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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  June 15, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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if the same shark attacked both teenagers but it appears likely. and a wedding party at one of the world's most famous hotels interrupted by gunfire. a gun accidentally went off at the event inside the waldorf-astoria hotel. four people taken to the hospital with injuries. they were later released. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. are more arrests on the way? as the prison worker linked to the daring escape appears in court, the prosecutor suggests more may be involved. and the inmates are still nowhere to be found. two shark attacks on one stretch of beach in less than two hours. a real life shark hunt now under way, but swimmers told they can go back into the water if they dare. is this a sound decision? and called off. the naacp leader who apparently
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faked her race abruptly cancels a meeting where she was expected to explain herself. well, now her chapter wants answers as her brother reveals a stunning secret. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> just a short time ago the prison worker who allegedly helped a pair of killers break out of a maximum security prison, she appeared before a judge. prosecutors say joyce mitchell gave matt and sweat shackhacksa chi chisels and other things they used in the prison break. >> could mitchell be a key factor in their capture, too? law enforcement are tracking down nearly 1,000 leads at this point. despite that, new york governor andrew cuomo says the fugitives could be in mexico by now. the governor has asked the state's inspector general to now investigate how these men were able to pull off this escape and
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how they, the state, can ensure it doesn't happen again. sara ganim is in plattsburgh, no, foll new york, following all the latest. >> reporter: just moments ago we saw the prison seamstress, joyce mitchell, in court for her first major court appearance. she waived her right to the preliminary hearing essentially. her new lawyer who was appointed this morning because of a conflict with the old lawyer, he essentially said we waive the right to have a hearing on these criminal charges. of course, those criminal charges are that she helped these two inmates escape out of prison by bringing them tools that they needed to cut their way into the prison walls and eventually escape. now, new details from the district attorney that these men might have been planning this in the nights leading up to their escape by climbing into the prison walls, planning out their escape route, and today just moments ago the district attorney also told cnn that he believes that they may have also
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found access to even more tools while crawling through those walls, finding a toolbox that belonged to contractors who were already doing construction work on that prison. now, you saw joyce mitchell in court today. she was wearing a striped prison jumpsu jumpsuit, shackled at the hands, shackled at the feet, also wearing a blue bulletproof vest which the district attorney later said was standard in high-profile cases but she didn't say anything in court. her attorney said very little, and we really come away not knowing too much more except what the district attorney has now said which is he believes that it is very possible joyce mitchell was manipulated by these two men, that she -- that they may have very well manipulated others and more charges could be coming against her or against other people potentially involved. in the meantime, she's behind bars. those two remain free. the manhunt expanding in the last couple days, but no
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significant clues or any confirmed sightings of those two men so far. >> sara, thank you so much. sara is laying out a lot more stunning details coming out from the investigation, but still these guys are nowhere to be found. prosecutors say that the convicts, that they rehearsed, they could have been rehearsing their getaway for about a month. how is that possible in a maximum security priss snn. >> joining us is someone who knows. ted conover worked as a prison guard at sing sing prison in new york. he's written a book about his years there and is a professor at new york university. ted, great to have you back with us. as we were listening to sara lay out the new details we just got in from the district attorney, that perhaps these convicts found tools laying around to help them even further in their escape. you were shaking your head up and down saying makes sense. >> totally makes sense because the work required to cut their way out of there and to punch their way through brick walls couldn't be done in a single night, right? it makes a lot of sense that it happened incrementally over
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time, and the way i imagine that cellblock works from the photos i have seen, it's like where he worked at sing sing. it's a classic design of cells back-to-back with a cat walk behind the rear wall. so if you cut your way into that space, you can disappear for a period of time, and you'll be in a privileged area where they assume no prisoners can be, and that's why you can see a contractor thinking, oh, yeah, i will leave this saw and that blade there overnight because i'm coming back in the morning, no prisoners can be back here. that's kind of a missing piece in my mind. i have been wondering where did they get the big tools they needed to do that. >> another missing piece or a fascinating piece that's coming out is the manipulation that the prosecutors are talking about of joyce mitchell. i mean, she says richard matt made her feel special and the d.a. is saying this manipulation could have been happening for a couple of years. you've been inside. how is that possible? what does this mean? >> so it's been happening for decades. it's like a basic dynamic of
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prison life that prisoners who are people skilled at manipulation and sweet talking and, you know, charming people are in a situation where they have no power other than their ability to get to know somebody who has access to things. when i was training in albany, all the trainers talked about an old book called "games criminals play" and there's a scenario -- i was looking at it this morning -- just like this where there's a shop worker like her, who has gotten to know a prisoner over time and little by little she does what a human being will always do, which is empathize, right? like why are you here? what did you do? and the prisoner tells her a sad story, and you're trained not to go there because you can't give them favors. they're smarter than you are in terms of manipulation. if you give them an inch, they'll take a mile. they'll get something on you, sometimes put you in their service almost. so it's something all employees
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are trained to be wary of, but that doesn't mean it can be resisted in every case, right? >> the district attorney has suggested that they're following every lead right now, and they're also looking at the possibility there could be others who at least had knowledge of this, the husband of joyce mitchell who may or may not have worked at the prison. perhaps other people inside, too. i understand manipulating one person over a period of time but manipulating several? >> it seems really unlikely. i mean, she's now a pariah. she's an outcast. that whole region has taken a hit in terms of its dignity because if you work in a prison, pride is all about keeping those guys inside. once two get out, oh, my gosh, it's -- >> it's the worst thing that can happen. >> it's the worst thing that can happen. so for two people to get in that situation seems unlikely. on the other hand, how did they know which pipes to cut through? how did they know which direction to go? it seems reasonable that another person might have been involved.
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>> and, ted, you describe it as the manipulation as kind of a time-honored prison art that these convicts have. it's the one kind of power they have, the power of persuasion. but the fact that is a known thing, then she supplies them hacksaw blades, supplies them drill bits, supplies them the goggles, all of these things, now are there not safeguards, backstops to make sure if someone succumbs to it, they're not stopped? >> there are safeguards. there's a bag check when you arrive at work at every prison. usually it's very quick. they don't dig through your sandwich all that. there's no metal detector normally. there's so many staff in these prisons it would slow things down a ton to check like they do at an airport. so it's very cursory except on rare occasions when they check everybody. >> ted, the governor of new york, andrew cuomo just asked the inspector general to launch a thorough investigation into everything here. when all is said and done, do you think this will be the case of two smart guys map anyonipul
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one woman or will there be a systemic problem here? >> i think the most likely systemic problem is complacency, that you go decades without a prisoner escaping and you start thinking they can't. so the job of management at that point because reminding people there's a very bad downside possible, and we have to think about it every single day or it will happen. so if you've been working in that job ten years, 15, 20 years, they're not all the most interesting jobs, you know, you stop worrying, and i think that's the systemic problem and it's really hard to overcome. >> not again, at least not -- >> things are changing now, that's for sure. >> really appreciate you being here. >> great to see you. two teenagers badly injured in two shark attacks in one stretch of beach. so was this one shark behind both? why are swimmers allowed back in the water today? plus, the naacp leader accused of faking her race. she abruptly called off the meeting she has scheduled really to explain herself.
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new details in a really unusual back-to-back series of shark attacks at a beach in north carolina. two teenagers lost limbs. they're both in stable condition now after surgery. >> we heard from officials a short time ago saying the beaches will remain open today. >> there's no way that we're going to stop people from going into the water. if they want to go in the water, they're going to. i swim in the water, i would swim in the water today. >> there you go. the fire chief says both victims were about 20 yards offshore in
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waist-deep water. a 13-year-old girl lost her arm at the elbow and a 16-year-old boy lost his left arm below the shoulder. they were attacked less than 90 minutes apart. let's talk about this. shark expert elise watson is joining us. she's a manager of the wild reef division at the shedd aquarium in chicago. they say shark attacks are rare in and of themselves and very rare in this area, but 90 minutes apart. that had me wondering, do you think this was the same shark? >> well, you're absolutely right, shark attacks are extremely rare, and the fact that they were so close together, the likelihood is it may be the same animal. >> and if it is the same animal, what does that then mean? is that animal likely still around those waters and would that be reason for concern? >> again, this is a circumstance that is extremely rare. shark attacks happen very
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infrequently. i believe there's only been three fatal attacks in the north carolina waters since 1935, and honestly, you're more likely to be killed by lightning than you are being attacked by sharks. you know, people safely are in the water with sharks on a regular basis, myself included. so i'm not sure what the exact circumstances are, why this particular animal or animals, what the circumstances were that were surrounding these particular attacks. >> and with all that in mind, lise, who could be the contributing factors? was it the season, the fact it was high tide? what are some of the factors you would want to know more about that could have contributed more to this? >> well, there are a number of factors. when there are attacks, they're always considered to be cases of mistaken identity. people are not the prey of sharks, so they're not hunting
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us. but sharks do -- they're a predator. they're going into areas where fishing can be occurring or schools of fish may be traveling through there. in the shore, that's an area where because of the turbulence, it can be murky water, so there's more likely for there to be a case of mistaken identity there. individuals being by themselves or splashing at the surface, that sort of thing, these are animals that prey on sick, weak fish, and when somebody is splashes at the surface, that may be something that to a shark seems like their prey items which would be like a sick or a weak fish. so that's generally where sharks are going to be hunting and looking for food. >> we fully understand the importance of shark conservation. kate feels very passionately about this, too. shark attacks are rare. they're generally not any kind
8:17 am
of serious threat to human. if anything sharks are at greater risk in the sea than almost anything else. if there's one shark that attacks two people, they wonder is a shark who develops a taste or has done it once, does it twice s that shark more likely to do it again? >> that i can't answer to, and to be very honest, sharks generally have a lot more to be concerned about with humans than we do worrying about being attacked by then because it is such a rare occurrence. you know, as far as humans go, we kill over 100 million sharks every year, and because they are a top predator in the oceans, that's an animal that's actually critical to the health of our seas. so we look to conserve these sharks to help to make sure that their populations stay healthy, but at the same time i honestly
8:18 am
cannot say why these instances happen so close together in such a short span of time because they are seriously so rare that that's why we're talking about this today, because of the rarity of it. >> that's exactly right. lise watson, thank you so much. from the shedd aquarium, which we were talking about it's a fabulous place and everyone should visit when they're in chicago. >> there is concern in north carolina. helicopters flying over the waters. talking about keeping an eye on something. see that picture right there? that was a hippopotamus on a city street. it's like a scene out of "jumanji." these animals all escaped from a zoo. people are being told to stay inside. also ahead, controversy is growing. the head of the spokane, washington, chapter of the naacp deciding to stay quiet as of now. rachel dolezal canceled the group's monthly meeting.
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happening now, the naacp chapter in spokane, washington, has postponed a meeting this evening in which its president, rachel dolezal, was expected to address the growing controversy surrounding her racial identity. dolezal had been passing herself off as a black woman until her birth parents came forward speaking out to say she is
8:23 am
white. rich rach rachel's parents spoke first to us at this hour. why do you think she's pretending? >> well, basically bottom line we're just saying that we are -- we're confirming the truth. we are her birth parents, and we do not understand why she feels it's necessary to misrepresent her ethnicity. >> interesting situation. an online petition has been started and a peaceful protest planned for this evening outside the office of the naacp office in spokane pressing for dolezal to take a leave of absence. joining us now to talk about this is the former president and ceo of the naacp, former five-term congressman for the state of maryland. thank you for joining us. i appreciate you lending your insight here. i think right off the bat i want to ask, if you were still running the naacp, what would you do now? how would you handle this? would you allow this woman to keep leading this chapter in spokane? >> john, let me preface this by saying i run from hypotheticals
8:24 am
but since you asked the question let me say there are a couple things the naacp has as options and i don't want to try to tell them what to do but clearly the best thing for all parties in this is full disclosure. truth, veracity, integrity, those things are on the line, and so the issue is not so much that she happens to be white and happens to be president of the association because the founders of the association were predominantly white and jewish and republican and female. the issue is whether there's a sense of truthfulness about what's going on, so i would caution others not to tell the information what to do but i think in terms of miss dolezal, it probably would be best for her to simply come forward, speak the truth and the facts in this matter, and then allow it to run its own course. >> you know, a lot of people have been speaking out about this. that's for sure since this really started coming to light late last week. she has spent a considerable time advocating on behalf of
8:25 am
black people. still though her brother, an adopted brother in her family, he calls her actions akin to black face. what do you say to that? >> well, black face was far more hideous. it was meant to impugn, it was meant to deg ri gate, i don't think it can be put in the same basket as that. in this case we have a situation where people are perplexed, i'm perplexed, you are, the whole nation is about what the tloout is. the only way to deal with that is for her herself in her own way and now i don't want to say in her own time because that time is passing the more we talk about this, but i think it's important for her to come forward. she clearly has an identification if i might go that far with african-american struggles and culture and affinity toward it. she's a graduate of howard university. she spent a great deal of time working on these issues, so she's not make believe when it comes to her sincerity i think
8:26 am
about whether or not she feels strongly about the issues that affect the larger african-american community. so the real point here even as the young lady who is organizing the protest in spokane said, they'll forgive her, they just want her to tell them the facts. >> was she lying? was she presenting -- >> and why? >> and why. perplexing is such a great word here and it raises a lot of issues that are just flat out confusing. can someone racially self identify? >> that's a very good question. we know that people do it sexually. we know that people do it in terms of their ethnicities and what they relate to more. this is a larger question. it's one of those new age questions that has come about simply because it's juxtaposed against the fact that there is a long, long history of people wanting to be anything but
8:27 am
black, and juxtaposed against the history of african-americans posing as whites to sort of protect themselves or to find a way to secure for themselves rights in an era where you didn't have rights. so this is really strange. i think the anthropologists, hopefully not the politicians, but those people who study these sorts of things will come up with whether this is a trend or whether it's something that's a peculiarity of the whole matter of race, one of the most vexing issues that has ever faced our nation. >> the voice we need to hear from now is rachel's. you definitely are right about that. >> indeed. thank you so much for being with us, and i mean that way more than hypothetically. thanks so much, sir. >> thanks, john. thanks, kate. new information this morning on the two brutal killers on the run. how much help did they have to break out of prison? and at this moment what might they be doing to evade those dogs that are on their trail?
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new developments this morning in the search of escaped killers richard matt and david sweat. the new york governor ordered an internal investigation into how these men managed their stunning break from a correctional facility days ago. they may have found more tools or construction being done
8:32 am
inside the prison as they tunneled jouunderground. >> there was construction going on in the blocks which the inmates had access to, and i'm talking about sweat and matt, that they had access once they got out of their cells, once they were able to get down into the tunnel system, they located a toolbox, and within that toolbox there could have been some power tools in that toolbox that they utilized to assist them in furthering their escape route. >> officials also say they may have rehearsed their escape plan at night for many nights desp. e despite more than 900 tips and every law enforcement agency you can think of on the hunt, hopes of capturing them fade it seems with every day. meanwhile, the prison worker charged with helping them escape was back in court this morning. let's talk about the manhunt more though. joining us is retired maryland state police corporal doug lowry and he's also president of the national police bloodhound association and as you can see right there, his blood hount, watson, is joining us as well.
8:33 am
thank you so much for joining us. the dogs we've been told have been key in this investigation, in this manhunt so far. last week they said that they had a strong scent that they were on that could have been picked up by the dogs that were working to track these guys, but clearly nothing came of it. how long does a scent last? does that mean this trail has gone cold? >> well, it may have gone cold. it depends on a lot of factors as far as how much a scent will last. weather conditions, contamination within the search area. you know, wind conditions, things like that. so it's really left up to the dog as to what he's able to follow and what he's not. i mean, unless you try, you don't know whether he can pick up a scent or not. >> we've been told that guys like watson and his friends are very good, almost perfect in some cases in finding a scent if it is there. if you are one of these guys, a convict on the run, if you're
8:34 am
trying to evade dogs like watson, what do you do? >> well, i think the best thing to do is keep on the move. if you can keep moving on a dog, unless you hopscotch, when i say hopscotch is, you know, bring dogs to points last seen and so forth, as long as you keep on the move and you're in a lot of contamination as far as traffic that makes it more difficult for the dog to follow and, you know, ground surfaces that determine the availability of the trail, i think that's the best thing they can do is just keep moving. >> what do you make of the terrain that they're working with? this is a really heavily wooded area. how does that play into how effective the dogs can be? >> that the should be ideal conditions for dogs. i mean, it's probably virgin territory. there's not much activity going on in that type of area. so it would be ideal conditions
8:35 am
compared to city work or urban work or things like that. >> once you lose a scent, i mean, how many investigations have you been on when you've had a strong scent like this but the dog has lost it? do you then find it again? >> well, as far as my own experiences, i have been on searches and trails where for some reason or another the dog just loses it, and you don't know why. sometimes you do because there's been -- you find out later there's been a vehicle pickup. in other words, the person that you're looking for is picked up by a vehicle and the trail is no longer available to the dog, but you just don't know. i mean, you don't know why the dog has lost it. there's times where if you cast your dog in the area to let him try to work it out and find the trail again, there's times where they can pick up that trail and continue on, but there's no really determining factor as to
8:36 am
why the dog loses it. just for some reason they do. >> now, if you were working this scene, if you and your dogs were working this scene, we're nine days in now. what are you doing? what are they doing out there today? >> well, i think they're looking for a break as far as if they have a sighting or a point last seen, and that has to be substantiated to be a good sighting. if they have a sighting that is confirmed and you know, in fact, that it is the sighting of the escapees and you want to protect that scene, keep it clear for the dog and bring your dog in with the scent articles you have available to you and hopefully they were able to obtain several scent articles from the prison area, but you want to keep that area clean and let the dog come in and give him his scent article to start with, and just
8:37 am
see if he does pick up a trail and go with it. >> dog lowry, thanks so much, and thanks for bringing watson in as well. he came and went in that interview as he pleased. >> watson was not happy with the questioning. >> he was like i don't do follow-ups. >> he was not. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. coming up for us, u.s. air strike deep inside libya. the target one of america's most wanted terrorists. coming up we'll talk to a former hostage kidnapped by this leader. >> looked that man square in the eye. what does he make of this man the u.s. went after. plus, jeb bush, he's the guy who has pretty much been running for president for months. well, now he's really running for president. at least in three hours. what does he need to do in his official announcement to get his mojo back? here's a little healthy advice. eat well, live well, and take of what makes you, you. right down to your skin with aveeno®
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it's no secret that jeb bush is getting into the race for the white house. he just needed to make the official announcement. and less than four hours from now, he will do just that. >> he will become the 11th republican to formally launch his candidacy. the former florida governor, the presidential son, the presidential brother has pretty sweet name reg nition to cognit sure but name recognition is not everything as some recent polls have begun to show.
8:42 am
our dana bash who has been stalking jeb bush is in miami for the announcement. >> legal stalking. >> legal stalking. i think it's safe to say the bush campaign has more work ahead than it perhaps thought going into announcement day. >> reporter: and i would say maybe accompanying is the more legal way that we can frame it. >> there you go, dana. >> reporter: absolutely. look, they know they have work cut out for them. they were hoping at this stage of the game after being -- having been exploring for six months which is what jeb bush has done, that they would have kind of scared other people out of the field. that has not happened. just the opposite. by the end of the day we're probably going to have about 15 republican candidates. and you mentioned name recognition, john. it's kind of ironic that not only is the name bush a potential problem because of his brother and the problems he had at the end of his presidency. it's also because people think that they know him because his name is bush, and one of the things that his friends and advisers have been telling me is
8:43 am
that his goal and his challenge is to say you know what? i'm jeb. i'm not just another bush. and i did have a chance to meet up with the former governor in estonia during his travels to europe, and i asked him about that. here is what he said. >> i've lived overseas. i've worked over seas. i have been in business. i have served as governor. i give back to my community. i have a great relationship with my wife and faemily and i'll ge to share all of that, part of that that's important. it's something that took a little getting used to for me personally to show my heart because i'm kind of introverted, but it's important to do. >> reporter: and therein lies a big part of the problem for jeb bush. the fact that he says he's introverted. well, that is translated by his campaign aides in particular as potentially looking like he doesn't have fire in the belly, and that is another big challenge they have to overcome. they understand that, look, he's
8:44 am
kind of a laid back guy. he comes across that way. he's not going to give the kind of speech, for example, that marco rubio gave here in miami about a month ago. clearly something that he is very good at, at oratory, that is not jeb bush's bag, if you will. so he's going to give his speech today, talk a lot about his record here in florida, explain who he is, but then he's going to get out on the complain trail and talking one-on-one to voters, not giving this kind of big speech he's going to give today. >> you mentioned marco rubio. what do you make of the statement that rubio put out in terms of bush's announcement? when i call jeb bush a friend, i mean it. >> reporter: isn't that fascinating? just for people who might not know the backstory here is that jeb bush has been and had been marco rubio's mentor here in florida politics for years and years and years. they were very, very close, and a lot of people in jeb bush's world were very surprised when marco rubio said he was still going to run for president even
8:45 am
when jeb bush made clear he was also going to run. they thought maybe, especially since he's 20 years younger, would sit out and wait his turn. that didn't happen. so there has been a lot of tweaking behind the scenes and even overtly. so this was a very interesting press release that marco rubio put out trying to be very gracious saying he welcomes him to the campaign. we'll see if that continues when the two of them are on the debate stage together. >> my close, dear friend whom i will now try to crush. dana bash in miami for the announcement about three hours away. coming up, lions, hippos, crocodiles on the loose in a major city. chaos right now. people considering taking the hunt into their own hands. we have more remarkable pictures like this ahead. also, the u.s. launches an air strike against a wanted terrorist, an al qaeda leader responsible for the deaths of three americans, but was he actually killed? we'll speak with someone who was once captured and held by this terrorist.
8:46 am
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this morning, the pentagon confirms an air attack in libya was aimed at one of the most elusive terror leaders in north africa. he lost his left eye in combat, he's known as the marlborough man for selling black market cigarettes. libyan officials say he was killed but the u.s. wants forensic proof before declaring him dead.
8:50 am
>> he's believed to have been the mastermind of a brazen attack on a gas facility in algeria back in 2013. during that, 37 hostages were killed, including three americans. he also kidnapped a canadian diplomat in 2008. robert fowler was held hostage for four months. mr. fowler is joining us now. thank you so much for joining us, it's great to see you and great to speak with you about this. this is one of america's most wanted terrorists. can you tell us about your experience as his hostage? what was this man like? >> well, kate, it's pleasure to be on your program. he was in charge of the battalion that held us. he would come from time to time with his command group, stay for a day or four days and then leave.
8:51 am
he was enormously respected by his troops. i spent another of years on our department up here in canada and i think my colleagues in uniform would have judged him to be a good leader. he had a real command presence. everybody called each other by their first names, but there was no doubt about who was the boss. >> i've heard you say he had quiet authority, a man to be feared and a group, certainly that the united states and the west should be very, very aware of. >> well, i think that's right. certainly i feared him. i was terrified for 130 days. terrified that my last moments would be in a video clip having my head sawn off. i was there with my colleague louis gay. we were captured by belmokhtar's
8:52 am
men. despite our efforts to establish some kind of working relationship with our captors, i don't think we were more than 1% or 2% successful. that is at the end of our captivity they would have taken our heads off at belmokhtar. he only had to give the order. >> so what is your reaction when you hear of the possibility he's been killed? >> well, my first reaction is like your lead, kate that that is mokhtar belmokhtar has been dead a number of times before and i would like to see the proof. you may remember about a year -- sorry, two years ago the chattians reported having killed him and published a photograph of the allegedly dead belmokhtar
8:53 am
and that wasn't him. indeed, given the circumstances in which they claimed he was killed i didn't think it was possible it was him. >> robert fowler -- >> i'm surprised to hear he was way up on the coast in northern libya, but that certainly is possible. but i'll wait to see the proof. sorry, john, if he is, dead. for me it's the sort of end of a chapter. >> a chapter that i know was very difficult for you. we are glad you are here to talk to us about it today and we, like you, await confirmation of his death. robert fowler, thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. ahead for us, it's like a scene from a movie like jumanji. hippos, bears, crocodiles all
8:54 am
roaming the streets after flooding sets them free. up next, how emergency crews are now trying to capture these dangerous animals. was as long as the boat. for seven hours, we did battle. until i said... you will not beat... meeeeee!!! greg. what should i do with your fish? gary. just put it in the cooler. if you're a fisherman, you tell tales. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. put the fish in the cooler!
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8:58 am
more roaming the streets after escaping their kajs. people in tblisi are being told to stay inside their home until the animals are taken back. look at these pictures. >> a hippo in the middle of a major city. there was a crocodile captured down the middle of the city streets. half animals escaped after floodwaters rushed through the zoo facilities. cnn's international correspondent matthew chance joins us live from moscow. i'm sure you've not seen anything quite like this. >> it is like a scene out of the movie "jumanji" isn't it? one man is reported to have found a hyena on his balcony when he got up in the morning. so it's that kind of incredible scene we're hearing from on the ground in tblisi. to give you an idea of the kind of crisis, the kind of level of animals that have disappeared that authorities are dealing
8:59 am
with, the zoo was inundated with floodwaters. it had 600 animals or thereabouts. half of them are unaccounted for. so 300 animals are either dead or they've gone missing and they've escaped to the surrounding area, the high areas. we're talking about lions and tigers and bears and wolfes that have gone missing as well as big crocodiles and other kind of potentially very dangerous animals, indeed. so there's an enormous problem with the floods that's caused massive devastation. the 12 people have been killed in those floods. but add into that the problem of these wild beasts roaming the place potentially trying to eat people and you get a picture of the chaos and nightmare that city is under going at the moment. >> absolutely. and do they know -- are they saying what the facilities are like once they get them back in? >> well, back in the zoo, the zoo has been devastated. there's some areas which are still operational, the higher areas. in fact, they brought the hippo back into the zoo after
9:00 am
tranquilizing him. but clearly they're going to have to start from scratch if they're going to get that zoo back up and running again and they're probably going to end up putting most of the animals down, let's face it. >> matthew chance, appreciate you being with us. a strange one. >> thanks, matthew. >> thank you for joining us at this hour. >> "legal view with ashleigh ban field" starts right now. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." it's day number ten of a massive search for escaped inmates richard matt and david sweat, two convicted murderers. this morning, joyce mitchell, the prison tailor accused of helpi ining them break free appd in court in her own prison outfit, a white and black ensemble you see on your screen. it was complete with a vest, her wrists and ankles were shackled and she was standing with her new


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