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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 20, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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arines and a sailor at two military sites in tennessee is now talking. his friend revealing exclusively to us here at cnn, mohammad youssuf abdulazeez's fondness for high-powered assault rifles his drug use and the 24-year-old's thoughts on the terror group isis. watch this. >> that it was a stupid group and completely against islam. and not to even think about going towards them. >> i want to talk much more about this interview with my colleague, our senior investigative correspondent drew griffin. tell me more about this conversation you had with this friend of the gunman. tell me more about what he said. >> reporter: first, let me tell you who he is. james petty has known mohammad youssuf abdulazeez for about a year. when they met, they were just buddies in the same group. eventually james petty converted to islam and is going through
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his first ramadan and considered mohammad youssuf abdulazeez his spiritual guide through the process. he slept over at mohammad youssuf abdulazeez's home several times. they went shooting together. they played sports together and they also talked politics together. and, brooke as we're looking for any kind of clues as to what happened what snapped? his friend's mind as he says he believes you will not find it in radical islam because they talked about it and apparently mohammad youssuf abdulazeez was completely against what was happening in the middle east. listen to this. did you ever talk about the conflicts in the middle east? >> not too much. it was more like a -- what they are doing is wrong. >> who? >> who was doing wrong or -- >> right. >> like isis mainly. like groups -- any terror groups kind of like isis. >> reporter: what did he say? >> that it was a stupid group
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and it was completely against islam. and not to even think about going towards them. and i felt like it wasn't kind of in a sense of i'm with their group so i don't want you to do like me. it was more like just stay away. this is not where you should be going towards. >> reporter: you felt that he truly believed in his heart, at that moment that what isis was doing was wrong? >> yes, sir. >> and that any kind of radical islamic terrorism is wrong? >> yes, sir. >> and he discussed that? >> he did. >> reporter: did you ever notice anything out of sync with this guy? >> i believe not. he was the most genuine, kind sweet person. >> reporter: brooke james petty said mohammad youssuf abdulazeez was more american than he was and he just really like a lot of people in this town don't
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know -- can't point to anything as to what happened here. >> i'm sitting here shaking my head. if he's saying he was more american than anyone mohammad youssuf abdulazeez had some pretty fiery anti-american sentiments. what did he say? >> reporter: there is no history that james petty has where he can point to that says he had anything to do with anything against the united states. he can't imagine why he picked this target behind me why he shot five u.s. marines. he said his friend had problems heavy pot smoker heavy pot smoker. his parents were very worried about him, called him every 30 minutes to know his whereabouts but contrary to what his parents said he says he saw no depression none whatsoever, in the year that he knew him, called him happy go lucky, very
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friendly right up until july 10th friday prayers, that he last saw him, just days before this shooting said he was in the best mood he has ever seen him in. he is very perplexed as to what he calls it snapped in his friend's mind. >> we'll be watching more of this interview with drew griffin throughout the day. in chattanooga, drew griffin, thank you so much. to politics now. donald trump makes inflammatory remark and, when challenged refuses to apologize and in fact digs in. this time trump is refusing to apologize for remarks over the weekend about republican senator john mccain. they have seriously policy differences over issues like immigration and senator mccain criticized the trump rally in mccain's home state. so frank luntz interview, donald
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trump feared back. it's a lengthy exchange and we want to play you this whole thing so you can hear in the entirety what donald trump says. here you go. >> referring to people as rapists, referring to people -- john mccain a war hero 5 1/2 years of a p.o.w. and you call him a dummy. is that a prop pree ate inappropriate in running for president? >> you have to let me speak. you interrupt. i know him too well. that's the problem. i'm in phoenix in. we have a meeting that is going to have 500 people at the hotel. we get a call from the hotel, it's turmoil. thousands and thousands of people are showing up three and four days before. they are pitching tents on the hotel grass. the hotel said we can't handle this. we move it to the convention center.
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we have 15,000 people the biggest one of bigger than bernie sanders. 15,000 people showed up to hear me speak, bigger than anybody, and everybody knows it. a beautiful day with incredible people that were wonderful, great americans. i will tell you. john mccain goes oh boy, trump makes my life difficult. he had 15,000 crazies show up. crazies. he called them all crazy. i said, they weren't crazy. they were great earn manies. if you would have seen these people -- i know all about crazies. these weren't crazies. so he insulted me and everybody in that room and i said somebody should run against john mccain who has been you know in my opinion, not so hot. and i supported him for president. i raised a million dollars for him. that's a lot of money. i supported him. he lost. he let us down. but, you know he lost. i never liked him as much after that because i never liked losers. but frank, let me get to it. >> he's a war hero.
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>> he's not a war hero. >> he's a war hero. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured okay? i hate to tell you. he's a war hero because he was captured. okay? and i believe -- perhaps he's a war hero. but right now he said some very bad things about a lot of people. >> all right. we have to dissect a lot of this talking trump and mccain the republican presidential primary. i have matt lewis joining me from "the daily caller" and also joined by amber, a former army helicopter pilot. auto big welcome to all of you. and amber, if i may, i have to begin with you. and your military voice because, you know we've heard sense trump made these comments he said listen i'm not the one who needs to make this apology.
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mccain feeds to apologize to the veterans. what would you say to donald trump. >> it's amber smith, first of all. >> oh i apologize. >> that's all right. it was a complete slam to america's veterans. donald trump has zero credibility to stand on this issue whatsoever and to attack an american war hero. when he attacks john mccain and said that he likes people who weren't captured america's veterans people call them heroes because they put something above themselves. they selflessly step up and fight for their country when we need it most. and so for him to attack them it's attacking their family members, attacking anyone who served and he has no idea what it means to put something before yourself when it doesn't involve money and serve your country selflessly. >> if you read donald trump's opinion piece in the usa today,
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he definitely talks about his concern for veterans and the money he has poured into the cause. now you have these republicans -- this is the moment that they are pouncing. let me play this mash-up, if i may, some of his liferivals in response to mccain. >> it's not just absurd it's a disqualifier as commander in chief. >> donald trump owes every american and, in particular john mccain an apology. >> in my view the democratic process is going to lead to him hearing what he is so fond of saying. you're fired. >> i speak for me. you just heard what i say. i will let donald trump speak for donald trump. >> you want me to say something bad about donald trump or john mccain or somebody else.
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i'm not going to do it. >> there's nothing funny about the hate that he is spewing at immigrants and their families and now the insults he's directed at a war hero senator john mccain. >> matt we've talked about this before. you have said listen he's saying all of these things. it's generating buzz. we see how he's doing in the polls. more on that in a second. you said this time he went too far? >> well i think so. look this was the beginning of the end for donald trump politically. >> beginning of the end? >> beginning of the end. he'll stick around but i think that we've seen a tipping point. up until now, i think republicans -- republican politicians have been reluctant to criticize him for the horrible things he said and i think that's partly because there's an element of the base not the majority but an element of the conservative movement who actually like some of the things that donald trump was saying about immigrants for example.
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as horrible as that is. but now i think what we have is a permission structure. you know it's really unacceptable in the republican base to say something horrible about veterans and i think now there's a permission structure and you're going to start to see people come after him. they are no longer afraid of him. they are no longer afraid of the conservative followers. they have pounced on him and i think this is just the beginning. >> so the beginning, as you say, perhaps the beginning of the end. >> yeah. >> jeremy you've reported -- and i want to get to the polls from over the weekend. but sort of the al franken comments on -- he was then comedian al franken and now senator, in 2000, what it was that he said. these were the exact same comments about john mccain's military experience. what did he say? >> al franken in 2000 when he was still a comedian, former "snl" cast member he made some
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comments where he kind of joked about mccain being a war hero saying well you were captured right? that's the point and that doesn't make you a hero. he was clearly joking about he wrote about it later on in his book and i reached out to franken's office who were very clear this was a joke. he even had senator mccain on his radio show in 2004 and made the same joke with i am had. definitely a different standard. donald trump is a presidential candidate and he's going to be held to a different level of scrutiny. >> he's still in second place, nothing has really changed. you can see some of the numbers here other than obviously what he said about john mccain. listen he's resonating in the republican party and i imagine the establishment is kind of freaking out. >> yeah. i mean it's clear that the comments that he made unlike immigration where that's something that republicans are going to be a little more to
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loathe to criticize him about. this was an opportunity and something that the establishment was really waiting for, they were waiting for donald trump to make a mistake like this. and we'll see, the poll didn't show a huge change in trump's approval or trump's level of support but that was a day later. you've got it give it more time to see how it's going to resonate. trump is not backing down. he's going to be in south carolina tomorrow and his campaign manager tells me today that he's going to continue talking about veterans' issues and trump tweeted today, he talked about this he said, now we're talking about veterans issues. it's making comments bring it up and talk about it and he's not too concerned about the political consequences, it seems. >> matt i have to get you in one more time. we're all talking about the trump comments on mccain. what is really being overshadowed. what did he say about
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forgiveness? >> let me give credit for frank luntz for the questions and he asked and he asked if he asks god for forgiveness. he said no if i do something wrong, i try to do something right later. obviously asking for forgiveness is a prime fundamental tenant of christianity and you can tell when you watched that speech it was almost like the air went out of the crowd. there were people applauding initially and then as donald trump started to talk about christian faith and it became quite evident that he doesn't speak the same language that evangelicals speak and doesn't hold the same theological beliefs that they do you could feel the air being lifted out of that room. that may be the underrated thing. we're all talking about the mccain comments and it might be the religion comments that hurt him just as much. >> matt lewis, jeremy diamond and amber smith, thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up next bill cosby
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yes, he used drugs to seduce women and, no that is not an accusation. that is an admission straight from bill cosby himself. you're about to hear from one of his accusers. also ahead, a website that helps married people cheat and now hackers are threatening to expose their identities. and one moment captured by this photo has a lot of people talking. we'll explore that ahead. ing incredible island resort. and it's incredible island staff. (father:) i can't imagine life without them. this is not goodbye. ♪ yes, it is. ♪ (father:) no, it isn't... ♪ ok, i guess it's not. ♪ you got it booking right. booking.yeah
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you're watching cnn, i'm
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brooke baldwin. bill cosby in his own words, in court documents from ten years ago the comedian admitted to having sex with at least five women outside of his marriage and this is the latest bombshell from a deposition taken during a lawsuit with andrea constand. she's one of 25 women who says cosby sexually assaulted them. the document is out and cnn has independently obtained it. he gave prescription medications to women he wanted to have sex with. he tried to hide it from camille cosby. cosby has repeatedly denied he's committed any of these crimes saying that the sex and drug taking was always consensual. with me now is lisa bloom, a legal analyst, who represents former supermodel janice
12:21 pm
dickinson and jean casarez, who got her hands on this deposition. jean let me begin with you. 1,000 pages. tell me what is inside. >> uh-huh. four days. it was not recorded and his attorneys were very adamant at the beginning to not have it being recorded. so we don't see his demeanor but we listen to his words on the written page and he really describes in detail sexual contact with many women. the jane does who were the ones in 2005 ready to be witnesses in andrea constand's trial from a civil complaint, their names are given and summaries about what they are alleging half of them said i don't know them. so admits to many affairs and relations and says he never wanted a woman to fall in love with him. because of that he would veer away from sexual intercourse and go away for sexual games. he also talks about the drugs.
12:22 pm
he admits that he got quaaludes for the women but it was just like the time in the '70s when he wanted to have them ready for the women just like men would have drinks ready for women. he goes into graphic, graphic detail about what he says was consensual activity with her. of course she disagreed and brought that civil suit in a sealed confidential settlement which included this deposition and to this day and right now there's a motion before a judge to unseal it. obviously through legal means it was able to be obtained. but we never heard from andrea constand her side of the story. because of all of this sexual activity he describes in detail i'm sure she disagrees. >> we have heard from fredricka
12:23 pm
whitfield interviewed your client janice dickinson. my question to you, because i know she's suing for defamation after cosby's lawyer said her accusation of cosby assaulting her is a lie. i'm wondering if with this deposition that jean was just discussing is there anything in that there will help janice's and your case? >> this is hugely significant to us. this is game changer. by the way, cnn, i'm looking forward to when you post the entire deposition transcript online. as i'm sure is going to be forthcoming because a lot of the media outlets have it now. but just reading what has been posted so far on, to me this is the most significant disclosure of all. constand's lawyer said she said -- meaning constand that she believes she was not in a position to consent to intercourse after you gave her the drug. do you believe that is correct? i don't know cosby replied. so this is a nondenial.
12:24 pm
here he is under oath. you think most men, if they are accused of drugging and raping a woman, they would say, absolutely not. of course i never did that. mr. cosby says, "i don't know." . he doesn't know whether he did it or not. i think that's absolutely astonishing and we will certainly use that in our case. >> what about -- do you think there's anything in this deposition that a prosecutor could use in pursing a sexual assault cases? >> oh absolutely. hearing mr. cosby admitting that he procured drugs for the purpose of getting women to be sexually submissive. and i would add, he admits that he lied to a doctor to get a prescription for quaaludes, that he did not intend to use for himself, he intended to give to another person. that is of course illegal and that's lying to a doctor. he also admits a pattern and practice of covering up so his wife wouldn't find out. here's a man admitting under oath to manipulating and to lying and he hasn't shown up for a deposition in our case because
12:25 pm
now we know he has tough choices when he's faced with a deposition. number one, he can perjure himself, two, answer questions honestly or number three, not show up and have his lawyers throw a lot of smoke. that's what they are trying to do at this point. >> again, just to button this, the attorneys are making no comment, jean bill cosby has said nothing and even through all of the recent revelations with the depositions, camille cosby, his wife said nothing, right? >> not since a week ago to the new york post saying i know of his infidelity but i believe it was all consensual and that's basically what he's saying in this deposition. >> jean casarez and lisa bloom, thank you, ladies, very much. >> thank you. coming up next thousands of extramarital affairs about to be exposed. hackers are now targeting this website for adulters.
12:26 pm
what the hackers are threatening to do to the 37 million users. also the decade's old video causing an uproar in britain. the queen of england as a young girl giving a nazi salute. how the royal family is now responding. coming up. ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. when you have a migraine you'll reach for anything to make the pain go away. truth is, most pain relievers don't work like excedrin migraine.
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bottom of the hour you're watching cnn, i'm brooke balanced went.baldwin. shut it down or they will be exposed. the sexual fetishes and preferences of 37 million ashley madison users will be exposed. the slogan sums this whole thing up.
12:31 pm
"life is short. have an affair." simple as that. it's a dating website. dating. catering to people who want to cheat on their spouses. let me bring in karen, former cyberhacker and now research analysis and a clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist. ladies welcome. >> thank you. >> karen, let me just begin with you. i was talking to someone in the last hour who used the website for work journalism purposes and talked to me about the information you give up to be on a site like this is not just your credit card information, it's your inner wants and desires, sometimes very personal and very embarrassing information. how -- knowing that the notion that this could all be out there, that it would be hackable would be frightening. >> so these are pretty intimate details we're talking about but it's important to point out that 37 million people potentially
12:32 pm
affected by this breach have not yet had all of their information exposed. the people behind this attack calling themselves the impact team are telling the service to shut down or else they will publish all of the details. so far they have only leaked a very small percentage of the information out just to prove that they really have what they claim they have. the details are very very intimate just credit card information but all of the fantasies, intimate information that someone might share on a service like this. so this is a very scary notion indeed. >> judy? >> well i'm -- >> 37 million people. that's what got me this morning when they said we have to do this story. 37 million people using this website. >> i know. and i'm outraged the website exists but i see a positive to this because it has raised the issue. couples are afraid to ask their partner, what do you want in sex?
12:33 pm
there are a lot of people who want oral sex, men will not ask their spouse for it and so they'll go ask an anonymous person and -- >> so they are not having these discussions? >> no. but that's an interesting motion. but, yeah -- >> judy we're on cnn. come on. professionalism. >> yeah right. okay. that's the point. there's no conversation going on between couples. and they should really be asking what they want and as we just heard, maybe people are not being exposed but they should have the conversation i saw this discussion on cnn. is there something that you want in sex that we're not doing, what would that be? and so that can really solve this kind of a problem. >> karen, what are the hackers essentially demanding of this website? >> so this is the interesting aspect. we've seen so many data breaches already. it's every week that we hear about a new attack or a new
12:34 pm
problem. but with this hacker or hackers, they want the service shut down. they are not asking for money. they are not asking for a movie not to be screened like "the interview." they are asking for the service to be shut down. obviously this is a multimillion dollar business for the people who front the ashley madison service. there might be controversial, to say the least. what the hackers are asking for is to shut down the service and what is reallying it is the reason that they are stating in their manifesto, the reason they feel it's an unethical service or immoral service, what really bugs them is the company offers a service for a paid fee of $19 you can have your information deleted from the service.
12:35 pm
this company, ashley madison, while catering to a lot of people request people to pay a little extra premium if they want to make sure their information is deleted. however, according to the impact team hackers, the information is not actually deleted and the credit card information, the real names and addresses of the users are still kept with that company. so at least according to the manifesto, this is their prime motivation for the attack. that's worthy of some discussion in and of itself. >> you know the question that they are saying is go ahead and have an affair but we as psychologists and marriage counselors say, go and have an affair with your spouse. so this is the phrase that people should be thinking about because there are things you want to do and you should be able to communicate about them and ask your spouse about what their sexual desires are and then we'll have better
12:36 pm
relationships and people won't be looking for permission on the websites. >> thank you both. apologize? forget about it. donald trump refusing to back down about blistering comments he made about john mccain's war record and questioning his status as a war hero. the 2008 presidential nominee spent more than five years as a prisoner of war in vietnam. his first response directly addressing the comments saying that he should not apologize to him but donald trump should apologize to the veterans captured in war and their families. let me bring in our chief correspondent and state of the union jake tapper. when asked if he was angry if someone avoiding draft was knocking him, senator mccain said he preferred to move past
12:37 pm
the issue. how did donald trump avoid serving in vietnam? >> he did it in a way that was very popular at the time. first, he was a student at a university and sought and obtained student deferment. it's officially called a class 2s student deferment and then after his sophomore year he transferred to the university of pennsylvania and got another class 2-s student deferment and then he got an examination -- a medical examination by the armed forces and got what was essentially called a medical deferment. it's called a 1-y classification. when asked about it over the weekend he said -- and we've never heard the reason why officially. he said it was because he had a bone spur in his foot. he wasn't sure which foot it was. but after that reason he was basically at a 1-y classification and that's given to people only in time of national emergency saying you
12:38 pm
don't have to serve. and then he got a 4-f. he received a number of deferments. >> i want to bring up a point that you brought up on your sunday show. fellow republicans using this moment to really pounce on donald trump and juxtapose that in 2004 with john kerry. then it was okay for democrats to go after him. >> i thought it was -- >> or rather republicans. >> i found it interesting that the republican national committee which obviously objects to donald trump's language very very strongly saying that there's no place in the party or the country for the kind of questioning that donald trump made for the kind of allegations and unproven smears. that's my language not theirs. >> and rnc is supposed possible neutral, yes? >> yes. they are supposed to be neutral. perhaps this shows how excited they are to get donald trump out
12:39 pm
he's hurting the republican brand, in their view. in any case i just remembered that it was not really all that unusual to go after john kerry's military service in 2004 mainly by the outside groups of veterans for truth which made charge after charge once contradicted by military records and by most people who were actually in the swift vote with lieutenant commander john kerry in vietnam at the time. it was interesting, actually because cnn has gotten a hold of a letter that then governor jeb bush wrote to former p.o.w. bud day thanking him for standing up with his fellow swifties against john kerry. when we asked the jeb bush campaign if this was a contradiction given his outrage against the charges by trump against mccain the campaign spokesperson said, we reject the entire premise of my question.
12:40 pm
that should say medal of honor recipient to correct the campaign there and air force cross recipient, twice captured as a p.o.w. is not in any way analogous to condemning donald trump's slanderous attack on john mccain. >> jake tapper we'll see you in a couple minutes here on "the lead." thank you very much. >> thanks, brooke. coming up the decade's old video that suddenly surfaced in england. she's giving a nazi salute. how the royal family is responding to this today. that's next. ♪ [laughs] irresistible moments deserve irresistibles treats. [meows] new from meow mix with real salmon chicken or tuna. the only treat cats ask for by name.
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video has surfaced of the
12:45 pm
young queen elizabeth giving a nazi salute. atika shubert has the story. >> reporter: "the sun" newspaper has sparked an uproar in britain. it shows 6-year-old elizabeth, the future queen, giving the nazi salute. tabloid's front page shows elizabeth alongside her mother her 3-year-old sister and the prince of wales with the headline "their royal heilnesses." the still images were taken from a short black and white film in scotland in 1933 when adolph hitler was rising to power in germany. the 17-second video posted online shows edward apparently
12:46 pm
encouraging his young nieces and sister-in-law to perform the salute before himself joining them. royal biographer calls the story sensationalist. >> what is was doing is showing people frolicking along on the lawn and unfortunately "the sun" decided to freeze the frame to make it look as bad as possible and my reaction was i think the whole thing was rather pointless but also very unfair. >> reporter: "the sun" responded with a written story justifying its decision to show the image. "these images have laid hidden for 82 years. we publish them today knowing they do not reflect badly on the queen, her late sister or mother in any way. they do however, provide a fascinating insight into the warped prejudice of edward viii.
12:47 pm
a royal source says the queen and her family's service to the nation during world war ii and 63 years of her reign she has spent building relations between nations and people speaks for itself. a legacy that analysts say far outweighs the stunts of a tabloid. atika shubert, cnn, london. >> atika, thank you. coming up next a moment from the kkk rally in south carolina that has everyone talking and clicking on it. you can see this police officer helping a man wearing a neo-nazi t-shirt. we'll discuss this image, next. why? because red lobster's crabfest is back. and i'm diving into so much crab so many ways. like crab lover's dream with luscious snow and king crab legs and rich crab alfredo or this snow crab bake. who knew crab goes with everything? whoever put crab on this salmon, that's who.
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protests erupt in south carolina between these protesters many of whom are african-american
12:52 pm
african-american then you have the neonazis and kkk. protesters denouncing the removal of the confederate flag from the capital grounds there in columbia south carolina. i want to show you this image. it shows this police officer, this african-american police officers on the left of the screen clearly helping this other elderly protester escape the blazing hot sun, and the man on the right was wearing a neonazi shirt. downing me from south carolina's capital, i want the state's president for the naacp. lonnie thank you for joining me. >> thank you so very much for having me. >> you got it sir, i want to get to this image, because it's resonated with a lot of people. first, you know of the hate in this country. we covered what happened with this confederate flag incredibly closely, and knowing this kkk rally would happen and
12:53 pm
knowing some 2,000 people showed up to counter these protests, what does that say to you? >> well it says that we still have a long way to go in this country with race relations. as much as we tried to make people think these problems no longer exist in this so-called country of great democracy and freedom, things of that nature we still have too many hate groups in america. we still have too many hateful people evil and mean people in south carolina and unfortunately you would think that race relations are much better than they are, but the reality of it is that they're not. we can't use what happens on saturdays at football games and what happens during the week wednesdays and thursdays on basketball games to think that race relations have improved in
12:54 pm
america. while they have improved there's still a strain on race relations. 1968 since the commission report we've had a problem with race in this country, and we still have that prone today. i'm sad it is that way, but i hope we all will work to make things better for everybody, not for just some people. >> yes, sir. you have this image, the photographer was actually governor haley adeputy chief of staff. he was quoted saying this image of this african-american officer by the name of leroy smith, the state's is director of public safety you see him helping this man wear ago neo-nazi shirt, helping him seek some shade, and the photographer said there is not an uncommon example of humanity in the state of south carolina. to your point about racism being alive and well today, do you think something like this then is a rarity? >> well in certain parts of
12:55 pm
south carolina we still have pockets. to say the stay is perfect, is untrue. we still should work every day. it is america's and south carolina's number one issue, race whether it's in the criminal justice system the education system what you saw on saturday, though, you the person you mentioned, the officer, no offense, but he is more than an officer. he is the director of the agency of the dps agency which is one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the state, and a first-class human being, a first-class individual and he does his job that way, regardless of who he is dealing with. the type of person he is dealing with the issues they stand for, he supports the constitution standpoint bill of rights gives those individuals the right to get out there and look ugly. the bill of rights also gives
12:56 pm
director smith and the persons who work in that agency the right to go out there and do their job, which they do on a daily basis for citizens all over the state of south carolina. and i'm happy that we have, in spite of the problems we have that we have agencies and people who run agencies in south carolina. he does not represent all of them because we still have some that are not doing the right things. >> his name again lie roe write director of public sufficient. thank you very much. we'll be right back. ets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers carpenters and piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. we're making hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog walker as simple as a few clicks. you don't have to be a member to buy their services directly at but members save more on special offers. angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. visit today.
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donald trump knows hotels no question\s but his critics say he might want to learn more about the hanoi hilton. politics lead doubling down. donald trump standing by his surprising comments about john mccain. is this the deathblow that the gop establishment has not been so secretly hopin