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tv   New Day  CNN  July 20, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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implod. it is no question this is it. in a new op-ed in usa today, donald trump remains defiant saying the reality, john mccain the politician made america less safe and mccain abandoned our veterans i will fight for them. he sparked a fast and furious backlash over the weekend, taking aim at mccain. he wears the scars of five years being a prisoner after his plane was shot down. >> admiral john mccain. turning down early release because of his father's high ranking in the navy. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. >> he tried to clean up comments. >> if a person is captured they are a hero.
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>> on twitter, captured or not, all soldiers are heroes. that didn't stop the disgust from republicans, most who hope to knock the real estate mogul from the top of the gop presidential field. >> i's a disqualifier of commander in chief. >> donald trump owes every american veteran and in particular john mccain an apology ji. >> reporter: the republican national committee said there's no place in our party for trump's comments. his words escalated on ongoing feud with john mccain over immigration. in his new op-ed, trump said mccain would rather attack the iraqi border than arizona's. >> trump continues to talk about how much he's done for veterans donating his money and his time to a new york city memorial.
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veterans groups, they are not buying it. the commander of the veterans of foreign wars said for someone who never served a day in uniform, which is true about trump, to criticize the service and sacrifice of a wounded veteran, he called that despicable. >> thank you very much. let's bring in people to discuss the political implications of those. we have cnn political commentator, kevin matt and former reagan white house director and american spectator, jeffrey. thank you very much. kev, let's start with you. >> yeah. >> he said it he meant it and said as many as four times, no no no if you are captured you are a hero. does the apology matter? >> i don't think the apology will matter. the original statement he made is if so many people are going to find it. this is the beginning of the end for trump.
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he had a lot of attention because of his announcement. he had a boom. he made some headway because of immigration comments. now, what you are seeing is the level of scrutiny that donald trump is going to get is starting to reveal questions about, i think, amongst voters about his character and temperment. when those questions come forward for a lot of voters you are going to see it comes after her. >> a couple things. you think it is beginning of the end. by trump's account, a standing occasion even after he said the jm thing. there's no poll to suggest this is the beginning of the end. >> not yet. >> all we have heard from pushback are fellow republican candidatings. >> this is what mitt romney tweeted out about this whole ker flufl. he says the difference between
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john mccain and the real donald trump, trump shot himself down. mccain and american veterans are true heroes. what do you think, jeff? is this the beginning of the end or to supporters is this more of the trump they like? >> this is the trump they like. rush limbaugh said the reason these folks want to talk about donald trump is they don't want to talk about the issues trump is trying to talk about and americans care about. there's a divide that is big between the base of the republican party and the establishment of the gop. this is a pile on. this is the second time. this is very interesting. he said something that is pretty unremarkable. he said immediately, four times, as chris noted, that you know john mccain is a hero. jeff he said he's a hero because he was shot down. he was saying in a sort of
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sarcastic way people didn't always believe was genuine. >> he's saying it. i call this the shiny object. look over here. don't pay attention to facts. look at this. this is what's going on here. it goes on all the time with donald trump because they don't want to listen to what he's saying. he does make republicans very uncomfortable. >> ronald reagan used to do the same thing. he's the king of the shiny object. the reason he's in the race is to draw attention to donald trump. he would rather be talked about negatively than not at all. the key here is what you saw emerge are questions about his character and temperment. a lot of voters gravitated to him because they saw him as straight talking truth teller anti-pill tigs. now, go and insult smob who is
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known to be a hate red and hero. >> i went back and took a look at some of the things being said about john mccain once he was nominated for president by the mainstream media. there was tons of articles about him, temperment the things you are saying about donald trump. nobody raised objection when people were saying he pushed the wheelchair of the mother of a vet an. youfr his off outside your office -- >> donald trump is getting more heat from the press about his temperment than john mccain ever did? >> i'm saying when these issues were raised about john mccain the republican establishment just you know they didn't jump in and say john mccain should resign. >> he questioned john mccain's
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status as a hero and patriot. that's the reason he's getting this scrutiny. >> this is the shiny object. go back to the original announcement speech. he's talking in the context of illegal immigration. suddenly now, everyone wants to say he's talking about mexican immigrants. it is not true. it's the shiny object. >> it goes -- it is the price of -- if you are going to be out there and be provocative of what you say, you are in politics. you are suggesting something that is going to be difficult for you, kevin, and the team to deal with. yes, maybe donald trump is just sugar for the voters in that it will burn off and they will want more. where is more? people jumping on donald trump for going after p.o.w.s is easy. that's cherry picking and low hanging fruit.
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he's at the top of the polls because your team isn't offering anything better than that. >> that's not true. he's at the top because he's got a lot of attention. he's good at getting attention. remember he's at 16% or 17%. that means over 80% of the voters inside the republican primary contest are looking at other candidates now. >> they will have kicked them out of the race. he will not be registering if they are not resinating. if he's resinating think about what it is. once you do you have to figure out how to be that for your own base. if they were they will take up momentum. >> he's getting attention. you don't want that momentum or sugar high. build a broader base of support among republican voters so you know you have an ability to win in the general election and ability to leave the country. donald trump is not going to be able to do that throughout the contest. >> that's the kind of thing i heard that said we are going to
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make mitt romney president and john mccain and bob dole and gerald ford. it's the mush that loses every time it's tried. when you draw a stark difference. ronald reagan used to call them the republicans. he couldn't stand them. he made the point, you have to draw a bright line between you and your opposition. what you are suggesting is i would say, is why we keep losing presidential elections. i would never use trump and reagan in the same sentence. >> that's an interesting point. are you comparing trump to reagan? >> in a sense. no two people are alike, obviously. but, in appealing to people and speaking his mind that which is what ronald reagan did. the latest march of 1980, ford was out there saying he was the first to win a presidential election. we have been around the block with this before. reagan is too extreme.
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if the romneys and mccain can win. >> jeffrey -- >> reagan won because he promoted ideas. trump is about trump. >> all right, guys. we have to leave it there. on that note. >> jeffrey says trump is the next ronald reagan. he didn't say that but that's how it will be construed by some. >> thank you. there is information about the troubled past of the 24-year-old shooter who carried out two attacks in cha noottanooga military. we begin our coverage with evan perez, live in washington d.c. what have you learned? >> a more complicated picture of abdulzeez. family members interviewed by the fbi said he was abused drugs and suffered from a manic-depressive bipolar disorder. that's why his family sent him
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to jordan to get him away from friends that were bad influences on him. the fbi is looking into the mental health and drug issues. and evidence they suggest that would radicalize before the shooting. that includes his time visiting relatives in the middle east. they told the fbi he had a hard time keeping his job. they said they thought he was improving more recently. the family members knew about abdulzeez's purchase of high powered weapons, but despite the mental issues it wasn't a problem because he went out shooting as a hob pi. investigators have not seen he was inspired by or directed by a terrorist group. >> thank you. please stay on it for us. up to 60 days debate kick off in congress after the white house submitted the nuclear agreement to lawmakers this weekend.
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which way will they come out on it and why. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu called on congress to reject it. if lawmakers vote to reject the agreement, then the president has the right to override. he will do that and veto then they have to override the veto. >> here is breaking new this is morning from libya. four italian workers kidnapped from oil fiends along the western coast. the italian government looking to find them. this video, this shark video, i know on the show we have said sharks are in and out otto to hurt you. by we, i mean i. this guy is in a surf contest. that's a surfing contest. the shark goes on attack.
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he uses the surf board to fend off. i was holding the leash. his leash. a great white shark had it in his teeth. we are joined from south africa. he just spoke to fanning. this story, doesn't get more real than this my friend. >> reporter: chris, morning. i have been on the waves surfing in south africa. this is one of the most famous breaks in the world. a popular spot on the processing circuit. all played out live then this happened. take a look. >> oh! >> you can hear the shrieks from the shore.
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the announcer realizing what is going on. probably a youngster, well a young great white is the size of a sedan car. i spoke to nick fanning. he is rattled by the incident. he's amazed he got out alive. >> i found myself getting dragged under by my leash. then next thing i know i saw his fin and, you know it went on my board. i guess it smacked me in the head. i think i tried to punch it. then it started dragging me you should. it was dragging me by the leash. i was like i don't know what to do. you never know. you just think whatever god threw out there or whatever, thanks. >> he's on his way back to australia to see his mother who
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was washing live on tv as this all went down. she told him, she wanted to reach out and grab him from the tv and pull him to safety. it's a good end to the story. the surfing community is rattled by this. happy he is okay. he will get back in the water. it might take him a few weeks. alisyn. >> thanks so much for that. amazing he didn't lose a limb as we have seen in north carolina this summer. why is the shark so close to shore? i think they should be further out. >> they can be. that's where the food is. i don't mean the surfers. it's easy to come up on prey and harder for the prey to get away. it's good nick is going back to australia. of all the places to go to escape what happened with a great white. >> can you imagine his mom watching this unfold live?
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>> wanting to pull him out of the tv. four marines and a sailor killed by a gunman in chattanooga. you know the story. we are going to talk to a friend of sergeant thomas sullivan a victim of the attack. everything that a marine should be. we are going to take you behind the life of service and put the focus where it belongs. is man kind? ♪ are we good? ♪ go see. ♪ go look through their windows so you can understand their views. ♪ sit at their table so you can share their tastes. ♪ sleep in their beds so you may know their dreams. ♪
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thomas sullivan is being remembered as everything a marine should be. a hero to the end.
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the 40-year-old gunnery sergeant ran into the danger in chattanooga to check on those inside. he did in the think of running to safety. michael is joining us. he served in iraq can sergeant sullivan. he joins us now from south carolina. i am sorry for your loss. i'm sorry for the loss of a fellow marine and friend. thank you for joining us to talk about it. >> thank you, sir. >> so who was sullivan? >> sullivan was a workhorse and all around a mentor to all of us all of us marines. he was definitely a role model to us to aspire to be a noncommissioned officer like him. he was extremely self-less in every day activities not just actions in combat. >> what does he mean to you as an example and comfort in harm's way?
4:21 am
>> he was someone that i could confide in. he was close to a lot of us. he was someone that i was able to go to with things that i was struggling with. there was no judgment. there was only words of comfort and very strong guidance. what would he tell you to keep you focused on where you had to be? >> that you know everything that i had done and any actions i take and not have any regrets about anything i have done. >> how would he help in the hardest moments? what was something you remember him doing? >> he was just always there next to you. for someone that was your supervisor more or less he was always next to you and he was always there, sometimes even if it was to make you laugh to take
4:22 am
the stress off. that's kind of how you help carry it through. >> what did he care about? >> his marines, first and foremost. always our welfare and always put himself last. >> funny guy? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> keep hearing that he had a great sense of humor, even when the situation around him seemed anything but funny. how did he do it? >> um just kind of come to him. he would just kind of maybe see you and that you were stressed and that light heartedness would come out. it would help. >> when you heard that he was going to go back and get involved with the reserve center and recruiting you say you weren't surprised, why? >> because that's what he did overseas with us and that's just his character and his nature.
4:23 am
he wouldn't of left marines that needed help behind even if that meant putting his own life out there. he got the help he needed to the very end. >> what you lived through, what he lived through in iraq, most of us could never imagine. for him to be taken back here at home in this way, how do you handle it? >> i'd be lying if i said it wasn't difficult. it's not supposed to happen here that's why we went there, to keep that over there and to help them and keep it away from our shores. but, it's here now and it shouldn't have happened to him, but, it did. and we just have to honor and remember his life and just try and get through it as best as we can.
4:24 am
>> we try to keep the focus where it matters in these situations. you know why there's a face nation with why it happens, but the victims matter. the good men and women who serve matter men like you and the men who raised you, like sergeant sullivan. what do you want people to remember about your friend, supervisor and fellow marines? >> i want them to remember that he was not only a great marine but a great man and i would also just the families of everyone that sacrificed that day. every service member that lost their life all the families to know we are here for them and all of you are in our prayers and if anything is ever needed please try to reach out to any one of us and we will help you. you are part of our family. >> semper fi stays the motto long after you leave the field
4:25 am
of battle. is that true? >> yes, sir. >> i know this is incredibly difficult for you and you have dealt with a lot of difficulty. your friend is gone. i hope you hold in your heart the memories you had with him and what he taught you then and will help you now. thank you for coming on to talk to about your friend. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> good luck to you and sorry for your loss. >> thank you, sir. >> sergeant thomas sullivan he was one of those taken in chattanooga. alisyn? >> thanks for that chris. s well moving on to politics. how will trump's brush with controversy affect his campaign? john king will shed light on all of it. that's coming up on inside politics. chris hill stays at laquinta he fires up the free wifi with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before! so he can rapidly prepare his presentation. and when he perfects his pitch, do you know what chris can do? and that is my recommendation. let's see if he's ready.
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we have a donald trump development for you. as you know, he was stepping up his attack on senator john mccain saying in an op-ed that mccain failed our veterans and made america less safe. he lashed out to republican rivals. this follows trump saying senator mccain was a vietnam war
4:30 am
hero only because he was captured. trump just spoke to nbcs "today" show. here is what he had to say about critics and the media. >> you are the media and you do the same thing. the next sentence is he was a war hero. i said that. you don't want to play that. if you would have let it run another three seconds, i said very clearly, he is a war hero. i have no problem with that. >> in other news, isis reportedly stepping up use of chemical agents in iraq and syria. isis used devices filled with chemicals against kurdish forces and civilian targets on at least three occasions last month. according to the report it's the first use by isis of projective delivered chemical agents on the battlefield. >> the brutal murder of a prominent washington d.c. family
4:31 am
and their nan any goes to trial. if convicted, a citizen of diana could face deportation from the u.s. george h.w. bush back home in a neck brace. he was treated for a broken bone in his neck caused by a fall at his summer home. at 91 the nation's oldest living president is in good shape and should be fully recovered in a couple months. as we said from the beginning, all the best to the president and his family. >> he is strong. he is strong like bull. le's get inside politics on "new day" with john king, also strong. >> like bull. >> president bush's recovery. alisyn happy monday to you. you mentioned donald trump on the "today" show. let's continue that
4:32 am
conversation. julie from the associated press. this makes it interesting. this is forgive me the trump paradox. we laugh at things he says because they are out there. look at the polls. he is first in the polls, second in new hampshire, moving up in iowa. in the republican race we wonder at least at the moment he's driving the race. if you were out of town this weekend, as you heard on the "today" show he said john mccain was a war hero. perhaps. after twice, two times saying no he's not a war hero. here is donald trump quadrupling down. he will not apologize. in usa today he says the number of competitors have no business running. i do not need to be lectured by any of them. many are failed politicians. some i have great respect for. he used rivals like mexican immigrants.
4:33 am
some of them are nice people. the next question let's play this. again, people said -- take it back. you can say i'm sorry. i said something i shouldn't have said. he called fox news and said no i won't take it back. >> i am very upset with john mccain because he's done a terrible job with the veterans. everybody knows that. i don't know if you saw this but a week ago, i had thousands of people in phoenix, arizona, talking about the whole horrible situation with illegal immigration, which i also brought up. i'm proud of that. we had thousands and thousands of people. he insulted them, then i insulted back. >> you want to be the leader of the world's greatest democracy, the leader of the free world. he insulted me so i insulted back. is this campaign down to the likeness of third grade? >> i guess so.
4:34 am
it's whatever. there's no words for it. he continues to do this. you are right, he continues to be up in the polls. i'm curious where the surveys will take him next. between insulting john mccain and belittling christianity or catholicism and where it will take him nationally. >> the question is are we and all the political professionals who say, there's no way. at some point, yes, people want someone that thinks politicians are driven and says he does he he believes. when does it go from charming and entertaining to presidential? >> all the rules of politics trump is crossing the lines, breaking the rules. he's not playing by the same rules. he doesn't have the same lines we expect a lot of them to have.
4:35 am
something that is important, one of the things that got lost in the conversation trump was having in iowa was fumbling that he had and questions about faith and god. in iowa that is an important part of that primary debate. i do wonder if this incident alone, isn't the thing that breaks the dam, but the combination over time. we'll eventually erode support. >> we'll see. an interesting one. we have jeb bush marco rubio say what he said was unacceptable. to him, it's disqualifying. he said if you can't be commander in chief if you are going to insult a veteran like that. ted cruz saids i like john mccain maybe he shouldn't have said that but -- >> you want me to say something bad about donald trump or john
4:36 am
mccain or anyone else i'm not going to do it. john mccain is a friend of mine. i respect him and admire him. donald trump is a friend of mine. you guys can throw rocks, i'm not going to engage. >> what's the calculation? cruz assumes that trump goes boom and he wants those voters? >> he's second in the gop money race. leader in the cycle. frankly, you don't want to take off in the summer you want to take off later this year and next year. cruz is going to have an active september. you have a potential shutdown coming up on capitol hill that he'll be involved in. if trump is imploding, the support can come. >> we have no reason not to. >> there's a risk for ted cruz because the things that donald trump has said are not just inflammatory they are offensive to a lot of people.
4:37 am
if you are the one candidate that is sticking by him or at least not coming out and condemning what he says and you continue to do that it will reflect poorly on you as well. >> if necessary, you run an ad and criticize him. there is an ad there. let's listen to this. tell me if it matters or not. a contender for the race in an interview for state of the union. he was asked, is being gay a choice? >> i don't have an opinion on every single issue out there. to me i don't know. i don't know the answer to that question. i don't know what the answer to that is. again, i'm going to spend my time focusing on what i do know and what i can work on. >> i don't know i don't want to talk about it. is that okay? >> there are a lot of people that grapple with is it a choice or genetic. i will give him that.
4:38 am
he was a leading presidential contender, much like donald trump. your words have meaning and will be used against you at a later date. walker had a better chance to win a nomination than walker. he struggled with it over the last several weeks. he didn't know how to react to the supreme court case. look a lot of families in this country do. it reflects that to some extent. he's running for president. remember the words have resonance. >> martin o'malley is the former governor. very low in the polls. bernie sanders emerged as the lead challenger for hillary clinton. listen to martin o'malley and the reaction when talking about do black lives matter. black lives matter white lives matter all lives matter. >> you can hear the protest.
4:39 am
he got the reaction very quickly. he went on to an african-american online radio show to say, sorry. >> i meant no disrespect. that was a mistake on my part. i meant no disrespect. i did not mean to be insensitive in any way or to communicate that i did not understand the tremendous passion, commitment and feeling and depth of feeling that all of us should be attaching to this issue. >> he thinks he made a mistake. he quickly apologized. when you are at 1% or 2%. >> it was a tough event for o o'malley o'malley. he should have been where he has support from liberals. it was a movement that is quite robust. >> mr. cuomo, back to you. when you make a mistake in politics martin o'malley quickly apologized there.
4:40 am
a contrast with trump who quadrupled down and will keep ongoing. >> they are trying to trade on different currencies. o'malley is trying to act like a leader. trump is doing what he does best saying what he feels and hoping it resinates. we'll have to see how it goes. it's obvious going after p.o.w.s is a mistake. he admits he tried to clean it up. we'll see what happens. john thank you very much. the bill cosby story. it has a new turn. there is a deposition out there. the question becomes, why did the comedian pursue younger women? was it an ego? there are answers in there. we are going to dig deeper. stay with us. especially if you don't leave. ♪ you got it booking right. booking.yeah the keys to this home belong to mark and alissa anderson. they bought
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shocking new documents released from bill cosby's 2005 deposition. in the documents, cosby admits to trying to pay women to keep affairs from his wife and he reveals what he considers subjective behavior. joining us now is a forensic psychiatrist and chairman of the
4:45 am
forensic panel. he's done extensive research. great to have you here. we are looking for your analysis into bill cosby's interpretation of what happens here with other women. we have all these excerpts from the 2005 deposition. let me read them to you and the viewers, then you can give us your interpretation. the first one involves and upcoming actress who had dinner with cosby and a group of others. she then stays behind because he offered to mentor her, help with her career. here is the excerpt. she says she stayed with you and you talked about her career and asked about her father. cosby says yes. do you remember what else you talked about? he say that is's enough. did you ask because upped to have sexual contact with her? he said yes. a lot of people useual use alterior
4:46 am
motives. what do you think? >> someone in the business and having access to open doors. someone who comes to that individual is vulnerable and can be taken advantage of. still, there's a seduction going on which cosby would be right to say there's nothing wrong, there's nothing illegal with a seduction, per se. this is at the heart of what a lot of people olympian point to in sex harassment. they have access to someone who is vulnerable and impressionable impressionable. he eroded the boundary and got into something more intimate to forge that kind of connection. >> by the way, he also introduces drugs into the equation. this is where the accusers say it's beyond the pale.
4:47 am
they were incapacitated. the 12 women we interviewed here on "new day" and cnn. he says he got seven prescriptions from a doctor for quaaludes, not because he was in pain. why didn't you take the quaaludes the lawyer asked him. he says because i used them. he said for what? cosby said the same as have a drink. he was giving them to women without their knowledge. it's in a whole different category beyond seduction. >> people following the cosby case need to become familiar with the term we use in the business. it's dffa. drug facilitated sex assault. we demonstrated three different kinds of dfsa offenders. one was the employment type a person supervising or someone in
4:48 am
a position a power position to help someone along. >> that's what this falls into? >> that's what this falls into. key to point out, what makes dfsa sexual assault and rape is it's where you use the drug not as a sexual enhancement, it's not something to enhance the experience but to knock someone out to incapacitate them and then on the other hand to impact their memory so they don't remember what happened and you can then tell them what happened and make it more consensual and there's already been testimony about the ongoing relationships with people whom he drugged at the beginning in order to expedite their becoming intimate. >> he claims these were consensual. the women, themselves testified to being incapacitated. what kind of personality does this? are they sociopathic? delusional? >> no this is frightening about
4:49 am
the dfsa. dfsa offender does not have a rape history. excellent communication skills to bring someone close you have to say, take these. if it's a social exchange where people are freely accessible to one another or a date rape kind of situation or there's some type of dfsa of health care providers. i'm going to do a procedure and people were anest sized. someone has to be socially able and able to communicate in such a way to use that trust to get someone to take those pills and knocked out and unable to remember. that person becomes the only informant because the victim doesn't remember. that's the essence, not only of dfsa but parents. encourage your children do not be alone with someone that you don't know that well with
4:50 am
someone you don't completely trust without some accountability when your children know they are taking an intoxicant. hol is the oldest dfsa drug. that's why it's so rampant on college campuses. >> hackers threatening to release customer profiles including sexual fantasies. why the website was targeted.
4:51 am
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it is time for cnn money now. chief business correspondent christine romans in the money center.
4:55 am
you have the latest. >> yeah the banks are open for the first time in three weeks. greek citizens can only withdraw up to 420 euros a week. banks were shutdown last month to prevent greece's financial system from collapsing. negotiations set to begin. another big breech of customer info. these customers have a lot to hide. who was hacked? the company behind the website ashley madison. a website that helps married people cheat. the company's slogan "life is short have an affair." the dating site has 37 million members. the group calling themselves the impact team is threatening to public records. what they are so upset about the fact there was a delete fee you can pay $19 to have your information deleted. hackers found out the information wasn't deleted and they is it. >> scandalous. thank you so much for that christine. donald trump is not backing down this morning. in fact, he's taking another
4:56 am
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i never said that. >> totally inappropriate. >> donald trump owes john mccain an apology. >> it's offensive. >> this is the largest turn out. thank you. >> he speaks for the middle class. >> he's out -- >> are they under estimating bernie sanders? >> people often under estimated me. new information revealed about chattanooga shooter. >> he had a history of depression mental illness, and drug abuse. another bombshell in the scandal surrounding bill cosby. >> he was taking advantage of people who look up to him. >> it's typical behavior in thinking of a sociopath. that's the most dangerous type of predator out there. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris . a lot going on. good morning. welcome back to "new day." it is monday july 20th. 8:00 in the east.
5:00 am
if you're waiting for an "i'm sorry" from donald trump keep waiting. he did say more about john mccain moments ago he tried to clarify his controversial remarks that john mccain is only a war hero because he's captured. >> senator mccain is breaking his silence this morning. cnn senior congressional correspondent is live in washington with all the latest developments. it's been an active morning. >> it has. and donald trump not only is he -- has he taken off the gloves going after john mccain he's doing it en more so against the media insisting that part of the backlash is because his comments were taken out of context. context. >> he is a war hero. i said that but they never want to play it. you don't want to play it. excuse me -- why -- >> why would you


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