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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  June 28, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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7:00 eastern. i'm poppy harlow in new york. captured fugitive david sweat in the hands of police. take a look at this photo obtained exclusively by our deborah feyerick. we have just also learned the name of the officer that shot him. sergeant jay cook. you are looking at a tophoto of him now. governor cuomo are address the press in a few moments. sweat was being treated inside of a local immediate call center. he is on the move right now, though. he is being taken to albany. bigger facility there where he can be treated. he is on run for 23 days. he was taken into police custody just two miles from the canadian border. just 30 miles away from the
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prison where he i skescaped. he was walking down a road this afternoon. broad daylight when he was stopped. he fled across a field. and he was shot twice. but he was taken into custody alive. alexandra field joins me live in constable, new york. what are the authorities on the ground there saying? >> reporter: well, they're still at the field, poppy. they're bringing in forensic investigators. they have got to do the processing of that field before they can clear out of here. we are seeing a resounding sigh of relief. they had 1,300 law enforcement officers who were involved in this. they had, you know, more than 2,000 tips that were called in leading to various leads which set law enforcement officers on the trail of both richard matt and david sweat. but in the end, this was the new york state police's investigation and it was a new york state sergeant who laid eyes on david sweat in a field just about two miles down the road from where i'm standing. we are told by law enforcement
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sources sweat took off running and we are told when he ran, he was shot by the officer and we know he was taken into custody. he remains alive. taken to a local hospital and then to be transported to an albany hospital with a level 1 trauma center. this is just a collective sigh of relief in this community, poppy, and in communities all around the north country, these are people made to live on edge more than three weeks now with two fugitives hiding out in their woods. there was a trail for investigators to follow. orr the last week, a series of breaks in the case. investigators finding several cabins with signs of burglary and then evidence that connected them to the fugitives on the loose. what we saw for two days since richard matt was taken down by a tactical unit that swooped in vie owe hospital to take him out, an intense concentration on the area where they found richard matt. early on, you will remember they found a second set of treats near matt. investigators hoped that that
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would lead them to david sbet. they operated under the assumption from the beginning of this investigation that these two convicted killers were traveling together. they established a 22-mile search area. they combed through it. they did a grid search. they did not give up on the possibility that he remained in the region. today, they find him just south of the canadian border. investigators publicly said earlier this week they believe that both men had every intention of crossing that border. how did they get here? how did david sweat get here? on foot it would seem. there's the trail of cabins connected to the fugitives and also this vast network of old railroad beds crisscrossing the adirondack park, poppy. speaking to the locals and the constable here, they'll tell you that it's almost a straight shot if you lfollow the railroad bed. >> and, alex, what we are hearing is, no, luckily, no
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officers were injured whatsoever in this takedown. is that right? >> reporter: absolutely. and again, we're being told by law enforcement sources here at cnn that david sweat was not armed. we know that richard matt was armed. that he had a shotgun. that he had taken from a cabin burglarized. when the unite surrounded him, he did not put his hands on. richard matt never got a shot off at police officers. now we learn that david sweat didn't either. this was the main priority throughout the course of this very intense manhunt. that the 1,300 law enforcement officers on the ground would be safe, protected and that those in this community would be, as well. they're expressing reloaf and gratitude to law enforcement officers. we have been seeing this in the weeks up here, poppy. a number of local restaurants, hotels putting out food for law enforcement officers. doing the things they can to accommodate the people here to keep them safe. >> you have done an
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extraordinary job reporting for three weeks straight on all of this and law enforcement deserves a lot of credit for all they have done. thank you. what you are looking at on the screen live pictures of this press conference just about to begin. it is being held at the titus mountain ski resort in malone, new york. right up by where david sweat was captured. we are hearing from new york governor cuomo and also going to hear from new york state police superintendent joseph demico. as we wait, a number of questions that everyone wants answers to. the first question obviously a lot of people want answers to is, is david sweat in a condition to talk? is he telling police anything about how this happened? how he and richard matt were able to escape from a maximum security prison 23 days ago. let's listen in to new york governor andrew cuomo. >> well, we are here with good news. as i'm hur you've heard already. the nightmare is finally over.
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it took 22 days. but we can now confirm as of two days ago as you know mr. matt is deceased. and the other escapee mr. sweat is in custody. he's in stable condition. and we -- let's give a big round of applause to the men and women of law enforcement for doing a great job. [ applause ] it has been a long, long time. but as you've heard and the superintendent will go into further detail, mr. sweat was spotted by a new york state police sergeant. sergeant jay cook. he was approached this afternoon. the sergeant recognized mr. sweat. obviously, from his description. and encountered and engaged mr. sweat. mr. sweat fled.
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the trooper gave chase. the trooper was unable to catch him on foot. at one point, the sergeant decided to discharge his weapon hitting mr. sweat twice in the torso. mr. sweat went down. help arrived. and mr. sweat is now in a hospital in stable condition. this happened a mile and a half from the canadian border. in the town of constable. i had the chance to speak with sergeant cook and congratulate him on his great police work. he was alone when this happened. sergeant cook happens to be from troop b, he knew the area very well. he was still alone and a courageous act. i said to sergeant cook who has two daughters, 16 and 17, i said, well, you go home tonight and tell your daughters that you're a hero with teenage girls that will probably last a good
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24 hours and you'll just go back to being a regular dad as i well know. this was an extraordinary situation in many ways. the prison is over 100 years old. this is the first escape in 100 years. and if you are writing a movie plot they would say this was overdone. you had hacksaws delivered with a -- by a facilitator in ground up meat. you had two prisoners who were on the honor block. they hacksawed through the back of the cell. they got into the catwalks taking them to tunnels where they came across a contractor's job box. large tool box. one of the prisoners was a burglar. knew how to pick the lock. picked the lock repeatedly.
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they used those tools then to do the work of breaking the wall, cutting the pipe, cutting the chains and making way to the sewer pipe. it was an extraordinary circumstance. and the first escape in over 100 years. but one escape is one escape too many. we will have the ongoing investigation to find out exactly who was involved. we have two people who have been arrested for facilitation. or accomplices in this situation. but the investigation's not over. now that we have mr. sweat, it gives us the opportunity to have some more questions and provide more facts on the overall situation. anyone who we find who was culpable and guilty of cooperating in this escape will be fully prosecuted. the d.a.s have done a great job of both franklin and clinton county an i want to thng them
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and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. if anyone else was involved, we'll find that. we will be conducting an investigation into the systems in that prison. and how could this happen and how did they have access to the catwalk, et cetera? there are a lot of questions to be answered and we already started a full investigation. that's being headed by the inspector general of the state of new york. but today ends with good news. these were really dangerous, dangerous men. both matt and sweat. they were killers. mr. matt killed at least two people. mr. sweat killed the -- a sheriff's deputy in broom county. in a savage, savage way. so these were dangerous people. they -- we could not tolerate them being on the loose. the terrain was very difficult. this prison happens to be located in heavily forested
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area. so it was an extraordinarily difficult road to hoe sort to speak. and this was an unpress departmented coming together of law enforcement on every level. we had local law enforcement. we had federal law enforcement. state assets. all working together. hand in glove. with gears meshing. and i would just want to thank the department of corrections sort team headed by colonel bradford. the new york state police headed by captain chaffia. the forest rangers, the fbi which did an outstanding job. i spoke on the phone to agent vail and agent tim dunham with us today. the clinton county sheriff's office and d.a.. the frankly county sheriff's office, district attorney's office.
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police, vermont state police. governor peter shumlan who's extraordinarily cooperated. visited the prison. brought vermont assets to work hand in glove with new york. the dhses, u.s. customs and border protection which did an outstanding job in apprehending mr. matt two days ago. washington county sheriff's office and the st. regis mohawk tribal assets. we want to thank them all and last but not least but the people of new york who were as usual stepped up to the challenge. people in franklin county, clinton county, they had all sorts of leads. they were on the lookout. law enforcement didn't end here. every citizen did their job. and they did it bravely and they did it courageously and they dealt with the increased police presence and the fear, frankly,
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of having to go three weeks knowing that there were murderers loose in your backyards but new yorkers are tough. and they stepped right up. they stepped up to the challenge. they provided help. and they stood with us every step of the way and i want to thank the people of franklin and clinton county personally. every law enforcement officer, literally thousands of law enforcement officers were engaged in this. and it's nice whit ends well and we said that we're going to have a celebration at the appropriate time but that everyone goes home safe. and the escapees have been dealt with. you couldn't have a better ending. we wish it didn't happen in the first place but if you have to have it happen, this is the way you want it to end. another round of applause for the men and women of law enforcement. [ applause ]
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and now, i turn you over to superintendent joseph dimico who runs the new york state police. superintendent? >> thank you, governor. good afternoon. i'll give you the facts that i know but i just caution that the shooting investigation into the apprehension of david sweat is ongoing so i'll give you whatever i do know, though. about 3:20 today, sergeant jay cook, assigned to troop b, spent most of his career here at sp malone, was on patrol. he was supervised perimeter posts up in the area and continued ground search. as he was driving down the road, he spotted a male who was basically jogging up along the side of the road. he approached him. and as he exited the car, the male turned to him. he says, hey, come over here. the male kind of ignored him.
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he called out to him again at which time the male turned around kind of like, you know, what do you want from me? and he recognized him to be david sweat. and at that time, sweat turned and fled on foot with the sergeant in pursuit. at some point running across the field, he realized that sweat would make it to a treeline and possibly could have disappeared and fired two shots from his service weapon, his handgun, hitting sweat twice in the torso. local ems team responded and treated sweat on the scene. he was air lifted to the hospital and he's in stable condition and i would expect that he's going to be moved to one of the trauma centers for further treatment. we've been in the area as i told you on friday. we started up at the northern border near the canadian border. this event took place about a mile and a half from the canadian border. our concern was that they could have made it to the border and
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we were pushing southward from the border. i think that was effective today being in the right area where sweat was i can only assume he was going for the border. he was that close, and we couldn't be happier we were able to apprehend him and not lose him. it's been a long three weeks. we did investigation of the matt shooting and there was a camp that we located where we thought maybe they bed down up in the ear what of route 41 in malone and we were able to obtain some dna off discarded material there that came back to david sweat. it was a picnic style pepper shakers and we believe that possibly these two males were using pepper to throw the scent off of the dogs tracking them and we did have difficulty tracking so, you know, it was fairly effective in that respect. so i just want to echo the words of the governor. thank my law enforcement
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partners. tremendous effort. you know? i have seen them out here over the last three weeks in the fields 24 hours a day. in the rain. in the cold. in the swamps. in the woods. a tremendous effort by all of our partners in law enforcement. i also want to single out our on-scene commander, the face of the state police over the last three weeks. tremendous leader. [ applause ] he has really done a phenomenal job over the last three weeks leading our ground troops and koocoordinating with the investigator side. we tracked down over 2,500 leads from the community. we appreciate it. it's a team effort. it's law enforcement and the community working together. i think that was effective here. i appreciate the support that everyone's shown us and the
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patience that they have had. hopefully now everybody's life can get back to normal. but at this time, i guess we would be willing to take questions. >> superintendent, mr. sweat captured well north it seems over the search area. the heart of it. and i was told you were hammering that area over the last day or two. can you tell us what led you to suspect he might be so far? >> well, you know, after the time locating matt, we were searching from basically the canadian border southward. we had moved our deployment sometime around last thursday after the burglary. we figured we would go north and push down in the event they were going for canada. this was right in that search area. approximately 16 miles north of where matt was shot and killed. >> superintendent, with sweat armed, and with what and are the nature of the injuries to the extent that he would be able to speak and talk with authorities and said anything, either to the
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officer or to the sergeant before he was shot and after since being taken into custody? >> well, his injuries he was shot twice in the torso and considered in stable condition. he hasn't been interviewed by our investigators. obviously, we are looking to interview him. there's a lot of blank spaces between the time hay left dannemore prison three weeks ago and then apprehended and i'm guessing some point we'll be able to do some of that. >> was he armed? >> he wasn't armed at the time he was apprehended, in. >> can you confirm three teenagers saw him having interaction and called in a tip and led to the sergeant finding him? is that how that went down? >> not today. today it was routine patrol by the sergeant who spotted him on the side of the road and some good heads up police work by the sergeant. very alert. he was by himself. supervising perimeter posts as a sergeant.
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hi he approached him. he did a courageous and brave act of police and as the governor said, we have commended him and i couldn't be prouder of him. >> -- 22-mile radius lock down tight yesterday, how did sweat get so far from that area? >> you know, you've been around here for three weeks like we have. the terrain is so dense you can't see five feet in front of you so i mean, if you stayed in the treeline, you know, use something as a guide whether it was a road or a rail bed or anything else, you could make your way. in this case, like i said, if you stayed in the treeline, you wouldn't be able to see him from the road. it is not impossible. >> were there standing orders to law enforcement here that if sweat was spotted and didn't surrender to shoot him? >> absolutely not. our intention, you know, as law enforcement was to bring them in without having to use force. sometimes as in the case of matt, you know, where he was
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armed and he presented a threat, sometimes force is necessary. it's a doing yangerous job that law enforcement aufrts officers do. who know what is kind of damage? it's kind of -- i'm just thankful. three weeks. no innocent civilians, no innocent law enforcement were hurt. >> superintendent, is there any indication they were together close by each other friday when matt was shot? did they split up at some point? >> obviously, you know, since they escaped, there was the time when they were together and a time when they split apart. when was it? i couldn't say for sure. other than the fact that sweat's dna was recovered in the area of that county route 41 burglary. you know, it's due north from there. very possible. >> all right, folks. we'll wrap it up. >> thank you all very much. one more round of of applause for our partners who were all
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here. the new york state police. thank you. [ applause ] >> all right. you have just been watching a live press conference held there in upstate new york with new york governor andrew cuomo as well as the new york state police superintendent joseph d'amico. so many law enforcement officers working so hard for three weeks. let me recap. david sweat was shot twice in the torso. he is in stable condition. we are told he was alone when he was captured this afternoon at 3:20 in the afternoon. he was captured 1 1/2 miles from the canadian border. again, shot in the torso, he is in stable condition. we are also told from the new york state superintendent of police there that he has not yet been interviewed and not yet been interviewed. you are looking at a picture
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obtained right after he was shot. but we are told he is in stable condition. he is being treated at a hospital on his way to a hospital in albany. also, what we have learned is that it was sergeant cook who the governor just lauded as a hero who spotted him on a typical routine patrol. and was able to identify him and then he was shot twice and taken down. we also know we are told now by police that sweat captured 16 miles north of where his fellow convict and escapee richard matt was shot and killed 16 miles away. we have not found out how long they were together, whether they split up on friday when matt was shot or split up a long time ago. one other thing, fascinating detail we learned from the officer in that press conference. dna of sweat was found in a matted down area in the region
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and they found what he described as picnic style pepper shakers that authorities believe were used to throw off the scent of their trail. saying that it was effective. very effective and as you will remember through this, the authorities said they were losing that scent. the bloodhounds losing the scent trail and now believed that they used pepper shakers to cover their scent. just unbelievable. one of our producers on the line with me. are there? >> i'm here, poppy. >> what do you make of all of this? >> well, it is pretty crazy. certainly pepper shakers and shows just how well planned i think matt and sweat were for this. i think that investigators have been spending sometime at the jail talking to jail guards and
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staff and inmates of the jail and learning that perhaps matt and sweat more prepared than they had initially thought. there is a lot of talk at the jail about this. matt and sweat spent sometime talking to guards what life was like outside of the prison. you know? sort of the area. where they went hunting. so, you know, investigators are starting to learn a lot more about how much they went into planning this for them and just how much sort of i guess for lack of a better word intelligence, you know, the two escapees were doing sort of and sort of the information gathering they were doing before they escaped. >> yeah. just incredible. thank you so much. stay with me. deborah, i want your reaction and read a quote of a transcript here. i want you to hear this. if you're just joining us, new
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york governor cuomo and the head of the new york state police leading the press conference talking about new details of how this capture went down. he went into detail for the first time i believe, deborah, on getting the lockbox. talking about matt an sweat and how they got out of the prison. quote, they got into the catwalks, taking them to tunnels where they came across a contractor's job box, a large toolbox. one of the prisoners was a burglar. he knew how to pick the lock. he picked locks repeatedly. they used those tools to do the work of breaking the wall, cutting the pipe, cutting the chains and making the way to this sewer. it was an extraordinary circumstance and the first escape in over 100 years. now we know more. >> right. one of the first things that jumps out to me is one of the prisoners is a burglar. we know that richard matt, in fact, had some expertise at breaking in things but also a sloppiness of the contractor
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leaving a toolbox in the catwalk. very well-known not only to these two but the prisoners in that facility. the second thing is that when you think of all the sources that were brought to bear up in that area, the one who shot him was alone, lived in the area for 21 years, new york state police officer. sergeant. and he saw david sweat called out to him. sweat kept going. called out to him again. sweat turned around and recognized him and although there was a short chase, it wasn't until david sweat was running towards that treeline that the officer opened fire. he shot two times. he hit david sweat both times and still managed not kill him. that's remarkable. the fact that david sweat wearing the camouflage gear meaning once he got to the treeline a game changer and you have to wonder given the weather, the conditions of the terrain, whether, in fact, david
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sweat took a calculated risk that the chances were better in he simply got on to the road looking like an ordinary hunter and, you know, assuming that he was far up north, far enough north that he wouldn't be spotted and the sergeant alone and actually was the one who shot and took him down is remarkable. that he was only a mile and a half from the canadian border. which would have been another game changer. we have talked about the game changers a lot. all of this to me is remarkable and one thing to point out and that also is that the dna from matt and sweat was identified together a week ago. >> yep. >> so nobody had any indication whether, in fact, they were still together. after that discovery of the dna together. could have been opening fire at the camper and exposed the position when he either told sweat to start taking off, to run, whatever, at that point,
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sending up a flare. somebody's going to respond and the chances of escaping are better apart than together. >> very quickly, get tom in here, former fbi assistant director. can you react to the fact we are now told they used pepper shakers to cover the scent. >> that sounds funny to me. again, we talked about this early on. some people think dogs are the greatest thing. sometimes they just don't keep the scent and can't track. unfortunately, this is a situation where it took 1,200 officers in the woods and on patrol overseeing the officers to go it the old-fashioned way without the dogs and without the infrared and the helicopters. both techniques didn't help them as much as just having officers out there en masse being able to see them. secondly i think that that officer looking at the heavy jacket that he was wearing that the victim was wearing, i think
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he was shooting center mass. i don't think he was able to deliberately place two shots in the torso to not be fatal. i think that sweat could just as easily be dead given the officer is running, the subject is running. very difficult shots. the fact he hit him twice is great shotti ishooting in and o. >> the governor calling sergeant cook hero. you are indeed a hero he said. tom, thank you very much. 7:30. half hour past 7:00 here. let's reset for you on this breaking news. all right. breaking news this afternoon. an escaped convicted murderer, someone who shot and killed a sheriff deputy, shot him 22 times, david sweat is captured alive. governor cuomo wrapping up a news conference, revealing many new detalgs of how sweat and accomplice richard matt escaped.
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>> this was an extraordinary situation in many bways. this prison is over 100 years old. this is the first escape in 100 years. writing a movie plot they would say this is overdone. you had hacksaws delivered by a facilitator in ground up meat. you had two prisoners who were on the honor block. they hacksawed through the back of their cell. they got in the catwalks, taking them to a labyrinth of tunnels coming across a contractor's job box. large toolbox. one of the prisoners was a burglar. knew how to pick the lock. picked the lock repeatedly. they used those tools then to do the work of breaking the wall,
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cutting the pipe, cutting the chains and making way to the sewer pipe. the -- it was an extraordinary circumstance. and the first escape in over 100 years but 1 escape is 1 escape too many. >> also want to show you this. brand new video of david sweat being transferred by ambulance to the albany medical center under great, great police guard as you can see. we are also told that he is in stable condition after being shot twice in the torso. learning from new york's governor andrew cuomo shot twice in the torso by a new york state police sergeant on regular duty in the middle of the afternoon spotted walking down the street. this man, jay cook. and he was also spotted and shot just a mile and a half from the canadian border. sweat, take a look at the picture, dressed in camouflage. we are told he was not armed. another remarkable detail we just learned, police say that he
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may have been using pepper, just typical pepper, they say picnic style pepper shakers, to cover up their scent and they say that is why they believe their bloodhounds having such a hard time following the scent trail consistently of the two men. we know that david sweat was in the town of constable, new york. this is a very rural, rural area. his capture now brings to an end a three-week-long manhunt this has gripped the nation and gripped certainly the people that live in that area. as you will remember, just about 48 hours ago, friday, late afternoon, that is when his acome place richard matt was shot and killed. for the first time, we are hearing from david sweat's mother. her name pamela sweat. her first interview since her son was captured. watch. >> it felt like a big lift is off my shoulders that he was captured and he is alive. >> again, talk to me about those feelings when he was captured.
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>> it's just a sigh of relief. i mean, we started crying. because he was -- wasn't killed. >> were you ever afraid that he was going to try to come down to this area while he was on the run? >> oh no. my son knows if he would have came here, i would have had him knocked out and taken him to jail by themselves. that's just the way i am. i've always done it to him when he was bad. >> we spoke a few weeks ago and you described to me that these problems with david really began at an early age. can you describe to me, i know he was about 9 years old. can you describe to me when these problems began and what they were like? >> in the beginning, he was 9 years old and his dad brought him a broken fishing pole and a tackle box that wasn't new. and he got mad at his dad. told him to get down the stairs or he was going to throw him down the stairs. he went in the bedroom and took
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a baseball and threw it to the window and hoping it would hit his dad and didn't but broke the tv. >> the violence began at an early age obviously. talk to me a little bit. did he grow out of it? get worse? what was it like? >> he'd always got in trouble and every time he did, i would grab him by the ear and take him to the place station or one time he had a knife in the backpack and the school called me. they wouldn't let go of the backpack. i took him to the principal's office. i don't deal with that stuff. >> so your son right now, he's 35. correct? >> he just turned 35 the same day as me. >> so what do you think about what it's going to be like now for him to go back to prison for the rest of his life? >> i don't know. i know that that's where he should have stayed. and if that's what he needs to
4:36 pm
do, then that's what he needs to do is go back and do what he's got to do. >> have you been watching the media coverage? have you been watching the nulls outlets? >> no. i don't want to. i just want to know when's the matter with my son. >> a pain and grief of his mother there. speaking with our affiliate there in binghampton, new york. i want to go to -- what are you hearing from law enforcement there? they're posted right now. the roadblock. this is the closest to take you to the very spot where david sweat faced off with the new york police sergeant. this road takes you just west and then a road only about a block down if you take that north you will be yard from the u.s. canadian border and that puts things in perspective. you are able to see part of that treeline that extends further in.
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part of that treeline that officers were so afraid he was able to jump into and get lost. and what truly speaks to just how unexpected so many of the turns have been, poppy, we have seen 11, nearly 1,200 police officers saturate this area and yet a lone police sergeant on patrol sergeant jay cook was the one that ended what was just so much pain, so much agony and concern for just so many people so you may imagine really whatnot only what it means for the people that kept their doors locked, children inside and family of deputy kevin tarcia. shot and killed in 2002 by david sweat. early on in this thing, three weeks ago, an opportunity to speak to supervisors say that this escape basically tore open a wound that took years to heal. knowing that this very dangerous cop killer was on the run. so if anybody wanted to see david sweat back behind bars, it
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was not only deputy's family but also colleagues and now the people here in upstate new york, poppy, again, a very active scene to make the way down this road past that roadblock and see really a very active crime scene still. investigators trying to make sure that they covered all their bases here and then call it interesting or really just call it quite ironic. we are now told by new york state police richard matt, the inmate that was shot and killed by police officers two days ago, was taken to albany medical center for the autopsy to be done and now his injured alleged accomplice taken to the same facility after just a very remarkable turn of events here after three weeks, poppy. >> all right. thank you for the reporting. back to the panel here on set. first talk about the fact and, deborah, beginning with you, the detail that we got from governor cuomo on how these guys were able to access a contractor's
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toolbox. >> yeah. >> talk about systemic breakdown. >> it's definitely a systemic breakdown. the interesting thing also is all of us sort of rolling our eyes thinking, how do two men do what they did with two hacksaws smuggled in by frozen meat? this makes sense, a contractor left a toolbox in the catwalk. these men accessing the a catwalk and get into the toolbox and get the tools and weapons that -- not weapons, i'm sorry. the tools they needed to make the cuts that they did to get out. >> can be used as weapons. >> absolutely. a couple of interesting things. when you look at the picture of david sweat, also, wearing that camouflage gear, we heard from the new york state police, in fact, they were using pepper shakers to throw the dogs off the scent. dogs are trained to pick up the scent of humans. also, interesting, the fact that he was wearing somebody else's
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clothing would also throw the dogs off the scent. and he may have been able to stay as hidden as he was because of the fact sticking towards the treeline so he had access visual access to the road but staying by the treeline and again when you think of this sergeant by himself, he's a firearms instructor and they use a glock 45 and the fact he fired twice and hit twice is impressive. >> an issue on that. torso shots, it is important to talk about and matt would corroborate this. they aim for center mass and terminate the threat. why not shoot in the leg? answer questions. want him to be in a preserved state of physical health. there's a number of reasons. it's inconsistent with the
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training. you're avoiding ricochet. you can endanger someone else and speaks to the issue of why center mass and the torso. beyond that, it is very interesting going back to a point of deb earlier. all the assets out there. police officers aplenty searching for him. one officer who happens to be a veteran who happens to be very good with his gun based upon his training experience and the fact he teaches this and that's the officer who actually, you know, ultimately apprehended him. if you look at this and based upon him being in camouflage and so close to the canadian border and the treeline, you have to think he did what a good deed bringing him under justice, shooting him, ending this for a community in fear and certainly much anxiety. >> remember, also, whenever these things happen, it's a dynamic situation. identifying sweat, the adrenaline is going. the heart is pounding. even aiming at center mass, he
4:42 pm
may, in fact, miss a round or two. he didn't. think of this. the state police run the investigation. making the capture. and the sense of matt, customs and border protection responsible for 3 house miles of border new york to seattle, end up shooting and killing matt because they're familiar with the region. they have the resources and they make the kill. >> absolutely. stay with me. we'll get a quick break in here. much more after this.
4:43 pm
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4:47 pm
picture. clearly exhausted. december desperate after richard matt wusz shot and killed. of course, they're planning to interview him. they want to know everything they can possibly find out from this man. how he got out of prison and stayed on the run for 23 days. let's go straight to jean casarez on the ground there near where he was captured. what are you seeing? what are you hearing? >> well, we are here at the medical center and david sweat just taken away. we do know where he is bound for. albany medical center. but the people here in malone, i think they cannot believe the medical center is not only where joyce mitchell came in with her anxiety attack, when she decided she wasn't going to man the g a getaway car for the inmates and now david sweat taken to the
4:48 pm
same medical center. they're saying this is what we're going to be known for. i said, no, this is where he was captured an you're all safe. this community is so grateful. they cannot believe that 1,300 law enforcement officers today out and about and 1 found him so close to the border, so close to them. and captured him alive because they want answers. >> jean, stay with me. i want to show our viewers this image. what you are seeing now are the people jean's talking about going up to the officers in malone, new york, thanking them, thanking them for putting their life on the line for three weeks straight to try to capture the two men and now they have done so. convicted murderers off the street, no longer on the run. david sweat apprehended and you can bet he will be interrogated as soon as they are able to talk to him. we're told he is in stable condition after being shot twice in the torso by a new york state police sergeant and who the
4:49 pm
governor cuomo called a hero tonight. jean casarez to you. what do people want to know now that they know they're safe from the two men, what lingering questions about the prison and how this could have happened? >> they want to know who else is involved. they do not believe that only two people could be involved in this. because it was so intricate as the governor cuomo was talking about a hole bored out of the back of the cell and then the intricacies of pipes and other areas. they want to know how they found that route. you can't just find that route haphazardly. they believe more people are involved and they want the truth and the answers because this community here is all about law enforcement. it's all about corrections. there are several prisons in this area. not only clinton correctional. it is the maximum security facility. but there are many others and so almost every family has someone
4:50 pm
that is employed by the prison system. and they believe this is tarnished their reputation. because they had a reputation of being flawless. for 100 years. and now because of people on the inside that for some whim inmates, they are angry and they want answers and they want answers from david sweat. >> rlier this evening, you spoke a former correctional officer from this prison where they broke out, just retired. what did he say that stood out most to you? >> i think when i spoke to him, he had discussed with me the inmates have a lot of television at clinton, they have it in recreational area, a break area. throughout the facility they can watch television. they can only also one for their cells.
4:51 pm
they are watching this as it comes down. i think that is fascinating to think they are watching inmates they used to be with, knowing one is dead and one is recaptured. you know, there's going to be emotions from those inmates, one way or the other an the fact he said it was not normal to bring in hamburger meat with tools inside. not normal to bring in a screw driver and pliers from the outside, as prosecutors are alleging that gene palmer did to help inmates in one way or another. that wasn'tdown done and he was a lieutenant there. so this is extraordinary behavior, not normal behavior but obviously it led to these inmates having a lot of freedom they wouldn't have had otherwise. >> also we have learned they could wear plain clothes, they could wear sweat suits if you will. the governor of new york in the press conference said if this
4:52 pm
were a movie script you would think it was over done, but this is reality. jean casarez, thank you very much. stay with us. alexandra field on the story. what we did hear is that sweat was 16 miles away from where richard matt was shot and killed on friday afternoon. and as deb any leads when they broke apart? >> we have been reporting the last week the search cabin they had broken in to had been dna of both of them recovered more than a week ago, saturday. then this trail of evidence that investigators followed. two more reported break-ins. it was unclear to investigators if the two with were in fact together. they were always operating under
4:53 pm
the assumption they maybe. no clear assumption where they split up. the people in the community say it makes a lot of sense to he could have been in lake titus where richard matt was shot because he could have followed the railroad right up here. from lake titus. and we are shy of the canadian border where investigators said they believed the men intended to cross that border. i just got off the phone with a gentleman who lives next to the field that david sweat was shot in. what was so overwhelming to me, so powerful from what he said was this, he didn't even realize it had happened until a neighbor called him. he went out and he saw the field that was just flooded with law enforcement. what's so fascinating about this is given the incredible footprint, the incredible enormous amount of resources that people notice in the region in terms of law enforcement presence it goes back to the
4:54 pm
single state trooper on a roving patrol who saw someone, followed his insint and shot him. it went down like that. the two together. david sweat facing off with each other there. so under the radar that the person who lived next door didn't even know it was going on at the time. >> it is extraordinary. certainly a hero tonight. sergeant jay cook with the new york state police there. thank you very much. looking at all of this, it is an extraordinary fete this happened. you brought up an issue, did they have a map? how did they navigate so well in. >> that is interesting and one of the things law enforcement welcome looking at. you have hunting cabins and many know the terrain in the area. you have to wonder if there was some book, map, anything that may have suggested to these two where they were going to go. this really came tumbling down,
4:55 pm
the whole escape starting on thursday when investigators found candy wrappers in the area of r of malone, new york. and then the camper van which was fired on by richard matt that immediately brought in members of the elite team in to the area. they searched a nearby cabin. they smell ed gun powder in that cabin, and they listened and actually heard cough. a cough and movement. richard matt trying to get away. that's when they were able to shoot and kill him. he was shot three times in the head. we don't know whether the two men were together at that moment, or once matt effectively exposed his position where he told david sweat, or whether david sweat took off but he took off. he was wearing camouflage and the camouflage making it difficult, not only to see david sweat, especially as he is stuck
4:56 pm
near the tree line but somebody else's clothing that was a big factor, as well. i got some interesting information. this could be a complete coincidence but that area of new york, a known serial killer lived in that area. had land in that area and david sweat was shot on the same road. it could be a coincidence, but these men were so clever that whenever they were reading, whatever it was they were doing could have been something that small that led them to that area. >> we have to -- >> we have to get a quick break in here. we will be back with more on the breaking news after this. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought.
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we begin with our breaking news. the nightmare is over. those words just spoken by new york governor andrew cuomo. escaped convicter murderer who killed a sheriffs deputy david sweat has been captured. shot twice and in the hands of police as we speak. this photo obtained showed the moment just after sweat was apprehended by a new york state


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