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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  July 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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thank you for joining us. set your dvr to record "out front." we'll see you back here tomorrow night. and "ac 360" starts with andersen cooper right now. >> good evening. tonight part two of my interview with donald trump. a few of the highlights what he thinks of his fellow canned dachlts hearcanned -- candidates, why he is convince heed can ed he can get the latino vote despite his comments. there was a phone call between, trump, and his immigration comments came up. expressed concern about trump's tone and how it could affect the latino vote. donald trump characterizes the call saying it was congratulatory in nature. more reporting on that in a moment. first let's listen to what mr. trump told me on the subject of immigration. >> i what even think about anything until i built a wall
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impenetrable impenetrable. there will be nobody coming into this country illegally. more people are coming in under obama, by far, there has never been a an entrance like this and they walking in walking right past our patrols. i can just say this. more people are in this country right now illegally than ever before. i will build a better wall. i will build for cheaper. mexico will pay. we bring them back. they push them out. mexico pushes out people across the border that are criminals that are drug dealers. and illegal immigrants coming in are causing tremendous problems. in terms of crime. in terms of murder. in terms of rape. and somebody is an illegal immigrant they shouldn't be here at all. there shouldn't be any crime. they're not supposed to be in our country. >> quick survey of the interview last night. part two is tonight. chief congressional correspondent dana bash joins us. what do we know about the phone call between donald trump and the rnc chair, what are your
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sources telling you about how it actually played out? >> anderson i'm told this was a phone call not intended to chastise donald trump. perhaps trump is right in there was congratulation there. it was a wide ranging discussion. the two of them i am told not uncommon for them to speak. at the end of the conversation is when the rnc chair just basically said look go easy on the tone here. and the context, i'm told was quite obvious, in that he has spent the past four years help the republican party build back confidence and trust and outreach with the hiss panpanic community. the community that was turned off in a big, big way after a series of republican primaries and elections where there was a lot of very hot rhetoric. mitt romney talking about self-deportation. the concern that he made
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previously is this is the same kind of rhetoric donald trump is using now which will crush the republicans big picture in 2016 with that community which is incredibly important. >> which as you will hear donald trump say tonight he doesn't believe that will happen. he believes he can get the latino vote and explain why. is it common for some one look the rnc chair to call a candidate, not just trump, any candidate. is that common that they have these conversations and have some body end of the conversation to just think about the rhetoric? if that is in fact what he said. >> it is common for the rnc chair to talk to presidential candidates. told by republican sources in campaigns and rnc that ryan previs talked to what 15 almost candidates on a pretty regular basis. when you look at them across the board. in the case of trump they have a relationship. it's not unusual for them to
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talk. what is unusual for the republican party chair to even look like he is getting involved in any way, shape or form in an intraparty fight. what the republican nomination fight is about. that's why when trump pushed back you heard crickets from the rnc. it is not in their interest at all to have a public dispute. back and forth. tit for tat with donald trump. >> that's for sure. dana bash. thank you for joining us. i will check back in. beginning of part two of my interview with donald trump. yesterday he said several times everybody loves him and he believes that includes latinos. he says he will get more latino votes than anyone. take a look. you do make a lot of people, a lot of people running against, very nervous. they feel you have got to get hispanics on the side of the gop. mitt romney. 27% of the hispanic vote. >> he didn't appeal to them. i understand why. he didn't appeal to a lot of people. he didn't appeal to conservative
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republicans. if republicans would have left their living room and gone out and vote heed would have within the election. people for some reason didn't dig mitt romney. now, as far as. >> you can get the latino vote? >> i will tell you what if the republicans vote mitt romney didn't energize. i do energize. i think you say that. i do energize. everyone is smiling saying he will not. i will get more latinos than any body else. i have thousand of latinos that work for me now. i will tell you why i am going to get them. because at the appropriate time the later on probably after the primary situation assuming i win, which i hope i do. i am in it to win it. we'll see what happens. i'm going to have thousand of people that work for me standing up saying we love trump. what i am going to do for the latinos, ooh am going to be able to create jobs. i'm going to take jobs from china excuse me from the mexico, from japan, where they're sending in millions of
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automobiles all the time and we get nothing out of it. i am going to take jobs back and bring them back into the country. the latinos are going to be able to work and make good money. they're going to vote for me. i will fell you what. i don'twill take them away from hillary clinton. >> you talk about your deal with macy's, neck ties manufactured in china. you talked about it very open. stand up guy. >> honestly i hate the fact. >> if you hate it. why not make a stand. i will not make this deal. i want it made in america. brooks brothers makes it in america. american apparel. >> macy's were weak. very weak. they want to be politically correct. by the way thousand of people are cutting up their macy's credit card right now. i love that. i hate to see weak people. when they're wrong. i think they're paying a very big price. i talk openly in speeches about ties. that ties that are made for me because china has so devalued their currency that it is impossible for american companies even with something so simple as a tie, it's impossible
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for american companies to come feet with china. >> much more with my interview with donald trump. not backing down. and fellow republican and their approaches to immigration. listen. >> so look bush is weak on immigration. forget about his stance on common core he is very weak on immigration. marco rubio is somebody who is extremely weak on immigration. he all of a sudden toughened his stance because his poll numbers went down. i could be much more offensive to rick perry. he was governor of texas. the border is a disaster. >> he was just getting started. he says among other things. lindsay graham wants to bomb everybody. asked why carly fiorina is running for president, says chris christie missed his time. ahead, do you know who this little girl is? police are trying to figure it out. her body has been found. so far no one has been able to
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identify her. details. and my conversation with crime fighter john walsh ahead.
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we do things differently. we'll take care of it. vo: we put members first... join the nation. thank you. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ donald trump's comments have offended many in latino community and president shl candidates. in this part of our conversation in donald trump style he does
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not mince word about any of them. >> let me read you what some of your fellow republicans have said. bush says trump is wrong on this. he is doing this. he is not a stupid guy. he is doing this to enflame and incite and draw attention. >> so look bush is weak on immigration. forget about his stance on common core he is very weak on immigration. and that's his prerogative if he wants to be. >> marco rubio. trump's comments are offensive, inaccurate. and divisive. >> marco rubio is extremely weak on immigration. he toughens his stance. if he got elected people flowing across the border. >> rick perry. i was offended by his remarks. he is going to have to defend his remarks. i never will. i will stay they were offensive. they were. >> i could be much more offensive to rick perry. he could have done much more as governor of texas. make the border strong. >> lindsay graham,why would any
5:13 pm
group vote for a party if it embraces that view i sure has hell wouldn't. >> lindsay graham has been nice to me. but he wants to bomb everybody. every time i watch lindsay graham, he wants to bomb everybody. >> carly fiorino. >> came out weak on immigration. she lost her job at hewlett hewlett-packard hewlett-packard, viciously was fired. ran for the senate against barbara boxer, got killed in a landslide. >> i have great respect for the fact he had the courage to back me up and say what i am saying is right. all i am saying all he is saying is that we have to stop illegal immigration. it's causing tremendous problems including crime. and he came out the other day. strongly. >> borny y bernie sanders? >> he is a character.
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i'm not sure him earhillary is going to get the nomination. if you go back to pre-obama, nobody heard of obama, hillary had the same power she did now. it was going to be an almost foregone conclusion sunnyhe would be running for president on the democratic line. all of a sudden obama came along and beat her. now it is the same thing. >> chris christie. >> friend of mine. everything else. i really i told this to chris, i told title his people. he missed his time. >> he missed his time. joining me former reagan white house political director cnn commentator paul begala and obviously long time adviser of president clinton, and chief political correspondent, dana bash. >> president reagan, donald trump admires, thou shall not speak ill of a fellow republican.
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that's not being adhered to. are the negative comments he is making about fellow candidates. are they bad for the party? >> i don't think so. president reagan when he was the former governor reagan running against president gerald ford who was the sitting republican president had a lot of sharp elbows and sharp words to say about gerald ford. he also had a lot of sharp words in the 1980 primaries. i don't really think there is anything particularly unusual here. i think that donald trump is donald trump. i think that's exactly why he is surging in the polls. >> to you, the appeal -- that you believe he has to the voters that he apelzpeals to. is it. one of the things thatstrongly. he is speaking not papers he is reading from not a prepared speech. i think people look that sense of this is kind of a raw guy. >> he is not scripted. he is not scripted. and i have gotten to spend time with him. he talks the same way in private that he talks in public. i think that's exactly what
5:16 pm
people like. i think is this enormous sense of frustration out there on the republican side of the island i think that he speaks directly to it. he speaks pointedly and bluntly. i think a lot of people feel this is what they say to each other. and now they're finally hearing this from a candidate not afraid to say this. because they all know i think that a lot of people would be afraid to say these things the object would be to destroy them their personal life et cetera. some of that they tried to do to donald trump. i think they appreciate the fact that he sticks with it. >> paul what do you make of the phone call from the rnc chair with trump? >> it means that he is hurting the republican brand. a direct quote from president reagan, latinos are republicans they just don't know it yet. that's the welcome. ronald ronald reagan got 37% of the latino vote. is trump rich?
5:17 pm
if he is rich he should be paying me for this advice.- this is fabulous outstanding, tremendous advice, ande rfltsonrson when you tell people they're rapists and criminals they're not going to vote you. >> he didn't say all latinos are rapists and criminals. >> he said a few, might be good people. >> talking about the illegals. >> he was talking about illegal immigration. >> paul to your point. when donald trump is on the debate stage. first debate. second debate. how do you think the other candidates are going to deal with him? i mean -- do you get into a fist fight with him? a verbal fist fight. do you ignore him? >> how do i think. i think, dealt with him weakly so far. the wrong way to deal with it. primary voters. ronald reagan. i paid for this microphone, mr. green. he asserted strength. all voters especially republicans want strength.
5:18 pm
the problem they have is they're wimping out to trump. why? he speaks for a lot of people. the republican base. technical term they're crazy. he speaks to the crazy base voters. they can't, they don't dare take on trump. so cowed by him you can all most hear them moo. >> i will not back check you on a rash view of voters. >> the reagan base. >> looking for a lifeline. >> dana there are republicans who while they support trump they don't expect him at the end of the day to get the nomination. how big of an obstacle does that discrepancy pose for trump? a big one. donald trump is facing the reality. 14 15 republicans who are in the race are as well.
5:19 pm
most of them are not going to get the nomination. it is at this point. very much a jump ball on the republican side. and, you know you are seeing all the people in the race. mitt romney got the nomination. kind of by default. there was no one else that really rose to it. at this point, nobody thinks donald trump is going to get the nomination. and, you know i had gotten phone calls when he first got in from the republicany ageitated why are you paying attention to him. he is clearly not going to be president. the bottom line. it is a jump ball. >> paying attention when they look at the poll numbers. we'll take a quick break. more with jeffrey, paul dana. and more of my interview with trump. and what to do with isis?
5:20 pm
ahead hour, to negotiate with iran. >> anderson, this neg gesh yagsotiation should have taken a week. i'm being generous. should have taken a week. should have taken a week. it's going on forever. now another delay. another delay. and itch youif you think iran isn't doing a lot of nuclear work behind our backs while we're negotiateing negotiating. >> if this little girl looks familiar. help solve a mystery that has authorities baffled. her remains found on the beach in boston harbor two weeks ago. clues are hard to come by. more on the story. and john walsh of "the hunt" has made tracking child predators a life cause. he joins me ahead. it elicits pride... incites envy... and unleashes wrath. temptation comes in many heart-pounding forms.
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my interview with donald trump was wide ranging. 40 or so minutes. we covered neckties to iran. a deadline looms on nuclear negotiations. secretary of state john kerry said there are tough issues to be resolved. there is progress being made. the deal's deadline has been extended twice as you may know. and kerry will not sit at the
5:25 pm
table forever. and which brings us back to the interview with donald trump. he says this should have taken a week at most. >> we are making a terrible deal. we have the wrong people negotiating for us. the persians are great negotiators. they're laughing at the stupidity of the deal on nuclear. we should double up triple up the sanctions and have them come to us. they're making an amazing deal. you know we're paying them hundreds of millions of dollars on a monthly basis. hundreds of millions of dollars going back why. can't the money be held back? they said that money has nothing to do with our negotiation. really? also why aren't we taking our four prisoners back. why aren't we getting the four people being held in the worst prisons they say in the world in iran why aren't we getting them back? they say we don't want to discuss that. that has nothing to do with the nuclear. this negotiation should have taken a week. that's because i'm being
5:26 pm
generous. should have taken a day. should have taken a week. this is going on forever. now another delay. another delay. if you think that iran isn't doing lots of nuclear work behind our backs as we're negotiating then you are foolish. i watch you too often to know you are not foolish. >> it is rare a politician actually admit mistakes. even admitted mistakes in the past. >> i have. >> we talked about president obama and the birth certificate. >> i didn't say it was a mistake. >> do you say that president obama was born in the united states? >> i really don't know. i don't know why he wouldn't release his records. honestly, i don't want to get night. he came up with this thing, all of a sudden. remember this one thing. one thing. i'm about jobs economy, the military and taking care of. and let me say something. do you know that hillary clinton was a birther she wanted the records and fought like hell. people forget. do you know john mccain was a birther. wanted the records.
5:27 pm
they couldn't get the records. hillary failed. john mccain failed. trump was able to get them to give something. don't know what the hell it was. doesn't matter. i am off the subject. i am about jobs. about the military. i am about doing the right thing for this country. i want to make our country great again. >> by the way that notion about hillary clinton john mccain being birthers. that's not accurate. mccain made that clear running against senator obama. some supporters did openly question obama's orgins. neither candidate on the record ever did. that brings us how far out there can donald trump go with some rhetoric without losing the groundswell of support. no sign his support is waning. in fact the opposite. a rally schedule ford saturday in phoenix, speech on immigration and other topics. the office says it is being moved to a larger space, convention center to acome date--
5:28 pm
to accommodate the crowd they're expecting. i am joined by my guests. jeffrey some have made the argument that you know obviously some made the argument, donald trump is bad for the gop. if you don't like donald trump, it allows them to show themselves in opposition to him or just opposed to him. do you buy that? >> sure. sure. i think -- they're going to want to be on that stage with him. i know some thinking there would be gop donors trying to shut down the debate. get bin not have people appear on the stage. if they can't handle donald trump they can't handle the white house. i think that's a fairly obvious point here. and he is a tough guy. he is a tough debater. he is a tough negotiateornegotiator. an accomplished guy.
5:29 pm
i never understood the anti-trump sentiment. a clown, this that the other thing. this is one extraordinarily accomplished human being. if the other folks want to stand up there and beat him or be president. then they have got to do the job. >> paul you have said that the republican candidate should be much tougher on trump and should publicly go after him the way bill clinton did with jesse jackson. obama as a candidate, did with hillary clinton x plain that. explain that. donlt you run don't you run the risk of getting into a knife fight. >> he is an accomplished formidable, brilliant guy who has spent a lot more time looking into a camera than anybody on the stage. even mike huckabee. donald trump knows when out to do when the red light goes on. enormously formidable. jeffrey is right if you can't stand up to donald trump how will you stand up to putin. republicans could prosper from trump by playing off him the way
5:30 pm
jeffrey suggests. stand up punch him in the know. the birther thing. john mccain did speak out. hillary clinton had nothing to do with it. that's what i menan i say crazy. there is a tiny fragment out there i think trump is appealing to them. not even dog whistle. just straight up loco. >> do you believe the base he is a apealing to. appealing to a fringe. aren't there people sick of politicians. ben carson is doing well a nonpolitician. and in the primary season. they're just tired of practiced politician couching thing not necessarily saying anything. you feel it. people go see trump feel he is saying something whether or not it is true. >> i think that's right. that's why the appeal is there. it's why it is early.
5:31 pm
it moves very quickly. i do think, ultimate low over the long haul. we are 500 some days away from the election. it is going to be more about ideas than personality. end of the day people aren't electing an entertainer. really ultimate low that's the question voters ask, what are you going to do for me? they may decide mr. trump is the guy who can help the middle-class. i find that inconceivable. maybe i don't have a good enough imagination. >> hate to agree with paul. i think he is right. >> dana how much of this is name recognition. look at jeb bush. top of the polls. donald trump. two in these places. recently entering the race. both have got strong name recognition? >> so much of it. you can't even quantify it is name recognition. look back eight year. if it wasn't name recognition, rudy giuliani would be
5:32 pm
president. obviously couldn't win in florida where he put all his eggs in a an election. i think, go back to the fact what you all were talking about, if it is good, not good for candidates for donald trump to be on the debate stage and debate each other. i know it is counterintuitive. maybe they could use him as a foichlt i am foil. i am talking to candidates. that they absolutely do not want to have him on that debate stage. of course they can use him as a foil. but their concern, but their concern is not so much about that. where the conversation is in the first place. if donald trump says something about immigration, then everybody else is going to feel like they have to respond to him or contradict him or they will look like they're being associated with him. >> which by the way occurred. >> they don't want to be associated. they don't want to be. a totally different thing when
5:33 pm
they're standing on the stage. and no question they do not want to be part of that. >> dana paul jeffrey, good to have you on. a heartbreaking discovery on the boston harbor shoreline. the remains of a little girl found in a trash bag. no one knows who she is. a forensic artist made a picture of what she may have looked like in life. that's what you are seeing now. authorities are asking for help. in solving the mystery of her death. i will speak with john walsh of "the hunt" next about the case.
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tonight authorities are hoping social media can help them solve a gruesome and heartbreaking mystery. a 4-year-old girl. take a look may have looked like this her bed wasody was found in a trash bag. she was thrown out like trash. now the public is being asked to help identify her. alexandra field has the the latest. >> i think we can all agree she is precious. she really deserves the dignity of a funeral and a burial and her own name. >> reporter: her own name because right now to the authorities she doesn't have one. police call her only baby doe. a computer generated picture shows what she may have looked
5:38 pm
like. a 4-year-old. wearing polka dot leggings zebra striped blanket found with her. authorities hoped some one may recognize them. found discarded in a trash bag along the shore of deer island, massachusetts. a place where waist water is treated east of boston's logan airport. >> we appeal to care givers parents. step forward. clear your conscience. no child, no person deserves to be discarded like this. at the same time i do worry that there may be other children in this home that need our attention and our protection. >> online tens of millions are sharing her story. sharing their grief and searching for answers. in early flood of tips suggested baby doe could be a 3-year-old who went missing from west virginia in 2011. police have since ruled that out. the national center for missing
5:39 pm
and exploited children is pouring over its databases looking for a match. >> lots of people are calling in with tips and lead. we want that to continue. with that information we are going out there and checking on the welfare of a lot of children. i think there have been over 24 actual welfare checks of children who resemble baby doe. >> police say they aren't sure of precisely when baby doe died. toxicology test will show she was poisoned or given drugs. there were no visible signs of trauma to her small body. baby doe, 3 1/2 feet tall weighing just 30 pounds. alexandra field, cnn, new york. >> so awful. joining me now is john walsh, child safety advocate host of cnn's "the hunt with john walsh." how unusual is a case look this an unidentified child's body for so long? >> thankfully pretty unusual. but over the years when i did america's most wanted for 25 years i think we did about ten of those cases. and some of them were never solved. and some of them we got lucky
5:40 pm
and solved and people came forward. >> it's hard to imagine. how does a child -- you know disappearing, a child disappearing is one thing. a child being found and nobody somebody must know who the child is. multiple people must know who the child is. >> somebody knows who the child is. in the cases where we did find the children. they were the one child in the family of multiple children that the live-in boyfriend or the mommy abused and battered not any of the other children and then either accidentally killed the child or starved the child or whatever. and disposed of the body. and then we always ask the same question -- somebody must have then that child. please have the courage to call somebody. i learned one thing on "america's most wanted" for 25 years and in the last year of "the hunt." people do not want to talk to cops. they dent wanton't want to call the massachusetts state police marshals, fbi don't want to be dragged into the case. if you give them a way to do the right thing. i did, 25 years. call 1-866-the-hunt or go to my
5:41 pm
website i don't care what your name is. couple casize did were aliens, okay there are 15 million illegal aliens good people pursueing the american dream. some time they know who the child is. they may see something. a migrant in texas, florida, may have seen the child. you know what? that family always abused that child. i would like to tell somebody who it is. i can't. i think i will be in trouble. i was saying to those people. we are not going to involve you. no cop is going to come. nobody traces or taps my phones at the hunt. it worked for 25 years. last year i caught five people because i guarantee you remain anonymous. somebody knows who that little girl its. she deserves a burial. who ever killed her even if she died accidentally let's say by chance it is illegal alien family doesn't know what to do with the body doesn't know what to tell. let's find out who she is.
5:42 pm
let's give her the burial she so deserves. and if there are other kids in the family at risk somebody has got to come forward and say there are three other kids might be beaten to death and wind of in the river a year or six months from now. >> when you see the artist's rendering computer generated image how accurate do they turn out to be? >> we started it in 1984. the center has the best pros in the country. they have put together computer aging of missing children for years right on. you have seen some of the pictures. the kid will get recovered. it will be that kid. they're the pros at it. they have now reached out. i was at facebook all day. facebook does amber alerts which are wonderful. so facebook and youtube and the national center we have been able to get about 54 million views of this little girl. i am still amazed nobody has come forward. but social media will help solve this. bah the pictures are what people to call. >> in the image.
5:43 pm
her race may not be completely accurate. >> you can't tell. many many times children are of mixed races. it is very difficult. >> the overall shape of the face. that kind of thing generally is accurate. >> what a doubt. i am amazed. i mean the technology is incredible at the national center. they're pros. the massachusetts state police and the massachusetts cops know they are pro. that picture is going to keep being shown. i may even show it on sunday night if if her identity isn't known. we really need to find out who she is. >> again just to reiterate this. a lot of people think somebody else will know somebody else will do it if i have the information. you got to peckick up the phone. >> itch you think you know no matter how inconsequential it is or how far off you think you are it never ceased to amaze me as i caught almost 1,400 guys and recovered 61 missing children alive, people picked up the phone. incredible. people want to do the right thing. they're good. and they'll peck itick it up. make the call. maybe break the case.
5:44 pm
can't save her, unfortunately. but maybe save her siblings. >> john walsh. thank you for being with us. tune in sunday night, 9:00 premiere season two of "the hunt" with john walsh here on cnn. ahead arnold schwarzenegger isn't answering question as but a murder sentence he commuted on his last day as california governor to. day the convicted killer's father, and political ally of schwarzenegger speaking out telling his side of the story to "360."
5:45 pm
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kim law has been trying to talk to former governor arnold schwarzenegger about a murder sentence he commuted on his last day in office. she hasn't had any luck. he has been promoting his new terminator movie and too busy to discuss allegations the killer received a huge political favor by way of his father. there is something new, convicted killer's father speak out telling his side of the story. here's kim's report. >> arnold! >> reporter: arnold schwarzenegger on the red carpet for terminator refusing to talk. will you answer another question from cnn. about his final act as governor. final act that at least one family called devastating and insulting. in the final hour an office then
5:49 pm
governor schwarzenegger slashed in half the jail sentence of estabon nunez, son of a political ally pleaded guilty in the 2008 stabbing death of luis santos. >> used for the movie promotion. we always talk then about movies. >> the case is still winding the way through court. >> thank you, everyone. >> the family is trying to go to the supreme court, sir. >> this is the type of person he thinks somebody being murdered, it's -- a news that is below his status. >> luis' parents, fred and kathy san santos have been fighting it since 2011. how they even found out added insult to injury. no one from the governor's office called them. how they learned the man who pleaded guilty to the stabbing death of their son was being let out of jail early, when reporters started calling their home.
5:50 pm
nunez's 16-year sentence was cut to seven years amid widespread criticism that the case wreaked of back door politics. fabian nunez, once california's most powerful caratdemocrat and once known friend of schwarzenegger's. >> cowardly act. he didn't have the nerve or the heart to contact us and tell thoughts he had planned to do this. i mean come on. be a man. >> reporter: while arnold wouldn't address the case someone else did. after refusing repeated requests for an interview, fabian nunez called cnn after our story first aired on monday. he repeated statements he has made in the past. >> there was a totally different standard, legal standard aplayedplyied to my son. and went on to argue schwarzenegger righted wrongs perpetuated by a conservative judge and overzealous district attorney.
5:51 pm
nunez claims the da pushed for the plea-bargain not his son because she wanted a high profile conviction before making a run for mayor. she called that ridiculous. >> i would say if that were true we were trying to treat him differently and go all out because it was a powerful person we never would have plea-bargained this case. >> reporter: fabian nunez and arnold schwarzenegger in his comb tags letter claimed the case was never airtight. and they said jett on probation stabbed n stabbed. kidding n considering the limited role and clean prior record i believe his sentence is disproportionate to jett's. that's not how schwarzenegger ruled one year earlier when he refused to commute the sentences of 29 suspects who had limited
5:52 pm
roles in various homicides. 29 suspects who also had no powerful political connections to governor arnold schwarzenegger. >> i think this commutation is a complete joke just highlights how politics have come into permeate the justice system. >> so the santos family they're challenging the decision in court. where does that stand? do they have a chance? >> they say they don't necessarily have a chance reversing it. but they want to make a statement here. they have filed a lawsuit asking that someone find that this clemency was illegal. two judges essentially holding their noses said they don't find it is illegal. they do find this wreaks of politics. one judge writing that this action was repugnant. the santos family is hoping that california's supreme court will hear their case. at least to get that acknowledgement anderson. >> appreciate the reporting. thank you.
5:53 pm
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appointments available now.
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>> three weeks after the massacre at emanuel ame, the battle over the confederate flag is over. at 10:00 tomorrow morning it is going to be take in down. hours ago, south carolina's governor, signed the bill
5:57 pm
ordering its removal after a marathon and intense debate in the state house. >> surrounded by the very lawmakers who helped make this moment possible south carolina governor nicki haley took a moment to remember the nine lives lost just 22 days ago. >> it seems like so long ago. because the grieving has been so hard. but at the same time we have all been struck by what was a tragedy that we didn't think we would ever encounter. nine amazing people that forever changed south carolina's history. >> the families of the nine victims present to see firsthand the governor sign into law a bill that will remove the confederate battle flag from the state capitol ground. a place it's flown since the 1960s. the change comes after days of debate that culminated with the passage of the bill in a 93-27
5:58 pm
vote. the end of a marathon session in the state house that was marked by dozens of amendments introduced by pro flag representatives who believe the flag is a symbol of southern heritage not hate. >> this amendment recognizes his action his reasons, i am going to ask you today to support this amendment. >> the debate lasting some 13 hours. [ indiscernible ] >> just know the gig is up. i think right now we see what the real deal is. >> the turning point in the debate coming when republican representative jenny horn a descendant of jefferson davis took to the floor. >> i cannot believe that we do not have the heart in this body to do something meaningful such as take a symbol of hate off of
5:59 pm
these grounds on friday. and if any of you vote to amend you are ensuring that this flag will fly beyond friday. >> what representative horn did was magnificent. took a lot of courage and helped us win the day. >> state house representative gilda hobb hunter in the house, well before the flag was moved from the dome to its current spot. seeing the speaker sign the bill early this morning was a moment she says was worth fighting for. >> i thought it would be removed some day but not when i am still here. >> the governor said that they're going to bring the flag down with dignity at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. do we know how? >> we know that there will be a ceremony. the governor did say south carolina is a state that believes in tradition. i think that ceremony will reflect that. once the flag is removed from here we know it will be taken to the confederate relic room which is just a few blocks from
6:00 pm
where we are. anderson. >> we turn to a decade of it the cnn original series "the seventies" starts now. enjoy. tonight our topic will be murder as a gretowth industry. >> murder has become an epidemic in america. >> last ten years the homicide rate increased by leaps and bounds. >> my god. somebody fired a shot. >> these tragedies keep getting closer and closer to home. afraid to let my kids walk out the door. >> urban crime wave touched off a new round of gun violence. >> step down, mr. bundy. >> i'll plead not guilty right now. >> there has been a disturbing growth in cult phenomenon in this country. >> there shall be no other. >> yes! yes!