argue today is that it wasn't so much about shaming single mothers, which certainly, you know, kind of puts your back up if you think about that what he was trying to say, he tried to clarify today was that people on both sides should be shamed. fathers in particular he said he argued in this book because they shouldn't just walk away. they need to be supportive and they need to stick around. he said that he tried very hard when i was governor of florida to push for child custody and so forth. i think that served on the policy side but politically, you know jeb bush has had some trouble convincing conservatives that he's one of them. talking about traditional family and traditional marriage and two-family house is not a bad thing when you're running in the conservative and republican primaries and caucuses.
11:00 am
>> all right, dana bash jeff really appreciate it. that's it for me i'll be back at 5:00 eastern or not situation room for international viewers. amanpour is next newsroom with brook baldwin starts right now. this is cnn breaking news. >> brianna, thank you so much. you're watching cnn, i'm brook baldwin and we kick off with more news on the manhunt. these police dogs have traced a scent, all of three miles from this prison wall here in upstate new york. all of this as we learn this female prison worker suspected of being an police here she is cooperating with police. a source telling cnn, richard matt the killer known as hacksaw made her feel in a word special. right now hundreds of officers are setting up this perimeter, they're