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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 12, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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and if you'd like to nominate a cnn hero go to that does it for me. have a wonderful weekend. keep it here. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. could a sandwich shop surveillance camera be the big break that police have been waiting for? i'm jake tapper,s in "the lead." the national lead -- a survey ran cammia po templeal spotting the fugitives, as a new york d.a. says the prison worker gave them tools to make the getaway and her husband might be involved. the politics lead. president bill clinton calls her his rock. the campaign pitches her as a fighter, but as hillary clinton officially kicks off her bid
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tomorrow in new york do we still have any clue on how she would govern if he got to the white house? the bud yesterday lead -- one of the faces of the naacp facing questions about who she really is. rachel dolezal says she identifies as black. both parents, white, saying she's lying. good afternoon. breaking news on the two homicidal fugitives that escaped nearly seven days ago. police are combing through surveillance video that may show the two fugitives at a gas station a mile from the prison. they're trying to learn as much as they can from this woman, joyce mitchell an alleged accomplice cooperating with police. cnn learned machines ago she had a, quote, relationship with both richard matt and david sweat. authorities are also looking into whether the prison worker's
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husband, lyle mitchell had some role in the escape plot or if he was any way aware of the plan. mr. mitchell works in the maintenance department. the district attorney says mrs. mitchell already admitted to providing the convicts with tools. the d.a. would not elaborate on what those tools were but other law enforcement tells cnn that she gave them drill bits, glasses with mounted lights and hacksaws. fugitive rich art matt is intimately familiar with that piece of hardware. he used a hacksaw to dismember his boss after beating him to death. right now sources say they believe the pair of convicted murderers are still together. miguel marquez will have the latest on the investigation. let's tar with randi kaye. you just -- a source telling you she had a, quote, relationship with both fugitives. what does that mean? >> reporter: well we asked the
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source about that and we were told that it was a relationship. the source would not go into too many details except to say that it was unclear -- these are the source's words -- unclear which one joyce mitchell favored. that was his exact words. we're not sure what type of relationship it was, but from the look i got, certainly an interesting relationship jake. i can also tell you -- oh, yes? >> no, go ahead. >> reporter: one of the things -- there's been a lot of questions about when her family knew she was involved in these men or may have been providing thinks tools that you mentioned, so today we had a chance to talk with the district attorney here in clinton county andrew wiley. i skid him directly is there any chance that maybe something in her family was aware of this, in particular her husband, lyle mitchell. this is what he told me. do you know anything about whether joyce mitchell's husband
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lyle was also involved? >> we have information that's coming through through interviews that he possibly could have been involved or at least had knowledge of what was happening. >> reporter: any idea what his role might have been? >> we have information on what part of his role would be i hate to keep saying this to everyone but this is an investigation obviously not only taking them back into custody, but pursuing other people that were involved. >> reporter: it's unclear if lyle mitchell has been interviewed by authorities as he wife has, but he works at this prison in maintenance. not only did she work here at the prison but he works in the very same tailoring block that his wife worked with where she got to know so well the two escapees richard matt and david sweat. >> curiouser and curiouser.
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thank you very much randi. miguel marquez is also there. tell us more on this lead from the gas station. >> reporter: it's not clear how it will play into the searching, but a search just west of where we are is still going on at 110% very, very intense searching, periods of great interest by everybody in this community, incredibly focused on what is happening there. shr everybody just wanting the nightmare to end. tonight the search cyror in for killers richard matt and david sweat, who officials believe are still traveling together after he escaped outside a new york maximum maximum-security prison. a gas station may hold new clues in the search. investigators are looking at surveillance video from a gas station about a mile away from the prison where tracking dogs picked up the scents of.
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there's a sandwich shop attached to it. that's where authorities believe the fugitives may have been rimaging through the trash for food. >> it's my understanding the dogs were still working the scent last night, and we're going to continue to pursue that today. >> shortly after nightfall wednesday, an officer saw one enters the wood a tactical search team discovered human tracks and scent dogs were brought in leading investigators to the area where the two men apparently bedded down. the wrappers found at the scene are consistent with food wrappers from the prison commissary. retired u.s. marshal matthew fogg says as the search enters the seventh day, the key -- tighten the area where the fugitives may be hiding. >> we're going to shop and slowly but surely taking our resources, moving in on that particular point so we're pulling in every angle we with close off, every angle around
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this line here. >> reporter: tonight communities on edge as neighborhoods go on lockdown police continue to hold their perimeter going door to door searching for the murderers, some residents haven't left their homes in days. >> don't approach these people they're desperate, they're dangerous. again one's a convicted cop killer. the other one, you know committed multiple murders. >> we are render more will the role that joyce mitching a prison employee played in the escape of the two convicts. according to officials. mitchell supplied the killers with equipment and tools, including hacksaw blades drill bits and lighted eyeglasses. these were all purchased over the last few months. an official says mitchell's husband lyle is also being looked at and could have been involved or at least had knowledge of his escape plan. now, i can tell you that search is still going on in the area where it has for the last at least 48 hours or so the area near bucks corner road and
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highway 3, just in the northeastern edge of the adirondacks park. a very intense periods of helicopters, lots and lots of individuals. it must be look like an army in there at certain points. 800 law enforcement officers nod involved and they say they will keep going until they are found. >> those are live pictures coming in. let's bring in the director of the u.s. marshal's service thank you so much for being here. your marshals are in the thick of this hunt right now. i know you can't talk specifically about the details, the operational details, so let me ask you some broad questions. these two fugitives have been missing for almost seven days. most fugitives in new york are caught within the first two 24 hours. what differentiates those who are able to evade capture for more than a day or so. are they smarter? do they have more connections on the outside? what makes them different? >> each one of these are unique
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i think the troopers are doing a phenomenal job with this. you know when you think, you know, speed is everything but i can tell you one thing, i'm confident it's just a matter of time. when you bring all your assets to bear if centers these individuals will be captured. sometimes it's a gee or graphical location whether it's more urban or wooded. >> is it easier to einvestigate if it's more urban or more wooded? >> i think it's a factor. i don't know it's an absolute but i certainly say anytime you get into a more dense area you bring more assets in and start to work on that. so i think the wooded can be different on one set of circumstances because of the depth and the scope of it on the same hand usual is not goes to individuals, they may have more contacts more ability for individuals to hide them. >> law enforcement officials say they believe these two fugitives are still together. first of all, does that surprise
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you? second of all, does that make it ease why are our testifier to catch them? >> you know i don't want to speaking to this one in particular but in general they both stay together sometimes because it's that support system. other times we find they split up. i don't think it surprises me that they're together. >> it would seem to me having them together would make it easier to spot them because you have two men, but at the same time maybe if they take shifts in sleeping it makes it tougher, it seems like it could be a wash. >> and sometimes there's more than two, sometimes it's general, but in general everything has up and down side. >> why would they stay together? is it just out of comfort? because they're in this together? have they bonded? or is it like more practical, they need the other person aware and on guard while they sleep? >> yen i don't think there's a set method. it's so individual on each criminal. each one may feel that support
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system may feel there's two people thinking at it three people thinking at it. the other guy may split off to actually break out of the jail. >> speaking broadly, not about this case how often, when there is a prison break is it only because somebody helped them? somebody who worked on the inside and got them some power tools or whatever? is it ever just two guys without any help are able to escape? >> absolutely. there's times they have no assistance. a lot of times they are just opportunists. they will risk it all, just the nature of their criminal behavior usually has a personality trait to that. we in the marshal's service handles hundreds of thousands of prisoners every year. i think that's what makes you good at chasing fugitives. >> are they usually in a basement in hiding in a treehouse? >> you know it's a mix.
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sometimes there are people that harbor them and sometimes -- you will be surprised what they will put themselves be hind. i have found them behind hideaway bed, sometimes in ductwork sometimes in the woods. i think it's where they can get to and be unseen. >> how many times do they change their appearance? >> you would be surprised, not as much as you think, not as much as glamourized on tv sometimes. a lot of times, the big thing is to get out prison garb. thank you so much. i appreciate your time. >> thank you. fugitives who break out of the prison generally do not do it without help. but sometimes they do have help. so why are workers on the inside when this happens sometimes tempt to do support hardened criminals? it happens more obvious than you might think. that story is next.
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ask your doctor about stelara®. well come back to "the lead. "most new information in our international lead about the inside help to fugitives might have gotten with their prison break. we're learning from prosecutors that this woman, joyce mitchell soon might face charges for helping david sweat and richar matt escape allegedly, and that her husband lyle mitchell may have also been involved in this escape plot. you can see him hear wearing an air force dad t-shirt on the right. we know there had been a prior complaint about joyce mitchell's relationship with one of the two fugitives, a source tells us but new york officials never found any evidence seemingly contradicted by source telling cnn that she had a quote relationship with both fugitives on the run.
1:18 pm
and she would hardly be the first prison worker to develop such a bond with inmates. cnn's tom foreman joins me now. we have seen similar bizarre relationships between convicts and prison workers. >> can you keep the guards from forming certainly simple relationships? and this country where 93% of the inmates are men, that often means men. it is baltimore city jails in 2015 officials had never seen anything like it a vast scheme to smuggle in cell phones marijuana, prescription drugs and more all under the heavy hand of the black guerrilla family or ggf gang. >> this allowed them to run their criminal interperu win the jails and on the streets of baltimore. >> reporter: investigators say 13 female corrections officers
1:19 pm
helped four who even got pregnant by the alleged inmate ringleader ringleader. >> we are committed to ensure this activity does not happen again. in 1994 the wife of the warden helped them get while he ran out. practices and aim with the landlord. >> she told me she was a good shot. she loved to target practice. would i take her out to a target practice range. >> in the end both were gunned down by guards as the prisoner begged his love for a final way out. >> him yelling shoot me baby shoot me i'm sorry it went wrong. >> conscious conscious authorities believe that.
1:20 pm
>>f. >> and i've heard her mention that name many times. >> after she left the job, authorities say she returned and ran off with ford and another inmate. all at least were captured. >> my daughter she is gullible. when somebody has 24 hours a day to think of all the charming things in the world to say, they might charm me. you know it's possible. >> then the jailbreak in brazil earlier this year two women dressed in erotic lingerie seduced a pair of guards with spiked whiskey. they broke up in handcuffs, to find the women had slipped away and so had 26 prisoners. >> of course they had extra cell space, because then they arrested -- >> that is a lot of people buys a lot of nonsense. >> tom foreman thank you so much. we have breaking news off a local tv station.
1:21 pm
wptz says the clinton cow sheriff says the officers may arrest joyce mitchell in the next few hours. chris mohati a forensic psychologist maybe can give us some insight. you say that mitchell's husband possibly involved makes this very unusual. explain. >> it will be very unusual for the husband to be involved because the simplest explanation as we've seen from the other cases you just showcased is a situation where a person's -- a person is vulnerable they're naive, needy, maybe not getting what they want at home they guys will focus that attention, that 24 hour a day attention on employeding that vulnerability. they are adept at spotting weakness. >> that can work on this woman perhaps who may have needs to feel important, to feel special. maybi easily recognize away.
1:22 pm
it's another thing altogether to bring her husband into this conspiracy in a more active way, and if that is the case and we don't know that yet -- that would point towards something different altogether or maybe on top of it. maybe a greed mode. what do we see in these situations where they be tray the organization that employ them. it's greed, it's excitement it's a personal relationship or some sort of anger at the relationship. i think it would be very unusual if the husband was wholeheartedly in it. >> at the times when it is a motivation because of the a personal relationship and love or the delusion of love. is there a specific personality type of these prison workers that makes them particularly susceptible to this advance from prisoners? or is it just people who are vulnerable and lonely?
1:23 pm
>> i think vulnerable and can be a part of it loe self-esteem. one of the people that just spoke talked about being gullible or nighaive. on top of that people at different points in theirs lives may be going through a life transition. maybe, you know their husband has left them their wife has left them. it's left that person in a much more needy state of mind that the prisoner hones in on and takes advantage of. >> so it can be a long-term characteristic exploited, or a recent change that has left them more needy han usual. kris mohadie, thank you. a defeat for president obama, as his fellow democrats destroy his trade bill. one democratic member tells mu that the last trip to the hill actually hurt the bill.
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president obama losing a key battle in his push to pass signature trade legislation, and if you fingerprint the weapon that killed the bill you'll filled the perps are house democrats. one member of congress telling me president obama's last-minute lobbying this morning to save the trade legislation, quote,
1:29 pm
absolute ly absolutely hurt is the bill. a different congress mast toe me that they turned it at the end of the beginning indignant and alienated some folks. jim, the first congressman told me the opposition was rooted not in resentment toward the president, but very strong concern about loss of jobs and growing income inequality from this trade bill. >> reporter: a lot of reasons why this went down jake. white house officials told me they knew it would by down to the wire but the president could not stop a full-blown revolt inside the democratic party. the nays are 302. the mops is not adopted. >> the trade ajerchta suffered a major blow mainly at the hands
1:30 pm
of his fellow democrats, including the leader of the house, nancy pelosi. despite the president's last-minute trip up to capitol hill for one final emotional appeal behind closed doors. >> i don't think you nail anything down right here. it's always moving. >> reporter: many house democrats were simply turned off. the president tried to both guilt people and then impugn their integrity, and i don't think it was a very effective tactic. there were a number of us insulted. >> as keith ellison tweeted -- now president obama wants to talk? it was a indictment of the weak relations, considering his trip to the baseball game at thursday night. he was there for just 20 minutes. >> what do you say to people in this town who believe that's just too little too late? >> the fact is the president personally had dozens of conversations with democrats in
1:31 pm
the house and in the senate to make the case for this proposal. >> reporter: the president was pushing for two measures on trades one for workers who lose to outsourcing, and the other authority to negotiate deals on his own. but liberals complained those deals dating all the way back to nafta just ship american jobs overseas. as ross perot put it back in the '90s -- >> there had be a job sucking sound going south. >> reporter: facing similar complaints this time around the president miscalculated, slamming his democratic critics instead of wooing them. >> don't just throw out a bunch of stuff making accusations. >> reporter: add to that hillary clinton's near silence on the issue despite supporting the trade agenda in the past. >> any trade deal has to produce jobs and raise wages and increase prosperity and protect our security. >> reporter: all of that forced the white house to turn to house speaker john boehner to rally
1:32 pm
republicans to no avail. >> we're allows and frankly essentially inviting china to go right on setting the rules of the world economy. >> reporter: there are rumblings on capitol hill that this could get picked up again next week but nobody knows on either end of pennsylvania avenue how to get this agenda back on track. the president called for another vote on the house, but he'll be lucky if he gets one, jake. >> jim acosta thank you. so much ahead. hillary clinton getting ready for her big public rally, the first one. some are criticizing her speech before she's said a word. ♪ we call ourselves the freedom hikers. the turtle cove fin club. the team jet runners. what we do is fun. but so is what comes next. in fact what originally brought us together isn't the only thing that keeps us coming back. for friends who come together to reach for better
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we have more breaking news in the story of the frantic race to find those two homicidal
1:37 pm
fugitives, as well as about the woman who allegedly provided them the tools to make their escape. miguel marquez joins us from upstate new york. you just learned we could see this woman, this prison employees, joyce mitchell in court tonight? >> reporter: very, very soon on you producer all over this one. the sheriff telling cnn shah she will be charged and arraigned tonight just a few miles from here in platsburgh. we don't know what those charges are, but giving the breadth of the information we have gained so far, it does not come as a surprise but we will certain know more as this develops. thank you, miguel. we'll continue to come back as news development. let's go from clinton county to the clinton campaign former bill clinton saying he trusts his life had his wife. tomorrow the democratic
1:38 pm
front-runner will hold a kickoff rally on roosevelt island. they released a video this week titled "fighter." >> everyday americans and families need a champion a champion who will fight for them every single day. i want to be that champion. >> let's bring in karen finney an adviser and senior spokeswoman for hillary clinton's campaign. karen, good to see you again. first i want to ask you about this breaking news in washington, d.c. today, and about secretary clinton's position on the president's trade bill. in a 2012 speech in australia. said it sets the gold standard in trade agreements to open free transparent free -- and a level playing field. it sounds to me like she's a big supporter, but as a candidate,
1:39 pm
she said nothing about it. >> well but what you just read that was from 2012. we are now in 2015 and this piece -- this deal has gone back and forth between the house and the senate and then sounds like we're going to go back and forth again. they have -- any trade deal has to meet those two tests, and she has vote fold trade agreement that she thought were good and were bad. she really believes what is important from a policy perspective, not the political conversation she believes the final language is what's important. we can talk about currency manipulation but how do we get there? >> but karen, i am talking about policy. democrats in the house and gnat have now vote odd this. this is an issue that every single democrat who has announced they're running for
1:40 pm
the presidency has taken a position on except for the one who helped push it and maybe -- did she even help write it? i believe she helped write it. >> i can't speak to that because i wasn't at the state department but i just go back to the bigger picture. that is what she's been focused on. i hear what you're saying she and, you know you played her own words. this is how she's late out on this issue. what is the final language? obama says it does. pelosi says it doesn't. >> do you think we're at final language? >> contain, isn't this exactly what people hate about politicians? that they won't take a position as soon as they do they're so fearful of what the response
1:41 pm
listen? this administration supports this trade bill. okay. just -- what i don't understand is why you won't say we oppose it now. we don't support it anymore? >> i hear you. again my point is when she has talked to voters what they have wanted to talk to her about is the economy and jobs and college affordable -- >> this is about the economy and jobs. this is the little swit aradio that people switch-aroo. i'm asking about a trade deal. >> i didn't say you were saying that. my point is she has made it very clear where she is broughtly on this deal. i don't think we're at the final language. >> generally speaking she supports it. >> generally speaking any trade deal has to meet her test and that's where she's at. >> i can see i'm getting nowhere. critics are already starting to criticize on the contents of the
1:42 pm
speech. what do you think hillary clinton needs to do tomorrow to satisfy voters and get the nomination? >> well let me tell you what she's going to do i think it will please voters greatly. she's going to talk in park about her vision and her agenda and where shall sees the country now and where she thinks we need to go, and she's going to talk about it from a personal perspective. that is the influence of the impact of her mother's own experiences had on her and influencing her and sort of where she comes from and the importance of -- it started with the idea that children need something to be their champion, to be an advocate. her mother had a horrible childhood. you're going to hear about how her values were impacted by these different influences and how that feeds into where she believes we need to go as a
1:43 pm
country. as we've talked about, from there over the course of the summer we'll be rolling out parts of that agenda of policy so people get a real feel for what motivates her, who she's going to fight for and what she's going to do and we know she'll come and talk to us on "the lead" and on convulsion on "state of union" so she can talk to voters about these issues that are so important. karen finney good to see you again. >> congratulation. thank you very much. more on my new show "state of the union" which premieres right here on cnn. you might have heard of our first guest. he's married to hillary clinton. coming up pictures of her youth show a smiling blond frequentled girl. how does she go from jan brady to living as an african-american
1:44 pm
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she is the head of the naacp in spokane, washington. so is she, so is she, and in fact so is she. in fact they're all the same person rachel dolezal, seen here in a video that her husband dedicated to her. ♪ >> dolezal is at the center of something of a media firestorm over race special what hers is. her parents say she's white. she has identified herself on documents as african-american native-american and white. what is the deal? suzanne malveaux trying to answer that for us. >> are you african-american? >> i don't -- i don't understand the question. >> reporter: it all came crashing down for naacp spokane president rachel dolezal, who
1:49 pm
has been portraying herself as a black woman for the past ten year. confronted by a reporter her parents are now calling her out. ruth ann and ralph say she is white. >> we are her birth parents. we don't understand why it feels it necessary to misrepresent her ethnicity. >> switch german czech and some native-american. they provided this photo of rachel as a young girl on the left. on the right here cease what she looks like today. >> it seemed like she was just doing more of an artistic expressive representation of her identifying with african-americans by doing her hear, extensions things like that. >> she grew up in predominantly white montana, but parents say she immersed herself in the black community when she attended college in jackson, mississippi. her parents had also adopted
1:50 pm
four black children. >> rachel has always been interested in ethnicity, diversity and we had many friends of different ethnicities when she was browing up. it doesn't top with the four adopted children of color. it was probably that attitude her passion. >> reporter: rachel even received a full scholar to the historically black university. >> eyes were popping and jaws were dropping when she walked in for finalize her registration in person. >> but the dolezals became estrained in their daughter when she began to assume a new black identify. rachel married an african-american man, who posted a video about their love. later, rachel would post facebook pictures of one of her adopted brothers as her own son, referred to her natural curls, and identified herself as part black. at professor of africana studies
1:51 pm
as eastern washington university rachel was clear. >> i would definitely say, yes, i do consider myself to be black. >> but it was the questionable death threats and reported hate crimes against rachel and her family which led to an investigation and questions about her race. in january, the spokane chapter of the naacp posted a picture standing beside this black man who rachel claimed he was her father. she said he couldn't visit spokane, because he was battling lung cancer. >> reporter:side your dad? >> yeah, that's my dad. >> there's always been white students and at howard university so there was no need to pretend she was black, but the naacp is saying one's racial identity is not a qualifying criteria or disqualifying standard for the naacp leadership. the naacp alaska other,
1:52 pm
washington state conference stands behind miss dolezal's advocacy record. so she didn't need to do any of that really to be a part of it. >> suzanne malveaux thank you very much. jeff ross spent time behind bars. that story is next. financial noise financial noise financial noise
1:53 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." let's end the week with lighter fare. it's been about a half severalry since johnny cash crooned in prison but another act is going inside. jeff ross the roast master general himself, normally busting the chops of celebrities, but this time prisoner. >> incarceration in america is a $7 a billion industry. they say crime doesn't pay. it pays it just doesn't pay you very much. >> jeff ross roasts criminals
1:57 pm
live. airs tomorrow night on comedy central. if you can't wait that long go and watch it on itunes just as soon as as i fin interviewing him. good to see you. >> how are you, jake? thanks for having me on buddy. >> how do you go from roastic charlie sheen and pamela anderson justin bieber to roasting convicts. why jail? >> i wanted to do soming dangerous. i had also roasted charlie sheen and justin bieber. i thought, how about more criminals? that warmed me up well for actual people in jail i thought. i wanted to do something purposeful with my comedy. i wanted to learn a little bit as i was doing this. i think it was an adventure. i did. >> i know you spend a lot of time with the uso, providing your comedy to people in tough spots in iraq and afghanistan. this is obviously a very different course.
1:58 pm
you had a very difficult time booking this gig, from what i understand. more than 150 penitentiaries said no to you? you actually took out ad space in "american jails" magazine to try to sell wardens on this idea? i didn't even know there was such a thing as "american jails" magazines. >> jails and prisons in america are closed-oplaces. they don't necessarily want cameras and comedians poking around. i found one jailer in texas, where they take law enforcement as seriously as i take roasting and they said yesterday. they wanted a month's notice in order to entice the inmates to behave for one month to get into my show. they used it as an incentive. >> were you scared at all? honestly they're dangerous people. maybe a joke could land wrong? and instead of getting heckled, somebody breaks out a shiv?
1:59 pm
>> i was scared practically the entire time. my opening joke is where are my murderers at? five guys in the front row raised their hands. >> was there any joke -- >> you know jails are scary. i know. i interviewed an inmate once. it was terrifying being there, even with cops and a protector. >> was there any joke you told where you saw someone in the audience react and you started murderering myself he's going to hunt me down and kill me when he gets out? >> yeah. well at one point i was confronted with nazis, guys with full swastika tattoos. it shook me up a bit, i've got to admit. one of the guys said he was going to be in prison for 99 years, i said to his face i said you should get 6 million for every jewish died in the holocaust, wished him a happy hanukkah and the whole thing went over well.
2:00 pm
hi friends laughed, but i don't know if he laughed. there's no siltsties in jail. if you can laugh at yourself you're one step closer to being rehabilitated. thank you, jeff ross. make sure you tonight on tomorrow tonight comedy central, jeff ross roasts criminals live at the brazos county jail. sunday is the big day. tune in for my first official day behind the desk at "state of the union." i'm turning you over to brianna keilar who is filling in for wolf blitzer. \s. >> thank you, jake. other clues lead authorities to tighten the surge perimeter for two escaped murderers. the woman who allegedly helped them break out is broadband to be arraigned. too close for