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tv   New Day  CNN  July 8, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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of your e-mail practices while you were secretary of state. >> let's take a deep breath here. >> this is "new day." >> it is wednesday july 8th 8:00 in the east. up first developments in the shooting death of a san francisco woman. cnn learns the undocumented immigrant who allegedly killed kate steinle pulled the trigger using a federal agent's gun. >> police say the weapon was stolen from the agent's car last month though it is still unclear if it was stolen by the alleged shooter. >> morning. this case is now a week old. and every day seems to bring some kind of new development. and this one is really striking that the suspect in this case somehow got a hold of a federal agent's weapon. how he got a hold of it that's
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all under investigation. this all happening as the suspect had his first appearance in court. >> not guilty. >> undocumented immigrant juan francisco lopez sanchez pleaded not guilty. but just three days ago he told a reporter that he did shoot and kill kate steinle on this pier last week. his attorney said he may not have understood the reporter's question. >> mr. sanchez is not a student of the law. he has a second grade education. >> a source close to the investigation says the gun belonged to a federal agent. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the 40 caliber pistol was stolen out of an agent's car back in june. sanchez, who has never been convicted of a violent crime, claimed in that same interview
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that he found the gun wrapped in a t-shirt near a bench and he didn't mean to fire it. >> this very well could have been a completely accidental discharge of a firearm. >> the seven time convicted felon has been deported five times to mexico . >> he was released into general society to create a murder. does that make any sense to you? >> wisconsin senator ron johnson berated an immigration official about why sanchez wasn't handed over to authorities. >> tell me specifically what is preventing us when we have people in this country illegally and they have had seven prior felony convictions why aren't we able to deport those conditions? >> in that particular case our detainer was not honored. >> san francisco with its so-called sanctuary law doesn't comply with detainers to keep undocumented immigrants in custody. this has been a sanctuary city
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since 1989. both of california's senators barbara boxer and diane feinstein are both saying perhaps new legislation is needed so that doesn't happen again. diane feinstein is a former mayor of san francisco. >> i'll point out there's some 70-plus jurisdictions in the united states that are sanctuary cities. we turn now to hillary clinton's first national interview of the 2016 race. it is a cnn exclusive. clinton defends her actions in the controversy over her e-mails while she was secretary of state. >> hillary clinton's first nationally televised interview comes as our poll shows nearly six in ten americans don't believe she's honest and trust worthy. i asked her if she bears some
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responsibility for that because of her recent controversies involving her e-mail practices while she was secretary of state. she did not bite on that. instead she blamed republicans. one of the issues that has eroded some trust is the issue of your e-mail practices while you were secretary of state. i think there's a lot of people who don't understand your thought process on that. can you tell me the story about how you decided to delete 33,000 e-mails and how that deletion was executed. >> let's start from the beginning. everything i did was permitted. there was no law. there was no regulation. there was nothing that did not give me the full authority to decide how i was going to communicate. previous secretaries of state have said they did the same thing. and people across the government knew that i used one device. maybe it was because i am not
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the most technically capable person and wanted to make it as easy as possible. >> you said they did the same thing, that they used a personal server. >> well a personal e-mail. >> and they deleted e-mails from them. >> you're starting with so many assumptions. i've never had a sub-- i had one device. when e-mailed anybody in the government it would go into the government system. now, i didn't have to turnover anything. i chose to turn over 55,000 pages because i wanted to go above and beyond what was expected of me because i knew the vast majority of everything that was official already was in the state department system. and now i think it's kind of fun. people get a realtime behind the scenes look at what i was e-mailing about and what i was
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communicating about. >> wearing warm socks as you said -- >> exactly. >> working a fax machine. >> a secure fax machine which was harder to work than the regular. so yes, this is being blown up with no basis in law or in fact. that's fine. i get it. this is being in effect used by the republicans in the congress. okay. but i want people to understand what the truth is. and the truth is everything i did was permitted. and i went above and beyond what anybody could have expected in making sure that if the state department didn't capture something, i made real effort to get it to them. and i had no obligation to do any of that. so as i said prior secretaries of state -- i mean secretary powell has admitted he did exactly the same thing. so let's set the record straight. and those 55,000 pages will be released over the course of this year. people can, again, make their
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own judgment. >> there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the clinton foundation corporate donations that have gone to the foundation. has it made you think seeing this controversy that has come about, has it made you think about if you are president, what will happen to the clinton foundation? have you thought about perhaps shutting it down? >> let me start by saying i am so proud of the clinton foundation. i am proud of the work that my husband started, that my daughter continued. i'm proud of the very small role i played in being there for about a year and a half. i'll give you an example of why what the clinton foundation has done is so critical. the united states government was using our tax dollars to treat 1.7 million people around the world with hiv aids. i looked at the contracts that the clinton foundation had been negotiating to buy medicine and
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pass it through, working with foreign government who is provided the funding to buy the medicine to treat more people. so we negotiated lower prices. by the time i left thanks to contracts and work that the clinton foundation had done the united states was treating 5.1 million people. that's just one example. maybe it's because my husband knows so many people in the world and he's so creative and smart, but he was able to put together solutions to problems, whether it was hiv aids or expanding farming in africa that was hard for others to do. yes, did people say that's good work? that's a charity we want to support? and they should have because it produced results. i have no plans to do or say anything about the clinton foundation other than to say how proud i am of it. and i think for the good of the world, its work should continue. >> let's talk about republicans.
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>> that's a big crew. >> it is a big crew. right now the front runner is jeb bush. can you believe that a quarter century after your husband was elected there could be another bush clinton race? >> well we'll see. that's up to first, the republicans on his side. and the democrats on my side. what's great about america is that anybody can the run for president. that's literally true. you have to go out and do what everybody else does. you have to make your case you have to have your agenda you have to raise the money, you have to work really hard. so whoever is nominated by their respective parties will be the nominee and then we'll see who's on the other side. >> you can see she didn't want to highlight this issue of a political dynasty. hillary clinton is trying to position herself as a strong candidate very separate from her husband. >> that's the game. give them what they like. did it help? did it hurt? kevin madden and cnn political
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commentator paul begala also senior advisor on a super pac supporting hillary clinton. i ask you each why did this help? and tell us if you think it also hurt. >> it helped a little. most of those questions were about process. i don't think voters give a rip snort about whether her e-mail system which was the came as colin powell's was private or public. she went out of her way to pop jeb bush to take a very strong progressive stance on immigration. that's an issue people actually vote on. on monday she says she's going to give a major speech on the economy. that's what this election is going to deal with not about these process matters.
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>> what did you think were her strengths and weaknesses? >> every other candidate is nif giving interviews on a regular basis. i think that's one part of it. the questions she was asked to address about whether or not american's trust her, i found that to be the most ill lumuminateing part of the interview. i think one of the other interesting things is while she talked about issues of trust, everything she said as part of her defense wasn't true. there was -- she did not go above and beyond the law of what was required. these are state department regulations that are crystal clear that she should have been following and wasn't. during the course of the interview she blamed the right wing for all of these problems related to her trust. hillary clinton has nobody to
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blame but herself. every story or answer that she's had for what was wrong with the e-mail system that she had, has been debunked. that is at the heart of why americans have trust issues. these are not republicans that were brings this up. this was the "new york times," this was cnn, this was the a.p. that broke stories about her e-mail server. >> i need to defend my friend. there used to be a governor of massachusetts mitt romney. kevin worked for him. when he left massachusetts, 11 top romney aids wiped their entire hard drives. did that become an issue? did the press ask romney about it? no. romney is the son of a ceo, so we can't question him. it's a total double standard. >> classic clinton play book. distract, then demonize. every time this happens.
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>> hold on kevin. it's not just the e-mails. it's the cnn poll which shows her trust worthy numbers from voters are upside down. paul do you think it was a good response a winning strategy to say that's because of a barrage of attacks only? >> yes. it has the virtue of being true. third, by the way, the only entity with lower numbers on trust is the media. the media and the gallup poll was at 40. finally i worked for another clinton in the 90s who on election day -- on election day bill clinton's trust was 41%. and yet he won 31 states plus the district of c d.c.
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>> it's kind of a sad commentary paul across the board. i mean it just is. who knows who's to blame, whether it's the politicians, whether it's the guys like you or the guys like us. who knows. kevin, let me ask you, there is so much distraction surrounding all of these candidates with how they're playing their game. do you believe it is a mistake for the media and also for the candidates to play so much to the inside and seem to be apparently ignoring the interests of the people who will eventually vote for them? >> i think there's too much emphasis put on the horse race. as much as i love the horse race -- that's one of the things that we all love about politics is it is all about how you go out and engage voters and beat your opponents. where i think the focus is right is on the question of attributes attributes. that's why the trust issue and the focus on the trust issue is very important with hillary
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clinton. >> if you want to find a high integrity person they're never going to find anybody because everybody's numbers stink on that. >> people want to know they can trust you, that you're going to reflect and fight for the issues they care about. one of the things that's interesting with hillary clinton is six in ten americans don't trus trust her. many democrats feel that she's not as good on reflecting democrat valuesic values as some of the other candidates. that's why you're seeing a lot of energy go towards bernie sanders. and hillary clinton has had to face a lot more questions about her viability. >> there's a lot of energy in my party on the populace left.
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for hillary, the most important day of her campaign second to the announcement is going to be monday when she gives a major economic speech. this is where our campaign need to go. i think everybody who wants to be president needs to answer the question what are you going to do to boost the incomes of the american middle class? we're dying out here. we the middle class. i once was one. that's the most important thing. >> she wouldn't answer the question about taxes. >> you're a press guy. you can't scoop your own speech in an interview on a tuesday when six days later you're giving this major address. >> higher taxes or not? >> tune in monday. >> there you go. paul, kevin, thank you so much for the debate and your per
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spengssper sepgs -- perceptions of that interview. >> you want political news? of course you do. so go to cnnpolitics,.com. >> more allout for bill cosby. two tv networks distancing themselves from the comedic icon this after cosby got prescriptions for sedatives to give to women he wanted to sleep with. >> the fallout continues for cosby. that 2005 deposition the strongest evidence so far for more than two dozen women who claim the 77-year-old comedian drugged and raped them. now, not everyone is distancing themselves from cosby. you mentioned disney. a cnn affiliate reporting that they're removing a statue of him from their hollywood studios theme park. as i said not everyone distancing themselves from him.
5:18 am
whoopi goldberg defending him on the view. >> in america, still i know it's a shock, but you actually were innocent until proven guilty. he has not been proven a rapist. >> cosby has denied all the accusations against him. his attorney has declined a chance to comment on that deposition. his publicist also saying there are no plans for a statement. >> thanks so much for that update. we'll be talking to two of the accusers momentarily. >> 17,000 civilian employees will also be cut be from the payroll by 2017. defense officials expected to layout specific cuts at individual bases in the coming days. a scare for a pittsburgh pirates grounds keeper who literally got swallowed up by a tarp by the wind.
5:19 am
he's caught up in there. they have a rain delay. and all of a sudden he's just gone. the players who were watching all of a sudden went to his aid. luckily they went out there and were able to peel it back and find the guy. >> it's the most incredible video. >> that was a very dangerous situation. >> totally. those gusts are so strong. >> he could run out of air. >> you heard the announcer say it looked like a tsunami. >> i watched that video about ten times because i couldn't believe how quickly it happens. the power of mother nature. >> wow. so we'll talk bill cosby more when we come back. his image crashing down in the last year amid these accusations of swat. did race play a factor in keeping some of the accusers from coming forward? we have two of the accusers here. we talk to them coming up. when you're living with diabetes
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. i don't really like to talk about it that much because he's the reason i'm on this panel in the first place. he gave me my first job. but at the same time you need the proof and then i'll be able to give my judgment here or there. >> that wasshe's one of the people who have been hesitant to go after
5:24 am
cosby who has this icon status. did his status keep other accusers from coming forward? we have joined by two of cosby's accusers. i want to start with you, because you shared that with ray ravynsymone. did you not want to speak out against someone who you considered your mentor? >> yes, officially. and yes, i do understand that feeling. >> but it changed for you? >> drastically. >> i want to ask you about that same sort of thought because you wrote this very very thoughtful piece in the "washington post." as an avp african american woman, i felt the takes for me were even higher.
5:25 am
telling me story wouldn't only help bring down cosby. i feared it would undermine the entire african american community. imagine that weight you carried. >> and still do. >> and still do. >> the cosby show came out, as i mentioned in the article, during a time in the '80s. this was a time when the central park jogger case was full throttle in the media. >> it was about a young black man attacking a white woman. >> yes. and the way black men were being portrayed in the media was really bad. >> he was a needed icon in the community. >> we needed that sense to feel good about ourselves i think, i think. i think that it made us feel validated and we wanted to feel you know better about ourselves. particularly in the '80s we had
5:26 am
the crack epidemic come forward and then again the central park jogger case happening at the same time. so it was a time when i think the black community having this wonderful image of a black family in a positive light was really a wonderful thing for us. >> and you didn't want to bring all of that crashing down? >> no. to have that weighing on your heart and your mind and knowing that if you came forward that you would perhaps be tarnishing an image that was so important to the black community. >> so kaya what did turn it around for you? >> i tried many times initially right after the incidents. and it was not accepted well. i had medical professionals not believe me. so i learned kind of the hard
5:27 am
way unless i really really liked someone and felt safe not to discuss it. in 2005 when i was jane doe two and there were going to be 13 of us it was extremely rewarding to know there were other women who were speaking up. and to kind of put him aside, my concern was for all the people who could be hurt by his actions by my not speaking up. >> it's come with a price. i mean both of you have struggled very individually not only with the experience right, but then also with coming forward. you have been villy fie lyly lyly -- vilified. that must be particularly
5:28 am
difficult coming from your own community. >> it is it is very painful. many of the women i've spoken with we've had similar things we've had to walk through, be it pt ptsd suicide attempts. it's not easy at all. the reward for myself knowing personally i don't really want to go down in the books being known for this. >> of course not. >> but to know i don't have to lie about this time in my life anymore and that maybe i could school somebody in that industry a little bit better how to move forward in it. i'm here to help to serve. >> i want to read to you two tweets from famous singer jill scott who has evolved on this. back when your story first came out she didn't believe it. she tweeted to people she didn't believe it. back then this was december 1st 2014 i'm respecting a man
5:29 am
who has done more for the image of brown people than almost anyone ever. after the revelations that he got quaaludes prescriptions to give to women he wanted to have sex with two days ago, she tweeted this about bill cosby sadly his own testimony offers proof of terrible deeds, which is all i have ever required to believe the accusations. >> god bless her. god bless her. the truth hurts. it really does. imagine how i personally felt going through it and feeling the same way that the whole world felt about him. and then having my own feelings and images and expectations of him destroyed as you're going through it. it was very very very painful. it still is a very very painful
5:30 am
process. but at the same time i have learned that it's important to come forward and speak your truth. this has fallen at the doorsteps of the african american community. and now i think we need to decide what we're going to do with it. are we going to leaf itve it on the doorstep or are we going to bring it inside and deal with it with the veracity and the courage and the faith that we as a people are known to have to deal with and push forward. because when this initially came out, a lot of the talk on the internet was that it was only white women. and all you saw were write women. and this black man. and that was also one of the things that made me come forward. i was just like no this is going totally in the wrong
5:31 am
direction. >> both you and kaya have been incredibly brave to speak with us. thanks so much for being with us on "new day" and sharing your thoughts. >> tune in tonight at 9:00 p.m. to cnn's special report. it's called no laughing matter, inside the cosby allegations. another controversy we're going to take on after the break. florida state's quarterback kicked off the team facing charged after punching a woman in the face at a bar as you just saw. his lawyer had some interesting points to make. we're going to have the state attorney prosecutoring the case on.
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says the weapon was stolen from the agent's car last month. hillary clinton talking exclusively to cnn for the first interview of her campaign. she says that people should and do trust her. disney removing a statue of the tv icon two networks pulling reruns of the cosby show all of this after allegations thatalcosby testified that he got sedatives to give to women he wanted to sleep with. the house overwhelmingly voting to send the bill to the floor for debate. he'll be talking cyber security in the wake of several highly lyly publicized attacks. well a former florida state quarterback's punch of a woman was caught on camera.
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. when you see this individual. >> caller: when you see this video that we're going to show you, you'll see that the pictures tell the story. florida state quarterback de'andre johnson, words exchanged, and then you see there violence. he was kicked off the team and now he's facing misdemeanor battery. his attorney says the woman was the aggressor and used racial slurs towards johnson. mr. prosecutor, pleasure to have you on the show as always. what is the case against johnson? >> well it was reported to an off duty police officer made the initial report that was working security at the place. and then we didn't know much about it until the video was provided to us and an
5:42 am
investigator with the police department brought the case to us. we looked at the video, which is obviously very disturbing and made a decision that there was in fact a battery. we looked at all aspects of the case about whether or not he was acting in self-defense. i think the video clearly shows that he was not. and we've obviously interviewed the victim in the case and she is well prepared to go forward with a prosecution. and we intend to go forward with a prosecution. >> did she mention anything during her interview about what she might have said to him? and does it matter what she said to him or did to him before he hit her? >> well from her perspective and my conversation with her, the idea that there was some kind of a racial statement made is simply not true. basically she was being pushed
5:43 am
by an elbow and a body into -- you know by him into the person sitting next to her. and she basically turned around and told him get off of me, i was here first. and at that point, the video doesn't clearly show it but with her testimony and you can see it that he was holding her left hand. and that's when she turned around and made the right first, basically saying get off of me get away from me. and then that's when he released her left hand grabbed her right hand. she took a pretty weak swing at him with her left hand missed. and he popped her in the face. >> that does appear to be what we see on the video. going and assessing if inging the behavior of a florida state player not
5:44 am
knew new for you. you obviously had to take a look at the jaymeis winston case. >> so does he think he is a celebrated athlete? no. he's not a star. he was a star recruit, but that doesn't make him a star on the team. in fact he wasn't in line to be the starting quarterback this year. >> if de'andre johnson was was the star would he too have not had a case made against him by your office? >> his status his position who he is has nothing to do with the decision we make about whether to prosecute. we prosecute batteries all the time in county court. so it has nothing to do with his status as a football player a starter, a nonstarter or anyone else.
5:45 am
you know, we looked ded at the facts of the case and we move forward with a prosecution on him, as we would do with anyone else similarly situated. >> you've got the videotape. you almost have to make a case here. with jameis winston you didn't have to make the case. do you accept that criticism? >> you know i'm pretty used to criticism. we get criticized no matter what we do. but our office got involved in the jameis winston case some ten months after the event. and there were a lot of things that could have been developed earlier had they been developed that could not be developed ten months later. as we looked at it we're pretty confident that things that were not right happened that night,
5:46 am
but our burden of proof is did we have a reasonable likelihood of a conviction if we go forward. and after everything and a pretty thorough investigation ten months after the event, we determined we did not have enough to go forward. and that's the rules and we try to follow the rules. >> mr. prosecutor thank you for joining us on "new day" to give us your perspective on this prosecution and what happened with jameis winston. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> >>. as we discussed this whole situation with bill cosby, he had it all, fame power. why would he allegedly drug women to have sex with him. next. ...with that bloated belly. you got gas. i can see it and i know you feel it. get gas-x. it relieves bloating in minutes. plus that uncomfortable pressure. no wonder it's the #1 gas relief brand.
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he could have had sex with anybody at any time. he was a very wealthy man, a celebrity. but to drug a person and then to violate them like that that's a sociopath. >> that was bill cosby accuser patti masten expressing a sendmentedsend sentiment shared by so many people. why would he have to drug and swat so many women? does bill cosby have a rare sexual disorder call eded
5:51 am
somnophilia? i was bowled over when one of cosby's accusers told me she has heard of this disorder. it also goes under sleeping beauty disorder. she came to believe that he actually suffers from this. let me read to you and our viewer what is the definition is. this comes from a sex researcher at john shopkins university. it is a sexual fetish in which attainment of orgasm is dependant on an unresponsive victim. it's chilling because so many of his accusers more than 25 say he tried to make them
5:52 am
unresponsive. >> just giving a name to this kind of behavior doesn't really explain why. i will tell you that somnophilia is often associated with incest or early life sexual trauma. perhaps the person was abused while they were sleeping or half asleep and this is now the schema for sex for them. or perhaps they have performance anxiety where they can't tolerate the person seeing them or seeing them fail if you will. >> it's so bizarre to conceive of somebody only being sexually aroused by someone being unresponsive and unconscious. >> you know human sexuality has so many interesting variations
5:53 am
some completely functional and adaptive. there are people who have this who live functional lives and have functional sex lives because they get consent from their partner before the partner falls asleep. there's not drugs involved. it's just honey, before you wake up in the morn can go i start without you. there is a way to have a disorder and make it adaptive. obviously it's maladd dapaptive when it's a crime. >> obviously he cannot use this as an excuse because there are treatments for it. well you tell me. are there treatments if he suffered from this he didn't have to resort to rape. he could have done something behavorial or cognitive. >> of course he didn't have to resort to a crime using a weapon called drugs. yes, we know that. the question is in the '50s
5:54 am
'60s '70s was he self-aware enough to understand that this was a disorder that could be treated. now, i am not ever saying this is an excuse. let's make that clear. when i try to help people understand how people get to situations like this it's about creating an understanding. it's not about forgiving. it's not about excusing. i don't want the victims to feel for one second that he's getting off the hook. this is a skriemcrime. >> do you believe that bill cosby suffers from somnophilia? >> i think he does. i think he suffers from some version of it. there are a litany of comedians who suffer from disorders.
5:55 am
as underneath they're suffering a lot. we can begin with robin williams and chris farley and the suicides the drug overdoses. there's a lot of history of comedian who is we know suffer from mental illness. >> yes, but his takes it to a different level of violence. wendy walsh. thank you so much for all of the insiegts insight. let us know what your take is on this. we'd love to hear if you think he suffers from something like this sexual disorder. we'll be right back.
5:56 am
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. good stuff. 15-year-old andrew adam is a civil war reenactor. he's a drummer boy. as his eagle scout community service project, he decided to build a memorial to them. this is the part i love. not just any memorial. one-half is made in the south exactly. and the other half in the north. bechblg benches were made in the north out of wood the granite base in the south. >> i want them to take away that unity begins with you. i worked with all these people
6:00 am
and bringing them together is really important because it shows what we're able to get done as a country. >> three years of fund-raising and hard work. this is an important reminder because of all this confederate flag stuff. there's more that joins us than that which separates us. >> message of unity. that's great. >> amen chris. i like your positive spin today. >> thank you, my sister. >> "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," after the cosby bombshell, the backlash. >> i've been holding onto this since 1982. and i am just extremely upset. i do not feel indicated. >> accusers speaking out. are the comedian's own words going to trigger more lawsuits? also her death reig


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