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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  June 21, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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and then he shot. -- captions by vitac -- a community galvanizings in the face of a tragedy. from moving church services to a community walk we'll have the latest from charleston as it tries to heal from the murder of nine innocent people. a lead in the manhunt for two escaped inmates takes police back towards the prison. not since tiger woods has a player won the first two golf majors of the year.
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more on jordan spieth's nail biting victory in the u.s. open. welcome to viewers all around the united states and around the world. i'm rosemary church thanks for joining us. this is "cnn newsroom." it was a day of unity, prayer and healing in the city of charleston south carolina the first sunday since the massacre at the emanuel ame church. on sunset on sunday thousands of people marched across charleston's longest bridge as a show of support and solidarity. sunday morning it was standing room only inside the church known as mother emanuel in the very building where that shooting took place, the acting pastor gave a sermon about resolve. >> the blood of the mother
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emanuel nine requires us to work until not only justice in this case but for those who are still living in the margin of life. those who are less fortunate than ourselves. that we stay on the battlefield until there is no no more fight to be fought. >> i'm going to let it shine. >> powerful words and resolve in the face of hate and outside the church people gathered to sing and pray and left behind notes and flowers. >> reporter: today was another example of this community's integrity and grace dealing with extraordinary circumstances in stride. we saw hundreds fill the pews of emanuel ame church.
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outside the church hundreds paying respect to the nine innocent lives who were lost. let me show you what we mean. this started as a bundle of flowers at the corner. as soon as that street was opened up this is what happened. you saw people come from all over all across the united states. we spoke to a couple who came from as far away as france to pay their respects to what happened on wednesday night. >> we are here to join the people of this church and the united states to give praise to god to welcome those people who are now with him. and we know that only love can drive out darkness. only love can drive out hate. that's why we are here. no matter where we came from we have just to keep praying and ask for god healing.
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>> we praying for the pastor who passed away and all of the members. to us it's very touching and that's why we're here for. and i hope that the god will bless them and the family members as well. >> reporter: the messages of healing apparent. people have written messages here saying love wins hate will not conquer. r.i.p. to those victims. and the conversations have just begun. the hope is that this unity that is so apparent here that it doesn't just last for the day that this continues to be something that people talk about long after the cameras leave. there is a lot of healing yet to be done but the conversations here are just beginning. 21-year-old dylann roof has confessed to the shootings. he told authorities he wanted to start a race war.
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investigators are look at a racist manifesto posted on his website. >> reporter: even though that manifesto surfaced online over the weekend, the focus in charleston remains those nine lives lost in this terrible tragedy. the manifest toe is 2,000 words long with inflammatory language about blacks and other minorities. the manifest toe was published on a website registered to dylann roof and it talks about a possible turning point citing the trayvon martin case as a catalyst for change with roof and perhaps what fuelled what happened and talked about why charleston was chosen as a target. the manifest toe ends with i have no choice i am not to go alone into the ghetto and fight.
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we have no skinhead no real kkk, no one doing anything but talking on the internet. someone has to have the bravery to take it to the real world. i guess that has to be me. cnn has not been able toin dependently confirm that roof was the author of that manifesto. we know that the fbi is carefully looking at that document. now to another story we are watching closely. hundreds of police are combing an area around a maximum security prison right now, in fact trying to find two killers who escaped more than two weeks ago. police have not said what made them shift their focus to flank franklin county new york. but that is where they are searching for richard matt and david sweat. it is 47 miles west of the clinton correctional facility in
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dannemora. police set up the post in a town called owl's head and using all-terrain vehicles to get around. tactical response units from neighboring vermont are also helping. meanwhile, officers wrapped up their operations in southwestern new york a few hours ago after being led there on what a source called a credible tip. and we will continue to watch that story and bring you the updates. and now to a decisive moment in greece's financial crisis. an emergency summit gets underway in brussels. over the weekend the prime minister presented a new proposal to the country's creditors in the hopes of avoiding a default on its debts. want to bring in someone from
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the london business school for more on this and he joins us live. want to thank you for joining us. all eyes of course will be on this eu summit monday with the focus on the greek debt crisis. we are seeing a reluctance on the part of the greek government and its people to cut spending. what could happen if greece rejects the austerity measures and if this new proposal from greece fails to avoid default. >> you allow me to separate two things what happens in terms of the government and what happens in terms of the people. i don't think we should generalize from one to the other. the government was elected on the basis of two contradictory pledges. they will end austerity and continue spending. on the other hand they will continue to be in the eu.
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they would either accept continue supporting the greek government if it undertakes some measures or they would allow it to drop out of the eurozone which is a veiled threat in the beginning but became something that is a real possibility that is a real possibility for today. the vast majority of the greek people want to stay in the eurozone. if you look at the polls around 80% of the people want to keep the euro and a majority that would accept a painful deal. the government has backed itself into a corner by trying to push a fairly straight forward populous agenda of being really tough. and even if it wins the negotiations in the sense of winning concessions from eu partners the economy has worsened as a result of both being badly run and also as a result of the lack of collection
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of taxes that today's measures are going to be much tougher than the ones that made it topple the previous government. >> so what do we know about this new deal that the greek government is proposing. how far might it go do you think? >> well it's quite clear that they have created this partly because they went on an agenda that said we will rock the establishment and promised the world that the partners of greece would not accept. even if they wanted to take a deal they probably feel that they have to come to the absolute last moment so that they showed they have made right on their own pledges. you also have to remember the government is very fractious. it has people that are on the far left who may vote down any deal that comes. greece is very likely to have
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dramatic political changes even if a deal is taken. it is unlikely that the government will continue with a deal even the deal we think is discussed in brussels. possibility one we have a deal and political turmoil in athens. possibility two is bad for all involved. but the government may feel is it in a corner that it needs to defend. we hope that some agreement will happen. if it doesn't it is going to be bad for the euro group and bad for greece primarily but something that is bad for everyone is unfortunately not a guarantee for a deal that will be made. it's not just rational but politics. it's a government of people who don't have experience as politicians and a government of activists. no one has had experience in being the government. the only one is the deputy prime minister who 25 years ago was a
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deputy minister. and few have had any working experience. you see all of this pushing around that you would expect other people with this background. it may backfire. >> we will be watching very closely to see what comes out of this summit. thank you for joining us michael jay coverides for joining us. two more people have died from middle east respiratory syndrome. south korea reported the latest merz deaths. that brings the death toll to 27. officials confirmed three new cases bringing the total number of confirmed cases now to 172. a unesco site under military threat. still ahead, what isis has done in pal myra and how the coalition may have a strategy to defeat them. a deadly heat wave hits
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welcome back everyone, isis militants have planted mines and bombs in the ancient part of the syrian city of palmyra. it is unclear whether the militants plan to destroy the ruins or keep government troops from advancing. isis took over the city last month. palmyra is a unesco world heritage site. isis militants have proven to be tenacious fighters but a new strategy might be working. kurdish fighters recalftured tall abyad. we will bring you exclusive reports on how the victory there could be the blueprint for defeating isis. >> reporter: even members of the
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ypd, the fighting force we were speaking to were expressing how surprised they were at how quickly they were able to move through such vital terrain. for two years isis reigned with impunity over this frontier. now, beaten back. there was a coalition air strike he was just saying on that side of this underground tunnel that goes around the entire village. isis had moved into this particular area about two years ago. this obviously dug out with heavily machinery about three feet three inches a meter wide and pretty high as well. and then you can see the metal
11:19 pm
ceiling, roof that was put into it running throughout. isis tunnel is fairly crude but still highly effective when it comes to giving them freedom of movement throughout the entire area. this is the road that runs parallel to the turkish border and berms like this one cut it off completely. this is one of isis' defenses they had put into place. what he is saying is that the air strikes that happened here were key. they took place just a few days before forces advanced and they were highly effective. in four weeks the air strikes allowed the ypd to advance 50 miles, taking over key
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territory, including the town of tal abyad. when the coalition against isis was formed we were the only coalition committed in the fight against isis. the coalition saw this and coordinated with us. he won't disclose specifics. here the u.s. can say that its strategy has delivered a blow to isis. but the battlefield is vast and the blueprint for success hardly easy to replicate. one of the biggest challenges that the u.s. and the coalition will face in trying to replicate the strategy if that is even possible is trying to find similarly reliable partners elsewhere on the ground in syria and iraq.
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>> arwa damon with the report. what residents told arwa was shocking describing a regime of terror where minor infractions bring harsh punishments, sometimes in cells such as these and often in public. >> reporter: this is the first time in two years that cigarettes are being sold in the streets of tal abyad and this is the first shipment he brought in. he is saying that there is a cage in the round about they would put people in for punishments for selling things like cigarettes. we're taken to see it and told of the story of a mon who spent three days here for playing cards, also banned. >> and even that pales in comparison to the round about of death another punishment.
11:22 pm
her view inside tal abyad continues tomorrow only here on cnn. a heat wave in pakistan's largest city karachi has killed at least 140 people. that is according to pakistani affiliate geo tv. temperatures reached 113 degrees fahrenheit. the highest recorded temperature in pakistan in 15 years. temperatures are expected to drop to the mid- to upper-30s by midweek. and we want to get more on the sweltering conditions pedram javaheri joins us now. extraordinary temperatures. there will be relief midweek. >> the temperatures are hot but we are seeing ramadan in observance right now, over a billion people around the world. but think about this for the
11:23 pm
first time in 25 to 30 years we are seeing ramadan coincide with the summer solstice. so on sunday portions of pakistan had sunrise at 5:00 in the morning and sunset at 7:00 in the evening and temperatures at sunrise were 35 celsius. and you can't drink and the temperatures climb up into the 40s. it's incredible and fatalities have taken place with the extreme heat. ramadan and the observance is based on the lunar calendar. you put in the summer solstice and daylight increased several minutes every day leading up to sunday morning. this sets you up for warmer temperatures and longer days. portions of pakistan it's humid and hot. your body can cool itself off when it's dry and you sweat the moisture evaporates and your body cools off efficiently.
11:24 pm
when it's humid, sweat just sits on top of your skin and it doesn't help much when it comes to the cooling of your body. as we head out of june into july some of the hottest temperatures are in that region. and pakistan see it earlier in the season it's the pre-monsoon heat that builds. 44.8 on saturday. and the hottest temperature of all time in the upper 40s in 1938. factor in the humidity, that is 136 degrees fahrenheit. and that is what your body is feeling. in india, the heat has subsided and the rainfall in that region and that is beneficial over a thousand lives were lost because of the monsoons being delayed. so rainfall hopefully in the coming weeks will cool us off as
11:25 pm
well. >> and we see the extreme temperatures and in other parts of the world people are soaking and knee deep in water. >> mother nature has to find a way to balance itself. if you have extreme temperatures in one place you will have another extreme weather element. there is always a balancing point. if you have extreme at one end you have one on the other direction. >> thank you, talk to you soon. breaking news out of afghanistan where a loud explosion and gunfire were heard outside the afghan parliament in kabul. it's not clear what caused that blast or if anyone was hurt. the blast happened during a live tv broadcast and lawmakers were seen leaving the building. that's all we know at this point. we will keep you abreast of new details that come into us and
11:26 pm
share them with you. a church, a city and a community come to terms with a mass shooting. ahead, leaders in charleston south carolina speak out on healing, faith, and gun laws. plus man's best friend is finding allies in the fight against china's dog meat festival. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? so this beauty can be yours with a down payment and 10% financing. oh larry, lawrence. thanks to the tools and help at,
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welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church. we want to update you on our top stories.
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in afghanistan, reports of a loud explosion in kabul. reuters reports that it happened during a live tv broadcast and lawmakers were seen leaving the building. in charleston south carolina crowds of supporters gathered outside the emanuel ame church in a show of support. people sang prays and left flowers. the congregation held its first service since a shooting on wednesday left nine people dead. police are searching an area near an update new york prison for two killers who escaped from there more that two weeks ago. officers just shifted their focus to franklin county late sunday night and set up a command post. on the first sunday since a gunman killed nine people in a charleston church thousands of people walked across the city's
11:31 pm
longest bridge. the sunset march was a show of unity and resolve. the faces of the victims, smiling, warm echo across the city shaken by their senseless death. their church held their first service sunday since wednesday's attack. and here is a look at moving moments from that service. [ bells ] ♪ ♪ our loved ones were victimized the other evening, they've gone on before us but we are behind them.
11:32 pm
we'll be going also one day. and when we get there, oh, what a joyful time it will be. we ask our god that you will guide and direct and strengthen those families who have been victimized by that horrible situation. ♪ jesus says you can lean on me meme me ♪ >> pastor reverend clemente pinckney the reverend sharonda singleton. sister cynthia hurd myra thompson, sister susie jackson. ♪ lean on me and i won't let you fall ♪
11:33 pm
>> those of us who know jesus, we can look through the windows of our faith and we see hope and we see light. and we can hear your voice saying i'm with you. always. even to the end of the world. ♪ jesus say you can i won't let you fall ♪ >> if we are people of faith, we will join faith and begin to work together. to forge a new partnership. not them against us. but we are the children of god. who will be marching on to victory. reacting there with love and unity. and the shootings in charleston have stirred up the debate on gun control in the united states.
11:34 pm
on cnn's state of the union with jake tapper charleston mayor joe riley weighed in on gun violence in the u.s. take a listen. >> the country is just having a very difficult time dealing with the proliferation of guns. and we have to use this most recent tragedy to keep us working on that. we have to do that. it is insane the number of guns, and the ease of getting guns in america. it's not -- it just doesn't fit with the other achievements of this country and it's a small, really small group -- well funded that keeps this issue from being appropriately addressed. and it's not that people shouldn't -- can't own guns and all of that. it's just that there's so many and the ease of getting them and there's no accountability. and those are -- those are
11:35 pm
pieces of unfinished business and what we have now is nine beautiful people all of them beautiful, wonderful people prayerful people studying the bible, who were killed. if we in america, can't use this as a reason to address these issues then you know, we're not doing a very good job. >> charleston's mayor, joe riley speaking with cnn's jake tapper. the manhunt for two escaped killers in new york state is intensifying not far from the prison the men broke out of more than two weeks ago. right now, hundreds of people are in the town of owl's head about 75 kilometers west of the clinton correctional facility in dannemora. they haven't said why they think
11:36 pm
richard matt and david sweat are there or may have been there. meanwhile, investigators are looking into paintings matt gave to a female prison worker and a guard. sarah gannem has more on that. >> reporter: it seems the investigation is now focused on these paintings that one of the inmates, richard matt was making behind bars. joyce mitchell received one of those paintings. she has now been charged with helping the inmates by providing them with tools that they used to break out of the prison more than two weeks ago and we learned that 57-year-old prison guard gene palmer who has been working at the prison more than 25 years he also received one of those paintings and that is why the investigators are speaking to him and the reason he has been placed on paid leave. his attorney is saying that he is cooperating and he was a
11:37 pm
guard on the honor block where richard matt and david sweat were housed and he knew joyce mitchell and the three of them -- he had daily contact with the three of them. his attorney telling us that he tried to maintain a good working relationship with the inmates for safety reasons. but he told me 100% he denies any knowledge of the escape plan. >> i can 100% confirm that he did not know that they were planning to break out it have prison. these two people are psychopaths. they are master manipulators. they are obviously in prison for life. so they have nothing but time to develop schemes to take advantage of innocent people. >> reporter: his attorney also telling cnn that gene palmer was on vacation the night the two escaped. however he does live in a home just a few blocks away from here
11:38 pm
and he says he was scared that night and the people inside the prison were shocked that something like this would happen. reporting in dannemora, new york sara ganim, cnn. the wife of a senior israeli politician has apologized for sweeting an offensive joke about u.s. president barack obama. she posted this tweet that has now been taken down. she later tweeted i apologize that was a stupid joke that someone told me. she is a columnist for an israeli newspaper and it have host. her husband is israel's minister of the interior. the uproar is growing louder over the slaughter of dogs for meat in china. we will hear from a humane society official. that is next.
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." as the world waits to see if greece can make a last minute financial bailout deal we take a look at another world economy, china. china has seen incredible gains in stocks this year. but will the good times keep going in charles riley takes a closer look at the chinese market. >> reporter: foreign investors don't have much exposure to the chinese market. this is a rally drif by retail investors, mom and pop, ordinary people trading shares in their free time. chinese investors tend to trade way more frequently than people anywhere else in the world. and to give you an idea over the past year there has been this craze sweeping china. 700,000 new brokerage trading accounts being opened every
11:43 pm
month according to one estimate. many of those are margin trading accounts which is to say that people are buying shares using borrowed money. any professional investor will tell you that is a recipe for disaster. as for whether this is a bubble or not you are hearing that more and more. the concern is that china's economy is not performing well. gdp growth was 7% in the first quarter and corporate profits are low at the moment. so you wonder high are chinese stocks doing so well. many analysts will say this is a correction but probably a healthy one. what happens tuesday remains to be seen. and china's stock market is closed for a bank holiday today. animal rights activists are outraged over china's dog meat
11:44 pm
festival. 10,000 dogs will be butchered and eaten. people selling the dogs say the animals are killed in a humane way. a chinese humane society official said that he has seen the slaughter for himself. take a listen. >> you have seen the conditions the dogs are kept. what is it like? >> you know we went to a live dog market. and there were 260 dogs. and about 10% of the dogs have very serious skin problem. one of the dog has no hair. had no hair reddish skin protruding eyes and looking miserable. we also went to a slaughter house. and every two minute you called hear a dog wailing, screaming. and then you know sudden
11:45 pm
silence and you hear the spinning of the dehairing machine. >> they remove the hair. they keep the skin but blow torch the animal so they look shiny. so that you know skin disease. i asked the trader who is going to eat this dog for crispy skin dog meat? and he said don't worry, when it is slaughtered and blow torched it will be as shiny as all the other dogs. >> an online campaign to ban the so-called festival has been signed by nearly 4 million people. i want to turn to japan where dancing in a club after midnight could get you arrested. but that will soon change. as will ripley reports,
11:46 pm
lawmakers have voted to ease the country's long-standing dancing ban. >> reporter: in the nonstop scramble of tokyo's shibuya crossing, people don't think twice about dancing in the streets. but late-night dancing in clubs has been outlawed in japan for almost 70 years. >> crazy. don't make any sense. it's a dance club. >> reporter: like the classic fairy tale cinderella dancing past a certain hour has long before risky in japan. bars and nightclubs put up these signs. for years, japanese dance clubs have been forced to go underground because of a law dating back to 1948 that forbids dancing in bars clubs or public venues after midnight or 1:00
11:47 pm
a.m. everything you see in this room right now is technically illegal. japanese lawmakers voted last week to relax the dancing ban. a law going back to the american occupation after world war ii where dance halls were often a front for prostitution. police looked the other way for decades allowing japan's dance scene to thrive. but drug cases and a brawl five years ago led to a surge of airs from club raids. it's wrong, she says we need to dance. the law says that clubs can't be too dark and until changes take effect next year after hours dancing like this is still against the law. >> do you worry about the police coming here and arresting people? >> of course i worry about it every day. i've been worrying for 30 years says this club owner. he says he spent 21 days in jail
11:48 pm
for violating the ban. he is part of a movement demanding change. 150,000 people signed a petition to lawmakers. now the artists and djays will be able to work safely. he says japan's war on dance is finally over. the victory dance will keep going long after the clock strikes midnight. will ripley, cnn, tokyo. a series of tweets from tech giant apple to superstar taylor swift could change the game for music artists everywhere. we'll have the details for you when we come back. if you're an adult with type 2 diabetes and your a1c is not at goal with certain diabetes pills or daily insulin your doctor may be talking about adding medication to help lower your a1c. ask your doctor if adding once-a-week tanzeum is right for you. once-a-week tanzeum is an injectable prescription medicine
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okay so it looks like there is no bad blood between tech giant apple and singer taylor swift. in a recent blog post the musician threatened to keep her wildly popular album "1989" after apple's streaming service. she was mad about the plan to withhold royalties from artists.
11:53 pm
apple was listening. the company responded saying that apple music will pay artists for streaming even during the free trial period. we hear you @taylorswift13 and indy artists. we spoke with an industry insider who said it's not the big artists who have to worry about paydays. >> taylor swift is part of the major label machine and that is not who will be hurt. it's the independent labels who struggle month to month and won't see that money. the majors will be fine. but she does say that in her letter. this is not about being a child or being greedy. she is looking out for the little guy and it seems like the little guy is responding
11:54 pm
missouriively. >> and swift says she is elated and relieved at apple's decision. now to a dramatic finale at the u.s. open. 21-year-old jordan spieth has added a title to his master's victory. that makes him to sixth to win the masters and the u.s. open in the same year. she birdied to finish at 5 over and dustin johnson finished one shot behind. patrick snell has more. >> reporter: in a tense and dramatic finish to this year's u.s. open dustin johnson three putted from just over 12 feet on the last hole to hand young american jordan spieth a second consecutive major title. the 21-year-old from texas becoming the youngest winner of the season's second major since 1923 after closing with a 69 that left him at 5 under par. >> i feel for dustin.
11:55 pm
it's the same feeling i had on 17. i was just able to have a hole to rebound. i mean, this is incredible. it's incredible. it will take a little while to sink in just given i didn't think this would be over and i would be holding the trophy. >> on the last green and talked to my brother and this is why i'm here and why i play the game of golf i had a chance to win the u.s. open on the last hole. i was trying but just didn't work out. i'm proud of the way i played and most proud of my family. i did get to hold up my trophy at the end of the day which is my son. >> everything i'm able to do somebody seems to find a history lesson on why i was the youngest to do something or as young as somebody way back when. for me this is my life. i've now been doing it for a while and i don't think of my age and think of us all as
11:56 pm
peers. it's cool to be able to have two legs of the grand slam now and to conquer golf's hardest test. the u.s. open is conquering the hardest layout in all of golf. >> jordan spieth keeps on rewriting the history books. he is the first player since 2003 to win the masters and u.s. open in the same year. next up for him he will go to st. andrews in scotland to continue what he hopes will the next leg in a spieth slam. at the 2015 u.s. open in chamber's bay i'm patrick snell. thanks for watching i'm rosemary church. another edition of "cnn newsroom" starts shortly. errol barnett will join me in just a moment. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought.
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12:00 am trying to heal. the emanuel ame church reopens after the shooting on wednesday. every victory counts the fight against isis may be taking a turn for the better. we will bring you an


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