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tv   New Day  CNN  July 20, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. 8:00 in the east. if you're waiting for an "i'm sorry" from donald trump keep waiting. he did say more about john mccain moments ago he tried to clarify his controversial remarks that john mccain is only a war hero because he's captured. >> senator mccain is breaking his silence this morning. cnn senior congressional correspondent is live in washington with all the latest developments. it's been an active morning. >> it has. and donald trump not only is he -- has he taken off the gloves going after john mccain he's doing it en more so against the media insisting that part of the backlash is because his comments were taken out of context. context. >> he is a war hero. i said that but they never want to play it. you don't want to play it. excuse me -- why -- >> why would you say it in the
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first place? >> savannah started it off saying i said he wasn't a hero. if you let it run you would hear me say he's a war hero. he called 15,000 people that showed up for me to speak in phoenix. he called them crazies because they want to stop illegal immigration. i do have a problem with what he's doing on the border. he's terrible. and i do have a problem with the fact with the illegal immigration is a disaster. he's doing a horrible job. matt i see the vets. they come to me. these are powerful wonderful people and they're crying. they don't know what to do. they're lost because of what we're doing. frankly illegal immigrants get treated better than many of our vets. it's disgrace of what is happening to our country. and john mccain has nothing about it but respect. i respect greatly the people
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that are captured. nobody talks about them. we talk about john mccain he's very brave and all that. we don't talk about the people that weren't captured. that's what i was trying to refer to an i think i did. if you see the news conference right after wards, everything was perfect. i never thought it would be an issue. my opponents have brought it up. guys that have zero in the polls by the way, you said that i said i'm doing what -- i'm not saying i'm doing well. the polls are saying i'm doing well. >> now you can probably glean from that that big part of the genesis of his feud with john mccain is that trump went to mccain's home state of arizona a little more than a week ago and had a huge rally. during that time mccain said that the people he got to come to to the rally were crazies which is a typical word that mccain uses. the two disagree on how to deal with illegal immigration. mccain did also come out this
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morning but his rhetoric was a lot more toned down than what you heard from donald trump. listen to this. >> when mr. trump said that he prefers to be with people who are not captured, the great honor of my life was to serve in the company of heros. i'm not a hero but those who were my senior ranking officer ss the congressional medal of honor winners inspired us to do things that we otherwise wouldn't be capable of doing. those are the people i think he owes an apology to. there are so many men and some women who served and sacrificed and happened to be held prisoner, and somehow to denigrate that in any way their service i think is offensive to most of our veterans. the best thing to do is put it behind us and move forward. just express our gratitude to
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those who have served and sacrificed and the real heros. the other 55,000 names that are down on the wall engraved in black granite that i stop by sometimes early in the morning and when the sun is going down. >> now anybody who watched john mccain the politician knows he's not afraid of a fight. he's quite scrappy when he wants to be. in this particular case allison as you can probably tell from that he has decided that he wants to try to take the high road. in fact mccain source told me that they wanted to try to let trump continue to dig his hole like they say. never murder a man who was in the process of committing suicide. >> that's awfully graphic metaphor. thank you so much. >> all right. so the media is filled with people speaking about donald trump. we're going to have somebody on here do it a little differently. somebody will speak for donald trump executive vice president of the trump organization and
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special council -- counsel to donald trump. is donald trump sorry for offending veterans and prisoners of war and those who respect him in this country? >> i don't think donald trump disrespected anybody including john mccain you know being a lawyer four times he pulled back on the statement within seconds. i think it's irresponsible the way that many of the -- >> doesn't he have to offer a statement? >> he made the statement as many people do hillary turned around and made a statement. you remember on capitol hill what difference does it make? and they pulled back from it. he said four times in the exact same statement -- four times! not twice, not three times, four times he said the following: he's a war hero. he is a war hero. i'm going to tell you something, donald trump acknowledges he's a war hero. what angered mr. trump, and what prompted the statement is the fact that he went to arizona and he was met with tremendous enthusiasm. 15,000 people -- his
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constituents -- john mccain's constituents talking about immigration reform and what did he do? he called them crazies. >> so donald trump did not like his supporters being call theed edcalled crazies. i want to play the moment from the weekend. we can see it clearly and analyze it. watch this. >> john mccain, oh boy. he had 15,000 crazies. he called them all crazies. i said they weren't crazy. they were great americans. i supported them. but, you know he lost. i never liked him as much after that. i don't like losers. but -- he's not a war hero. >> he is a war hero. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. i hate to tell you. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. he says it somewhat scar cast
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sarcastically. >> then he turned around and said he's a war hero. they did the same thing with the mexico state. >> which is it? >> he respects john mccain as a war hero. he respect the every single person that puts on the fatigue. not just the fatigue but respects anybody that puts on a uniform. police officers, he's insanely involved with the police. firefighters, members of the armed services. donald trump, you may recall saved the veteran's day parade. he has an infinity for the individuals. >> he contributed to the veteran's parade and he also gave money to the vietnam vet memorial here in new york city. those are big deals. our reporters estimated he gave about a million dollars to each one of those. >> i would say over the years it's substantially greater.
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>> how much is it? for a man worth $10 billion for donald trump to say that veterans are one of his top priorities, how much do you think he's given to them over the decades? >> i don't know. next time i come back i'll have it pulled down for you. had you asked me in advance i would have looked it up. what bothers mr. trump on a daily basis. we get phone calls from veterans, including when we go on the campaign trail or out doing business deal one of the things that people comment they're talking about are veteran's issues. we talk about what happened at the va. you talk about what happened the double books and these, you know these injured whether it is psychological or physical and they're hurting and the administration has basically left them without recourse. and donald trump wants to be the voice of reason. >> and that's why the question becomes what is he going to do
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for them? other than say i'm mad and nobody is good for them. he doesn't have the plan for what he would do. what are the specific policies he wants for veterans to back up his -- >> first thing he's going to do is ensure that veterans get the proper care and treatment that they're entitled to. >> how? >> he feels they've been betrayed. >> everybody does. how? >> john mccain has been in service now for 30 years. 30 years. and we're in worst shape for all veterans. >> so what is donald trump going to go? >> donald trump fixes things. you have to acknowledge that. >> how? he's been in bankruptcy? >> never. >> not personal bankruptcy but he's had the casinos go down. >> i'm going to be clear about the casinos. they were publicly traded entities. he was a shareholder. >> he never owned more than 20% of the stock. >> that's two different things. >> it was a public traded entity
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entity. he had no voting right. it was owned by various different hedge funds and entities. >> his casinos went belly up. you can't have it both ways. one of the reasons he gets to $10 billion how he decide to portray what he owns. now you're doing it the other way and saying he doesn't really own those. >> $10 billion statement it doesn't include the trump entertainment resorts. >> because he doesn't like how they wound up doing. >> he doesn't show a single penny from. he's not been involved in that entity for over ten years. when he was, he sold that company to a publicly traded entity made quite a bit of money off it -- he never filed bankruptcy. >> in the 1990s he had his situation. he was in a financial situation. he managed to take that and grow his entity. his company. >> i read the book. he made a great -- don't run away from this question.
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does he have specific policies ready to fix? saying i'll fix everybody does that. they don't o it. donald trump is a doer. if he said he's going to fix it mark my words he'll fix it. he'll find the best people out there and figure out what is necessary in order to fix it. that's what private enterprise does. private enterprise does things much better than government. they just do. >> i want to get back to the john mccain thing. mccain said donald trump doesn't owe him an apology. he doesn't expect an apology. he believes that donald trump owes an apology to the families of p.o.w.s. he feels in the first statement -- he's not a war hero -- i respect people more who didn't get captured. will he issue an apology to families? >> i don't donald trump meant to insult anybody. i don't think he did insult anybody. they were getting upset because that's the m.o. the same thing that happened
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with mexico. it's the exact same thing. they want to take three words out of a sentence and then they want to just run with it. the problem -- what rick perry, the same thing with marco rubio. they jump on it. why? they see donald trump trending higher and higher. the race is running away from them. they're concerned about it. that's why they're doing what they're doing. they're jumping on to a bandwagon and if the only guy that is smart about it is ted cruz where he wants to stay out of it. he said john mccain is a frenld of mine. donald trump is a friend of mine. i'm not commenting. >> do you think it is a winning strategy for donald trump to cause controversy one after the other. is this what he'll be doing? >> donald trump is not looking for controversy. he's looking to make america great again. in order to make america great again you have acknowledge we're failed and broken. for him to point out immigration
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reform or veteran's benefits and the va's double standards and books and it takes five or six months for somebody to take a look and you have, you know they've been betrayed. donald trump is bringing to the forefront issues that americans are talking about every day but don't have the voice to be heard. >> why is he runnin as a republican? >> he is a republican. >> he bashes the gop all the time time. why doesn't he run in the own trump party. it wouldn't be beyond him to start one. >> he's a republican? >> how are you a republican if you denigrate the other candidates and say what the party has been responsible for all -- >> during the last election cycle and every cycle before that that the candidates don't attack one another. one would say that some of the most vicious out there today -- donald trump is doing it. it's different.
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why? because he's not part of the establishment. >> it is -- that's true he's not part of the establishment. he's different. i've never heard somebody who wants to be president of the united states say what he said. i've never heard somebody from the republican party sean spicer say the same things he said. he's entitled run for the presidency because the constitution of the united states says he's entitled to. >> having a right and being right are two different things. of course he can do it. people are enjoying it. they're paying attention to the race in the way they weren't before. there's no question about it. >> do you suspect we're going to have the largest turn out of voters if mr. donald trump keeps them at the switch. >> do you think he can keep doing it at this way? >> 100%. pushing the buttons. >> dividing people each time. >> i don't know if he's dividing people or waking people up to the fact that we're failing and washington is failing us and the country is failing us as citizens. and donald trump is bringing to the forefront all the big issues
5:15 am
that are out there. he's going to start talking about other issues as well. and i guarantee that it's going to also end up dominating the media simply because why? because donald trump said it. >> there's an interesting article by maggie has been erbarman about how donald trump keeps his own counsel. he's in charge of his pr and his policy. how is he preparing for the debates? >> he's preparing for are the debate. how he's doing it? i don't think it's right to discuss. you're right about that. he doesn't have -- as the other politicians do he doesn't have a war camp advising him. he'll tell you one of romney's biggest faults the fact he had too many people in his ear, in his head when it came to the second debate. he didn't know whether he was coming or going. he was lost. he did great the first debate. the second was just horrific and the third was pretty much the same as the second. he's not going to -- donald
5:16 am
trump speaks from the heart. he's very well informed. he's incredibly bright. he really understands the issues. but hens understands the issues in a way different than the politicos do. he see it is the way the average guy sitting at the water cooler does. that's what endearing about trump. >> also, he speaks off the cuff. for the announcement speech he sort of vamped. he spoke for a long time and it was sort of stream consciousness. this past weekend when he was saying that john mccain stuff he didn't have prepared notes. is that the strategy for the debate? >> donald trump doesn't walk in with prepared notes. he wouldn't be a tell prompter president, either. he's talking about issues, in all fairness, are exactly what you and i would be talking about at the water cooler off the record. that's what he talks about. >> doesn't he have to be careful about allowing himself to be too simple in term was how he reacts to things. that's how he got in the jam with john mccain p.o.w.
5:17 am
he was angry. he was angry about what mccain had said allegedly about the people who came to the event. that's why he responded the way he did. >> why allegedly? i didn't hear him say it. he called them crazies. >> and he got angry. >> he got angry. does that presidential leadership -- >> you know i'm not sure what the qualifications for presidential leadership is certainly what you have. >> you need -- only the best of us. >> i'm not so sure that our current president is the best or the previous president. >> i'm not sure it's the standard. >> i'm not sure it works. one thing that is working is donald trump isn't going anywhere. he's leading in the polls. marco rubio and rick perry are concerned. perry turns around and said donald trump shouldn't be aloud on the debate stage. i have spoken to people at the gop and they told me they're getting bombarded by phone calms from various different
5:18 am
candidates who are all concerned and do not want donald trump on that stage because he's going to dominate the stage and they're concerned. what is he going to say about me when i turn around and make a statement. they're very concerned. they don't want him. they don't want him in this presidential race. >> michael cooler we appreciate you coming on "new day" to give us the perspective on donald trump. >> nice to see you. >> thank you very much. would you like to read this? i will. i don't know if you had any last parting shot. >> we know that you don't have to come on the show. you don't have to do this. donald is driving the bus in terms where he wants to be and doesn't. it's good you come on and defend the position. we look forward to having you. >> is that better? >> i like that. prepare for 60 days of congressional debate now the iran deal is in the hands of the lawmakers. israel already calling on congress to reject it as defense secretary ash carter arrives in israel to sell it. cnn senior white house correspondent is live at the
5:19 am
white house. >> good morning. the white house push for the iran nuclear deal is not letting up. over the weekend, as you said the state department delivered the text of the agreement to capitol hill activating the 60 day congressional review period. john kerry and wingman earnest did a round robin on the sunday talk shows circuit yesterday to defending the agreement. kerry insisted the administration is doing all they can to secure the release of four americans detained or missing in iran. they were not part of the deal. and the secretary of state warned the world will be more dangerous without the deal. here is what he had to say. >> if congress doesn't -- if congress were to kill this then we have no inspection ss, no sanctions, no ability to negotiate because i assure you the eyeayatollah if the united states kills this you're not going have another negotiation. they'll feel free to do the
5:20 am
things this prevents. >> that was kerry on cnn "state of the union." obama administration will providing classified briefings to lawmakers including one on wednesday and the most important lobbying trip. it is already underway. defense secretary ash carter is in israel where leaders including prime minister benjamin netanyahu are skeptical of the deal. he has a big mountain to climb in terms of persuading the israelis, chris. >> thank you. we appreciate it. a car stolen from a new jersey gas station with a baby girl still inside. last night's car-jacking caught on surveillance camera. a little girl's grandmother said he was preoccupied, walked into the store and the thief made his move. the car was eventually found abandoned with the baby safe inside. >> oh, my goodness. >> the carjacker still at large this morning. >> that's scary. a bridge on zer interstate 10 in california collapsing from heavy rainfall this weekend. it's blocking the main route
5:21 am
connecting the state to arizona. a truck was crushed in the incident. the driver was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. meanwhile in cincinnati, a pregnant mom and two of her children killed in severe flooding saturday. the intense rain sweeping away their mobile home. >> after chattanooga, everybody is saying why. why would this guy do this? what was going on in his head. we have answers now. we'll give them to you after the break. if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. hurry, before this opportunity cools off. share your summer moments in your mercedes-benz with us. ♪ color is a beautiful thing, i know, i know... ♪ ♪ color is a beautiful thing, i know, oh yes i know... ♪
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family members of the chattanooga shooter facing questions here in the u.s. and in jordan. they tell investigators that the gunman battled mental health issues and abused drugs. this and military recruitment centers around the u.s. begin beefing up security. here this morning is a cnn national security analyst and former homeland security assistant secretary. great to see you, julia. what troubles you the most about the chattanooga case? >> this is not fitting any mold. i mean it's truly appears to be some form of self-radical station, at least what we know so far. obviously the investigation will unfold and we'll learn more but that there wasn't a large social media presence suggesting radicalization. there seems to be no proof of any contact with those that might radicalize him either isis or others and not much proof
5:26 am
that his foreign travels amounted to training or would explain what happened. >> is that right? do we know what happened on the trip to the middle east what he did? >> look the jordanians and the kuwaitis are pretty responsive to our request. it's now been five days since the killings. the fact that nothing has come out makes me just in my experience, belief there's nothing obvious at this stage. so when i talk about this is a very press teen form of self-radicalization and obviously the most concerning for law enforcement because there were no clues. i mean think of the other cases we've had. there's always clues even if we don't catch them in time on social media presence or the fbi was looking at him. this is one absolutely out of the blue. >> one of the issues that cropped up since this tragedy is these military recruitment centers are ss soft targets.
5:27 am
why, of all the soft targets. obviously we can't fortify every shopping mall we can't fortify every theater. but military recruitment centers we can. >> right. and it is -- it seems to obvious now. so just to go back about the history of why this was the case. look we don't have a draft. the military has to engage communities and potential members of the military. so they were constantly balancing access and being welcome with of course the security and safety of the recruiters. and so the decision was made to put these recruiting stations in shopping malls because that's where people are. they're friendly. this is where the military can look friendly and get people to join. so obviously the changes we're see in various statements to move the recruitment center is an attempt to fortify the soft targets. there will always be soft targets for the military and obviously the pentagon is reviewing it now. >> what about the suggestion that many have made is let service men and women here in
5:28 am
the centers be armed. i mean do you believe that it stands to reason that somebody could have stopped this sooner if they had had been able to have guns? >> yeah, we just don't know the scenario of whether the person who had the gun. let's assume a supervisor can be armed or there's guards. if at the moment of the attack the person could have responded and saved the marines and the navy petty officer. but i will say that we need to secure the sites better. we probably need to arm someone in those facilities. but this idea we need our military to have all of them to have concealed weapons -- look we don't know what the standards would be. i'm not convinced that, you know, arming every service-member with a concealed weapon. what will be the rules of engagement? i'm sort of -- i agree with what the governors are doing but i'm not prepared. i don't think we know what the rules would be to say the solution is to arm our military
5:29 am
until we know the rules of engagement. >> obviously congress is grappling with the topic trying to figure out if there's some legislation they need to come up with to better protect our military men and women and even those who are just at these recruitment centers. juliet kayyem. thank you. >> democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders' campaign is starting to take hold. he's fresh off his biggest event yet. does he stand a realistic chance against hillary clinton? why is he tapping into passions? is bernie sanders the donald trump of the democratic party? when we come back. new from meow mix with real salmon chicken or tuna. the only treat cats ask for by name. it's a golden opportunity to elevate each moment. ♪ hit every mark. ♪ thread every needle. ♪ turn every ride into a thrill ride.
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is bernie sanders the democrat's donald trump? no not a dispositions or demagogue i are. is he tapping into the passion of his party perhaps more than even the frontrunner, at least thus far. he drew his biggest campaign crowd yet. 11,000 people packing a rally in
5:34 am
phoenix cnn has been on the trail with sanders joins us now from washington. what do you see, my friend? >> chris, good morning. when you spend time on the road with bernie sanders, the first thing you notice is all the people. thousands and thousands of people. there's a sense of pure excitement. he's railing against wall street and he's vowing to be a champion for the little guy. now winning the democratic nomination may be an uphill climb for the self-proclaimed socialist. he's winning the enthusiasm primary. >> this is the largest turn out. thank you! >> bernie sanders is the summer sensation on the campaign trail. >> this is not about me. it's about us. >> look at the size of these crowds. from phoenix, arizona to portland, maine. his rallies are bigger than all the presidential candidates combined. the enthusiasm surprised everyone including sanders, a
5:35 am
73-year-old vermont senator. >> are some of these crowds surprised you? >> yes. they surely have. i have been delighted about, especially seeing the younger people out. >> the faces of sanders' supporters are young and old. men and women. a lot of women. >> he speaks for the middle class. >> he's out telling the truth. >> ore others are searching for an at tifflternative hillary clinton. >> i think he's tied in to wall street. >> i thought she was too connected with washington. >> it's that sentiment that exclans why the clinton campaign isn't really worried. at least not yet. >> are they under estimating bernie sanders? >> people have often under estimated me. >>s i had liberal message is big and bold. we have a message tonight to the
5:36 am
billionaire class. that message is you cannot have it all! >> on income inequality. >> we've got to raise the minimum wage to a living wage $15 an hour! >> whether or not sanders wins the democratic nomination he's shaping the race. all of these supporters will become bargaining chips to keep progressive issues alive. >> no president -- none. no matter how good he or she may be can bring about the changes that we need desperately need in this country unless there is a political revolution. [ cheers and applause ] >> now the question for sanders is whether he can build that political revolution and become more than an insurgent candidate for the summer. for now hillary clinton remains the democratic front runner. and many people said she would be their second choice. allison? >> sure looks like it.
5:37 am
jeff zeleny thank you. despite calls to apologize donald trump remains defiant. what is it about donald trump that is resonating with so many voters? we get answers next.
5:38 am
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>> war hero. he is a war hero. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. okay. i hate to tell you. >> bad joke. how he really feels? either way donald trump not apologizing to senator john mccain he said it is the arizona senator who owes an apology to the arizona voter. joining us now is chairman of the maricopa county republican party tyler boyer. it's good to have you with us. you were in the room. how did the remarks go over when he first said them about why he wasn't a hero because he had been caught. >> well, you know, those remarks weren't said in our event in phoenix. they were said afterwards.
5:42 am
but, you know, some of the commentary that was made on senator mccain by donald trump was warmly received. i think it goes back to the arizona voters and arizonans being key in on the issues. i think that's one of the main reasons we had so many people there in phoenix last week. they were interested in hearing donald trump talk about immigration which i think would be any presidential candidate that came to down. >> you think that what he said about the p.o.w. that people took it in stride. he's angry at john mccain how he's dealing with the issue and it wasn't about veterans and p.o.w.'s and disrespect. that's your take. >> i don't look at what donald trump says. i don't follow donald trump's twitter and hang on his every word and, you know. wouldn't it be wonderful if we spent as much time hanging on the words of let's say the woman of planted parenthood the
5:43 am
last week or focussing on the failed immigration policies that the obama administration has really supported, you know whether it's the sanctuary city policies, the catch and release issues that we have now today. so, you know, i don't focus necessarily on what donald trump is saying all the time but what the voters are interested in talking about which is clearly immigration. >> so then -- >> it's not so much a trump fascination it's the issues that he's outraged about that you want to hear more about that he's become the proxy. that's what you're saying? >> yeah, i mean what else can draw 10,000 people in phoenix downtown, right? look we have lots of characters showing up to phoenix. we have bernie sanders did the same thing last week. and, you know, this is something that is really important to arizona voters. it has been. you know immigration to arizona is like if a presidential candidate is talking about fracking in north dakota. it's going to draw a lot of people, right. it's not necessarily about donald trump.
5:44 am
it's not necessarily about john mccain how they offend one another and offend republicans. you know, i'm a big believer in reagan's 11th commandment. we shouldn't speak ill about other republicans. whether it's republican voters or other republicans running for president. that's one of the main things we need to focus on. >> donald was talking about religion a little bit this weekend. maybe that's why he's rejecting that 11th commandment. bernie sanders, you mentioned he showed up. he got over 10,000 people who came for him as well. is there something -- is there a commonality to what people are hungry for out there in your state? >> well, that's part of the reason why we do what we do in the republican party. we provide opportunities for voters to engage the presidential candidates. what other place could you have donald trump and bernie sanders attract the amount of people that they have all in the same week downtown phoenix. people are interested. they want to hear. they want to know who they're
5:45 am
voting for. they want to have a discussion about the policy issues. that's where -- i'm from a new generation of republican leadership. i'm one of the youngest in the country and being in my 20s, you know, i'm interested in talking about what is going to move this country forward? i think that's what most voters want. frankly, that's what they want. they want to know what are these guys who think they're going to be president what are they saying? that's the key issue right now. that's what's going to unite and galvanize the republican party is hearing that out and providing more opportunities for people to show up. >> so if trump is starting the fire metaphorically speaking do you think he winds up for the long haul? is there a chance he gets your vote for president of the united states? >> as far as, you know, i haven't made any decisions, but, you know, regardless of who is going to be the presidential nominee for the republican party, we have to talk about these issues. if it's donald trump, then starting the conversation that's healthy for americans to be able to voice their opinions on
5:46 am
issues like immigration. i mean, immigration it's one of the key topics. >> right. does it bother you he didn't have any fixes when he talks about the topic. he said it's a problem, it's broken, it's terrible. he doesn't say how he fixes it. is part of the conversation you want to have? >> i'm not focussed on donald trump but we have solutions that are viable and they're great. right from arizona, in arizona we have congressman matt salmon who is sponsoring two bills, one is called grant's law. the other is candidatekate's law that isolates the issue. there are ton of solutions come coming out of the republican party. that's where we need to focus our attention. if donald trump is going to be the fire starter that starts the fire and the flame is carried and more people learn about the issue. that's great for the republican party. >> tyler bowieryer.
5:47 am
thank you. chris, this morning bill cosby under fire. newly obtained court documents with confessions from the comedian himself. we'll go through them. no fifth grader's ever sat at the cool table. but your jansport backpack is permission to park it wherever you please.
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5:51 am
the comedian admits to paying women to keep affairs from his wife. he reveals how he claims he seduced many of them. will there now be legal consequences for cosby? let's bring in mo ivory >> good morning. >> i want to share with our viewers all of your connections to bill cosby and his family. you went to spellman college as did a couple of cosby's children, i believe. you went to temple university for law school which is where he went. you knew his kids. now say some of the things you saw are making more sense to you. can you tell us about that? >> yeah. in terms of their family dynamic in general. you know, one of his daughters, you know battled with a drug problem. i was in -- unfortunately his son passed away. he was one of the most stable i feel of the cosby children. but i just think that, you know
5:52 am
there was some times a lot of disconnect between the children and the parents. i think seeing that from a college level, of course is a distance level to see it from. not at all an insider. but seeing things on the outside. i can kind of see if this was the time all these things was going on which was in the late '80s, early '90s. i can see they were a family that was a little bit disconnected. >> let's talk about the 1,000 pages from the deposition that have become public. he said he had many extramarital affairs, he calls them. he acts they were consensual. he does admit giving quaaludes to some of the women. do you believe there are any legal ramifications from the revelations? no not from the new ones. these revelations all come from that same deposition that, you know, we heard about several weeks ago, which, you know, was the big admission from bill cosby. again it doesn't change that the statute of limitations has run up for many of the women that are complaining about it.
5:53 am
it just gives more light to a possibility of defamation claims which are still out there for a possibility and then also for the woman who met him at the playboy mansion who may fall within the statute of limitations in california. >> that's an interesting case. that was in 2008. >> '08. >> yeah. it falls within the statute of limitation. he could be prosecuted if the authorities decide to go forward with that one. >> sure. yes. it could fall within the statute of limitations, but the prosecutor has to feel they have enough evidence to actually prosecute the case. so it's not just about whether it's within the time frame but whether they feel they canl on what they have. they don't have any, you know, date rape test kit. they don't have any of that kind of stuff. they have to feel confident they can move forward and win. in the past prosecutors in pennsylvania have not felt like they had enough to move forward. >> quickly, you believe he had an inner circle that protected him.
5:54 am
we've heard it from other people as well. there were managers lawyers, and staffers around that may have witnessed this. he addresses this a little bit in the deposition where he talks about a confidentiality agreement that he had staffers sign. let me read you a short portion of this. the lawyer -- oh, the lawyer asks we asked them. they have a choice. sorry. cosby says we asked them to sign. and they have a choice. and the lawyer says and if they don't sign what happens? he said we kill them. he's obviously kidding. he says no they just don't sign. it sounds as though some staffers didn't have to sign a confidentiality agreement. if they come forward with some sort of witness testimony, would that change any prosecution? >> it depends on what they're going to say. i don't think it's very different or not in the norm for a celebrity of his nature to ask people around him to sign confidentiality agreements, and also to have people who may not
5:55 am
sign them and may later turn and give out information. but that's, you know, we tonight tonight -- don't know how that will play out in the court of law. will it be firsthand information? will it be about the women? will it have any bearing on whether there can be a criminal prosecution? there are two courts going on here with bill cosby. the court of public opinion and the actual things that happened. it's really really slight that a slight chance there are going to be criminal charges brought against bill cosby. but the damage that has been done to his legacy, his reputation is awful. on my radio show we talk about this very topic all the time. >> yeah. the court of public opinion seems to have changed here today. mo ivory, thank you so much for your insight into this. the we have the good stuff coming up next. kid: do you pay him? dad: of course. kid: how much? dad: i don't know exactly. kid: what if you're not happy? does he have to pay you back? dad: nope. kid: why not?
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6:00 am
we were like whoa! >> grab the butter. he's going directly to the plate. >> yum! >> yum yum. stephen jordan said this crusty crustacean is so special he's going to donate him to the long island aquarium. >> that's a waste. >> what? >> he's like a dinosaur, you know. i think they would take good care of it. >> i think it's a nice thing for him to do. kids get to see it. >> cool to watch it and look at it and eat it. >> i'm sure it would be -- that's great. >> you would have eaten it. >> i would have. >> 95 years old. carol wouldn't eat it. >> no. i would set it free! >> yes! yes, carol! thank you so much. you guys have a great monday. newsroom starts now. happening now in the news room donald trump's new target. john mccain. >> he's not a war


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