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tv   New Day  CNN  July 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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say he is in stable condition. he took a fall yesterday while at their home in maine, breaking a vertebrae in his neck. and he will be in a neck brace. his spokesman tweeting in the last hour quote, president bush remains hospitalized at maine medical center. we will send updates as they become available. while we have seen the president in the last few years out and about, sky diving last year on his 90th birthday he is of course the oldest living president. last year he was hospitalized for shortness of breath. in 2012 he was in the hospital for months for a bronchitis related cough. just last year he showed up at multiple events. he did miss jeb bush's campaign announcement when he declared he
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was running for president in june. his wife attended that without him. and jenna bush tweeted eded out thanks for the thoughts and prayers for her grandfather. >> we want to bring in cnn's chief medical correspondent, son jay gupta sanjay gupta. a broken bone in his neck that still sounds seriously? >> there are several bones in the neck. what i've read is that the vertebrae, which is one of the bones in the front of the neck is broken. the big question did he have any weakness or numbness in his hands as a result? did that bone push on his spinal cord? from what i've read it doesn't sound like that happened.
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it also doesn't sound like they're thinking he needs any sort of operation. they're going to put him in a neck brace, which is standard treatment for someone who doesn't have movement of that bone. they're thinking if they put him in a neck brace, he's going to heal. that's the hope. he's 90 years old. it's going to heal more slowly. you want to make sure they get up out of bed and move around things like that. >> the fear is with any sort of break in and around the neck is there could be paralysis. how did he avoid that? >> we haven't seen any images but essentially you can have a nondisplaced fracture. you think about the bone and think of building blocks all stacked up on top of each other. that's what the bones in front of the spinal cord look like.
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you can have just a crack in one of those bones. so the bones don't actually move but there's a fracture. that could happen. and that's a more common scenario than someone actually breaking the bone and developing paralysis as a result. based on the fact that they expect him to go home quickly, based on the fact that they're not planning an operation, that does sound positive. one of the biggest concerns, though is this is a guy who's 91 years old, has had lung problems in the past. developing pneumonia is a problem. getting him up and about quickly is going to be the name of the game. i think if he's in the property in the bed for several more days that's going to raise some more flags. >> he has had a series of health
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scares recently. he was hospitalized for shortness of breath in december. he was hospitalized for a bronchitis related cough in 2012. he does have parkinson's disease. he's wheelchair bound. at 91 years old, what is a relatively minor injury for other people sometimes can have this cascading effect. and suddenly they do have problems with their long or their heart if they are not mobile. that's what you as a doctor would be keeping an eye on. >> yeah. and there's all kinds of studies on what you are talking about. if an eld lyerly person gets a hip fracture it can worsen other problems if it makes you more immoblim
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immobilized. the rehab around this he's going to wear this neck brace, how debilitating is that going to be for him? i know that sounds like a simple thing, but again because he is 91 years old, all of that is going to play a role here. also his treating doctors, what caused the fall? was this just something -- did he trip? he's in a wheelchair typically. was he standing at the time. in order to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, you'd want to know the answers to those questions as well. >> on a separate what are you doing in boston? >> i'm going to spend the day with the nfl's first chief health advisor. we're going to sit down and talk to her, a lot of questions about the nfl and the intersection between medicine and the nfl.
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>> okay. we'll look forward to that. thanks so much for all the information on president bush. >> sanjay going to refer to his seven year career as an outside linebacker for the new england patriots. the iran deal they say there is no better deal than the one that was made period. the president taking it to critics and reporters. >> reporter: this is very much the looser approach that we've seen lately from the president. you could also say he needed to do this especially on this issue, to just get out there, take on the tough questions, mix it up with the white house press corp. at the same time though when the president disapproved he let some folks have it. >> please have a seat.
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>> reporter: president obama openly addressed the proverbial gorillas in the room. >> this deal is not contingent on iran changing its behavior. it's not contingent on iran suddenly operating like a liberal democracy. it solves one particular problem, which is making sure iran doesn't have a bomb. explain specifically where it is they think this agreement does not prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. and why they're right and people like ernie moniz is wrong, why the rest of the world is wrong, and then present an alternative. >> reporter: that's not all he took issue with. >> there are four americans in iran three held on trumped up charges, one whereabouts unknown. can you tell the country, sir, why you are content with all the
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fanfare around this deal to leave the conscience of this nation the strength of this nation unaccounted for in relation to these four americans. >> i give you credit major, for how you craft those questions. the notion that i'm content as i celebrate with american citizens languishing in iranian jails? major, that's nonsense. and you should know better. i've met with the families of some of those folks. nobody's content. >> reporter: he even took one question on bill cosby on whether his medal of freedom should be taken back. and he answered it. >> i'll say this if you give a woman, or a man for that matter without his or her knowledge a drug and then have sex with that person without consent that's
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rape. >> reporter: it was interesting. on iran the president even admitted that once iran is flush with cash billions of dollars when sanctions are lifted yes, it is likely they will spend at least some of that on countrying to fund terror. the president said that's not a game-changer. the president's been extremely outspoken recently too on race. back to you guys. >> that will be interesting, michelle. 10,000 soldiers and police officers looking all over mexico for fugitive drug lord "el chapo." so far, no reported sign of guzman. but we have getting an up close look at the cell he escaped from and the tunnel he followed to freedom. nick valencia is live from mexico and he ventured into that
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cell and tunnel. >> reporter: good morning. it was a journey to get there. at least 13 checkpoints inside this maximum security prison. we had to show our id's multiple times. it was a cell block of at least eight cells, home to the countries most ruthless killers and murderers and criminals. and in that corner cell was where "el chapo" was until he escaped on saturday night. for the first time our cameras are allowed inside cell number 20. this is some remnants of what he left behind. for nearly a year and a half joaquin "el chapo" guzman was imprisoned behind these bars. that objection's the access point that he used to escape outside of this maximum security prison. this wall providing a blind spot for that 24-hour surveillance
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camera. that camera captured one of mexico's most notorious drug lord vanishing. i climbed into the tunnel's exit. here's another ladder leading down into another part of the tunnel. it's hard to estimate just how long and how many people it took to create this remarkable feat of engineering. you see here electricity lines. it's very difficult to breathe down here, a lot of dirt dust. this here for the ventilation system. this motorcycle was on a track here. this is the bike that "el chapo" used to ride out of the prison. it still has gas in it. the track, also fixed with carts, used to carry out thousands of pounds of soil. see that. there's buckets left behind. and look at this left behind oxygen tanks as well. in order for them to survive down here. it is a very tight space.
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i can't even stand up. i'm about 5'10" i can't even stand up all the way. but the tunnel just right for mexico's 5'6" most wanted fugitive. and this just in to cnn, we are now learning that "el chapo" has been added to interpol's list. >> thank you very much forgetting in there and getting to the bottom of that story. we want to tell you about scares in the skies for commercial pilots over new jersey. means getting hit with lasers. listen to some of the exchanges with air traffic scroll. >> we're getting 10:00 now. united 330. >>
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. lasers are so bad that air traffic control rerouted some of the planes so they could land. the faa is investigating. they believe at this point it's mischief. >> my husband travels all the time for work. he said that last night he was landing at that time and he said it was the scariest landing he's had in ten years. he felt they were landing very quickly and then when they got a couple hundred feet from the ground they took off again. >> it blinds them the lasers. >> scary stuff. meanwhile this story has gotten so much attention online. a video reportedly shows someone
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discussing the sail ofle of aborted fetus parts. the group says the video is highly edited and highly untrue. caitlyn jenner has her first major public appearance since transitioning to a woman. what did we see? >> reporter: good morning. it was in 1976 when bruce jenner stepped out as the world's greatest athlete. last night kaitlyncaitlyn jenner took to the stage in a whole knewnew arena. bruce jenner made his mark in 1976 winning gold in the decathlon. >> the courageous the stunning caitlyn jenner. >> reporter: but at the espy's
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it was kate lynncaitlyn jenner who took center stage in her speech jenner joked about woman's fashion. yet used the spotlight to focus on people who are transgender like her, but who live without the protection of fame. >> if you want to call me names, make jokes, don't my intentions go ahead, because the reality is i can take it. but for the thousands of kids out there coming to terms with being true to who they are, they shouldn't have to take it. >> reporter: jenner got i moegemotion emotional when she addressed her family. >> i never wanted to hurt anyone else most of all my family and my kids. i always wanted my children to be so proud of their dad. >> reporter: on the red carpet some of the athletes talked at the focus on jenner. >> i think it's amazing.
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you know life is all about happiness. >> everyone can choose who they want to be and he has that opportunity. >> i certainly knew who he was prior to the carkardashians. i'm very happy with what she is doing now. >> reporter: stolen headlines about the espy's for what kaitlyn's doing, not for what bruce has done. >> we're all different. that's not a bad thing. >> reporter: for the most part, the athletes i spoke to on the red carpet were supportive of jenner and what she is accomplishing now. some seemed to just temper their responses. over all while caitlyn jenner was on stage it was very quiet inside of that theater and she did get a standing ovation when she was done. >> thoughts? >> i think it's an interesting moment in history. i think that it can't be under
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scored how important it is for that community. and the fact there does seem to be a level of acceptance in this country. >> it is now accelerating. that's for sure. the criticism is this isn't closely related to sport enough. but when you look at other recipients of this award in recent years. >> robin roberts. >> pat summit. >> nelson mandela who is obviously amazing but not an athlete. >> so it's often a platform to project different values into a society that are born of sport. so why wouldn't it qualify? i know who generalwho jenner was before this. really? one of the greatest athletes in american history. donald trump is soaring in the polls despite the controversy around his campaign
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or maybe because of the controversy.
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have you noticed that the worse that the critics and party officials come at him, the
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better trump seems to be doing in the polls? is the party thinking about getting into bed with the donald. let's bring in steve king chairman of the conservative opportunity society. thank you for taking the opportunity. >> really good to be back. thanks a lot, chris. >> donald trump says he's worth 10 billion, do you believe it does it matter? >> i don't know. i've heard numbers at nine billion, ten billion. there's probably a little bit of blue sky invested in that. but his name's got to be worth something. >> does it matter if he can't verify it? >> i've heard donald trump say a number of times, i am really rich close quote. so i don't think he's backing away from it. and if anyone wants to examine
5:23 am
his financial statement that's up to them. but i think it's true that he is really rich. >> now, the rest of us in the media may be marveling at his momentum in the polls. but you have to look at it more seriously as one of the party and certainly conservative wing leaders. at what point do you have to decide whether or not to put your arms around donald trump and make him a legitimate entity. >> i'd say today he is a legitimate entity. i've stepped up and said things that were objective and delicate and truthful. nobody listened. then i doubled down on that and they listened. donald trump did the same thing. and the attempt to marginalize him has pushed him to the top of the polls. if the cause cuss took place in iowa today, i believe donald
5:24 am
trump would come out on top. >> is there a concern? one of the criticisms is what he's doing is stoking outrage. you went-- donald made it seem as if grant immigrants were doing all the raping. isn't there a line between painting a picture that's too negative? >> sometimes you've got to grab the american people and shake them ra little bit and say, you're not paying attention. they pay attention when donald trump speaks. i think it might have died down if it hadn't been for the tragic shooting in san francisco with kate steinle. that has added fuel to the fire. chris, i'm glad we're looking at this now and people are starting to quantify the tragedyies in america that are taking place.
5:25 am
>> you don't want it to just be hey, i'm listening to steve, i'm listening to donald and i'm really [ bleep ] off about this. look at what's happened with the san francisco shooting. obviously the family is not happy that kate has been made a pawn. we're not talking about how to make the system better. people are deceiving us about what sanctuary cities are. isn't that the risk of just being negatively provocative? >> well it may be. but i'd go back to the data. i've dug through this for years. i commissioned a study in 2005 i refreshed it in 2011 i'm referring it again now. the data on that is there are 25,000 criminal aliens in prison right now for murder. and that's in our fed penitentiaries. >> you have to do better with enforcement.
5:26 am
you have to enforce the law find ways to get people here illegally out of the country. but you don't want to distort the picture of who these people are either. you know if you know the numbers that people here even illegally, other than the crime of being here illegally are many times less likely to engage in criminal activity than people who are native. >> i would say there's a distinction here. those that are here on green cards do respect the law. in fact they respected the law a little more than natural born citizens do. but those that are criminal aliens commit more crimes than normal citizens do. in fact the sentencing was -- >> that's not what the statistics say. >> the sentencing of the federal sentencing commission 36% of those sentenced in federal sentencing are illegal a ailliens.
5:27 am
when you take immigration law out of that they're 13.2%. our illegal aliens are committing crimes almost four times the rate but they've already demonstrated disrespect for the law by breaking the law come into the united states. >> the focus gets sonon not just demonizing but progress. the point is will this dialogue wind up resulting in some kind of progress for people. thank you for taking us through your thinking on this. as the debate continues, your wing of the party is going to be relevant certainly early on. please come back. >> thanks for a good morning, chris. >> all the best to you sir. so what do you think about this? tweet us. use the hashtag new day cnn. there is a lot of political news. lucky for you there's one place where you can go and get all of
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it where? cnn >> i love when you ask the question and answer it. >> really? yes. >> exactly. the hunt for the drug kingpin "el chapo" still coming up empty handed in mexico. we will speak with the dea agent who has devoted his life to tracking down "el chapo."
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mexican drug kingpin wanted by interpol as one of the most wanted fugitives in the world. were warnings by the u.s. of a possible escape ignored by mexican officials? let's bring in jack reilly the deputy administrator for the drug enforcement administration. you've spent years trying to capture guzman and you were successful in 2014. it must be wildly frustrating for you this morning to know that he got out again.
5:33 am
>> you know saturday was a terrible day for the good guys on both sides of the border. and i will tell you the hunt's back on. we're shoulder to shoulder with our mexican counterparts. and he better be looking over his shoulder because we're definitely going to pursue him and get him back where he belongs in jail. >> there have been many reports they have actually refused the help of the u.s. marshals and the fbi here. >> i don't know where that information comes from. we really work with them around the clock on both sides of the board 24/7. we're going to do everything we've got to do to help them just like the first time we tracked this guy down. i'm here to tell you, there is a resolve on both sides of the board tore make sure this bad guy stays in prison. >> you're not aware of mexico refusing help from the u.s.? >> no. to the contrary we've been
5:34 am
engaged with them on a daily basis for many many months in this investigation and others. so as we develop information here domestically or around the world, we routinely share it with them and work it through. there is cooperation here. there will be cooperation here. and quite frankly that's how he got caught the first time. >> can you tell us about that? how did he get captured the first time? >> we used every tool available to us. human intelligence legal electronic surveillance, working our investigations here. here's one thing he hopes and plans on is that the good guys the cops don't talk to each other. i've got to tell you we're eerwe're exchanging information and connecting the dots. >> wasn't he also asleep on a
5:35 am
lounge chair at a beach and he had after 13 years become complacent on the run. >> this is a guy in my opinion who's the most dangerous criminal right now on the loose in the world. he's a billionaire. he has the ability to corrupt and certainly to kill. and human traits got to him. he wanted to come down into a vibrant society and that got to him. and when it did, we were all over him. >> this comes courtesy of our correspondent who went into the tunnel. he had a cart. he had oxygen tanks in there. the tunnel was ventilated and
5:36 am
equipped with electricity. what made mexico think they could keep imin an a prison given all of this? >> he has immense connections and wealth. and clearly it was a concern on both sides of the border. let's talk about the fact he is out. and what are we going to do to get him back behind bars? because that's what's important to mexico and the united states. >> we've heard there are 10,000 law enforcement officers who are looking for him. we've seen some video. they're checking cars as they go by. they're going through fields. let's face it. this is not two guys from the clinton correctional facility in new york. he's not going to be hiding in a hunting cabin somewhere. he has an incredible underground network. >> we're looking everywhere. we're looking at people that aid his organization. we're looking at family members,
5:37 am
former associates rival cartels that may be in contact with some of his surrogates. and we're also looking at the ongoing investigations we have here domestically that deal with people that have to report to him. all of those are crucial in connecting the dots and attempting to try to find where he is. and most importantly once we think we know where he is getting the right people there with the right equipment to get him hooked up and back in handcuffs handcuffs. >> thanks so much for being on "new day." cnn and specifically alisyn camerota have been on the cosby story from jump. and now stunning details from where the jane doe says she was when cosby assaulted her. and his bizarre obsession. the interview, ahead. scover the luxury of freedom. ♪
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time now for the five things to know for your new day.
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former president george h.w. bush in the hospital after breaking a bone in his neck. he is listed in stable condition. we wish him well. the "new york times" reporting the u.s. is ready to offer israel increased aid to soften the blow of the iran deal. interpol now on the case for "el chapo." issuing a red alert for the escaped drug lord. 10,000 soldiers and police now on the hunt. more than 100 checkpoints set up on mexico's highways. president obama visiting a federal prison. he'll speak with inmates and law enforcement. why is he doing this? part of the president's push for criminal justice reforms. caitlyn jenner making the first major public appearance since transitioning into a woman woman.
5:43 am
do you want to know more about the five things to know? of course you do. so go to new day for the latest. time for today's new day, new you. did you participate in the ice bucket challenge last year? 17 million people did it raising 115 million for als. question what happened to all that money? most of it 77 million, research. 23 million, patient and community services like canes, wheelchairs wheelchairs. another ten million going to educating the public about disease. the money therefore they say, well spent. did you do it? >> i somehow avoided it. but i am happy to see the break down of where all that money is going. people were so interested in that. well, the stories from bill cosby's rain accusers have many similarities but the tale of one accuser has some disturbing and new details. that's next.
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light. liberty mutual insurance. another woman coming forward to say bill cosby drugged and raped her. she was one of the jane doe's from the 2005 case. her name is patricia.
5:48 am
and she first met cosby when he was 22 years old and an aspiring singer. she presents two angles not previously covered. first, a bizarre request cosby made about her appearance and the location cosby chose for the attack. we have agreed to protect her identity identity. you were 22 years old. >> yes. >> you say bill cosby invited you to a dinner party at his home in massachusetts. when you arrived there you realized it wasn't exactly a dinner party. you were the only guest. >> that's right. i expected when invited to a dinner party to meet his family or friends, somebody who could help me with my career as singer and was a little dismayed to discover it was a place settling for two people in front of a fire in his home. >> alarm bells. what did you think?
5:49 am
>> i was young. i was very much influenced edd by his fame and prestige. and i was try so hard to the be grown up. the fact that we were alone did bother me. but i thought i can trust him. >> then what happened? >> he gave me a drink. he fixed it himself. i started to feel really odd. i started to lose my balance, my speech became slurred after about a half a drink. >> then what happened? >> i'm waking up i'm naked. i'm in a bedroom. he's standing over me with a bathrobe telling me i have to get up and offering me a toothbrush. i said what happened? he said you threw up and passed out. i said where's my dress. he said i had to wash it. he never explained why he was in a bathrobe. he said you have to go. this was the middle of the
5:50 am
night. i really believed him. i thought i'd humiliated and embarrassed myself and couldn't figure out after less than one drink i had that reaction. to my knowledge, i'm the only person accounted for an episode that took place in his home. to do that in a house where you raced your family just seems really abhor rentrent to me. >> you were embarrassed, humiliated. you still wanted to impress this man who was going to act as your mentor who was bill cosby, who was at that time one of the most trusted men in america. and you saw him again. and when did you realize that you say you were in danger with him? >> the last time i spent any time with him was in atlantic city new jersey. he invited me to meet him for a taping of the dinah shore show.
5:51 am
he invited edd me to his penthouse suite. he would not allow me to enter the suite unless i took the two pills that were in his hand. i said what are they? he said they're something to relax you. i said okay because i wanted to spend time with this man who was offering to help me with my career. and from about 30 minutes later i don't remember anything until i woke up the next morning with my hair a mess naked. and i felt like somebody had penetrated me. i went to confront him. he became furious and threw me out of his suite. people didn't challenge powerful men in 1978 1979 or 1980. they just didn't. i told friends and family
5:52 am
members and sadly many of them didn't believe me. >> those pills, we've just heard because some of the documents from the 2005 case have been released. and in it, in daepgs bill cosby add admits he got seven prescriptions for quaaludes. what did you think when you heard that revelation? >> i was happy that was released because it felt like our stories were validated. i know that in the same deposition at one point he said he gave andrea constand some benadryl. benadryl will not do to us whatever he gave us did. it will not make us unable to move. it won't make us as sick as we were made. i was happy that was reported that way. >> there's another thing that happened around the dinah shore show where he before you feel that you were attacked and raped, he wanted you to look a certain way. >> yes. >> what was that? >> i believe he had an obsession
5:53 am
with queen n okayoor of jordan. she wore her hair up in a particular way and he asked me before coming to atlantic city to have my hair done in the same way that she had her hair done. >> so bizarre. he had a fixation you believe, with queen noor and wanted you to pose as her. >> yes. i believe so. and i've also heard from my therapist who was the one who connected me with the detective investigatinging andrea constand ice case's case that there were other women that he wanted to do this. i think what he's done is very addictive in nature, something he can't seem to stop, a compulsion of some kind.
5:54 am
it's important to me also to say they know that i had a part in this. i allowed my ambition to become a singer to overrule the choices that i made. i know that i played a part in that and i also placed my trust in a flawed human being. and that was my part. but what he did was not right and it was without my consent. >> so interesting to hear her talk about she believes he had this fixation with queen noor. she saw pictures of his children in his family's home. >> absolutely. and they say there's strength in. s -- many of them have been in touch with each other and it has been a great comfort. >> and they have a new supporter, president obama. >> when we come back the good
5:55 am
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time for the good stuff. right out of a movie, last year they had a storybook wedding. for better or worse, gets tested too soon. a car wreck left her with a concussion and mo memno memory of the wedding. >> i would do anything to have that moment back. >> so jeremy says lackook, i want you to have a wedding. no cash. they did a go fund me nothing. a local dj heard about the story. >> i can do more about this. i picked up the phone and got in touch with everybody that i work with they're going to have a spectacular wedding. >> the entire town gets together. now the wedding is almost completely covered. people coming together to help
6:00 am
people in need. i love it. >> that's wonderful. such a nice gesture from that dj. >> gets me right here in the ring. >> that's where it hits you? >> right here in the wedding ring. >> thank you so much for watching "new day." >> that is so bad? took me main to geta minute to get it too. >> thank you, chris. >> see you later. have a nice morning. good morning, everyone. "newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. president george h.w. bush in stable condition after a fall at his home in maine. the 91-year-old broke a neck bone but his spokesman says the injury is not life


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