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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  June 28, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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population the head of the clinton correctionalle facility. these two animals posed a threat to citizens and law enforcement community of new york for three weeks. it happened on their watch. i think there's going to be a lot of questions now going back now that the main siege is over from them. to go back and say how did you let this happen? how did you turn that prison which is supposed to be able to keep these guys in custody for life into a situation where they could just pop the hatch and go out? >> right. i interviewed the governor of new york this morning before all
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of this went down. we talked about the investigation. we're going to play that for you later this hour so you can hear about his feelings and the investigation he has ordered into this prison. he kept reminding me look no one has broken out before these guys in 100 years. he and everyone else concerned it could happen at all. tom, stay with me. deborah, i know you're working your sources here on set. tell me what you have uncovered. >> again, the big question is were the two individuals together when the shooting took place? that's under investigation. we know he was shot twice. it appears he was shot in the back 3:20 this afternoon when someone identified him on the road. the trooper who took him down jay cook. initial reports was he was in custody. it was unclear if he was dead or alive. turns out he is alive. surgeons and emergency workers are going to keep him alive.
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he's got a lot of important information he could provide to authorities. he could be instrumental in making a case potentially against joyce mitchell and anyone else that may have helped these two escape. if sweat knew matt had been shot and killed and if he was able to run, one of the reasons he may have been on one of these fire breaks between two areas of forest contains the event in the event. if he was on an open fire break, it could have been he was moving as fast as he could through imp possible terrain to get to the canadian border. there is agreement that's integrated intel and criminal intelligence between the
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canadian and u.s. authorities. it's unclear if authorities would have had to identify evidence if heading in that direction. you've got the border with a lot of sensors along the trail. that's where the two men were going. some of our other experts pointed out the fact he had shaved his beard, goatee. we don't know what he's wearing under the camouflage gear. you can see him sitting up the blood on the front there. it's drenching the jacket. he clearly switched out prison gear and anything identifiable to dawn a different costume evict effectively. >> when you look at someone on the run three weeks, how surprised were you he was just 30 miles from the prison he escaped from? does that tell you there likely was no plan b? the fact that joyce mitchell
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didn't show up to pick up the two guys that there was no plan b? >> i think early on we were thinking there may have been a plan b. this validates he got stood up and may have hit the woods. that's what he did. the fact he had camouflage on givers us idea he had another way to cover his tracks during the entire time. my biggest concern now is this investigation is a long way from being over. we need to determine the conditions that led to the security breach. we have to determine if anyone else was hurt while the two were on the run. >> that's right. this is a very densely wooded area. some people go to these alone to go hunting. you said there's concern others could have been injured. >> right. this is where -- matthew can tell you this. running a command post is so vital in this situation. they have to catalog everything
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they search all the leads that come in and go out to make sure they've cleared these places. now, if they have not cleared these certain cabins there could be something who's fatally or even worse, wounded, suffering there. these individuals were murderers. you can see the way they were desperate to go away. to your point earlier, matt shooting at vehicle, i can think he was only trying to get the person out of the vehicle so he could kill him. same thing with mrs. mitchell. if she had gone through with this like we said in the beginning, i guarantee she would have been killed as well. >> stay with us deborah, jonathan. we're going to take a quick break. this man, david sweat, apprehended by authorities. he is alive. will he talk?
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most stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara®. welcome back. we continue to follow the breaking news here in new york on that man hunt in upstate new york where escaped killer david sweat has been captured. he has been captured alive by new york state police. we are waiting a press conference from new york governor andrew couomo expected to begin 6:45 eastern time. we'll carry it for you live as soon as it begins. i want to show you this photo. this is the first time we have seen david sweat since he escape ed from the maximum security prison 23 days ago.
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deborah exclusively obtaining this photo of a bloody pale clearly exhausted david sweat. this all went down in a field in constable, new york two miles south of the canadian border. here's what we know this hour. it happened just before 3:30 this afternoon. a sergeant with the new york state police spotted the convicted murderer dressed in camouflage. he was walking down the road apparently all by himself in broad daylight. he reportedly ran when he was figured out he was spotted by authorities. he ran did you through a field, shot twice. he is alive and being treated at a nearby hospital. we have learned the name of the officer who was shot. sergeant jay cook is with the new york state police. we are told that officer was not hurt in the take do you knowwn. we also heard no other officers were hurt. andrew cuomo is expected to give
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a press conference at 6:45. vincent, your reaction to police 48 hours after police shot and killed matt the fellow convict, police were able to shoot david sweat. >> i think his name is fitting, sweat. for three weeks he's been sweating bullets hoping not to be caught. of course the public was praying he was caught. today the efforts of law enforcement paid off by capturing him, wounded him but keeping him alive so he can provide information to how these two escaped, who is involved and what was what the ultimate plan was. >> do you think he will talk? >> i think he will. he's looking at additional charges for the escape that could add to many years of confinement for him. i think he'll break and say i
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don't want to be in the cell 23 24 hours a day. we want freedom behind bars. i think he will talk. i think there's more than palmermiller involved. >> why do you think that? >> we know who was involved and who got tools in the prison and whatnot, but i think the overall plan is much bigger. >> stay with me. i want to bring in the legal side joey jackson. thank you for coming in my friend. if he is able to survive -- they're treating him at the hospital that doesn't have a trauma center right? we don't know extend of his injuries. if he's able to make it through, legally? >> law enforcement got the person. three weeks, major man hunt
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public cooperation. defendants are cooperating as well. kudos to those police. the public breathes easier. this man is serving life in jail. the issue becomes what type of incentive could a prosecutor offer him so he could speak? maybe on the issue of jail time will there's not incentive. if i'm spending life in jail or vast majority of it tack on a few years, so what. the other side of it is you can make a prisoner's life comfortable or uncomfortable while there. there's inducements you could provide to a prisoner. food simple to us. we eat what we want they do not. i think you're going to see from a perspective of getting him to spill the beans, who helped him, how he did it the extent of people involved in this. the issue will be will he do
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it? i think you'll see the inducement make not the prosecutorial time but how it relates to how he spends time in jail. >> i say these guys even though this is anomaly to have this happen but do they talk? >> sure. he may not have the traditional incentives we use with other criminals, but going back to what casey jordan said the other day. if he's nars nars cystic gets rise out thrill he may brag how he did it. >> there will be a variety of responses. there will be legislative response in term temperatureses of where are laws on correctionalle leofficers -- should they get more than this time in
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jail? obviously the legislative response. they'll look at tightening laws dealing with inmate providing assistance certainly administrative responses, inspector general all over how the prison is operating, where the officers are, what they're doing at night, what they're doing during the day. you'll see a number of responses to this so this doesn't happen. >> deborah? >> it's interesting because the culture of the prison is about to change radically. when you stick to the policy hand book it it is clearly defined to kind of interaction you can have with the inmate. people are given courses on this. they want to make sure -- an inmate may say so who's your day? if a correctional officer or somebody provides information, that's one of the central issues that people said well, how do they know about hunting cabins? a lot of correctional officers had hunting cabins.
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that may have been plan b. when they realized joyce mitchell wasn't going to pick them up. they may had the idea let's get to the hunting cabins. it's a casual conversation. these inmates are so clever. you don't know what may seem to be innocent information that becomes powerful and very important to the inmate using that piece of information. >> there are rules on my other life. what happens is there's strict rules regarding undue familiarity for this very reason. it means the extent of the relationship between the inmate and actual corrections officer. you know something very simple could escalate. rules are if in place to revent this very thing. >> exactly. i want you to take a listen. i spoke earlier with new york governor cuomo in new york city obviously before all of this went down. i asked him about his concern about this prison how this could happen and the
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investigation that he and his team have launch into what went wrong here. take a listen. >> interestingly the prison is about 100 years old. this is the first escape in 100 years. so it's not that this was an easy situation for these people to accomplish. when you look at the feats they went through, cutting through a quarter inch steel in the cell cat walks, tunnels, et cetera. it was a peculiar set of events how they got the tools etc. there's no doubt changes have to be made and the way the prison runs. they try to have incentives for inmates so they reward good behavior. good behavior is good for everyone. good for guards and management of the prison. there's no doubt there were personal acts that were wrong and illegal and may have been systemic breakdowns.
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i've ordered full investigation to review the entire situation. any changes we have to make, we will make. if they're particular to that prison we'll make them particular to that prison. if it's system wide we'll do it system wide. >> cuomo speaking to me earlier today before this went down. deborah saying there very well may have been systemic break downs. >> that's exactly right. i about how -- it's a culture inside that prison. we can't understand it. sometimes you may provide information. sometimes you give a little bit in order to get something. for example, if you've got an inmate who's an informant, you may give them a cigarette or something to use. you give them more and more and then the inmate may blackmail you. they could have done this with joyce mitchell. they got her in a position she was able to do what she did.
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interesting also i've never heard -- look at the break down. we faulk about the fact she smuggled hax saws in to in the hamburger meat. what was she doing giving hamburger meat to them in the first place? >> quick break. back with more breaking news on the fact daifrdvid sweat, the convicted murderer has been taken into custody by authorities. we'll be right back. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla apremilast. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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poppy. breaking news here on cnn. the 23 day hunt for a convicted murderer has ended. it ended this afternoon when authorities shot but did not kill david sweat. you see him fatigued and bloody many the photo obtained by deborah. we have a news conference led by andrew cuomo in about 15 minutes time. what we know is 3:20 this afternoon, david sweat was walking in those camouflage clothes, alone, down a road in constable, new york. he was spotted by a new york state sergeant state police sergeant jay cook who quickly realized he was the man they had been looking for. he started fleeing into a field. he was shot twice. they were able to arrest him. he's been treated at a local
3:31 pm
hospital. his condition is unknown. you're looking at live pictures of the search area where so much of the man hunt was focused. sweat was taken down 30 miles from the prison where he escaped. gary is tuckman on the phone from constable, new york. gary you're on the property where sweat was shot. what are you seeing? what's the scene? >> caller: interesting, notable observations. this is picturesque farm land in constable, new york where he was shot. behind a barn inside the barn property is either an amish family that lives on that property. it's about, as a crow flies, three miles south of the canadian border. the reason i know that specifically, there's a dirt road near the property you can drive up. then it stops and you have to walk to the woods. i got out of the car and walked to the woods. it's a part of the border that's
3:32 pm
not guarded. you can walk into canada. if he was walking at a normal pace and wanted to walk in canada he would have been there in one hour. if he wasn't shot, wasn't stopped and walking on this road near the property an hour or less. if jogging, could have made it in 40 minutes. there's few homes but not a lot of activity. i see one police officer, but i'm not sure he was here before this happened. i don't think this is a normalle place to patrol. he was an hour normal walking speed from getting into canada. matt was killed. sweat was shot precisely 48 hours almost to the hour apart. what's notable and interesting also is that sweat is 20 miles away from where matt was shot. if they were together sweat made up a lot of miles in 48 hours. it seems doubtful he would have been able to do that in heavy brush, 20 miles in 48 hours.
3:33 pm
leads you to the possibility they were not together when matt was shot. that's still to be investigated. >> just one hour away gary from potentially crossing that canadian border on foot. gary we're looking, so you know at live pictures of a barn basically. the search area there. have you spoken with the family who's property this is where he was taken down? >> we've actually spoken to a family that lives right across the street. they are the only two houses in the family said all of a sudden they heard what they thought was shots. they saw the police cars come and commotion. then they found out. no one in new york state didn't know what was happening, the search for the men. they assumed what was going on. they're grateful it ended the way it ended and they weren't in danger. >> how relieved are they?
3:34 pm
i mean what did they say about how they felt frankly, over the past three weeks? >> caller: well these people were stunned. they've been watching on television not like anyone else. not in this part of new york state, but around the world. the story obviously captured international attention. everyone was alert. like the the people that live here this sounds cliche be but they do not lock their doors. they don't lock their car doors. they often leave keys in cars. they hop in the car and drive. these people were all locking hair doors, car doors, and being careful. to have it end across the street from where you live is stunning to say the least. >> now they can live in peace again like they were before. deborah deborah, as you look at these pictures -- gary stand by. thank you for great reports. deborah, we just saw a horse-drawn buggy.
3:35 pm
>> incredible. my first question -- authorities kept saying they were taking things from hunting cabins. i wonder if they took a map from the cabin. they were able to identify route 30. somehow sweat after his friend was shot was able to make it this far up. think actbout it. amish don't have televisions, telephones methods of communication. you have to wonder if there were authorities in the area letting them know this was nearby and that they should keep an eye out for them. go to certain parts of the country and and they don't have access to lekelectronics like we do. when i hear gary say they were an hour from the canadian border, it sends shivers up my spine. even though there's agreement between canadian authorities and u.s. authorities, still -- it would have made this search
3:36 pm
complicated this search in intense degree. >> an hour away in normal walking speed. if you ever were looking for a deterrent in terms of other prisoners breaking out or doing something like this there's a deterrent factor in one being dead and another shot and captured and law enforcement banding together and making sure that no one was injured or harmed. amazing. >> we have learned david sweat is being treated at a local hospital. he's going to be transmitted to another hospital. not sure what that means. we'll have the press conference in a moment. we do know where he's treated mow locally does not have the highest level trauma center there. his condition unknown at this time. let's go to cnn polo sandoval live from the site where sweat was taken in by authorities.
3:37 pm
polo? >> reporter: hey papi. if you were able to make your way down the road you see behind me past the roadblock set up by new york state police, you would be in the field where david sweat was apprehended hours ago. i can tell you speaking to members of the rural community, there's so much relief at the site -- at the sight of that photograph of sweat in handcuffs. there was an intense situation, intense feeling on the streets of dannemora, new york 45 minutes from where we are now. that feeling began to move towards where we are now when the search truly expanded in and around the area. so what i can tell you though this morning, it was -- there was almost -- hope was really beginning to fade among the community. people were almost confident this was not going to be something that was going to
3:38 pm
happen at least any time soon. especially so close to their doorstep. how far, however, on law enforcement side, that determination has not faded. i walked over and asked them how long we expect them to be here and they said it could be all night. it could be hours before people are able to make it back towards their homes. last thing i'll point out, there was a change in tone in their voice. they were intense last three weeks, nervous act how things would end. now there's a lighter tone. clearly they're quite satisfied, most importantly that nobody got hurt officers or innocent people here. the person they were after, david sweat, injured and in the hospital in custody. >> thank you for reporting.
3:39 pm
alexander field also in constable, new york. what are you hearing from authorities around you? >> reporter: what's really in search teams had focused pretty intently on constable days ago. that comes from people we are speaking to in the communitierer this week. they were telling us this before richard matt was shot. they were telling us we've seen activity up here helicopters, investigators up here. now they tell us when matt was shot and killed they felt that police activity dissipated. we know a lot of focus was on the area richard matt was in. what locals are saying is there are railroad beds that run from lake titus up here to constable. they say the spot david sweat was confronted by the police sergeant is a short walk from the railroad bed. they are surmising he could have easily followed the trail or along side it while avoiding detection from officers.
3:40 pm
they say he could have follow that straight shot. the route would have been carved for him. we know he was close to the canadian border. investigators believed both men were work their way to canada. it makes sense to people of constable he would be found in this spot. they say even if the bulk of searches weren't concentrated here they knew being on the canadian border having the rail beds lining the the way from lake titus to here it was certainly a possibility. >> alex what can you tell me about the reaction of the people citizens of this community right now? >> reporter: what's really interesting, is i was down in lake titus as this news broke, as we learned from law enforcement sources that david sweat had been shot alive, taken into custody. just minutes later the news swept through lake titus where they've lived with 1300 law enforcement officers on the
3:41 pm
ground. i was standing in our position in front of the camera. a man drove by the pickup truck and rolled down the window and gave me a thumbs up. i spoke to another man in the search area where concentration efforts had been focused, and he said it was a sense of relief. we have heard throughout the weeks, people were not feeling a real sense of fear. there was of course anxiety. they said the fear was toned down by the fact they saw heavy law enforce. presence around. they were hopeful the fugitives wouldn't make a move to alert authorities to their presence. they were relieved there and also up here in constable where they have been living under this nebulous threat circulated around the region that there was a possibility the fugitives could pop up about anywhere. there's another component to this this feeling there is some -- i don't know if relief is the right word -- but there's
3:42 pm
interesting interests that sweat was take an live. they're hopeful he's in the position and willing to cooperate about what was going on inside the prison to coordinate this kind of escape. >> alexandra, we're learning that david sweat, who you see bloody shot twice on one side of your screen, is moved as we speak. he's been transferred to the albany medical center. >> it's interesting because a law enforcement source told me that earlier. we were trying to get confirmation from albany medical center that he was going to be helicoptered there when he was in the right condition. one of the reasons they're transported him because albany is level 1 trauma center. that's highest designation you can get. they have staff to handle sophisticated procedures. i'm not saying the local
3:43 pm
hospital is but they handle hunting accidents things like that. the main goal as any hospital is keeping this man alive. keeping this individual alive so he will talk will provide information. look if he got out, there's also a concern that others may take advantage of the situation. clearly everything is on highnest highest level lockdown so nobody is going to get out. there was such a breach to the cat walks. in prisoners had access to the cat walks according to the warden at the new york state facility. that's why he's being transported to albany medical center. >> jean i understand you have new information on when he was moved, how he was moved. do we have updates on his
3:44 pm
condition? >> reporter: it was just minutes ago, and it was done very quickly. we saw law enforcement assembling. they have not said or made a statement many in regard to his condition. the ambulance moved out minutes ago speeding away. law enforcement started to leave the area as soon as the ambulance pulled out. the ovation from the community to law enforcement as they were walking away was absolutely extraordinary. you saw law enforce. just filled with pride that this community cared so much about what they had been doing. local people were coming with food to law enforcement, bringing dishes and food to help them. they thought it might be a long night for them. they were grateful for that. now we can tell you david sweat was taken from this hospital via same ambulance that he arrived in and now we know he
3:45 pm
is bound for albany. >> jean thank you. excellent reporting as always throughout all of this. as we're looking at those pictures from moments ago, video in from moments ago of david sweat being transported with a heavy police force right along side that ambulance, being moved from a local hospital near where he was taken in to albany medical center. albany one of the best facilities for medical care in the region has a level 1 trauma center. we do not have update on his condition. hopefully we'll get that at the 6:45 press conference supposed to start about now led mor cuomo. we monitor that. joey jackson to you. is this is to someone in perhaps worse shape than they would like do you start trying to talk to him now? do you start trying to get information from him now? >> you know there's imperative of course to get information and get it as soon as you probably can. at the same time, there's
3:46 pm
realities. realities are you get information when he's medically capable and able to provide it. why? it would be more reliable than in the event he's in half induced coma or what have you. i think what they'll do is they'll wait until a time he's stabilize and doctors think it's appropriate and okay for him to speak and be in the condition to cooperate. we should also say having this discussion cooperation is certainly not guaranteed. certainly they'll make inducements to him. i add this from a prosecution perspective, there's little incentive he has. he's serving a life sentence. what can you do? do things to make his life comfortable in the facility. that may be enough to induce his cooperation. he's a are treasure trove of information into what if anything other people were cooperative. were there correctional facility
3:47 pm
officers involved? anyone on the outside involved? anyone else planning to do what you did? he's a treasure trove of information. even if he's medically stable we don't know if he'll absolutely cooperate. the police will provide every incentive for him to do so. >> matthew? >> like we said earlier, no traditional incentives available to hip. he's serving life and still serving life. he may want his story to come out. >> deborah? >> well you know i keep thinking of walls inside that prison and the cells and all the facilities. that's where he could provide vital information. what it is he's going to say, who was involved. everyone knew about the cat walks there. i spoke to the prison warden that said they did bar checks every two weeks checks of the cell ares and facilities to make
3:48 pm
sure they were still -- that the integrity of the structure was still in place. how also -- this is a question that continues to bother me and that is we've sign one hole in the room of richard matt. the question is how did david sweat get into that hole? did he make his dummy and then slip into the back waiting? was he in richard matt's room maybe under the bed or somewhere else? that sort of bothered me. how did he get into matt's cell so he could get behind the prison walls? that's something that's under investigation as well. >> sure. also going back to something that deb brought up earlier that deals with the culture of the facility. there will no doubt be a change where that's involved. listen this obviously was a major breach. i think the protocols in terms of when a correction officer goes and checks on them what you have to do when you check on them. do you go to the cell?
3:49 pm
inside the cell? do you look for vital signs in that cell? are they breathing, are they there, or is there a pillow there? that's something the inspector general will look into how those protocols can be increased and this doesn't happen again in the future. they'll be accountable for sure. >> i was speaking to somebody that said look david sweat -- he's in the custody of the bureau of prisons. there's a potential he could ask for a trial perhaps -- >> just so he can get out more? >> possibly that's an issue. also the interesting thing could be we hear this defense over and over again. well i was just following richard matt. i got in too deep. he was threatening my life. once he got out, i went with him. >> duress. >> i'm wondering if that so high to
3:50 pm
be you have to be an imminent threat of being harmed it is not likely to be useded or otherwise if used successfully. >> rich twine is a former fbi special agent, also unique perspective on this. rick because you led the manhunt for the olympic centennial park bomber eric rudolph. different case. expertise in living in the wilderness as we see this image. hopefully you can see it clearly desperate david sweat. what is your reaction to what transpired in the last three hours since he was taken down? >> well it doesn't concern me that he's been moved to a higher level trauma center. i mean gunshot wound victims, that's the protocol save their
3:51 pm
life. it suggests in the photo that his wounds are not life threatening. he is in a sitting position. they did not medevac him via air asset but to the closest medical facility where he received initial care and now he's going to where he can get greater care and by ground transportation. the wounds likely not life threatening. the fact he is a little bit more gaunt than at the time of his escape is not surprising. he expended a lot more calories than likely to take in. and also not surprising just given the terrain and all the hunting cabins up there to be able to obtain additional clothing where he was captured additional no surprises there. people take the path of least resistance resistance. why break brush when you can run or walk along a railroad bed, a road or a fire break? law enforcement would have planned for all of those things and it's interesting to me
3:52 pm
because 72 hours ago the new york state police said they were highly confident that the two fugitives were traveling northwest towards -- the canadian border and then 72 hours both of them were found exactly where the briefer from the new york state police aside they would be found. >> rick i was just asking joey this. i'm interested on your perspective when you start to ask questions. as an investigator when do you start to ask questions? when eric rudolph was taken down what is the process? do you start asking questions in the ambulance on the way to the hospital? purely medical care until he is in a stable condition? >> so that would depend on the circumstances. in a case of rudolph, he had been indicted and there were some things with regard to miranda you had to pay attention to. in this particular case they were escapees. you can do an investigation and charge them for the escape but you are not trying to investigate a homicide.
3:53 pm
at least not that we know of. so there are a lot of different techniques. the key is to have the right investigators in front of mr. sweat. somebody that's going to be able to gain rapport with him. find out what motivates him. they will have the very best and there are some extremely extremely skilled interviewers in the law enforcement community. so in my opinion, he will likely talk. most people do. it is just a matter of finding either something to incentivize them talking or appealing to some other motivation to get them to tell their story. poppy? >> can certainly make his life an absolute nightmare in prison much worse than it could be perhaps, if he does speak and give up information. thank you. i want to go to matthew fog, chief deputy u.s. marshal, retired. matthew, your reaction to the fact this happened in the broad daylight sunday afternoon? david sweat is walking down the
3:54 pm
street. >> what i think, once again, it was an awesome piece of law enforcement work by the state trooper that found him. it shows you that everybody was out there looking, not just leaving no rock unturned and the fact that when he approached him, saw him, attempted to make the arrest on this guy. he had to shoot him. bottom line is the guy survived the shooting. and he's in care right now and certainly they got him to the point of being stable. obviously, and there's the agent just said now start to question every -- try to find out everything they can about him and just great police work. it showed how the u.s. marshal, the fbi, the border patrol all of the state police everybody worked together just diligently to make certain they had all areas covered and just shows you that we had all areas covered that the be the tom line is he was on his way to canada and got him before he got there. >> all right. thank you very much. stay with me. i want the go to jean casarez
3:55 pm
joining us outside that hospital where david sweat initially treated and moved to albany medical center where there's a trau level 1 trauma center. i understand you're with a former clinton correctional facility officer. is that right? >> i am. this is former lieutenant from clinton connectional facility. he has just retired. michael blain is joining us. and one thing, michael, i wanted to ask you because this is being broadcast across the country on networks just like cnn. do the inmates have television at clinton correctional? are they watching this as it has unfolded this afternoon? >> i'm quite certain they are. i'm not -- i don't recall what channels they have access to but they're watching. they're glued to these scenes as well. >> what's the impression or the reaction going to be for the inmates when they know that david sweat was captured? >> sour grapes. there's going to be oh he ran for three weeks.
3:56 pm
took them this long to get him. all type of ghetto talk. a lot of talking smack as they say on the street but as they say, the boys in blue always win. >> clinton correctional is historic 1845 when it was built. 100 years they never had anyone escape like this. how did this happen? you were on the inside. you saw how it works there. how did this happen? >> the machine broke down. nothing happens in jail without people knowing. there's a saying. there are no secrets in jail. there are no secrets. unfortunately, the machine broke down. the intelligence network must have broken down. somebody knew something and didn't get passed up and very disappointed but very glad ended this way. >> people in this community are saying that they're so glad that david sweat is alive because they want answers and they want to know who else is involved. at this point, there's only two people that have been charged. the district attorney made a very conclusionary statement he didn't think anyone else would
3:57 pm
be charged. do you think more people are involved in this? >> there's rumors names mentioned amongst retired staff and those are still on the job. i'll wait and see. it's a waiting game. but i do know that those of us who are retired communicating and rooting for all the answers to come out. am i happy the way it turned out? we needed -- the state needed inmate sweat alive to get the answers. now it's a matter of getting them although i believe that the world is better without inmate sweat. >> is it routine for a correction officer, a civil employee to bring in tools from the outside, to the inmates for the inside to hide paint in an area where they're going to be con ducting a search of the cell? is that normal in there? >> no. it is not. very unusual. >> all right. as a correctional officer yourself your thoughts of law enforcement today and the capture of david sweat?
3:58 pm
>> very very happy. i was having lunch with a friend of mine who has a camp on lake titus from western canada. we hadn't seen each other in a very long time and got a text from a sources, i just about jump out of my skin. i couldn't believe it. i didn't think it was real. >> now you're safe too. all right. poppy, back to you. but you can see the inmates are probably watching this at the same time and i know in the maximum security facilities i have been in in new york they do have television an they can buy their own televisions and so they're watching this unfold knowing that one of their own was captured and will be going back to a maximum security prison in the state of new york as they probably get out of the hospital. poppy? >> jean thank you very much. i want to let our viewers know for the first time since david sweat escaped from prison 23 days ago his mother pamela sweat has spoken with local media. we are turning that interview. as soon as i hear we can air it
3:59 pm
for you we'll air it for the first time and see also at the bottom of the screen waiting for a press conference of new york governor cuomo going to be speaking there in upstate new york. about what we know we're still waiting for a number of key questions to be answered and what the condition is of david sweat. we know he was shot twice running across a field. what are the extent of his injuries? have they asked him any questions, have they been able to determine if he was with richard matt who was shot and killed 48 hours ago? if he was with him, when did the two of them separate? how did he hide out for so long in that camouflage gear? all of these questions hoping to get some answers from the governor. he will also be joined at the press conference by new york state trooper police superintendent joseph demico joining the governor. awaiting that press conference. nearly the top of the hour. 7:00 eastern. cnn breaking news.
4:00 pm
7:00 eastern. i'm poppy harlow in new york. captured fugitive david sweat in the hands of police. take a look at this photo obtained exclusively by our deborah feyerick. we have just also learned the name of the officer that shot him. sergeant jay cook. you are looking at a to 0photo of him now. governor cuomo are address the press in a few moments. sweat was being treated inside of a local immediate call center. he is on the move right now, though. he is being taken to albany. bigger facility there where he can be treated. he is on run for 23 days. he was taken into police custody just two miles from the canadian border. just 30


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