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tv   Wolf  CNN  June 24, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello, i'm wolf blitzer, it's 1:00 p.m. in washington 6:00 p.m. in london 9:30 p.m. in tehran. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. let's begin with the breaking news from south carolina. the pass and the state lawmaker killed in the church massacre in charleston is being honored. the body of clementa pinckney arrived at the statehouse and the capitol of columbia just a little while ago on this horse-drawn carriage. it will lie in repose throughout the day. senator pinckney was pastor of
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the emanuel ame church he was shot and killed along with eight church members during bible study a week ago. cnn's victor blackwell is joining us from columbia with more. victor, a somber day. walk us throw what has happened first so far. >> just at this moment schedule told begin at 1:00 eastern. some of the hundreds of people who have lined up in triple-digit heat nearly, to see the body of clementa pinckney. they will start to do that to pay their respects. somber is the right word for what we saw this afternoon as this horse drawn caisson came down main street about a mile from the funeral home here to the statehouse grounds and there was silence. i've said it before that all i could hear was the hooves of these horses and the helicopter above. no one was speaking. as it passed it passed by the civil war memorial below the
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confederate flag and when you put that in the context, wolf of senator pinckney's views and the national conversation over the past several days, there are many who with are questioning if that flag should have been taken down for at least the passage of senator pinckney's body if not for the entire four hours that he will lie in repose at the state capital. >> the governor just issued a statement, nikki haley, saying that she doesn't have the legislative authority, the legal authority to bring that flag down without action by the legislature in south carolina. tell us what she said in her statement. >> well there is of course to her statement, she said she believes that the flag should come down and this is unequivocal according to her statement. but she says she doesn't have the legal authority to do it today or any day, that it has to go through the legislative process. but there is a section of the south carolina code section
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110.10 in which it says the flag has to fly above the civil war memorial at all times except for when it is brought down to be replaced and that is a loophole that she could have used according to some, to take it down today and possibly put it back after senator pinckney's body is taken to the funeral in charleston. representative james clayyburn has said this is not unprecedented. back in the '60s governor robert mcnair did it to test how it would be received by the south carolinian general public and according to clyburn in his 2014 book, the furor was so great he put it back up by midday and told the people calling in that it had just been taken down to be cleaned. now, again, the governor says she doesn't have that authority, at least some here believe she did. >> victor, i want you to stand by because obviously everyone wants to remember senator pinckney minister pinckney on this important day.
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his body lying in repose the casket there. but i also want to remember the others. as hundreds gather to honor these people we want to remember the eight others also killed in that brutal church shooting. >> the youngest victim 26-year-old tywanza sanders, he tried to fwhoigt thenegotiate with the gunman and shield his great aunt from the volley of bullets. both were killed. then there was cynthia hurd a 54-year-old charleston native. she worked for 31 years as a librarian dedicating her life to improving educational opportunities in the community 59-year-old myra thompson was studying to become a minister and was teaching bible study that fateful night. and 70-year-old ethel lance, a retired city worker who served as custodian to the church. the group included three reverends -- 49-year-old depayne
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middleton-doctor, a mother of four and admission coordinator at southern wesleyan university. 74-year-old daniel simmons who attended sunday service and bible study classes every week. and sharr done and sharon that coalman single ton who served as the speech and track coach. her son posting on social media "you were a better mother than i could have ever asked for. this has truly broken my part in every way possible." once again, our deepest, deepest condolences to the families and friends of those people. he was a minister he was a politician he was also a husband, father and friend. those who remember clementa pinckney say his faith shaped his life and guided his actions. on the floor of the statehouse in south carolina friends and colleagues remembered senator pinckney for his compassion and calm demeanor.
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>> no matter how much he was provoke provoked he always maintained that cool balanced response, that thoughtful dignified response to whatever was brought to him. an individual like that lives his faith outloud and this's what he did. >> he cared about whether people had health care he cared about whether people were paid a decent wage. he cared about whether people had a decent place to live. he loved people. senator pinckney was a man who lived life to the full estest honored life to the fullest, lived life to the greatest. he brought hope and inspiration like few people i have observed. >> south carolina state representative joseph neil was one of those colleagues you just saw paying tribute to clementa
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pinckney. representative neil is joining us now. representative once again, my deepest condolences. what will you remember most about your end? >> i think the thing i remember most about clementa is his passion, his compassion his dedication to his constituents. >> you know governor nikki haley wants the state flag removed but says she doesn't have the authority to remove it on their own. it's got go through the legislative process based on the 2000 law a spokesperson for her says she does not have the authority to remove the flag herself today or any day and she will continue to work to change it. do you agree that she did not have the authority to remove it today, tomorrow friday during these very difficult times?
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>> i think there are provisions in the law that alou the flag to be removed for cleaning and repair and i think it needs that very badly right now. it needs to be repaired. i think they have a reason to take it down especially tomorrow. i think cleaning services are really good on tomorrow. >> you'd like to see her use that option which has, of course been used in the past at least for now her spokesperson saying she won't do that. will that pass both houses to. do you think the votes are there? >> i certainly hope we do. the votes we held on yesterday to allow debate on the flag was overwhelmingly positive. i think there's a good chance we will be able to bring it down. this incident in charleston has
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changed a lot of thinking in the state. in terms of how that flag has been used by groups who have claimed his as an icon of racism and discrimination. i think those who revered that flag and who are not subscribing to the racist groups who are embracing it would rather see it honored in another way. i hope that proves to be true. >> the president of the united states, the first lady, the vice president, they're all going to be there. friday president will deliver the eulogy. is there one specific thing, representative, you'd like to hear the president say? >> i don't think there's any specific thing i expect him to say. i think he's going to give us a response from his office in terms of how he see this is in the larger sense.
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i think that draws attention to issues of race in the country that we haven't had an opportunity to have dialogue with around the country that we need to. i think that's an issue of gun education and the prifevalence and access to guns in this society that may be a part of that discussion as well. >> representative neil thanks very much for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> thank you. representative joseph neal south carolina. coming up, the governor of alabama is ordering the removal of the confederate flags that stand on state capital grounds, the citadel also taking down its flag. we'll talk about the significance of these moves. also new details on how joyce mitchell smuggled tools into a maximum security prison and the latest on the search for those two escaped inmates. they are both convicted killers. stay with us. uhhh - i left my phone in the living room. this isn't the most efficient way
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jb jb alabama's governor has moved quickly to resolve the confederate flag issue in his state. he ordered the removal from four flags from the state capital. the spokeswoman said he worried the flags would become a distraction from legislative issues. the move comes two days after south carolina governor nikki haley asked her legislature to do the same thing. the statement from the governor's office says by state law she can not order it done herself. south carolina's iconic military college is weighing in at the same time. the citadel, whose cadets fired some of the first shots in the american civil war, voted to remove the confederate navy jack
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from its chapel to another college location. the navy jack is very similar to the confederate battle flag. one of the victims of the emanuel ame church went to citadel's graduate school and six employees lost family members in the shooting. the citadel's president released a statement saying in part "we pride ourselves on our core values of honor, duty and respect. moving the naval jack to another location is consistent with these values." the move must be approved by the south carolina legislature. we'll follow that development. sales of confederate battle flag merchandise have exploded at some specialty stores as more chain retailers announced they will remove all such items. walmart, sears, kmart, ebay, amazon etsy have all pledged to stop selling the merchandise. amazon's web site alone featured more than 29,000 item bus the move has sparked a rush on item at independent sellers. the "new york times" spoke to one san antonio company that
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averages selling three confederate battle flags a month but has now sold 25 flags in a 24-hour period. as retailers decide whether or not confederate items should be sold, the ongoing debate over the confederate battle flag in the united states is heating up. our ed lavandera takes a closer look. >> are we on your [ bleep ]ing agenda today? get the [ bleep ] out of somerville. >> this is what happened when we tried to shoot video of a store in somerville south carolina selling confederate battle flag memorabilia. this man who refused to identify himself wanted to make sure we couldn't show you the sign announcing three shirts for $25. he threw in an obscenity-based tirade for free. >> your stirring people come together in peace, why don't you [ bleep ]ing worry about that. you guys are here stirring [ bleep ] up. >> reporter: it didn't end there. the man followed us and tried to get ain the way of shooting other photos. tempers are heated over this divisive symbol since the
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murders of nine african-americans at the emanuel ame church in charleston the calling to bring down the confederate flag have focused on the one flying on the capital grounds but confederate imagery is big business found in stores shops and front yards across the south. confederate flag flag symbols are'm blazesonned on everything you can imagine, belt buckle bikinis, cigarette lighters. but buying them may be tougher. amazon ebay walmart and sears are banning the sales of confederate flag merchandise. randy burbich keep this is cross-stitch framed in his office. >> the national flag was changed. >> burbich says 57 of his ancestors fought for the confederacy in the civil war. 16 of them died in battle. to him the confederate battle flag is a family symbol of honor and sacrifice. >> once this flag is removed it will start down the slippery slope. then it will be the monument will be called for to be removed
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from statehouse grounds. then the next thing will be street names and building names which has already begun. complete eradication to eliminate all confederate history symbols to come down this is the reminder that the issue won't go away without a fight. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ] you're all part of the problem. >> that federal court cnn's ed lavandera. still ahead, bribed with baked goods. the stunning revelations about how new york prison guards unwittingly helped two convicted murderers escape. plus where the search for killers now stands. we'll get a live report right after the break.
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xfinity is perfect for people who need to get a lot done at home. and now you can go even faster. we've just increased the speeds on two of our most popular plans. baked goods, hacksaw blades and frozen beef are all mentioned in the new bombshell revelations about a woman allegedly helped two killers escape from a maximum security prison in upstate new york. a source telling cnn prison tailor joyce mitchell bribed guards with baked goods in order to win favors for two convict, both of whom are killers, favorites that included
10:23 am
allowing -- included adjoining cells for t two men and as you heard on cnn unknowingly passing them a hunk of hamburger meat laced with hacksaw blades and drill bits. cnn's boris sanchez is joining us from cadyville in upstate new york near where the police are continuing their hunt for these two killers. boris, what's the latest, what are you hearing? >> wolf about a thousand law enforcement officers are on the hunt for these two escaped inmates. at a press briefing this afternoon, investigators tell us they believe they are still likely in the area of that cabin that was broken into over the weekend where their dna was discovered. forest rangers tell us that area is extremely remote and mountainous. it's very difficult to move around in there and with the weather, a lot of rain they imagine these escaped convicts have not gotten very far. >> we have every reasonable that to believe they were at the
10:24 am
point last seen where that cabin is. their distance from that cabin could be extensive if their travel was unimpeded. but as you heard the captain say, it's a very remote difficult terrain to work in. we had units in the area almost immediately and we're doing everything we can to keep them hunkered down and secure until we can capture them. >> one other note at that press brief, officials mentioned most of the cabins in the area are seasonal hunting cab bins. meaning most of them have weapons inside to so they're operating under the impression that these men are armed. they're asking the public to be careful, be vigilant and give them a call if they notice anything out of place. wolf? >> boris, we have this report that this prison tailor joyce mitchell that she was smuggling in meat with hacksaw blades. how did she get it past security? >> wolf, sources tell cnn she took the meat into the tailor shop and held it there in a
10:25 am
freezer. at that point she asked a guard in the prison, gene palmer, to pass that meat to richard matt. he did not pass it through a metal detector. that's a violation of prison policy. that's why he's on administrative leave right now. sfwhofl. >> boris, thanks very much. it's day 19 in the hunt for these two escaped killers. up next president obama set us in policy on americans being he want captive overseas. we'll talk to the families of the longest-held american hostage kidnapped in iran. stay with us.
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go long. welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world, i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. it's an excruciateing dilemma -- your family member is being held hostage, you want them freed but if you pay a ransom you could face criminal prosecution here in the united states. it's a decision no one wants to make now president obama says families won't have to. just a little while ago, the president announced the shift, a major shift in u.s. hostage policy as part of a broader overhaul to try to fix what the administration has acknowledged is a broken policy on u.s. captives. >> these families have already suffered enough and they should never feel ignored or victimized by their own government. diane foley, whose son jim was kill by isil last year said as americans we can do better. i totally agree.
10:30 am
we must do better. that's why i ordered a comprehensive review of our hostage policy. >> let's discuss what's going on and bring in a special guest, david levin son is joining us. his father was detained in march of 2007 while traveling on kish island in iran. although his family has not been able to communicate with levinson they did receive a video and pictures of him a few years ago. david is joining us from new york. david, first of all, i don't know if you had a chance to hear what the president had to say, this shift in policy and how to deal with efforts to try to win the hostages' release, but if you did, what did you think and what impact, if any, might that have on the fate of your dad? >> well wolf my family and i haven't had an opportunity to review the policy so i'm unable to comment. but i can say whatever policy will get my father home safely is the -- is what we want to happen. >> how long has it been david, since you've had any proof of
10:31 am
life -- video, a picture that your father is alive. as you know, the iranians deny that they have him. the iranian government. >> well we received a video of him in december of 2010 that basically showed him as a hos twraj he appealed to the united states government for for help for his release. then we received in april of 2011 photos of him in an orange jump suit that were shocking and displayed him just in a way where we know that there's a ton of urgency to get him home. >> you believe that he is being controlled by the iranian government even though they deny it. >> well my father went miss income kevin on kish island which is an island off the coast of iran. and within a few week's time an iranian news outlet reported that he was in the hands of
10:32 am
security forces and was to be released in a matter of days. so we know that -- while we don't know where he is right now, we know that iran -- the government of iran has information about what has happened to him so that we can find him and bring him home. >> has anyone either directly or indirectly asked you and your family for any ransom payments if you will money in order to win the freedom of your dad? >> when the hostage video came out we tried to contact back the swrours source from where the video came from but we've received nothing in response so we have not been in contact with anybody holding my dad. >> you know, we're being seen now live not only here in the united states but around the world, david. and i assume some people in iran might be watching us right now as well. what would you like to say to them? >> i would say please just on humanitarian grounds. my father is a wonderful,
10:33 am
wonderful man and the best person i've ever met and he deserves to live the rest of his life out in peace with his family and surrounded by the people that he loves and so i would say whatever we need to do tell us what we need to do to bring him home safely. >> as you know the u.s. and five other countries, the permanent members of the u.n. security council plus germany, they're all trying to negotiate a deal with iran right now to presumably at least curtail its nuclear program. as far as i know, there's been no direct linkage demanding that iran free the four americans who are there in exchange for this deal. iran's about to get tens of billions of dollars in frozen assets lifted. do you think there should be a condition attached no deal unless the four americans who are held by iran are freed? >> well we just want him home. and that's our one focus.
10:34 am
whatever we can do to make that happen is what we're hoping for. this is an urgent time for us and my brother mentioned it's crunch time. my father suffers from diabetes from high blood pressure he is a 67-year-old man and we know that everyday that passes is a day he's further away from home and day that he's further away from all of us. we support whatever urgency can bring him home. >> david levinson good luck to you good luck to your whole family. we hope you are reunited with your father and reunited soon. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you so much wolf. >> there are three other americans being held captive in iran. emir hecmadi, a u.s. marine veteran, he's been charged with cooperating and coordinating with the u.s. government sentenced to ten years in prison. he can mattie.
10:35 am
the "washington post" journalist jason rezaian is accused of espionage. he's had two court appearances and the american pastor saeed abedini. he was taken into custody because of his christian faith. once again, we hope all four of these americans are released and released soon. as the deadline of june 30 draws near iran is rejecting key demands by the united states on its nuclear program. the iranian supreme leader, the ayatollah ali hamanahi insisted that his country will only cooperate if economic sanctions are lifted first. he also ruled out a freeze on research and development for ten years as well as inspections of military sites. that seems to be in direct contradiction with the framework dole worked out in april. up next we'll go back to south carolina. there are new developments unfolding there. stay with us. i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis
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the pastor and state lawmaker killed in the church massacre in charleston a week ago is being honored today. the body of reverend clementa pinckney arrived at the statehouse in columbia just a little while ago on a horse-drawn carriage. there you see it. it will lie in state throughout the day. pinckney was pastor of the emanuel ame church. he was shot and killed along
10:40 am
with eight other church members during bible study. we've just learned, by the way, that the church does plan to hold bible study later this evening, exactly one week after the tragedy. tonight's lesson -- the power of love. other news. there are tuning new details about the help two killers received in the months before their brazen escape from a maximum security prison in upstate new york. according to a law enforcement source prison worker joyce mitchell has now admitted to smuggling in frozen beef laced with hacksaw blades for the men to use. she stopped the -- she stored the meat in a freezer at the tailor shop where she worked before it was delivered to one of the inmates by an unknowing prison guard. the source also says the that guards were buttered up with baked goods that mitchell handed out to get favors for two inmates, including moving to cells right next to each other. right now, roughly 1,000
10:41 am
officers are searching for the men in a remote wooded area near a burglarized hunting camp. police say they're working under the assumption the men are armed. they obviously remain very very dangerous. now to presidential politics here in the united states and donald trump. the billionaire businessman, the reality tv star has only been in the race for about a week but he's already seeing a bump in one critical state. the new suffolk university poll places him second in new hampshire with 11%. that's only three points behind jeb bush. that surprised a lot of people but not donald trump who's now looking to trump the competition. >> i can't believe bush is in first place. you know i'm -- some people are thrilled. i'm not thrilled because how could bush be in first place? this guy can't negotiate his way out of a paper bag. [ laughter and applause ] >> joining us now is our chief political analyst gloria borger. gloria he's doing well you've got to admit, in fwhuch.
10:42 am
it it's early, he's barely behind jeb bush. >> he's well known, he's the shiny new thing in the republican party. one thing he really benefits from wolf, is not only his name i.d. but this is such a large field so to place second you don't have to place that high. and, of course jeb bush is very well known, the bush name very well known donald trump? well right now because the field is so large it looks pretty good for him because he's taking on bush directly he wants to be the bush alternative. people are starting to tune in and pay attention and he's been out there non-stop. >> the first republican presidential debate is going to be early august and that big debate only the top ten, according to the national polls, will be on that debate stage. there's a very real chance donald trump will be one of those ten. >> there is a real chance because it's based on national polls. national polls are very often all about names people have
10:43 am
heard of. right? and donald trump is famfamous. so he might very well be on that debate stage. i think that honestly is a problem for the republican party. the republican party has a field of very serious, very good candidates out there and they don't want to be having arguments with donald trump about things that he's never been involved in. for example, jeb bush education reform. you know he's attacking jeb bush jeb bush doesn't want to get in a fight with donald trump and the party doesn't want to be seen as having the clown car anymore. and so i think the republicans that i talk to say, yeah it's an issue for us. >> there's going to be at least 15 maybe as many as 20 republicans running for that republican presidential nomination so there will be a fierce battle. i assume republican leaders don't want to hear donald trump trashing for example, jeb bush or any of the other candidates. >> they don't. so far, at least, what the
10:44 am
republican candidates have tried to do is all kind of trash hillary clinton because she's the easy target out there. at some point, they're going to have to start discussing each other's policy details. and, you know that is when they're going to have interesting conversations. i think the problem with donald trump is what kind of conversation are they going to have with donald trump? and there are lots of candidates who don't want to do that. scott walker the governor of wisconsin, may want to argue with jeb bush over issues like common core education and immigration reform and they may want to talk about what to do with obamacare but i'm not sure they want to call each other names. and this is what donald trump has been doing by just saying that jeb bush couldn't negotiate his way out of a paper bag. i'm not sure what that means. >> and he also says he can't believe he's even second to jeb bush who he considers to be -- >> well been in the race 15 minutes. >> bobby jindal is getting ready to announce later today as well.
10:45 am
>> he's got the opposite issue here. he is at 1% in the polls, as you said to me during break, if you round it up. and he's not well known. he is a governor of the state, he is a guy people looked at very seriously. he hasn't been able to gain any traction and his advisors are saying look there's only one way for us to go which is up. he believes he has appeal to evangelicals, to conserveatives and that he's going to show himself to be a fearless truth telling candidate who will not be politically correct but he has to find a way to kind of get noticed and get attention or else he's not going to get in that first debate and it makes the crime tougher for him that for someone like donald trump. >> he's got great name recognition in louisiana but not necessarily around the country. we'll have live coverage in the situation room later today of his announcement. i think that happens at the end 2065:00 p.m. eastern time.
10:46 am
gloria, thanks very much. much more coming up after this including a closer look at a new cnn film, stay with us.
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10:50 am
what he has to say. we'll share that with you as soon as we get it. we're also getting reports of an incident outside the courthouse where tsarnaev's sentencing hearing is being held. a witness to the incident is joining us on the phone. i know you're a photographer in the metro boston area. tell us what we saw. we see a cop holding looks like a meat cleaver. >> yes. so court just went into lunch recess and as soon as that occurred it looked like a car without its license plate pulled up and parked right in front of the courthouse and i knew it was kind of strange, and as soon as that happened the car -- police officers began to approach the car. a gentleman came out, and he was talking to the police officer, and then they searched the car, pulled out his license plate and also what appeared to be a large meat cleaver. they sat him down on curb
10:51 am
shortly and then took him into custody. >> is there any indication what this individual was planning on doing with that meat cleaver? >> no not -- not that i'm aware of. they quickly escorted him away and, again, took his car and seemed like it's going to be towed away pretty soon. >> we have the video and we're showing our viewers of this individual being handcuffed being arrested right now. it looks -- i mean obviously he pulled up without a license plate in this black vehicle right in front of the courthouse here where tsarnaev is about to be sentenced, find out if he gets the death sentence liver in prison without the possibility of parole or whatever. do they think that's just a coincidence or perhaps related to the fact that tsarnaev is in there? >> i can't say for sure but i know it's pretty strange since all the streets are blocked off surrounding the area by police
10:52 am
barricades so just to see a car pull up without its license plate makes it pretty -- pretty tense situation for sure. >> basically what we're told is that the police obviously saw the car without license plates. they saw this individual. they went inside the car. they searched it. that's where they found the meat cleaver. is that right? >> that's correct. >> so we -- basically that adds a little bit of tension on that situation right there. once again we'll find out what tsarnaev has to say. he's about to be sentenced. he's going to make a statement. there will be no cameras in there. we'll have a full report as we have people inside. thanks very much for joining us. thanks for snapping that photo as well. >> thank you. coming up, a very different story we're following. we're going to sneak peek at a major new cnn film on the musician glen campbell's battle with alzheimer's disease, how his family and other families, how they are all learning to cope.
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10:56 am
when the country music legend glen campbell was diagnosed with alzheimer's disease he decided to share his story that. decision led to the award-winning documentary "glen campbell,ite be plea." it follows campbell on his final tour taking him from concert stages to the challenges of rehearsal. >> hey, boys i had it just exactly where i wanted it. >> put it up. >> would you put it at 122 out of kicks, put it at 122. >> just for kicks. >> there's too many indians in
10:57 am
here man. i'm the chief. there's one driver in here. >> yeah. >> so if you want to be the fire from the ditch. >> that's been one of our biggest problems. glen has become unrehearsible. any rehearsal is more like a sound check, can't get through a song without stopping and trying to tell someone how to play their instrument or that they are playing too loud. >> wait a minute! >> you can see the cnn film "glen campbell i'll be me" sunday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern, but i want to talk about alzheimer's right now. harry johns is the president and ceo of the alzheimer's association. harry, thanks very much for joining us. as you know 5.5 million americans have alzheimer's. a new case is diagnosed almost every 68 seconds in this country, so this film in spreading awareness of alzheimer's is very important, isn't it? >> oh, it certainly is wolf. to get the word out to have more people understand the realities
10:58 am
of what people face in having the disease and what family members face as caregivers is extremely important to moving this forward. >> when someone is diagnosed with alzheimer's, harry, it impacts, as you know the whole family all of their friends. tell us about your organization and what you're doing to try to help those who are themselves trying to cope. >> well the alzheimer's association, we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to people both at and at our 800 number so that people can get the help and support they need each and every day, and we do that in communities as well so that people can have a place to turn. the devastation of the disease is so great not only for the people who have it but also for those family members and those caregivers who are helping them cope. >> and with all the baby boomers out there living longer, this is the number of people with
10:59 am
alzheimer's, correct me if i'm wrong, harry, it's real beto explode, isn't it? >> the number of people today, as you said wolf is over 5 million who have it 15 million caregivers. those numbers are going to go up by about three times, triple by the middle of the century if we can't find the treatments that will change the course of the disease, but we believe -- >> how close are we harry, to a cure? >> you know the science community is very upbeat wolf about, what can be done if we can get the funding we need and i have to say great credit to senator blunt, senator murray on the senate appropriations committee for the national institute of health. they and their colleagues have just increase what had they put forward for appropriations by $350 million, a huge step historic step. the same in the house. chairman cole and his colleagues on a bipartisan basis moving forward $300 million to make this happen.
11:00 am
>> all right. harry, i know this is important work critically important work. i want to thank you and thank the alzheimer's association for all the important work you're doing. once again for our north american viewers, "glen campbell i'll be me" airs sunday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. the news continues next on cnn. here we go. breaking news here on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. breaking news two front out of boston. the boston marathon bomber, this convicted terrorist here on your screen dzhokhar tsarnaev the younger of the two tsarnaev brothers. he has just addressed members of the boston courthouse here. the survivors here those giving victim impact statements the first time anyone has heard this man