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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  June 23, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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t punishment. he's kind of undercutting their own system of justice if he comes back and says, yeah, there were some flaws in the way we did this so it's going to be an interesting needle to thread. i wouldn't expect this to come down the decision to come down today. roger goodell can extend this hearing through the week if he wants to, and then he has an unlimited time to make his ruling. greg hardy, who has also appealed his own suspension his appeal happened a month ago. he still hasn't heard an answer yet. so this could go on for a while. we could be back discussing this all summer. >> i always welcome your presence rachel nichols. thank you so much. i appreciate it. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom" -- >> it's time to move the flag from the capitol grounds. >> south carolina's governor says take down the confederate flag. now, the septemberment spreads south. >> will mississippi demand changes next? also --
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>> we have developed evidence that the suspects may have spent time in a cabin in this area. >> they were here. the dna says so. >> i'm not saying it's them but he says i know somebody broke in our camper and i saw one guy running away. >> as the manhunt heats up for two escaped killers, we're learning more about how they broke out in the first place. >> investigators are looking at the possibility that these inmates got tools into their cells through frozen hamburger meat. >> let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom." and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin this morning in south carolina where in about an hour a rally is scheduled at the state house. the goal? to get the general assembly to remove the confederate battle flag from the state capitol, and the rally comes one day after south carolina's governor nikki
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haley, threw her support behind that action saying it does not represent the future of her state. walmart agrees with the governor and is taking steps to remove all merchandise with the confederate flags from its store shelves. for more on all of this i want to grinning in cnn's ana cabrera live in columbia south carolina this morning. good morning, ana. >> reporter: good morning. we're seeing more action more people arriveing at the state capitol in anticipation of the rally expected to get under way at 11:00 this morning, less than an hour from now, and those will be protesters calling on state lawmakers to take down the flag. lawmakers are also returning to the capitol today. the focus on their agenda today is the state's bunt and we're learning that it will require an amendment to current orders of business for them to add the flag issue back into their list of duties. that would require about a two-thirds majority to do so. so there will be a lot of eyes watching what happens in that chamber this afternoon.
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all this coming as there have been more calls from national from state, from business leaders to take down the flag and to take action now. we saw walmart as well as sears now when we're talking about big corporations removing confederate merchandise from their store shelves as well as from their online offerings, and the governor nikki haley, worth mentioning she was once a supporter of the flag being located here outside the state capitol alongside the confederate war memorial but what we heard her say yesterday as she was joined by this bipartisan group of lawmakers as well as national politicians, is that this flag is a symbol that unites -- excuse me divides rather than unites and that's why she believes it's time for it to come down because it just means different things to different people and for many people it means slavery, segregation, racism and hatred something that she says no longer has a place here. but it is a tough issue, and there will be debate on this that we expect to happen today,
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possibly the next several days and weeks, carol. >> all right. ana cabrera reporting live from columbia south carolina. south carolina lawmakers will meet later this afternoon for that budget session, but the confederate flag may well make its way onto the agenda. the local newspaper "the post and kourcourier" is turning up the heat. the paper is keeping a rolly tally on what lawmakers will decide wlshtion to take down the flag or not. two-thirds of both chambers will have to vote yes to accomplish that. one of those lawmakers, democrat marlon kimpson, says the flag debate is just one part of a larger issue. >> well after we mourn and grieve for these families we wouldn't have this discussion but for the fact of this unfortunate incident, but there are deep racial divides aroundnd i
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want to be clear about this to the nation there's a deep racial divide in south carolina. >> all right. joining me now, republican state senator mike fair of south carolina. good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> you returned to work today -- >> under the circumstances. >> i'm sorry, sir. you wanted to say something? >> say again. say again, please. >> i just noticed you're not disclosing how you feel about the flag in "the post and courier" and i wanted to ask you why. >> sure. 15 years ago we had a similar circumstance with the flag being atop the dome and in both chambers. and after a period of time with partisans of both positions meeting, it was without controversy as we removed the flag from the top of the dome and took it out of both chambers and constructed the memorials to african-americans and to the war
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dead. now, this is a lot different. i think it's absolutely horrendous the act that took place, as do all other south carolinians. i don't believe that there is any desire on the part of anybody within south carolina to cause problems for other people because of their beliefs or their skin color particularly. i will say about the specific question at hand with the governor's support of taking the flag down from the monument it probably will happen but it still requires a two-thirds vote of each side. i think it's unfortunate at the very least though that we are taking it, it seems to me taking advantage of the grief of nine families one of our own from the senate senator
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clementa pinckney and his family and it's unfortunate that it would appear to some that we're leveraging their grief and that this matter should be taken up -- >> sir, let me -- >> -- five months -- >> -- ask you about that. i want to ask you specifically about that because reverend pinckney's body will lie in state on the capitol grounds. his funeral is on friday and that confederate flag will still be flying on the capitol grounds. shouldn't it at least come down during his funeral? >> well, yes, it should, and i think that would be something that perhaps the governor could cause to happen. in fact many of us were asking why the confederate flag was not flying at half-mast. it takes legislation -- i need for you and your audience to understand it takes legislation to affect our monument any of the monuments on the state grounds. so it's not as simple as a group
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saying let's do this and let's do that. it requires -- >> i understand that. i do understand that sir. i understand that sir, but reverend pinckney's funeral is coming up on wednesday, his body will lie in state. so can at least south carolina lawmakers hurry through some sort of legislation saying, you know what? we're going to just take this flag down during the services. >> well absolutely we should try to do that and i believe you're right. i believe that we could get almost unanimous consent, and it's not because the flag in and of itself is wrong or bad because there's a group of south carolinians who almost revere the southern confederacy, not slavery, but the southern confederacy. in south carolina, i know the southern states perhaps there's a differentiation made that some kand xre can't comprehend.
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never nevertheless what you say is right. i agree with you. because of the inte pretrpretations people give to the flag it would show respect to senator clementa pinckney as well as the other families to take the flag down if indeed, it's just for a few days to do that. i agree. >> all right. republican state senator mike fair of south carolina. thank you so much for being with me this morning. still to come in the "newsroom," new details from upstate new york. almost three weeks later search teams could be closer to finding the two escaped convicts. we'll talk about that next. ♪ building aircraft,
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better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. checking some top stories at 13 minutes past the hour. severe storms and tornadoes tore through illinois trapping people in vacation homes and sending five people to the hospital with injuries. no word of any fatalities but more storms are expected tomorrow. maryland's governor has announced he has cancer and it is both advanced and aggressive. first-term republican larry hogan says he will not step down. hogan says he will undergo chemotherapy for his nonhodgkins lymphoma. >> it's my hope that being candid and transparent about my battle will -- that i'll be able to help raise awareness that could ultimately benefit others.
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>> hogan says he beat the odds when he upset the democratic incumbent and he vows to beat this challenge as well. in new york renewed energy in the hunt for two kill whose escaped from prison just hours after a law enforcement source revealed the men's dna was found inside a burglarized backwoods captain cabin. joyce mitchell's husband lyle appeared on nbc this morning and knocked down reports that he vows to support her. >> when you left the jail i believe it was joyce's attorney who said that you were standing by her and you were supportive of her. >> i never once told her lawyer -- that's what made me so mad. i never once told her i stand 100% mind my wife. there's so many thoughts running through my head. do i still love her? yes. am i mad? yes. how could she do this? how could she do it to our kids?
7:16 am
>> is she telling you the truth? >> do i believe so now? yes. >> but are you standing by her? do you support her? >> as of right now, i don't know what to think. >> all right. let's talk about the search for just a second. cnn's sara ganim is in owls head new york. tell us more. good morning, sara. >> good morning, carol. law enforcement here on the ground say things are status quo right now in the search. i have to tell you it's on and off been pouring rain here which has been a hinder rensrance for these searchers. for several days the weather has just not been great -- >> what? i'm so sorry. we lost sara ganim and i'm so sorry. we'll try to get her back but that search is continuing in owls head new york and police have set a perimeter because that's where that cabin was
7:17 am
located. they found dna belonging to both inmates inside and they found the bloody socks a and boot. let's go back to owls head new york and sara ganim. sara take it away once more. >> reporter: good morning. sorry about that. so basically what's going on here is authorities on the ground say things are status quo. they're dealing with the rain. it's been pouring on and off, bad weather that they've been dealing with many of the 18 days they've been out here in the adirondacks searching, but we are literally seeing them trucking in four-wheelers and all-terrain vehicles so we know there's an active search out there in the woods. what led to all of this carol was a witness who saw a man running from a burglarized cabin on saturday morning, and once authorities moved in and deemed it to be a credible lead they began to test personal items found inside that cabin, and they found dna evidence that matched both of those two
7:18 am
escaped inmates. that's what a law enforcement source tells cnn. that's a very significant lead. probably one of the best leads they've had in the last 18 days so that's what's going on on the search side. on the investigation side of this there's also some new details. we're learning that authorities are looking into the possibility that it was frozen meat that was used to smuggle in some of those tools that joyce mitchell was able to get to those two inmates. law enforcement telling cnn that these two men, they lived on something called the honor block where they were allowed to have hot plates and cook their own food and they're looking into the possibility that joyce mitchell put some of the tools into that meat gave it to a guard, and there's a possibility that guard did not follow protocol didn't put that meat through a metal detector before giving it to one of the inmates. so that's the latest on the investigation and the search and just really quick, carol, i want to point out to you these school buses, they're constantly coming back and forth.
7:19 am
we've seen dozens of them trucking in and out searchers all morning. carol? >> and the rain comes down which, of course sim feeding the search. sara ganim, many thanks to you. let's bring in former fbi assistant director tom fuentes. good morning, tom. >> good morning, carol. >> good morning. i just want to focus a little on this frozen meat and there were tools hidden inside. how does that happen inside a maximum security priss snn. >> i have to admit, carol, that sounds crazy to me that that could happen. and the more we hear about the prison and the honor block and what they could do and make their own clothes that would be dark green to match the forest outside. this almost sounds like an all-inclusive resort instead of a maximum security prison. so i don't know. how do you get a big enough tool? the frozen meat i buy, i'd be lucky to put a swiss army knife in it much less the type of tools they claim were used to cut these big holes so i don't get it frankly.
7:20 am
>> i don't get it earlier. i interviewed a former prison warden and he said it was very clever. i suppose you could smuggle the tools into a big slab. frozen meat and then it would go in the kitchen. >> that's the point. you would need the whole cow. do they have refrigerators in their cells, ovens, microwaves large cutting tools? you would need butcher knives. i just don't understand. i'd like to see that cell a reconstruction of what they have in that prison and in that honor block, what they're allowed to do what they're allowed to bring in what others are allowed to bring in for them so they can cook their own food. i don't know. this becomes more confusing the more we hear about that prison. >> i know. i don't mean to laugh, but you're right. it's just so bizarre, and it just sounds so crazy. so lyle mitchell joyce mitchell's husband, was interviewed by matt lauer this morning on the "today" show and i want to play you a bit more of
7:21 am
what lyle mitchell had to say about his wife's relationship in prison with those inmates. let's listen. >> you went to see her you mentioned in jail. tell me about that meeting. what was it like? >> i asked her how things were. she said it's rough because she's never been in jail. i said are they treating you okay? she said yes. >> was she emotional? >> yes, crying bad, and she said i did not mean to do this but things happened and i said how can you do this? she said it just got out of hand. then i was scared and i didn't know what to do. >> so she said it just got out of hand. she also told her husband that there was no sexual relationship but she did exchange kisses with one of those inmates, and he also talked about packages delivered to the home that fbi investigators wanted to search through. so bit by bit the story of joyce mitchell is pouring out. what do you make of this?
7:22 am
>> well i think, carol, it's difficult to tell who is telling the truth at what time and what they're saying to each other. so, you know he sounded very convincing that he believed, you know what he was saying to be true. now, did she manipulate him? the two prisoners manipulated her. everybody is manipulating everybody. he sounds like he's just a poor guy that got caught in the middle of this thing. >> yeah. tom fuentes, thanks for your insight insight. i appreciate it. >> kel tonight a deeper look at the manhunt in its third week. still to come are the gop presidential hopefuls taking the easy way out when it comes to the confederate flag or do they need to come out with a stronger stance? we'll talk about that next. can you pick me up at 6:30? ah...
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some people are upset, very upset, over president obama's news of the "n" word during his interview with comedian marc maron. >> good morning, carol. the white house says that president obama does not regret using that specific word even as you note there has been some fallout. the naacp president saying he agrees with the broader context of the remarks but disagrees with the president using that specific word. the white house says this was the result of a free-flowing casual conversation during the course of this podcast interview that was done in the garage and
7:28 am
the president's inclination was to go that way in the context of this casual conversation. this was a nearly hour-long conversation for this podcast interview where there were many other additional points besides the use of the "n" word by the president. the president spoke about his evolution in deciding his identity as an african-american. here is more of what the president said during that interview. >> i am raised without a dad, an african-american but not grounded in a place with a lot of african-american culture, and so i'm trying to figure out all right, i'm seen and viewed and understood as a black man in america. what does that mean? >> yeah. >> i'm absorbing all kinds of stereotypes and ideas from society. >> like richard pryor, got the box set right there. >> richard pryor or shaft. >> right. >> so i'm trying on a whole bunch of outfits, right?
7:29 am
>> sure. hats. >> here is how i should act. here is how -- here is what it means to be cool. >> yeah. >> here is what it means -- >> is that when you start smoke mg. >> yeah. >> me too. >> you start smoking and drinking coffee. >> sure. >> you got a leather jacket. >> and this keeps in line with what we observed from president obama in the last quarter of his presidency seeming to lower his guard a little bit talking with more emphasis about race about these issues definitely a lot more free flowing about his opinions on his issues. >> sunlen serfaty, thanks so much. i appreciate it. and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. a defining moment for south carolina and its republican governor nikki haley. >> we're here in a moment of unity in our state without ill will to say it's time to move the flag from the capitol grounds. [ cheers and applause ]
7:30 am
>> her actions having an impact beyond her state providing cover for 2016 candidates who have struggled with the issue, among them scott walker who initially said this wasn't the time for a political debate. he tweeted though quote, i am glad nikki haley is calling for the confederate flag to come down. i support her decision end quote. while jeb bush touted his action to move the flag from florida's capitol while he was governor he stopped short on calling on south carolina to do the same but now he says kudos to nikki haley and all the south carolina leaders standing with her for doing the right thing. joining me is s.e. cupp a conservative columnist. welcome. >> hi. >> why the sudden change of hearts for so many of the men running for president in 2016? >> it's not a sudden change of heart. as you pointed out, jeb bush fought more than ten years ago to have the confederate flag removed in florida.
7:31 am
those two examples for governors they're very reluctant always to get involved in the business of other governors' issues. let me just say what a proud day it is for my party. i think you are looking at nickikki haley haley, the face of the new republican south, a republican south that refuses to stand by and allow symbols of racial division to fly under the guise of heritage or history. it's flanked by black and white republicans and democrats who agree, and then was followed by a number of southern republicans who also called for the same thing. dylan roth, who perpendicular-- dylann roof wanted a race war, and what nikki haley is telling him, not on my watch. you're not going to get it. and anyone who doesn't think that this is a cause for celebration and progress even though not a solution by any
7:32 am
means but progress is really just looking to continue to exploit this tragedy for political gain. >> i absolutely agree with you. i guess i'm just asking why those republican candidates didn't do it before nikki haley did? i mean i know what jeb bush did in florida and that's fair but he didn't come out and publicly condemn this and speak out strongly about it. >> again, again, one small point is for governors, and mike huckabee could fit in this example, too, as a former governor, for governors they're reluctant to weigh in on the business of other states. i don't think that's a great excuse. i think a leader who is asking for your vote to lead the free world should have a very clear opinion on these kinds of issues and should be unafraid no matter where they fall on this to voice that opinion. i think for republicans there's been in the past resistance to want to be seen as kowtowing to the latest political correction.
7:33 am
this, however, is not a new political correction. this has long been a divisive symbol that people have been arguing about for a long time. i will point out i hope that hillary clinton gets as many questions on the confederate flag as the republican contenders do given the fact that her husband celebrated confederate flag day while governor of arkansas and signed a bill allowing for one of the stars on the arkansas flag to celebrate the son fed ratconfederate states. so i know it's a long time ago, but the issue is resurrected now. i would love to hear more of her opinion on it. i'm sure we will be hearing it. i want to bring in marc lamont hill. the south carolina legislature, they're going to have a budget meeting, but it probably will turn into something more. maybe they'll begin debate about taking the confederate flag down. >> of course they will. >> from the grounds of the state capitol there. i just interviewed a state
7:34 am
senator, a republican who told me the flag should at least be taken down during the reverend pinckney's funeral because his body will lie in state on the grounds -- >> you can't do that. i agree that should happen but if you concede that the confederate flag is an enemy to our ability to heal during this moment you're conceding that the confederate flag is the problem, so they'll never do that. the issue though is should we have a conversation about this? health care immigration, foreign threats, domestic threats. is this our biggest issue? it shouldn't be. we should all concede this is a bad idea, it's a relic of a racist past it's america's version of a swastika for god's sake. it's our job to get rid of this and move on. >> for good and not temporarily. >> forever. >> and s.e. you don't disagree with that right? >> no. you know i was thinking exactly the same thing that my friend marc just said. i was raised in the north, and so i have a completely different perspective on the confederate flag than my southern colleagues do. i was raised to think that it
7:35 am
was a symbol of hatred. it was. it was exactly like a swastika to me in my childhood, and i was shocked when i visited the south and saw it so prominently displayed, not just on flags but on merchandise in walmart, for example, and as you know i'm sure walmart just said they're removing confederate merchandise from their stores but it's almost an ak row nis stick for someone like me to grew up in the '80s in boston to go down to the south today and still see the confederate flag flying. and i have been taught by a lot of my southern friends that it really isn't just a symbol of racism, but for so many it is and it has to go. >> s.e. i guess that's why i wish republicans had been more sort of proactive in criticizing this as opposed to waiting for there to be a national controversy and a massacre and to sort of punt and say we'll let the states decide or it's more complicated than that, to me that's a cop out. i agree hillary clinton should answer this not because her husband celebrated the flag but because she's running for
7:36 am
president. i think though that republicans in some sense have been dishonest about this and democrats have been able to hide from the issue. >> marc why wouldn't you -- i think your criticism is fair. i will point out again jeb bush did this ten years ago before a tragedy. >> he did. >> to get rid of the flag in his state but why wouldn't you, marc celebrate this moment as i agree not a solution. there are so many other things we need to be talking about, including race but as a moment of progress and a moment where you see republicans and democrats in south carolina coming together to have a conversation from a single point. why wouldn't you take this opportunity to celebrate this as a moment of progress? >> because it's not really progress as president obama said the other day. it's not just about public politeness. it's not just about symbols, bts structures and also about ideology. i'm he can sighted that this thing is going down but the fact they have a mindset that made them only willing to do it when it was politically expedient, the fact that that exists means we're not going to get at the deeper issues.
7:37 am
politicians don't have feelings. they have interests. and if this only works because their interests converged with our interests. that's not enough to change the deeper structure of racism in america. >> but if -- >> i have to leave it there. >> but if we don't start from somewhere like today, a moment of agreement, we'll never have that deep conversation -- >> we're not agreeing though. but we're not -- we're agreeing the flag needs to come down because it's bad for business. that is the most cynical way to think about race. >> i don't think that's why nikki haley is taking the flag down. >> i don't either. you have to leave it there. i'm sorry. thanks to both of you. still to come. communication could be a big problem in the search for these two escaped convicts.
7:38 am
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7:42 am
of helping two convicted killers break free. in an exclusive interview with the "today" show lyle mitchell says he believes his wife was manipulated by both men. he claims she got cold feet and backed out of a plan to drive the getaway car after matt suggested she drug her husband, lyle. >> at what point did she decide she couldn't go through with that? >> she didn't say. she said earlier i realized i messed up and i loved you, and she said i had to -- she said i couldn't do it. >> but you just said something interesting. you said she realized that she got in too deep and she loved you. it sounds like before that realization, that epiphany she was ready to move on. >> could be. but she said -- it's like a fantasy. >> like a fantasy, he said.
7:43 am
in the meantime authorities are scouring a wooded area about 25 miles away from the prison after authorities found dna from both inmates inside a burglarized cabin. they're also combing through hotel guest records in the area. and as you might expect, right now those search crews are up against a number of challenges including dense forest bad cell service, and the possibility matt and sweat might be listening to police radio communications. let's bring in former nypd detective michaels sapriconi. i want to talk about lyle mitchell first. you listened to the entire interview with matt lauer. when you listen to that what goes through your mind as an investigator? >> you feel sorry for him not lawyer, but sorry for lyle. you think how naive of these people. they were manipulated and how does he not understand that? how do you think that you weren't being used or your wife wasn't being used? >> supposedly these inmates
7:44 am
wanted to drug him and possibly kill him, but for what reason? >> well i guess if joyce was really the only person they were dealing with okay i guess they figure joyce will pillow talk will talk to the husband about something at some point. if they get rid of the husband all they have left to do is get rid of joyce and i would imagine once they got the vehicle from her, that was the next move. they weren't taking her on a joy ride around the country. >> something else interesting that lyle mitchell said he said there was no sexual relationship between his wife and these inmates, just a few kisses exchanged. let's listen to that. >> and they'd give her a little attention, she said. it went too far. he tried to kiss her a couple times. she said no and she said that's when he started threatening her a little bit on things. >> one of the other headlines that came out was that your wife joyce, had had a sexual relationship with one or both of
7:45 am
these inmates. >> absolutely not. >> did you ask her pointblank? >> absolutely and she swore on her son's life and her son i never, ever had sex with them. >> swore on her son's life. your thoughts? >> none of us were there. were they just friends? what was the relationship? i'm a little bit awed with those kind of relationships. what was the purpose? were they just good friends? was she baking them cookies? what were they doing? what was the point of the relationship? >> allegedly she was smuggling them hamburger meat so they could -- >> which is another story. >> which also seems strange to me you could hide tools inside frozen hamburger meat. i guess they could cook in their cells because they're in an honor prison. >> it's two killers. how do you ever become in the honor prison? i guess there is reform and we have things like that but how do we allow that to happen? how do we allow these people to
7:46 am
manipulate the prison, and that's what's happened? edhappened. >> in your estimation, supposedly they narrowed the search the noose is tightening because of this dna found in this cabin. will it be much longer do you suppose? >> i would hope not. i would imagine with the bloodhounds and how close they are, and there's always something the police hold back. we know about a little dna, we know about they saw them saturday. they may have other things they're not going to release because you don't want to get that information out there where they might hear it. they've only traveled 20-something miles in 18 days. i'm sure they're not monitoring radios unless they had them in their pockets, and i'm sure they did. i would think we had to be close at some point. >> i appreciate it. i'll be back in a minute.
7:47 am
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little money news to share. are you financially prepared if an emergency pops up? chances are you're not. and that is scary. cnn money's chief business correspondent christine roman joins me now. i'm sorry i stumbled over your title. >> why am i smiling if this number is so bad? 29% have no savings. 29% of americans according to bank have no savings whatsoever. that's the highest since they've been doing it. but guess who is saving? >> hopefully millennials. >> they are. they are the best savers. young people under 30 are saving money. probably because they grew up watching their parents really
7:52 am
struggle so they're saving their money and overall financial security is rising. i see a real pocketbook paradox. job security getting better carol. net worth people said, they feel better about their net worth. they're more comfortable with their debt. overall financial situation is improving. so you have this tale of haves and have nots. the have nots, there's a big chunk of them and they have no savings. everyone else is feeling better about things. and women are feeling -- their financial security outpacing men at this point. >> really? >> women and millennials are feeling good about money. >> come on men of the world, what's happening? christine romans thanks so much. this week the cnn series "the seventies" focuses on the vietnam war. president nixon wanted peace with honor while the troops in the field just wanted to go home. >> initiating new men. >> a little song.
7:53 am
♪ ♪ you're going home in a body bag ♪ ♪ shot between the eyes ♪ ♪ shot between the thighs ♪ ♪ you're going home in a body bag ♪ >> the day after the initiation five men came back in body bags. >> by the '70s, the u.s. army in vietnam had been essentially destroyed. every time we tangled with the vietnamese we were getting killed, and there was no end to it. so you got what amounted to a state of individual mutiny in the u.s. army. >> senseless. walking down the road. >> i'm not going to walk down there. that's it. >> we're going to move out and they're going to get left behind or i'm going to take the point and they can follow me if they want to and it's that simple. we got a job to do. we're going to do it. >> we're just going to refuse to
7:54 am
do it because you may be in jail but you won't be dead. >> you're supposedly withdrawing, right? and well i figure since we're going home why don't we just sort of take it easy. don't go out looking for trouble. maybe sit down. if they come to us we'll fight, but going out and looking for trouble and wasting more lives for just time's sake itto me it's just absurd. >> people coming over here now, they're a lot different than they used to be. like world war ii type people or the old vietnam people. it's the woodstock generation coming to vietnam. >> wow. the war that defined a generation this thursday on "the seventies" 9:00 p.m. eastern on cnn.
7:55 am
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checking some top stories at 58 minutes past. protesters will gather in front of south carolina's state house to call for the confederate flag to be taken down from the capitol grounds. they plan to chant the words "take it down." south carolina governor nikki haley will ask state lawmakers to heed that call. and gop candidate donald trump agrees with those protesters. here he is speaking moments ago at a golf course in virginia. >> and i think they should put it in the museum let it go. respect whatever it is that you have to respect because there was a point in time and put it in a museum but i would take it down yes. >> also in virginia the state's democrat ige governor terry mccollough has begun the process
8:00 am
to remove the confederate flag from specialty license plates. thank you for joining me. "at this hour with berman and bold u bolduan" starts now. they plotted to kill me. the husband of the prison worker in the great escape breaks his silence. what lyle mitchell says about sex, drugs, and his wife's getaway plan. a watershed moment for race in america. protesters are rallying in south carolina against the confederate flag. even though it's gaining momentum is there enough support to take it down? and a radio talk show host once so nostalgic for the confederacy, he was known as the southern avenger. he joins us live to tell us why he has changed his mind on the flag.


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