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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  June 23, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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picture the three of them together and that's the only thing that makes me feel better. that at least they are together. cape from a maximum security prison. the confederate flag issue. south carolina debate now spreads nationwide. and u.s. response after accusing the nsa of spying on french presidents. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm seine asher. >> great to have you with us. i'm john vause. you are watching cnn newsroom.
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we begin with how far a seamstress went to help two prisoners escape. >> joyce mitchell confirms she provided them with tools they needed to break out. here's our jason carroll with more. >> reporter: sources are telling cnn that joyce mitch convinced a guard at the facility to smuggle in a slab of frozen hamburger meat. inside the slab of meat hackstauaw hacksaw blades. going as far as recommending to prison officials that david sweat's cell be moved next to richard matt's. this as joyce mitchell's husband has come forward, talking about all of those allegations surrounding his wife. as the search continues for the escaped inmates a chill video
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from abc news shows richard matt in 1997 smiling and posing with a blow gun. it employee joyce mitchell who friended the convicted killers and allegedly agreed to be their getaway driver. >> i said, how can you do that? she said it just got out of hand. i was scared and didn't know what to do. >> mitchell's husband lyle
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speaking to nbc matt lauer denied reports his wife had a relationship with david sweat and denied that she had sex with matt. >> she didn't know if i loved her anymore, she said. it went too far. she said he started to threaten her. >> law enforcement sources tell cnn joyce mitchell told investigators matt and sweat tried to kill her husband. according to lyle matt even offered pills to "knock him out." >> she said i love my husband. i'm not hurting him and then i knew i was over my head and said i can't do this. >> lyle said his wife acknowledged the attention the inmates gave her and her involvement was a fantasy and she was a victim of matt's charm. but mitchell maybe more con than victim. a source familiar with the investigation said for several months mitchell routinely
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vouched for them bringing baked goods to guards in exchange for favors for the two inmates. the source saying mitchell went so far to ask that sweat's cell be moved next to matt's. the clinton correctional facility would not comment on whether mitchell requested the two be housed next to each other. a spokeswoman for the department of corrections said there are a number of ongoing investigations and until they have concluded we will not be able to provide information on issues that maybe up for review. prison policy under review. we are hearing the new york state inspector general has joined the investigation looking in to everything that went on before that daring escape. jason carroll, cnn, katieville, new york. the attorney for the prison guard, which jason mentioned in his report said his client was manipulated by joyce mitchell. >> the 28-year-old veteran of clinton correctional facility is
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now on paid leave. his attorney spoke to our anderson cooper. >> mr. palmer had no knowledge what was inside the package. he had no knowledge of any tools inside. only mistake he made is trusting joyce mitchell. >> do you know why he trusted joyce mitchell on this? did he know her that well? did he think that richard matt was a good guy? did he not have any suspicions. >> he could have run it through -- he feels guilty about that. he is regretful. he apologizes for that. miss mitchell was just as manipulative as the two inmates were. he trusted her. didn't have a close relationship with her but she was able to do this to many individuals who worked inside the prison i have
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been told. >> you said she was able to do this to other individuals you mean she gave things to other individuals to sneak in to the prison? >> i wouldn't go that far but she did, in her own way, manipulate other guards to do favors for inmates that she was close to. >> police questioned palmer for 14 hours on saturday. he is not facing any charges. we want to update another story we are following. dash cam video shows police arrested the alleged shooter in last week's church massacre in south carolina. officers caught up with dylann roof in shelby, north carolina officials say the 21-year-old has confessed to killing nine african-americans in a dmurch charleston. >> the killings prompted debate over the confederate flag which roof is seen holding in a number of photographs. as a result major retailer, ebay amazon sears and kmart
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will stop selling merchandise that has the banner. south carolina lawmakers have voted overwhelmingly in favor of opening up debate on a bill to remove the confederate flag from the grounds of the state capital. >> across the south, the battleground of the confederacy seems to be in retreat. while some see it has a is symbol of heritage others a symbol of racist. martin savidge reports. >> take it down. >> reporter: hundreds of south carolinians rallied on the steps of the south carolina state house while inside lawmakers debate the confederate flag and its place on capital grounds. >> it's extremely important issue for our state. >> reporter: tonight the fate of the controversial piece of southern heritage hangs in the balance. >> our an chesters were literally fighting to keep human beings as slaves.
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continued unimaginable acts that occur when someone is held against their will. i am not proud of this heritage. >> reporter: the controversy is not a new one. the flag was removed from atop the capital dome in 2000 and raised on the state house grounds. last week's massacre governor nikki haley, a republican made it clear where she stands. >> it's time to move the flag from the capital grounds. [ applause ] >> reporter: many prominent republican politicians have followed suit some reversing long-held belief that the flag represents southern heritage. >> this is the circumstance where the people led the politicians. i came to conclude after going to charleston that we had to act sooner rather than later. and god help south carolina if we fail to achieve the goal of removing the flag. >> take it down! >> rallying cries in the south. south carolina to mississippi. one of the few states where the confederate flag still flies.
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lawmakers who once embraced the symbol of the old south are joining a growing chorus. no other republican in the state has done calling for a change. as a christian i believe our state's flag become a point of offense that needs to be removed, he wrote. >> i believe the same is true here in the commonwealth of virginia. >> reporter: in virginia the state's governor announced the state would take steps to stop issuing license plate s bearing the offensive flag. north carolina's governor made a similar request. national retailers including sears, amazon and wal-mart have announced they will remove confederate flag merchandise. the ceo explained this to cnn. >> we want to not sell products that make anyone feel uncomfortable and this is the right thing to do. >> martin savidge, cnn south carolina. ten south carolina representatives voted against the confederate flag debate bill. >> one of them republican
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representative bill chummily. he said the issue was settled in 2000 and that's when lawmakers voted to move it to the current war memorial position. >> you are opposed to open up debate is that right? >> i think this has been settled. >> reporter: in terms of 15 years ago. >> yes. >> you don't think the state has grown from 15 years ago to now in terms of demographic and feel of the state. >> i don't think so. i think miseducation of the flag has pushed it to this point. i think the demographic are the same. my constituents are calling and talking to me a lot about it. that's the way they feel. >> reporter: if hate groups have misused the flag an adopted it as its own, and hate groups are certainly creating divisive issue over this, why continue to fly it here at the state capital? >> let me ask you a question.
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why do we let hate groups dictate how we feel and live? hate groups are everywhere. people are -- there are mean people everywhere. we found that out in charleston. we're focusing on the wrong thing here. we need to focus on the nine families that are left and see this doesn't happen again. >> another state lawmaker who voted against the bill told cnn he believes the tate of the flag should be debated in the normal process, which would be filing the bill in december. >> be clear for many people out there, what happened in 2000 the rebel flag used to fly on top of the capital dome part of the compromise was to take it down from the capital dome but place it in front of the state capital so it is still on government property. that's what they are talking about removing it all together. wiki paid ya says the national security administration wanted to attack three presidents over the last decade.
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>> in a statement u.s. spokesperson said "we are not targeting and will not target -- >> we do not conduct any foreign intelligence activities unless there is a specific and validated national security purpose. in 2013 there were allegations the u.s. spied on german chancellor angela merkel bringing tension between the u.s. and germany but they dropped that probe earlier this month citing insufficient evidence. u.s. officials are taking up the issue of cybersecurity as they meet with chinese officials this week. >> this is part of an annual meeting that may come at a time of decreasing trust between the two countries. >> among other things u.s. officials blame chinese hackers for breaching 18 million u.s. government personnel files. >> we remain deeply concerned
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about chinese government-sponsored -- such activity falls outside of the bounds of acceptable state behavior in cyberspace. a more open secure and reliable cyberspace is critical to free and fair commerce. we look forward to discussing these matters further. >> of course china continues to deny that it hacked the u.s. file. talks a scheduled to continue through wednesday. heat wave in pakistan has killed 748 people. victims have been dropping dead in the streets. 113 degrees fahrenheit this past weekend. >> the city's resources are stretched. a growing number of dead. while hospitals have been swamped with people suffering from heat stroke and
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dehydration. frequent power outages have left many pakistanis without air conditioning or running water. >> following the problem in pakistan with the heat. southern pakistan and karachi. they are looking forward to when this might come to an end. >> yeah it looks like these seven days early as five to seven days. best shot of showers that will be enough to create cooling the energy taken from the atmosphere to cool off a bit. one of the most important things we haven't touched on is across karachi we have gone three and a half days where the temperatures failed to get below 33 celsius. that is the normal high for this time of the year. that's what is going on at 4:00 five in the morning. factor in the humidity by the afternoon in the upper 50s. and almost counterintuitive. you think of extreme heat and it
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makes sleeping difficult to do. when your body is overheated by day. think of not having air conditioning exposed to the elements and your body temperature needs to drop a degree or two to get to a deep state of sleep. that doesn't happen readily when you do not cool to 90 degrees in to the night. look at the mosques and people are trying to find any shelter they can get. ecently as last month. 2300 fatalities. top ten hottest years have occurred since 2000. all of this plays together as
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far as what's happening across portions of pakistan and india in recent weeks. the monsoonal moisture should be there in the next week and a half, two weeks. i want to take you in to india and show you video out of india. tremendous flooth flooding in place. they have seen 26% above average in the rainfall across here. if we can jump on to the video out of china. they are seeing seasonal rains in full swing as well. tremendous force with the water coming down. the rivers have burst their banks. you look at what is happening in pakistan and next door and then on in top asia and they are seeing historic rainfall. pretty extreme weather happening at this moment. >> part of the problem in pakistan is a lot of people are fasting. >> top four longest days of year were sunday monday tuesday and wednesday. >> it is brutal. >> thank you. when we come back services
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welcome back to cnn newsroom. the first train left london for paris a few minutes ago after a ferry strike on tuesday in northern france suspended euro train service. the company says it is resuming normal and full service between the u.k. and europe. . >> a different scene from tuesday in france where ferry workers blocked roads and officials were forced to close the tunnel under the english channel. the protests were over expected job losses on ferries. >> the strike caused major gridlock near calais. as traffic backed up for miles, many used the chance to cross the english channel and make their way to britain. >> the line of traffic making its way through france. most 0 places this is a travel
10:22 pm
nightmare. commuters try to avoid. but in calais france it is seen as an opportunity. aerial footage shows them scramble to board trucks to england. police try to handle the situation. an estimate 3d,000 migrants live in tents waiting for a chance to cross the english channel. many say the problem is getting worse. >> it is a catastrophic. no other word for it. you can see around you. there's trash everywhere broken fence burned buildings a couple of weeks ago. 3,000 people living in conditions like that and don't have -- they don't have enough of anything. >> reporter: on tuesday came an opportunity escape the squalor. the ferry employees protesting ship sales of the company. eventually shutting down the tunnel. eurostar rail and all ferry
10:23 pm
traffic. sparking travel chaos as far as london. police used tear gas and force. protesters with pushed to the side of the road. the scene a magnet for desperate migrants. we turn to greece. there maybe light at the end of the tunnel in the greek debt crisis. finance officials are set to meet on wednesday to discuss the latest proposals. greece has one week to secure a new deal or risk missing the deadline to repay the imf. for the latest let's go to athens, greece. just talking about this greek proposal, they have been so focused on raising taxes in terms of raising a little bit more from vat taxes, taxes on the wealthy. shouldn't there be an effort to focus on spending cuts especially when you think of what raising taxes does to the health of the economy? >> that's exactly where the
10:24 pm
public has moved on to. in the beginning it was more like make sure we have proposals something that could lead to a deal. now there is a closer examination of what is proposed there is quite a lot of anger and disagreement even within the governing party about these measures. as you said what we see here is tax, tax, tax. also we see a lot of taxes focusing on what we would call the more productive part of the economy and the part doing better. what greece has is an overinflated public sector. that side of things has not been addressed that much. we have some ideas, raising the retirement age and a few things along these lines, but overall what we see is a proposal very much focused on tax raises rather than dealing with some of
10:25 pm
the issues that greece should be dealing with such as ways to actually address tax evasion. this is why a lot of people in greece are starting to say these measures will be counterproductive. from what we understand, there seems to be a fair amount of criticism internationally by now from people who have had the chance to look at the proposals. hearing even the imf finds the measures too harsh. >> elinda i want to talk to you about alexis tsipras. he came to power promising to end austerity. so much hope placed on his shoulders and now he has to come back a bit, has had to back pedal. what do people there think of his proposals and what's their opinion of tsipras overall? i know you can't generalize but has their opinion of him come down a bit. >> the polls before the proposed
10:26 pm
measures that the government's popularity is slightly decreasing. wait and see what the reaction will be but being on the streets of athens yesterday and talking to people there was a rally yesterday. people complaining that with all of these cuts that they have suffered and not just cuts themselves but also the changes in prices in medication the destruction of the health system and them having less access to the health system has really deeply affected their quality of life. it's a number of things that greeks seem to disagree with what is happening right now. they want to see an increase in those services in health and education. what they have been waiting for the prime minister to do and to be fair to the government i think it is trying to push for this. in this proposal and the
10:27 pm
possible deal that includes some kind of growth or debt relief that would actually make greeks feel that at least there is genuine light at the end of the tunnel ahead. something that not so many people are convinced it is what they see now. >> we'll see what happens in the next week or so. as you mentioned, a lot of people believe for greece to get out of this mess there has to be a concerted effort to cut down the size of greece's debt overall. we appreciate it as always. thank you. we will take a short break. when we come back major retailers in the u.s. are pulling anything which bears the confederate flag from the shelves. when we come back, we will look at the big business of confederate merchandise. the whitehouse is changing its policy on negotiations with hostage takers. we will have details coming up. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me... and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my
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welcome back everybody. you are watching cnn newsroom. >> police say they think they are closing in on escaped killers richard matt and david sweat. joyce mitchell admits to smuggling saw blades in to the men inside of frozen hamburger meat and convinced people to do favors by bringing prison employees baked goods. france's current president has called a meeting with his defense council to discuss the allegations. the u.s. official said it is not
10:32 pm
targeting president hollande but will conduct surveillance if there is a need. a heat wave in pakistan killed over 700 people. it includes karachi which is the country's biggest city. it is during ramadan with most abstaining from food and water during the day. >> four new cases of this immerse virus. the total is at 178. the yut break is the largest outside of saudi arabia where the virus was discovered. 27 people have died. more than 3,000 remain under quarantine. >> in the u.s. the debate over the confederate flag issue is affecting big business. major u.s. retailers are taking a stand on the debate over the flag in the wake of the church shooting, the mass murders in south carolina. >> the biggest retailer of them all, wal-mart is one of several retailers to ban sales of
10:33 pm
merchandise which features the rebel banner saying it has no intention of offending customers. the wal-mart ceo further explained his decision to cnn money. >> we just don't want to sell products that makes anyone feel uncomfortable. we felt like that was the case. this is the right thing to do. >> the confederate flag has been a long-standing symbol of racism. why do you think it took so long to make this decision? why do you think it took wal-mart so long to make this decision. >> this is one of those that hadn't been keyed up for a while. obviously in this environment awareness changes. it is hard to manage all of these items and from time to time we are going to find things we need to discontinue. >> were you shocked to see that merchandise on wal-mart? >> i was surprised. yeah. >> what was your reaction? >> let's not sell it. >> wal-mart ceo doug mcmillan there.
10:34 pm
during an event in missouri she commended the u.s. retailers decision to remove the confederate flag merchandise. >> she voiced support to remove the flag from the south carolina state capital. >> thank you. >>. >> recognizing it as a symbol of our nation's racist pasts that has no place in our present our our future. it shouldn't fly there. it shouldn't fly anywhere. [ applause ] several states flew it in a war fought to preserve slavery. to this very day many people still don't want to see that banner go away. >> cnn caught up with one man with a very blunt view of his own. >> there's no question the confederate flag symbol is deeply embedded in some parts of
10:35 pm
southern culture. as you have seen, a growing chorus of people calling for the flag to disappear. in recent days we saw today firsthand the intensity and anger this issue can spark. >> are we on your [ bleep ] agenda today? get out of summerville. >> this is what happened when we tried to shoot video 0 at a store in south carolina selling confederate flag memorabilia. this man who refused to identify himself wanted to make sure we couldn't show you the sign announcing three shirts for $25. he threw in an obscenity laced tirade for free. >> this is peaceful. >> you are stirring stuff. >> it didn't end there. the man followed us and tried to get in the way of us shooting other stuff around town. with so much focus on the confederate flag tempers and passions are heated once again over this divisive symbol since the murders of nine african-americans at the emanuel ame church in charleston the calls to bring down the confederate flag have largely
10:36 pm
focused on the one flying on the state capital grounds. but confederate imagery is big business. found in countless stores shops an front yards across the south. confederate flag symbols are emblazoned on everything you can imagine bumper stickers bikinis belt buckles but buying these items might be getting tougher. amazon, ebay wal-mart and sears are banning the sale of the merchandise. >> this man keeps this in his office. he is a spokesman for the sons of confederate veterans. he says 57 of his ancestors fought in the civil war. 16 died in battle. for him it is a family symbol of honor and sacrifice. >> once the flag is removed it will start down a slippery are slope and then the monument will be called to be removed from state house grounds and then the next thing will be street names and building names which has already begun. complete eradication to
10:37 pm
eliminate all confederate history. >> reporter: despite the calls for confederate symbols to come down this is a reminder that the issue won't go away without a fight. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> you are all part of the problem. >> reporter: cnn, charleston south carolina. u.s. officials say the government is changing the policy on negotiating with hostage takers. these are some of the americans who have been detained while they were abroad. family will be allowed to try to pay ransom for the release of their relatives. the government will directly negotiate but will not pay the actual ransom. the obama administration has been criticized by some families who say they were tlented with prosecution if they tried to raise money to pay the ransoms. the government exchanged five taliban detainees for the release of bowe bergdahl. a short break here. when we come back hard labor for life. that's what two men are facing
10:38 pm
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welcome back. a newspaper baltimore is reporting the autopsy result of prisoner that sparked riots. he died of a severe spine cord injury seven days after transported in a police van. >> six police officers are facing charges including illegal arrest, assault, involuntary manslaughter and murder. we have details on the report of the autopsy. >> reporter: in the baltimore sun reporting the injury occurred inside the police van while freddie gray was in custody. it says he suffered a high energy injury like those in shallow water diving accidents. most lick lie caused twhep police van decelerated. it says the most significant
10:42 pm
injury to gray was the lower part of his head and the injury may have resulted when he got on his feet and was thrown in to the wall of the police van. it's been widely reported he was not a seat belt when in the van. the medical examiner's report said his wrists and ankles were shackled. >> all six police officers pleaded not guilty to the charges earlier this week. isis militants have blown up two ancient shrines in syria. images show militants carrying explosives to the shrines and the explosions that reduces them to rubble. >> isis has planted mines near the ruins but it is unclear whether they plan to destroy them or keep government forces from advancing. to north korea now where two
10:43 pm
men have been sentenced to hard labor for life. the south koreans were detained by pyongyang in march accused of spying and crimes of terrorism. for the latest let's go to cnn's kathy novak. they have been sentenced to indefinitely bore. what are they facing here? >> well if we go by the stories that you hear from north korean defectors that have been in labor camps themselves their harrowing tales of working to exhaustion, given little food and physical abuse. you would imagine that's what would be the worst fears of these two men. one of them a father with two daughters who was appealing for mercy and to be released back to his family. the family of course would be very disturbed by these reports that we're hearing out of north korea that these men have been given sentences of life in harsh labor conditions. interestingly, if you believe the media reports of the trial that is said to have happened the prosecution was actually
10:44 pm
calling for these men to be sentenced to death. the defense council said they should instead be sentenced to this life in labor camps. of course the south korean unification ministry is saying this was a decision just unilaterally made by north korea effectively saying this was a show trial, john? >> as it often is. in the past americans, westerners held by north koreans have been released after a period of time. what about south koreans? any chance they could be released? >> hard to say, john. this is quite rare when it comes to hearing about south koreans who have been arrested tried and sentenced to these harsh kinds of punishments that we're hearing about here. the cases of americans, you hear in the media and there are high-level reputations made by high-profile people. here there are no diplomatic relations between the north and south an the south korean government is saying they have been appealing to the north
10:45 pm
koreans to release in particular four people including these two men who they know to be detained in north korea. one other man is a missionary who was given a similar trial and a similar sentence last year. the fourth is a 21-year-old nyu student who is a south korean citizen but a permanent resident of the united states. his fate is unknown and south korea says it is appealing repeatedly no north korea to release all of these men. but that is falling on deaf ears so far. no communication from north korea. >> it is particularly tense there now. no communication for quite sometime. thank you. funeral services are scheduled for today in call cutcutta, india. she died at the age of 81. here's our am ra walker with more. >> reporter: nuns pay their respects to sister nirmala.
10:46 pm
she is a successor to mother teresa was born in to a hindu family and converted to catholicism and led a life of service. she was the former head of missionaries for charity, a roman catholic service organization founded by mother teresa to help the poor, sick and under privileged. her name means pure and was elected to the post by an overwhelming majority in 1997. she continued mother teresa's legacy at the chair fi for 12 years. indian prime minister was among many to express his condolences on twitter. her life was devoted to service. caring for the poor and under privileged. saddened by her demooiz mize may her soul rest in peace, he tweeted. she died early tuesday at the age of 81.
10:47 pm
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welcome back. you don't have to be baseball fan to be amazed by the catch made by a fan tuesday in chicago. the cubs jason hammel fell in the second inning and watch what happens. >> the fan in the front row, holding a baby with one arm, snags the ball just before the gonzalez can catch it. the umpire ruled fan interference and called out. the fan was allowed to stay in his seat. >> baby didn't wait. not one bit. u.s. politics. one presidential candidate donald trump has joined the crowded republican field. and his lively commentary is making an early impression on voters. >> we have stupid leaders. we have incompetent people in our country. we have an incompetent president. he doesn't know what is happening. we're being ripped off by the chinese. >> who do you have in mind for
10:52 pm
secretary of state? >> i haven't given it a thought. >> do you think you will be able to raise more money than any other candidate with your appeal. >> i don't need money vichl my own. i love china. i sold an apartment for $55 million to a chinese gentleman. >> we will call it the trump tour. >> a poll has the billionaire real estate mogul coming in second to jeb bush in new hampshire. that's a crucial primary state. polls emphasize the survey more than six months before an election could be name recognition. let's hope so. he does have his name on a lot of things. trump tower, everywhere. >> my favorite line is i don't need money. i'm using my own. says it all. most of us won't see a payday like this one. he has been ordered to give his ex-wife $1.5 million a month. not a year a month. as part of a divorce settlement.
10:53 pm
italian media reports that he was married for nearly 25 years before they broke up last year. >> this is good news for him because his former wife was initially awarded $3.3 million a month. the former prime minister successfully got a court to reduce that amount on tuesday. >> not too shabby. we have all sent e-mails we have later regretted. the one you wish you could hit unsend button. google made it easier for us to take our hasty e-mails back. >> this is a good thing. >> i don't know why it has taken so long. >> they added an undo feature to the web-based version of gmail. an experimental add on now users have the option of sending a time delay of five to 30 seconds before an e-mail is send out. maybe should be a few hours. >> no more regrets. there you have it. u.s. army drummer got the ax
10:54 pm
on live television. >> it happened when a cohost on fox news put on a demonstration which they often do went horribly wrong. here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: this is the right way to throw an ax. this is a fox news exclusive. fox and friends cohost says aiming for accuracy and missing. >> who's going to win the battle of the lumberjack? >> reporter: what you didn't see on air is what the ax hit, or should we say who. drum roll please. the marching band drummer jeff prosper i got hammered by the ax as the other band members kept drumming. soon after he was interviewed by the cohost who nailed him. >> delight to be here. >> absolutely. >> bigger delight to still have both hands. on his facebook page he posted
10:55 pm
the cell phone video called the mishap obvious negligence. i'm thankful to god the double-sided blade only hit broad side on the outer elbow with a significant imactpact and couple of cuts. he said he was focusing on physical and emotional rirryes. is that code for a lawsuit? who needs enemies when you have fox and friends like these? accidentally tossing a ball in the face of a 2-year-old basketball phenom. >> we'll be right back. we'll see how titus is. >> almost hurting themselves trying to demonstrate how to be a man and change a tire. lest this sound like a hackett job, anyone can make a bad throw. remember when ames fired his
10:56 pm
tomahawk on the johnny carson show? at least the drummer didn't get drilled below the belt. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> thank you for watching everyone. i'm zain asher. >> rosemary church is up next with news around the world. you are watching cnn newsroom. to create a more advanced vehicle, you use the most innovative technology available. to craft a more luxurious vehicle, you use the most skilled hands on earth. like ones that spend 38 days creating a lexus ls steering wheel. or 2,000 hours calibrating an available mark levinson audio system. the high-tech, handcrafted lexus ls. luxury, uncompromised. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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-- captions by vitac -- barefoot in the forest. one of these escaped inmates in new york may have left his boots behind. more than 700 people in pakistan are dead in a sweltering heat wave and some morgues are filled to capacity. booby-traps and explosives what isis left when it was pushed out of a syrian town. i'm rosemary church. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. >> and i'm errol barnett. we're your anchor team for the next two hours. this is "cnn newsroom." thanks for joining us.


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