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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  June 28, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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china is even worse. >> you can catch more of that state of the union with jake tapper every sunday. much more ahead in the use room. it all starts right now. happening now in the "news "newsroom "newsroom," david sweat eludes police for another night. >> he could be anywhere. the last time he was seen was at the time of the escape. >> on the run in the cold and rain. experts tell cnn sweat is likely worn down and will make a mistake. >> his psychological stability is probably almost nothing. plus moments after its launch, the spacex rocket explodes. >> appear to have had a launch vehicle failure. "newsroom" starts now.
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hello. thanks for joining me. i'm suzanne malveaux. we begin with new autopsy results on escaped inmate richard matt. they show he died from three gunshot wounds to the head fired by a local law enforcement tactical team. when police say matt had bug bites and abrasions consistent with living in the woods for three weeks. meanwhile, the search for the other prisoner david sweat, now focused on a 22-square mile perimeter near malone new york. this is new video of the officers going through the property near where it ma itmatt was killed. governor cuomo says the search is costing the state millions of dollars. he said that police are running down all possible leads. >> mr. sweat, the evidence is interesting here and informative. we're looking through all the leads because, really he could be anywhere.
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the last time he was seen was at the time of the escape. literally the night of the escape was the last time he was seen. >> the local sheriff says that sweat is tired, hungry. he is confident that sweat is going to make a mistake. our own jean is live in malone new york. jean we've learned about the other one who died from gunshot wounds but we've also learned there were signs that richard matt was living outdoors.- the condition of his body. what can you tell us the details about that and what it suggests is a condition we might find sweat under in those woods? >> reporter: extremely interesting. we're here at the search area and beyond that is where matt's body was found. it's raining hard this afternoon. the conditions are not good. difficult for searches but obviously difficult for anyone hiding in the woods. we learned through the autopsy report results released a short
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time ago that he had bug bites to his lower extremities, blisters and abrasions on his body consistent with living in the woods for three weeks. obviously, difficult and tough conditions. something that's not conducive to enjoying yourself out in the woods. that search continues beyond me 22-square miles of some of the most difficult wilderness areas in the country. we do know today that there are tactical units. there are canine units which, by the way, have difficulty and can have difficulty when the weather conditions and the rain is difficult. then also aviation units. the helicopter units are out. beyond this 22-square miles of wilderness they are also going door to door. the town of malone the town of duane, this is about just 30 minutes away from here. these are areas that they have searched before. they went back again today. i just spoke with one homeowner
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minutes ago that had her home searched. >> some state police officers came to our house, went up in the back. used the four wheeler and our next door neighbor's four wheeler and checked the woods in the background and our out buildings. >> what's back there? >> we have two buildings, a play house and storage building. they checked those out. and the old railroad in the woods. >> reporter: this is country living. behind them is forest railroad tracks. another homeowner told us there was a cabin actually beyond in the woods from where they are. the new york state whether i say, when i asked them do you have a tip, a special lead to take you back to this area? they said no, just checking everything. but they had their clipboards their guns. they were ready for anything they might find. one question that everybody is asking since david sweat is still on the run here what about his dna? where has that been found?
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we know processing has been going on in cabins and things they found in the field. the governor said that david sweat's dna was only conclusively found at this point on a water bottle he said. a water bottle in one of the cabins. david sweat's dna was there. richard matt's dna was there. as the governor said that could mean a number of scenarios there. it was an old water bottle that sweat used before they split up or that they had remained together. so it's interesting information from governor cuomo. dna can help lead them in particular directions. in this horrible weather, they're still out there. we understand 1,300 federal, state and local law enforcement today. even more than yesterday. >> what's interesting about that information about the water bottle i guess it depends when his dna was on the water bottle would suggest the last time he might have had a drink of water
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and how long he can sustain himself without water for the next days ahead. thank you very much for that tip. appreciate it. we spoke to the man who called police after items were found inside the place, inside the cabin. the phone call led the officers to richard matt. i want you to listen to this. >> bobby, how did this start? your son called you? >> he called me 12:20 on friday afternoon. he went down to check the hunting cabin and noticed something out of place. called me and asked me if i was up there. i said i haven't been there since sunday. i said wait. i'll go up and look with you. we'll decide if we'll call the troopers or not. when i was talking to him on the phone, there was a gunshot then at 12:20. he told me he said there is a gunshot. i heard it through the phone. >> reporter: what was your thought? you're talking to your son, he notices there may have been a disturbance and you hear a gunshot.
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what's going through your mind as you're heading there? >> first, i hung up and tried to call him back and couldn't. either the cell reception didn't work or something. i got kind of nervous. i came home and got my shotgun. i went up to the camp. before i got here he called me. i said, wait and i'll be right up. him and another friend came up. we all went down and checked the camp. he showed me what he seen. i said this is out of place. it's not right. i think we should call the troopers. >> reporter: did you think it was one of the fugitives? >> in a way. we were weary up there walking around. you never know. i had to get back to the repair shop so i told bob, call the troopers. they had paul go to the road and he waited for them and i came back to work. >> reporter: what happened when the troopers got there? what did your son tell you? >> they were looking around the camp and heard another gunshot, possibly when they shot the trailer. within an hour or so more they
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were multiple gunshots. >> reporter: what was missing in the cabin? >> just the bottle of gin that moved from one counter to the other. it was split. a thing of toothpicks in the cub cuboard. >> reporter: was that all in. >> two pairs of boots missing. one anyway. >> reporter: what do you think that you and your son were key to leaving the police to richard matt? >> it's overwhelming. i'm glad they got one. too bad they didn't get them both. >> reporter: were you afraid for yourself for your son, as you're hearing that gunshot over the phone, getting there? >> yeah, i was worried for him. yeah. i went up this morning and checked it. brought a gun and checked again. the trooper got done and i haven't been in there since they were in there.
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>> reporter: did he go to check on the cabin in the first place because he was aware of the search and suspected maybe? >> he lives -- the hunting cabin is behind his house. the driveway comes out by his house. he's concerned they might get in there. feels better at night, to sleep knowing nobody was in there. that's why he checked it often. >> reporter: what did he sound like on the phone, when he realized something was wrong? >> he was excited. he really knew something was out of place. didn't know what really to do. now you hear it all the time any tip, no matter how small, call. that's what we did. >> reporter: could you tell if anybody had spent a significant time there? >> not there long. didn't sleep in the beds or anything. >> reporter: what did the police tell you? was it clear if one person or two had been in there? >> they know matt was in there. they don't know about sweat. >> reporter: what did they do to
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investigate investigate? >> they dusted the whole thing, fingerprinted, dna, took the bottle of liquor. >> reporter: have you been able to get back in? >> i went in today and checked. everything was pretty normal. >> next our experts will join us with a look at what police need to know now to find david sweat. we call ourselves the freedom hikers. hiking brought us together but that's not the only thing that keeps us coming back. here's to friends who reach for better. fewer carbs, fewer calories, superior taste. michelob ultra. the superior light beer.
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the maunt forn hunt is focused on a 22-square mile perimeter in new york. governor cuomo says he could be anywhere. with no sightings of the fugitive police are hoping he'll make a mistake and put him back in their custody. joining me is jonathan gilliam, also a former police officer. from washington we have a law enforcement analyst, who is also a former fbi assistant director. thank you both for being here. jonathan i'll start with you. we heard some interesting things this interview with bob,
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the cabin owner. he said a couple of things that he found. there was a bottle of gin that was split, and the cap was on the floor. does that suggest that perhaps both of them were drinking perhaps intoxicated, and he might be in a state where he is just not fully functioning at all? >> well i know i would have been if i was in their shoes. i think -- i have heard reports that matt was intoxicated and sick. i don't know if we verified that or not. it would make sense if they were on the run, they got in there and this stuff was in there. if in fact matt was intoxicated and sick again, along with the stuff that they're talking about with the autopsy about his feet and the abrasions, i think it's starting -- a picture is starting to develop that they were actually moving quite a bit in the woods and not just hanging out in the cabin, which i was kind of thinking that
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maybe they got in the cabin and stayed. all this stuff is actually painting a better picture for law enforcement. the thing that's missing though is sweat. was sweat a part of this? was sweat in the cabin with matt? we know matt was there. that's the part that's -- i wouldn't say it's concerning me tremendously right now, but that's something i know has to be on investigator's minds right now. >> jonathan, we'll let you and the audience know that has not been confirmed, whether or not matt was intoxicated or sick. the toxicology report hasn't been given to us yet. tom, i want you to address this. since it's been two whole days since matt was killed but the search continues for sweat, so are we back to the beginning here? back to square one? is that what the searches are dealing with now? >> i think possibly that we could be back to square one. there's so many different possibilities of what happened here and when it happened. we don't have the complete picture.
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we've heard from the cabin that they entered eight days ago that that's where they gained the shotguns and several hunting knives. that was the last time supposedly both of them were confirmed at the same location. we don't know that they've been together since then and were near each other or together at the time matt was killed two days ago. there's a lot of questions we still have. i'll throw out theeranother theory out. they're both homicidal killers. they could have gotten in an argument and fought and matt could have killed sweat a week ago or more. because the whole escape plan was botched. they could have argued over who trusted joyce and whose fault was it. you told me she was okay and she wasn't. yeah but you were sleeping with her, too. they could have had a falling out that ended up in the murder of sweat. >> that's a messy scenario, but anything is possible. jonathan i want to go to that point. i asked about this earlier today. is it possible that sweat also
12:17 pm
died? that because of the conditions out there, because it's been so tough, it's been three weeks or so that something might have happened to him, aside from his partner killing him, where he did not survive in the woods? >> i mean absolutely. the scenario that tom was just talking about is not far from the truth. along with -- and this is what would make it difficult, if he is now a corpse and i've been harping on this since day one, he has a green jump suit on. i don't know why the prison gave that to him. if he is a corpse laying in the woods right now, they could easily walk right by him and never, ever find him. meanwhile, they're spending $1 million a day on the search. >> wouldn't a search dog or bloodhound pick that up? >> eventually yes. depending on if he died in the water. i mean dogs are not infallible. they're a very good tool but they can miss things. i'd love to see if tom saw this
12:18 pm
picture, they showed a picture of the command post. it was crammed full of people. one of the reasons i think they're having difficulty getting people to the locations quickly is because the command post is overwhelmed with chiefs. you have to back this out and you have to have a chain of command that works with all the agencies that come together so it flows smoothly and quickly. if that's not the case and sweat was with matt there's a potential that he could have eluded them in the time it took them to respond to the leads. >> very possible. jonathan and tom, thank you very much. we'll get back to you as soon as we have more developing on this story. appreciate it. after three terror attacks around the world, there is a new warning about possible terror threats here in the united states. just before the 4th of july holiday. we have those details straight ahead.
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back to our breekaking news. escaped inmate richard matt died from three gunshot wounds to the head. he also had bug bites and abrasions consistent with living in the woods for three weeks. meanwhile, a search for the other prisoner david sweat, is now focused on a 22-square mile perimeter near the town of malone new york. officers are going door to door
12:23 pm
literally looking for sweat, who has not been spotted since he broke out of the clinton correctional facility. the local sheriff says sweat is tired. he is hungry. he's confident that sweat is going to make a mistake. as americans prepare for the 4th of july holiday, the u.s. now bracing for possible torre rorerror attacks. agencies are to be on the alert, especially in light of the three recent terror attacks in france, kuwait and tau any wayunisiatunisia. joining me is a former cia covert officer. thanks for being with us here. we're just getting ready for the holiday. people are thinking about picnicking, thinking about fireworks. they're not thinking about a possible terror attack. what are you looking at? what are law enforcement folks saying about the potential for this holiday being dangerous? >> well they're concerned. federal authorities have been as you pointed out, advising
12:24 pm
local and state personnel of the heightened threat. there is a high volume of what's described as chatter. the technical communications intercepts picked up from terrorists overseas. yes, this is a major problem. we know from years and years of this fatiguing war on terror that the other side the hostiles al qaeda now with the islamic state and others they like to target big dates. anniversaries, special events. naturally, july 4th coming up is a major concern. not just for us though. over in the uk they're preparing for wimbledon. as the same time it's the 10th anniversary of the horrific 7/7 attacks. the bus attacks and train attacks that killed 52 citizens. >> mike are the big events the 4th of july holiday, are those the ones that are at greatest risks, or the shoft targoft targets? >> if you're in the mall the
12:25 pm
grocery store, you should be vigilant about looking around? >> absolutely. shortly after 9/11 this has been evolving as the terrorist threat has evolved or adapted to our counterterrorism efforts. after 9/11 the thought was, they're looking for the next big one. they want to raise the bar higher. create a massive event bigger than 9/11. what we're seeing now, particularly through the islamic state and all the efforts they're making on social media to recruit westerns and they have recruited over 4,000 of them is that they don't necessarily -- it's not the same. they don't want their people to come to syria and iraq. they're saying join the dark side and do whatever you can do. we've seen that in these past three attacks. in tunisia, france and a shia mosque bombing in kuwait city that killed 27. they're looking at whatever it is they're happy with it. >> real quick, what can we do to protect ourselves? very quickly. >> well, the biggest thing we
12:26 pm
can do to try and prevent this in the states is working with the communities. your best opportunity is catch what is sometimes described as a lone wolf is through the family of those individuals. trying to get them to talk about the behavior of the individual who may be turning, becoming radicalized. that's difficult. the other thing is what we do so very well as a local, state and federal authority, is we have a lot of practice unfortunately at this now. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. obviously, just kind of a heads up to everybody to look out, to be vigilant in your surroundings over the holidays. thank you, again, mike. appreciate that. next we'll return to the new york man hunt. find out what happens to a person's mental state when they're on the run for more than three weeks. across america people, like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins, are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently
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hello. thanks for joining me. i'm suzanne malveaux. we begin with breaking news. autopsy results show the escaped inmate richard matt died from three gunshot wounds to the head. fired by law enforcement tactical team. meanwhile, the search for the other prisoner, david sweat, is now focused on a 22-square mile perimeter near the town of malone new york. our own jean is live in malone. right outside there, the site they're looking. let's begin with the autopsy report. matt died from the gunshot wounds but there were signs he was living outdoors for quite an extensive period of time. tell us the details you're learning. >> reporter: that's exactly right. the autopsy report which we just received this afternoon from the medical examiner's
12:31 pm
office in the state capital of albany said there were bug bites to the lower extremities of matt. and also there were abrasions to his arms and that would denote being in the woods for three weeks. there were other injuries that you get from being out in the woods. it's obvious that maybe there were some cabins that were broken into but much of the time they were out in the elements. or he was out in the elements which can cause injury. now, the 22-square miles which is behind me, which is part of the area where they got matt we do know the numbers have increased today. there are 1,300 federal, state and local law enforcement officers there. in addition to that there are correction officers searching for david sweat. we also know that there are forestry state department of forestry in new york that are out there. we heard before that there were experts amongst them trying to
12:32 pm
find out where they could have walked. looking at the brush to see what could show them that there were recent steps. also whether they'd move during the nighttime or day time. we were told by the new york state police it was believed they'd walk during the nighttime. not the day timetime. we're 23 miles from the canadian border. they're also searching areas where people live not far from here. the towns and villeages of malone and duane. homeowners are really concerned. they want david sweat found. >> some state police officers came to our house and used our four wheeler. went up in the back. used the four wheeler and our next door neighbor's four wheeler and checked the railroad beds out and the woods in the backyard and our out buildings. >> reporter: what's back there? >> we have a play house and storage building. they checked those out. and the old railroad in the woods.
12:33 pm
>> reporter: residents are also telling us that even to go to the local store to get groceries or anything they need they have to go through all these checkpoints. it's really hampering them. but they're also so grateful to these law enforcement. 1,300 of them searching for one person. they're grateful because they don't want anything to happen to law enforcement or themselves. they just want to feel safe again. >> jean are there any families who have decided to leave their homes and say, look it's not worth it for me to stay here. i'm afraid. i'm concerned. i'll stay at work or at a relatives or something like that? >> reporter: we heard that early on that some weren't in the area. they had another place they could go. they were going. today, we have seen many homeowners actually going in and out of the checkpoint area. they have to talk to the guards that are behind me at the entrance of that 22-square miles. there are many homeowners. today is sunday a date people aren't working. they're out and about. they are getting in. they also have to go through
12:34 pm
just talking with themanning the entrance. >> i can only imagine what it's like living in that neighborhood. you've been doing a great job there for the days and weeks you've been out there. we'll come back to you for the updates. thank you. david sweat has been on the run for more than three weeks. how is he hanmanaging to keep going? our licensed psychologist is joins us to talk about. thank you very much. i appreciate it. a lot of people are very fascinated by this story. i mean, there's so many different layers and complexities to it. one of the things you have this guy, for nearly a month, he's savages for food water, safety whatever. he's on the run. what is going on in his mind? what does he need to be made up of to endure something like that? >> what i would say is there are four factors to look at. fatigue fatigue, resourcefulness,
12:35 pm
emotion and food. we don't know how tired he is. when bugs are biting you, that can be tiring in itself. you have all those're things s other things to worry about. where to get food and water. when you're in a prison, everything is given to you. you don't have to work for those things. now he's in an element that's so different from what he's been in. his intelligence. is he smart overall. does he have a high intelligence? what is his intelligence level in surviving in the wilderness? did he camp as a young boy? he had legal issues in his teenage years. perhaps he was a wilderness seeker. were they also together or did they separate? if they separate and he knows how to live off the wilderness he may not be stressed out. whether it's the cabins where he found resources or making things to eat, kill animals or catch
12:36 pm
fish those are factors to look at. understanding the topography. desperation can be an emotion that drives people to ends that they might not think about. we know this person killed without thought. if he gets desperate enough does he want to go out in a blaze of glory or back to prison? >> that's what i'm wondering. would he possibly decide to turn himself in because it's such hell out there to live the life he's living now compared to what he was doing before behind bars? >> it's possible. if he goes back he's a rock star. in the prison life he escaped. people are going to want to hear his story. the other side is does he want to go back? just like this other person seemed to almost not give up the gun. possibly so that they knew they wouldn't be going back to prison. they knew what was going to happen to them in the end. that's what we don't know is how much does he see a future, and does he want a future. >> finally, this is a theory
12:37 pm
that some of us have been talking about. is there a possibility, the mind set is he's so desperate, that maybe one killed the other? i mean that he's not even alive in. >> that's possible but if they were together probably it's safety in numbers. unless one wanted to give up. if one wanted to give up and go back in it's possible to get rid of the person that is a liability. if they separated, he could be doing better than the other person separated. who knows if he's inside that area they're trying to track him. >> he could be at a point in breaking mental break at this point, if he's out there? >> it's possible. especially if he knows what happened to his partner. >> thank you. appreciate this. >> thank you. next in the "newsroom," cnn is talking to new york's governor about the supreme court decision on same-sex marriage and the role he played at a wedding ceremony at the stone wall inn. me think of a bmw. i feel like i'm in a lexus. you would think that this was a brand new audi.
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sunday night, cnn is airing an incredible film about legendary singer glenn campbell suffering from alzheimer's. 5 million americans also suffer from alzheimer's. let's look at some of the top warning signs that someone is developing alzheimer's disease. memory loss that disrupts daily life. for example, forgetting dates or events and not remembering them later. also challenges in planning or solving problems like keeping track of monthly bills. also difficulty in completing familiar tasks, such as driving to a familiar location and confusion with time or place and not figuring it out later. also new problems with words. for example, forgetting the word for watch and calling it a hand clock. according to the alzheimer's association, alzheimer's disease is the only one of the top ten causes of death in the country that can't be cured or prevented or slowed down. now, there is some new research that shows that you may be able to reduce your risk of getting
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alzheimer's disease if you take these steps. engage in remember exercise that gets your heart rate up quit smoking, eat a healthy diet low in fat and sugar, get enough good-quality sleep, and stay socially active. we have more information about alzheimer's disease on our website at governor cuomo used his newly granted powers to officiate a same-sex wedding in man tathattan in front of a stonewall inn. that's where the police raid in 1969 sparked the riot for gay rights. we're joined from new york. tell us about this interview. i understand the governor wasted no time in actually exercising his rights as well as the couple that got married. tell us about it. >> reporter: about an hour after i spoke with him, he was
12:44 pm
officiating that wedding. it was the first time he's officiated any xcited. governors usually don't have that right, so he had the special authority to do that today. marking a momentous day in history after what the supreme court handed down on friday. he talked a lot to me about how this date, he believes, has been at the forefront of the gay rights movement. four years ago, gay marriage was legalized in the state. it was a lot of hard work. he had to get it through a bipartisan group here. democrats and republicans. he's proud they were able to do that. i also asked him personally for him when the evolution came where he became a supporter of gay marriage. listen. >> for you personally you're a religion man as well? >> yes. >> i'm interested in your personal evolution, that you made that change. >> i remember there were two marriage exists in two contexts. there is the legal concept of
12:45 pm
marriage and there's the religious concept of marriage. we are talking today about the legal concept of marriage. not the religious concept of marriage. any religion can have any dictate on who they marry and what their rules are. i'm roman catholic. catholics have their own rules on marriage. that's not what this is about. but i represent the people of the state of new york. i represent the laws of the state of new york. i am -- have taken an oath to equal treatment of all. in the eyes of the law, the supreme court says you can't discriminate against gay people. that's the right ruling. that's the right statement for this country. people can have their own personal opinions. you can have your own religious opinion. god bless you. >> >> reporter: interesting to note it was 2006 when he was running for attorney general, that he came out in soup portupport
12:46 pm
of gay marriage before a number of other politicians did. he supported civil unions previously. to want in new york city if you look up way up you're going to see the freedom tower, 1 world trade center, will be lit with the rainbow like we saw the white house on friday after the supreme court decision. we'll have much more of my interview with governor quocuomo on this and the latest on the man hunt at 6:00 eastern. >> fascinating interview. interesting now he's able to talk about his faith kaand also following the law in his state, executing the law and seek wallequal rights for all. thanks again. we'll be right back. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla apremilast. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw
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back to the breaking news autopsy results show escaped inmate richard matt died from three gunshot wounds to the head
12:51 pm
fired by a law enforcement tactical team. police say matt also had bug bites and abrasions consistent with living in the woods for three weeks. the search for david sweat is now focused on a 22-square-mile perimeter. officers are going door to door looking for sweat. police have questioned two people after an explosion at a giant water park injured nearly 500 people. one organized the event. both have been released on bail. also today, an emergency call going out for medical supplies and skin grafts for the injured many with severe burns. the estimation of the cause of the explosion centers on a colored powder used as part of the celebration. here's cnn's kathy novak. >> i'm at the water park where young people were dancing and having a great time at the event
12:52 pm
called color play party. then it all went terrifyingly wrong. the video we're about to show you is extremely graphic. it shows the moment that a dance floor full of people was engulfed in flames. as you can see, a giant fire ball exploded in the air and suddenly people were screaming and running for their lives. authorities here believe the colorful powder that's part of the whole theme of the event is powerful. this water park has been shut down while investigations continue. the event organizer has been brought in for questioning and family and friends of the victims have been asked to come here and pick up their belongings. i spoke to one of them. he was here when the explosion happened. >> the music started and the host wanted to give us a surprise and used all the powder that was left. maybe because the lights were too hot, but there was a sudden explosion.
12:53 pm
the fire came fast and nobody was able to run. everybody was burned or jumping up and down were running and some were stampeded. nobody could save others and people suffered severe burns. >> now he suffered minor burns to his foot. but he tells us his girlfriend ask much worse off. some were dragged out on inflatable tubes. then they were rushed to 39 hospitals in the area. we're told that specialized burn units are overwhelmed. hospitals are appealing to the public to stay away unless absolutely necessary so that they can focus on caring for all of those people who were injured right here. cnn, taipei. we'll be back in a moment. only t-mobile has america's best unlimited 4g lte family plan. that's right. the best in the game. 2 lines of unlimited 4g lte data for a 100 bucks a month. and for a plan this big, you want a killer phone.
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my kids are costing me a fortune. i'm going to cabo! [ music plays ] don't settle for u-verse. xfinity is perfect for people who want more entertainment for their money. alexandria field in just a moment. she is live in new york. i want to bring in our guest first. former police officer,s and also with me former u.s. marshall. i want to start off with you. all we know at this point is that the second suspect there has been shot. what would be the procedure? to take him in alive or potentially he'd have the fate of his partner who was shot dead just two days ago? >> i think actually the procedure would have been what was the threat as they approached him. if sweat had a weapon these officers are not going to take the chance of being shot themselves. they know that he is a felon
12:58 pm
that's fleeing, he's a murderer psycho path. they're not going to take that chance. if he had a weapon in his hands, i'm sure they eliminated that threat. >> matthew jump into the conversation here. we've been talking about this throughout the day, both of you having quite a bit of confidence that this was going to happen and fairly soon. why were you so confident? >> well, the bottom line is the other individual that was killed matt when they got him, we had to know that there's a possibility these guys had to be maybe in the same vicinity or something like that. they concentrate all their resources into that area. they kept up the pressure combing every detail. once they cover every detail, if the guy was there he would certainly come out or they'd be able to find them. really good job by the police. >> okay. i hate to interrupt you.
12:59 pm
but i want to go to alexandria field who is live in malone new york. what do you know? >> reporter: we learned that just a few minutes ago, law enforcement sources telling us that david sweat has been shot. he's alive and he has been taken into custody. we understand it happened somewhere north of malone and south of the canadian border. this is well within the area that they have been scouring for the last few days. investigators turned their attention specifically to the area we are standing in. it is not far from the spot where richard matt was killed by a tactical team taking gunshots to the head. investigators were acting on evidence and intelligence they received that suggested that richard matt and david sweat had every intention of making their way to the canadian border and crossing their border. a number of cabins were burglar
1:00 pm
rised. they were confident that both of the men were in this area. for the last two three days they had honed in on a tight perimeter. they had flooded the zone with some 1,300 law enforcement officers. all along throughout the weektd law enforcement continued to tell us they were confident that if david sweat was still in the area they would get him. we noticed some changes this morning just on the ground. we saw that investigators were going door to door in the village of malone clearinghouse by house. they were progressing a little bit northward. david sweat has now been con fronted by authorities north of malone. >> do we know if he had a weapon? we know richard matt had a weapon when he was taken down. we know that david sweat


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