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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  July 11, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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his part fata did not acknowledge the patients gathered at the court. many are dealing with a number of ailments as a result of his malpractice. robert wanted to face the man who left him with no teeth and a questionable future after the chemotherapy and radiation he did not need but facing him in court did not bring him peace. >> i should have never looked at him. he just gets me so upset and now just seeing him today made me sick. >> reporter: jason carroll, cnn, detroit. 5:00 eastern, you are in "newsroom." i'm poppy harlow. we begin this hour with donald trump. he is headed for a rally in phoenix, arizona, one that had to be moved to a larger site to handle the crowds as they are growing. thousands and thousands expected. trump addressing a libertarian gathering in las vegas a short time ago.
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he certainly did not stray from the anti-illegal immigration position that has earned him so much national attention and outrage since he announced his bid for the white house. highlights from that speech in just a moment. sara murray standing by in phoenix, where trump is going to be joined by the controversial sheriff joe arpaio. already, some protesters there as well but a lot of people who like his message, we are hearing from the trump campaign 10,000 12,000 people want tickets to tonight? >> reporter: yeah poppy, there are thousands of people who do like donald trump and have been lining up here over the last couple hours to make sure they can get a spot inside. like you mentioned, we are starting to see these protests grow. there are a lot of people standing out here who are flabbergasted by donald trump's comments that he could win the hispanic vote. they heard him talking about how he would give latinos jobs and that might make latinos want to vote for him. they are saying that's crazy, not all latinos are construction workers and custodians.
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there are plenty of engineers, judges and teachers who contribute to america's economy and he should be more respectful of that. so clearly we are getting both ends of the spectrum at this event today. >> stay with me. i want to roll for our viewers, if you missed his live comments earlier, here is a quick two-minute look at some of the highlights of what trump said in las vegas. >> mexico are sending people and you know what why should we keep these people in jail why should we? why should we keep these people in jail when the american people are led by such stupid leaders they will put them in jail or worse, they won't put them anywhere like what happened with jameel what happened with kate. we have to end obamacare and come up with something much better. we can repeal it we can come up -- i have ideas on that so much better. not only that less expensive for the country and much better for the people. because obamacare's a disaster. and you can't be great if china is taking all our jobs.
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we have rebuilt china. china has made so much money. we have so -- we have such power over china but we have leaders that don't know what they're doing. we get bergdahl they get five killers that are back on the battlefield, the five people they most wanted they got them and we got bergdahl. we have got to get the debt down. we will be greece soon. we will be greece on steroids. we will be up to $24 trillion very soon. that's a big number. that's a sacred number. obama gets along with nobody. the whole world hates us. it's an amazing thing, you look at mexico they hate us they hate our leadership, yet they are making a fortune. china hates us. china is building ports in the south china sea. we could never do a thing like that because we would have to get environmental impact statements. everyone says oh, is trump divisive. somebody said maybe you don't have the personality, mr. trump,
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because you're not a nice person. they are used to seeing me fire people on the apprentice. i think i am. i get along great with people. i give a lot of money to people and charities and everything. i love people. i think i'm a nice person. i want to be a nice person. i am a nice person. but then i said to the person i don't think it matters if i'm nice because possibly are tired, they're just tired of incompetent leadership. >> sara murray back with me maeve weston in las vegas, maeve, to you, what do you think the toughest line of questioning is that he will face tonight in phoenix? >> reporter: we saw a little preview of that actually here in nevada earlier today where he had a confrontation with a man who stood up and said he was from mexico that he was really offended by trump's remarks, and
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they really got into it as i'm sure we will be seeing throughout the day. and you know i think that's -- trump said he was waiting for that kind of confrontation. he wants to have that debate. and he's really basically saying bring it on this is a conversation that we should have. he's appearing today with the father of a young man from los angeles who was shot by an undocumented person in this country and the killer is actually on death row now, and trump is saying we have to have this debate we have to talk about sanctuary cities but he's got a lot of people angry who say that he is painting latinos much more widely with a broad brush that is completely unfair and a lot of people think that his comments have been racist. >> sorry about that. i thought i was going to sara. thank you very much. let's go back to sara in phoenix. just build on that for us in terms of the focus tonight. so much on immigration, he will be up onstage with sheriff
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arpaio. do you expect any more sort of concrete answers from him on what his immigration policy would be? >> reporter: i would be shocked if we heard donald trump illuminate his immigration policy beyond building a large wall. he will be here with sheriff joe arpaio and a couple of parents whose children were killed by undocumented immigrants so i think we will probably hear a lot of his sort of red meat comments then he will be taking questions from the media again after this event so of course we will press him on how he actually wants to change the u.s. immigration policies. but i will say he has inspired a conversation about these issues among the republican party. carli fiorina was asked about it earlier today and we heard rick perry asked about sanctuary cities. to that end he's accomplishing what he is trying to do which is force this debate into the open among the republican party even if he's offering few policy specifics of his own. >> actually we do have that sound from rick perry.
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let's see if we can play that so viewers can hear how rick perry addressed the issue that has become so controversial right now. >> we are going to continue to see events like we saw last week where a young lady was murdered senselessly and it happened yeah because we have sanctuary cities because you've got places in this country that don't want to live up to their responsibility and the federal laws that we already have on the books. but the root cause is because we have not secured that border. >> with me now, happy to bring in tenzie. welcome to cnn. this is the first time you're on with me. so glad you're here. let's talk about policy. at some point, complaining does not fix things right? so when do you think donald trump, rick perry there just talking about securing the border when do we have to see
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trump for example come out and outline what his immigration policy would be? >> donald trump es going to have a lot of work to do in that space. he'll have to respond pretty quickly. this is an issue, his comments have obviously galvanized the latino community writ large, not just mexican americans but latinos from all different backgrounds have really spoken out against what he said and his comments that he's made. i think he's going to have a lot of work to do to repair that relationship with the latino community as a whole. that's not to say there aren't hispanics who are republicans, conservative of republican values but they're not the majority right now. >> he said today i will win the hispanic vote. is there any scenario where you see that happening? >> i see that becoming increasingly difficult for donald trump to be able to do. republicans as a whole have struggled with latinos to get that vote. i think mitt romney had about 27% of the vote and that indicates that there are latino
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conservatives who will support conservative candidates but they have got a lot of work to do. they are trying to make those inroads. what you're seeing now is a lat of latino conservatives are starting to step away a little from trump, folks in his own party have said we need to be careful with this, with these comments. marco rubio called the comments divisive. they have a lot of work to do particularly in states like florida which are starting to change demographically and shift more center and democrat. >> i was just going to say, do you think because of this and how this has enraged not just some of the latino voters it's enraged other people is it enough to push latino voters hispanics, out of the party? hearing this from donald trump? >> i think we will have to wait and see. there's a population of registered latinos who are about 25 million registered to vote in this country but those are not all obviously republicans. so the question is going to be how can the republican party repair this rift if you will among latinos, who there are
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those who support conservative values. they just don't happen to be the majority right now. you've got organizations that have definitely tried to do outreach into that area. but there's going to be a lot of work to do to do this. one of the things i think to note is will this get more latinos out to the polls. of the 24 million who are registered to vote 24 or 25 million registered to vote they tend to have lower turnout rates than other ethnic and racial groups. so the question is, is this something that's not just going to galvanize this community and have them recognize their political and economic power, but are they actually going to show up to the polls. >> american ferreira penning the open letter to donald trump saying you have done exactly that. appreciate it. good insight. coming up next the immigration debate is dominating this presidential campaign right now. next i'm going to speak with a mother who just met with donald trump yesterday. three years after her son was killed by someone who was in this country illegally.
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you are looking at live pictures out of phoenix, arizona, where sheriff joe arpaio of maricopa county just took the mike. he is at a rally with donald trump. we will hear from donald trump in just a moment. donald trump becoming the voice of a group of americans who are saying they have not been heard until now. they are the ones whose loved ones were killed by people in this country illegally. sabina's son dominick was killed in a car crash three years ago. the driver had a long rap sheet and should not have been in this country. he was eventually deported back to guatemala. here's what she told a house committee focusing on this issue two years ago.
2:15 pm
>> this is enough pain for a lifetime but it gets much worse. i was informed that the driver of the truck that killed my son instantly was a 24-year-old from guatemala here illegally without a license, without insurance or a legally registered vehicle and on a probation from a prior dui, and to add even more pain and grief, this guy had a lengthy arrest record and has been in and out of court and prison prior to this. he was arrested for grand theft and armed robbery in november 2008 and given three years probation. in august 2010 he was arrested for a dui and probation violation and given three more years of probation. in may 2012 he was arrested again on a dui while on probation from the prior dui and given probation again. less than 60 days later, he killed my son. >> she joins me now from los
2:16 pm
angeles. thank you for being with me. >> thank you, poppy, for having me. really appreciate it. thank you. >> absolutely. i'm terribly sorry for your loss. i know tomorrow will mark three years since you lost your son and you are celebrating his life with some of your loved ones. this as you met with donald trump yesterday. what was that meeting like? >> i'm still trying to find words for it. when he spoke out, i started cheering because i have been fighting this for two and a half years along with other parents and i'm strictly about -- i'm not a political person. i'm a mother who lost her only child and the man spoke out about something that's very near and dear to my heart and that i have been fighting for to be heard, and when we were invited and he walked in it was a breath of fresh air. it gave me -- it gave me a new
2:17 pm
fire that i thought i was losing. i was running on fumes about this. >> let me ask you this. we heard him say that he will build a wall between mexico and the united states and that the system is broken. did donald trump say anything to you about what his immigration policy would be if he were to win the nomination and ultimately become president? did he say specifically what he will do? >> well besides building the wall and stopping illegals from coming into this country illegally and i'm talking about any country, i don't care if it's mexico guatemala, germany, anybody illegally, he will stop that and start cleaning up and then americans will start to work and money won't be spent on sanctuary cities and won't be spent on driver's licenses for illegals and deportations will
2:18 pm
happen. >> do you want more specifics from him? because you bring up a good point. you are not only talking about anyone coming here illegally from mexico also from elsewhere. do you want some more specifics from him? >> for right now, i think he satisfied my hunger to hear somebody respond to us. we have been screaming about this. i'm sure he will be more specific. to me right now, he's my hero because he spoke out. i met jameel shaw and others maria espinosa for the remembrance project and they have all been fighting. we are finally being heard. >> you have spoken openly about the fact that you are an immigrant. you came to this country from germany. you became an american citizen. i want you to listen to what donald trump said back last
2:19 pm
month when he announced his candidacy. >> when mexico sends its people they're not sending their best. they're not sending you. they're not sending you. they're sending people that have lots of problems and they're bringing those problems with us. they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists and some i assume are good people. >> as an immigrant, i'm interested in your reaction when you heard that. >> as an immigrant, i had to go through background checks i had to go through medical testing to bring no diseases here i had to sign paperwork that i will not draw from welfare until i become a citizen because i was a legal alien for quite some time before i became a citizen, and so i'm expecting everybody to follow that so we really know who's coming in.
2:20 pm
it's not just rapists and it's not just murderers. it's a national security issue as well. we have isis on our heels and as a mother i'm just tired of talking to another mother like kate steinle's mom and share with her that i sadly know how she feels. it has to stop. it just has to stop. we have no -- we don't know who's coming in. it's like when you have people all of a sudden walk in your house and they sit down and you don't know who they are, you're not going to invite them in and sleep in your daughter's room or your son's room. you will have them arrested. >> you wrote recently a letter to president obama, pretty lengthy letter. i read it. tell me about why you wrote that and specifically what you want to see the president do on immigration. >> when i heard our president, mr. obama, being heckled by an
2:21 pm
invited guest and finding out that that was an illegal, i lost it. i really did. because i'm thinking okay so our president invites illegal alien into the white house and then gets heckled by that guy, then mr. president said no no no no we can't have this in my house and had him escorted out. well i'm saying no no no no we can't have this escort illegal aliens out of my house. i'm paying taxes. i'm a productive member. my son was a productive member of society. he was a volunteer of the city in 2004 for giving more than 10,000 hours of his free time to help the fire department, police and so forth. nobody hears our side and i want him to listen to us to us parents who paid the highest price possible because of this
2:22 pm
lax immigration issue. it has to start somewhere. >> final question for you before i let you go. does donald trump have your vote in this primary if you're a registered republican? >> yes, he does. and i know a lot of hispanic people who also want to vote for him because they did it in the right way and they want to be acknowledged as doing it the right way. and some people they don't like his demeanor or his brash tone but that's okay. he's a big teddy bear. i got some really good hugs yesterday. he will get my vote for sure. >> thank you for being with us. again, so sorry for your loss. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. we'll be right back. developing some of the highest quality nutrition isn't easy so at gnc, why do we do it? why do we work to deliver clinically studied products to fill the world's nutrition gaps? why do we insist on the most stringent quality checks period? well, here's why... ♪ ♪
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just visit today. but right now, it's choosing time. ooh! we have a winner. all: what? [chuckles] he's supposed to pick one of us. this is a joke, right? that was the whole point of us being here. this week while south carolina lawmakers were voting to remove the confederate flag from the state house grounds, the state of georgia was dealing with its own controversial case. at issue, whether a local
2:26 pm
chapter of the ku klux klan should be allowed to adopt a stretch of highway in the state. the case is now being heard by a georgia appeals court. lawyers for the state arguing that putting up a highway sign for the kkk would create quote, significant public concern. the ku klux klan says their right to free speech is being violated and the kkk has the backing and the support of the aclu in court. let's talk about it with maya smith, executive director for the georgia branch of the aclu. thank you for being with me. the southern poverty law center lists the kkk as quote, the most infamous and oldest of american hate groups. why is the aclu defending the kkk in this case? >> well this case is broader than the kkk. what is at issue here is the state essentially asserts that they are shielded from lawsuits
2:27 pm
from any organization group, protesters press, business when there's a constitutional claim because they're protected by sovereign immunity. if the court were to accept that argument it would have broad implications for any of those groups to bring constitutional claims to court. it would essentially bar the press like yourself from challenges when the state violates your constitutional right to free speech. so the aclu defended free speech for nearly 100 years, takes great concern with that. >> there's that and this is also for you and the aclu a free speech issue. you point out you can't let how you personally think be a part of it. right? i'm interested for you personally what this has been like. >> well you know interestingly, i get that question a lot as an african-american woman in this
2:28 pm
current political and social complexity of race relations in this country. but as an african-american woman, i have to tell you that i'm concerned any time the government believes that it can decide what is good speech and what is bad speech as we all should be as citizens of these united states. that is one of the fundamental protections under the constitution is our right to free speech. and it's important that the ideas that perhaps are offensive or that we dislike are afforded the same protection as the speech that we cherish. we have a jurisprudence that says speech the antidote to speech that offends is more speech not less because in the marketplace of ideas, much like we're seeing playing out around the country in places like south carolina and other places it's when the people speak that we ultimately have the greatest you know conversations in our
2:29 pm
democracy and where the government gets to decide what that speech is is concerning and violates the first amendment. >> let me ask you one more question on this before i let you go. what the government is saying here what they are arguing, is that because this is about a sign that would be quote, state designated state created and erected on a state highway, they see this as state speech, not individual speech. >> well that's an interesting perspective we reject. when the state opened up this adopt a highway program they invited civically minded organizations to participate. they didn't define what civically minded was and they essentially accepted all applications from all people until the ku klux klan applied. and had they had a criteria for assessing who could participate and not, and it was a neutral criteria that was not viewpoint-based, then they might have been justified in denying
2:30 pm
to the ku klux klan a stretch of highway to clean up. they didn't do that. and here there was just an arbitrary decision which you know there are folks who say the state got it right and that may be true in its effect but the way that they got there was, you know to essentially violate the constitutional rights of those who seek to speak in their participation in a program that was open to all organizations. >> it is a fascinating debate playing out in that appeals court there in georgia. we will be watching. maya, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. at any moment, sheriff joe arpaio will be side by side onstage with donald trump. you're looking at live pictures out of phoenix, arizona. that rally where thousands have come to listen to what they have to say, next. what's the most awarded car company of the year? ranking from top to bottom. luxury cars just seem like they would be top awarded. yeah.
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you're looking at live pictures out of phoenix, arizona where we are waiting, hearing from donald trump, who will be making a speech at that rally where his team says 10,000 to 12,000 people have gathered. we earlier heard from sheriff joe arpaio. we will bring you trump's remarks as soon as they begin. i also do want to focus, i do want us to focus on another very important story right now, because the man who confessed to shooting nine people and killing them in that church in
2:35 pm
charleston south carolina was never supposed to have a gun. dylann roof was never supposed to be able to buy a gun. the fbi says they made a mistake. there was a clerical error that allowed him to buy that gun. dylann roof has a prior arrest record that would have kept him from legally buying a gun. but he managed to do it anyway because the process failed the background check process failed. let's talk about this with legal analyst mark geragos joining us from los angeles and in new york, danny cevallos. we just obtained this statement from the attorney for reverend clementa pinkney who perished in that horrible mass shooting. he spoke to our sunny hostin today and said the family is concerned about the fbi's revelations about the gun and what happened and that they made a mistake. part of the statement reads this. quote, the fbi says it's a glitch but it's an error but for
2:36 pm
this nine people may be alive today. as the attorney for the estate, it is my fiduciary duty to explore all legal options available. mark geragos, to you first. it sounds like potentially they will sue. do they have grounds? >> he's right. he's got a fiduciary duty to explore it. if you're talking about is he going to sue some clerk or the fbi and get anywhere with that no they're not. there's immunities for that and that's a fool's errand in terms of a lawsuit. >> why? why is it a fool's errand? >> you're not going to get anywhere. because the government has created all kinds of immunities and they claim they're qualified but most federal district court judges will kick out cases like this or such as this and say that there's immunity and that you can't do this and that the government is not going to be held responsible. one of the things that drives you crazy as a lawyer, but that's the reality of it. >> danny?
2:37 pm
>> he's absolutely right. qualified immunity in the executive context will protect officials and clerks from performing their discretionary activities. liability is theoretically possible if they violate some constitutional provision or clearly established law, but that is probably in the vast majority of cases, as i'm sure mark knows, that just doesn't happen. interestingly enough while somebody injured by or killed in a situation like this will find it exceedingly difficult to sue the government in fact prospective buyers can sue the government if they are denied a gun they believe they are entitled to purchase. in theory dylann roof had he been denied and believed that was done so improperly there is actual federal law granting a prospective buyer the right to sue in federal district court and the federal government does not have immunity in that situation. >> i'm interested mark on this
2:38 pm
point. whether or not it's interesting that the fbi came out and said this openly. james comey came out and said it was heartbreaking to discover that this was an error that they made. are they legally obligated to do that to come out and say this is what happened or did they -- you would hope any government agency would always say when we mid a mistake but i don't think that's always the case. >> yeah i was going to say it's that old joke with the government knocking on your door hey, we're the government we're here to help. they are not legally obligated to. i'm not the only one. several of us commentators here on cnn, several, at least a couple days ago, maybe a week ago, said he shouldn't have had a gun. he had that arrest that should have triggered something. i think what they're doing now is they realize that people have done the research and are getting out ahead of it. you can either applaud them or not for at least owning up to it. but my experience with the
2:39 pm
federal government is that they rarely own up to anything unless they have been caught. >> they certainly did in this case. danny, just so people know the clerical error here was that the person, the fbi sort of runs the background check program and the person who was doing the background check on dylann roof in that three-day waiting period did not find that he had been convicted of a drug offense in the county which he's within. mistakes do happen but what can spur change? >> people are always surprised when something like this happens. the reality is law enforcement is vulcanized by design. they are separated by many different agencies. and just if you wondered how this can happen pick up the phone, call mark geragos, call any defense attorney and ask him has a clerical error, a semicolon in the wrong place by a judge, a court, law enforcement agency or prison ever caused havoc for your clients or their families and
2:40 pm
the answer will uniformly be yes. these agencies in communicating with each other, every communication creates the opportunity for some clerical error. it happens. all the time. >> yeah. so incredibly unfortunate in this situation. we'll see what happens. again, the estate for clementa pinkney saying they are exploring their legal options. thank you both so much. coming up any moment in front of a very large crowd, donald trump speaks in phoenix. we will take you there as soon as it starts. when you do business everywhere, the challenges of keeping everyone working together can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at&t has the tools and the network you need to make working as one easier than ever. virtually anywhere.
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xfinity is perfect for people who want more entertainment for their money. want to take you back to the campaign trail. you're looking at live images out of phoenix, arizona, where donald trump is set to speak before a crowd of thousands any moment. one of the people introducing him, arizona maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio who talked about the topic that trump will touch on tonight, illegal immigration. listen. >> we have about 8,500 people in the jails that i run. did a survey the last several months to see how many that are in our jail system that we turn over to i.c.e. homeland
2:45 pm
security. they keep coming back. 38% keep coming back for all different types of crime. i got guys coming back 17, 18 times. think of that. >> we have live team political coverage political reporters tenzino vega and maeve weston with us. it's very interesting, a woman i had on earlier this hour who lost her son in a car crash that it turns out the driver was an illegal immigrant with a long rap sheet, she said to me trump has my vote and she also said he has the vote of many hispanics. when it comes to the issue of who she says are here legally and they want everyone to have to go through that process, this comes to the issue of how he is going to win the hispanic vote. >> as we mentioned earlier, he's very short on specifics about how he intends to do that. other than talking about jobs and bringing more jobs to this
2:46 pm
country, the specifics of hispanic outreach have been few and far between. he was asked a question about that earlier today. >> which he didn't answer. >> exactly. which he didn't answer he was very short on exactly what he was going to do. i think it's also important to note that there has been data and studies done that show that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than native born -- >> a whole host pugh northwestern justice quarterly. >> that's right. so the notion that because someone is an immigrant they are more likely to commit a violent crime i think has been disputed. >> so the question becomes do voters listen more and vote on the rhetoric or the studies? >> i think we are so far out from an actual -- we are still in an early primary season right? so the question is are we actually -- is donald trump actually going to get the nomination and if so then is he actually -- i think there is so far between now and that process that there's a lot of time in between now and then to see will voters remember this will they remember his comments has he
2:47 pm
galvanized latinos enough to be able to say we're not voting for you at all, and will it matter in ten months, 15 months? i don't know. >> so far out. a reminder of how many hundreds of days are still ahead. maeve, to you in las vegas. as donald trump left las vegas after making that speech there at the libertarian event and taking press questions, what's the sense you got? you're in the room. what sort of sense did he leave people with there? >> reporter: well i mean here in las vegas, the room that he was in was actually a really friendly crowd. it was a lot of conservatives and libertarians. donald trump talked about many other issues other than illegal immigration and he you know he really did, he got laughter and applause at various points. there are people who say that his message on other topics is resonating. this is not necessarily the
2:48 pm
crowd where you would sort of test out his long-term potential as a candidate. these are savvy voters who are looking at all of the republicans in the field. i have talked to a lot of people here today who are deciding between five candidates at this point and they like hearing trump's bluntness and what he has to say, but i haven't met anyone who said that they were planning to vote for him. >> he got that question from someone who said i am from mexico. tell us about that moment. >> reporter: right. well this was a moment i think that we are going to see a lot of in the coming weeks. sara is actually at that phoenix event with trump right now. she's got clashing protesters outside who are screaming at each other. the protesters screaming at donald trump supporters. i had that situation in l.a. last night when we were covering an event there with him. and here in this moment today, this man stood up and said i'm
2:49 pm
from mexico i'm really offended by what you've said and donald trump said i was waiting for this moment bring it on basically, and they had a back and forth. i think we will see that moment repeat itself over and over again because donald trump is being accessible. he's talking to the media, for example, unlike hillary clinton who has been doing a lot less of that. so there will be more of those conversations going forward. >> all right. thank you very much. before i let you go i'm interested in what you think the party needs to do because we have heard lindsey graham come out this week and say donald trump has the potential to destroy the republican party's chances at the white house. >> they have a long road ahead of them if they have to if they are thinking of galvanizing this vote. latinos are not just focused on the immigration debate. there's a lot more at stake for anyone that lives in this country so they've got to come with strong messages that are economic in nature health care jobs all of these things are things that affect the hispanic community in this country. it's not specifically limited to
2:50 pm
a strong immigration policy. there are latinos who are immigrants and those who are not. there are those who sympathize with people who may be coming to this country. >> they have to make clear that what he is saying is not the position of the party. >> that's correct. >> see if we have more and more of that vocalized from some of his competitors. thanks so much. appreciate it. we'll be right back. >> we'll see if we have more of that vocalized by his competitors. thank you so much, we'll be right back opinion. barbeds wire and machine guns. >> these are definitely some of the most challenged communities in america. not a day goes by without the headlines being littered with deaths shootings. >> i was returning home to college. i went to pick up my sister from school and the next thing i know i got caught up in the crossfire, was shot seven times, paralyzed from the stomach all
2:51 pm
the way down. >> as an orge peedsic surgeon. i've seen a number of patients that have been victims of violent crime. >> there's a whole other layer of patients in these underserved communities that are under insured and uninsured, but they need care. >> if you could get that final 20 degrees. >> i see people put on weight lists for months and years, as a result their injuries get worse, i said, enough is enough. >> i guess i'm just stuck with arthritis. >> i run three clinics in chicago's most underserved areas. >> i'm walking better. >> you smile more. >> we treat orthopedic conditions. we never turn away a patient. we treat patients regardless of ability to pay.
2:52 pm
>> he performed two surgeries on me and encouraged me to return to college. >> a lot of guys never come out as positive as you. i know i can't fix everybody, but my focus is to break down the barriers. the greatest thing we give them is hope. ahhh. beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico well, could help them save on boat insurance too. hey! okay...i'm ready to come in now. hello? i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm...i'm serious. request to come ashore. geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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live pictures out of phoenix, arizona, where a big crowd are awaiting donald trump to speak on immigration tonight. as soon as that begins it will stream live on so you can watch the entire thing. trump's speech tonight on also ahead tonight on cnn, from charles manson so ted bundy, the original series "the 70s, tonight at 8:00 eastern. a cnn special report no laughing matter inside the cosby allegation. had a is coming up at 7:00 p.m. eastern. and again, we are going to carry that trump speech live for you on quick break, we'll be right back.
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we have a great program planned. a computer image of this little girl found dead two weeks ago in boston garnering millions of views. the growing mystery of baby doe. a man is brutally murdered in broad daylight on a metro train in d.c. as almost a dozen stood by and watched. and i'll give my take on bill cosby and those court documents released by a judge this week. i'm glad that cosby has been outed but i'm questioning the process. what i consider to be the biggest story of the week. the impact that one man is having on the 2016 cycle, donald trump. he stood with families whose loved ones were killed by illegal immigrants. >> the folks who are telling me something that was incredible


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