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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  June 22, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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so i share it with everyone because it's a glorious day. >> it occurred to me, that's father's day and your birthday. >> what did the children do? i'm surprised they didn't remove father's day. >> they did a lot of cards. there was a lot of card drawing yesterday. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> there should be flags, parades. >> we'll continue our parade but newsroom with carol costello begins now. >> happy birthday allison! >> thank you, carol. thank you. >> "newsroom" starts now. happening now charleston unified unified. ♪ ♪ thousands marching praying, singing together. >> my heart is as broken as all the people here white or black. >> as we go inside the church
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shooter's alleged manifesto. a gun in one hand a confederate flag in the other. why confessed dylann roof calls himself brave. also a new tip in the hunt for the two escaped killers. >> i would never thought in a million years i would have seen them out here. >> a manhunt heats up as police question another prison employee. >> the two people are psycho paths. they are master manipulators. >> how close is too close for employees and inmates? then -- ♪ ♪ do not mess with taylor swift. no bad blood between here and apple after she shamed the company into paying artists for their work. let's talk live in the cnn news room.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin with breaking news in the search for two cold-blooded killers on the run. more than two weeks after richard sweat and david matt escaped from prison police are focussing on a cap bin in franklin new york. about 25 miles away from where the inmates broke free. a witness was checking on a cabin on saturday saw a man run out the back door and into the woods. officials warning res kepts to lock their doors. in the meantime we're learning new details about a second prison guard who has been placed on administrative leave including that he also had a painting from matt hanging in his home. let's get more from cnn's sara guenin tell us more sara. >> reporter: good morning. we're in an area about 30 miles due west of where that prison is where the two inmates escaped.
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authorities converging on the area yesterday in the evening and night hours. we saw hundreds of vehicles -- at least a hundred vehicles here. atv units, all-terrain vehicles tactical units. the district attorney this morning telling me the lead that lead to the search coming to this town. he said that on saturday a witness was going into check on a vacation home, a cabin here that was unoccupied and saw a man run out the back door into the woods. he told me it was obviouslily burglarized, this cabin, base order the information the search commenced here. this is the mountain view area off a road called wolf pond road. the district attorney telling me he said quote, i think the law enforcement here feel this is potentially one of the people that being one of those inmates. like i said all terrain vehicles tactical units all coming here. this is an area in the adirondacks of upstate new york. there's a lot of biking trails hiking trails a lot of vacation
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homes, unoccupied cabins. those are places that the searchers have been focussed on since the beginning of the now more than two week search for the men and that's where they are this morning. >> all right sara reporting live. cnn takes a deeper look into the new york prison manhunt in the third week. it's a cnn investigation tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. eastern. in charleston, south carolina a study in contrast. a few days after the church massacre a grieving community comes together and the hateful rambles of the killer spew out. investigators dissect the 2,000 word racist manifesto linked to confessed gunman dylann roof. elena is live in charleston for you. good morning. >> good morning, carol. focus here in charleston all weekend has been on healing and remembrance. even though that racist manifesto surfaced over the
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weekend. lone wolfe mass murder dylann roof behind bars this morning awaiting his hearing for charges set for october. this as investigators are looking into a 2,000-word racist manifesto on a website registered to the suspect written before roof killed nine people during a bible study inside charleston south carolina's historicyic emanuel ame church. he became fixated on the idea of quote, black on white crime" after trayvon martin's death. it lead him to the council of conservative citizens. there he found, quote, pages upon pages of these brutal black on white murders. it's not clear what incidents he was referring to. the manifesto continues, quote,s someone has to have the bravery to take it to the real world. i guess it has to be me. >> we have to use the heartbreak
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in a most positive way. >> reporter: in charleston sunday, marchers joined hands to form a unity chain in memory of the nine victims. on sunday morning church bells rang throughout the historic city. ♪ ♪ inside the emanuel ame church, the theme was healing not hate. >> we as a group of people can come together and pray and work out things that needs to be worked out to make opportunity in our state our better place. >> reporter: the funeral for
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reverend reverend pinckney is expected on friday. it is worth noting that the council of conservative citizens is condemning the killings but still standing by the inflammatory information or content in their website. >> all right. as black and white people show unity in south carolina the confederate battle flag flies on the capital grounds. maybe not for long. republican state lawmaker doug bran nonwill introduce legislation to remove the flag in january. one month before south carolina's presidential primary. >> personally i believe and have for years it needs to be in a museum. in fact the state what is called the confederate reallic room. i think that's where it needs to be. and apologize to the people of south carolina. i've been in the house for five years. i should have introduced this bill five years ago. i should not have let my
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friend -- we shouldn't be having this conversation. >> brannontalking with poppy harlow. mitt romney has turned up the heat when he tweeted, quote, take down the confederate flag. president obama tweeting back good point mitt. other republicans running for president skirted the issue. let's talk about the confederate flag and whether it should be on the south carolina's capitol's grounds. greg stewart is a 20-year member of the sons of confederate veterans and jill is a writer for the detroit free press and the new york times. >> good morning. >> greg you spearheaded an effort to keep the confederate battle flag on the mississippi state flag why? >> that was in 2001 and the policy makers then had an effort to get around the public on the vote and the main point of it was to allow the people of
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mississippi to have a vote and they did. in fact we carried presinks the counties that no one would have known that we would have carried but we carried them by a wide margin. that's the way to do it to give it to the people. >> i will add because i think it's important to let the information out there. there was a huge lobbying effort in the state of mississippi. lobbyists donated, what some $600,000 or more to get it passed? >> we didn't spend that much. the proponents that wanted to change the flag spent probably something in that neighborhood but we did not. >> but a lot of people put a lot of money into keeping the confederate battle flag into the state flag. do you think the confederate flag should come down in south carolina? >> that's a south carolina issue and the people in south carolina should be allowed to vote on that. i have two children that attend college in charleston and so i'm in charleston at least four
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times a year and in fact, my son is his senior year. his roommate is black. i don't know where it is not related to the roof massacre. this cowardly attack -- >> you mean the flag is not associated with the massacre in south carolina? >> no. i'm saying this cowardly attack by this roof fella is not attached at all to the confederate flag. i mean, he's attached it but he's obviously a lone wolf. your reports are saying that now. he's a lone wolf. he's got mental problems and may have some cognition problems too. >> we don't know that. we don't know his mental state at all. we have no doctor's report. we don't know that. >> it seems like we're running off in a direction. we're actually doing what roof would have us do and get involved in shouting matches about banners and honor and none
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of that is going to solve any problems. you couldn't take down all the flags and solve the problem that is driving all this. >> all right, joe you wrote an op-ed and i'm thinking you don't agree with him. you write, quote, in the south carolina that will never willingly take down the flag the confederate flag the time has come for -- please expound >>well first of all, greg says he understand where the visitial is coming from. the visit reeial is coming from slavery and the continued insult to african-americans of having the battle flag of northern virginia over their heads when they walk to work in the state capitol of south carolina. just one slight correction my
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story first appeared in the new york observer on their website and then the detroit free press picked it up and others did too. when i said we should burn the confederate battle flag i meant it as a peaceful protest. we should get our own and burn them. it is the flag of the american swastica and everyone knows what it means. it has nothing to do with heritage or pride. it has to do with white supremacist viciousness. that's what we saw last week in the church in charleston. >> joe, do you think this young man was inspired by the confederate flag to go into that church and shoot nine people? >> judging by the fact he put pictures on his website waiving the confederate flag judging by the fact he had a confederate flag on his license plate, i would say there's a correlation of some sort.
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>> and, greg i would like you to respond to that. for many people the confederate flag doesn't have anything to do with heritage. it's all about observing a time in our history that many feel we should be ashamed of >>well i will agree. a lot of people have their own opinion about that flag. it is internationally recognized as a flag of challenging authority and different people like this disturbed young manmade it something to himself. i noticed in the pictures he had an affinity for the united states flag. that's going to continue -- >> no, he burned it. he did not have an affinity for the united states flag. no. >> different people have different sbemptationinterpretations of the flag and his is wrong. we tend to cemeteries and honor the ancestors by just taking care of the cemeteries. that's what we're about. it seems like it is
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disrespectful to the nine lives that were tragically lost to go off in this direction when we have the answers in front of us. i read your article, and we can agree on some things. i don't think that this will end the debate. i don't think we need to debate the confederate flag anymore. >> can i ask one last question, joe. to you think an african-american person would go into someone's home who is flying the confederate flag, you know on their home? >> well, i can just speak for my own experience. i'm also the executive director of jefferson davis' home. we have a church service every sunday we have for many months. the preacher is black. his ministry is dedicated to
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veterans and they actually sit. it's a mixed congregation. they sit in the same pews that the confederate veterans -- they sit in the same pews. i think the answer is -- >> i'm talking about the flag though. if you have the flag hanging outside your home do you think an african-american person would feel comfortable coming over for dinner? >> i do. >> really? >> yes. if the results from the mississippi election are any indication many black missippians voted for the flag. i would tell joe that -- i want to remember this. the most successful supremacists are the ones you would never suspect. they're not going to -- they'll pat you on the back but they're playing you, joe. >> joe, last words, joe? >> okay. the last word is lindsey graham is the senator from south
6:16 am
carolina. if he really wants to be president he should moral and political courage by urging his fellow south carolinans to take down the flag put it in a museum where it belongs and stop insulting african-americans by flying it over their heads on state grounds. >> and i'll have to leave it there. thanks to both of you. i appreciate it. still to come president obama speaking candidly and bluntly on race in the united states. yes, the president went there. he used the n-word and he said it outright. we'll talk about that next. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta and fires up free wi-fi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before you know what he can do? let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! book your next stay at! you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level. it really opens the passages.
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cast w.t.f. that's what's it's called. the president used language that many consider offensive.
6:22 am
y taylor. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> thank you for having us. >> what was the president trying to say? >> i think the president was being instructive. i think he was talking about the difference between that covert the racism we don't see on the street and then overt racism. that isn't always sort of imbodied in wonder we use the n-word. you know back in lbj's time we had a 1957 civil rights bill that he called -- and i quote the n-bill. he changed the pronunciation depending on whose company he was in. and former president nixon also used the word sprinkling it liberally among other divisive
6:23 am
language. when we talk about our president, specifically an african-american president using it in an obstructive way, i think the word takes on a brand new meaning. who says it when they say it and why. >> sara do you think people will get that? >> i think there are some people who will be put off by this. it's hard for me to judge how president obama wants to use the word. he's the first black president. he lived experiences that you and i cannot understand at all. he's making a good point. it's not enough to just say we don't use these words in public. it's about how you think. it's about how you behave. i think that's what he's trying to say. i think that's why we're having the argument now about the confederate flag whether there should be streets in south carolina named for confederate generals. there's a sense there's an overt racism in this country that we're more uncomfortable talking about. >> and goldie the president
6:24 am
seemed comfortable talking to mark. it was like he was having a conversation with a friend or next door neighbor. >> he knows the confederate flag means something different if its opposed a state house a opposed to a museum and being used as a learning tool. i think that's what the president was after. i'm sure of it. my people from from arkansas and mississippi. the word was used like a drop comma. it was a regular course of language. sure that tampered off now over the years as we have grown as a family but it was certainly a part of our language. it was never used, you know in terms of being something that was divisive or hurtful. it was a term of affection used among my parents aunts, uncles
6:25 am
and grantdparents. context matters. whether it is used bay clans ss man, my grandmother, or the president of the united states. >> it is interest to note that the organization that inspired the charleston south carolina shooter contributed to previous campaigns of ted cruz, rand paul, and santorum among other politicians. ted cruz said he'll give the money back why accept money from the council of conservative citizens in the first place when say they are the laziest, stupidest, and most criminally inclined race in the history of the world. >> this is something that came
6:26 am
out every night. they're not shrubbing every person that writes the check. when we get the comment they said they were just realizing the connection last night. they're working heart to give the money back. when we reached out to rand paul's camp, they said they're going to take the donation from earl who ran the head of the organization and give the money to a fund that has been set up to benefit the victims in charleston. so it's pretty clear that the candidates want to get as far away as they possibly get. >> all right. sara murray goldie taylor. thank you so much. a tough but important conversation. still to come a possible break in the search for the two cold-blooded killers. officials chasing another new lead that the inmates, and we told you earlier that the inmates may have burglarized a cabin in upstate new york. alexandria field is on the ground. as the search heats up
6:27 am
investigators are talking to a correction officer who worked in the prison that the inmates escaped from. we'll talk about that coming up after the break. ♪ ♪ if you want a paint that's tough enough to protect from the elements. if you want a paint flexible enough to survive the subtle cracking of time. if you want a paint that gives you a lifetime warranty... only this can. aura exterior from benjamin moore. paint like no other. ♪ ♪i'm gonna take my road make my road♪ ♪i'm gonna walk on by on and on♪ ♪walk walk high, seasons go by♪ ♪walk walk by, suddenly i♪ ♪walk walk high...♪ you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects. hey honey.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. police are scouring a wooded area in northern new york for two convicted killers after a witness told police a cabin had been burglarized. an official telling cnn a man was seen running out a cabin's back door into the woods on saturday. the possible sighting happened in franklin county about 25 miles away from where richardsweat
6:32 am
and matt broke free. officials spent 14 hours questioning a 57-year-old prison guard who apparently had one of matt's paintings hanging in his house. the attorney said cooperating with police and had no idea about the escape plan. we are on the ground in friendship, new york where police are focussed over the weekend. good morning. >> good morning, carol. every lead is worth a good look. that's what state police have been saying all along. they received hundreds and hundreds of tips. one forced them to mobilize a number of their resources 300 miles southwest of the prison over the weekend. 300 law enforcement officers were on the ground here trying to cover the area trying to get a good handle on whether or not the fugitives could be here in allegheny county. this as a result of a woman who called in a tip saying she saw two men who appeared to macht
6:33 am
fugitive's description. >> a man with a red scruffy beard, dark blue hoodie was working his way up the tracks. my dog started eded barking and turned around and pulled up the hood. they looked dirty. i can't be sure. i was so far away from them. it did resemble to them. to be safe than sorry i did call. there's now there's a loaded gun on the table. >> police mobilized assets in the air and the ground. there were canine searching in the woods and along railroad tracks. there were roadblocks and homes being searched. affiliate two days of searching, police called it off saying the investigation in this county is wrapped. they are keeping patrols in place as a precaution. we're watching the search effort
6:34 am
intensify in new york and another development in the investigation. officers have been speaking with a corrections officer who they believe received a painting from richard matt. that corrections officer has been fully cooperative with police but the attorney maintains that the officer had no knowledge whatsoever of that escape plan carol. >> another question about the search. i'm curious. a number of these sightings have taken place around the railroad tracks. are investigators looking into whether the two men are following the railroad tracks through the state of new york and into pennsylvania perhaps? >> yeah it's a good point. something that police have been talking publicly about. initially you remember they were focussed on the area around the prison. they were doing grid searches in the area where they expected that the prisoners might be moving through certain areas and moving on. we heard from state police instead of that they would focus on possible escape routes from the area of the prison that could include railroad lines. when you get tips and this tip came from a caller who believe
6:35 am
she saw the fugitives walking near a railroad track. it might rise as far as the level of concern that police have when they're screening the tips. this tip about the men in this county walking along the tracks reportedly it came on the heels of two prior tips made a week earlier in a county just east of here where two other callers reported seeing two men apparently fitting the description walking near the railroad lines. it seems that police are certainly taking the tips that have anything to do with railroad tracks and giving them a close look right now as they consider whether or not, you know it's a possible means of escape from the dannemora area. >> all right. thank you so much. let's talk about all of this with gerard mccain a former senior inspector for the u.s. marshal service. thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you, carol. happy to be here. >> happy you're here. what do you make of this latest sighting? >> you know, it's a potential game-changer. the fact there were no early
6:36 am
reports that there were any break ins or leftthefts or anything of that nature would tend to indicate they might have left the area. if they have a credible sighting and a break in at the cabin that's big news. >> it is big news but, you know over the weekend the search was focussed near the new york pennsylvania border and police are near the prison in upstate new york. so while that's a great lead and some ways the search still feels like a wild goose chase >>well you have to understand there's probably hundreds and hundreds of tips coming in. there's a tremendous of media attention on this. their faces are everywhere, with and the community, rightfully so, is concerned on and on edge and they're going to pay particular attention to anything that seems remotely out of the ordinary. a couple of guys walking down the tracks they've never seen before? sure. call it in. law enforcement has to respond
6:37 am
to that. >> i want to talk about the new prison worker who accepted a painting of one of the inmates. what do you make of that? is that normal? >> that's not something -- i don't know terribly much about the inside on the corrections, but i can imagine that the workers and the inmates can develop relationships. if you have a particularly skilled artist, you know if you look back even serial killers like john wayne gacy was an artist and his paintings sold for good money. it's hard to say what drives people to do the things they do. >> you're not kidding. and just a final question. your best guess, where are these gone s gone s gone? are authorities looking in the right places?
6:38 am
>> i think they're doing what they have to do which is run down every lead that is out there. without a confirmed, you know, 100% sighting these guys could be anywhere. and law enforcement has to keep looking everywhere. you can't just stop one side of it and, you know, decide we're not going to look there anymore. you have to keep an open mind and take every tip as though it's a possible credible tip. >> all right, gerard mccann. thank you so much. tomorrow cnn takes a derp look into the new york prison manhunt in the third week. an cnn investigation tomorrow night 9:00 p.m. eastern. it starts with a suicide bomber then militants fired rockets and set off explosives. more on the taliban attack on the afghan parliament after this. new flonase allergy relief nasal spray. this changes everything. flonase is the 24 hour relief that outperforms a leading allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens
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[ screaming ] that guy has nerves of steel. taliban militants detonate explosives and fire grenades at the complex raid on the afghan parliament. it included a suicide bomber at the outer wall of the government compound. six gunman tried to raid the building. afghan security forces stopped and killed the insurgents but not before they killed 31 civilians. we're live in london with more. hi, nick. >> hi carol. you can see from the blast how close the suicide bomber with the explosives must have been.
6:44 am
literally blowing dust and debris across the room where the lawmakers were speak. at that moment they were voting on a vote of confidence in the defense minister. it seems like why the taliban targeted the building at that time. you can talk about who is going to be defense minister but we're still here on the streets of kabul. the reality is it was civilians that bore the brunt of that. a woman and a child killed 28 other civilians injured. nine of them women and children. what happened was the security forces in kabul managed to stop the taliban getting in. the six gunmen they holed themselves up in a building but the afghan security forces able to take them on and defeat them. >> nick robertson, thank you. we're going to lighten up a bit and talk about empowerment. it's big but mighty.
6:45 am
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checking some top stories for you at 49 minutes past the hour. defense secretary ash carter kicks off a week-long european trip in germany today where he will attend his first nato meeting on secretary. on sunday he spoke candidly about the bleak outlook for relations with russia saying the u.s. and its nato allies are preparing for a fight that could outlast vladimir putin's presidency. a plane about to take off
6:50 am
from newark airport last night was stopped on the runway after the pilot noticed one of the engines sparking. fire crews responded but united airlines say no one was hurt. the flight was headed to savannah georgia. all 41 passengers were taken off the plane and most were rebooked on other flights. an estimated 20,000 people came together last night to honor the nine people killed in that massacre at charleston's emanuel ame church. the group formed a unity chain on a bridge that links the city of charleston to the nearby town of mt. pleasant. that was followed by a nine-minute moment of silence. while tourists know charleston as a city rich in history and southern charm, some local would say tell you that southern charm is hiding deep-seated racial tensions. >> you would believe that everything is going smoothly that it's all just so neat and everybody is just so nice and it's the best place to be. most people that come here got
6:51 am
no idea how charleston functions. dogs got a hell of a lot more rights in charleston than black people have. everybody looking out for dogs and cats but there is no protection at all for blacks. my name is william bill sanders, and i am really a troublemaker in the charleston area making sure that people get a chance to take a look at what's going on. i think that right now we got so many enemies all over the world, yet the most important fight we got is on segregation and integration integration. >> charleston is great for tourists because they love the tours, but if you're black in charleston charleston it's not a good place to be. >> i feel like charleston it's a great place to live. i love living here but there
6:52 am
definitely are a lot of underlying issues we have and unfortunately they're just not talked about. >> it's a beautiful place with a lot of history, and you only see that. you see the glitz and the glamour, and everything else is literally pushed to the other side of town. >> i would never go straight home or i would go and park in my yard or somewhere because i always felt like somebody might be waiting to kill me and those are the kind of stuff that i have been through for so long. >> i feel like this problem can be fixed many ways. starts with my generation stepping up to the plate and saying we're not going to put up with this. our grandparents might have our parents might have but it's time for us to really buckle down sit down talk and fix some things. >> one of the things that i wanted to be all my life since i was about 12 13 years old is to be a man, not a black man, i wanted to be a man. there's no way ever be a man in charleston south carolina. i would always be a boy to the
6:53 am
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this is cnn breaking news. >> all right. some encouraging news to report to you right now about those escaped killers in upstate new york. investigators now believe they are close on the trail of those two escapees from that new york maximum security prison and it all stems back to that cabin in the mountain view area of franklin county new york, about 30 miles from where the prison is located. two law enforcement sources say evidence was collected from that cabin, and dna testing was completed within 24 hours and guess what. dna from both fugitives was found on personal items. that's according to one of these sources. alexandra fields is on this new development. we'll check in with her in just about three minutes. but, again, new credible leads
6:58 am
in the search for those escaped killers. investigators now believe they are close on the trail. in other news this morning, apple may be the most powerful company in the world, but they caved in just one day after pop star taylor swift threatened to withhold her latest album from the company's streaming music service over how much money they dish out to artists. cnn's senior media correspondent brian stelter joins me to talk about this. go taylor. >> go t. swift. nobody besides taylor swift has this kind of tower. here is the post she put up yesterday. she said we don't ask you for free iphones so please don't ask us to provide you our music for nothing. she said it wasn't about her, it's for young artists who need the money. you can see her letter. this goes up at 7:00 a.m. on sunday. nobody is paying attention except of course for taylor's of hundreds of thousands of fans. it goes viral and by the end of the day apple says we agree with
6:59 am
taylor we have called her, we've talked about this. bottom line, pardon the pun, apple couldn't shake this off. it worked. by the end of the day she was declaring victory. she wrote on twitter i'm elated and relieved. she hasn't said she's going to put her music back on apple music service. the service comes out at the end of the month so this has become good publicity for apple instead of bad pr for apple. >> let's hope so for apple's sake right? brian stelter, thanks so much. i appreciate it. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts right now. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> we begin with breaking news. good morning to all of you. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we do begin with that breaking news on the desperate manhunt for two convicted killers. two law enforcement officials confirm to cnn that authorities have collected dna evidence from those escaped inmates, richard matt and david sweat, after searching a burglarized cabin in franklin county new york. that's about 25 miles away from where those two men broke free
7:00 am
more than two weeks ago now. so let's get right to cnn's sara ganim she's ganim. what can you tell us sara? >> good morning, carol. this owl's head area near the mountain view area is where police and searchers converged last night. more than 100 police vehicles we saw. we saw them on all terrain vehicles tactical teams searches through wooded areas. this is the adirondacks, so it's very rural. a lot of unoccupied cabins, vacation homes, hiking trails biking trails. the things police and searchers have been focused on since the beginning of this now more than two-week search. they converged on this town 30 miles west of the prison where those two inmates escaped. there's clear walking trails and roads that lead from the town of dannemora where that prison is to this area. the franklin county district attorney telling me this


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