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tv   New Day  CNN  July 1, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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staffers now suspended. gene jean casarez is life outside the prison. >> reporter: sto much information is coming out. now the question is is it credible. cnn has obtained a picture that is credible of richard matt. it was shortly after he was shot. this is going to be a very graphic image you're going to see in this piece. but at the same time david sweat is alive. he continues to talk with amazing detailed information for authorities. captured convicted killer david sweat claims he was the master mind behind the elaborate prison break 26 days ago. according to district attorney andrew wily the former fugitive says he and richard matt nearly escaped the maximum security prison the night before on their dry run. but decided the first manhole they reached was not secluded enough. sweat telling investigators that
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joyce mitchell was supposed to pick them up and drive to west virginia before heading to mexico. wiley telling nbc news sweat often tuned into a.m. radio while on the run. sweat says he and matt were very close to being caught several times. >> the sheriff's deputy vehicle pulled up in the vicinity of where they were. i think he said matt fell backward and made some noise but the sheriff's deputy didn't locate them. >> reporter: wiley also telling nbc news sweat said authorities were coming the forest floor while he was hiding in a tree stand used for hunting above them. this as we're seeing a graphic image of richard matt moments after they were -- it shows matt lying on the ground with a
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gunshot wound to the top of his skull. the cross-suit any intensified on -- including prison executives like the superintendent who initially led governor andrew cuomo on a tour of how the convicts broke free. now, one big question has been how could authorities not have heard the power tools? david sweat says they didn't use power tools. they used a hacksaw to cut the hole in their cell and then to get into the sewer pipes. >> escapee and convicted murder david sweat's condition has now been upgraded. sarah ganim is live outside the hospital. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning. yeah david sweat continues to recover here. his condition being upgraded yesterday from serious to fair. and just so that you have an
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idea of where he is in this hospital, he's being held in a secure area of the hospital with trained security staff, an area only used for inmates, not anyone else being treated at that hospital. now the question becomes what next? where does he go after he recovers? hospital staff say he could be released in the next few days. the department of corrections has to make a decision where does he go? it's very unlikely that he'll go back to the clinton correctional facility facility. he could be considered both a hero and a target inside that prison. and that's a security problem for the corrections department. they need to figure out where he'll go. the district attorney saying it's likely he'll spend the rest of his life in solitary confine confinement confinement. the d.a. will charge him with burglary and escape and any other crimed committed while on
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the run. we also have breaking news for you've night. a fire roars through a historic black church. officials now trying to figure out what sparked this blaze. it was a church once targeted by the kkk. there were concerns this could have been arson. i say this blaze, because as you well know seven fires in eight days at black churches. what are authorities saying about a connection? >> reporter: they're not speaking much about a connection. of the seven fires, this one is still being investigated. two of the fires have been determined to be the result of arson one possibly. let me step out of the way and show you what's left of mt. zion ame here. you can see one of the fire engines leaving here. there are state investigators here, atf agents on the ground. you see pieces of charred wood
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and metal that investigators have pulled out in an attempt to determine the cause here. there was a storm that passed through hours before the blaze really kicked up. so lightning is being investigated as a possibility. but so are other components. the fbi will join this investigation to determine if arson -- or if there's a hate component. and that would not be the first for mt. zion ame. two members of the klu klux klan burned the original church to the ground. they served time in prison. in 1996 president clinton came to this building for the rededication. and now this community, this congregation will have to rebuild again. as you mentioned, this is the 7th black church to be destroyed by fire since the charleston massacre two weeks ago. and now the naacp is warning black churches to take precautions. back to you. >> and what precautions those
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are, many are wondering. thank you. a new cnn poll released this morning shows that jeb bush and donald trump are leading the gop pack. it's still not enough to beat hillary clinton who beats my republican by a long shot. granted there's 495 days to go. >> that's right. there's a lot of time to go for sure. but jeb bush is actually becoming a bit of a humble front runner at least judging by this poll. he's at 19%. and that's up 6% since may. that's significant. check this out donald trump at 12% up quite a bit since may. of course he's gotten a lot of press lately for declaring he's in the running. but it's interesting because he's really bleeding off support for marco rubio who drops eightpointeight eight points and scott walker who drops four points. when both were surveyed on the
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economy and social issues they all said jeb bush though. that goes in his favor. hillary clinton still very much with a commanding lead 57%. that's down a little bit from may. but remember there's a margin of error here. bernie sanders up 4%. he's capturing that excitement. there is some desire for an alternative to hillary clinton. look at the match-up. he is still 13 points behind. check out donald trump trailing hillary clinton by 25 points. in between that you have marco rubio and chris christie all trailing hillary clinton pretty severely. it's of course very interesting to see -- how they match up noo
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n these key early states like iowa and new hampshire. well, the hits keep coming for donald trump. mexico now saying it will not send any contestant to trump's miss universe pageant. trump is not taking any of this lying down. cnn is in washington with the very latest. >> reporter: the hits are still coming but trump isn't saying he's sorry. he sees himself as a truth-teller here. he believes he's right on this illegal immigration issue. so far it doesn't seem to be hurting him. he's surging in our latest poll. that may be more of why you saw trump's quintessential style in new hampshire. refusing to back down about his controversial comments about
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grants. >> we have to stop the illegals from coming in. >> reporter: the reality mogul caused an uproar in his announcement speech two weeks ago. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. and some i assume are good people. >> reporter: nbc cut ties with the brash billionaire. the out cry hasn't stopped there. mexico said tuesday it's withdrawing from the miss universe event, citing trump's racist comments. and the cohosts for the miss usa package pageant said they won't take part either. trump on tuesday filed a 500 million dollar lawsuit against univision and hasn't ruled out a similar move against nbc. >> my first thing is univision. and let's see how they respond
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to a 500 million dollar very good lawsuit. it's a very good lawsuit. and let's see who comes next. >> reporter: but the former reality tv star wasn't the only blunt speaking presidential candidate. >> i want to be the next president of the united states and i spend to win this election. new jersey governor chris christie made his first foray after launching his presidential bid. telling a town haul --ll -- >> i'll guarantee you here's one thing you'll never say. you'll never say i don't know what he thinks. >> reporter: christie and trump, two candidates offering their own very different brands of straight talk. our latest poll showing trump in second place among republicans nationally. christie is in the low single digits. as for that lawsuit, nbc says trump's complaint is factually false and legally ridiculous.
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>> we'll see what happens with that lawsuit. also rngs also, be sure to watch cnn tonight. donald trump will be don lemon's guest this evening. more now on our lead story. 12 employees at the clinton correctional facility suspended as the investigation into the escape picks up steam. patrick very good to have you with us. first, your reaction to 12 people being circled in this situation. does it sound like the right move? >> it does seem like a positive step in at least doing something as they review what procedures and what security measures had broken down during this almost eight month plot to go through the prison wall. >> could this have happened without failures in security?
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>> no no. it should not have. i mean you always have inmates that want to get out of prison one way or the other. so you're always going to have that threat. but there should have been oversight to prevent those inmates from doing what they did. >> from what you've heard so far, the main charge seems to be there was a culture of laxity going on and that they had prisoners who should have been under very careful watch who were not. >> but that's always been a danger in prisons. you have human beings watching other human beings. so there can be a break down in being vigilant. but that's why it's supposed to be a layered system with different people watching the system so that if one person is lax, the other person the supervisor, the sergeant would be able to step up and speak to his men and tell them they need
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to be more on duty. >> yes, drugs are in prisons very commonly. yes, employees are often involved in the sale of those drugs. yes, there are lapses. but that's why the system is set up the way it is to battle those conditions. your question is whether or not they had the system set up the right way here. >> yes. and again f youif you're going to look at a situation, there's always going to be issues like that in prison. you should be using proactive positions to monitor and impede the interdiction of narcotics or other contraband into prison or to have employees compromised in inappropriate relationships. >> how does it smell to you, this situation in 2013 that somebody blames joyce mitchell for having an inappropriate relationship with david sweat. and it winds up not only going
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away but he winds up still around here. why wasn't anything done? even if there was a scintilla of proof that something was going on why would they stay together? >> that's a good question. again, that would not fall to the responsibility of the facility administrators. that would have gone up to central office. correctional facilities now days are no longer like the shaw shank redemption with an only any poe -- omni potent warden. the office of special investigations should have at the stroke of a pen transferred either matt or sweat just with the allegation. >> now all this talk is coming out of the prison. everybody knew about joim,yce
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mitchell. do you discount that as being prison gibber jabber? >> i would say that about a 60-40. i would say 60% of that is just jailhouse jive. the other 40% is there are probably people who did know. how much they knew is one thing. but nothing goes on in prison in secret. it's not a vacuum. people see, people observe. other inmates can tell right away whether an officer is compromised or a civilian is compromised with an inmate as well as other employees should notice something out of the ordinary. >> do you buy these guys did this with just a hacksaw? >> no. no i do not. >> short answer usually the best. appreciate your perspective. >> thanks for having me. big day for the u.s. and cuba. the white house set to announce
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the reopening of embassies in washington and havana. jim acosta at the white house with more on the big thaw in relations. >> reporter: this has been in the works for months but now the reality of ending decade of cold war tensions with cuba is fast approaching. the president will announce the u.s. and cuba have reached an agreement to reestablish diplomat relations and reopen embassies in both havana and washington. those offices will become full-blown embassies. john kerry is also expected to offer more details on those next steps in that process. in the meantime john kirby told wolf blitzer, kerry may travel to cuba for the embassy. >> what we're focused on is less the travel schedule and more the effort of restoring diplomat
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negotiations with cuba. what that looks like how, that's processed, how we do that overtime. >> reporter: and the white house has not ruled out a presidential trip to cuba before president obama leaves office. that would be astounding. it was usen the current head of the u.s. interest section in that vanhavana. you could almost see the white house from the interest section building. >> thank you so much for all of that. >> you bet. >> usa, usa, usa. the american women are headed to the world cup soccer final after
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shutting out germany 2-0. the other semifinal between japan and england is tonight. the world cup championship match is sunday. late they are hour we will speak live with two of team usa's players kelly o'hara and ambbey. >> usa. >> she's conflicted. >> today i'm conflicted. tomorrow i won't be. >> call me a hater. >> what do you think? tweet her. >> okay. >> they say any press is good press. a new cnn poll shows trump copgoing
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jeb bush and donald trump on the rise this according to a new cnn orc poll. bush has widened his lead to 19%. donald trump is now in second place. joining us to weigh in on all of
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this is cnn political commentator kevin madden and political commentator paul begala. paul is a senior advisor for a super pac supporting hillary clinton. donald trump is in second place. how do you explain it? >> god is good. what can i say? >> you know he speaks to the republican base. you know the republican base they're old, angry and white. they go to a republican primary and the polling place looks like a casting call for grumpy old men. and donald speaks to them with real power. jeb has that little cute logo with the exclamation point. trump has a middle finger. this is why jeb has wusyed out. it's been outrageous. >> kevin, please make the case that it is not what trump is saying about mexican grants that s that -- immigrants that has him
5:24 am
going up in the polls. >> what trump has done is really brought together this sector that hates politicians and loves fire firy fe f fiery rhetoric. >> let me show you why i think you're going to say it's problematic. let me put up the poll. here's now versus may. as you can see, bush is up from 13%. he's now at 19%. trump was at 3%. he's now at 12%. marco rubio had 14% in may and now he's at 6%. >> some of that is actually a reflection of a lot of the news coverage.
5:25 am
they've since had a little bit more of a low pro-filefile. they're doing a little bit betderbetd er better in some of the early primary states. what really worries me about his remarks about mexican americans is that this is a lot of noise unless republicans can get 40% of the latino vote. that's how rewe win in 2016. we're never going to get to those voters if we have offensive rhetoric like that. it could potentially be a problem. we'll see if somebody starts to confront some of those sentiments. >> that's dangerous. the problem is he's shut doungting down your conversation because he's taking up all the oxygen. there are numbers out now that hillary is still doing a solid
5:26 am
job of spanking the competition. what do you see in those numbers versus the main people? but also the very yawning gap against trump? >> i do think any head to head polling is far too early and it's not going to be very predictive. as a guy who strongly supports hillary that's all just a sugar high. what is good news though is she has with stood a withering barrage and still seems to be standing tall. she has taken -- they have whole congressional committees that do nothing but harrass hillary clinton and attack her. and so far this hasn't hurt her. this gives me as a hillary sporter asport supporter a whole lot of
5:27 am
confidence. >> he continues to be as he says, a truth-teller. >> tell them the version of the truth they think would sell that day. i've never been accused of that so i'm going to tell the truth as i see it. >> is there room for two colorful truth-tellers on the republican side? >> i think what there isn't room for -- and this is where the christie strategy st going to run into some problems -- all they do is talk about themselves. donald trump, i'm so great. and christie is talking about himself and his style and the way he talks to voters.- voters want to know what you're going to do for them. they want to know what you're going to do with the country. that's going one of his big challenges. >> now, begala joe biden not in the race pops up immediately with 16%. is this an indication not just
5:28 am
of his viability, but of hillary's vulnerability? >> she's way ahead now, but this will be a close race. we have no idea if the vice president is going to run. he is a beloved figure in my party for good reason. he'd be a great president. >> you saying you'd shift allegiance if he got in the race? >> no no. i'm for hillary all the way. and she's going to win. you watch. i'm saying it's going to have a tough road. this is the american presidency. we don't give it away. nor do we give away the democratic nominations. i love hillary. she's not taking anything for granted. she's going out town to town neighborhood to neighborhood, vote tore voter to voter. >> not taking any questions
5:29 am
either. >> from citizens yes. >> thank you. >> great to be with you. i know you guys want to chant. >> usa, usa, usa. the u.s. women's team advancing to the finals. shutting out top seeded germany. we're going to talk to two of the players ahead. leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo.
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. here we go with the five things you need to know. captured escapee david sweat telling investigators they conducted a dry run the actual night before the prison break. 12 staffers at the clinton krek correctional facility are now suspended. officials are trying to figure out what sparked a place at an historic black church in south carolina. mt. zion ame went up in flames
5:34 am
and there are concerns it could be arson. the white house resuming relations between the u.s. and cuba. the embassyies are set to open for the first time in more than 50 years. cameras and selfies are now allowed in the white house. the first lady taking to instagram ending a 40-year ban on public tours of the white house. there you go. today's new day, new you is all about an adonis a physical specimen. as well as our very own chris cuomo. >> i was just getting ready to flex. >> in men's health magazine chris took on a fitness challenge. >> that's a different chris who was young and in shape. >> you took on the challenge of having to turn fat into muscle
5:35 am
or something? >> don't confuse fact with fiction my friend. we wanted to see how quickly we could put on ten pounds of lean mass without doing anything crazy. >> we? >> it takes a village. i had this great coach who's a buddy of mine who does cross fit training. without eating crazy things doing crazy workouts because this is built for people who have a life a job, responsibilities. >> you did it? >> i did it. i modified a lot. what was killing me is i wasn't recovering. i couldn't put on mass because i don't sleep. instead of three months it wound up taking six months. we made great gains by doing reasonable things. i almost broke my neck on this one. remember, i'm 44 years old. this is a time on your life when you have to go all in on developing what you want to be your base for those later years. >> what's the secret? >> read the piece i have it on my social media
5:36 am
site. it's not just one thing. you get a plan. you stick to it. diet means daily event. you have to change a lifestyle and commitment to it. you have to deal with the ups and downs. one bad meal doesn't mean -- you have to work for anything in life. >> this is where we do the gratuitous cop a feel. >> you are completely unimpressed. >> no. very good. >> back to chris pratt. i'm sidkidding. donald trump is not backing down on his comments at mexicans. the members of the congressional hispanic caucus will weigh in.
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we have kelly o'hara and ambby wham wambach with us this morning. good morning to you ladies and congratulations. >> good morning. thank you. >> kelly, how does it feel? your first international goal? that's got to feel fantastic. >> it was pretty amazing. i was excited to get on the field and contribute to the team and give the team a boost and help out the players that battled for those 90-plus minutes. >> i can imagine. abbys abby, you're a leader on the team. you were on the sidelines for a lot of the time. and you felt this anxiety, i heard watching your team. it was hard to watch them from that perspective, wasn't it? >> yeah. it's brutal. actually, deally and lykelly and i
5:42 am
were seat mates on the bench. i think i've lost years from my life from how much anxiety i felt from the game. and when you go in the game you're dealing with all the stress you had off the field. you try to forget about it and put whatever you can on the field. that's why i think what kelly did was so special. it's not that easy to score goals in an international game. carly lloyd has been clutch for us. hope solo has been clutch for us. i'm more happy that she scored than even if i had scored. >> i can feel that from you. i know that you guys have been facing criticism and what have you. and i want to recognize the fact that it is not easy to score on an international tournament like that. i want to ask you think about criticism. we now it's been loud. a lot of people saying look the team isn't playing up to this standard. how do you block that out as a
5:43 am
squad and say we've got to focus on the task at hand? >> i mean attend of the the end of the day, our entire goal is to be peaking at the right point. we might not have been playing our best soccer but we've been moving steadily upward. and that's the name of the game. we want to be playing our best soccer come sunday and peaking at the right time. and think we're going to do that. >> i think there's two ways to look at it too. people are talking about women's soccer. if we've a poor performance. we could be criticized. we want to be treated like the men. and that's what they do with the guys and that's what we want. we can take it. we're professionals. we're big girls. >> yeah you can take it. if there were mistakes it got you to where you are right now facing a final game on sunday.
5:44 am
if it's going to be england or japan, a lot of people say it's likely to be japan. what's the strategy? help us understand where your heads are at going into sunday's game. >> i think one of the most important things about the game that we just played against germany is that our coaches really prepared us. they had small nuances, things to focus on that i really do think changed gamge. i told kelly this game is going to be won or lost based on the subs that they make. i think that i was really right in that. because kelly came on made a huge difference for us in the game. and for me we will work on a game plan. our coaches will work out a game plan moving forward regardless of who our opponent is. i think at the end of the day it's about us. and if we play good soccer and score those early goals that
5:45 am
maybe if we could have four years ago we would have been world champion. >> ladies we are in full support of you. we're so thrilled to be able to talk to you today. congratulations kelly, again, a big moment having your first international goal. >> thank you. >> go do your thing, ladies. we hope to be talking to you on the back end of a big win, okay. >> one more game baby. >> take care. >> usa, usa. so exciting. great to hear from them. meanwhile, donald trump standing by his comments about mexicans. what does this mean for his chances with latino voters? ♪ ♪ when you're living with diabetes steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady
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clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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this governor was once the republican to beat in 2016. but now chris christie has a pretty steep hill to climb. he is leaning on his no nonsense approach. but will it work? we spoke to people with unique insight into what makes christie tick including his wife. >> chris christie didn't stoic a
5:50 am
script today. >> i mean what i say and i say what i mean. >> but he did stick to his brand, a straight talking, take no prisoners leader. >> i'm going to give the answer to the question that's asked. >> not afraid of ruffling a few feathers. >> did i stay on topic? are you stupid? your rear end is going to get thrown in jail idiot. get over it. >> after this traffic jam became a national scandal, the candidate who was once the man to beat is starting his campaign behind. >> we are going to go and win this election. >> an unusual spot for a political star who for most of his career has been at the top. from new jersey's hard charging u.s. attorney. >> justice has finally been done. >> to an even higher perch as the deal making governor in a democratic state. a tough job says mary pat christie. but her husband was the perfect guy for it.
5:51 am
>> he's a very complex person, like any executive leader is. he thinks four or five steps ahead of most people and just comes up with all sorts of solutions. >> i think he's got more natural ability than any politician i've seen since bill clinton. he's that good. >> former new jersey governor tom kane has known christie for decade ever since the 14-year-old chris knocked on his door while his mother waited in the car after hearing kane give a political speech. >> he said sir, i heard you talk. i'd really like to get involved in politics. how do i do it. i said i'm going up to speak tonight, get in the car, come with me, see if you like it. and i've known him ever since. >> kane has watched his fellow republican become a political force navigating tough partisan terrain with a lot of back room
5:52 am
skill. >> he's a little bit lyndon johnson. he'll almost grab you by the collar and say this is what we're going to do together. >> and with maybe too much public bravado for christie's own good. >> to keep the temperature under control torks use control, to use it not have it use him. >> you want to have the conversation later, i'm happy to have it buddy. but until that time sit down and shut up. >> if you're disrespectful you may be called out on it. >> too blunt, two aggressive. >> no those are not -- i really don't think those are faults of his. it's the hallmark of his leadership. i think so many times politicians don't state the obvious. they don't tell the truth. i think america is looking for someone to tell the truth. >> you give it you may very well get it back. >> that's the christie tell it
5:53 am
like it is plan. he's proudly new jersey through and through. >> don't say no i am from new jersey. >> rocking his way through more than 130 springsteen concerts and feeding off the crowds as a candidate, candidate, town halling his way through the early primary states. >> he loves the debate. >> christie's outspoken truth-telling brand was test add year and a half ago. but it wasn't a laughing matter. stories had surfaced that some of his staff had deliberately created a massive traffic jam on the george washington bridge to extract political retribution on christie's behalf. he fired them. >> i had no knowledge of this the planning, the execution or anything about it. >> while christie hasn't been charged with anything, two of his former staffers have been
5:54 am
indicted and one former ally has pleaded guilty. >> i think you felt that people were all against you and that you wanted to shout what the truth was. when you're in these kind of situations you know that you can trust your family. and so we really leaned on one another in a strange way i think that it was healthy. i wouldn't recommend it. but it was healthy in some ways. >> it certainly didn't help politically. >> we're past that. everybody knows chris had nothing to do with that. we have to remind people why chris is such a good leader. >> reminding voters of the strength of christie's leadership in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. >> i remember the fleece he wore nonstop for -- >> yes. i would have to pull it away to wash it at night once in a while. that's because he was working 20-hour days. he would literally go to the shore towns and walk the streets. he felt people's pain. and he was able to just hug
5:55 am
them. >> christie was full of hugs for everyone, including president obama just a few days before the presidential election. a moment that some republicans found less than touching. it's a different picture now. christie has gotten healthier, undergoing lap band surgery in 2013. but he's struggling to regain lost momentum. >> i he's got big problems right now. if it was another candidate that had similar problems i might be writing him off. i know chris christie too well for that. never write off chris christie. >> how many times did they say he'd seen a bruce springsteen concert? >> 130. >> it's very jersey. >> is that more jersey than you? >> he might be a little more jersey than me. i may have to give him that. i love the fellow jersey tie,
5:56 am
but he might be more jersey. >> governor kane there and everybody else is asking the right questions, does he have the self-control? yes, it's very appealing to see a politician go after people and not deal with the bs. there is. but there's when to go and when not to go. >> is it presidential too? >> and many people in the business want to go at people who go after them but they don't and they don't for good reason. we're following a lot of breaking news for you, including this investigation into a fire at a black church. "newsroom" with pamela brown begins after the break. early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us.
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when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums. happening now in the "newsroom," they broke out. captured killer david sweat telling investigators he master minded the escape. and a dry run. plus -- >> cnn, so they do a poll. it's a nice poll. they had me second. it's hard to believe i'm second to bush. >> trump on the stump in new hampshire and on fire in cnn's new poll. but is the rest of the gop taking the donald


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