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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 15, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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u.s. president responds to critics of the iran nuclear deal. >> also ahead, tracking el chapo's escape. we will take you inside the tunnel he youed for his prison break. first images of pluto show surprises. and welcome to our viewers in the united states and owl over the world. thank you for joining us. >> this is cnn newsroom. we will begin with breaking news out of the u.s. former president george h.w.
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bush is in a hospital in maine after falling down, breaking a bone in his neck. >> his spokesperson tells cnn that the 91-year-old is in quote, very stable condition. he was the 41st president of the united states. he fell ill wednesday morning while at his summer home in kennebunkport. the injury is not considered life-threatening and mr. bush is not expected to say longtay long in the hospital. the white house is brushing aside opposition and defending the iran nuclear deal. president obama answered the questions point by point in a news conference that lasted more than an hour. he said it was never designed to address every problem with teheran but instead had one goal. >> it achieves our top priority making sure that iran does not
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get a nuclear weapon. but we have always recognized that even if iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon iran still poses challenges to our interests and our values both in the region and around the world. i challenge those who are objecting to this agreement, number one to read the agreement before they comment on it. number two, to explain specifically where it is they think this agreement does not prevent ie reason from getting a nuclear weapon. and why they are right and people like ernie moniz who is an m.i.t. nuclear physicist and expert in these issues is wrong, why the rest of the world is wrong and then present an alternative. >> well the u.s. defense secretary will head to the middle east to he reassure
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allies and include saudi arabia. the sunni kingdom is an arch rival of iran. >> we take assurances that have been given to us by all parties at face value. we accept them for the time being as being sufficient grounds to believe that this is a reasonable agreement. what is more important in our view is what is going to be the behavior of iran following the agreement. it would be odd if iran reaches a modest normalization of relations with the international community but continues to have difficulties in its relations with its own neighbors. >> that was the saudi ambassador to the u.n. the arab world is divided over this deal. some countries believe it will ease tension. others doubt it will stop iran
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from building a nuclear bomb. nick peyton walsh examines the reaction and the potential impact across the region. >> a key phone call two years ago between president obama and rouhani. it is obama who is comforting distraught middle east earn allies who see him warming to teheran. in a mostly sunni suflgulf he said similar to the united arab emirates adding the u.s. would support partners in building defense capabilities. n in houston has been critical of a deal but was told it would not diminish our concerns regarding iran's support for terrorism and threat s toward israel. his counterpart in teheran didn't have to sell it.
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instead the sales job was to hard liners who see the u.s. the great satan. >> it shows at the technical level we are the level of the world. we can talk at the legal level we are the level of the world. at the political level we are at the global levels this in and by itself means victory. >> in the middle east torn apart by sectarian bld shed undergoing some of the worst violence in decades this deal has always been about more than the already massive issue of nuclear weapons. it risks tipping the scales. america has had long-term alliances with sunni powers here but a perception the deal marks them throwing their lot in with the shia side of the fight. it isn't that yet but the potential breathing room it buys teheran has many fearing deeper change. the deal was welcome in damascus and baghdad.
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in iraq the awkward ground allies of u.s. warplanes fighting isis. in lebanon it could help iranian back and beleaguered hezbollah, sworn enemies of israel. in yemen it should help the shia rebels backed by iran who are fighting a government in exile supported by saudi arabia. it's a deal that might take one issue off a table, a nuclear bomb for iran but oddly might raise the temperature in the shat erred region even more. nick peyton walsh, cnn, beirut. the agreement makes no zens mention of the four americans detained against their will for years now. critics insist it should have included their freedom. >> when cbs correspondent asked the president about these four listen to the response he got. >> as you well know there are four americans in iran three held on trumped up charges according to your strarks one
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whereabouts unknown. can you tell the country why you are content with all the fanfare around this deal to leave the con sshs and strength of the nation unaccounted for and them joint chief of staff said under no circumstances should there be relief for iran in terms of ballistic missiles or conventional weapons. it is perceived that was a last minute capitulation in the negotiations make. >> i have to give you credit major how you craft those questions. the notion i'm content as i celebrate with american citizens languishing in iranian jails -- major, that's nonsense. you should know better. i've met with the families of some of those folks.
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nobody's content. >> that told him. >> very open and honest there. greece is a step closer to a bailout package that will keep it from going bankrupt. the pension reforms and tax increases are unpopular but pave the way for formal talks to begin with creditors in hopes of bringing billions of dollars in to greece. tsipras begrudgingly went forwarded with the plan. >> i will admit measures we are tabling are harsh and i don't agree with them. i don't believe they will help the greek economy and say so openly but i also say i must implement them. that's our difference. >> now the result for a heated and dramatic -- look at that, debate in parliament. dozens of members of the prime minister's own party voted against the plan. outside the building in athens protesters let anger boil over in the street even before
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lawmakers began voting. what you are seeing here is police using tear gas on protesters after the police were hit with molotov cocktails. much more coming. the contentious vote in greece. a research fellow tells us what he thinks is ahead for gross getting out of this mountain of debt. we will talk about mexico right now. drug lord joaquin guzman, known as el chapo picked one of two blind spots on his camera to make a big es kachlt it has everyone talking. >> new footage showing him duck behind the shower and never resurface. we know it led to a mile-long tounl freedom. cnn's nick valencia was allowed to go inside. >> this is the tunnel he used in
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his escape on saturday night. it is a magnificent fete of engineering. let's see exactly what el chapo here had in store. this is a small little exit a couple of feet wide and couple feet long. you see with a ladder ten, 15-foot ladder that leads down in to that tunnel. the room here is nothing to brag about. it's empty. full of cinder blocks. you can see these containers full of dirt here these wheelbarrows full of dirt. here we go. okay. here's another ladder leading down to another part. deeper part deeper section of the tunnel.
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it's a ways down. you can see this is the modified motorcycle that vigtinvestigators showed us images before. it is on a track. it seems to roll back and forth. there are buckets left behind and look at this left behind oxygen tanks, as well in order for them to survive down here. it is a very tight space. i can't even stand up. i'm 5'10" and i can't stand up all the way. it is a remarkable fete of engineering. the tunnel stretches for more than a mile carved out earth here. this modified train track for the mini motorcycle. you see electricity lines. difficult to breathe down here. a lot of dirt dust. this here for the ventilation system. tight, tight space down here. but for a man known as el chapo i'm sure he had more than enough room to work.
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this motorcycle was on a track here. this is the bike he used to ride out of the prison. still has gas in it. you can still smell the gas. it's overwhelming with odor of gas in this tight space. it is really suffocating. nick valencia mexico. >> earlier i spoke to the former director of the u.s. drug enforcement agency el paso intelligence center and he said he predicted this escape would happen. >> this guy, el chapo guzman is a multibillionaire not a millionaire, a billionaire and he can do anything he wants to when he wants to. the only surprise i had is he stayed in custody, allegedly in custody for one year. i predicted he would be out in less than six months unless they had extradited him to the united
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states which they are not going to do because mexico -- the politicians, the people in the payroll of el chapo guzman would have a lot to lose including high-ranking politicians. >> lawyers would argue the extradition treaty between the two countries means he has to serve his sentence in mexico before they can send him to the u.s. it is a simple legal precedent. >> well it's only as legal as they want to make it. i can give you an example where they extradited juan garcia another associate of chapo guzman, one of the drug lord s out of the cartel. it is the same as it is illegal to have arms in mexico but every gang member every cartel member
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carries guns semiautomatic guns and they use them every day. >> the interior minister said he fired officials who may have been involved in the escape. 49 people have been questioned. in the u.s. search and rescue teams found the smoldering wreckage of a small plane that crashed over the weekend in washington state. the lone survivor 16-year-old aweutumn is now at home after hiking out of the rugged cascade mountains two days after saturday's crash. she had been flying with her grandparents who are there stand by the plane. she was flying with them when the plane ran in to trouble. our dan simon has more. >> they said this is a difficult, steep area. in fact, crews had to use specialized equipment to get it to. when they got, there they said the plane was still smoldering
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and on fire. they had to call the u.s. forest service to put out a small brushfire. they did find the bodies. they have been recovered. at this point it seems it is up to the federal authorities to determine what happened. it is in the ntsb's hands. we can tell you there was bad weather prior to that plane going down. that's that's according to autumn. that's what she relayed to the authorities. there was cloudy weather and she couldn't see much in front of her. >> donald trump's political campaign has made an important financial disclosure. the candidate apparently is worth far more than people thought. details coming up. plus, a day after nasa spacecraft passed by pluto. scientists are getting the sharp est images ever of the dwarf planet from its mountains to the largest moon. we will have more in a few moments. ♪ if you can't stand the heat,
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dollars he has. >> this is as a new national poll shows trump's popularity continues to surge. our dana bash has more. >> it's an unbelievable company. far greater -- i built that. i built it. >> reporter: a new financial disclosure puts donald trump's net worth at more than $10 billion and he made more than 362 million last year alone. staggering figures released to prove -- >> way ahead of schedule. >> reporter: trump told cnn he is serious about his presidential run, and it seems the more gop voters see donald trump -- >> the silent majority is back and we're going to take the country back. >> reporter: the more they like him. his favorability rating among republicans, a key indicator for any candidate more than doubled from just 23% to 57% in a new abc news "washington post" poll. four in ten still say they have an unfavorable view of the
10:21 pm
candidate. still the latest numbers may indicate that unlike flash in the pan gop candidates who surged in 2012 -- >> nine nine nine. >> god bless you, everyone. >> donald trump may have some staying power. >> they are still killing us at the border and in trade. they are killing us. >> reporter: but trump's tough, at times politically incorrect talk is mainly resonating with a certain segment of the republican base. in a poll that showed trump leading the large gop pack those that identify as very conservative favor trump at 47%. they are unlikely to support jeb bush in the primary and he is trying to use trump as a foil to appeal to moderate republicans. >> whether it is donald trump or barack obama, their rhetoric of divisiveness is wrong.
10:22 pm
a republican will never win by striking fear in people's hearts. >> how about ted cruz ben carson and others say what trump said is right. you have to mention them too. >> reporter: those republican candidates are embraceing trump. ted cruz has gone out of hi his way to compliment the billionaire is meeting privately with trump in new york today. >> fascinating. one more thing on trump, his filing showed he loans his campaign $1.8 million in the first days of the campaign. to self finance his run for president and the one guy that can afford it. >> even before he began his run for president he was a major republican donor. a lot of them look up and respect and fear him, i guess. we have new numbers on how much other campaigns have been raising, as well. you can get the details at scientists are eagerly analyzing the images nasa just released of pluto and the
10:23 pm
largest moon. these are the clearest most detailed photos anyone has ever seen of the murky end of the solar system. >> nasa says the photos show pluto has an icy mountain range, up to 3300 meters high and methane ice is present, as well. fascinating. the new horizon probe will send all sorts of data to earth over the next 16 months. earlier i spoke to a retired astronaut about these new very exciting discoveries. >> i want aliens. >> on pluto. >> don't we all. >> and what are the secrets they may reveal about our solar system. these images are fascinating. we are learning pluto has ice mountains that are 11,000 feet high. what are we learning about the geology of pluto an the atmosphere as well? >> this is a remarkable feith,
10:24 pm
having a spacecraft fly so close to pluto and take amazing images. beyond being beautiful and stunning we have learned a lot already and more data are coming in. we have seen the ice mountains. as you say they are mountains 11,000 feet high water on the surface. different centers are picked up traces of methane and organic chemicals. it's been a big boone scientifically and stunning visually. >> $3 billion miles, nine and a half years. i want to show our audiences the image of hydra, the outer most moon. they are low res but we can learn something from this right? >> yeah. i saw that the nasa's head said they would release higher resolution images and this is pix le ated and they had to zoom in. it is a small moon 28 by 19
10:25 pm
miles. it is pretty tiny. almost a comet, almost you know? >> very tiny. this journey was started 9 1/2 years ago. what i find fascinating is in the past ten years technology has changed. how much has technology sort of advanced since then in terms of the sort of images we would be getting? >> you are right. in ten years certainly the sensor imagery technology has advanced. a new spacecraft of this type would have more capability. you know these are the highest quality images and measurements we have ever had of pluto because we have been able to get that close. the spacecraft passed within 7800 miles of pluto. that sounds like a big distance but not when you consider the journey there was 3 billion miles. >> why is that 7800 miles away. why can't it get closer? >> it was a little bit of plansing act. pluto was -- the trajectories have to be right. you certainly don't want the
10:26 pm
spacecraft to hit pluto. >> right. that wouldn't be good. >> they are targeting it pretty good if you got within 7800 miles an the target is 3 billion miles away. >> i see. it is close enough basically. >> yeah pretty good. >> we will be getting this fly-by data for months pretty much. what more do you expect we will learn about our solar system? >> i think the data coming back comes back at a pretty slow data rate traveling that distance. it will take a while to get the data that were collected when the flyby happened. in addition to the visual imagery, we will have infrared imagery which will tell us temperature composition. there are different temperature regions on the planet and what they are. we will have spectroscopic and mapping data as well. it will tell us a little bit
10:27 pm
about the solar system. if we understand how pluto formed and other planets formed as well. >> one thing i found fascinating is pluto was discovered in 1930. i'm hearing the astronomer who discovered pluto, his ashes are on board new horizon. thank you so much. we appreciate that. >> my pleasure. thanks. >> he discovered it in 1930 and symbolically they put his ashes on new horizon. >> wow. >> amazing. >> an a emotional and tearful moment for caitlyn jenner on wednesday night at the espy awards. the olympic gold medal winner received the arthur ashe award for courage. in her first speech since identifying as a transgender caitlyn urged respect and said the world need s to accept people for who they are. >> caitlyn transitioned from
10:28 pm
bruce jenner earlier this year. she said her gender transition and the public attention surrounding it has been harder on her than anything she could have ever imagined. >> all anyone is talking about right now. >> caitlyn jenner was definitely a headlines when it first happened. a quick break here on cnn. when we come back japan's government is closer to adopting a bill that could send japanese troops overseas to fight for the first time in more than 75 years. but many of the people are strongly against it. plus, u.s. president barack obama has spoken about the controversy surrounding bill cosby. what he had to say ahead. ♪ if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz
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george h.w. bush is in the hospital after falling down and breaking a bone in his neck. he is in very stable condition. he fell wednesday morning while at his summer home. the injury is considered nonlife threat ening. current u.s. president obama is campaigning to win support for the iran nuclear deal. he defended the criticisms point by point and challenged opponents to come up with a better alternative. greece is closer to receiving a bill big bailout package. the reforms have been largely unpopular among greek citizens and in the government as well.
10:33 pm
prime minister alexis tsipras said he is against the measures but must implement them to prevent bankruptcy. >> earlier, i spoke to a research fellow at the peterson institute for international economics. he explained what's next for greece including potential debt relief and whether other european countries will approve the bailout plan. >> i would expect there to be some defections in the german coalition but nothing close to bringing this vote in danger. i would expect a large majority in germany, but also ultimately all of the members will have votes that this will pass. >> alexis tsipras has obviously come under a huge amount of pressure in greece and amongst many of his plail political allies as well but you are suggesting he may come out as a hero from this because it is a bit of a misunderstanding of how good the deal is for greece
10:34 pm
within the country. >> i think first of all, today's comprehensive vote in the parliament in which tsipras carried the vast majority of his own party shows the dominant political position he's been in since he won that referendum. which was very good for him personally even if it was a disaster for the country economically. but basically the broader point here is in my opinion because the agreement assumes the involvement of the imf, going forward, the imf will insist the europeans give greece debt relief. therefore, if alexis tsipras delivers his part of the bargain in the coming weeks debt relief will be coming greece's way in the next six to nine months. >> which is what they wanted. >> in 12 months time i have no doubt that alexis tsipras, provide head delivers over the coming weeks and months he will
10:35 pm
be the man who delivered significant debt relief to greece. >> how can you be sure that the imf and christine lagarde will allow and want debt relief? >> i think if you read the debt sustainability analysis they published today, you will see they make it clear it would be against the rules of the imf, in their own words if they didn't. they would not be able to lend more money to greece even after the current arrears, et cetera have been cleared but they would not be able to lend to greece because the debt would not be under imf rule regarded as sustainable. until they could make that decision which in my opinion can only happen after further debt relief by the eurozone they would not be able to do it. it is simple as that. >> hasn't greece been a missold to people in germany and france who have been under the impression these debts in greece won't be written off.
10:36 pm
actually they will get their money back? >> this is the definition of politics. i think they will not be written off in the sense -- they will not be written down with a hair cut on the principle of the debt but in my opinion you will see this debt restructure so greece will have a very, very long grace period in which they won't pay any interest rate or any amortization on the debt and the maturities will be extended probably more than a generation maybe two generations in to the future. the debt will still be there, it will just be very, very long term and very cheap debt. >> thank you very much indeed. >> my pleasure. all right. this just in to cnn. japan's lower house of parliament has approved legislation that would allow the country to send troops to fight abroad for the first time since world war ii. thousand of people as you can see here thousands of
10:37 pm
protesters have made it clear they are against the idea. cnn will ripley is live from tokyo. will this is pretty significant because japan is technically a passivist country. they have been that way since the end of world war ii. as you can see from the images there's a lot of resistance. what is the next step before the bill becomes law? >> yeah you are right, zain. in the fact this vote just minutes ago is a historic moment for japan and a moment that the thousands of people who have been filling the sidewalks outside of the diet building didn't want to see. what the overwhelming approval essentially means is for the first time in nearly 70 years, the first time since world war ii japan's version of the military its self defense force will have the ability to fight overseas under certain conditions in what has been called and become known as
10:38 pm
collective self defense. that vote happening in the diet building across the street here. we have seen some of the largest protests that tokyo have seen in several years. japanese people are very concerned about the safety of their troops overseas concerned about the harm that could come to japan for stepping out on the world stage, taking an opinion and joining coalitions for example, like the u.s.-led coalition against isis. remember those two journalists earlier this year ken ji goto who was killed and isis said it was a punishment for japan pledging support to that coalition. people here are fearful that kind of retribution will continue and others feel it is about time for japan to step up and be able to take a more active role in defense in the region. >> it is interesting you don't see those types of heat prod tests in places like tokyo. it will be interesting to see what effect this has on shinzo abe's popularity.
10:39 pm
will ripley live in tokyo where it is 2:30 in the afternoon. we appreciate that will. >> another colleague has turned on bill cosby. ahead, a fellow actor explains why he believes the allegations of sexual assault. i heard i could call angie's list if i needed work done around my house at a fair price. sure can. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or make a backyard pizza oven? oh yeah. i can almost taste it now. tastes like victory. and pepperoni...
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welcome back, everyone. president obama says there's no way to take the medal of freedom away from bill cosby. dozens of women have accused the disgraced comedian of sexual assault and documents have been released showing cosby admitted he got prescription pills to give to women he wanted to have sex with. >> on wednesday, mr. obama refused to discuss cosby directly but made clear what he considers rape to be. >> if you give a woman or a man for that matter without his or
10:43 pm
her knowledge a drug and then have sex with that person without consent, that's rape. >> former george w. bush awarded cosby the medal in 2002. there are outlined petitions to revoke the award. i think he was saying there is no precedence for this no technical way of doing it. >> hasn't done it before. how does he go about it? he was clear in how he defined rape and what he thought of the allegations. the allegations levelled against bill cosby have shock maryland fans and fellow actors. a former co-star on "the cosby show" is speaking out. he played the son-in-law of cosby' character on "the cosby show." >> on wednesday, phillips opened up on cnn's news day to talk about why he is sure cosby is guilty. >> i think like a lot of people
10:44 pm
i was really giving bill the benefit of the doubt. this was not the man that i knew. this is not the man that i worked. he may have had other faults but he was certainly not drugging people and raping them. and then i had a conversation with an old friend bumped in to her. i hasn't talked to her in a couple of years. i just thought, hey, he used to be your mentor or something. >> was she an actress. >> yeah and i don't want to say too much about her. >> yeah. >> what did she say. >> if two hours she sat in my car crying telling me her story, all of the details. and at that moment something changed for me. she turned to me and she said she wiped her face and she said do you believe me and i said yes, i believe you. and that was the change. i had to look with sober eyes at what was going on.
10:45 pm
>> bill cosby has vehemently denied wrongdoing and never been criminally charged either. southern japan is on the alert typhoon mrk anka gets closer. >> meteorologist is joining us. there's fears of storm surges and it is really the city of coe chi on the coast that's in the greatest danger i guess. >> it is a mountainous area. when you go in to this area and look closely the area is indicated in the tan area. that is low coastal plains. green is the mountains or higher elevations. the entire prefecture mountainous. people surprised to learn japan is home to 500 ski resorts, some 21 mountains, in excess of 3,000 meters that are 10,000 feet high. mountainous portion of the country and landfall between 10:00 p.m. and midnight on thursday local time. going to spark flash flooding. typhoon warnings issued. evacuations in place. look at the storms in the past
10:46 pm
in japan. back in 2011 talas a tropical storm dumped 71 inches of rainfall in a couple of days time. other storms brought in between 60 to 70 inches in the past. here's the perspective for kochi. a lot of rivers in the city center as well. 340,000 people call the area home and the highest elevations 1100 meters high. here's the storm system kwif tloent a category one hurricane. landfall expected to be east of kochi. look at the rainfall across japan from kochi to tokyo could see upwards of 100 millimeters of rainfall. about four inches could come down. the color contour indicated in white, a half meter of rainfall. we are talking 20 inches could come down. that is as refi for disaster when it comes to landslides and flash flooding. the storm cruises to the sea of japan we think between saturday
10:47 pm
and sunday. pushes in to the northern portion of japan, as well. the wave height indication and this is another concern. often times we say it is not the wind speed that causes problems and fatalities but the water that churned up a and the tremendous rainfall it will bring to the coastline. wave heights upwards of 15 meters high over the areas of open water. we think at the coast level that would be three meters storm surge. dangerous situation in southern japan, guys. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. we will keep an eye on that typhoon. >> things have been temporarily dashed for the pilot of the plane trying to fly around the world only on the power of sun light. the plane's batteries overheated and they were irreversibly damaged. >> so now the plane will remain grounded in hawaii until next april. the pilots say that's how long it will take to replace the
10:48 pm
batteries and test them to make sure they work properly. they did the hardest bit over the pacific. >> now the batteries are the problem. >> remember last summer's ice bucket challenge. >> i'm accepting the als ice bucket challenge. >> three, two, one. >> up next we follow the money trail to see where the millions of dollars raised through the ice bucket challenge is actually going. nothing fits, huh? not surprising... ...with that bloated belly. you got gas. i can see it and i know you feel it. get gas-x. it relieves bloating in minutes. plus that uncomfortable pressure. no wonder it's the #1 gas relief brand.
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welcome back everyone. now to the moment a highway camera spotted airplane traffic. the single-engine plane, wow, was carrying two sky divers and their instructors when it made an emergency landing on a highway near the new jersey shore. the plane hit a few road signs as it traveled down the highway. incredible footage there. >> one treated for a minor injury. no one else was hurt. no vehicles solved. the incident is under investigation. pure fluke. >> haven't seen anything like it.
10:53 pm
it has been a year since millions of you poured a bucket of ice water over your head to raise millions of dollars in awareness for als. this is the disease often referreds to as lou gehrig's disease. >> what happened to that money? one summer later the als association is reporting where it is spending the cash. cnn's elizabeth cohen reports. ♪ >> reporter: to raise awareness for als, a year ago this guy poured a bucket of ice water over his head. ♪ then his friends did it and their friends did it and then your friends did it. more than 17 million people took the ice bucket challenge to promote awareness of als and other causes. eddie redmayne played stephen hawking in the movie and got doused in real life. so did real life stephen hawking's kids, kermit the frog anne hathaway, justin timberlake
10:54 pm
all got splashed. this guy used glacier water dumped from a helicopter. in six weeks 2.5 million people nationwide donated $115 million to the als association. and here's where the organization says it is going. $77 million to research by creating these special nerve cells to test potential drugs. $23 million to patient and community services like providing iv nutrition to patients who can't swallow. $10 million to public and professional education, like help ing researchers help to get drugs approved more quickly. $3 million to launch more fund-raising and $2 million to external processing fees like paying to run all of the credit and debit card donations. but even with all of this money there's no cure for als. >> let's keep it up this august and every august until there is a cure. >> the als association hopes the social media will lead to more
10:55 pm
splashing and more money again this summer. >> absolute genius. amazing how these things pick up. >> incredible. >> great story. classic u.s. toy store fao schwartz closed the door s to the fifth avenue location in new york. >> this is a shocker. the store had a huge candy shop and real life toy soldiers who greeted shoppers, of course. ♪ >> that famous piano made famous in the 1988 movie "big." >> i love that movie officials promise the store will reopen in a new location and blame the rising rent for the move. i used to walk past that store every day. >> i used to go there every time i went to new york to buy stuff for the kids. fans are sad to see the store go. >> come on it's a landmark.
10:56 pm
it has always been here for so long. i'm going to miss it but i will go to the new location. >> what do you think of the store? >> this is an awesome store and love coming every time we come to new york. >> i have two daughters they have been here and grew up here and i buy them presents all the time. we will miss it. i think moving it is a mistake. if they butt a bucket there i will put $10 so it can stay. >> where will it go? the company hasn't said yet. >> thank you for watching this is max's last day in atlanta. he is heading back to london bureau. >> thanks to rosemary church announcing my departure but it is just atlanta. ♪ ♪ ♪ (vo) making the most out of
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-- captions by vitac -- protests turned violent in athens as the greek parliament approves tough reformed to get a new bailout package. and cnn crawled into the tunnel that el chapo used to escape prison. caitlyn jenner


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