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tv   New Day  CNN  June 15, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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tomorrow until we get a better handle on the situation. >> each of these attacks happened at high tide, a time you want to stay out of the water in general. this could be a dangerous couple days until they figure out if it was one shark or more. my advice stay on the sand. >> we didn't know you were supposed to stay out of the water at high tide. why is that in. >> the baitfish come in. lots of fishermen throwing bait in. this is the deepest part of the water, when the water is out and you are in a low sandbar, there's little depth for the sharks to get in that low tide. six to eight inches there, out to the sandbar that is offshore. when the high tide comes in you have three to four feet. it's enough water for them to get up to the shore. >> thanks so much for that information. now, we want to get to the other top story. the search for two murderers on
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the loose in new york. this is entering the tenth day. governor cuomo is set to start an investigation as questions intensify. there's word more charges could be on the way as the woman who allegedly helped them escape appears in court this morning. polo sandoval is at the search area. what is happening this morning? >> reporter: hey, alisyn. the search for these dangerous men entering week two and still police not showing signs of scaling back. the officers you see behind me this rainy morning in up state new york. one of hundreds on the job at this hour. you can break down the numbers and give you a better indication of how many resources at this point. at least 800 state and local law enforcement officers really part of the search. they are following up on at least 870 leads. much of the focus on 13 square
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miles, just a few miles from the prison in new york. investigators spending the weekend going door-to-door making sure they look behind every tree and inside every home. we are hearing from new york governor andrew cuomo who says when you step back and look at the latest in the case there's no sign on where the two men are. >> we don't know if they are still in the immediate area or if they are in mexico by now. right? enough time has transpired. we are following up with every lead the best we can. >> reporter: this morning, so many people here in the communities trying to get their lives back to normal. still, a seven mile stretch of 374, highway 374 remains closed from our vantage point. we have seen school buses having to go around the roadblocks. many people going to work. you get to talk to the people who live here and they say they
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are willing to endure this inconvenience to track the two men down to end the nightmare. >> i think everybody will sleep more soundly, once they are caught. polo thanks for that. new details are emerging about joyce mitchell's role in the case. she is due back in court in 90 minutes time. sara has more for us. >> reporter: joyce mitchell expected in court for a routine appearance. before she was arrested she is talked to authorities and gave details of what the plan of escape was supposed to be. the new detail this is weekend. he also told me the two men were likely practicing their escape by climbing into the prison walls in the middle of the night, leading up to their escape. they told me joyce mitchell told police when she was interrogated that she planned to run off with the two men.
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she was to meet them at a location in the middle of the night and drive them to a destination that was seven hours away. before that she had allegedly brought tools into the prison chisels, hacksaw blades and drill bits. even lighted goggles which police believe they yulsed to help cut their way out of the jail. of course she didn't go through with it on the night of the escape. the district attorney told me part of the reason why. take a listen. >> one of the reasons she didn't show up is because she did love her husband and she didn't want to do this to him. >> reporter: now, over the weekend, joyce mitchell was actually moved over the weekend from the clinton county jail to a neighboring jail two hours away. she's expected to be brought here for the hearing. they did not want her to be a distraction. >> it will be fascinating to watch her in court.
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let's bring in lenny paul from the regional task force. great to see you. >> good morning. >> let's talk about what happened over the weekend. the search around the prison. how many homes are the investigators searching? >> certainly, still an intense manhunt going on. there's over 500 homes, i believe, that they are searching. summer homes that haven't been opened up yet. it's possible they are contained in the per imter. >> what are your instincts? do you think they are holed up next to the prison or far, far away? >> my gut reaction and i hope i'm dead wrong, i think they are long gone. i hope they are contained in the perimeter and laying low. this is day ten. it's too quiet, no robberies, no break ins, no hostages. i think there's somebody else in play and mitchell was played herself. they realize that law
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enforcement was going to focus on her. she's got previous history with david sweat. they escaped. they are going to go to her. they fed her good what they wanted law enforcement to believe. just my gut reaction. you don't just pop up out of a manhole cover and you hang a sign that says have a nice day. >> you think there's another accomplice on the outside or hitched a ride with someone who didn't know who they were. >> they would have come forward. if someone else is in place. yeah they are long gone. they had six, seven, eight hour jump start on law enforcement. >> does the fact she's been arrested and is behind bars does that mean she stopped cooperating? >> not necessarily. she's probably told them everything she knows. she probably doesn't realize
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that what i said is accurate. i hope i'm wrong. she's told them everything. pick us up we want to go to vermont. she is cooperating 100% from what i understand. i'm not there. there's a manhunt and fugitive investigation. they are sending leads from all over the world, from canada to mexico. we are doing our part to assist the troopers. >> maybe it was she that shared this with investigators, but the plan was to go seven hours away. that's a big radius. she hasn't said if it's north, south, east or west. how do they pinpoint that? >> again, where is north, south, east or west. who knows if she is telling the truth. if she is again, it plays into my theory. they told her, hey, tell them we are going to vermont. they know law enforcement is going to talk to her. they are focusing on her. we are in vermont and all over the place.
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we are doing our homework and crossing our ts and dotting our is. there are several leads out. we are doing what's necessary to hopefully zero in on these guys. >> last hour we had a correctional officer who worked there 16 years. he said there's no metal detector workers come in they have their metal lunchboxes. you can bring whatever you want in that lunchbox. is something going to change now as a result of this breakout? >> again, i don't know what goes on inside the prison other than transporting in and out of there. i'm hoping things change if that's accurate absolutely. it's always after the fact unfortunately and you have two vicious animals running around out there. thanks to you guys their face is all over the place. where are they going to go? they are laying low. >> the public looking and spotting guys and calling in anonymously.
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it does work. thanks so much for your information. here is the tip line. 800-336-0102. you can always call 911. we are learning more about the gunman that attacked dallas police headquarters this weekend. his parents believe he reached his breaking point after police took his son away. we are live in dallas with more. nick? >> reporter: this is the spot where the 35-year-old suspect carried out his attack against police over the weekend. police spent their time mapping the crime scene to find out how it all played out. as we have been learning throughout the weekend, he is a man with a troubled history, haunted by mental health issues. his mother spoke to cnn and talked about the struggle her son was going through. essentially, what she told our
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producer is he is a man who had a history of problems mental health issues. he's always had incidents in past criminal history, run-ins with the law in 2013 a domestic violence incidence that he thought kept him from getting a job. meanwhile, dallas police officers involved in the shootout 14 of them are on administrative leave. that's standard procedure. many of them are thankful for their lives. so many bullets dodged. today, they will continue their autopsy on the suspect and we'll try to learn more details. alisyn? >> thank you, we will talk more about what to do with the mental health situation. cutting through a border fence in turkey. they are trying to escape. arwa damon is on the
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turkey/syrian border. >> reporter: people are understandably quite upset as they are just being allowed to come across on this day. those women were just saying it's beyond a nightmare. we have seen groups of people dumping water on themselves. it's difficult on the other side some of them having to wait overnight. women, children babies all of them. this is the latest round of individuals fleeing the latest bout. in this case a vital town on the other side of the border that is under isis control. there, there are kurdish fighters encircled in the town. if they are able to capture it until they are just out of eyesight on the other side of the wall. they will have cut off one of the key isis groups. the turkish military readying
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themselves. they were in panic. they literally forced down the wall in some areas. for so many of those coming across this is not necessarily the first time they have been forced to plead. they said there were refugees there as well. they didn't want to necessarily live under isis. for some of them it was a better option than living in insecurity and having to make the choice to come across and end up as refugees. >> incredible look at the people there. thank you for that, arwa. take a look at this video. a massive inferno breaks out after a gas line ruptures. it happened around 8:00 p.m. last night and affected a 42-inch line. that pipeline was isolated. the gas was rerouted. we are told several homes were evacuated. thankfully no injuries reported. >> scary, terrifying.
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every one of us has breaking point. every one of us. >> did your son hit his breaking point? >> he hit his breaking point. >> that was the father of the gunman that shot at dallas police headquarters. his son snapped after losing custody of his own son. let's go to dr. casey jordan. thanks forring with here. >> great to be here. >> his father says he hit his breaking point. you don't think he snapped. what is your theory? >> way too much planning went into it. everyone can snap if they are pushed to the wall. >> every single person has a breaking point. >> it's how we handle it. every one of us has felt that moment where we just want to explode or implod. but, most of us have coping mechanisms and ways we have been raised to actually get that
4:18 am
feeling down. today, we send people to anger management classes. a lot of people say it doesn't work. the key is this man, we have it on record, the judge was afraid of him. he had a long history of not handling his behavior. >> you don't believe he snapped because he planned this. >> he did. he made five pipe bombs, he bought a van from the set of "the walking dead" armored and bullet proof. he planned an committing more mayhem than he accomplished. >> yet, he had a long history of mental illness. >> correct. >> this is according to his parents, he suffered from hallucinations he talked about the fbi in a paranoid fashion. he talked about the sandy hook shooting. threatened suicide. precognitive dreams.
4:19 am
he thought he would dream about things before they happen. he was mentally ill. >> we see that he doesn't. he thinks he is right and we are wrong. he had something to prove. if there is one hallmark of his attitude it's self-righteousness. he believes he's a good father. he's never laid hands on him. he is justified at being angry over his mother in the custody battle. he is right, we are wrong. he has two issues losing custody of his son, but the police dubbed him a terrorist. >> he believed they had. >> he believed, exactly. that's part of his persecution complex. you have to see he actually got the man, got the pipe bombs and the power. you have labeled me let me prove something to you. this man should be a mass murderer.
4:20 am
it's a miracle nobody was killed. >> this is not somebody with anger management and lack of coping he is mentally ill. >> he is mentally ill. his father said where does somebody go to get help? theres no help available. the civil rights liberty versus mental illness. why does somebody have to do something so off the rails before we actually get them the help they need? there has to be less of a gap between being diagnosed and getting help. >> isn't this help for people who have hallucinations? he was in a mental health hospital at 14 years old, then released. what is the family supposed to do when somebody is exhibiting these symptoms? >> the system is broke in the actual getting of help. the person getting help is in the least possible position to get help for themselves.
4:21 am
they don't want to pick up the phone. they are not going to go to the hospital because they don't want to lose their freedoms. a person thooz do something to themselves or others. >> they have to do it or threaten it? >> how do you articulate it? i am going to get a pipe bomb. he never told anyone what the plan was. no one said they knew. to have dangerous thought and vague notions of threatening, i, you know writing on facebook i want to get back at this judge. it has to be specific and a reasonable person would fear he is capable of taking it out. >> to commit someone, they need to spell out the harm they are going to do to themselves or to someone else. >> correct. and the problem is people can talk talk talk but they need to make steps. you have to have the evidence of that. in the united states we take people's freedom of liberty seriously and we should. we don't want to commit our aunt or ak centric uncle.
4:22 am
unless family members, not everyone has family members to push them in this direction, keep pushing to get the help they need. they are not going to seek help they are going to be paranoid. medications and therapies are available to make huge inroads into this illness. >> great point. thanks so much for all the information. if you want to weigh in find me on twitter. i would love to read your thoughts. let's get to michaela. jeb push set to launch his 2016 bid today from florida. what can we expect from his campaign and how does he feel about his family name? john king will take a look inside politics. if you've been wishing for something amazing, at cricket wireless we've got it- a special offer on the new samsung galaxy s6. plus we've got more 4g lte coverage nationwide than t-mobile or sprint. because a great phone deserves a great network. cricket wireless. something to smile about.
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some frightening moments on a beach in north carolina. two teenagers mauled by sharks in separate attacks. the attacks taking place within 90 minutes of one another. sunday in oak island north carolina a third teen was bitten by a shark in a nearby beach. she was not seriously injured.
4:27 am
800 officers searching for two escaped convicts as the hunt enters day ten. andrew cuomo will launch a broad investigation of the prison break. we are learning the convicts richard matt and david sweat may have rehearsed the get away and more arrests could be in the making. joyce mitchell is due in court in an hour from now following the arraignment that she helped them in the plot. stay with new day, we will have coverage of the hearing. to minnesota bishops are resigning their post for failing to respond to sex abuse by priests. they didn't answer the call of duty after repeated reports of inappropriate conduct by former priest curtis waymire. he is serving time for sex abuse. facing charges as a corporation for failing to protect children.
4:28 am
>> michaela let's look at this story. several miles from home and in danger on a washington highway. a state trooper spotted this elderly woman on a scooter and followed her. he checked on her and found out she was lost trying to go for coffee. >> we are going to have to do something, i don't want you to get hurt out here. >> he didn't want her to get hit. he pointed her in the right direction and helped her out of a ditch, at one point. 70 minutes and with him in tow, he followed her, she was home safely. >> it looks like some of the roads where i grew up there's not a shoulder or bike lane it's uneven. i'm glad he was there in time. we have angels appear in our lives, don't we? >> police officers and state troopers do wonderful things all the time. this is standard for them. >> she is in the merge lane.
4:29 am
look at her go. >> it's important to highlight it. >> wow. wow. insight on what we are going to be like here. >> thank you. >> will you push me around in mine? >> happily. let's get to inside politics on new day with john king. >> you would be a terror in wouchb those things. >> i want to have coffee with her. god bless that trooper. god bless that trooper, that's a good guy. >> we are going to say, everything must end with an exclamation point. jeb bush gets into the race today. we'll get to the exclamation point. his name is a great asset in some ways a liability in others. listen to jeb talking to cnns dana bash. it's my name i'm going to deal with it. >> jeb is different than george. jeb is who he is.
4:30 am
my life story is different. i don't have to disassociate myself from my family i love them. i know for me to be successful i have to show my heart and tell my story. >> it is remarkable. his dad was president, not that long ago. his brother was president, not that long ago. here is jeb bush a dynasty in the republican party, yet conservatives say jeb broke his no new taxes pledge. george w. messed up iraq and wasn't a real conservative. what is the biggest challenge? >> his logo does not say bush it says jeb. his challenge is to show how he would be different from his father and brother. also why is he running for president aside from being named bush? i think there's a lot of concern at the romney donor retreat we were at. we need to see how jeb bush is going to break way a. what is his message going to be? >> what is his message?
4:31 am
part is to the republican base you are wrong on immigration. give the undocumented legal status. we need education standards to improve the schools. what is his message to republicans, you are wrong and i can win? >> you have to listen to this third person talk on his european trick. >> he's trying to make a general election argument. >> i'm dimpt from the base but i can perhaps, win a general election. i'm a more viable contender. can he keep that persona up? ohio governor john kay sick new jersey governor chris christie is thinking of entering the race. >> he thought he would be the conservative governor in the race. we'll see if governor walker can withstand the scrutiny on the
4:32 am
track. three other guys competing for the establishment. jeb bush said it was june when he mentioned the polls. he said give me time, i'll break out. on the debate stage is that the moment? >> it's hard to say. we don't have the poll going on. i think the first debate is going to be a big issue with him. when you talk to advisers they say he may not win an early state. he has to make it clear he has the capability to win and he can break out even if he doesn't win in iowa or new hampshire. >> you have to win an early state. the process doesn't work that way. over the weekend, the conversation is hillary clinton stadiumed her rally and made it official for the second time. when will she give a clear answer on trade and the president's plan on sending 400 plus addersvisers into iraq. when you meet with the press,
4:33 am
sometimes you answer questions first. here she is explaining why she thinks nancy pelosi is right and president obama is wrong when it comes to the asian pacific trade deal. >> in order to get a deal that meets these high standards, the president should listen to and work with his allies in congress starting with nancy pelosi who have expressed their concerns about the impact that a weak agreement would have on our workers to make sure we get the best strongest deal possible and if we don't get it there should be no deal. >> by the end of the day, robert bernie sanders was saying he wasn't sure what her position was. she wants the deals and the deals can be good. i can be a great negotiator better than the current president. on the key point of where we are right now, she was siding with
4:34 am
nancy pelosi not the president. >> she's setting all the right progressive queues to the democratic left. i'm just coming out of the obama administration. she doesn't want to burn the president and oppose him, but she's sending a message to sanders that she's not going to be pushed around on trade and she's with him in the thrust of her position. >> let's move to iraq. iraq was the quick sand for hillary clinton in 2008. the president wants to send 450 advisers. they are saying that's how vietnam started. not what hillary clinton wants it conversation to be right now. >> listen to iowa radio says she agrees with the president, but. it's a big but she underlines. >> i do not believe u.s. troops should be on the ground in iraq doing combat. i think what the president is trying to accomplish is using
4:35 am
the unique skill that is the american military has in intelligence surveillance training to buttress the efforts of the iraqis themselves. i have supported the president's approach to dealing with this very serious threat. >> listen to how slowly and carefully and cautiously she's speaking. supports the president's approach but makes clear no combat troops. then the isis threat. this is serious. not just iraq and syria. if we don't deal with it they could attack us at home. again, she says as far as i would go is help in a support role but no combat. >> she doesn't want combat troops on the ground. when you become president, when you enter the oval office you have to respond to how the situation is changing on the ground. look at president barack obama when he came into office this was not a hawkish president or talking putting troops in or
4:36 am
overthrowing government. when hillary clinton was secretary of state, she was pushing for a more aggressive approach in some countries, not necessarily iraq than the president was. i think she's drawing a line in the sand here but it will be interesting to see how it will change once we are in the oval office dealing with the situation on the ground. >> how does it play in iowa? i'm with the president. a lot of democrats are saying what if it goes wrong, then it's 800, then 1,000. sure they are advisory roles. they are guns they have protection. >> her biggest liability in her 2008 was the vote on iraq war. now, there's a different opinion. who is pressuring her, john? former governor sanders isn't talking about the iraq war. she's not getting hit hard on it. >> she did start doing local media interviews. she wasn't talking to the press.
4:37 am
putting her toe in the water? >> she just relaunched her campaign. do i think suddenly they are going to become the most press friendly campaign out there? no i do not. they are giving people a little. i can't imagine she's going to take questions left and right. >> we'll see how this continues in the days and weeks and months ahead. it's still early. >> it is still early. what is the clock countdown now? 511. >> who's counting? >> not you. >> stretch it out. >> stretch it out as long as we can. all right, ahead here a story that so many of us are talking about, why did she lie? the revelation of a white woman who claims to be black. we are going to speak with two naacp members leading the campaign to force this woman to step down.
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the spokane, washington naacp chapter just canceled a meeting where the president was expected to address the growing
4:42 am
controversy surrounding her race. she's presented herself as african-american. her parents revealed she is caucasian caucasian. some local naacp members are calling for her leave of absence. joining us is angela jones. thank you for getting up to talk to us about this out there on the west coast. catara i will start with you. you have organized this position and asked for rachel dolezal to take a leave of absence. why not her resignation? >> we have not found all the allegations. all the information hasn't come out completely. we want to ask her in a nice way and be respectful of the work she's done in the community to take a leave of absence to take care of her personal issues and the work of social justice
4:43 am
and equity can move forward. >> we understand the national headquarters said rachel dolezal is in a legal issue with her family. we expect privacy in the matter. it is not a qualifying criteria or disqualifying for naacp leadership. do you agree? because she is a white woman, her work can't be just as effective at the naacp in spokane? >> we have never called that into question in terms of race. we focus with this campaign that you know martin luther king said we don't want to be judged fwi color of our skin it should be based on the content of our character. we feel the naacp missed that point in their statement. nobody ever said a white western can't lead. we have had white leaders and allies since the movement began many many many years ago, not
4:44 am
just 2015. >> i'm curious what your membership is saying. it's a story that captivated the dialogue in the nation. what is the membership saying about this? >> we have mixed feelings and mixed emotions. the cancellation of the meeting yesterday, you saw a lot of members confuse zd. you saw statements coming back. seemed there was miscommunication and it came off disorganized. some of the members wanted to meet. why are we cancelling the meeting? we still want to meet today. people want resolve. that's what they want. they want some type of closure. they want to hear a statement that is clearly stated what the problem is and what a potential solution could be. so even if there was an apology to the members of the community that were affected i think we could have some type of closure and move forward with the healing. the spokane community is ready
4:45 am
forgive rachel we just haven't heard anything. >> why wouldn't the meeting cancel do you know angela? >> the statement that was issued there were two statements. the initial one was they could continue to work on things as a local office. then the statement from rachel she was told to cancel the meeting. >> okay. angela i also understand that you have been involved with advocacy there in spokane for a number of years now. i also understand that there were questions whether rachel was a good leader prior to this. can you give us insight there? >> a lot of people asked me you have been in the community 17 years. i can only speak that my strategy differs. i have volunteered and helped with different events and emceed
4:46 am
different panels for the naacp. i have gone to meetings but it's my choice because i have a different strategy. >> what would you like to hear from miss dolezal going forward? we know she hasn't made a comment publicly yet. what do you want to hear from her? >> i think the best thing that she could do is say i'm sorry if i offended anyone in the community. there's a lot of thing that is are happening and just to let us know that she would -- her passion she says she has for the community and this type of work that she would have that integrity as a leader and also the discipline to say, i'm going to step aside and handle these issues personally so that the work that -- because people actually distanced themselves from the naacp because of the allegations. nobody wants to be associated with someone who has not told the whole truth.
4:47 am
so people are starting to separate themselves and distance themselves. what happens to the good work that has been done? so i would say that a good thing would be to say, i'm going to step aside to handle my personal issues and let the work continue to happen and someone stand in my stay. >> naacp does tremendous work. we hope that work continues. we appreciate you getting up so early on the west coast to talk about this matter. what is your take? folks at home tweet us using #newdaycnn or on face the summer blockbuster smashed all projections. why is this movie such a hit? >> you don't have enough guns. fessional secret: amopé and its premium foot care line. the new amopé pedi perfect foot file gives you soft beautiful feet effortlessly.
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went and made a new dinosaur? probably not a good idea. >> wall is 40 feet high.
4:52 am
what kind of dinosaur they cooked up in that lab? evacuate the island. dinosaurs are alive and well at the box office "jurassic world" the fourth film in the franchise setting a global record earning $511.8 million in the opening weekend. breaking it down is cnn media correspondent brian. >> spoiler alert. they didn't evaluate theevacuate the island in time. surprise surprise. >> what is so great about it? >> it all the right factors to make this a global record. you look at the top five global openings of all time and "jurassic world" number one on the chart. $500 plus million. that beats the avengers furious 7, and harry potter which was the record holder until this
4:53 am
weekend. what are the factors? for one thing, it opened in china. very rare to open in china at the same time. this movie added $100 million to the total because of that. ticket prices keep getting higher and higher. >> they're doing something tricky. they're making more money off each ticket. >> i paid $20 for my 3-d ticket. >> you paid $20? >> manhattan you know how it is. let's not take away from the fact it is a critically important franchise. this is a franchise that had been dorm manhattan for 14 years. it came back with a vengeance. the fans loved the movie even though critics didn't. it contributed to a $500 million total. in the united states the number two record of all time. only beat by avengers every other movie and able to get ahead of. it goes to show some of the franchises they have real power, and of course star wars later this year, maybe it will beat the records.
4:54 am
nothing new in the movies. it's about bringing it back. >> all right. thank you so much. i'm totally going to see "star wars" by the way. just so you know. time for cnn money now christine roman is in the money center. hearing a different message from hillary clinton. >> i will go to the "star wars" movie with you. hillary clinton running as an economic populace. she tore into wall street and hammered companies for making record profit while the typical worker wages barely budgeted. clinton supports the right to paid sick days, paid family leave, and raising the minimum wage. target is selling its pharmacy and clinic business to cvs for about $2 billion. it includes more than 16 pharmacies in target stores that will be rebranded helping cvs get in new markets. >> okay. i can't wait for the movie date. >> thank you so much. it was a terrifying weekend
4:55 am
at the beach. two north carolina teenagers mauled by a shark on the same day just two miles from one another. the beach is open today, but should it be? we have a live report at the top of the hour.
4:56 am
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two teenagers attacked by sharks on the same stretch of beach. >> it came up and took his arm. >> went in the water and coming over the whitewash. >> the search for two murders on the loose entering its tenth day. mitchell gave the men hacksaw blades special eye glasses with light, and drill bits. >> she told investigators that matt made her feel "special." >> we believe this suspect meant to kill officers. >> do you have any idea? you know by now that i've been called many things by many people. winner is not one of them. [ cheers and applause ] >> it was different than george.
5:00 am
my life story is different. this is "new day." good morning everyone. welcome back to your "new day." it is monday june 15th. 8:00 in the east. chris is off this morning. we begin with breaking news for you out of north carolina. two teenagers attacked by sharks 90 minutes apart on the same stretch of beach. both victims a 13-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy suffering serious injuries and losing limbs. >> authorities say the popular beaches remain open. however, they're encouraging people not to go into the water. is enough being done to protect these goers and ease fears? chad meyers is at the cnn center in atlanta. why not close the beach outright untilanswer. you need to find out if it was one shark, a number of sharks it was high tide. it gives any shark or any animal more depth of water. there's thousands of miles of be


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