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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  June 30, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- default and the aftermath. we will break down what is next in the greek financial mess. >> we're live in the tunisian
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city where a gunman killed tourists on the beach. new details on his background. raging wildfires in washington state and the destruction they're leaving behind. and hello i'm natalie allen. i stepped in next to errol. >> so glad you did. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> i'm errol barnett. thanks for joining us. this is "cnn newsroom." it's 9:00 a.m. in greece. this nation waking up in a deepening financial crisis really feeling the implications and the ripple effects across europe and the global economy. greeks are lining up outside of banks this morning. this is live pictures coming to us from athens. many people hoping to get their hands on their own money after the country defaulted on its loan from the international monetary fund.
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>> and this is not the picture anyone wants to be seeing developing in greece. the government failed to make tuesday's $1.7 billion loan payment and european creditors denied a request for more time. that request came in a form of a letter to the euro group whose president spoke to cnn before the deadline. >> the part of the request about the extension of the old program is practically impossible and the political context and the stance of the greek government hasn't changed. the old program will expire. the second part of the letter referred to a new program and we will start procedures on that but of course we still have to away the referendum. >> greeks will be going to the polls on sunday to decide whether they want to go forward with the european bailout program. isa soares is live with more on this and this vote there is no
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real bailout plan at the moment but they are proceeding with this vote any way. isa, hello. >> reporter: good morning. and in greeks will be waking up this morning and wondering if that is still going ahead and if it is will the question will be the same whether it is about staying in the euro or wanting drachma or a new question regarding the bailout which we know little about. there is a new request in. we don't know the new content. the euro group is expected to meet today and they will discuss the ideas coming from greece. but we have seen today those live pictures we had of people queueing outside banks. many of them pensioners. the reason they are frustrated is simple. they were told they would get
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their pensions on monday. that was payday. that did not happen. and many people trying to take the 60 euro limit from their cash points and they couldn't get to that. one pensioner tried ten times to take out 60 euros and that didn't happen either on tuesday. and today we were told that is pension payday and that will be increased to 120 euros. many do not have cards. they go to banks and they show their identity card and they get their money. that's why tensions are so high in the athenian capital. >> yes, and isa we talk about people just waking up. if they were able to get any sleep, good for them. these are really really unbelievable times there from greece. thank you so much. we'll see you again on this and we'll have much more on the debt crisis still ahead this hour, including a live report from abu dhabi on what steps the euro group could take next to save
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greece's economy. u.s. law enforcement agencies are bracing for possible threats during the july 4th holiday on saturday. the new york police said that security will be heavier this independence day than in past year the same for los angeles. officials say there have been no credible threats but isis leaders and supporters have repeatedly called for violence against american security services the government and the public over the past year. we move the focus to tunisia where the country will deploy armed security forces in tourist zones starting today in the wake of a terror attack in a beach resort in sousse. we are now live in sousse with more on that. tunisia likely stepping up the security posture because it appears this was a premeditated attack with connections to isis
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and another attack in tunisia. what are we learning today? >> reporter: this comes from the ministry of the interior. not only do they believe he had communications as they are calling it with a libyan terror group, either one with an extensive reach in tunisia or isis they haven't confirmed which. but they also say it is likely he trained in a camp there. they believe, given what they've seen from his abilities, given what they've seen from the training and the planning of this operation that it seems that there is reason to believe that he had some kind of training in libya. they haven't told us why they believe that. but that is their stance at the moment. they also believe that that training was received in the same place as those responsible for the attack for the museum in
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the tunisian capital a month ago. all of this not helping the tunisian economy. since the revolution that has been hit with these recent terror alerts and attacks that's not helping. the tunisians are trying to be visible with their efforts. the tourist police will be armed. a lot of those in the tourist industry here in sousse and other places say it's come a little too place. it's been quite a number of days since this attack errol. a lot of tourists who wanted to stay wanted to stand by the tunisian people in this they have not been given that visible support. but of course any support, any sense of raising the security levels here that will of course be welcome errol. >> certainly. and at a time like this when we're still looking for answers and i understand there are a
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number of victims still to be i.d.'d there is more scrutiny on the tunisian government which is trying to repair after years of uncertainty. why are things taking so long specifically the remaining victims? >> it's the month of ramadan and over the weekend. this isn't a time in which as many people we have spoken to have said that efficiency is of the paramount here. but that isn't what we have been seeing in our interactions with the tunisian authorities on this. it wasn't just about the attack but how the attack was handled. many of those on the beach that day, tunisians and europeans said it took too long for the police to arrive. one man we spoke to who was among those tunisians said it
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took 45 minutes and he watched every minute count down on his phone as they waited unbelievabling unbelievabling it could take too long. at the moment there are no concrete answers to this. but tunisia is going to need to start providing them if it can hope to reinvigorate the tourist economy here and hope to try to convince people that tunisia is a place they should still keep coming. >> it appears that people will need to be convinced of that. thanks. and now to a developing story here in the united states. the fbi and other federal agencies are in south carolina investigating a fire at a predominantly black church. authorities don't know how it started at the mt. zion methodist episcopal church that's an ame church in
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greeleyville. >> reporter: we are at the mt. zion ame church in greeleyville south carolina. this is an hour from the charleston south carolina church where the shooting happened two weeks ago. we know from the sheriff that this church he is saying that the fire is somewhat under control. we can see that the brick edifice of the church is still standing. you can see the white cross that faces the road here. but i am hearing from firefighters who say that the inside of this church is all gone. we have seen smoke billowing from the inside. you can see it coming out of the windows that we can see here from the road. we know that the roof completely collapsed. we have seen some hot spots sprouting up until the bushes
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and other areas of the building that firefighters have been rushing to get to. but this is a church that did completely burn down in 1995. two men were arrested and convicted for arson in that situation and they were suspected to be linked to the kkk. this is a symbol in the community of rebuilding. we know that president clinton visited this church after they rebuilt. i spoke with local state senators and representatives who are here who are having some flashbacks to 1995 but they are cautious to link the situations. we asked officials if they are investigating this as a hate crime. they say they just don't know yet. the local sheriff's department is here as well as the atf and the south carolina state law enforcement division. no word from them if they are investigating this as a hate crime. we know there were some lightning strikes going on at the time around the time when
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this fire broke out at 8:35 in the evening. in williamsburg county, south carolina stacy jacobson. in yemen, 1200 prisoners have been freed. defense officials say the majority of the escapees were rebel fighters with links to al qaeda. taiz has been the scene of fighting. the death toll is rising in the indonesiaen military plane crash. we'll have a live report for you. a wildfire consumes dozens of homes in a parched part of the u.s. we're about to show you astonishing before and after images. stay with us. verizon say neversettle. t-mobile agrees. never settle for verizon's overpriced gimmicks.
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talking. >> but they are still talking. iran's foreign minister is looking to make a final deal. the white house wants to have a deal by july 9th to avoid a battle in washington. crews in indiana have recovered more bodies following a military plane crash in a residential neighborhood. officials are trying to figure out what brought the plane down in the city of medan. we have the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: good afternoon from jakarta, the latest information coming in from a red cross official in medan is that they have recovered upwards of 130 bodies. the numbers are a bit all over the place. they are not only recovering bodies and bringing them to the hospital they are also recovering body parts. i want to walk you through a little bit of the video that we
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have just in from the scene. you are seeing large diggers machine and man sifting through the rubble sifting through the wreckage looking for any more bodies. this is not only a delicate operation it's one that has to be handled with a lot of sensitivity. this is the resting place, the grave site of dozens of people perhaps, who still remain in this wreckage. you see a few recognizable pieces of the plane, the tail a wheel, a propeller but not a lot else. and that gives you a sense of how difficult and ferocious this crash was when it went down in this residential neighborhood. i want to show you this video from the hospital. difficult to look at. red and yellow body bags lining the hallways some containing body parts as well. this is the grim reality of a plane crash like this one. officials are doing their very
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best to begin the process of identifying these remains. families are on site. they are leaving dna records, fingerprints giving the officials information about their relatives' jewelry, birthmarks anything that can help identify their relatives and bring them home for a proper burial. >> and amid all of that there is attention on the aging infrastructure of the military there and what kind of questions are being asked about that, david? >> reporter: natalie, what people are talking about in indonesia today is i can't believe this happened again. not only a military crash but specifically a c-130 hercules. the last time it happened back in 2009 about 100 people killed in that incident. the president of indonesia, joko widodo saying this is something that needs to be addressed not
11:20 pm
only the age infrastructure but making sure that standards are up to par so that these types of accidents do not happen. they will be taking a close look at their c-130 fleet and all of their fleet in the days ahead. worth mentioning indonesia is an island nation. more than 3,000 islands, military bases spread very far apart here. what this plane was doing hopping from one place from another to another not only carrying troops but carrying their relatives, all too common place here. so they have a bigger issue here they have to look at. sadly figuring out what happened in this crash is not going to bring any of the people who passed away back. their family members of course still waiting for news. the death toll about 130 right now and that number expected to rise. >> so tragic. david, thanks.
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errol? firefighters in washington state are trying to tame a wildfire that's already roared through an entire neighborhood. dan simon shows us startling before and after images. >> reporter: this is how things looked before the fire and this is what it looks like now. the aftermath of a fast-moving blaze that took out two dozen homes in one night. this is drone video as the flames came down a canyon and ignited a multitude of houses. >> it came really fast didn't it? >> extremely fast. i can't believe the storm the fire creates. >> reporter: one of the homes belonged to keith new berry. returning to the house he lived in with his wife and three children. >> is there anything that you were able to save? >> we saved our pictures and took our computer tower because it has all of our important stuff on it. and the rest of it is
11:22 pm
replaceable. >> reporter: he became emotional thinking about his youngest daughter a 9-year-old. >> she doesn't have a swim suit. we're not the only ones. just got to be strong and rebuild. >> reporter: 3,000 acres were charred along with the two dozen homes that were destroyed. a wall of fire coming over a canyon and into the subdivision with flying embers landing in all directions. >> the flames were just -- they looked evil. they were -- it was scariest scene i have ever seen. >> as we were grabbing stuff, a guy came into the house unannounced and he opened the door and said get out. there are houses in the backside on fire. just go. so we just went. >> reporter: the fire crews undoubtedly saved lives and property. >> a lot of times we focus on structured lost. but through the works of the
11:23 pm
crews and agencies locally there were many structures that were saved out there. >> reporter: authorities are getting a handle on the blaze but washington is in the middle of a severe drought. this could be a long wildfire season and crews are concerned that fourth of july fireworks could trigger more devastation. as for keith -- >> it's surreal. sad. lost some important memories. but a chance to rebuild. >> reporter: and he wants to rebuild in the same spot. >> sitting on the back patio and barbecuing and have the house the way we wanted it. it will be fine. >> the resolve of the people that live out west under the threat of wildfire. his voice was shaking saying he would rebuild. >> it's a sad -- it is a very sad situation for these people across washington state. it's a place that you don't
11:24 pm
often deal with drought but that's what it has come to in this region. the past 16 months seattle has seen temperatures above normal for 16 consecutive months. this is getting the fuels through the roof and one fifty of the rivers are at record lows and the snow pack at record lows as well. the perspective as you see the footage there. and show you how this has developed and where we are going with this. the drought is in place. just shy of 100% of the state dealing with drought. moderate to some areas on the severe side. but the forecast over wenatchee, washington sunny. it is going to be in the 100s fahrenheit with a chance of rain zero. and mother nature always has the upper hand when it comes to windy conditions 15 miles an hour and the pattern of dry conditions. it becomes difficult to fight the flames.
11:25 pm
30% humidity and back to the west that doubles in portions of western washington state. and the pattern is impressive. the ridge of high pressure has been locked in place but not just over washington state where we are dealing with excessive temperatures and fires. in canada 441 fires in the northwest territories. you can see the smoke associated with it. the steering currents in the atmosphere in prime position to bring it to the midwestern united states and the southern united states. there is lake michigan. tennessee in the bottom center of the screen and the dakotas and wisconsin to the top of the screen. the smoke filtering into the southern portions of the u.s. winchester tennessee a short drive from chattanooga, tennessee and the skies are look red in atlanta because the smoke is 1400 miles away.
11:26 pm
>> i saw it going to get a coke that is a beautiful moon out there. >> is it an eerie, beautiful setup. >> we'll take it over here. now entertainment news one of hollywood's a-list couples is calling it quits. jennifer garner and ben affleck say they are filing for divorce. >> it's sad. the couple have three kids together. they announced the split just one day after their tenth wedding anniversary. >> they have a little boy who is just a baby. i like her. okay well back to greece. bigger problems i guess. greece missing a major loan payment, the banks are closed. people are wondering if they are going to see their money again and they are crowding around the banks right now. >> and a historic shift in relations between the united states and cuba. details after the break.
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. a very warm welcome back to those of you watching in the u.s. and from all around the world i'm errol barnett. >> and i'm natalie allen. u.s. federal agencies are investigating a fire at a predominantly black church if south carolina. no word yet how it started at the mt. zion ame church in greeleyville. that is an hour north of charleston where nine people were killed in a racially motivated shooting at another ame black church last month.
11:31 pm
the indonesian red cross says up to 130 bodies have been recovered at the site of a plane crash in a residential neighborhood. it's unclear how many people were on board when it went down in the town of medan. the plane stopped twice en route. greeks are lining up outside banks this morning after the country defaulted on its loan from the international monetary fund. european leaders have rejected a last-minute appeal from greece for more time to pay its dead. now the euro group will meet in a few hours to consider greece's request for a new bailout plan. but the country's creditors have lost patience and if they haven't they are losing it fast. >> they are. and that could mean a greek exit from the eurozone. what would that look like?
11:32 pm
>> investors have been pricing in the likelihood that this payment would be missed since marketed opened on monday. while late last week there was optimism of a deal over the weekend, the greek government chose a different path and the economy minister told cnn's richard quest, they wouldn't pay. >> you are saying you will not pay, there is not the money in greece? >> exactly. >> when does a missed payment become a default? experts in how the imf works say that greece is technically in arrears and a default doesn't happen until the fund's board is formally told about the missed payment and the imf chief christine lagarde has warned she will not waste any time. >> there is no grace period or two months delay. on july 1st, the payment has not been made. >> reporter: but she said that when there was no talk of a referendum and pulling the plug
11:33 pm
on greece before giving the people a vote on its future would be bad pr. as it stands there is nothing to vote on. the troika has taken its proposals off the table. >> we are voting on something we don't know on what it is or what it could be. it has become basically a vote of yes or no to being in the eurozone. >> reporter: assuming it is a vote and it is yes expect the government to resign and a new administration to try to restore the status quo. it if is a no vote others in europe say that greece is headed for the exit even if athens threatened legal action to stay in the euro. it would a currency crisis the world has never seen before. >> it is extremely difficult to change the currency even in the best of times. we do not have any example of a country in peacetime changing its currency.
11:34 pm
it's a mess. >> reporter: it's an outcome neither side wants. and there are back room dealings to test resolve, pragmatism and patience. >> as you just heard the debt crisis could force greece out of the eurozone. more on what that means -- for more let's bring in our emerging markets editor from abu dhabi. the multibillion euro question is where do we go from here? with the euro group gathering in three hours from now, what should we expect? >> we entered new territory here. and that is and tag brought it up in his report there, we have never seen an industrialized country not make a payment to the international monetary fund in seven decades. it is not a default yet but that is where we are heading. pensioners are getting worried.
11:35 pm
what was calm in the last 48 hours on the streets is now starting to change. it's essential to see if you can find common ground. you have a euro group teleconference in three hours. but in doing so we have it in a context where political goodwill has been worn out. the greek government put a 23rd hour proposal asking for a two-year bailout would be the third for greece. 2010, 2012 and now 2015 and an extension. both of those ideas were rejected. the revisit of a two-year bailout i would imagine after the teleconference this is after a referendum after a planned nonpayment to the imf. the referendum coming after the event. the euro group officials say they were blind sided. but at the core is the debt pile. let's look at u.s. dollars. it comes in at just over $350
11:36 pm
billion. 317 billion euros is the number. and greece far exceeds other countries in the euro group in terms of the highest debt levels. it is at 177% of gdp. italy is at 132. and portugal ireland and spain have all worked through their debt problems. but the euro group is not entertaining a cut of the debt. they talk about lowering the interest rate and extending the payments. but there are reports that even if greece left it the same way as they did today even by 2030 the debt level would be 120% of gdp and leading nobel laureates say this is a failure of the bailout package going back to 2010 and nobody wants to deal with the core problem. that's why we have the crisis today. >> and that's the reality.
11:37 pm
the economy in greece hasn't worked and is not working now and it's unclear how or whom will get it to function properly. thanks. natalie? >> we'll continue to look at the greece story in the next hour too, as markets start to open. cuba sits around 140 kilometers or 90 miles off the u.s. coast. while the two countries are physically close they couldn't have been more politically distant until now. we have more on the dramatic changes taking place in the american-cuban relations. >> reporter: after five decades, the united states and cuba on wednesday are set to announce the reopening of embassies and resumption of diplomatic ties. it's a turn around for two nations stuck in a state of cold war era mistrust.
11:38 pm
for decades when fi doll del castro wanted to rail against u.s. policies he came here. since the u.s. and cuba broke off relations, this is considered neutral territory. although there is no american flag or embassy sign the united states says it has more diplomats in havana than any other single country. the intersection is the front line in the u.s.-cuba conflict. the cuban government built this massive stadium to hold demonstrations against the united states. former u.s. diplomat vicky huddleston remembers seeing fidel castro leading demonstrations. >> with a stone i could have thrown it and hit fidel. we have always been the best of enemies. there is always this relationship.
11:39 pm
there's a trust underlying. i'm not going to out out with my stone and throw it atrophy fidel, am i? >> reporter: an electronic ticker was installed on top of the building in 2006. >> we decided we would talk over the heads of the regime by putting the moving billboard in the top floor of the windows inside our building computerized and to their surprise one day we started off with why can we go to your hotels and you can't. >> reporter: cuban officials put up rows of flags to cover up the messages. diplomacy won out and the flags and the ticker were taken down. there have been fewer demonstrations since fidel castro left power in 2006. u.s. diplomats face less
11:40 pm
harassment but are watched by cameras and guards that surround the building. as relations normalize the work of u.s. diplomats in havana may transition to addressing the needs of an increasing number of u.s. visitors to the once off limits u.s. island. the times are changing quickly. >> good to see relations thaw a little bit. perhaps there will be more travel between the two as well. take a short break here. new jersey governor chris christie jumps into the already crowded u.s. presidential race. we will compare his brash style to that of another candidate. take a few guesses. and we'll be back. the next great trip. got to study
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we were just talking about cuba a moment ago. and its warming relations with
11:44 pm
the u.s. the world health organization saying that cuba is the first country to eliminate the transmission of hiv and syphillis from mother to baby. >> it is one of the greatest health achievements possible. early prenatal care testing for mothers was key to the success. parents in california will no longer be able to exempt their children from vaccines for personal or religious reasons. the pediatrician who introduced the bill says that years of misinformation have endangered public health. new jersey governor chris christie is the 14th candidate to join the republican race for the u.s. presidency. he is known for his brash and outspoken style.
11:45 pm
>> might light things up. dana bash compares him to another candidate whose mouth gets him in trouble. >> reporter: looking for lofty rhetoric not at this announcement. >> after seven years of a weak and feckless foreign policy run by president barack obama we better not turn it over to his second mate hillary clinton. >> reporter: speaking at his high school gym where his three decade old baseball picture is in the hallway, chris christie tried to show where he came from to explain who he is. >> i'm not running for president of the united states as a surrogate for being elected prom king as america. >> reporter: christie's notoriety has dimmed dramatically. his comeback plan is his candor. >> a campaign without spin or
11:46 pm
without pan dering or focused group tested answers. you will get what i think whether you like it or not. >> reporter: to be sure cringe worthy moments made him a star. >> you maximized your tan. get off the beach. sit down and shut up. >> this sharia law business is crap. >> reporter: there is another unfiltered colorful character in the field. >> politicians are all talk and no action. it's true. it's all talk. it's all [ bleep ]. it's all talk. i'm not using donors. i don't care. i'm really rich. we have stupid people. we have people that don't know what they're doing. >> reporter: and though christie raced to the first primary state of new hampshire to set up camp for free wheeling town halls, donald trump was there too. >> our country is honestly going to hell.
11:47 pm
>> reporter: his free association stump speech included several attempts at clarifying comments that mexican illegal immigrants were rapists and criminals. >> i love the mexican people and i love mexico. >> reporter: no apologies, trump style. >> people started saying he didn't say nice things about mexico. it has nothing to do with nice. great respect for their leaders. >> that was dana bash reporting there. you need a breath after seeing all those comments. >> trump has his outspokenness going 1,000%. >> trump's comments are fuelling a boycott of his beauty pageant. but the billionaire is firing back. he filed a $500 million lawsuit against univision for dumping the broadcast of the miss usa pageant.
11:48 pm
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welcome back. the united states women's football team beat out germany in the world cup semifinals. the first goal didn't come until 69 minutes into the match. in the end, the u.s. won it, 2-0. >> they now advance. look at that. they advance to sunday's final in vancouver. the u.s. will play either japan or england. those two teams play their semifinal match tonight. this is a fantastic story of someone that went from rags to riches. u.s. ballerina making history with the american ballet theater. misty copeland is the first ever african-american female principal dancer for the company. >> she is gorgeous.
11:53 pm
she has been an outspoken advocate for diversity and she has appeared in commercials and a number of ads. this is the latest achievement in her 14 years with theater. >> i had moments of doubting myself and wanting to quit because i didn't know there would be a future for an african-american woman to make it to this level. at the same time it made me so hungry to push through and carry the next-generation. it's not me up here and i'm constantly saying that. it's everyone that came before me that got me to this position and all the little girls who can see themselves through me. it's giving them a brighter future. >> and you know she started dancing later in life as a teenager. she has quite the background story. people should read up on her. >> great to root for the underdog and great to see them make it as well. it's almost 3:00 a.m. in
11:54 pm
washington and the white house lawn is hosting a large number of overnight guests. >> 50 girl scouts are tent camping on the south lawn pitching tents in the shadow of the south portico. they gave the president and first lady a big group -- hang on for it -- hug. >> there you go. and he said don't leave a mess here when you are finished. u.s. celebrity paris hilton thought the plane she was on was about to crash when the engine suddenly cut off. >> it was if you can believe this part of a prank. not funny, huh? but the hotel heiress didn't act like it was funny. >> reporter: fasten your seat belt airplane prankster. tmz reports paris hilton is going to sue.
11:55 pm
while promoting a hotel in dubai, paris took a ride on a sightseeing plane at this invitation of this egyptian tv host and prankster. >> what's happening? >> reporter: what's happening is a stunt pilot cuts the engine. the plane dives. paris, surrounded by actors apparently thinks they are going down. >> what does it mean? >> reporter: she later tweeted scariest moment of my life. they opened the backdoor and threw someone out. though he was wearing a parachute, they braced for a crash, then landed. to her credit paris asked about the man who was thrown out. >> is that guy okay? >> yes. >> reporter: the host comes clean about the prank. >> this is a prank show. >> reporter: this video has made people sympathetic to paris
11:56 pm
hilton. people like nancy grace. >> if i were paris hilton i would take these people to the cleaners. >> it's horrifying and she could suffer mental illness because of it. >> i think she could have been part of it. look at how she is moving her hair. >> reporter: but a lawsuit would show that paris is not in on it. tmz says she is furious over the stunt and totally freaked out about flying. cnn couldn't contact paris or the prankster. nbc, the network that carries the show told cnn we are only the broadcaster. so we are not liable for the content. we have two words, not funny. to make someone think they are going to die so you can die laughing. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> i agree with that. not funny and not cool. >> that is the worst ever not cool at all.
11:57 pm
>> we appreciate you watching i'm errol barnett. >> i'm natalie allen. i will be with you for another hour. please stay with us. thanks for watching. go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo. verizon say neversettle. t-mobile agrees. never settle for verizon's overpriced gimmicks. try the un-carrier risk-free for 14 days you'll love it, or we'll pay for you to go back.
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there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips' fiber good gummies plus energy support. it's a new fiber supplement that helps support regularity couples is calling it quits. jennifer garner and ben after fleck are filing for divorce. >> they announced the split one day after their tenth wedding anniversary. >> for those who love to gaze at stars an unusual illusion is playing out above us. check it out. this time lapse shows the planets venus and jupiter converging into a small area of the earth sky. >> the two planets have been drawing closer and closer tonight. the conversion is different between the two planets are bright and easily seen in the western sky. this is the closest the planets have appeared in 24 years. >> the united states beat germany in the semifinals of the women's world cup. the play was intense but the score was pretty low. >> there were no goals for the first 68 minutes. but the u.s. ran away with it 2-0. paul was with fans at a bar in finals. >> reporter: euphoria in santa monica because the team earned the right to go up the coast to vancouver and the world cup final. a 2-0 victory but it was not without nail-bight moments. >> none of us thought it was a penalty. but the german, she folded under the pressure and we're happy about it. >> usa about to take it. a long time since the u.s. were champions of the world. hopefully we'll get japan, a little pay back. >> england didn't beat us in 1776. they're not going to beat us n .
11:59 pm
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